xo-cuteplosion-xo · 16 hours ago
Could you do a zhongli x reader?
Corrupted gender nuterel God reader?
Where zhongli has to put reader down?
Or hc's with zhongli, albedo, Venti (I know he's not on your list, so that's why this is my second option instead of what I'm asking for) kaeya and childe? With a human reader who picked ip a cursed artifact and when berserk?
Reactions to a corrupted reader Hc’s Zhongli, Albedo, Venti, Xiao (added from a second request of similar nature), Kaeya, Childe
The moment he sees you he’s frozen.
He’s done this before, seen this sort of thing so many times throughout his thousands of years spent in Tivat.
He just… wasn’t prepared for it to happen to you…
He’s already lost one friend...
He considered you more than just a friend.
He couldn’t
His arms would shake, despite being a God…
He’d try to find what happened if there was perhaps something simple like a cursed item within your clutches.
Something he could undo without… bringing harm to your body
Yet… you
There was nothing
This corruption was internal.
How could he do this
You were already gone, but yet he couldn’t do anything about it.
Where had he been when this happened, why couldn’t he prevent this?
He blames himself for not protecting you, even if you were a god.
He was the stronger one, why couldn’t he save you, why are you leaving him?
He’s not the one to end your life, he restrains you trying desperately to undo the corruption rolling within your body.
Ultimately it is a failure and it is Xiao who has to act out his duty, purge the evil.
Even when his hands were soaked within your blood and Zhongli grabbed hold of your weakening form, he only turned to his god with a look of pity.
Zhongli knew… he knew it had to be done
That didn’t take away the pain.
By gods it hurt, to see you slowly coming back to your senses as your blood dyed purple flowed from the wound in your torso.
Thank you- the words of relief hurt to hear but he leans a soft peck to your forehead
What happened?
How did this happen?
He’s panic stricken, afraid of going near you.
His mind analyzes your corrupted form, the way you look, the way your body moves.
What if this spreads, if he too is infected by this corruption sleeping in your body.
He’s not ready to lose his control over himself.
He’s seen things like this happen but what.. What could possibly have affected a god?
Even if you had not told him he’s an alchemist, he knew.
Had you been killed…
Yes, that was his only logical conclusion.
You have died but gods can’t die like mortals.
Their body, soul, they tend to live on in demonic forms, plaguing the world with miazma
He did it himself, ending your life with his own hands, the sickly black of your blood seeping the white snow.
It was pretty if not for the fact that it was your blood staining the snow.
Yet he could not help it, bending down to try and stop the blood from spilling.
Even as your hand, weak as you were from the fatal wound, grabbed onto his wrist.
It’s okay Albedo, it’s okay… you saved me, saved mondstadt, it’s okay.
Perhaps this is the first time his heart has lunged so far from his chest… so this was the emotion of heart wrenching agony… heartbreak
Venti (I’m making the attempt… but yeah- I’m not the best at venti since i don’t exactly care for his character…)
He’s terrified
It’s to soon for you
He’s trying everything
Yes your restrained and miserable but
He’s the anemo archon, a wind spirit he brought freedom to mondstadt
He lost so many people already
It’s not fair
Not fair
He even commissions traveler for help
They purified crystals and helped save devalin you are no different
Sure in order for a god to reach this they would have died
But no matter…
It’s when a traveler says he needs to let go that he snaps.
He repeats it over and over begging for help.
But he knows
And so when you’re put out of your misery… he holds onto you trying to stop the gush of black.
He’s letting it swallow him to…
The tears rolled down his face. And landing onto your as he moves to keep your head in his lap.
Don’t cry Barbatos… It's just my time to go. We all have to go one day, even gods.
He takes your form as you turn into dust.
This was one of the harder ones for me to do considering how Xiao is)
Much like Zhongli would be, he's confused at first.
He’s not sure why it hurts so much to see this.
He’s seen his friends crumble in similar ways, why did this feel different?
He could whisper your name, watch the way you don’t react and turn with a smile.
There’s nothing in your eyes…
You’re already gone, a ravaged beast, demonic.
He’s supposed to… but how could he?
Why must he suffer? Was his constant agony not enough for the millennia of slaughter?
Did this world really have to take you so soon?
You flashed by his mind, dishes of almond Tofu, light laughter, sweet words of encouragement, battle strength that could compare to his… all reduced to guilt.
Where had he been?
Had you told him where you were off to?
How had somebody in this day and age gotten ahold of enough power to end a god’s life?
He had to empty his mind, place a lock on his emotions as he ran, two quick dashes with his mask on his face.
Watching your crumble forward, he couldn’t just let you collapse though. He caught you
He’d hold you close, perhaps his first tears being shed as he watches you slipping away.
What should have been dying his clothing red, stealing it black instead.
He watched you reach weakly up to him.
On the defense he watched closely, only relaxing when your hand softly cupped his cheek above you.
Xiao… please don’t torment yourself over this…
How was he supposed to honor that?
He was supposed to protect and keep you by his side.
He held the dust that your body withered into
It was long before he would be able to stand from that spot.
He was familiar with the type of corruption in your body
The abyss…
Had they intended to turn you against Mondstadt after failing with the dragon?
How did this manage to happen in the first place?
You weren’t yourself at all
You loved mortals
You loved this city
You had laughed within these walls, so why were you staring down at him with nothing?
He’s insecure, despite how he presents himself. It's just a mask, a sick game to him.
His flirts always covered up how worthless he felt.
Faced with you, something divine, he was nothing but a pebble.
Yet, even as your feet graced the earth he knew you were somewhere within, crying for help, fighting yourself.
Even if you reach out for him hoping to gain a companion, to lead him home… he can’t accept.
This isn’t you…
And if the only way out of this is to strike you down… he swears by what little power he holds in that forgotten title he’d never forgive his people, turned monsters, for doing this to you.
No… he’d sacrifice himself to strike you from divinity.
So as your strained expression filled with horror watched your weapon strike him and his strike you he smiled, leaving it to you whether he was smiling with relief or masking the tears.
I’m sorry Kaeya… I’m so sorry… don’t hate yourself… more than you already do.
He’d been sure you would either awake with him or he’d never open his eyes.
But he did
To Diluc nonetheless…
He could care less if near death made changes to his relationships…
He just needed to see you…
It was venti that would strike him with realization.
No rhymes
Face clouded as he held onto something that had belonged to you.
Softly setting it down with a forced smile.
Still Kaeya couldn’t find words, his usually loud mouth tied silent as he stared at his chest.
Just why had he survived and not you?
He has no clue what's going on.
He’s never seen something like this.
Perhaps he had heard about it but now he couldn’t find much to think about.
The lust for violence seeping through your snarls piqued his interest.
He’d be the clueless idiot to challenge you.
Only to soon realize this wasn’t you…
When he scraped you there was no hesitation in your moevents as there usually was.
No restraint…
He merely jumped back, away from you with confused eyes.
Yet you had no response to the name.
Then he noticed the differences, the blood, your appearance…
He didn’t understand what had happened…
He’d heard stories, ones from ancient times.
Yes, he knows what you are…
He’d just never thought about it too much.
But if you had fallen…
He’d have little chance to help you turn from your misery.
He keeps you distracted until the Adeptis boy shows himself.
No emotion lining his face as he strikes you and lowers his gaze at the mortal, disappearing before Childe could say anything.
He doesn’t want to lose you, he could care less about you being a god.
He could care less about everything
It’s not fair
Why can’t he keep one good thing?
He was tricked by the geo archon, played as a fool by signora, his childhood was ruined… and through it all you had never… never… not in all the years you had been near him… you had never looked at him with pity nor had you ever tricked, manipulated, or harmed him.
You were so kind, he was the mortal, the stupid mortal who’s watchign you die, withering away.
You know… mortals are not supposed to outlive a god… his voice cracked, the soulless eyes that always seemed to shine a bit brighter near you… losing that last bit of hope for himself.
Ajax… sorry i couldn’t join you in going home. Please don’t let this be the last straw. You got to… to… protect… the children's… children's… dreams.
He nodded as you fell silent.
“H-hey now… you can’t disappear like that… don’t… leave me alone… I don't want to be alone again.”
(short and not as in detail as to what I typically write, but I wanted to add the hc's as well)
(473 words)
You had been smiling just yesterday, eyes full of glimmering light as you shared tea with him.
He remembered the soft tone of your voice, the way your lips moved to speak with content. Yet, there were no words leaving your lips tonight.
The moon showered its brilliance over you, lines of violet coursing through your skin, dare he say they appeared to pulse beneath. The image was far from foreign. The sight was everywhere in centuries past, the Archon war. You were not old enough to have experienced such tragedy, born into god-hood just over 1,000 years ago. So why, why were you hissing like a rabid animal? Something so young and beautiful reduced to a beast in human form.
He understood why the light made his chest throb, the reason why he wished to stab his chest and tear the beating thing from his chest. He had witnessed somebody close fall to this before. Was this world that cruel to him? Surely he could save you, there were no dire circumstances, nothing needing his most dire attention.
You lunged for him, swinging sharpened nails like talons. He evaded each attack till signs of your elemental powers seeped through and onto the battlefield. He would soon find himself caging you within rocks so he could think. How could he undo this, prevent you from leaving him too? He didn’t wish to sit and drink tea alone. He’d miss your voice yelling at Childe over dinners. He'd miss how you tried all you could, but still came up short trying to teach the poor Fatui boy how chopsticks worked.
He’d miss your kindness the most, the way you could calm the lonely ache living for millennia gifted you.
There was no such way, and so as you broke from the cage and lunged for him, he drove the sharp weapon through your chest. He had not shed tears in millennia, so the stray water falling from his eyes surprised him bitterly. He cupped your cheek as your eyes slowly came into focus with the shallowing of your erratic breaths.
“Zhongli?” Your voice whimpered as if you had no idea the predicament you were in. “you’re crying? You observed reaching for him, and he allowed your hand to comfort him. “Thank you.” The yelling storm calmed from your mind as you shared a final breath with him. Your body slipped from within his loose grip. He caught you at the last moment, trying to shake you awake. He knew… he had lost you.
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catgirlforkaeya · 21 hours ago
i have this idea where reader works at an orphanage and there's this one kid that is so fond and close with reader. one day that kid said "i really admired captain kaeya and wants to be like him" , since reader is kaeya's lover, they bring the kid to meet him and spend a day together. at the end of the day, the kid hugs both of them and said "today is so fun, like playing with mom and dad once again"
Tumblr media
kaeya x afab!reader (ig?? gn pronouns tho)
idek what genre— fluff????
warnings: all lowercase + not proofread
a/n: i’m sorry this took so long 😭😭 i hope it’s good enough whesodjskd it’s rly rushed (the title is awful i’m so bad at titles)
Tumblr media
working at the orphanage in mondstadt gives you mixed feelings. you love helping and working with the kids but your heart can’t help but ache for them. they all love you though, whenever you work they all run up to you and hug you. you’ve received multiple gifts from them, most of those being drawings that you hung on your refrigerator.
there’s this one kid that is closest with you though. his name is rein. ever since the first day he came to the orphanage he’s been very fond of you. he basically sees you as a parental figure so your relationship is strong. you do your best to help him in whatever way you can; buying him toys on special occasions, taking time to give him some extra classes after school, giving life advice, basically anything to make him feel happy and loved again.
one day while you were coloring together in the evening, you two were on the topic about people you look up to. he was the one to start the topic, asking who you looked up to the most. you couldn’t really give a good answer since you didn’t know, so you just went with a character from a book. when you asked rein who he looked up to though, you got a very unexpected response.
“hmmm,” the child hummed, pausing his coloring and looking up at you. “i look up to captain kaeya a lot! i want to grow up and be just like him!!”
you were a little shocked to be honest. you were expecting a normal child response like superman or some superhero, not your own boyfriend.
“o-oh? whys that?” you really didn’t want to be nosy with a child but he was talking about your lover here, you had to be just a little bit nosy.
“he’s really cool! i’ve never met him but i’ve heard a toooonnnn of stories about him!! how strong he is, how smart he is, how hard working, everything i want to be!” rein had a big grin on his face while talking about kaeya. “what do you think about captain kaeya?”
you hesitated with your answer for a moment. you were already starting to plot something out in your head, and saying that he was your boyfriend would probably ruin the surprise so with a smile, you gave a simple answer.
“i think he’s really great too.”
your shift had ended awhile ago so now you were at home, laying in bed with kaeya. your limbs were tangled together while you held each other close.
“quick question, are you free tomorrow?” you broke the silence, barely raising your voice above a whisper.
“mm i should be, why?” kaeya responded, his words slightly muffled because he had his head buried in the crook of your neck. the vibrations of his voice gently tickled your skin a little.
“i want to do something for this one kid at the orphanage— they look up to you a lot and was talking about how you’re they’re role model today. i kinda just want to surprise him if that’s okay with you, if not it’s o—“
kaeya cut you off mid sentence. not in a rude way, but to stop your ramblings. that’s something you did a lot— rambling when you’re asking a question. it doesn’t matter who you’re asking, it almost always happens. neither of you really mind though. you actually appreciate kaeya stopping you here and there.
“you were rambling again love,” kaeya shifted a little so that he was now looking at you. he ran his hand through your hair for a moment, removing the messy hair from your face. “what do you want to do for the kid?”
“set up something so that you two can hang out for the day. his name is rein, i think i’ve mentioned him before,” you explained. you took a strand of kaeya’s hair and intertwined it between your fingers, twirling it around.
“hmm, i do recall you talking about him before. if i have something planned tomorrow i’ll cancel,” your boyfriend flashed a small smile at you.
“thank you!!” your face immediately lit up, causing a low chuckle to come from kaeya. you placed a small kiss to his lips, both of you smiling into the kiss. multiple kisses followed after the first one.
“of course. now get some rest, don’t want to be slacking around tomorrow,” kaeya mumbled against your lips in between the kisses.
you eventually nuzzled your head against kaeya’s bare chest and drifted off to sleep for the night.
the next day you were running around everywhere trying to get everything in place. you left for work early, talking to your boss and asking for permission to take rein out for the day. thankfully she cooperated. then you had to run home and fill kaeya in on everything and get the plans together. you were cursing yourself for not putting this a few days out.
once you were ready, you went and got rein. you lied to him and told him that you were just taking him out on a walk for the morning. you felt bad lying to a child but it was for a good reason.
you made your way towards the front gates where you told kaeya you’d meet him. when you got close enough you gently placed your hands over rein’s eyes, telling him that you had a surprise for him. you lead him to the spot, giving kaeya a small nod when he came into your view. positioning rein so that he’ll clearly be able to see kaeya, you took your hands off his eyes.
the younger boy stood there for a moment, almost too shocked to do anything. within a few seconds he started squealing, running towards kaeya to give him a hug. you laughed as you watched your boyfriend scoop the child into his arms, spinning him around for a second.
the whole day the three of you hung out. took rein for breakfast at good hunter, bought him some new toys from marjorie, showed him the winery, played hide and seek around springvale, and played tag under the tree at windrise.
you three were now walking back towards mondstadt. both of you were holding rein’s hands, while he was between you two. it was mostly silent beside the crunch of fall leaves under your feet.
“thank you two so much for today!!” rein broke the silence, looking up at you and kaeya with a huge grin.
“you’re welcome!” you both said in unison, causing laughter to erupt between all of you.
“i’m still surprised that you’re actually married to the legendary captain kaeya!!” rein exclaimed, jumping up and down between his steps a little.
“nono we aren’t married,” kaeya started to explain, having to stop mid sentence due to laughter. “we’re just dating.”
“oh. well i think you should get married. i can be the flower boy!!” you and kaeya exchanged glances at rein’s comment. you both were holding back your laughter.
“well, when the day comes i’ll keep that in mind,” you ruffled rein’s hair a little. you saw the orphanage getting closer and closer. the conversation died off since it was time to drop rein off.
“today was so fun, it was just like playing with mommy and daddy once again!” rein suddenly hugged both of you. you two had to lean down to the child’s height to complete the hug.
your heart began aching at rein’s comment. the fact he said such a sad sentence with such a happy tone was heartbreaking. you caught a glance at kaeya’s face and you could see the slight hint of pain in his eyes when rein said it. this caused your heart to just ache even more. you knew that kaeya understood what the younger boy said on a personal level, sadly enough.
once the hug ended you all said your goodbyes as rein ran inside the orphanage, disappearing behind the door. you turned to kaeya, suddenly pulling him into a tight embrace. he was a tiny bit confused at first, but eventually understood and gave into the hug.
you two stood like that for a few minutes, just embracing each other in a hug. you didn’t care that people were probably staring and judging. you mumbled some small “i love you”s into kaeya’s chest (since that was the height you came up to). each time you’d say it he’d hug you a bit tighter in response.
“i hate to ruin the moment but we should probably get home love, it’s getting late,” kaeya spoke as he slowly pulled out of the hug. you wished that you two could stay like that forever but he was right, it was starting to get late.
“yeah,” you nodded. kaeya wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you against his side as you two began walking towards your shared home.
“y’know, i think we should try for a child tonight. i think we’d make great parents,” kaeya spoke, looking down at you with a shit-eating grin.
you just elbowed him in the side as a response, apologizing profusely when you noticed that you elbowed him a little too hard.
deep down though, you actually agreed with him. you two would be good parents.
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved to catgirlforkaeya. reposting, plagiarizing, modifying, and translating is NOT allowed.
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crystalizedlegend · 4 hours ago
A fall borage for Kaeya?
sure! <3
prompts: an angst to fluff drabble for kaeya with "there are so many worse things than death. not to be loved or not to be able to love, that is worse." (prompt from my 500 followers event: kane's flower shop!)
Tumblr media
Your fingers twitched slightly as you stared out the window of the room you had been granted, food they had begged you to eat laid forgotten on the table in front of you.
Yes, what a blessing this was. To be granted to chance to be treated as a person after being hunted like an animal for nearly a year. How grateful you were.
At least your sarcasm hadn’t left you. When you first came here (against your will) you were so confused but curious, heart filled with joy and good intentions.
And now? You could barely feel anything past unending emptiness and a sadness that eats at you. Tears never go away, neither does the pain you’re left with. Physically and emotionally.
The book you hurled at Venti as you insulted him until he wept for your forgiveness only gave you momentary satisfaction until you had banned everyone who wasn’t genuinely sorry and wanted to help you from seeing you.
Not like that had stopped them but the things you had thrown at them had. But it didn’t deter everyone.
The only person you allowed in was Kaeya, who always brought things to occupy your time.
A knock sounded at the door and you turned away from the window to see Kaeya entering the room and closing the door behind him. “I brought more goodies for you~” He cooed and you rolled your eyes before getting up from your seat and stretching until your joints popped.
As if to reflect your worsening mood, no matter how much you cared for Kaeya, rain started to pour heavily.
Kaeya didn’t say a single thing about it as he sat the care package on your table with a small thud. “Just a little longer and I’ll convince Jean to let you out of this room and let you roam around as you please.”
You made a sound of approval before he cut you off.
“Though, I do think you’re safer here. Not everyone believes us and may wish you dead still, your grace.”
“There are so many worse things than death.” Your voice was quiet, hoarse from not using it for a while, gloomy and sad. “To not be loved or to not be able to love, that is worse.” You muttered quietly, looking through the books.
You lifted your head to smile sarcastically at his sad smile. “But what do I know? It’s not like I cam here with an open heart only to be accused of impersonating someone I knew nothing about which lead to me being hunted, hurt and almost killed multiple times for almost a year! And for what? To finally be blessed with a confirmation that yeah, i am who they accused me of impersonating.” Your rant ended as you panted and gripped onto the table.
You wanted to cry again, you wanted to scream and shout and rage and destroy everything. But Kaeya’s cold but warm hands distracted you.
“It’s okay. I’m right here. You don’t have to keep it all inside.” Kaeya spoke softly, soothing you as your face scrunched up as you gripped onto his shirt.
As the sky cried with you, for the first time, you felt as if everything would be okay.
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burucheese · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
genshin men as models A-
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kvnikuzushi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kekkai sensen ED - genshin impact version [anniversary stream] / mondstadt ed.
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xo-cuteplosion-xo · 8 hours ago
headcanons or a scenario of kaeya trying to court a tsundere and easily flustered s/o? 🥺
Kaeya trying to court a tsundere/ easily flustered s/o.
I do wanna touch on the prospect that he’s not always flirty, since I do see Kaeya using smiles and flirts to ward people off from clicking onto how he feels.
That said he’s going to be a total menace to society around you.
He’s a smooth talker, to begin with, and he does like to tease.
What may start as small unnoticeable things, like handing you flowers, setting them in your hair, gifting you things with little notes sure to make your face light-up, will all eventually grow to be more prominent.
For example, he’s already been sending and giving you things for a few months?
Well then, he’s going to embarrass you in public now.
Leaning over within kissable reach only to put a flower behind your ear, or patting your head after good work, will be some of the few newer things.
Once you begin to catch feelings, cheeks puffed and eyes set in glares, despite how embarrassed you look.
He’s in splendid glee.
He finds your shouts… adorable. The loss of words and jumbled insults… those must be his favorite.
If you still refuse to acknowledge the connection, he’s only going to pester you more with his “affections”.
Drunk Kaeya is the worst with you.
Sitting with him at Diluc's tavern as he clings to you.
No matter how many times you become an embarrassed mess and shove him off he clings right back, sometimes he may even whine.
Now he’s a very patient man… so he’ll give you quite the span of time before he finally tells himself it’s impossible he’s wrong about this.
His finishing move is to kiss you, late at night in the tavern, no alcohol in his system yet.
He watches with delight as your face lights up and you cover your face.
It appears you combusted from embarrassment.
Yet, you hadn’t shoved him away.
“Aww, are you embarrassed, my dear?” His teasing words would only cause a second combustion that night. slowly dying from how happy you were and how thoroughly flushed with embarrassment you were.
He peels away your hands
Watching you enter that reaction he found so interesting.
“N-no! Why would I be embarrassed over some stupid knight like you?”
He chuckles amused at your words, before once more kissing you, this time expecting yours to push back with his.
He hasn’t felt this happy in years.
To successfully make you his... is fulfilling.
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f-ai-n · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Due to popular demand, here's Kaeya's birthday with the Angel Share Squad :)
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newttxt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i love all my team members’ plunge attacks 🙃
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giyokaizine · a month ago
Tumblr media
"My eye? My eye is fine. There's nothing unusual about hiding one's body parts from view. But, if you insist to see more, I will not disappoint."
Happy birthday Kaeya! (o´∀`o)
Dodomeki Kaeya by @mamonsinon! ✨👁️
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blackhuajia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
time for retribution i guess..
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jayessart · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
recent genshin impact paintings from my instagram / twitter
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zephyrine-gale · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
stills of the boys i drew in this video! (1/3)
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f-ai-n · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
When they reconcile I will draw so much hugs
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burucheese · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sum cuties if they had short hair™
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cutystuffy · 3 months ago
Who'll flips the coin for the longest time?
Tumblr media
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relxion-kunp · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're forgiven. (Windtrace Event)
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rulaineyu · 2 months ago
Using the Genshin Boys’ Laps as a Pillow
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Thoma, Itto, Kaeya, Xiao, Zhongli x gn!Reader
Type/Genre: Bulleted headcanons, fluff, comedic
Warnings: Lightly suggestive, not proofread
Thought you were joking when you said you were going to use his lap as a pillow, but humours you anyways
Pats his thighs, beckoning you to lay down. He’ll help you adjust your position, making sure your neck isn’t strained.
Brushes his fingers through your hair, running through any knots or tangles with the utmost care
His hands are warm thanks to his pyro vision. You grab onto one of them, holding it against your face. Thoma cups your cheek with his hand, letting you know that it’s okay if you fall asleep, he’ll watch over you.
Lo and behold, you actually do fall asleep
Realizes you’re in the perfect position for him to clean your ears. Slowly, gently, he moves your head from his lap to a pillow made from his crop top jacket so he can go get the bamboo earpick.
You wake up with a start when you feel something inserted into your ear
“Sorry, I woke you up, didn’t I? Go back to sleep, buttercup.”
This man has so much surface area on his thighs they’re practically begging for you to lay your head there
Puzzled about what you’re doing at first. Cocks his head to the side as he looks at you questioningly through crimson eyes. You can practically see the gears turning in his head
Flex his thigh so your head moves around. You smack the side of his leg, whining for him to let you sleep in peace.
Slowly flexes his thigh muscles before relaxing all of a sudden, causing your head to suddenly drop back onto his lap
Laughs at the way you yelp in surprise, but the laughter turns to protest when you get up to leave
Promises not to do it again
It’s so tempting to though, but he resists the urge. You can feel the way he’ll slightly shift, as if about to annoy you again, but eventually decides against it
“Just one more time, okay? I’m going to do it again—I kid, I kid, lay back down.”
Just chilling on the couch when you join him. He expects you to lean against his shoulder like you usually do, but this time you plop your head down onto his lap
Raises an eyebrow, a shit-eating grin spreading on his face.
Asks if you’re suggesting something earning himself a hearty slap on the chest
Chuckles lightly as you get yourself comfortable, saying this was nice and you should do this more often
Runs his thumb across the side of your neck
Right when you’re drifting off, this lil shit will start jiggling his legs, shaking you awake
Laughs as you grumble, pushing yourself up to a sitting position and glaring at him
As you get up to leave, Kaeya pulls you in by your waist, sitting you back on his lap
“Now, where do you think you’re going, baby?”
The two of you were outside, finding shade from the afternoon sun under a tree and resting on the soft grass
Xiao was leaning back against the trunk, arms crossed when you pat his thighs
He opens his mouth to question you on what you’re doing, but the moment you lay your head in his lap all words fail him
It’s comfortable, and he doesn’t want you to move, so he decides to stay silent
You were only going to lay in his lap for a few minutes—at least, that’s what you told yourself
The dream-eating yaksha makes for a surprisingly comfortable pillow, and you end up falling asleep
You look ethereal as you sleep, softly snoring
Xiao loves how peaceful you look, his usual hard expression melting away into quiet adoration
It’s for this reason he can’t bring himself to wake you
You end up actually sleeping for hours lol
“My legs are fine. I’m happy…happy that you felt safe with me.”
He was just giving a lecture talking when, out of nowhere, you lay down on him, plopping your head on his lap
You don’t explain what you’re doing, just looking up at him, waiting for him to keep talking
It takes Zhongli a moment to process what you’re doing. He pauses, his mouth agape, before clearing his throat and continuing on with his story
Only asks you what you’re doing when you start poking and pinching his thighs
A light blush dusts his cheek when you tell him how comfy they are.
Puts his hand on your head to stop you from squishing your face against his thighs. pls you’re flustering the poor man
Continues on with his lecture, but it’s hard to stay focused when you keep tapping and prodding at his thighs
“…Dear, are my legs really that much more interesting than the history of osmanthus wine?”
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MAN memes series
Part two is out now :
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Happy birthday Kaeya part 2 because I miss my main team
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Husbando Gang hanging out
Based on a comic by ayn398
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