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Bakudeku Smut

So I decided to try something new. They are aged up! I’ll probably delete this later anyway. But Bakudeku has become a new ship of mine and I wanted to try writing something. Sorry-

Sometimes being a hero could lead to some pretty intense situations, like this one time when Deku nearly shattered his whole arm. Or when Bakugou got a little to heated in a fight and almost blew up the ground level of all the buildings near him. But even after that recovery time and time of feeling guilty for nearly putting innocent in danger, the two still strived to be the best hero’s they could.

And in recent years, both young hero’s had realized how well the other complimented their abilities. Sure they didn’t need the other to win against a villain (depending on the villain), but working together really helped them grow personally. They’re relationship grew to be less abusive, the two actually being able to hang out and laugh. It was a very nice change, especially when Bakugou had even apologized for the shitty way he acted. Of course, he was still temperamental and could say some harsh things but nothing that really stung like it used to. Plus, after a fight like that, the two could immediately make up. Usually a salty make up from Bakugou’s end but he tended to need more time to get over things than Izuku did.

However, being a hero also could lead to some very strange situations. Like right now, where the two were stuck inside a cramped box.

The villain they had been assigned to stop went by Glitch Trap. His quirk was nothing amazing nor was it the strongest or most dangerous one out there, but it did make his job a little easier. His quirk allowed him to create spaces, almost like in a different reality. He couldn’t use it to escape from anywhere sadly, but it aided in stopping the hero’s by catching them in a glitch that would make them ‘disappear’ for a limited amount of time. This quirk was also limited to the amount of times it could be used, approximately 10 times.

So naturally, when the two were caught and placed in the glass like box seeming to float in nothingness, Dekus first thought was; 'Why do villains have cool quirks?’ But of course that thought was pushed aside when he realized just how close he was to the other hero. It was far to close for comfort, and far to cramped to really get comfortable. The two had started off practically hugging, Deku sitting in Bakugou’s lap and both their legs being bent to fit in the box.

“THE FUCK!” Izuku flinched at Katsuki’s loud, angry voice. He could tell that the other was just getting more mad the more the situation continued, and when sparks started to pop in Bakugou’s hands, Izuku placed his own on the others shoulder.

“Calm down Kacchan, this space is to small for any explosions.” He tried to reason, only getting a growl in response but Bakugou did seem to calm down after it. Taking deep breaths and huffing out of his nose, the action always reminded Deku of an annoyed dragon, all Katsuki needed was smoke coming out his nose. “We need to think of a way out of here, there’s no telling how long this will last.”

It lasted longer than they thought it would, however, time in the box almost seemed to stop. What felt like an hour was only 10 minutes. Thankfully Bakugou had calmed down during that 10 minutes of silence, pushing the other hero off his lap because that was getting uncomfortable in more ways than one. With a bit of adjusting, Deku was off Bakugou’s lap but not by much, there wasn’t enough room to put much distance between them.

“My ass is going to go numb.” Katsuki groaned, banging his head back against the box. His butt was already tingling from sitting so long, soon it would be pins and needles.

“I think we have bigger problems than that.” Deku mumbled, glancing to the corners and along the sides of the top. It looked pretty tightly sealed, leaving Izuku to wonder if they were in a box just out in the street. Didn’t seem likely though, he couldn’t hear anything outside did it, and it didn’t exactly feel like the box was on solid ground. This did raise questions on where they were and how long they would have oxygen for.

Katsuki grumbled to what the other said, letting Izuku just think as he glared at the wall beside him. Being this close to the other hero wasn’t good, at least not for his thoughts. During the fights, Bakugou can ignore his feelings and thoughts and focus, but not fighting and just being stuck in a cramped box wasn’t helping him. It had his mind racing with everything but an escape plan. Mostly on Deku’s hero outfit and how easily accessible the other’s body was because of the zipper on the back. Or how all the training they do really shaped his ass up. Bakugou wanted the thoughts to stop but every time he pushed them away they would come back.

“Maybe if we pushed up on it.” Bakugou could tell the other was talking to himself, glancing to Deku then up at the lid. It didn’t seem possible without using their quirks and neither could in such a small space. Bakugou would just burn them to a crisp and Deku could possibly do it but there was no telling what’s on the other side, and they wouldn’t want the whole box being destroyed so Izukus quirk was off the market too.

However, this didn’t stop Bakugou from starting to move. A few complaints, a bit of yelling, and a hash shove or two later and the two where in an even more awkward position. Deku’s ass was pressed flush against Katsuki’s pelvis, legs up over his shoulders and feet pressed against the top while Bakugou himself was in a crouched position, one hand on the floor by Dekus hip and the other on the back of his thigh. The position was perfect for them to both be able to push against the top but horrible for Bakugou’s raging hormones. They where still teens, 18 and way past the puberty stage of hormones, but being a hero doesn’t allow time for those needs so they never get to act on them anyway. Ultimately making situations like these worse for the hero’s that don’t get their sexual frustration out normally.

“This is horrible idea!” Deku yelped, face flushing from both the struggle of getting in this position and because of the position. Izuku had had a few relationships before so being like this wasn’t to new, however this was with Bakugou, so it was very new in a way. Deku had 'We’re on a mission!’ on repeat in his head to keep from letting his mind wonder.

“Shut up!” Katsuki barked, pushing down on Deku’s thigh. This caused the others foot to move away from the top a bit and made Izuku’s repeating thoughts falter. Bakugou quickly stopped pushing against his thigh, having actually done that without thinking. “Just push against the top, Nerd.”

So they both did, quickly finding that the action was useless and just a waste of strength. But when they went to readjust, they realized this wouldn’t be a position they could get out of easily. Moving Deku would need for them to pull him up and there wasn’t enough room, unless they wanted their faces to touch. So they settled for just taking a moment to think about a different way to readjust, of course neither actually thinking about that. Bakugou was to busy telling himself to no get a boner and Izuku was repeatedly telling himself that this was a mission.

Neither of their attempts to keep a level head worked, Bakugou’s thoughts slipping to quickly for him and caused far to much heat to go to his crotch. Deku felt his face catch on fire at the obvious bulge now pressed against his ass, his thoughts spiraling into so many bad places at once.


“Don’t fucking say anything.”

And Izuku shut his mouth, both from fear at the sudden 'doom’ like feeling radiating off of Bakugou and also because he wasn’t even sure what he was going to say. Point out the obvious? That would just worsen the blondes already bad mood. However, Deku couldn’t help but feel a little happy about this, because it was him that had caused Bakugou to get a boner. Sure, lust wasn’t nice and never really meant the person liked you, but just knowing someone finds you attractive enough to get turned on was kinda nice.

Plus, Deku would be lying if he said he didn’t want to help Bakugou’s situation. Hell, ever since the two had started to get along Izuku’s feelings for the other grew. They where easy to hide back when he was being bullied and still was somewhat easy to hide, but this moment? He kind of wanted to take the chance, hint to Bakugou that he liked him. Or was willing to do sexual actions with the other. Friends with benefits were a thing.

“Sumata-?” He asked quietly, watching as Bakugous eyes widened a bit. Then Deku moved his hips, grinding his ass against Bakugous bulge and causing the others breath to hitch.

“Why the fuck do you know what that is?” Bakugou demanded, but didn’t reject Izuku’s action, instead grinding back against him. He only got a small laugh and a shrug from the other, grinding his teeth when Deku ground his ass harder against him. This wasn’t exactly sumata but it was close enough in their book. Plus, the space was a little to cramped to be taking clothes off to properly preform that, but the steady raise in heat left no room for rational thinking.

This act was awkward though, especially between the two who were only recently becoming good friends again. Bakugou almost felt guilty as he ground his achingly hard self against the others ass. Scratch that, he did feel guilty and kept his gaze down to Deku’s lower stomach. Locking eyes in this situation was to embarrassing and definitely not good for someone who’s quirk tended to get out of control when emotions where involved. However, Izuku didn’t feel guilty or anything bad as he would grind himself back to please the male on top of him. There was something different about this than any relationship he’d been in though, it felt right.

Right or wrong, that didn’t stop the position from becoming uncomfortable. Deku, being the nice boy he was, wasn’t going to complain but when Bakugou actually glanced to his face to see the slight discomfort, he decided to move them. He pushed Deku’s leg more to the side, his other arm going under Izuku and with a bit of struggling and cheeks brushing together, they where back in the first position with Deku in Katsuki’s lap. But this time they were closer, both pressing against the other to close any gap between them and panting from both the frustrating stimulus and the rearranging.

And again, it was Izuku to start the grinding once more. His arms tightening around Katsuki’s neck and back, keeping the rocking motion slow. As frustrating as it was, Bakugou didn’t argue, just buried his face in Deku’s neck and let his hands roam over the others sides and back. Occasionally his hands would move to Izuku’s butt, making him ground against Bakugou harder by pulling him closer.

Then Bakugou was being pushed away by a hand on his shoulder, he did complain about that though, letting out an annoyed growling sound. It was cut short though when Deku pressed their foreheads together, their noses bushing each other’s and bumping their cheeks, making it so tempting to just close the gap between their lips. “Kiss me~” Katsuki didn’t have to be told twice, the small space disappearing in a second. He felt the other’s gloved hand tangling in his hair, tugging and then pulling him closer.

This slow pace, as annoying and frustrating as it could be, was enough to edge the two. Both their movements becoming a little faster, heated and sloppy, but still not enough to finish just yet. The kiss was deepened as their mouths thought for them, opening and tongues exploring. There wasn’t a battle for dominance in the kiss, both happy to push and pull against the other as they explored.

Their movements faltered, the kiss breaking for them to catch their breath. Both were shaking from the sudden high, still rocking against each other to ride it out. “I think I love you..” The words slipped from Bakugou’s mouth before he could stop them, but he didn’t regret them.

“I know I love you.” Was Deku’s reply, which had been followed with a small giggle and a soft kiss to Katsuki’s lips.

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Deku singing Britney Spears on his first day of UA be like...
Deku: All you heroes look at me like I'm a quirkless boy
Deku: Well did you ever think it'd be ok for me to enroll in this school.
Deku: Always saying little boy don't step into this school
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