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#kaedehara kazuha
kazewhara · 21 hours ago
through the fire and back again.
Tumblr media
# — pairing(s): aether, kazuha x gn!reader
# — characters: gender neutral reader, kazuha, aether, paimon, raiden shogun/ei/baal, gorou
# — summary: a request from @lovely26: "reader pushing aether and kazuha (separate) from baal's attack during the archon quest."
# — warnings: archon quest spoilers!!, hc/drabble format, violence, injury, swearing
# — tags: canon compliant, hurt/comfort, angst, fluff
# — notes: my first ever req on this blog !! i love this a lot bc this particular scene made me cry, like i love kazuha so fuckin much, dude :( i hope you like it and, as always, rbs and reactions are always appreciated!
Tumblr media
✧ — 𝐚𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 — ✧
you got into a fight with aether that morning.
in hindsight, you feel terrible knowing that you just added more weight to his shoulders. he was working himself to the bone day in and day out, even if it was reluctant on his part. you could only watch as aether tightened his fists behind his back each time he was given a new task. even when you tried to lighten the load for him, he would brush you off with a half-hearted smile, mumbling his apologies into your skin whenever he got the chance.
something was wrong and it was only getting worse.
the morning it happened, you tried to stop aether from doing anything. you begged him to just sleep in for once -- to allow himself a moment to just breathe, even if it was for a second. when he refused, you became desperate.
"aether, i don't want you to hurt yourself out there!" you cried, frustrated tears forming on your lashes. "please just listen to me for once, i just--"
the traveler yanked his hand out of yours. he was fully glaring at you now, not a single ounce of mirth or kindness swimming in his golden eyes. it terrified you. "if you try to stop me from making progress one more time," he hissed, "then we're going to have to end this."
and that was the end of that. you gaped at his back as he left and couldn't muster up the courage to find him in fear of losing what little happiness you had left. you stewed in your indignation for the rest of the day until the sky began to crackle.
it was as if the air itself was laced with pure electricity. in the land of electro, that should have been a good omen, but to you, it only made your stomach drop lower than you have ever felt it. perhaps it was because you hadn't seen aether all day, but whenever supernatural things occurred, he was usually at the center of it all. you dropped what you were doing and let your feet carry you as fast as they could.
only the archons would know why you ended up at tenshukaku. when you saw the backs of the resistance as they waited on the steps, you sprinted over to general gorou, who grabbed your shoulders with thinly veiled panic in his eyes. "what are you doing here?" he asked, gently pushing you backwards. "if aether finds out that you're here--"
"he won't do a thing," you said, holding your ground. "something felt off, and now i'm here. you know i can fight, so at least let me help."
you were half-lying. while you possessed a hydro vision and could most definitely fight -- kazuha could attest to your skills -- that's not what you were there to do; you were there to collect aether and get him to safety. gorou eyed you warily. you could tell he was trying to figure out whether or not he should let you stay.
it was no secret that you were the legendary traveler's most important person; unfortunately that title preceeded you. you hated that people thought aether was your knight in shining armor. you were just as good a fighter as he was, and the only reason he'd made it this far was because you had his back. you didn't flinch as gorou scanned you closely before he sighed.
"fine," he let go of you and pointed to the entrance to tenshukaku. "we're on standby. stand at the front by kazuha and be ready. clear?"
after taking your position beside kazuha, you didn't have to wait much longer. you were right to be on edge; the sky became impossibly dark over the shogun's residence, and the thunder threatened to deafen you. you saw kazuha flinch and cover one of his ears with a hand beside you. before you could check on him, gorou suddenly gave the order to advance. you're confused, but you obey.
you see him at the top of the stairs. he's staggering as he makes his way out, but he looks relatively unharmed. you release a breath you didn't know you were holding and open your mouth to call his name, but as soon as you do, the hairs at the back of your neck stand at attention.
you will never be able to explain what you saw that day.
you'd heard of the musou no hitotachi in stories, but never in your life had you ever thought you would see it before you like this. reality itself seemed to tear apart before your very eyes, revealing nothing but an ominous violet eye. it's quickly replaced by the raiden shogun, who lunges out of it at breakneck speed. the soldiers around you are stunned into silence as they watch who the shogun is aiming for.
no. no, no, no, no.
she's aiming for aether.
she's going to kill aether.
things go blank after that. maybe your body moved purely on instinct and mind-numbing adrenaline, because really, everything is a blur.
you hear kazuha's choked gasping until suddenly it's not there anymore. you're not there anymore. you don't exactly know when and how you got here, but you've shoved yourself between aether and the shogun's blade, taking the full force of her attack.
there's so much to feel in this moment. part of you recognizes the feeling of raw power and determination; the very same sensation you felt the day you received your vision. you dimly, very, very dimly feel aether's mortified stare burning holes through your skin. if you had the chance, you'd laugh at how stupid he must look.
but the most obvious thing you feel is pure agony.
you were quick to activate your vision to somehow soften the blow of the shogun's blade, but as everyone with common sense knows, hydro and electro don't mix. and as expected of the electro archon, her strikes are powerful -- your arms rightfully feel as though they're going to fall off.
they can't. you know that that's no longer your decision to make, but if you fall here -- if you lose this stand-off -- who will protect aether? who will love him in your stead? with a sharp cry, you pour all your strength into pushing the shogun's blade up and away from your body, ignoring the way you can feel blood starting to soak your hands. perhaps the hydro archon took pity on you, because you successfully parry the raiden shogun's blade.
there's no time to celebrate. immediately, the shogun's shocked expression smooths itself out and she lunges again -- for you, this time. she'd clearly done it with intent to kill, because you barely managed to block the strike, and the strength of it sent you flying back down the stairs, where the resistance soldiers barely managed to catch you.
after that... well, you don't know what happened after that. when you come to, you're laying in an unfamiliar futon bed. you blink rapidly, groaning when the sunlight nearly blinds you. to say that you're in pain would be a vicious understatement. your arms are stiff and numb, your ears are ringing, and every breath you take feels like someone is cutting at your insides with each inhale.
you cough, wincing at the metallic taste in your mouth. the events in front of tenshukaku plays out once more in your head, and you groan again, louder this time. intervening and basically stopping the musou no hitotachi would be a fun story to tell people once you've recovered, but as of right now, you feel nothing but regret.
the regret is quickly replaced by relief, though. because at the end of the day, you managed to save aether's life. surely, you tell yourself, he retreated with the resistance after that incident. you smile bitterly as you remember the argument you had before. maybe he hates you for getting in his way like that, but you could make peace with that; so long as he's alive then--
"you're awake! traveler, they're awake!" a high-pitched voice cuts through the persistent ringing. you can't move your neck too much, but you manage to turn enough to see who yelled. it's paimon. she's frantically looking between you and the sliding door. "paimon's so glad you finally woke up!"
"finally?" you croak. "what are you--?"
a pair of footsteps stops near paimon before there's a soft thud and a sudden weight on your torso. you crane your neck up a little to get a better look at your visitor. as soon as you spot golden hair, your lungs close, forcing you to cough.
"oh, paimon will go get water! paimon'll be right back!" the little fairy disappears into her cloud of stars. she returns quickly and helps you sit upright to drink the water, but makes the sudden decision to leave you alone with aether.
the silence is so loud.
you have no idea what to say to him. the last time you'd spoken, he was threatening to break up with you. you were already prepping yourself for the post-break up healing process, so why..?
"it's been three weeks." aether finally speaks. he looks up at you, his eyes red-rimmed and watery. was he... crying just now? "you were asleep for three weeks."
wow. there's a lot to unpack. you say the first thing that comes to mind.
"why are you," you pause for a second to cough, "here? i figured you'd break up with me."
aether grimaces. you wonder what's going through his head. you continue: "if you still want to break up, then..." you suddenly feel a new pain blossoming in your chest. it brings you to tears faster than any cut ever could. "i won't stop you, i--"
"you wake up from a three week long coma after saving my life and you think i'm just going to dump you?" aether looks horrified by your words. stray tears drip from his eyes. "i visited every single day after--" he chokes up. "after what happened. i'm sorry; i shouldn't have been so mad at you, i know you were just looking out for me, and i-- archons, this is all my fault--"
you cut him off then. "aether, i saved your life because i wanted to." you rasp. breaking up or not, the fact remains that you are wholeheartedly in love with the traveler from beyond the stars. you would do it again in a heartbeat -- suffer the same wounds over and over and over if it meant that he got to live another day. "i did what i did because i love you; no other reason."
aether sniffs and avoids eye contact. you can tell him it's not his fault all you want, but that probably won't change a thing for him. you can't convince him otherwise either -- not in this state. you're bruised, battered, and numb; you're not in any position to tell him to stop worrying. but that won't stop you from trying. "c'mere." you beckon him over.
he does as you say.
"a little closer."
he's a few feet away now.
"just a liiiiittle closer, c'mon."
aether hesitantly obeys. he's close enough that you can feel his shaky breathing. you rest your forehead on his, suppressing a hiss of pain from the movement.
"i love you." you whisper. you can sort of see him flinch. "i'm glad you're okay."
there's a long pause before aether chuckles shakily. "that's my line," he whispers back. "i'm sorry. i'm so, so sorry. i don't know what i can do to make it up to you, i--"
"don't do anything," you interrupt. "i don't want anything from you. just stay alive; that's all."
aether sighs. "...that's all?"
"that's all."
Tumblr media
✧ — 𝐤𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚 — ✧
despite being one of the most level-headed people you have ever met, kazuha somehow also manages to be one of the most reckless.
granted, he almost always had a reason, but that didn't change the fact that you developed a fear that his recklessness would get him killed someday.
it didn't help that kazuha used his anemo vision to his advantage each time, channeling the element to boost his speed whenever he needed it. you sometimes wished you could hide it from him, but it was obvious why that was a terrible idea.
as a compromise, you decided to aid him in his ventures. you figured that so long as you were present, you could, at the very least, pull him out of danger at the last second; your own electro vision granted you enough speed to match him at times. you relied on your own battle prowess to keep up with your boyfriend -- something he greatly appreciated.
because the last thing you would ever do is clip the wings of someone like kazuha. you may as well be the updraft that keeps him in the air.
the fact remains, however, that you will lag behind him at times. kazuha is trained to be quick -- to avoid the eyes of others. his quick thinking is what usually leads him to victory most of the time, even in a pinch. so sometimes, you don't even get the chance to help before he's finished the job.
"you're too fast, kazuha," you panted one day after training with him. "what if you get hurt?"
kazuha hummed, tapping the hilt of his katana. "what guides me through battle is not the possibility that i may fail, but that i will succeed without a scratch."
you frowned at him. "and what if i can't be there to help you when you need it the most?"
bandaged fingers hooked themselves under your chin gently, tilting your head up. kazuha leaned in and kissed you with all the gentleness of a passing breeze. "you are always with me," he said. "and if i may be completely honest, i would much rather be hurt than watch you injure yourself on my behalf."
you couldn't say anything to that.
all you could do was hone your skills.
if you were faster, stronger, more agile, maybe you could keep up with him -- surpass him, even. kazuha thought your desire to be better than him was endearing, but he accepted the challenge. he trained alongside you as often as he could, and you found that you started to make progress.
you were quicker during hilichurl ambushes and fatui run-ins, but if neither of you broke a sweat, you felt it didn't count. you somewhat longed for the day you could completely protect kazuha with your new skills and brag about how much better you were.
when you got your chance, however, your self-imposed competition was the last thing on your mind.
to bear witness to the musou no hitotachi was an honor, especially as a citizen of inazuma. especially as an electro vision holder, you felt as though you could someday produce something of your own -- something as legendary as the raiden shogun's musou no hitotachi.
it was a childish dream, but vision holders are, after all, known for their ambition.
your heart all but stops as you watch the raiden shogun target the blonde traveler. you'd grown close to him during his time here, and whenever you weren't training or helping the resistance on the front lines, you were asking him how you could help him find his lost sister. he opened up to you and you to him, and you thought it safe to say that you'd found a truly close friend in him. but as he -- and the rest of the resistance -- looked death straight in the face, you found yourself paralyzed.
this wasn't what you trained for. this wasn't what you dedicated all your time to. you were supposed to be like the very lightning that you commanded and yet here you were, as stagnant as the air you breathed.
move. move!
a sudden gust of wind from your left nearly knocks you to your feet. you finally get your body to move, hoping to see what just happened. you don't see what produced that wind, but you immediately know who.
you whirl around to see kazuha resisting the shogun, his own blade suddenly looking flimsy as he tries his hardest to push it back. your stomach threatens to rid itself of it's contents when you notice the electro vision glowing beneath his own. somehow, kazuha managed to reactivate tomo's vision and is using both to save the traveler.
it's enough to startle everyone, even the shogun, but it's not enough.
while he does successfully manage to push the shogun back, he also succeeded in making himself a target. again, the shogun strikes, this time he sword aimed right for kazuha's chest.
you're actually not sure how you managed to get there in time. kazuha did it with the help of two visions, but you? you only had the one. perhaps it was all the electricity in the air that came to your aid when you needed it the most. you felt as though you became a stray bolt of lightning for a split second, rushing in front of kazuha in the nick of time.
as for the plan? there was no plan. you just knew you needed to keep kazuha safe. that's been your main goal for months: to keep kazuha alive. you force yourself between kazuha and the raiden shogun's blade just in time, but you don't bring your blade up in time to send it away. you barely hear kazuha's shattered cry of your name before your world begins to warp itself. after that... you don't remember what happened very well.
you're suddenly forced back down the stairs with kazuha, but you don't exactly know how you got there. there's screams and battle cries coming from every which direction and you can just barely make out the figures of the resistance soldiers advancing on tenshukaku, but only one voice stands out.
", no, not again, not again!"
it's kazuha, you realize. even as your consciousness fades, you hear him yelling your name.
when you come to, the first person you see is gorou.
he's leaning on the wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed, his ears flicking every so often as he listens for any signs of trouble. the haze of your mind doesn't clear itself completely, but you squint at him, wondering why he's keeping watch over you. gorou's ears suddenly go completely still and his eyes fly open, fixing themselves on you. "you--"
"uh, good morning?" you wince at the sound of your voice.
gorou blinks a few times. you can't see it from here -- there's too many painkillers in your system for you to make sense of anything -- but his tail begins to wag upon seeing your face. "don't strain yourself," he calls as he exits, "let me go get the healers."
after an extensive check-up and another strong dose of painkillers (since apparently, hydro healing wasn't enough), you think yourself ready enough to ask questions -- ones that gorou hesitates to answer.
he reluctantly informs you that the raiden shogun's blade went straight through you. she was visibly shaken by your sudden presence -- apparently, it must have been because she had intended to kill someone, but it certainly wasn't you. the traveler took advantage of her distraction and rushed her as soon as you went down while kazuha sought medical attention for you as quickly as he could. the doctors said you were lucky that the shogun's blade was fashioned out of pure electro energy. the wound seemed to cauterize itself after being formed; at the time you were impaled, you mostly fainted out of shock. you were severely -- almost fatally-- injured, but you survived.
gorou had a strained smile when he told you everything, his eyes dropping to your bandaged torso.
"in all the time that i've known kazuha," he said, "i've never seen him so shaken before."
you don't ask what that means. instead, you find out firsthand.
after teasing gorou for a few minutes about his constantly wagging tail, he leaves again, presumably to go back to work. he and kokomi must have their hands full after the incident. you lean your head back on the wall and shut your eyes to pass the time, but your peace doesn't last long. your nose suddenly twitches and you open your eyes.
it's kazuha. he's okay.
rather than focus on how he looks, you're preoccupied with the fact that he's standing before you at all. tears of relief spill over almost immediately. "hey," you greet him breathlessly. "how are--"
"are you an idiot?"
"i-i'm sorry?" you barely manage to get the words out. kazuha's voice doesn't sound like it belongs to him. it's rough and abrasive; it's everything he's not. you try to convince yourself that maybe he just needed water or something. that has to be it, right? "what did you say?"
kazuha finally looks you in the eyes but you feel like you're looking at a stranger. his crimson stare is frigid and unforgiving. it's a look that's reserved for people who cross his path -- not you. you jaw shuts with a soft click as he speaks again. "i asked if you were an idiot." his fists tremble at his sides. "you must be, if you were willing to throw yourself in harm's way like that."
is he... is kazuha upset with you? this wasn't the first time you've taken the brunt of his frustration, but your stomsch drops as you suddenly wonder if this would be the last. "i put myself in danger every day, kazuha; what made yesterday any different?"
"yesterday?" kazuha treats the word as though it's offended him personally. "you think that that happened yesterday?"
"yes..? kazuha, where are you going with this--?"
"it's been two weeks." his voice wavers. you see vulnerability creep up on him, nearly bringing him to knees. the knowledge that you've been unconscious for two weeks doesn't shock you (no pun intended) as much as you thought it would considering the severity of your injuries, but it seems that saying it out loud was enough to crack kazuha's entire being. he's lost his usual manner of speech, switching it out for something more straightforward.
"well," you gingerly slide your hand over your abdomen, wincing when you touch the bandaged area, "i'm fine now, so--"
kazuha's beside you in an instant, his fingers locking around your wrist. he's still as swift as the wind he commands. you don't have the strength to pull your hand back, but you whimper quietly when his grip tightens. he lets go immediately. "fine? you call this," he gestures at your body, "fine? you almost died, and you--" kazuha fixes his eyes on your lap. "you think everything is fine?"
clearly, you've misspoken. you don't get to apologize.
kazuha continues, pushing a hand through his hair. "do you have any idea what it's like watching the one you love die before your eyes?"
you don't answer. guilt wires your jaw shut. kazuha's fingers twitch in place. by now, he would've grabbed your hand as means of grounding himself, but he looks almost repulsed by the ides of touching you. almost as though he's afraid of you.
"if you came to my aid because of that foolish challenge, then you're the biggest idiot i have ever known." he grumbles. "if you saw me handle the shogun once, you should have trusted that i would have made it out of there unharmed."
"it's not you i didn't trust, kazuha." you finally find your voice. you don't feel as combative as you sound, but admittedly, you're frustrated by the way kazuha seems to have twisted your motive for doing what you did. "if you were in my position, would you honestly believe that the shogun wouldn't have killed me on the first strike? do you think i help you because i want to be better than you?"
your hackles rise as soon as you finish your sentence. does he really think that little of you? were you alone in your feelings this entire time?
"why else have you been so eager to improve?"
"because i love you, kazuha." your confession is heartfelt, but it lacks the feeling behind it. your body heats up as indignation begins to boil over. "you're not just some rival, you're my lover." you lower your voice. "or at least i thought you were. perhaps i was mkstaken."
that gets kazuha's attention. his eyes are on you in an instant, his expression crumbling. "no, that's not what i--"
"to my knowledge," you hold up a hand, cutting him off, "lovers do what they can to protect each other, even if it meant puttting themselves in grave danger in the way i had. so forgive me for using my new strength to keep you safe -- i didn't realize it would upset you so much."
kazuha grabs your hand and reaches out, cupping your face gently with his free hand, his thumb stroking your cheek. "dove, please, that-- i was just-- i thought i was going to lose you."
you lean into his touch despite yourself. you've never been able to resist him, even when you're furious with him like this. "i thought the same, kazuha," you whisper.
there's a tense silence. the two of you were well-aware that your biggest issue was your overwhelming concern for one another. you knew how deep your love ran for him, but perhaps kazuha underestimated just how far you would go because of it. it's reassuring, knowing that he's not genuinely mad at you, but you can't deny how much he's hurt you just now.
as if he can read your thoughts, kazuha sighs, breaking the silence. "forgive me, my star." he leans forward, pressing his lips to your forehead. he sounds like the kazuha you fell in love with all over again, his words coated with the sweetest honey. "i was out of line. i was just--"
"worried?" you finish his sentence. kazuha nods when he pulls back, his eyes downcast. you think he looks a little like a scolded child. the corners of your lips twitch. "i know all too well how that feels, kazu'. i understand."
"i thought... that you weren't going to wake up."
"i know."
"i thought i was going to be alone again."
there it is. the root of the problem. you hold your other hand out and kazuha takes it, pressing your knuckles to his forehead with a shaky breath. you give a moment to himself. it seems like he's committing your skin to his memory; solidifying the fact that you're really here -- that you didn't leave him behind. the very thought of doing so scared you almost as much as it did him.
"i'm not going anywhere, kazuha." you say. you feel him squeeze your hands tightly. "i'm right here. i always will be."
kazuha doesn't respond for a second. he doesn't move, but you notice his shoulders are shaking. "kazuha--"
"you know," he chuckles, his voice shaking, "i actually can't think of any poetic ways to express my love for you. can you believe that?"
you blink a few times before snorting. "it's a welcome change."
"you wound me, angel." kazuha looks up at you then. his eyes are teary, but none fall. "i love you. thank you for staying alive."
it's spoken like a prayer, soft and reverent. you smile. "i love you too, kazuha. more than you'll ever know." you pat his cheek and he holds your hand in place, pressing fleeting kisses to your palm. "'till death do us part, kazu'."
kazuha hums in agreement. "'till death do us part."
Tumblr media
(waaah it's finished! it's not proofread, nor do I know how many words it is, but @lovely26 i do hope you enjoyed it! thanks for the req and thank you everyone else for reading!)
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idiotic-writer · 8 hours ago
breaking a sense of tranquility
Tumblr media
noble kazuha x fem!reader
mihoyo give us a noble kazuha skin please
genre: fluff and comfort ig??
tw/cw: none!
summary: you're literally the housekeeper..and kazu's only source of comfort–
this was in my drafts for about a week and i actually sent a request to @lolibles and they wrote their own version of it! give them lots of love and support if you have the time, thank you <3
Tumblr media
"you finished early today," you said to the young noble who had his head rested on you're shoulder, who looked exhausted and troubled.
kaedehara kazuha, now being the head of his clan, it's quite pressuring and troublesome. "in that case, do you want me to brew you some tea?" you asked with a smile on you're face, he shook his head, "no need." he holds onto you're hand gently. "stay."
ever since kazuha became the head of his clan, it's been worrying you..sure, he's acting like his usual self but you can't help but worry about you're dear friend. that gentle smile on his face holds a ting of sadness and tiredness, as the housekeeper, it is you're job to look after him too.
he's been very tired lately..i should do something about it before it becomes worse, i'll never forgive myself if he got under more pressure. -- you thought to yourself, looking at that gentle face of's really hard. being in such a position is already troublesome enough on it's own, considering who you're looking at right now, he's a wreck.
kazuha is super grateful for you to be the housekeeper, not only did you treat him in a friendly way but despite his rank, you still chose to go down the route of being there for him rather than listen to the judgement people had against you. a housekeeper and a noble on the edge of being lovers isn't the brightest thing to inazumans minds. but here you are, by his side treating him like a valuable friend, which he is..comforting him and making him happy and also, breaking the tranquility of the estate.
the kaedehara estate is a quite and distant one, the peace and tranquility of the estate is something that puts kazuha at ease. but you always break it, and although kazuha enjoys the peace and quite..the sound of you're voice echoing through the room you both share is the real thing that puts him at ease. even if it was as simple as you're presence, he's happy and relived to see you.
"can you hear the silence in the wind?"
he lifts his head up to look at you, taking imediate notice you turn to look at him. his ruby eyes locked with yours.
confused, you let out a soft laugh. "ahaha..sorry, i uh..." you stop mid sentence due to the way he's looking at you..
he's looking fondly at you, the moonlight hitting you're face and you're eyes shining brighter than the stars. you looked ethereal.
as he placed his hand on you're cheek, cupping you're face..beautiful, is the word that escapes his lips. you can feel you're face heat up just from the way he's looking fondly at you, you're heart is racing faster than lightening and face turning to a light crimson..this was too much for you're tiny brain and heart to even process.
a smile makes it's way on his face, he leans in closer to kiss you on you're cheek and you feel like you're going to have a heart attack.
"thank you, for breaking my sense of tranquility."
he leans closer and whispers to you're ear, you feel like you're going to dissolve.
Tumblr media
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1eaf-me-alone · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For all you kazuha simps out there I took some screenshots of kazuha, enjoy :)
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danishmiilk · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing || kaedehara kazuha x tomo (his friend)
wc || 559
genre || fluff, kinda light angst
synopsis || kazuha has loved. and kazuha has lost. and it was all worth it. // canon-compliant kinda because i don’t know the lore well but i think this was about it LOLLLL
for @kaedehyuck​ you bitch
Tumblr media
they say it’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.
kazuha didn’t understand them. he didn’t understand why anyone, given a choice, would choose to have loved and lost. there’s this old liyuean saying, see - “if i’d known how much pain leaving would cause, then it would’ve been preferable for us to never have met” - and he wholly agreed. numbing the pain for a while only made it come back fresher and harder when it inevitably did. so why didn’t people just- save themselves the heartbreak?
kazuha didn’t understand them. but it wasn’t like he’d ever loved anyone.
kazuha was used to loneliness. he was a wandering samurai, travelling alone to the corners of inazuma, finding a way out. he’d never pitied himself for being alone in the world - after all, you can’t always rely on people to get things done for you. or to protect you, really, because in this world everyone has their own agendas.
and then kazuha met tomo.
they’d met at a ryokan somewhere on one of kazuha’s travels (one of? he was always travelling). at some point, kazuha had gotten roped into becoming tomo’s travel companion. maybe he’d been drunk.
tomo was nothing short of enchanting. by the end of the night, they’d become somewhat decent companions. by the end of the week, they were friends. by the end of the month, they were best friends (kazuha’s only ever had one true friend, but he supposed tomo referring to him as best friend meant their relationship had progressed.) by the end of the year, they were lovers.
kazuha loved tomo.
kazuha began to understand why it was worth it to love and lose.
kazuha loved tomo so fucking much.
and yet when the vision hunt degree forced them into hiding, kazuha got separated from tomo.
and then tomo decided to duel the vision hunters in front of the throne.
kazuha drew his sword; stormed into the palace; engaged the hunters in a vicious sword fight; and was still too late. tomo was gone. his tomo was gone. kazuha himself barely made it out withtomo’s dying electro vision.
two weeks, a makeshift shrine and a simple funeral with only a single attendee under a maple tree afterward, kazuha gave up on trying to reignite the vision.
quietly, softly, he rose, and set off again in search of a way off of inazuma. it wasn’t as if kazuha had never travelled alone, but for the past few years, he’d always had tomo.
dinner wasn’t the same without tomo’s jokes. going to bed wasn’t the same without tomo’s comforting presence. nothing was the same without tomo.
kazuha realised how he never knew what he needed until he didn’t have it anymore.
and that losing tomo was a thousand times more painful than living in constant solitude and loneliness.
but also that he didn’t regret meeting tomo; didn’t regret going through all this pain; if it were all for a mere few years together, it’d been the best few years of kazuha’s life. kazuha got to enjoy days upon days with tomo - what’s a few millennia worth of loneliness in exchange?
kazuha loved tomo.
kazuha had never seen himself as a hopeless romantic.
kazuha understood why it was better to have loved and lost.
kazuha had loved. and kazuha had lost.
Tumblr media
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solar-shatter · 4 hours ago
𝐀𝐌𝐁𝐄𝐑 would take you out on a picnic! kind of. it's more so just the two of you, exploring the wilderness of mond together. she tends to explore places that have a higher altitude, such as starsnatch cliff, so she can show off her gliding skills! "hey! y/n! look at me!" she calls, as she somersaults in the air twice before deploying her glider, waiting for your praise. after the two of you are sufficiently tired out from a long day of spontaneous exploring, she pulls out a blanket and some sandwiches, and the two of you snuggle close together, basking in each others' warmth. she makes sure to choose a spot with lots of fruit trees, so she can wow you with her amazing archery skills--and see the awe in your expression as you watch her shoot down a sunsettia from a tree without damaging the skin of the fruit at all. not forgetting baron bunny, of course, who is squished in your arms.
similar to amber, 𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂 also invites you on a picnic. except, in contrast, his is meticulously prepared. the date, the time, the venue...all of it is perfectly planned, right down to the minute details. he chooses starsnatch cliff as it is out of the way and you are less likely to be bothered by certain people--cavalry captain kaeya alberich, for instance! he comes by personally to pick you up, a beautifully embroidered wicker basket tucked underneath his arm. he leads you hand-in-hand towards his chosen spot, having scouted it out before to make sure there is nothing in a 3-mile radius that could interrupt your date, a gorgeous decorative blanket laid out for the two of you to sit on. he holds his breath as you sample the delicate pastries he brought, and blushes to the tips of his ears when you tell him honestly that, "i would marry you right here, right now, if only to get a few more bites of these delicious snacks." he's so proud, though he tries his best not to show it--he did get up at 4 every morning for a week to have adelinde teach him how to make these, after all! and, after all is said and done, he walks you back home like the gentleman he is. (the next time kaeya sees him, he fears he might get murdered in his sleep with how big the smile on master 𝐃𝐈𝐋𝐔𝐂's face is)
𝐆𝐀𝐍𝐘𝐔 takes you out around the streets of liyue harbour. just enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the city she works so hard to protect with you by her side is enough to give her a sense of peace and purpose. see anything you like? she is the first one to offer to buy it for you. and the vendors cannot resist the way she turns her charming and gentle smile on them, so they cut down the price of whatever's caught your eye by half, which leaves you no excuse not to accept. the joy in her eyes when she sees the trinket held close to you makes her heart melt. at the end of the date, you tuck a flower into her hair, press a kiss to her cheek and wave goodbye shyly before you go, leaving her with rosy red cheeks and a dazed smile slowly spreading across her face.
𝐊𝐀𝐙𝐔𝐇𝐀 takes you out for a long walk along the beach, at sunset. while you run around collecting every shell, bead, and crystal you can find, he is content to dig his toes into the fine grains of sand and watch the way your nose scrunches cutely as you brush your hair out of your eyes or how you smile triumphantly--and cutely--when you see a particularly beautiful shell. and he's so lost in thought that he doesn't notice when you slip a circlet of shells onto his head. he does notice, however, when you let out a tinkling laugh. "kazucchi is trapped in his head again, hm?" he smiles indulgently at you. the sight of you--with shells and crystals glinting at your arms, throat and head--backlit by the sunset, is by far one of the most beautiful things he's seen in his life. and suddenly, the final line of his haiku appears in his mind.
"sparkling seaglass eyes,
wandering with the winds,
your love brings me home."
𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐎 takes you for dango during tanabata. not very romantic, i know, but that's only the beginning. he may seem like a suave motherfucker--and he is!--but not around you. and he knows the only way to prevent himself from having a panic attack midway through and accidentally confessing his undying love for you in the form of a self-authored poem is to approach this as a hangout with a friend. he pays for admission tickets and attempts to impress you with his ring-tossing skills, hell-bent on winning the giant stuffed fox he knows you've been eyeing for the past couple of minutes. he fails miserably, of course, but when he watches you kick ass and absolutely dominate the game, the only thought running through his head is, they could kick my ass and i love that about them. after, you hand him the fox with a smile and a casual, "well, you kept staring at it", you don't notice but there are literal stars in his eyes. and at the end of the day, when the sun is setting and you both are stuffed to the gills with taiyaki and mitarashi dango and sakura mochi, him clutching the giant fox--lovingly named yuu-chan--you press a soft kiss goodbye to his cheek, barely brushing against his lips, with a shy smile that effectively shuts down his higher brain functions, tomo.exe has stopped working. "see you tomorrow?" "y-yeah," he can barely keep the goofy grin from sliding onto his face. "yeah, i'll see you tomorrow, darling."
𝐗𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 would invite you to wanmin for a "special surprise". normally, those words make you nervous, and for good reason! while her food as a whole is absolutely delectable, the ingredients she chooses to experiment with are not. but you need not worry. she's prepared what is in its basest form a feast. youtiao and golden shrimp balls decorate the surface of the table, qingce stir fry bubbling atop the stove and the smells of wanmin's signature boiled fish wafting towards you. "what's the occasion, a-ling?" you ask. "nothing! can't i just wanna do something nice for my best friend?" she chirps, amidst xingqiu and xinyan's snickers. she shoos everyone out except you and the joy on her face as you take the first bite is incomparable. "is it good?" she asks, and if you didn't know better, you'd say she was almost...nervous. "a-ling," you tell her seriously. "i would eat anything you make, because you made it." it's almost worth it the way she tackles you out of your seat with a squeal of happiness. except for, "wait, a-ling, the food!"
𝐗𝐈𝐍𝐘𝐀𝐍 takes you out to a secluded spot in the forest, preparing a concert just for you. she knows how busy you are--and she travels a lot--so you rarely get to see her perform. but a one-on-one concert, with you seated in the front row watching her strum her guitar to her heart's content! "this one's for you, y/n!" she calls at the start of all her songs, each and every one just for you. you feel her passion, her excitement, her love. at the end of the concert, you give a standing ovation and a swift kiss on the cheek and she grins, wild and free. "i take it you liked it?" "i loved it." you smile back.
𝐘𝐎𝐈𝐌𝐈𝐘𝐀 would invite you to sit atop the hillside at night, overlooking the entirety of narukami island with its blooming sakura trees and glowing lanterns. she brings snacks, wrapped in a little bundle of cloth. taiyaki, mochi, dango, all of your favourite treats. "faster, c'mon, it's starting soon!" she urges, though she refuses to tell you what. a surprise, she says with a mischievous smile. the sky dims, and fireworks light up the sky! in shades of gentle blue and sakura pink and flaming orangish-gold, the colour of 𝐘𝐎𝐈𝐌𝐈𝐘𝐀's eyes. you gasp, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every shower of sparks that light up the sky. "oh!" she claps her hands, "wait, this is my favourite one!" a burst of glittery pink and the shape of a fox appears in the sky, with swirls of flame circling around it as it tosses its gorgeous head back. "i made it just for you, do you like it?" you grin, "miya-chan, i loved it! so amazing!" she lights up at the praise, a bright grin present on her features. and when you wave goodbye, the feeling of her smiling underneath the glow of the fireworks makes your heart thrum with sparks. she's beautiful.
˗ˏˋ sunny speaks ´ˎ˗ i missed my girls (and boys!!) so here!! tomo’s one is for ven @hushyouu who is currently on a tomo brainrot :D here’s some food u funky lil simp /j
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severedftaes · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
#𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞.
summary ; they should have seen this coming. it was inevitable, as all things are bound, by fate. (or, how they would cope with you losing your memory) content / warnings ; angst, mentions of memory loss and amnesia but instead of happening it’s implied, gn!reader / depictions of sickness, slight mentions of food characters ; thoma, kazuha notes ; inspired by guard dog by kizunas on ao3! (tw explicit content in one chapter) i love that fic to bits i swear </3 the descriptions of the tataragami sickness are not canon. they are merely of my own making. **this line below ↓ is referenced from the shimenawa’s reminiscence lore that can be found on the wiki. there will be a part two also my contribution to angstober (with no event whatsoever </3)! 
❛life is full of uncertainty. love is fleeting, and even lasting memories are be lost. losing one's memory is no different from losing one's life. it is like death amidst darkness eternal. cherish what you must, before it is too late.❜
“a ... sickness?” 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐚 asks, his verdant eyes flickering in shades of worry. he shakes his head slightly, perking up. “ah, no worries! a few days’ of rest should do you some good. maybe i should take a day off to tend to you all the mo- ...” your face scrunches up in all directions as you shake your head, placing a hand on top of his. “it ... it isn’t like that. 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐚, there is no cure. 
𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐚 is devastated. 
the next few weeks are harried and troublesome.  the retainer would spend his days back and forth from his duties and your room, a clatter of plate-filled trays and whispered rumors following him in every wake. 
he does his best to keep his sunny composure. it’s his bright green eyes that clear your blurred and pain-filled vision, with every bowl of miso soup or plate of dango he placed in front of you, the warmth of his hands encasing your palms. he smiles, reassuring you that the pain would pass. 
a curtain of happiness covering hordes of worry and frustration.
amnesia, they would say. procured from the recent shipments of crystal marrow that inhabited the mansion’s storeroom. those crates were tossed out without hesitation. the tatarigami didn’t affect you as most terminal illnesses would, yes, although an endless storm of pulsing headaches clouded around your head almost every passing moment. 
you would live, save for the memories that would be lost. memories of everyone. memories of him. just how long did you have left?
he takes you to your favorite spots, the ones where moments were shared beneath the glaring rays of sun between the leaves and moonlit starry seas. he kisses you, embraces you, just as he had all those times before. perhaps that living in the past might prevent this fever dream from harming you any further. 
you watch 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐚 smile softly alongside you, the unseemly dark circles beneath his radiant eyes fading in the star-filled night. you closed your eyes shut, the vibrant memories of the day erupting beneath the curtains of your eyelids. you prayed to every god, archon and deity you knew, embracing the feeling of the hollowness in your heart being filled, then emptied, once more. 
please, let me cherish these moments, if only for one last time. 
𝐤𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚 sensed that there was something wrong with those crystals. it was a sleep-inducing feeling, one that felt like the boundary between dreams and reality, the lulling close of your eyes before you descended into darkness. his crimson eyes widen as you explain its symptoms, and inevitably, its effect. he holds you close, clinging onto you just as you were to your memories, as if keeping you in his arms would save you from this illness. 
𝐤𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚 is dumbfounded. for once, he can’t seem to find a word that could describe the state of emotions he is in at the present moment. 
he hopes to travel far and wide, somehow abandoning his cause for freedom in order to save you from this abomination. 
you plead for him to stay. to stay, for you, and for his safety. he persists, arguing with you that he wouldn’t just leave you in this state. he doesn’t want to lose you.
i don’t want you to lose yourself, your way, for me. you say. 
i don’t want to lose you, either! he argues. you smile sadly. but is it only losing for such a short time? it is inevitable. and the sands of time have already made their choice. to make memories anew again, with you, is all that i wish for in my remaining time. 
he stays. the wind coaxes him as it breezes through your pleading eyes. beidou wouldn’t have allowed him to leave the ship anyway. he stays with a sigh as you smile and grip his hand gently. 
you watch the waves dance in the midsummer afternoons. he tells you stories of his olden noble days, of crimson piers and wondrous sights of mountains and kitsune trees. 
kazuha is doubtful. baizhu had already confirmed that there was so cure to your ail. what if when the time comes, he can’t let go? 
we’ll get through this together. and perhaps in due time, i shall be able to recover from this, and make memories with you once more.
familiar tunes were playing once again. it sung of hollow hearts and all that was wished to be. 
❛finding your lover in a dreamlike state ... perhaps this is what peace means, in the cruel eyes of destiny itself.❜
Tumblr media
ⓒ 𝐒𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐅𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐒 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏. my works are not for you to repost, claim, etc.
psst if you made it to the end of the fic, please consider giving a reblog! it really helps :)) thank you <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anemo Boyband!
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kazewhara · 6 hours ago
request for kazuha w a really blunt/vulgar s/o. i think it would be super funny for someone who’s so “flowery” with his words to be with someone who has a bad mouth. (kinda like levi from aot if you’ve seen it). thank you!
eat shit and die, pretty boy.
Tumblr media
# — pairing: kazuha x gn!reader
# — characters: gender neutral reader, kazuha, beidou
# — summary: you and kazuha are... quite the unique couple.
# — warnings: cursing!!, violence
# — tags: fluff, pining, zuzu's attempt at humor
# — note(s): well if you insist... i'll gladly take the chance to use my filthy dirty potty mouth! i'm gonna have a ball with this one. as always, reblogs are appreciated, and thanks for reading!!
# — song(s): choke - acoustic ; i don't know how but they found me
Tumblr media
✧ — 🍁 — ✧
on the surface, you and kazuha look like the perfect couple...
don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with your relationship at all! you two are so grossly in love and kazuha's actually gifted you a promise ring that he had personally commissioned for you!
but to those who know you, they think you two are like oil and water.
and you.. really, you can't be mad at them for thinking that way. you and kazuha had a very, VERY rough start.
how did it all begin?
scroll up for me real quick. you see the title?
yes, it's exactly what you're thinking. you said that to kazuha when you met for the first time.
for context, you're the quartermaster on the alcor. beidou trusts you and your exceptional skills. you keep the peace on the ship, and she actually doesn't make any decisions without running things by you first.
a lot of things come with the position of quartermaster: respect, authority, confidence...
and a foul fucking mouth.
"fuck no." you cross your arms over your chest, staring down the wanted samurai beidou smuggled aboard.
you're not sure how she managed to hide him from you this long; the alcor left ritou over three days ago. how this guy managed to avoid you so well, you had no idea. all you knew was that this guy was trouble.
"a fugitive, beidou? are you shitting me?" you pinch the bridge of you nose, frustrated. "what made you think taking him in was even remotely a good idea?"
beidou's never been intimidated by you. she's the only person on the alcor who can match youe energy -- surpass it, even. you always know when to back down since she's in charge, but right now, you're seriously questioning her judgment. the captain flicks her hair over her shoulder as she turns to the samurai she took in.
"well, since you asked so nicely," she bites, squinting her uncovered eye at you, "he's the reason i didn't get my vision snatched up when we docked. apparently the raiden shogun doesn't care whose vision is confiscated, so long as it's separated from its owner."
your fingers twitch by your side. beidou nearly got her vision taken away? why didn't she tell you? your own cryo vision seems to pulse, it's light growing brighter for a moment before dimming again. "go on.." you nod.
beidou plops a hand on the samurai's shoulder. "he was fast as hell, i'll tell you that right now. pretty damn cool, actually! isn't that right, kazuha?"
the fugitive -- kazuha, you note -- smiles serenely at beidou. for some reason, it pisses you off.
something about kazuha is just... off. his scarlet eyes are so warm and inviting, especially when they land on you. his gaze grows softer the longer he looks at you, and it makes your stomach flutter.
oh, hell no.
your sense for danger has always been second to none. you give in to beidou and wait for her to get out of earshot before you move. you don't think twice; in the blink of an eye, you brandish your sword and imbue it with cryo energy, pressing the tip against kazuha's neck. the samurai's eyes go wide and he raises his hands in surrender. "have i done something wrong?"
his voice is so... smooth. you swear under your breath and lower the temperature of your blade even further. "you might have beidou fooled, but it'll be a cold day in hell before you sucker me into liking you." you growl.
kazuha doesn't look daunted at all. his eyebrows twitch with amusement. "rest assured," he says, "i haven't 'suckered' captain beidou into liking me, as you put it."
"sure, and i'm the yuheng of the fucking qixing."
"if i may ask--"
"you may not."
kazuha asks anyways. "why are you so bothered by my presence? this is the first time we've ever met and you've already got my life in your hands, ready to extinguish my flame at any given moment. surely, i deserve to know why."
well, shit. he's got you there. you may be an asshole, but you're an asshole with morals. you hate to admit it, but kazuha's right. you huff and speak honestly. "you really want the truth?" you roll your eyes when the samurai raises an eyebrow, encouraging you to continue. "fine. you stink."
kazuha's face remains expressionless, as though he's trying not to let his reaction show. "care to elaborate?"
you can't believe you're telling this to a fucking stranger. "there's... everyone has a smell, alright? you don't smell right."
"fucking-- you have blood on your hands. i can smell it. happy?" you confess. your arm's starting to get tired, but kazuha doesn't look bothered by your weapon in the slightest. if anything, once you told him you could smell blood on him, he looked intrigued by you. he was.. almost examining you with that stupidly attractive face of his. hell, acknowledging that he was pleasing for the eyes was enough to make you want to slit his throat right here.
kazuha hums after a brief pause. "is that so? then," he eases your sword down with his bandaged hand, "i feel that we're going to get along very, very well, quartermaster."
you scoff and sheathe your weapon. to hell with it, you think. beidou would've killed you if you hurt him, anyways. "eat shit and fucking die, pretty boy," you spit. you turn on your heel and march to your cabin.
kazuha chuckles at your retreating figure. "all that," he muses to himself, "and they think i'm pretty."
what happened then?
well first of all, you had no choice but to get along with him; you could only steer clear of him for so long on a ship. you were bound to run into him eventually, so you stopped trying
but it just so happened that kazuha seemed to take up residence in all your usual spots.
you didn't have the heart to chew him out for it
you just decided to stay silent while he tried to keep conversation
because really, it aggravated you to no end how this freak who reeked of blood tried to pretend as though everything was okay.
you were well aware that as a fugitive, he would have had to do whatever it took to keep himself safe
you understood that all too well
what bothered you was his easygoing behavior. he was so... unfazed by it all.
you were no stranger to death, but that didn't mean it didn't unnerve you.
you blew up at him one night, venting your frustrations to him almost in one breath
kazuha just... sat there. he listened to every word, nodding along as though you weren't cursing his entire bloodline
when you finished, all he said was:
"this is the first time you've willingly spoken to me. did you know that?"
you gaped at him because yeah, he was right, but...
shit, he was right!
you could only stare at him and as you did, you noticed how his platinum hair glittered like the moon did over the ocean every night. he grinned at you as you remained speechless, and you quickly averted your eyes, your body temperature rising.
... oh boy.
so, how did you get together?
kazuha confesses to you in the crow's nest of the alcor.
again, you're an asshole, but you're not so far removed as to not recognize your own feelings.
you knew you had it bad for kazuha a while ago, but you didn't know how to go about it
you treated him like everyone else in public, but during your late night talks, you actually began to entertain him
plus, you two connected over your keen sense of smell
he would recount to you tales of his homeland, looking at the maple leaves that decorated his garments with that sentimental shimmer in his ruby red eyes, and you...
you saw the kazuha that only seemed to show itself at this time of night.
he bore his soul to you beneath the moon, foolishly wearing his heart on his sleeve for you to see
you didn't know who was more foolish: him, for leaving himself wide open, or you, who did the same in return.
"i'd love to see them someday."
kazuha's eyes snap to you, round and glossy. he always looks this way when he speaks about his home in inazuma. he never has a shortage of stories from there; it's always something new with him, and you soaked up each story like a sponge. archons, you were a goner. especially when he looked at you like this.
you turn your eyes away, unsure if you even deserve to be looked at like that.
"it's just.. you seem fond of the maple leaves back there." you laugh briefly. "not surprising, considering you kinda smell like it even though you've been here for so long."
you can feel kazuha's stare. you don't look back, opting to keep talking.
"it's, uh, endearing that you remember your home so fondly," you confess. "i'd love to see them someday; i wanna know what makes them so special."
for a little while, nothing is said. the only thing that can be heard is the sloshing of the ocean down below, and the gentle night breeze. you close your eyes, basking in the moon's glow. you're not proud of yourself for being so... mushy, but you've already crossed that line. there's no going back.
"when i was a boy, i used to see couples walking through the city." kazuha scratches at his cheek sheepishly. it's dark, but you can see the redness rushing to his face. "there was this... superstition back then. that their relationships would last if they shared a kiss beneath the maple trees."
oh fuck, where was he going with this?
you don't get to ask.
"i may be overstepping," the samurai looks at you with a boyish grin that makes your heart skip one too many beats. "but would you... like to try that someday?"
you blank. is he... is he saying that he wants to kiss you?
you're suddenly aware of how close you are to him. you swallow thickly, your eyes dropping to kazuha's lips and back up of their own accord. kazuha takes a deep breath. of course he saw that.
well... in for a penny.
"we'd have to be a couple first, pretty boy." the words flow much easier than you thought they would. you consider yourself lucky -- even more so when kazuha turns his face to hide his blush from you. "are you asking me out, kazuha?"
kazuha hums. he does that a lot, you note. "i guess i am."
you summon up courage from deep within you and lean closer, close enough that you can see the way kazuha's blush extends down his neck. he's way out of his depth here. it's cute. he's cute.
"then i guess i'd have to accept."
the samurai turns back in your direction, briefy startling when he notices how close you are. he doesn't pull away. instead, you see his adam's apple bob as he swallows.
his voice is low when he asks, "would it be alright if i kissed you?"
like hell you would say no.
"i'd probably be pissed if you didn't."
kazuha cups your face, breathing a laugh against your lips. the contact sends shocks of pleasure and relief up your spine. "i'll try not to disappoint you, then."
"better fucking not," you grumble into the kiss.
and in the present day?
well first of all, he took you to see the maple leaves after the vision hunt decree ended
kazuha was terrible as masking his excitement, chattering away about his childhood here
you actually had to remind him to kiss you beneath the maple tree
i digress!
everyone knows kazuha is a sweet man.
he's very careful about how he chooses his words, almost to the point where he stops making sense
you, on the other hand.
you were so straightforward, you actually made a few enemies just by being yourself... sorry, man
beidou will NEVER stop asking why kazuha decided to stick with you of all people, which you prompts you to flip her off
but whenever beidou sends kazuha on her behalf to do negotiations (because really, you can't be trusted to do it alone), you usually tag along
you know that sunshine - sunshine protector meme?
yeah, that's you guys, except kazuha is the sunshine protector
...what? someone has to keep you out of trouble!
"i thought beidou was sending the quartermaster." the merchant folds his arms as he glares at you and kazuha. "instead, she sent me a delinquent and a samurai."
"excuse me--?!" you start to bark, but kazuha taps your hand beneath the table you're seated at. you clamp your jaw shut and grind your teeth for a moment. you can't believe this self-absorbed fuckwad called you a delinquent of all things!
"my name is kaedehara kazuha, sir," kazuha keeps his tone even and gestures to you, subtly signaling for you to lighten up. "captain beidou did send the quartermaster, and this is them."
it's your turn to fold your arms. out of the corner of your eye, you see kazuha glance at you. 'play nice,' goes unsaid.
he's lucky he's cute.
you introduce yourself gruffly and launch right into negotiations, listing the demands that beidou told you to make. your tone leaves little to no room for argument; something the merchant does not appreciate.
"who are you to order me around?!" he hollers. "you're just the captain's dog -- treat me with the respect i'm owed!"
you're not proud of what comes next.
you see red, battling the urge to jump up and maim the merchant. "listen sir," you hiss through grit teeth, ignoring the little taps kazuha gives you in warning, "these are the words of the captain, got it? so either shit, or lose your best source of income. got it?"
kazuha sighs beside you. there isn't much he can say to save your skin now. really, you were justified in snapping. it's a miracle you didn't reach for your weapon. "i'm afraid i'll have to agree with the quartermaster." kazuha pipes up. "i don't take too kindly to you referring to my lover as a dog. should we perhaps show how a dog behaves when provoked?"
there's venom in his words. you sit up a bit straighter, pride brightening your features ever so slightly. the merchant backs down and soon enough, negotiations are over.
"i'm proud of you," kazuha says when you leave. he intertwines your fingers and smiles when he hears you sigh. he brings the back of your hand to his lips. "you held your ground very well, my love."
you roll your eyes fondly. "i always hold my ground, loser. thank you for helping me."
kazuha is your better half in every sense of the word. he's your anchor as you traverse the seas -- the one permanent thing you have in your ever changing life. he kisses the back of your hand again. "next time though, let's try to keep the swearing to a minimum, yeah?"
you roll your eyes again. "never gonna fucking happen."
kazuha squints at you. "do i have to take drastic measures in order for you to stop?"
you laugh. "do your worst, pretty boy."
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✧ i hope you like this as much as i do, anon! thanks for this fun req!
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Occasionally he opens his mouth and flowers come out instead of words. 
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Was kind of scared to post this bc I didn’t like how it turned out but anyways
Attempt 2 of kazuha in the demon slayer manga art style
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“There you are, little friend.”
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finished the flushed faces! went with kazuha, xiao, scaramouche, and diluc since i don't draw them very often 😳✨
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Some of the artwork I got to do for miHoYo ^^
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