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aulel-process · a day ago
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Thank you everyone for the interest in the Deku’s gloves & Bakugou’s grenades pendants: original post. Here are some updates on the 3D modeling! I have never 3D printed in gold before. Fingers crossed that all goes well! Will keep you updated!
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stardust-juice · 16 hours ago
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An extension to my previous post. I realized that angst breaks my heart too so… here’s cute fluff ♥️
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aigail221 · a day ago
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(WIP) Eastern Royalty au
Sun Emperor Bakugou of a militarized state and member of the the insurgency/assassin Deku.
I got this idea while watching Mr.Queen (Kdrama).
hope i can finish coloring this someday 🙏
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an-austere-weeb · 2 days ago
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✓ Quod Erat Demonstrandum [Latin]
'Which was to be demonstrated'
–> The abbreviation is placed at the end of mathematical proofs and philosophical arguments in print publications, in order to indicate that the proof or the argument is complete
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herofics · 2 days ago
hiii, i had this idea so i hope you like it. todoroki, bakugo and tamaki (separately) having an s/o who is left handed but she's trying to learn how to writte with her left because she got bullied
I felt like this was better as HCs than a scenario, so that's what I wrote
~Tamaki Amajiki~
•He is sad that you got bullied, he knows the feeling and doesn't like the fact that you've gone through bullying too
•He doesn't really understand why people bully each other in general, but especially over something so insignificant as which is your dominant hand
•Hear Tamaki go on a tiny, anxious rant about how people should be kinder to each other
•Anyway, he won't stop you from learning to use your other hand or anything, he isn't even opposed to it, but he just hopes you're doing it more for yourself than for other people
~Todoroki Shouto~
•Todoroki doesn't understand why you're so hung up on it, but when you tell him you got bullied for being left handed in middle school he kinda gets it
•He thinks it's dumb that people would bully you over something you can't really change
•Bullying people in general is really stupid in his opinion
•But if you want to learn to use your right, he isn't going to stop you, he will actually encourage you, as long as you're doing it for yourself and not because you feel like you need to change yourself for others
~Bakugou Katsuki~
•Bakugou is ready to throw hands with whoever bullied you, but you explain to him that it doesn't matter anymore
•He can see you're still kinda upset about it though, even if the bullying happened in middle school
•He doesn't get why you would want to learn to write and do stuff with your right, when your left hand does the job perfectly well
•Bakugou get the idea that you need to change to please others, out of your head, but you decide you still want to learn to use your right hand better
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bakugoukatsuki-rising · 2 days ago
Quick reminder that if you say some dumb shit on one of my posts, it's gonna be deleted and you're blocked
I also encourage everyone do not ever engage with people who have dumb shit to say, they'll make you as dumb as they are
Yes, this is specifically for every bkdk anti that tries to make their opinions valid on my posts
Get fucked 🥰
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