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#kaedehara kazuha
oletarts · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finished the flushed faces! went with kazuha, xiao, scaramouche, and diluc since i don't draw them very often 😳✨
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f-ai-n · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Diluc comes home in every account that I have where Kaeya is not the main DPS. In conclusion: he's worried for his brother and come home to make sure he's ok
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moonmeowls · 4 days ago
│ how are their kisses?
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂┊warm, full of passion for a simple kiss. You'd feel your knees momentarily buckling under the intense feeling of safety in his arms, closed eyes along with scroching hot touches trailing up your cheek. not long after you'll melt against the brightest flame inside of a dark abyss.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀┊teasing, with lips ghosting over your own. A whine might or might not emerge from your throat, his kisses leave the intent to get you addicted, the teasing will get you huffing yet you always find yourself relaxing in content once he finally succumbs to your needs.
𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐄┊sloppy, not bothering to hide the eagerness peaking through his intentions. Be it a few seconds passing, he'll get you hooked with a single kiss. Two arms circle your waist tightly, within a flash he'd bring your body flush against his own without his own knowledge. Childe loses the feeling of consciousness in these moments.
𝐙𝐇𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈┊slow and sensual, zhongli's kisses are full of meaning. Behind that face is a soul brimming in emotion, you swore you would have teared up from how emotional you felt in his embrace. He treasures these times, treating you as if you were a piece of valuable jewelry, outshining the rest.
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐎┊shy, hesitant. In the rare moments of his true nature shining through, the touch starved part of the adeptus is the man you're in face with. He's a lover, curious yet afraid. One wrong move might get you to leave him like the rest, he doesn't deserve you however he'll forget about his troubles, his duty, his contract. just for you.
𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈┊light, airy. It's somewhat hard to describe, the moment your lips press against each other. The sense of being on a cloud follows, with the wind blowing against your figure in a gentle breeze. The feeling of being truly free is immense when with venti.
𝐀𝐋𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐎┊curious, the first time it happened was by pure emotions. It's suprising really, perhaps he really evolved into a being, capable of holding emotions. Albedo was overcome with an intense emotion he couldn't quite figure out, before he knew it. He was leaning towards you carefully. He always pondered why it happened, thus his curiosity.
𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐂𝐇𝐄┊rough, with a sense of selfishness. If you think that scaramouche only wants your kisses for himself then your correct. The mere thought of you initiating this intimate gesture sends his emotions into a flurry of rage. To him, kisses, your kisses are like some kind of drug he can't get enough of. His feet are already walking towards you despite the heated session a few minutes ago.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀┊careful, gentle. They always start with admiring fleeting glances that has the crux relentlessly teasing him to which he blatantly ignores them. You don't know why but they end up with both of you in a secluded room within the fleet, away from prying eyes. These moments are with a sense of euphoria. So gentle yet so teasing, whenever these occurs he always maintains a grip on your wrists to prevent you to try and move away. With a sly barely noticeable grin too.
Tumblr media
anyways, baal come home <33
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moonlightrapsodia · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
I hope they’re good friends! :D
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s1lkflowers · 6 days ago
-borrowing their hoodies
Tumblr media
CW: hoodie said to be a larger size than reader, but hoodie is also purposefully larger than character. regardless, could be triggering.
wearing childe’s clothes ❤️💖🤍💚❣️💕💛💜💙💝🧡❤️‍🔥🤍💓💛💜💘🧡💚💞
characters featured: xiao, kaeya, kazuha, childe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
modern au xiao 4 sure wears exclusively hoodies and baggy pants. he’s more about comfort than style but all the better for his sweater-snatching s/o >:))))
he owns way too many collected over the years and picked up from thrift shops so he’s not super floored if you take one for yourself.
“xiao, it’s cold in your room… could i borrow a hoodie?” you ask, careful not to bother him while he clacks away at some game.
“hm? uh… sure,” he replies dryly, “the ones on the left side of the closet haven’t been worn in a while. grab one of those.”
“thanks!” you beam, shrugging on a large black hoodie with some sort of embroidery on it, “whaddya think?”
xiao shoots you a glance during a lull in his game. a shadow of a smile lingers in his expression. “you look nice in my clothes. take it. it’s yours.”
Tumblr media
he has been waiting for this opportunity
so when you’re out for a walk and you mention you’re cold, he pulls off his hoodie and asks you to hold still as he puts it on you
“aw, dollface, you look so little in my clothes,” he coos, admiring the way you look in his clothes.
“i’m not that little,” you assert with a playful frown, “you’re just taller than me.”
“so cute,” he chuckles, “nonetheless, you’re the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen. consider the sweater a gift.”
Tumblr media
he just really wants to take care of you <333
you’re cold? here u go. it comes with a free forehead kiss btw
“kazuha, i’m kinda cold,” you mutter.
“hm? you can use my sweater to keep you warm,” he says, swiftly pulling it off and handing it to you.
“won’t you get cold?” you ask, hesitantly accepting it.
“i’ll be warm enough as long as you’re warm,” he explains, transfixed as you pull his hoodie over your body, “in fact, take it with you. consider it a way of taking with me wherever you go whenever you’re cold.”
Tumblr media
this man’s utmost priority is getting you in his clothes because in his eyes, it’s like a “childe’s s/o- touch them and it’ll be the last thing you do” sign tacked to your chest
he’s a little intense but it comes with a free sweater so hey
“think fast,” he says, tossing you a large bundle of fabric.
you grab it, albeit a bit confused. “what’s this?”
“a hoodie,” he explains, watching as you unfold and examine his gift, “do me a solid and put it on, will you?”
“is there a catch or something?” you ask, pulling the garment over your head and noticing how the sleeves hang to the end of your fingertips.
“heh, you look so tiny,” he chuckles with a smile, “keep it. i had a feeling you’d look cute in my clothes.”
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beni-erika23 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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almondto-fu · 8 days ago
that last piece you did for kazuha was absolutely gorgeous!! 💘 can i pls request some mild angst for the anemo boys where their s/o pushes beyond the limits of their vision to protect him? and then maybe falls asleep for several days after because they're exhausted--but they end up ok!
thank you so much! i wasn't expecting it to be loved by so many people but i'm so glad it is- i highly approve of this anemo boy supremacy btw. sorry this took a while ehe. i made them wield a delusion that was gifted to them bc of the backfiring capabilities
using your delusion to protect them (but it backfires)
Tumblr media
pairing reader x xiao, kazuha, venti
genre angst, hurt / comfort
warnings blood, injuries
synopsis during a fight, you're angered by the fact that your s/o is in danger- and use your delusion to protect them. this in turn takes a huge toll on your body, and you fall into deep slumber for multiple nights.
he never understands why you push yourself physically, when you could easily just call out his name for help. seems illogical to him, but he is a little more reassured that you won't die as easily as other mortals
one day xiao gets a little too exhausted by his injuries, you don't expect a huge lawachurl to come roaring at you down the path to wangshu inn
your first instinct is to scowl. how bothersome, a monster just having to interrupt especially when xiao is weak. but no matter, you had to protect him
when you wrench your wrist out of his grip, xiao yells back at you that he'll handle it, he doesn't need you to get involved. he's an adeptus, he can push through his injuries a little longer i mean this guy's been in the archon war ok
but he's a little weaker due to his injuries, so when you shove him back into the bushes he doesn't resist
you're handling the situation just fine until the lawachurl takes a huge unexpected leap and the impact sends you flying backwards. you knew activating your delusion was only meant to be for emergencies, but your impulsiveness got the best of you
honestly, xiao wasn't expecting it either, so by the time he saw the power emanating from you it was too late; even though he tried to lunge forward to stop you, you'd already beheaded the creature and sent anything else in the vicinity to hell
xiao reached you in time for your body to crumple into his arms, your head slumping to his chest with blood soaking into his shirt
"stupid mortal." he'll scold you but in reality he's trying not to panic
you smile weakly at him as he carefully wipes the blood seeping from the slash on your left cheek, ripping a section of cloth off his shirt to press to it before lifting you up and slinging you over his shoulder
he teleports you back to wangshu inn, and that's when he realises you've been silent this entire time, that you'd fallen asleep
xiao waits by your bedside all day and night, guarding you in your slumber, but grows worried when you don't wake up the next morning, when you don't react to his usual ways of stirring you... for multiple days too
xiao stares at your sleeping form, the slow, regular rise and fall of your chest the sole focus of his mind. as long as you are alive, he will force himself to be content.
a lamp flickers gently on the bedside table, softly illuminating the curves of your face that he adores so much. his fingers clutch your hand tightly, thumb stroking the center of your palm in an attempt to relieve his worries.
his duty calls, and the demons in his head are screaming at him- for abandoning his work, for breaking his contract with rex lapis. he'd been kneeling next to your bed for three nights, letting the monsters run wild. but in a silent prayer to morax, xiao begs for forgiveness, for he is protecting the one he most loves.
the sky outside is slowly brightening, traces of golden coating the clouds in dawn light. xiao sighs heavily; yet another morning is approaching, and you are still asleep. he wonders if you'll ever wake up.
xiao regrets that the last thing you heard was his scolding. it was his fault, his fault that he couldn't face the truth of his emotions, his fault that he wouldn't admit to his fear of losing you, of watching you wither away right in front of his eyes.
his eyes widen at your meek voice calling out his name, his fingers suddenly flying to your cheeks. he brushed the hair from your face ever so gently so he could see those beautiful eyes that had been closed for what felt like forever to him, a yaksha that had been alive for hundreds of thousands of years. in his mind, you're still made of porcelain, a precious mortal that he cannot help but love.
and when you smiled, the whole world disappeared.
"thank you, y/n."
kazuha admires you, including the fact that you're stronger than most other people he's met. you can even beat him in your sparring sessions sometimes and he finds that very attractive
he puts a lot of trust in you and your abilities, so he won't tell you to hold back if you're both in a battle, settling for words of encouragement instead
but one thing he wants to teach you is patience. he notices how easily you get riled up, letting your emotions get the best of you, and he's always softly reprimanding you for being reckless
and oh how he wishes you'd listen to him more often
you'd both been assigned to clear out an abyss-controlled camp, and it was going pretty well until a ruin guard showed up, and it's missiles were aimed straight for your beloved kazuha
this awakened the rage inside of you. you wouldn't allow him to get hurt
kazuha didn't even have time to blink or restrain you before you'd stepped in between, letting the powers of your delusion burst forth, the intensity of interrupting the attacks taking a toll on your body
you'd collapsed backwards onto the ground with a grunt, eyes fluttering shut and your breathing laboured. kazuha stares at you in awe and shock before quickly reminding himself to finish off the monster
he kneels down to observe you. you had no blood on your body, just a few bruises from landing so hard on the ground. you were still breathing, your pulse was normal, yes... just a little bit fast
"you've got to be more prudent, my dear y/n..."
sighing, he picks you up bridal-style, his eyes never leaving your surprisingly peaceful face on the way back to the inn you were staying at in liyue harbor
kazuha tucks you into bed gently, boiling a pot of tea and placing your favourite flowers by your bedside for when you wake up
he's a very tolerant soul, so he doesn't bother you, even when you don't wake up for multiple days in a row. as long as you're alive and breathing, he's not going to let his concern overrun his mind
the first thing you feel when you wake up is pain. not like an injury, but your entire body aches of exhaustion, and you can barely remember what had gotten you here. what time was it? where were you? how did you get here?
where's kazuha?
letting out a little grunt, you try to roll over onto your side. your vision is a little cloudy, but you can make out a figure entering the bedroom doorway to your right.
"y/n? dear?"
you blink a few times, and suddenly that voice registers in your mind and all you can do is stare up into his ruby eyes, and it seems that that's all he can manage to do as well.
"...what happened?" you feel the panic rising inside of you, along with the ache in your bones. why is kazuha carrying a tray of food? why are you in bed? why does he have that expression on his face?
"you've slept for about three days, y/n. your delusion." he sits on the edge of the bed next to you.
"oh." your face falls into a crestfallen look. "s-sorry..."
"please don't apologise," kazuha quickly shushes you with a soft smile. he then bends down to reach for the cup of tea, placing it to your lips. "you should probably have a drink, dear."
being the characteristically carefree bard he is, venti always likes to stand back and enjoy the show when you're fighting. knowing how strong you are, you can practically one shot any hilichurl in mondstadt
so he doesn't often worry about you exerting yourself too much, but he still cheers you on from the side, providing some wind currents for you if you'd like
but he always supports you no matter what, his sweet voice ringing in your ears
you're beating up some hilichurls and some hydro abyss mages together when one mage catches venti off guard and traps him in a bubble near the edge of a cliff
you immediately abandon the mitachurl's shield you were working on to catch venti as the bubble was about to pop and fall off the cliff. you were angry that he'd been so close to falling down such a long drop- he was the anemo archon, but you knew how careless he could be sometimes, who knows what would've happened
he's about to thank you when you unleash your delusion, eyes shining with determination, a large explosion occurring which propels all the enemies backwards, disintegrating them into dust; but it also propels you backwards, and a little too far
the whole thing backfires and with zero energy left inside of you, you feel your body being flung into the air, off the side of a cliff, the world spinning in circles in front of your eyes. you can barely scream or shout, a haze overcoming your mind
you're pretty sure you're about to die until within the fog in your brain you can feel a swift breeze surround your limbs, and you feel like you're levitating
venti's reflexes are faster than you think- he immediately lets the wind guide your body up, up into the sky where he can reach you, his gentle arms catching you as he lands softly on the ground
he's a little taken aback when he sees your calm expression- are you sleeping? he was expecting you to be crying in pain or at least a little agitated, but you're simply... silent, which rouses his worries
carrying you back to mondstadt, he lets you sleep to the pleasant sound of the lyre accompanied with his voice which lulled you in and out of consciousness for multiple days
"hehe, y/n, you didn't have to protect me like that, you know."
he knows you can't hear him, but he hopes his voices reaches you, maybe even in his dreams. there's a wistful yet contented smile painted on venti's sweet features, his one hand on the strings of a lyre and the other resting on the side of your cheek. his eyes glow with admiration for you- your strength, your will to fight for the ones you loved.
how lucky he was to have you as a lover.
it had been two nights since you'd used your delusion. and there was not an hour where he was not by your side, ensuring that his music was keeping the nightmares away from your slumbering mind. he didn't pay visits to the tavern, he didn't go to the bar for a drink, he didn't perform a song or two in front of the favonius church. even master diluc had noticed his absence.
after all you'd done for him, you deserved much more than what he could ever give you.
and he hoped that with the next sunrise, you'd finally wake up and he could see those bright eyes of yours once again.
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mixial · 3 days ago
yours || kaedehara kazuha
Tumblr media
pairing: kaedehara kazuha x f!reader
genre: smut, it is absolute FILTH
wordcount: 4.1k
synopsis: kazuha is known to be a confident, calm and composed man. however, when it comes to his partner these three characteristics waver a lot. when his partner appears to be a bit too touchy with another man, he feels the need to remind her who she belongs to… and also reconfirm whether she still feels the same way as him. 
tags: use of sex toys, butt plug, vaginal penetration, butt plug in ass, DIRTY TALK, dom!Kazuha, sub!reader, doggy style, squirting (what is a mixial smut without squirting?), reader is an adeptus but doesnt go into it, slightly insecure Kazuha, mentions of Xiao, edging, Kazuha being a tease, fucked out reader, breathplay?, choking, overstimulation, cum eating, oral (m! receiving), deepthroating, aftercare king Kaedehara Kazuha. 
a/n: let’s just say that watching the Fifty Shades series made me very inspired to write something like this lol. The way I would offer my soul to the devil to have kazuha do this exact scenario to me !!! i'm nothing else but a wh0re and a cumdump for the anemo men 😤 Thank you so much to @valb3rry and @hoodhookage for taking a look at a very small piece of this smut :3 🥺 hope you guys enjoy the full thing now >:D hope yall can pull out a good nut from this 😌
Tumblr media
Struggling to breathe as my face was pushed into the silk covered pillow by Kazuha’s left hand, my body couldn’t help but feel extremely aroused by the situation I managed to get myself into. Moving my head around in his loose grip I shifted my head so that I was laying on the right side of my cheek, making me look at the curtain drawn windows, showing me the moon beaming its bright lights into our shared bedroom. “Your assigned task I can understand… but what you did was far from necessary, y/n...” Kazuha whispered into my left ear as his larger frame bent over my body, his hard and impressive length pressing against my ass cheek as he did so. 
“K-Kazuha, as his personal doctor I had to do that, I am the only one able to give him the care he needs,” I mumbled, my face still muffled by the pillow despite having moved my head around for a better position. Hearing a breathy laugh behind me as he distanced himself from me, I gulped harshly, nervous but also excited to know what he would do to me. “There’s a clear distinction between feeling someone up and checking on someone’s physical health, sweetheart,” He spoke as I felt him trace his fingertips along the hem of my underwear. 
A few hours prior I had to come to Wangshu Inn to help Xiao with his injuries, injuries which only I could heal since I was an adepti as well. However, unlike most adepti I was only there to heal them, the people and the Archon if needed, further I served no other purpose. When I was done helping Xiao with his injuries I did a last check up on him by checking him from head to toe, however, I regrettably got lost in that check up and felt the Yaksha up a bit more than was necessary. I felt extremely guilty, but it was very rare for the Yaksha to let me treat him, so I went the extra mile to make sure there really wasn’t anything wrong anymore. Kazuha unfortunately saw this as he had promised to pick me up from Wangshu Inn after I was done with Xiao. This all led to me being in the position that I am now; my wrists tied to each other behind my back, face in the pillow, ass up, only left in my underwear. He had said something along the lines of me ‘needing to be reminded who I belong to’ and this only being achievable through ‘punishment.’ While he ranted to me about all that I didn’t pay any attention to what his vocal chords were spilling between his lips. My rational thinking went out the window and my hormones, or rather, pussy were controlling my whole body and thinking. 
“Since you don’t seem to understand the mistake that you’ve made it’s only courtesy of me to help you understand and learn… improve I would say,” He lectured as he hooked his fingers into my underwear and slid them off, and while doing so I could feel the cold air immediately hit my wet pussy, making me shiver. Suddenly I felt something solid and cold being slid between my soaking folds making me gasp into the pillow, which made Kazuha chuckle. “It was rather unforeseen to see you have these toys, y/n, didn’t expect an adeptus like you to indulge in these kinds of tools,” He explained, making me realize what he just ran through my folds. 
“K-Kazuha, wait, I can ex-,” Before I could finish my sentence Kazuha abruptly pushed two of his right fingers into my hole, nearly brushing against my most sensitive spot, resulting in me moaning loudly. “Keep your words to yourself sweetheart, I only want to hear you release sounds of pleasure, sounds that are only meant for me,” he whispered into my ear as he waved the familiar tool in front of my face. “I was surprised to see that you satisfy yourself with another cock other than mine, but to see that you also use tools to pleasure yourself in other places made me rather shocked,” he said as he rubbed the slightly wet butt plug against my lips, slightly pushing, urging me to open my mouth. “I am honestly quite saddened that you feel the need to use these tools when you have me right here,” he added as he forced the butt plug into my mouth, making me lubricate it with my saliva, creating a slobbery mess on the pillow. 
As he made me lubricate the butt plug with my own saliva I felt him thrust his two fingers in and out of me at an incredibly slow pace, making me groan at the pace. Kazuha noticed this and instead of speeding up the pace, he ceased his movements all at once, making me whine. Pulling the butt plug from my mouth with a pop, he eyed it for a few seconds before disappearing from my vision, leaving me to stare outside the window once again. Wanting to say something I suddenly remembered him saying to not say anything, making me shut my mouth once again in defeat as I didn’t want him to do anything that would leave me unsatisfied. “I’m glad you remembered what I said, it seems you’re learning fast,” he commented as he noticed my dilemma. Tugging at the belt that he used to tie my wrists together, and wriggling my hips around, I hoped he would get the cue to finally do something. Instead he laughed at me, making me frown at him from the corner of my eye. 
“Now, now, don’t cast me such a look, you look like such a brat doing that… I don’t think I would like to pleasure someone who doesn’t appreciate me,” he threatened, making me groan in frustration as I buried my face into the damp pillow below me. Suddenly, he pushed the butt plug into my ass making me gasp into the pillow. While it did feel good, it was so abrupt it made my body shift up the bed, my head almost hitting the headboard. “Since you showed me unappreciative behavior, let’s test whether you can come from that tool of yours alone,” Kazuha spoke as he grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me back until I was resting against his bare chest, my nether region on complete display to him, dripping wet.
As he rested me against his chest, the change in position put pressure on the butt plug that rested inside of me. While it did feel good, it didn’t give me the satisfaction that I needed… wanted. I needed Kazuha’s cock inside of me, I needed him to fill me up to the brim, so full until I wouldn’t be able to keep it all in unless he used his cock to keep it in. Turning my head around so my face was buried in his neck, I started whining as I moved my hips around so that the butt plug would stimulate me enough… However, to no avail. All the while I was trying to bring myself to my release through the butt plug, Kazuha looked down at me, his hands resting on my waist, but laying completely still, not bothering to help me reach the euphoria that I so desperately wanted to grasp. 
“You look so pitiful like this, my love… It almost makes me feel bad for doing this,” at his words I arched my back. Hearing his words and his rock hard length resting against my lower back I felt my pussy throb and arousal leak out slightly, leaking all the way to my asshole. At the sensation of my arousal reaching my asshole and providing more slickness, I started arching my back wildly while moaning into Kazuha’s neck. I was so sensitive, and the love of my life was relishing the sight of me not being able to reach release unless he helped me out. “Do you think you’ve been punished enough, love?” He whispered into my ear after he grabbed my bound together wrists with his left hand while softly placing his right hand on my neck, barely putting any pressure. 
Looking up at Kazuha looking down at me, I couldn’t help but feel my body being overtaken by the desire to have him absolutely ravage me. I wanted nothing else other than this man to claim me as his for eternity. I wanted to close the distance between our lips, but as I tried so Kazuha slightly tightened his grip on my wrists as well as my neck. “You haven’t responded to my question,” He said with a monotone voice while staring right into my eyes, nearly no emotion behind his red eyes… nearly. “K-Kazuha, please, please, do anything you want with me, but please let me feel you, punish me however you want but let me feel you please,” I begged in the most desperate tone, hoping it would come across, at this point not feeling any shame anymore. 
As I finished my sentence I felt his grip on my wrists twitch, he then let go of my wrists and shifted that hand to the back of my neck before pushing me face down and ass up. With my face literally buried in the pillow, I quickly shifted my head so I rested on my right cheek, slightly gasping as air filled my lungs again. Just as I was about to say something, tell him to let completely loose, he suddenly started twisting the butt plug around, making it deliciously drag against the walls of my ass. Mewling into the pillow, my body started twitching at the sensation and soon Kazuha inserted three fingers into my pussy while pressing upwards so his fingers and the butt plug rubbed against each other through the skin separating them from each other.  
At the foreign sensation, my body once again started twitching uncontrollably, making Kazuha chuckle behind me. How I so badly wanted to turn that chuckle into a gasp by burying his cock in my throat. With the way Kazuha was stimulating me in a new and foreign way I could feel my orgasm approaching fast and hard, and I opted to keep quiet so he wouldn’t abruptly stop and deny me of my release any longer. Biting onto my lower lips, I tried to keep my sounds at bay, but suddenly I felt Kazuha remove his fingers from my pussy, making me release a frustrated exhale. “You really think I wouldn’t notice you reaching your release, love?” He asked tauntingly as he hovered his body over mine, while not stopping the movement of the butt plug at all. 
As he leaned over my body I could now feel his bare cock rest against my left ass cheek, making me moan in anticipation. Kazuha’s face was now occupying my whole vision, a sight I wouldn’t exchange for anything else. Kazuha looked me in the eyes and suddenly he put the three fingers he used to pleasure me into his mouth, giving it a suck before popping it out of his mouth. He caressed the same three fingers on my bottom lip, urging me to open my mouth so he could place his divine fingers on my tongue, for me to taste my release and his saliva mixed together. “While having you reach your release from my fingers alone is a big compliment, I would rather have your velvety walls pulse around my length, squeezing out all my release so it could fill you to the brim,” He breathed into my ear, and at every word, my pussy pulsed, begging for him to bury his cock into it to the hilt. 
Thank the Archons the wishes of my core were answered. Kazuha slowly started pushing his cock into me, while also pressing the three fingers that were pleasuring me not too long ago on my tongue. Saliva started leaking from the corner of my mouth as I shamelessly moaned at the feeling of Kazuha’s cock dragging against my walls deliciously. Feeling incredibly impatient, I started thrusting myself onto his cock at which he chuckled into my ear. I wanted to feel his body, worship him, pleasure him, but the belt holding my wrists together withheld me as well as Kazuha not showing any hints that he would free me of my confines. Kazuha leaned away from me, his fingers also slipping out of my mouth, making me whine at the emptiness in my mouth. “You resemble a dog in heat like this,” Kazuha mumbled under his breath as he thumbed at the butt plug with his right hand while the fingertips of his left hand ran over my sweaty spine. 
I felt Kazuha’s hands trail down my thighs before resting at my knees, the position making me unable to thrust myself on his cock. “Kazuha, p-please let me move, I beg of you,” I whined out desperately making him release a breathy laugh. “Don’t worry my love, I will let you, just let me-” As he was finishing his sentence he put a tight grip on my knees and shoved them together, making me almost fall over as I wasn’t able to balance myself well in this position. I felt him shift behind me and then felt his thighs touching my hips, indicating that my legs were now in between his. “I know that this position will have you falling apart,” He whispered against my spine as he placed a chaste kiss, “Don’t be afraid to let your sounds of pleasure escape the confines of your lips.” As he finished his sentence he pushed his cock into my wet hole within one quick and clean stroke, making me release a wanton moan into the pillow below me. My thighs being pressed together, and Kazuha’s cock buried in me to the hilt made me experience a tightness I couldn’t find in any other position.  
Tightening his grip on my waist he started thrusting into me at a slow pace making me whine into the pillow, wanting him to go fast and hard. Struggling with the belt around my wrists, I stretched out my fingers as much as I could until I felt one of his forearms and held onto it. “Pl-please, please go faster, go h-harder Kazuha!” I croaked out as being held in this position made it difficult for me to talk comfortably. As a response, Kazuha’s hands shifted from my waist to my bound together wrists which he now held onto tightly, “Who am I to deny my love what she wants?” He asked as he roughly started thrusting into me while pulling on my wrists so he could go as deep as possible. Feeling the tip of his cock hit the soft and incredibly soft spot inside me, slick started gushing out, making the rough and fast strokes of Kazuha even smoother. 
Feeling myself fall out of rhythm with the thrusts of Kazuha, I pressed my forehead against the pillow and peeked below me to see Kazuha’s thighs glistening with both of our arousals. Biting into my lower lip I tried my best to meet his thrusts, but as I did so I felt my release coming incredibly fast and hard. “K-Kazuha, I’m coming, coming!” I screamed into the pillow as I felt a familiar but not used to sensation approaching, a sensation indicating that I would squirt my release all over Kazuha’s bottom half. I quickly grabbed onto Kazuha’s wrists as they were next to my bound together wrists, “Cum my love, let loose, don’t hold back.” Immediately after his words, my release started spurting out wildly, covering his lower half and some of the release even splattering onto his chest. All the while I was squirting all over him, he kept thrusting into me, making me scream into the pillow from overstimulation. 
Kazuha started hovering over me and I suddenly felt his right hand slide over my throat before softly gripping onto it. His left arm encircled itself around my stomach and he then pulled me up, my back against his chest, and started thrusting up into me. Feeling another release coming with Kazuha constantly poking my sensitive spot I leaned my head backwards until it leaned against his shoulder. Kazuha then took this as his cue to put a bit more pressure on the sides of my neck, making me feel slightly lightheaded and resulting in my eyes rolling to the back of my head. 
After a few more thrusts, Kazuha reached his euphoria as well and I felt his thick spurts coat my inner walls, making me release a shuddered breath. “Thank you baby, I’m all yours, I’m all yours for the taking, ” I mumbled into his cheek while he sucked love marks all around my throat. Kazuha pulled away from my neck and looked me in the eyes, giving me the opportunity to look into his beautiful unique red eyes. “You mean that?” He asked with an expression mixed with worry and adoration. Taking that expression in, I couldn’t help but feel guilty that he felt slightly worried because of what happened earlier in the day. I wanted to place my hands on his cheeks and kiss him until the sun rose, whisper him reassuring words that I would be his forever and no one else’s besides his. But my confines held me back. 
“Of course baby, I already said that I still only see the other adepti as people I need to provide medical care to,” I reassured with a lot of effort as I was still in a very fucked out state, “You’re the only one I will give my love, body, emotional and spiritual care to.” At the conclusion of my sentence he slipped the hand that was around my throat to my wrists and unbuckled the belt before throwing it a good distance away from the bed. Finally having my wrists and therefore hands freed I quickly twisted my body around in his embrace and wrapped my arms around his neck before locking our lips.
Pulling him along with me onto the bed, his full weight fell onto me, but he quickly picked himself up by placing his arms around my head and leaning on them. As our tongues intermingled with one another, I could feel his cock being hard once again, making me smile into the kiss. Slipping my right hand between our bodies I wrapped my hand around his very slick cock and started stroking him softly, not giving the pressure I knew would have him tearing up. He pulled away from the kiss, making me whine slightly, but he then placed his forehead against mine, immediately making me shut my mouth. “Let me release into you once more, please my love,” Kazuha breathed out, making me grin slightly. I tightened my grip on his cock and my left hand grabbed his chin, making him look at me. “Of course baby, mark me as yours as many times as you want, fill me with so much of your release no one will ever be able to get rid of your traces,” I whispered into his ear before placing a barely noticeable peck on his cheek. 
Kazuha planted his palms beside my head, and suddenly like a flip switch he pulled away from me, grabbed my left leg and hoisted it over his right shoulder before positioning himself between my spread legs. Without a word, Kazuha once again pushed himself into me, with no difficulty. His pace was fast and rough from the start, making me bury my face into the pillow to muffle my sounds that would be sure to reach the ears of our neighbours if I didn’t use the pillow. Suddenly I felt two fingers press into my clit, rubbing rough circles into it. Instinctively I tried to close my legs at the overstimulation, but Kazuha tightened his grip on my left leg that was swung over his shoulder and gave me a particularly hard thrust that had me shifting up the bed. Quickly I placed my right hand on the headboard so I wouldn’t bump into it, “Fu-fuck Kazuha, baby, you’re gonna make me come too fast!” 
Kazuha suddenly bit into my calf, hard enough to leave a mark for a few days but not draw any blood. I started twitching in his hold as I felt my release approaching fast, and I quickly placed my left hand over Kazuha’s hand that was rubbing circles into my clit, trying to stop him. However, he slapped my hand away and now started using his thumb, pressing into my clit even harder. With the combined stimulation of him rubbing into my clit and hitting the soft spot inside me with the tip of his dick, I quickly came onto his cock again. A few seconds later, Kazuha released into me again and as his body slightly shuddered from his second release he carefully slipped my leg off his shoulder. 
“Kazuha baby, lay down please,” I asked as I gathered all the strength I could to make me sit up. As he was about to protest I placed my hand on his bare chest and pushed him down onto his back, before placing my forehead against his pec to catch my breath. “Let me clean you up, we made quite the mess,” I mumbled into his chest as I eyed his cock that was covered in both of our releases. I wanted nothing more than to bury his cock in my throat and have his cum on my tongue. “Love, don't overexert yourself,” He reminded me as he placed his left hand on the back of my head, giving my hair gentle pats. “I’m not, just make sure you take care of me once I help you release once more,” I responded before I descended on his body. 
Nestling myself between his muscly thighs I placed soft pecks on the insides of them before placing a kiss on the tip of his still hard cock. Feeling exhaustion creep up on me, I wasted no time and immediately forced his cock down my throat until the tip of my nose met his neatly trimmed bush. Kazuha placed his hands on the back of my head, but put no pressure, “L-love, you’re gonna make me release soon this way” I hummed at his warning and started swallowing around his cock and fastened my pace. After touching his lower stomach with my nose a few more times, I quickly pulled myself off of him and gave his cock a few harsh quick strokes before letting him release on my tongue. All the while, Kazuha was looking at me and as he saw his cum on my tongue he released a shuddered breath before softly caressing my cheek. I slowly swallowed his release while maintaining eye contact with him, “I love you Kazuha, know that I will always be yours.”
Kazuha sat up and placed his hands on my waist before helping me sit on my calves so that I could now look him in the eyes properly. He slid his right hand from my waist to the valley between my breasts before placing his hand on my cheek. Tiredly I leaned my face into his hand and placed a soft peck on the inside of his palm. “I love you too, my love, and there’s no changing that,” Kazuha responded before he closed the distance between our lips and placed a soft but firm peck. “Lay down for me and rest, I’ll clean you up,” He ordered as he slipped his right hand to the back of my neck before forcing me to lay down. As he laid me down I looked up at him and saw an adoring smile plastered on his face. He quickly pecked my forehead and then disappeared into the bathroom to clean me up.
Yeah… I’m definitely his.  
Tumblr media
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Hope you guys liked it >:)
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Tumblr media
I love this cat it’s so cute 😊
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lolibles · 6 days ago
“mewl for me.” | kazuha
characters: modern au! kazuha x reader, platonic! venti x reader
pure smut, kinda crack in the beginning but not really
synopsis: kazuha sees you in a cat outfit ;)
venti takes me to be the guy everyone wants to be friends with, he is an all around funny guy, he has great taste in music and he always somehow manages to bring home alcohol he got for free- at least thats what he says.
but venti was a little prick. he has shit on literally all of his friends. he is the kind of friend who is capable of pranking and teasing ANYONE and get away with it. even worse he does it for fun
and you were no exception.
you don’t remember much from that night, venti just came back from a two month trip and you just know he brought back bottles of wine.
it was a small welcome home celebration with kazuha, xiao, venti and you. yet after a while both kazuha and xiao left you both to drown in alcohol. which was surprising a common occurrence.
slowly one empty bottle turned to two, then three, and before you could pull out the fourth, venti grabbed your hand, a mischievous smirk plastered on his face.
“i have a gift for you~” he giggled, pulling you into your room. he reached down and handed you a box, it was black and wrapped with a cute pink bow.
“go put it on! i spent a lot of time picking it out for you…” he ushered you into the bathroom. and your lover boy” he mumbled the last part.
you didn’t really process what exactly it was until you saw that tail, it was a white tail with red accents which seemed pretty normal- only to realise it was a butt plug…
there were cat ears, knee high socks and thigh garters. it was a matching set. which surprisingly went well with kazuha’s shirt that you were wearing.
a small blush appeared on your cheeks as you looked yourself in the mirror, you opted to look away and quickly opened to door to see kazuha standing right outside your bathroom door.
kazuha’s eyes scanned you up, it felt like they were devouring you up. in that instant you felt like you were finally starting to sober up.
your cheeks had already been stained red from the excessive amount of alcohol you previously consumed, but as kazuha starred at you it felt like your face couldn’t get any hotter.
a small fit of giggle erupted from outside your bedroom door, and you knew venti had purposely set this up.
“s-stop looking…” you mumbled, burying your face into your hands to hide the sheer embarrassment.
using one hand he reached out to remove your hand from your face and the other slid around your waist to pull you closer to him. the moment you made eye contact with him you heard his breath hitch and felt his heartbeat quicken. you were no different, his body squished against yours, his soft hands were gently tracing circles on your back- it felt like you were about to burst a fuse.
he leaned in towards your ear, and you felt his breath fan on your ear.
“my love. when your dressed like that, how can i stop looking.” he gave a gentle nibble on the side of your earlobe, earning a small gasp from you. his hands were starting to travel all around your body, he wanted to explore every nook and memorise them.
“under this moonlight.” he began, slowly pulling away from you. leaving you whining at the lost of contact. ‘just like a kitten’ he thought. he laid you down on the bed before continuing.
“your body…” he paused to think, and you looked at him. his crimson eyes were shining and full of lust. “i want to taste.” his face inched closer. his hands pinned at the sides of your head.
“so, will you let me?” he starred at you, awaiting your answer. giving him a small nod, he immediately leaned in and gave you a deep kiss. it wasn’t rough, yet it was still filled with lust. his hands finding their way to cup your cheeks while yours were tangled in his hair. kazuha shifted his knee between your thighs and pressed down on your heat causing you to break away from his lips and let out a moan.
“kazuha… please stop teasing me.”
smirking, he shifted you so you were lying on your back, he lifted your legs on his shoulders and pulled your underwear off agonisingly slowly. it wasn’t always you dressed up so deliciously and he was going to savour every moment of it. but the moment he saw that tail sitting so perfectly inside you, he had to use all the willpower inside him to not ram into you right there and then. although watching you squirm under his touch made it all worth it. his fingers slowly grazed your clit and down to your slit, a loud whine escaped your lips, and he felt his pants tighten.
slowly he inserted one of his fingers and pressed down so he could find the bump caused from the butt plug. he watched as you tried to keep the tail in, sucking and wiggling.
“so pretty, thats right keep it in for me okay?” he hushed as he inserted another finger moving faster and faster. you tried your best to keep it in yet it seemed to be a lot harder than you anticipated especially as he actively pushed down with every trust. your hips unconsciously started to rock forward as kazuha’s fingers stretch out your walls.
“kazuha… please…” you whined again, he felt you were getting close to your first orgasm and he leaned down to suck on your clit. you squeezed your eyes shut and with a loud moan you instantly released onto his fingers. as you opened your eyes, kazuha looked up at you and licked his fingers clean of your juices.
“good girl, your so good for me.” he whispered.
“more… please kazuha i want more…” you whined, sitting up to grip onto his forearms.
normally kazuha would make you cum twice before he fucked you, he never wanted to hurt you. but watching you mumble his name, tears forming at your eyes- he let his rationality crumble and began to unbuckle his pants. his cock springing and bumped against his stomach.
“tell me what you want my darling.” he smirked, his hands slowly making their way back to touch your body- sending shivers through your body.
“i need you, i need you deep inside me kazuha…” you whined wiping the tears off your cheeks.
“as you wish.” his hands gripped his hard cock and aligned it with your entrance. slowly pushing in. simultaneously you both moaned and you reached up to grip onto his build. kazuha pumped in and out of you, with slow but hard trusts. his thumb finding its way to your clit and rubbing small circles around your bud. kazuha’s hand found its way back to the butt plug and began to move it slightly ensuring it was still inside you. the moment he made that move you felt your walls clench around him. let out yet another moan. he took this as an opportunity to go faster and harder. keeping a steady pace.
“kazuha! stop moving it… i cant” you whined, yet your body said otherwise, squeezing harder down on him. his other hand kept its place on your stomach and began pressing down and his cock hit your g-spot continuously. you felt your orgasm coming once again and kazuha felt it too. as your breathing became a lot more erratic and moans became much louder.
“kazuha dont stop! im c-cumming!” you screamed. clenching down on him. as he felt your walls release on his cock, kazuha pulled the butt plug out and your back arched and you let out another moan. your body shaking under his.
kazuha kept his pace and continued to pump into you, a ring of cum forming at the base of his cock and the sound of slapping echoed through the room. kazuha road you through your orgasm and he felt his high coming. you kept squirming under him, and mewls escaped your throat giving kazuha a confidence boost.
“y/n… fuck” he groaned his movement became increasingly sloppier.
“god, your so good for me.”
and with a hard trust kazuha came undone all over inside you. your walls painted a creamy white.
he pulled out and collapsed beside you, kazuha watched as your chest rose and fell. he shifted so your bare body was laying atop his chest. his heart swooned as he watched your build slowly relax into his touch and your eyes fluttered close.
“i love you.” he mumbled before planting a kiss on your forehead. he made a mental note to thank venti the next day.
HSHSHHSHSJS im sorry this is so bad but i havent posted in a hot minute so i just took this out of my drafts- im :(((((( i think this is kinda like KAZUHA OOC BUT WHATEVER hshshshs anyway i want kazuha to put me as his lockscreen like :( im so lonely and pathetic i love him i had a good idea but it failed so devsbbsns this wasnt proofread btw!
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Tumblr media
Sometimes a family is A Goatgirl, A Maid Knight, A Tiny Bard and A Pirate
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Tumblr media
Kazuha, but he’s a kitsune??? XD
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