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f-ai-n · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Doodles inbetween my assignment :)
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glazelilyy · a day ago
drunken words are sober thoughts
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!)- diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich x gender neutral reader
word count - 5411
genre - hurt/comfort, angst
format - drabbles
warnings - very self deprecating thoughts in kaeya's, heavy alcohol consumption, drunken behavior, vomiting, crying, removal of some clothes (no sexual implications whatsoever), skinship
summary - after separating from you, whether it was on amicable or less than amicable terms, he finds himself crawling back to you in a drunken stupor and hoping that you'd take him into your arms again, and you know that you've missed him just as much
a/n - i haven't noticed how much i incorporate drinking into my writing despite never having tasted a drop of alcohol before myself :P i'll stick with my apple juice for now, but wooo pain! (i might make a part two to this [either continuing these drabbles or using new characters], but i'm not quite sure yet hehe :P) hope you enjoy!
disclaimer - i want to note that no one should ever make you feel as though you have to take them back, regardless of if they're drunk or not. you have your own pride that needs to be maintained and respected and that should always come first!
Tumblr media
the weight of the alcohol pressed heavy against his tongue.
whether that odd feeling was foreign or not, he didn't particularly care. all that mattered was the mind numbing sensation that the sweet, amber liquid brought with it.
the bar's air felt dense around his tight knit shoulders, wound from days of ceding to the overwhelming thoughts that anchored his shipwreck of a brain down to grainy, pudgy sands that drew him further underground. the thoughts that weighed the heaviest were of you: your laughter, your vivid and radiant smile, the tinges of mirth that lined each of your teasing remarks or genuine compliments, the sheer, honey-like warmth of your love. but, most of all, he remembers the end, and it's an end that saddened him in ways he never thought possible.
how he longed to pick up a feathery quill and rewrite the end of the passage; a new ending in which there is no ending, where he never left you standing alone, or pushed you past your limits far off the edge of any stony cliff. a continuation, where you'd be wrapped up in his love and warmth and one in which he'd wrangle down any stars that should catch your eye.
but he knew better than to force your hand and play pity on a drunken fool. he knew this and yet his unsteady feet had enabled the memories lined within his muscles to carry him out of the bar's doors and on the familiar path to your house.
moonlight bathed his sunken form in an ethereal glow, and yet he's never felt so far from angelic. the claws of regret had sunken their sharp, crimson talons into the soft, fleshy bits of his skin and he welcomed with open arms repentance for his words, said or unsaid, and his actions, committed or not.
before he knew it, his bleary eyes found purchase scrambling for semblance at the familiar foot of your door and though the small, rational part of his brain knew that no part of him was worthy to stretch his hand out to meet you in the middle again, the alcohol that blurred lines between the grooves of his brain allowed just this once for the id to overtake the ego just as his knuckles fell quietly against the thick wood of your door.
character-specific drabbles utc!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
diluc could never handle his alcohol well. a single glass of red wine would have him slumped over in a corner somewhere, sleepy smile on his face and cheeks flushed a pretty, lush crimson to match his firey locks. it was largely the reason he avoided the shrill taste of the very same liquid poison he'd brew for others.
the single memory of a drunken diluc was one you were sure to never forget, which is why you came to the conclusion that you had been so caught up in your reminiscing that the subject of your thoughts had appeared at your doorsteps in a hallucination. surely this diluc, whose eyes drooped with an invisible weight and whose cheeks were flushed a familiar yet unfamiliar pretty pink, wasn't the master diluc who avoided alcohol like the plague, surely not, right?
his body slumped to the side, seeking the wooden doorway as a brace for his sagging body to lean on. still clad in his day clothes, he appeared completely fine if not for the flush of his face, the midnight crescents under his ruby eyes, and the sag of his usually kept ponytail; the ribbon dangled loosely over his shoulder from whatever wild locks it managed to contain within its grasps. his breaths were heavy in his throat and though his eyes threatened to shut firm, the peeps of striking red peered back at you with an undeniable flame that it seemed not even he could quench.
"diluc?" curious were your eyes that searched for meaning within his. his lips parted to respond but his body timbered forwards like a lumbering tree before a single word could slip by. your arms braced for just a moment before the weight of his body pooled into your grip.
your feelings swirled in tsunamis all around your mind and heart, yet you didn't have the will to leave him all by his lonesome on your doorstep even if you no longer adorned the title of his lover. though you couldn't deny the obvious biting thoughts that ate away at you: just what was he doing at your doorstep of all places?
with heavy grunts and labored breaths, you slung his arm over your shoulder and led him to a nearby couch where he all but collapsed, face smushed like a child's into the cushiony pillows. you snorted halfheartedly; diluc was always a sleepy drunk, but the light in his eyes told you that his mind was desperately fighting against the urge to slip into that comfortable, dark oblivion of sleep.
just as your legs moved to shut the front door, the warmth of his hand encircled your wrist and halted your movements.
"stay..." he slurred as he shifted his face outwards from the soft fabric of the pillow to peer up at you with pleading, ruby red eyes that glimmered with an unknowing emotion and flickered the colors of fireworks illuminated by the crackling fireplace.
your heart twisted and turned in the cavity of your chest at his words and you felt compelled to melt under his gaze and travel back in time when you were known as "my love" to him instead of simply just "(y/n)".
"i'm just going to close the door and get you something to drink, i'll be right back." you cooed just above a whisper and did your damndest to ignore the muffled whine he let out as his fingers left the softness of your wrist.
after shutting the front door and pouring some crisp, cool water into a tall glass, you found yourself crouched in front of his drowsy face, eyes still persistently open despite the obvious dark circles that hung from his beautiful eyes and the fan of alcohol on his breath.
the glass hovered in front of his face momentarily before he understood the silent cue and pushed himself up on wobbly arms away from the warmth of the couch.
"careful-!" you warn, rushing to support his body with your strength just as he was about to plummet back down into the fabric of the couch.
with your help, you manage to get him sitting upright and held the glass to his chapped lips, ushering him with gentle childes to take careful sips. despite not having touched him in so long, your hand moved instinctively to rub gentle circles along the small of his back as the water ran down his throat in rivers.
the silence that had once been lingering now remained a threat in your ears that pounded and vibrated with every one of his shaky breaths. your heart caught itself somewhere along the thin line of your throat as you fully processed that diluc was here again. it had only been a short while since you parted ways and thought the parting was amicable and civil (much too civil to the point where it felt like a business deal in your mind), the pain that lingered in your heart in the aftermath had never subsided and seemed to pulse and shake violently when his head drooped to the side and landed on your shoulder.
diluc, on the other hand, could barely form a coherent thought. he'd been drinking heavily after shutting himself in his office for the day and flitting through paperwork to ease the gnawing sensation that grappled his stomach with every thought of how distraught you looked when he suggested to stop seeing each other. but what else was he to do? for a man crystallized in amber, stuck in the past with no way out, his heart had been pierced by every attempt of yours to convince him that he was worthy of love, and loving. a man who had tried so hard to part the seas of his schedule for even a sliver of a moment with you, he realized he had failed the minute he came home one late night to hear your hushed cries of sorrow from beyond his bedroom door.
no, he truly didn't deserve someone as kind and patient as you, and so he let you go with a heavy heart. "this is what's best for them," he told himself as he helped you pack your things and gave all of his handkerchiefs for you to wipe your eyes and blow your nose with. he'd never let you see the rivulets of tears that poured from his eyes the minute your figure disappeared beyond the horizon, far away from his neglectful touch.
and so he found himself hunched over at angel's share's counter with an empty stomach that soon began to fill with the vile poison he so bitterly hated. yet alcohol was the only thing that numbed the gnawing in his stomach and placated the wolves in his heart. even with the tingles that spread throughout his body, he still found himself right back where he started.
diluc's warm breath mumbled out a string of incoherent words against the skin of your collarbone just as a strand of his thick locks fell in front of his face. against all your will your fingers tenderly tucked the loose strand behind his ear and lifted his chin so his eyes connected with yours. if he leaned any closer, he'd taste the familiar saccharine drop of your lips.
"why are you here?" you asked, voice feathery and lighter than air.
you'd never seen diluc shed a tear, exactly how he'd prefer it to be. but upon the well of his eyes at your seemingly innocent question, he knew he could hide his tears from you no longer. the dam had broken and given way to reveal the soft, fleshy part of his heart that he had concealed with iron cages and bars so long ago. the first of his tears streaked downwards and slipped off from the tip of his nose before a barrage followed and his rivers expanded into oceans of sorrow and regret.
there was no denying the hurt that diluc had put you through, and yet the love for him that you had set aside, carefully wrapped in a simple red box and tied with a shimmering, golden bow, had begun to unravel with every sob and muffled cry, or wordless grip of your clothes from your former lover. the guilty monster in him began to wrangle and push against the contraction of his stomach and hissed as your arms wordlessly came around his shaking body, and held him close against your aching heart.
"y-your kindness...i-i'm not w-worthy of it..." his feeble voice laced with emotion stammered out, face hidden in the crook of your neck like a small child as he hiccupped the last of his sobs into your skin.
"i know you're drunk, but don't say such nonsense," you gently chide him and smooth over his ruffled locks with gentle motions, "whether it be from me or anyone else, you're always deserving of kindness, diluc."
a sparking sensation erupted from the spot in his hair where your fingers had been and sent tingles throughout his body. though his mind had wandered on late nights, it never truly hit: how much he missed you. your warm laugh doused in sugar, your kind touch and gentle words, and the soft feel of your lips on his. how he missed you, all of you, so much.
" 'm sorry...for pushin' you away...not...being"
you'd never expected to hear the very words you'd longed for from the man who still had you wrapped around his pinky. his choked words were hardly a resemblance of the man who seemed so devoid of emotion when he severed ties and cut down your title as his lover in the most business-like manner. yet even with his shortcomings and the time that had passed since you parted ways, you never truly moved on.
"we can talk about this in the morning, okay?" you hummed despite the burning sensation that pierced your eyes crinkled in mirth. you'd long since caged the tears from your parting behind thick, concrete dams that you prayed he'd never bear witness too, but it seemed that prayer was in vain upon the first streaks of tears that cascaded down your face.
he cradled your words like a newborn baby; his actions truly weren't alright in his mind and yet you so warmly opened your arms to him despite all he'd done to you. you were willing to give him a chance and that was all he needed.
"come on," you sniffed and dragged the soft sleeve of your shirt against the back of your watered eyes, "let's get you more comfortable." you rose from the couch and crouched in front of him to rid him of his boots in an attempt to get him more comfortable.
but his tears seemed to be ceaseless and your gentle, feather light touch brought to light how ungrateful, neglectful, emotionless he'd been. with each boot you removed, another memory of your sullen face contrasted with your beautiful smile would pop into his head and he'd find himself at a loss for words. your hands shed him of his thick coat and slid the tight, dark grey vest from off of his torso.
through bleary eyes masked with salty tears, your fingers wrapped around the charcoal, silk ribbon in his hair and with only a very light tug, his crimson locks came undone and fell in waterfalls upon his shoulder and in front of his flushed face. his hair still felt as soft and downy as the underbelly of a baby bird; bouncy and fluffy, you were met with little resistance when your fingers carded through his locks.
with every single one of your warm touches, he felt himself succumb to the ache that you were no longer his, even if you looked at him and treated him as though you were.
"(y/n)." he croaked out in a hoarse whisper, hand outstretched to you as if you'd fade from his drooping eyes should he take them off you for even the slightest moment.
you managed a weak smile and set his boots and coat aside to focus your attention on him. "yes?"
he was so sleepy, so tired, but he begged for even just a minute more of consciousness as he fought against the invisible weight that pressed down against his eyelids. he leaned forwards and gently took your hand within both of his and captured your gaze within his own like a moth to a glimmering flame.
"i will w-win want worthy of you...and your love." his words came out clumsy and slurred but they resonated in the chambers of your ears clear as the sharp string of a violin.
his hands felt like the burning walls of a furnace and seemed to hum with vigor and passion that you hadn't seen spark in his lovely eyes for what seemed like a millennia. your hearted swelled two sizes too big for the small confines of your chest as your free hand overlapped his and bathed him in the warmth of your light.
relief coursed through his veins and let loose the buckles and restraints that had been keeping him upright. diluc succumbed to the warm embrace of unconsciousness and slumped forwards, where your arms were waiting: ready for him for fall into your embrace and win back a heart that already belonged to him.
Tumblr media
it took a lot to get kaeya inebriated to the point where his words began to stitch together and his charming persona would wither away into quietness and solemnity. it was the very reason why he'd drink until only his feelings were numb and mind fuzzy with the sweet taste of bliss; too much, and he'd fall into an abyss where his thoughts would consume him and leave him feeling like a shriveling, cold shell of himself (and that was never good for gathering information, now was it?)
it took a lot to get kaeya inebriated, which is why you found yourself at a loss for words when you opened the door and came face-to-face first with the unmistakable waft of alcohol, then the empty, sullen look on the infamous captain's face. you knew how well kaeya could handle his alcohol; a few bottles of dandelion wine and he'd be standing upright and conscious enough to be able to beat even diluc at chess.
but the kaeya who stood in front of you wobbled on his two feet, arms gripped onto the wood of the doorframe in an attempt to stay upright. no flirty one-liners or charming remarks in hand, his visible eye found yours and seemed to communicate with the bitter silence and only the faint chirp of crickets in the dead of night.
"kaeya? why are you here?"
he couldn't answer your questions even if he wanted to. that stubborn part of himself that mangled around the cages of his heart wouldn't allow you to know the turmoil he'd dogged himself through: the thick layer of mud he willingly jumped into as penance for what he'd done to you. his beautiful, crystal eye trained itself numbly on breach between the warmth of your home and the frigid cold of the outside. he was now exactly that: an outsider, and the one to blame was himself.
"...didn't know where else to go." was all he offered in a voice that sounded like it had sailed far away from his reach.
the anger you held towards him had simmered down to sorrow and a small, pulsating core of regret. your break up had been rotten and fueled by stress and arguments, and though it hurt to recall the names he had spewed at you from the very same lips you kissed good morning and good night each day, the words you had said in retaliation turned the contents of your stomach upside down.
but the threat of such an argument seemed not to be present when kaeya appeared to be less of himself than he usually was. an empty husk, a cold, void of nothingness, he allowed you to lead him by the arm inside and watched as you locked the door.
"come here, sit. you need to sober up." you ordered, trying to keep the waver in your voice from surfacing as you brushed past him and pulled out a chair from your dining table.
his wobbling legs found their way to their seat, praising relief once he plummeted downwards and found solace on the chair. you hastily swiped away at the budding tears that had found their way to poke and prod at your eyes as you hovered over your sink and waited for the glass to fill with water. your mind drifted to his face, devoid of emotion or any semblance of the kaeya you knew you loved so much. his eyes had dulled to a faint mauve instead of the lovely, vivid lilac he usually sported. so lost in your thoughts, you watched over and over again as the water spilled over the rim of the glass and floated downwards along the sides while your mind enveloped itself in a flurry of thoughts.
tossing your feelings aside, you emptied a bit of the water and turned the tap off before turning around and setting the glass in front of him.
"here, drink some." you ushered with a warbled tremor in your voice.
kaeya stared blankly at the tall glass of water as if it were a foreign object that his eye could not perceive. he limply looked up to you with his lidded eye and an expression that you couldn't quite place, though if you tried you'd guess..."confused", would be the first thing that comes to mind. you had forgotten: he often became quite disoriented when heavily drunk, and yet despite this his feet had carried himself all the way to your door for a purpose, right?
you shoved the thought aside and pulled up a chair to sit beside him, taking the glass into your hand and bracing the back of his head with your other hand as you gently tipped the glass towards his lips. kaeya swallowed generously before tapping your forearm twice, signaling you to yield your pursuit of his hydration.
he couldn't bear to look you in the eye, not with the guilty swarms of black ooze that engulfed him and swallowed him whole, nor the tendrils of regret and self resentment that saw that he'd never see the light of day again.
he'd been playing the day he left you over and over again in his head, wondering why he just had to succumb to the monsters that raged wars in his stomach and spew such dirty lies to your face. he didn't care that you called him a "selfish bastard" or "lying prick", because to him such words were of the utmost truth. selfish bastard, lying prick, selfish prick, lying bastard, they were all so true in his head. you deserved much more than he could ever offer, because what could he ever truly offer to you? his raging alcoholism? the wealth he didn't have? a chance at stability? to him, he was worth nothing, nothing at all.
"hey," you started, dipping your head a little to make eye contact with him, "talk to me."
he hadn't realized his body was unconsciously shriveling in on itself until he registered the dip of your head and the slight dangle of your shirt.
kaeya, devoid of his usual layers of charm, seemed little more than a confused child whose eye had lost its sparkle of mirth and cunningness. you hesitantly placed your hand over his and silently urged him to talk.
he opened his mouth to say something, anything that would give him even a sliver of a chance at winning your love back, but instead what resurfaced was a bout of black slime and ooze that had been swimming in his stomach from the moment he screamed those vile words and left you standing alone. he gagged on the vile air and hurriedly stumbled from the chair, rushing to where he remembered the bathroom to be.
all of himself came out in heaves just as his knees hit the tile of the bathroom. the ceramic bowl began to fill with all of his regrets and the liquid poison he'd willingly swallowed as penance for his sins. he knew so well that he deserved every bit of this pain; there was no room within himself for compassion or love, only destruction and suffering.
but even as he spewed out his insides, he felt the softness of your hand rub circles into his back and your other hand push aside his cerulean locks from the carnage. such simple gestures had his heart swollen and bursting and it was enough to smash through the glass panes of the dams behind his eyes. tears streamed down his face as he choked on his heaves and sobs, fingers gripping the rim of the toilet seat as if he'd fade away into nothing if he let go.
your heart twisted and contorted as you watched him slump forwards, exhausted and empty in mind, body, and soul. the toilet flushed downwards with his innards, bidding him goodbye yet remaining embedded deep within his heart.
"oh kaeya..." you mumbled and scooped him into your arms. you knew you couldn't stay mad at him for long, and with how his clumsy feet had found their way to your door, you knew his anger had all but dissipated as well. you planted a soft kiss on the crown of his hair and wiped away the sweat from his brow and the tears from his eye.
"let's get you cleaned up, okay?" he had no strength to respond, but the slight nod of his head was all you needed. you asked him once more if you could remove his clothes, to which he once again gave a limp nod and watched through bleary eyes as you peeled away each layer, each buckle and each belt of his clothes. his periwinkle cape and dust matted scarf found their way into a corner of your bathroom until he sat in nothing but his boxers on the lid of your toilet.
you turned to exit the bathroom to retrieve a pair of spare pajamas he'd left behind one too many nights when his hand caught your wrist, grip tight and desperate, laced with words that he wasn't sure he could say right now.
"please...don't leave me..." he pleaded, voice uncharacteristically weak and devoid of its usual teasing mirth and warm afterglow.
your heart had been scattered into pieces when he so viciously called you horrid things and severed your ties with an angry sneer on his face, but you were sure the look of desperation on his face coupled with the break of emotion in his voice and the tight grip on your wrist was enough to re-shatter your broken heart.
"i'm not-" you paused to clear your throat and be rid of the emotional crack that threatened to invade its way into your words, "i'm not going anywhere, just gonna get you some clothes, okay?" you allowed yourself to submerge beneath his depths and wander close enough to hold his teary face within your hands.
"...wanna come..." he mumbled, tugging your hand as if asking for permission.
you let out a warbled, strained laugh and brushed away the tears from your eyes as you nodded. kaeya refused to let go of the warmth of your hand, even as you padded with gentle and patient steps towards your bedroom and picked out the pajamas he'd left behind so many nights ago, still neatly folded and placed beside yours. you ushered him to sit on the edge of your bed and helped him step into the feet of the soft, cotton pajamas while he fumbled with the shirt, ultimately needing your help after getting the arm holes mixed up with the neck hole. you bit back a smile and fixed his shirt, tugging it over his head so that his head and its fluffy locks popped out on the other side.
"there you are, gorgeous." you cooed with a small smile and raked a hand through his silky locks.
kaeya was never one to shy away from intimacy, but being so inebriated he could hardly hide the flustered look on his face from your prying eyes.
you led him back to the bathroom, hand in hand, and had him sit once again on the toilet seat while you prepped a toothbrush. the minute you turned your back from him, kaeya's hand reached around to unclasp the eyepatch from his head. the fabric fell into his hands like water and nearly slipped through his fingers if not for your quick reaction time.
you'd never seen kaeya without his eyepatch, but you really wished he'd shown you sooner. his hidden eye was so beautiful; it sparkled as if it contained within it millions of galaxies, stars, and constellations. golden pupils peered back at you from within a midnight, inky sclera. you ran your thumb over the imprints on his skin left behind by his eyepatch before you whispered, "beautiful."
a sober kaeya would've taunted and teased you for how much you babied him right now, but he remained quiet and obedient as you gently scrubbed away the bits of alcohol and carnage from his mouth with the bristles of the toothbrush. he allowed you to wipe the froth from his lips and lead him to your bed, hand in hand as per his request, where he all but melted under the covers of your silken sheets and watched as you placed a bucket by the side of the bed.
"in case you wanna puke again." you dryly chuckled and shrugged your shoulders, before pulling up a chair and sitting by his bedside.
"what are you doing?" he asked, propping himself up on his elbow to sit upwards.
"sitting with you until you fall asleep, which you should be lying down for." you gently chided as you rose from your seat and placed your hands on his shoulders to urge him to lie back down.
"wait," he reached a hand out to stop the pressure on his shoulders, but suddenly felt so vile and disgusting for making you touch someone as vile as him.
but there was an odd ability you had to somehow read his thoughts, and you quickly shut them down by guiding his hand into yours. "you wanna talk?" he nodded in response and shifted over weakly so you'd have room to sit by the edge of the bed.
"can i hug you?" you asked, rubbing your thumb over the back of his scarred knuckles.
his heart lurched in his throat at the mere, simple words. he's no stranger to intimacy but the mere offer of a hug had his heart doing backflips. his arm tugged you forwards so you sat in his lap and allowed his strong arms to wrap as tight as he could around your body while you did the same, fitting together like a puzzle piece that had been yearning for reconciliation.
like a gentle rainstorm in spring, you felt the first drop, then two, then ten as he freely cried into your shoulder and pressed the back of your head into the crook of his neck. any closer and you'd become one with him.
"i'm so sorry...for everything. i d-didn't mean it, any of i-it." he sputtered out between muffled cries, fisting your shirt into his hands.
"it's all my fault..." was the line that had you ripping your head away from his neck and looking him dead in the eye much to his dismay.
he could hardly maintain eye contact, too ashamed to even face you head on until your hands gently cupped his face and turned his head to face you.
"kaeya alberich, look at me." you ushered in a firm yet gentle voice when his eyes darted around the room, drinking in each corner and crevice; anything that wasn't you.
the soft pads of your fingers gently pinched his cheeks in retaliation, and you felt your heart swell when his beautiful eyes finally fell upon you.
"it's not all your fault, i was wrong too. you weren't the only one yelling, i said things i didn't mean either." you finalized your words by taking his hand and placing it on the thin fabric of your shirt that separated him from your skin. under his touch he could feel the palpitating beat of your heart thunder under your skin.
"this heart beats for you, you know? take some responsibility." you lightly joked and cracked a teeny smile for him. you hadn't expected his eyes to well with an ocean's worth of tears nor for him to draw you back close into his arms again and spread his tears along the shoulder of your shirt.
"i-i can't...i'm not worthy, i have n-nothing to offer you-"
"i don't need anything from you, kaeya," you coo and rub your hand up and down the line of his spine, "just yourself and your love is worth more than riches and jewels or fame."
your words felt akin to a dream to him rather than reality, for how was it possible that someone so kind and loving as you could welcome a monster into your home and your heart. he realizes he must have voiced this thought aloud when you shake your head and pull away from his grip for just a moment to hold his face in your hands.
"you're no monster, kaeya," you breathe, taking the time to tuck some of his locks behind his ear, "you're a human, a man, and you're a man who deserves love. and though we'll fight sometimes, it doesn't ever mean that my love for you will waver."
he takes a shaky breath against your skin before speaking next, "can i still be yours?"
your eyes crinkle in mirth as you caress his face and turn his gaze towards you, "you never lost me, pretty boy."
Tumblr media
date published: september 18th, 2021
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favoniuscodex · a day ago
prompt: touch starved kisses + kaeya
pairing: kaeya + gn!reader
warnings: makeout scene hehe. written on my phone.
a/n: part of my 6.5k event! ty for requesting nonnie!
kaeya kisses you like you are an oasis. he is but a traveler cast into a desert he cannot find the end to, doomed to trudge through the foreboding sands for the rest of his days. yet, when he finally reaches your doorstep, he cannot resist himself. as soon as you smile at him, kaeya makes his move, encircling your waist with an arm and pulling you in close. the two of you meet under the watchful eye of the doorframe, yet your eyes flutter shut as your lips dance in fervor.
kaeya is all too aware of how you melt into his touch, despite the chill of cryo that runs through his veins. his kisses are sloppy, pressed haphazardly across your lips. it isn’t until he moves forward, clumsily closing the door behind him with a swing of his hand, that his lips finally leave your own. he twirls you around, pressing your back against the door, and his hands begin to wander underneath the hem of your shirt.
“what’s gotten into you-?” you ask as you gasp for breath, genuinely curious, yet kaeya only responds by continuing his assault of kisses down the smooth expanse of your neck.
“is it a crime to miss my lover?” he croons as he places open-mouthed, heated kisses along the side of the area that you display so lovingly for him. as your head tilts further to the side, kaeya’s half-gloved hands grip onto the skin underneath your shirt, settling on your hips. the bite of the leather against your skin is almost bruising, yet the dig of kaeya’s fingertips cools any potential discomfort. your arms fly up to close around his shoulders, looping around his neck for support, and you can feel kaeya chuckle against your skin as you stand upwards.
“you look so gorgeous, sweetheart,” kaeya mumbles against your skin as his lips continue working at your neck and collarbone.
“you’re not even looking at my face,” you breathe out, causing kaeya to suddenly let you go and pull back. you catch your breath and straighten your posture, trying to calm down thoroughly worked up heart from his sudden antics.
“i am now. my point still stands, darling,” kaeya says cheekily, standing before you. you roll your eyes at his teasing and look away, yet a gentle hand nudges your jaw, causing your eyes to widen slightly and your gaze to flicker back to him. kaeya continues to cup your jaw gently, running his thumb along the expanse of your skin. he takes a partial step forwards and the air between the two of you feels far more intimate than before. his icy exposed iris looks at you fondly yet intently.
it is the look of a man in love.
it is overwhelming. it takes everything in you not to look away. you raise your hand up to gently cover his own, cradling it closer to your face. you can feel the edges of scars that run across his fingers, primarily hidden by the convenient coverage of his gloves. your palm curls over the diamond displayed on the backs of his hands and your fingertips gently squeeze the inside of his palm. his brow furrows slightly as you angle your head to run your fingers through his own, threading your hands together. you gently move his hand from your jaw and cheeks and instead move the tips of his fingers to your lips.
confusion shines his eye, yet the compliance of his fingers to your whims lets you know everything you need to. kaeya watches you, mystified, as you press a sweet, chaste kiss to each of his fingertips.
“you’re so pretty, kaeya.” your lips speak the words in a hushed whisper, fanning out your warm breath across his fingers and knuckles.
“a- am i?” kaeya falters at the innocent intimacy. his question, originally intended to be cocky, comes out as unsure of himself. he falters under your own gaze. your kisses are a far cry from his fervent ones. they treat him with utmost discipline and honor, like a disciple at the altar of their beloved god. and yet, kaeya knows you do not deify him. you witness him for all he is. you understand the good and the bad.
you love him anyways.
the realization leaves kaeya reeling and has tears pricking at the corners of both his eyes. he rapidly swallows them back, bottling them up for another day. they are tears of a sinner, ones that cannot be shed in the presence of someone as reverent and devout as you. not now. he cannot cry when he has what he loves most holding him close.
is this what love is? kaeya thinks as your hands move from holding his to gently cradle his face. i am splitting in two, yet i’ve never felt more complete.
your lips reach kaeya’s once more, sealing an unspoken promise between the two of you. the movement of your lips is gentle and kaeya reciprocates the soft energy to the best of his ability. his movements are tentative and stiff, as if any harsh actions would break the intimate vulnerability between the two of you. your lips don’t part for his tongue to enter, nor does kaeya want them to.
instead, you kiss him.
it is chaste, it is sweet, and that is all it is.
yet, to a man whose life has only known sorrow and loss, it means so much more to him.
kaeya pulls away before he can stop himself.
“i love you,” kaeya says before he can stop himself.
kaeya kisses you once more before he can stop himself.
yet, unlike usual, his impulsive decisions are not swathed in the bitterness of regret. instead, they feel right, even as you pull away from him shortly after he initiates the kiss.
“i love you too, kaeya,” you murmur, yet the words ricochet through his mind. “you are my favorite star amongst the sky.”
you look so fondly into his celestial iris that kaeya can’t help but believe your words. in this world filled with so few truths, kaeya has always been the type to pull away and figure out reality on his own. instead, he trusts your words.
kaeya nods slowly. as he kisses you once more, the dam behind his eyes breaks and, in the softness of your touch, kaeya cries, tainting your kiss with the saltiness of tears. you hold him anyways. you kiss him anyways. you cherish him anyways.
kaeya realizes that for all of his past sins, there will always be you to wipe them away and promise him the world. you do not expect the world from kaeya alberich. you simply desire his love.
as he holds you close and kisses you so sweetly, kaeya decides that he is determined to give you everything your little heart desires anyways.
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childelike · 2 days ago
random soft moments with genshin boys
Tumblr media
➜ includes: xiao, kaeya, diluc, and tohma
➜ genre: fluff
➜ warnings: mentions of alcohol and being intoxicated in kaeya's part
➜ note: this was a spur in the moment type of thing istg. oh, also!! xiao's part was inspired by (and lowkey dedicated to) @almondto-fu 's fic and ofc their singing <33 PLS CHECK THEM OUT YOU WON'T REGRET IT. anyways, i hope yall enjoy these scenarios and have a good day!!
Tumblr media
➜ xiao
xiao's heart has a special place for those moments filled with unspoken love that allows him to bask in the solace your presence provides. it is those moments when his head is laid across your lap, the usual tension in his body slowly dissipating as your warm fingers gently tangle themselves into his hair.
it is when nothing but your sweet voice echoes around the room, taming the raging screams of the wretched demons in xiao's head. although the adeptus is unfamiliar with the melody you decide to sing, he thinks it's beautiful either way, welcoming the foreign tune wholeheartedly.
you notice the way xiao's eyes are intensely trained on you and you pause your singing asking him, "is there something wrong?". immediately, xiao averts his eyes away from yours as you stare down at him, a light shade of pink dusting his cheeks.
"no. continue whatever you were doing," he grumbles out. in spite of the seemingly harsh tone to his demand you could tell he was just slightly flustered, so you simply chuckle and continue to sing.
with his mind solely focused on the calming tune you continue to intone, xiao closes his eyes. for a moment, he feels as if all his karmic dept has vanished, carried away from him by this rare moment of euphoria, carried away by these moments that he chooses to share with only you.
it's these types of moments where xiao allows his defensive walls to crumble down. he shows you a more vulnerable side of him, entrusting to you his admittedly fragile heart.
it is within these moments where xiao lets out a light sigh of content, allowing both the wind and your voice to carry his worries away.
➜ kaeya
the cavalry captain was having a wonderful evening with you. just like kaeya, your hands fiddled with a glass only half filled with wine, swirling the crimson liquid around in the fragile material.
despite this being only your second glass, you face held a slight blush already. you definitely were not completely intoxicated, but just enough for sentimental love confessions to continously spill from your lips.
"you, sir kaeya, cavalry captain of knights of favonious," you start, settling your glass down atop the table. "you are the only man i will ever love in this entire universe."
"is that so?" your bold declaration makes kaeya's lips turn upwards. you had always told him you loved him in different ways, and his heart never ceased to flutter each time you did. this was certainly no exception.
"yes. it is so. you know that, don't you?" you ask. kaeya nods to your inquiry. even in this moment as face was slightly red, your confidence and love for him boosted to another level, spilling confession after confession, he still loved you. archons, it felt like he loved you even more.
"yes, i do know, sweetheart. you never fail to tell me after all," he chuckles, sipping the last drops of his wine before setting his empty glass down. "i think that's enough wine time for tonight. let's get you ready for bed, shall we?"
even as you were tucked into kaeya's arms fast asleep, the words you had said earlier were permanently imprinted into his mind. with a gentle smile and kiss to your forehead, kaeya falls into a peaceful sleep knowing that you truly did love him.
➜ diluc
diluc simply wishes to collapse into bed with you at this point. his muscles ache from defeating abyss mages and various other enemies throughout the late night, and all he longs for is your warmth and presence.
managing to push open the doors of the winery, diluc sees your figure seated on one of the chairs by the fireplace, a cup of what seemed to be tea in your hands.
hearing the door creak open, your head turns and your eyes meet diluc's slightly widened ones as you greet, "you're back. welcome home, diluc."
"why're you up so late, darling?" he asks. "you should be in bed right now," he points out, hands instinctively coming to rest at your waist once you come close enough to him.
"i'm always in bed by the time you come home," you mutter. diluc feels his heart melt with your fiery touch as you reach up to wrap your arms around his neck, allowing his features to soften. "i figured i should wait for you to get home tonight."
instantly, diluc's crimson eyes overflow with nothing but fondness and adoration. despite knowing that it wasn't good for you to stay up this late, he could not help but feel his heart selfishly swell at your loving actions.
"i appreciate it, darling." he punctuates his statement with a doting kiss to your forehead. "but as i said, it's late, so why don't we get ready for bed?" he suggests. after freshening up, he sees you already asleep on the bed, and he can't help but let a small smile adorn his features. he goes to sleep that night with you in his arms, heart content and filled with a blazing intimacy for you.
➜ tohma
being a wanted individual in inazuma came with many disadvantages for tohma. one of them being locked and unable to leave the komore teahouse. he had nothing wrong with the teahouse itself, but with how long he'd been cooped up in the house, it was starting to feel suffocating.
the only thing keeping him sane, the one person who made everything tolerable was you. you were always there for him, even if it meant locking yourself up in that teahouse with him.
on some days, both you and tohma would just lay on the wooden floor of the teahouse. a comfortable silence surrounds you, the entire house silent since barely anyone was there.
"you know," tohma starts. "i hope the vision hunt decree is put to a stop soon. it feels suffocating and... painful being locked in here while the decree is still in full force," he says, unable to hold back a sigh.
"i understand how you feel, tohma. it's hard for you and everyone else right now, but i'm sure this will all end soon," you tell him. "then you can finally go to the hotsprings and go wild."
tohma laughs at your statement and shakes his head, turning his body to face you as he says, "you bet i'm going to the hotsprings after all this. but as of right now, i'm grateful that you keep me company in here."
one of his hands come up to cup your cheek, turning your head so you're looking at him. his eyes shine with the utmost sincerity and love as he takes a moment to stare at you for a while longer. giving you an infamous grin, he pecks your lips before finally sitting up. "now, what about another game of hotpot? i still do not accept my defeat from yesterday."
Tumblr media
i might rewrite tohma's and xiao's parts one day,,, cuz they kinda suck HAHSJAJS. but yea that's all for now hehe. if you got to this part ily <33
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novallion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
False!Archon Kaeya has been living rent free in my brain for a while now
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gowriarun · a day ago
From my heart
Warnings: jealousy, eavesdropping, nothing else much characters included : Kaeya, scaramouche, childe.
You and the traveler were simply sharing adventures and recipes completely oblivious to the pair of eyes that watched you afar in jealousy and doubt. Seeing you smile did make him happy, yes, but not when it was so late and with another man that wasn't them.
he was strolling through the city one last time before heading home before he say you and the blonde talking to each other, sitting on a bench nearby. Honestly? I think he'd be too impatient to even hear what you were talking about, approaches you two with his usual smile and starts a conversation "Y/n? Well isn't this is a pleasant surprise, what are you doing this late at night? And hello to you traveler." His voice quite low toward the end of the sentence "I was going to good hunter to buy some food" you explained "he was too, so I caught up with him" "Oh, I see. Well, we should probably go home, you too traveler." He says "Oh yeah, I know! Why don't you come over tonight for dinner? I'm sure the food we bought has gone cold by now." You say, quite excited at the suggestion you made yourself. Oh, so you've been here long enough for your food to go cold? He notices everything "I wouldn't want to intrude..." He says very politely but his companion thought otherwise "Oh! Oh! paimon wants to taste y/n's cooking!" the small girl fairy thing says "Yeah!" Y/n smiles For a second there kaeya's eyes twitched. But you weren't paying attention to him now, where you?
ma'am- Please just go home-
"Well of course, only if you want to!" kaeya says as if paimon would change her decision "Oh! You don't have to worry about that! paimon would love to-!" The angel was cut off by the traveler who seems to have somehow noticed kaeya's hostility "Y/n, maybe another time, I still have somethings to do" He says almost glaring at paimon "Oh are you sure?" You ask "Now, we wouldn't want to force them dear." Kaeya smiles "B-but aether! Y/n is-!" "I mean, do you know how to make anything out of paimon? then I'd come." That shuts her up "haha I'm afraid not. Well, I understand! I hope you have a good night!"
The moment you two leave he would pull you closer and walk behind you resting his head on your shoulder, yes it was not the best position to walk in "Kaeya? what happened?" you ask chuckling "Oh, nothing dear! by the way what were you and him talking about? Have you known him for long?" He asks "Oh yeah, we've come by each other sometimes, not much though. Why?" "Oh, it's noting, just asking" No that was him making sure
the type who'll believe you but still be wary of the blonde
Unlike ice boy, he listens into your conversation. A few hundred thousand questions and thoughts in his head that started with 'who the hell is she talking to' to 'Is she falling out of love' and 'I'll kill that traveler' I mean, idk if i have to say this, but he is VERY possessive. two times the anger you think a short person will be able to store in them he waits for a while to just look at the audacity of you talking to someone he clearly saw as a rival (in power) and idiot. He'll approach you alright- and if aether don't get the hell up on the sight of him he'll make use of his snake tongue to make sure he does. "Ah, y/n and you." insults the traveler while asking what you two were doing every chance he gets lmao "You don't have to be that rude to him you know?" You ask "he's not worth your praise darling," yes he will compliment you and make sure the other guy knows you are with him You would understand immediately he doesn't like the blonde and the fact that you were talking to him nevertheless "Aether, I'm sorry about him-" you say "I'm not." He mutters "I should get going, my cats not fed yet-" you try and excuse yourself "Oh, I understand. I'll talk to you some other time?" he asks smiling "yeah su-!" "No you won't." Lmao sorry you aren't gonna talk to him again But he asks you that when you get back home saying how hes not friendly with the fatui and it could put your life in danger. Silly excuses really, but he makes it seem believable.
This guy will interrupt your conversation and won't even be sorry about it "oh! Fancy seeing you here traveler. What brings you to liyue again?" he asks like he cares "I had a few commissions" the boy will answer truthfully He proceeds to look at you next "Oh, I was just taking a stroll when I bumped into him" you say Honestly, he'll inspect you both right then and there "oh? you've known him before?" He asks "Well he is quite popular around here and yes, I've commissioned him a few times myself-" Woah woah woah!! Rewind ! You what!? "What why?" He would've helped you free of cost why'd you wanna go and hire this sorry excuse of a sibling "Oh, you were not around since you had to do something for the tsaritsa and-" WHO CARES ABOUT THE TSARITSA???? is what he wanted to say but he didn't "Ah I see, next time just call me instead of posting a commission dear" Pissed off and lwk glaring at the blonde "Oh no it's ok!" You smile, he returns the gesture with a shrug and then looks at the traveler "I'll keep my eye on you" Very quietly "Well dear, we should go home I'm-" you cut him off "Oh! would you like to join us for dinner?" you ask Oh- Oh? Oh reaally? You wanna do that?
"Oh, sure if you're-" Aether is cut off "Y/nnn!!" He whines "remember? Remember??" He asks "What?" You're so confused cz you are very cure theres nothing to remember for today- "Today!! Todays the day!!" He tries again knows that the guy next to you two already had something in mind "Ah! If you two are having some thing special I really shouldn't!" He says getting up "No wait what-" You ask childe puts on an apologetic face toward the traveler "maybe you we can dine another time?" he asks "Oh it's ok!' he says before running of to god knows what trouble "What on earth was that for! and what 'remember remember!'" you try to imitate him "Todays the day you learn not to talk to guys at late at night!" childe smiles "What?" "Ooh! I get it" You say with a smug look "you jealous shit" huffs "Did you see that guys look ?! he obviously thought you were single!" He says "Childe... you-" "I'll teach him a lesson if he tries to get with my girl"
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lotus-flowerz · 2 days ago
hello hello I love your writings so far sobs I couldn't help but do an ask myself aa (it's my first ask ever help hwkajd) could I request perhaps gn reader that flinched away from the boys by reflex? (preferably with Diluc, Kaeya and Kazuha but you can add or remove someone if you want to!) like they were hanging out and reader was lost in thoughts and suddenly when they see in the corner of their eyes how the boys raise their arm for smth reader quickly raises their arms above their own head to protect it- how would they react and how would they comfort the reader? I hope it's not too much or if you're uncomfortable with it you can ignore it if you want to whaaaa
AHHH TY IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE MY WRITING! i actually do this too, some of my old friends would make fun of me for it, so i hope that my writing here is accurate >.<
i also added beidou in here, hope you don't mind, i just had to since she's my favorite character <3
Tumblr media
The cherry blossoms fell silently from the trees under which you and Kazuha were sitting. Those had remained unchanged since you and Kazuha were children. The beauty of the pink blossoms falling towards the green earth without a care.
It had remained the same through the vision hunt decree, through the war, through watching Tomo get killed by the shogun, through both of you getting injured during said fight. Kazuha's hand was burnt from Tomo's vision, and your body had a large scar running from your knee to the side of your neck from a stray bolt of lighting from Tomo's divine punishment. If not for Kazuha's determination to not lose another friend and Beidou and her crew caring for you, you would be dead.
These days, although you and Kazuha both carried the same trauma, he seemed to be doing leaps and bounds better than you were. Your eyes flitted to Kazuha, who was writing poetry. The only sound that could be heard was his pen gliding across the paper, filling it with his eloquent words that always seemed to flow so smoothly.
You were deep in thought, when out of the corner of your eye you spotted something coming towards your face. Instinctively, your hands flew out to shield yourself, leaving a very confused Kazuha, who was only scratching his head, looking at you with concern in his eyes.
"Dove.. did you think I was going to hurt you?"
You slowly lowered your arms, guilt washing over you.
"No! It's just- sometimes, when movements are too sudden.. I.. you know, I try to protect myself because uh.."
His eyes drifted to your scar, then looked up at your face, only to find it tilted to the ground. He put a finger under your chin, bringing your eyes up to meet his, then kissing your forehead.
One hand snaked around your waist while the other traced lightly over your scar, sending shivers down your spine. You wrapped your arms around him as well, putting a little of your weight onto him.
He kissed your lips, squeezing you tight against him.
"I'll never let anyone hurt you again. I promise."
"Kazuha, it's not-"
"I know it's not my fault. And I know I couldn't have prevented it. But I promise you, you're safe now."
He brought his hand up to cradle the back of your head as you buried your face in the crook of his neck.
"Thank you." you said, squeezing him a little tighter.
"No need to thank me. I love you, Y/n."
"I love you too, Kazuha."
Tumblr media
You had been a part of Beidou's crew for just over a year now, after meeting her in the wharf of Liyue harbor after finally finding the courage to leave your abusive and toxic partner. You didn't have a place to stay and you were clearly distraught, so when she asked if you were okay and you immediately began to cry, she offered you to come on her ship. You trusted her, since she was the well-known captain of the Crux. After you had explained your situation, she offered you to join her crew. You agreed, and began dating her about six months after joining the Crux.
Because you had been aboard the Alcor for a year, you knew the crew was loud and prone to get drunk. You had never liked to drink, preferring to quietly sip a small glass of dandelion wine while sitting next to Beidou while she drank a few beers and talked with her crew.
It was now the one year anniversary of when you had left Liyue Harbor, and conveniently, the Alcor was anchored there for a bit for a supplies run, imports drop off, and exports pickup. While out and about with Beidou, you had seen your ex in the wharf. They were about to come and talk to you, when you had pointed them out to Beidou. Beidou had slipped her arm around your waist, glaring at your ex, who glared back and turned heel to walk away.
Now, you sipped your wine beside Beidou, deep in thought. The loud atmosphere wasn't helping your anxieties, and you couldn't get your ex's glare out of your head. You didn't even realize you were completely zoned out until Beidou raised her arm to sling it around your shoulders, after she noticed you were zoned out.
Your arms flew up to shield yourself, and you spilt wine all over the both of you. The cup clattered to the floor, but luckily no one else noticed what just happened.
Beidou's face dropped and she quickly picked up the cup, setting it back down on the table.
"Men!" she called out. "Y/n and I are turning in early tonight! Make sure you scallywags have this cleaned up by the morning!"
The crew cheered their goodnights, raising their beers to their captain and her first mate. Beidou smiled, slipped an arm around your waist, and led you back to your guys' shared quarters.
"Alright doll, what happened just now?"
She closed the door behind her and sat on the bed next to you, looking at you with a certain softness that made you melt.
"I'm.. I'm sorry, I was just thinking of my ex, and how we saw them earlier, and I couldn't get their glare out of my head.. and I left them exactly a year ago.. I don't know why I flinched away from yo-"
Beidou cut you off by taking both of your hands into hers.
"Y/n, don't say sorry! You know, your ex wouldn't stand a chance against even my weakest crew member. They will never hurt you again."
"I don't doubt that for a second," you said, a small smile growing on your face, "Thank you for taking me in, Beidou."
"No, the pleasure is all mine. I couldn't ask for a better first mate. You're safe now, okay?" she smiled, squeezing your hands.
You looked into her eyes for a moment before throwing your arms around her. She squeezed you back, kissing your head.
"C'mon, let's shower and get this wine off of us." she giggled.
You laughed. "Yeah, let's."
Tumblr media
Kaeya had told you his backstory, but you never mentioned yours. You just weren't ready to talk about it. Your parents had never been great, you always walked on eggshells around everyone, and everyone was all too rough with you, emotionally and physically.
You had met Kaeya in the tavern one night, while trying to drink away what you were feeling. Kaeya had noticed how obliterated you were and let Diluc know he was taking you to stay at the Knights Headquarters, and would keep an eye on you. The rest was history, and now you and Kaeya had been dating for a little over a year.
Kaeya had told you his backstory on Monday. That same day later on, you had a run in with your parents at Blanche's, where they had yelled at you for deciding to become a Knight, and proceeded to pick you apart from your very core.
In turn, you had been drinking a little more than usual for the entire week. You seemed more withdrawn and just not fully there. And it all came to a head when you were laying in bed next to Kaeya.
He went to put his arm over you, a loving gesture, but your arms came up on instinct to shield yourself. He sighed loudly.
"You're scared of me."
"Oh Archons- I didn't mean to- no, I swear it isn't-"
"You've been acting all angry and cold ever since I told you about my roots. I thought you would be the one who didn't leave me after I told them."
"No, Kaeya- please, just let me explain!"
"I'm listening."
You began to hesitantly tell him about your parents. His face grew angrier and angrier every time you told him another thing your parents had done to you.
"I'll kill them. I had no idea that that happened though. I'm sorry for assuming."
"It's alright, Kaeya. I didn't even consider that you might think I was acting weird because of where your confession."
"I swear they'll never get near you again, alright? You're safe now. It's alright."
He pulled you into him, wrapping you up in his strong arms and putting his legs over yours, making you feel protected and safe.
"No one will hurt you, not on my watch. I love you, Y/n."
"I love you too, Kaeya. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."
"No need for apologies, you were gonna tell me when you were ready. Now let's get some sleep, that dandelion wine I downed earlier is starting to get to me."
You giggled, burying your head further into his chest.
"Alright. Goodnight, Kaeya."
"Night, prince/ess."
Tumblr media
You and Diluc had been dating for a few months now, you had met when he had needed to hire a new bartender, and you volunteered your mixing skills to the Angel's Share. You had caught his eye immediately, and he had asked you out on a date soon after you began your work there.
Your ex wasn't a kind person, to say the least, so you had been hesitant to say yes. You assured Diluc that this was just because your ex was unkind to you, but you had never mentioned physical harm. You hadn't wanted to worry him.
You were sitting on the couch with Diluc, his arm slung over your shoulders while you stared into the crackling flames of the fire burning before you. Diluc wasn't paying attention, as he was reading a book in his free hand.
He raised his arm up, attempting to adjust to a more comfortable position, but you misread this. Your arms were shielding your face in an instant, and Diluc was looking at you with a shocked and concerned face that quickly morphed to anger.
"I'm going to kill him." he growled/
You lowered your arms and looked down, avoiding looking him in the eye.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that."
"Did he hit you??"
"I, um, didn't want to worry you."
"Barbatos.. and this domestic abuser is just, what, roaming around Mondstat? No punishment for the pain he put you through?"
"I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want him to come and hurt me. I also didn't want to cause any trouble."
Diluc rubbed a hand over his face, before wrapping you in a hug.
"You're safe here, alright? I will never lay a hand on you to hurt you. I won't let anyone else hurt you either, okay?"
"Thank you.." your eyes welled up with tears, "I thought you would be upset that I didn't tell you."
"No, never. It's a hard thing to talk about. If you'd like, I have connections. We can have him arrested."
"I don't want to cause trouble.."
"You won't. He won't be able to hurt anyone else this way. But we can discuss this later. Would you care for a cup of tea?"
"That'd be nice. Thanks, Diluc."
"You're welcome, angel. Tell me if anyone hurts you again, alright? I'll protect you."
"Will do. I love you."
"I love you too."
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xeequin · a day ago
Tumblr media
kaeya king of fashion alberich
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miss-sangonomiya · 2 days ago
how they greet you after a long trip! gender neutral! no pronouns mentioned, i think (with kaeya, diluc, and thoma!)
kaeya would stand there with his arms wide, waiting for you to come up and hug him, when you do he picks you up and twirls you around, like in a fairy tale
diluc would walk up to you, slowly picking up the pace, till hes almost running, and envelope you in the warmest bear hug youve ever received, while whispering sweet words in your ear
thoma would twirl you around, much like kaeya, but he would hold you up in the air, admiring you before giving you a kiss on the cheek and telling you how much he missed you
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artsdaru · a day ago
Tumblr media
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bumbleklee · a day ago
trying to induce labor
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | pregnancy series
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: pregnancy (so close to baby)
Tumblr media
As the days drew closer, you were getting more and more anxious to get the twins out of you. Not only was your belly huge with both babies, it was causing you a lot of pain. Fed up from another sleepless night of twisting and turning, you put your sneakers on first thing in the morning and waddled to the front door.
“Where are you off to?” Diluc asked, raising his eyes from the paperwork he was completing at the dining room table.
“Your children have overstayed their welcome.” You grabbed a jacket and slipped it over your arms, letting the front hang open since you were too big to zipper it. “I’m going to do laps around The Winery.”
Diluc was by your side now, “Is that safe?”
“Walking in the most effective way to induce labor,” You told him, “But if you’re worried, you can join me.”
Your husband slipped his own sneakers on instantly.
Diluc held your hand as you walked the property line of The Winery. Your feet began aching right away but you pushed through, needing to at least try this method of inducing labor. The thought about meeting your babies finally gave you a rush of adrenaline and you walked for thirty minutes before your body began showing restraint.
When you stopped to lean against a nearby tree, Diluc was in front of you with a concerned look on your face. You rubbed your belly and tried to catch your breath, feeling sweat drip down your forehead.
“Is it happening?” He asked, a hint of excitement rubbing off on his tone.
You shook your head, “I just need a break.”
Diluc held back the frown trying to creep on his face. Like you, he just wanted to meet the twins as well. “Can you make it back to the house?”
You glanced up to look at the house. It wasn’t too far, just past the vineyard, but your throbbing back was a good enough reminder for you to take it easy. “I’m afraid I’m going to fall,” You admitted sheepishly, “Maybe we should just stay here for a while.”
“Nonsense,” Diluc said. Before you could recognize what was going on, Diluc had lifted you off your feet and was carrying you bridal style. Upon seeing your bewildered expression at lifting both you and your babies, Diluc continued. “I’ve been working out for a reason.”
Kaeya couldn’t cook. He tried, he really did, but time after time dinner ended with take out. So when you suggested trying spicy foods to help induce labor, Kaeya knew this would be a job for someone else.
You watched intently as Noelle leaned over the stove in your kitchen. The smell of spices and flavorful armonas filled your house and your stomach rumbled everytime a waft came near you. Her eyes glanced between the open cookbook beside her and the boiling pot of something on a burner.
“Sit, sit,” Noelle instructed poliety, “Dinner’s almost ready.” You made Kaeya set the table as you and your husband sat down. Noelle finished up in the kitchen before she brought over a serving bowl and placed it in the middle of the table.
“What is it?” Kaeya asked. He peered over the bowl and, like yours, his stomach growled in anticipation. “It smells great.”
“It's a spicy stew but I added some extra Jieyun Chili peppers. Barbara gave me the recipe.” Noelle smiled sweetly and poured some of the stew in Kaeya and yours’ bowls before serving herself. When Kaeya opted out in cooking your spicy dish, he immediately ran to Noelle who had no problem serving you dinner.
Kaeya thanked Noelle before digging into his meal. You hesitantly watched Kaeya, knowing how he couldn’t handle spicy food, and almost burst out laughing when he almost spit the stew back into his bowl.
His tongue hung out of his mouth, “I think that could kill someone.”
Noelle giggled at his comment and tasted the stew herself, beaming at the taste. Unlike your husband, she didn’t seem to have an issue with the heat level. Kaeya shook his head at you in disbelief.
“Now I’m nervous,” You said, half jokingly and half serious. You poked your fork into a piece of beef and placed the food in your mouth. Instantly, your mouth lit up in a fire. You held back a cough as you chewed the food. Kaeya stared at you in disbelief, watching your eyes water from the spices.
Kaeya rubbed your bicep as you grabbed another forkful of the stew. “If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will,” You said, “There’s no way I’m going to have taste buds after this.”
When Childe comes home one day, he doesn’t see you resting on the couch like usual. He follows the light down the hall and finds you in the middle of the floor in the bedroom, your body stretched in a weird position.
One of your arms was standing high in the air and the other was low to the ground, causing the top half of your body to be vertical. You were taking mediated breaths and counting slowly before you switched sides.
“What are you doing?”
Without opening your eyes, you responded to your boyfriend. “I’m doing yoga,” You said flatly, “It’s time for Nikolai to come out.”
“Oh,” Childe takes a seat on the edge of the bed. “Is he?”
“He won’t move an inch.”
Childe smiles to himself. Any day now your son would be arriving and he could feel the excitement radiating off your body. He was three days overdue, preferring to stay in the comfort of your womb, but you were ready for him.
“I’m surprised,” Childe continues, “I thought you wanted to wait for him to come on his own.”
You stood up straight and opened your eyes slowly, placing your hands on your back to try and crane out any kinks with your knuckles. “I was,” You started, “But I changed my mind. I want to hold him so badly.”
Your boyfriend smiles again, this time at you. He agrees with you but decides not to say anything, knowing inducing labor was your decision and your decision only. Childe stands up and comes near you, “Let me help.”
With the help of your boyfriend, you get on the ground and prop a knee up. Childe holds your hips as you shakily lift the other leg into the air and extend it straight. He reminds you he has a solid hold on you so you lift your opposite arm, replicating the action.
“This is hard,” You complain, wanting to put your leg down already.
“You got this,” Childe grins, “Do it for Nikolai.”
“Archons, it’s cold out.”
Zhongli’s eyes watched you intently as you stood at the edge of the dock at Liyue Harbor. You were bundled in several layers and your hands rested on your large baby bump. There were even some premature snowflakes floating down from the sky and resting on your nose.
You never thought you would be someone to induce labor but when a week had passed past your due date, you knew you should at least try. You tried the common methods first (eating spicy foods, walking, doing yoga, etc.) and when none of them worked, you and Zhongli decided to look up some old wivestales in books. The easiest one to try was extreme cold, since it was already January.
“Can you feel anything?” Your husband asked, readjusting the hat over your ears for the tenth time that hour.
You shook your head, “Not really.”
Zhongli caught a snowflake on his finger and rubbed it off on your cheek. You giggled and leaned into his warm side. When you spoke, your breath turned into visible puffs of air. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were the Cryo Archon.”
“Oh, hush,” You playfully said, rolling your eyes. “Do you want to meet Jia or not?”
He reached forward to take one of your hands in his. He squeezed your fingers, instantly warming them up, “Of course I do. I just don’t want us to freeze before we can.”
a/n: sorry zhongli got the short end of the stick again </3
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cryoaquila · a day ago
Tumblr media
prompt; these drabbles are the make-up / end to this prompt which involves a needy reader who misses their s/o and goes to show them affection, but the timing wasn’t good and their s/o says some words that they instantly regret.
pairings (separately!); zhongli/gn!reader, diluc/gn!reader, kaeya/gn!reader, tartaglia/gn!reader.
themes; in the genshin universe, established relationship(s), drabbles, light angst, comfort.
wc; 3k
a/n; i highly suggest reading the first part so you can fully understand the drabbles below!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you had found him.
after weeks of relentless searching, you had found him. 
after plenty of sealed lips, dead ends, and favors traded for favors, you had finally found him.
your leads had led you here, to nantianmen, beneath a large, peculiar tree that zhongli used to speak of plenty. your search was long and had you talk to many different people from a funeral director to an old woman who was more than she seemed and even to a secret living in a faraway inn. you dug through the clues and helped people and adepti along the way. and there was the end of your journey, sitting on the tree’s roots, legs crossed, a small stone floating from one of his hands to the other. while his appearance had changed somewhat, his face and hair and beautiful amber eyes were still the same. his attire was different than what he normally wore - you had never seen him in a white robe with a hood before. furthermore, his body had changed a little, his obsidian-like arms and amber-like hands with lightly colored glowing veins instantly caught your eyes. you stood and watched him in both awe and uncertainty. you felt weak in the knees and your throat tightened to the point you thought you wouldn’t be able to say a word.
“i’ve been waiting for you.” he was the first to break the silence.
you licked your lips and cleared your throat, trying to find the right words to say after such a long time apart. you hadn’t done all that work just to gawk at him in silence, after all. “and here i am. i told you, i wouldn’t stop until i found the real you.”
he stood, the stone disappearing with a wave of his hand before gesturing to himself, “then you know who i am?”
your eyebrows furrowed, “yes, i do. i broke our contract eh, rex lapis?” you chuckled nervously, shaking your head at the situation you were in, “i broke a contract with the archon of contracts. and then i didn’t even try to adhere to the punishment bestowed upon me.”
he, too, found irony in the situation and chuckled warmly, “indeed, you did.”
you took a step toward him, “but you also didn’t adhere to the punishment, either, did you? you wanted to be found...” he eyed you, watching you carefully as you continued to walk toward him, explaining your accusation along the way, “remember? you told me the night you left that being apart was a punishment for you, too, and you knew the only way for it to end would be if i found you. you helped me, along the way, without ever seeing or interacting with me, per the punishment. some books in places they weren’t supposed to be with certain paragraphs circled, a blanket wrapped over my shoulders on cold nights i spent reading at my desk and i know you asked your... friends, i guess, to tell me some otherwise confidential information; all of these things were your doing, even if you only pulled the strings from the shadows. if you truly didn’t want me to find you, then i wouldn’t have found you.” you were now directly in front of him, looking into his amber eyes with a sly smirk knowing you were right.
he pondered what you said, for a moment, before asking something benign, “and who wasn’t as tight-lipped as you thought they’d be.”
you placed a hand on your hip, humoring him as he clearly didn’t wish to confess all that he did to help you, “an adepti just required almond tofu and the promise to leave him alone and he’d tell me where to find you.”
this brought a small grin to his face, “well, i believe he still would have divulged some information if you gave him those two things. but, finding that adepti was quite a search, wasn’t it?”
“true,” you said, nodding in agreement, “finding and getting to him was a lot of work - but i recognized his name from one of your documents, so when i heard of it again i knew it was well worth the trouble. but why not tell me you’re rex lapis after we’ve been together for a while? were you... afraid that i’d end our relationship?”
he finally dropped his stoic expression upon hearing your question. you noticed his lip quiver before he crossed his arms in front of him, looking down at their glow. “i’m not ashamed to admit that i was indeed afraid of what might have come of us once you knew. there are a plethora of reasons why i was afraid, especially since much of my past actions are recorded in tales and history alike.”
you reached a hand up to caress his cheek gently, “it’s alright, i don’t care about the past - what matters is the present... and our future.”
he smiled, softly pressing his cheek against your hand, happy to feel your touch against his skin once again, “i do tend to live in the past more so than most.” he took your hand, bringing it down from his face so he could hold it, “well, now that the punishment has ended, i believe we can discuss a new contract if you’re willing.”
“what are the agreements in this one?” you inquire before pouting, “because last time i barely knew we were in a contract.”
he looked amused at your little pout, “we will become a coupler once more and there will be no more secrets between us… but i must ask that you do keep my true identity a secret to others. is that to your liking?”
you clicked your tongue, pretending to think it over just to give him a hard time before smiling wide, “it sounds wonderful! can we sign the contract with a hug?”
he held his arms out wide, “but of course, my love.” with that confirmation, you embraced him, and a new contract was signed between the two of you.
Tumblr media
the rising sun called him back home, his duties of protecting mondstadt over until the next night came. he didn’t waste any time heading back because soon the streets would be bustling with people and he didn’t want any more silly rumors about some ‘darknight hero’ persona spread around town. usually being back inside the house where it was only you and him was a comfort, but the altercation you two had earlier was still fresh on his mind. he wasn’t the best with conversations let alone explanations, and he was quite anxious about upsetting you further than he already had by trying to apologize and, somehow, saying something that would only upset you further. but he was determined to try and make things right with you this morning instead of finding an excuse for his actions.
he closed the front door behind him, noting how the lights inside were still off, and, with that, decided that you must still be asleep. once inside, he noticed how heavy his eyelids felt and the thought of curling up beside you in bed only made them heavier. he took his gloves, shoes, and mask off in a hurry, wanting to go sleep beside you and get a few hours of sleep before having to leave to check on the vineyard. he slipped his coat off, hanging it up in the entryway before stretching out his shoulders, frowning at how tight his muscles were. he took a few moments to stretch and enjoy the feeling of being out of his attire before, quietly, he started to climb the stairs to the second floor; however, he stopped, mid-step, upon hearing something in the living room.
“diluc?” you stirred awake, peeping your head over the couch’s back to see his figure on the staircase. your voice was just a whisper and your heavy eyelids were already starting to close, wanting you to go back to sleep.
he turned to head back down the stairs and walked over to the couch where you were curled up. “did you sleep here?” he asked with concern in his voice and you gave him a little nod. “why?”
“i wanted to greet you when you came home,” you said with a yawn. “i didn’t like how we ended things last night so…” your voice trailed off as you slipped back into sleep, too tired to fully explain yourself. 
you didn’t see it, but a small smile graced his lips at your adorable response. “here, let’s get you off this couch and to bed. we can make up there.” you gave him a small nod before he gently picked you up into his arms and carried you up the stairs to the bedroom. he carefully laid you down before getting beside you and pulled the warm blanket over both of you. you grinned upon feeling the soft mattress under your back, the warm blanket, and your lover beside you. you roll to your side, snuggling up next to him.
“are you going to the vineyard soon?” you muttered against his chest.
he ran a few fingers through your hair, “... no, not today. they will be fine without me. let’s just stay in bed together for as long as we want.”
Tumblr media
the front door creaked open, letting the setting sun in for a second. you were sitting on the couch, cradling your legs in a hunched-over position. usually, the door opening brought you happiness for it met kaeya was home, but this evening your feelings were mixed. you had spent the day trying to make sense of what had happened earlier at his work, but between the constant overthinking, occasional crying, and bouts of anxiety, you couldn’t understand why he had snapped at you. and now you couldn’t even bring yourself to smile at his appearance. you heard him awkwardly shuffle his feet and clear his throat before he walked over to you. he stopped directly in front of you and held something out for you to take. you glanced over your knees to see what it was. 
“a book?” you questioned, lifting your head up further to read the title, “the history of khaenri’ah?” you looked at him, cocking an eyebrow, “what is this?”
“it’s a good read and there’s a lot of information inside about the city’s history.” as he explained you took the book from his hands and began flipping through the pages. “and if there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask me... you know, since i’ve been researching it lately,” he added before sitting down beside you. he looked at you, waiting for a reaction, a nervous little grin on his face.
you were silent for a moment, looking at the lines of text accompanied by a few drawings of structures long past. “i still don’t understand.” you finally muttered, closing the book.
“it’s an apology present,” he explained.
you looked him in the eyes, shaking your head slightly, “i know what it is. what i don’t understand is why you’re interested in it and why you were so defensive about it.”
he looked crestfallen upon hearing your remark, the grin wiped completely from his lips, “more people should be interested in it…” he mumbled. silence fell over the two of you as you continued to stare at him, waiting for a reply that explained his actions. you noticed his eyes began to look distant as if he was now looking past you, but he averted his gaze to stare at the floor before giving you a response, “i think we could learn a lot from khaenri’ah, you know, strategies, ways of life, buildings, and such. i was only defensive because i’ve dealt with a lot of people not agreeing with my ideas to learn from and follow them and…” he stumbled over his words and let out a deep, frustrated sigh. he ran a hand through his hair before looking back at you, eyes now glossy with signs of sorrow, “i’m sorry. i shouldn’t have lashed out at you as i did. i know you would try and see my side of things without mockery or… i’m just sorry.”
you gave him a small smile before leaning your head against his shoulder in a sign of forgiveness. he brought an arm around you and gently squeezed you before kissing the top of your head. you looked at the book, tracing the cover with your fingers before a question came to mind, “the city and its people are gone, right? should we really learn from them if they couldn’t keep their civilization alive?”
“... we’ll all be gone, one day, sometimes it happens fast or happens slow and sometimes it’s completely out of our control. but matter not, even when i’m gone, i’ll still be with you and i promise you’ll be ok. i’ll watch over you, protect you, and continue to make things right anyway that i can.” his smooth voice cracked as he spoke and you realized your question was on the darker side and that clearly had upset him so, to cheer him up, you lifted your head just enough to give him a small peck on the cheek. he smiled, rubbing your shoulder as you rested your head on his shoulder again, opening the book to read the first few pages while curled up together.
Tumblr media
you glared at your orange victim below as your grip on the cutting knife tightened. the front door opening and closing softly only caused you to stab once again - the poor carrot completely pulverized on the cutting board by now since you decided to take all your anger out on it; and yet, you still had plenty more to dish out to a certain someone who had decided to came home early.
“nice to see you back so early,” you muttered, your glare turning to tartaglia, who looked everywhere but at you.
“well, someone else is going to finish the job-”
“oh, because i ruined it for you by wanting to see you!?” you snapped, sticking the knife straight down into the cutting board and carrot bits. that caught his attention, and he looked at you with wide eyes, like a deer caught in headlights.
“u-um,” he stuttered nervously, “it’s just safer if someone that the treasure hoarders don’t know finished the job. that and, well, i asked to be replaced.”
you wrapped your arms around yourself, “you asked to be replaced?” you pursed your lips, “you couldn’t have done that before? i wanted to see you, i missed you.”
he walked over to you, but you took a few steps back, keeping a distance between the two of you. “it isn’t that simple. sometimes i have to go undercover for a while and i can’t just suddenly stop and let someone else take my place.”
your gaze fell to the floor, hands now balled into fists, “but even when you weren’t undercover anymore after they found out you acted horrible to me and that was the first time i had ever gone out to find you. i just wanted a hug, a love you, a-affection of some sort after i began overthinking. i thought you were...” you sighed, your tense muscles relaxing before you muttered the word, “dead.”
you heard him grumble something under his breath before saying, with slight hesitation, “... my job carries risks. you know that.”
“but can’t you sneak away to visit occasionally or send a letter or-”
“no!” he snapped, “damnit i’m just afraid i’ll lose you, alright!?” he took you in his arms, embracing you tightly in a hug, “the more i involve you, the more likely it is i slip up and they find out about you and… and i can’t… deal with the idea of you even getting hurt.”
you were surprised by the sudden hug you found yourself in, eyes wide as your hands pressed against his chest, “but... you’re the one putting yourself out there-”
he cut you off before you could finish talking, “yes, i’m the one who’s been trained to do undercover missions and knows how to fight. you’re the one who has no training whatsoever. you’re the one that, if they find out my true identity and find out about you, they will target to get to me. and you’re the one who i love more than anything in this world - more than the fatui, the tsaritsa, everyone. you’re what matters most and i cannot let them harm you, even if it means acting like a jerk to make sure you’re safe.”
you felt him tremble against you, his grip around you weakening as he poured his heart out to you. the sentiment was sweet and his words, his confirmation, and worry for you made sense as to why he had acted the way he did. you stayed quiet, letting him hug you, thinking the situation over in your head. suddenly, you chuckled, unable to stop yourself.
he took hold of your shoulders before breaking the embrace, “you’re laughing?” he asked, looking at you with bewilderment, his eyes wet from shedding a few tears.
“i’m sorry, i couldn’t help it. it’s just funny to me that we both were so worried about each other we went to extremes instantly to try to solve our problems.”
he tilted his head slightly, thinking about what you had said before looking tickled himself, “well, i guess it’s just the kind of people we are, going from zero to a hundred real quick.”
you put your hands on his hips, pulling him into a hug once again, “just proves that we’re right for each other.” you muttered before resting your forehead against his chest. “i’m sorry...” you felt his hands wrap around your back, squeezing you softly, “i’m sorry for the way i acted.” you apologized to him.
he smiled against the top of your head, “i’m sorry, too, for what i said earlier. let’s think of ways we can keep each other happy on long missions, ok? we can work through this together and find a compromise, i’m sure of it. let’s try and communicate better before my missions and, if anything, i think i can manage to leave messages for you to pick up at the northland bank.”
you grimaced upon hearing the bank’s name, remembering how you snapped and argued to the teller there until you got your way. “oh, i… i think the bank teller there might either hate me or be terrified of me.” you muttered, cringing at your own past actions.
“well, you can be like a raging storm sometimes.”
“hey now, you’re one to talk...” you scoffed.
he chuckled, giving you a small kiss before whispering to you, “i love you.”
you were happy to hear those three little words from him and you hummed against him, “i love you, too.”
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teyvat-imagines · a day ago
Hi ! I was wondering while you do a part 2 with the pregnant s/o getting cheat on maybe seeing them years later ?
Hey there, of course! :) Thanks for the request, sorry it took so long! ;w;
Original Post
TW: Cheating, Reader was cheated on
Part 2: Seeing Them Years Later
Tumblr media
○ Diluc never could quite bring himself to try and find you after you walked out that day. He knew he just didn't have the right to ask you to stay after what he'd pulled. Instead, he watched you move on, continue to live your life with your head held high.
○ Years later and he actually ran into you again. Diluc found a smile on his face as he saw you wiping your child's face, the two of you enjoying a nice meal at Good Hunter. He was happy to see you were doing well. Though he knew he had no right to try and involve himself now, he still wanted to see you.
○ In all these years he had never once stopped thinking about you. Your smile, your laughter. The way you made everything feel better. And of course, he never once forgot about the pain he'd caused you that day. Despite it, he missed you.
○ Gathering his courage, Diluc started to approach, excitement bubbling in his chest. Maybe... Maybe he could get a second chance? Maybe he could finally be a father to his child. Maybe everything could finally be okay again.
"Diluc...? Is that you?"
○ Your voice stopped him in his tracks, guilt written all over his face. You didn't sound bitter or angry... Just indifferent. And for some reason, that almost felt worse. Shaking off his nerves, he smiled at you. It was small and weak, but still a smile, nonetheless.
"Hello (Y/N), it's good to see you. How have you been...? And is this...?"
○ He looks down at his child with almost wide eyes. They're the spitting image of you, but they still have his eyes. They're still his child too and he could cry at the thought. The years and milestones he missed out on because of his mistake.
"Mm, likewise. I've been fine, taking care of this little one. This is (C/N). (C/N), say hi to Mr Diluc."
○ The young child waves up shyly. They must be almost 7 or 8 now. So much time lost because he messed up. Diluc very quickly realised that honestly, it was too late. You'd moved on. He had no right to try and drag you back to the past. Not when you were doing so well for yourself. You seemed happy. You didn't need him in your life, not anymore.
"Good. I must get going now, but it was nice to see you both. Please, take care."
○ And with that, Diluc walks away. He knows then and there he no longer has a place in your life anymore. He forfeited that right when he cheated on you all those years ago. The only thing he can do now, is wish you well and watch over you both from a distance.
Tumblr media
○ Childe still thought of you from time to time. Never enough to try and find out where you were or what you were up to. But still, idle passing thoughts. How were you doing. Did you have enough mora to raise the baby. Did you get with anyone new? Were you even still alive...?
○ By chance, one day his questions were answered. Childe was taking an early morning stroll on the docks of Liyue Harbour when he spotted you talking with one of the fishermen. It looked like you were haggling for some fresh fish. Heh, his time to shine.
"Here, I'll pay for that~! I think this should more than cover the costs."
○ Reaching past you, Childe hands over a large bag of Mora as if it were nothing. You couldn't help the scowl on your face as you turned to tell him off. But anger melted to surprise when you realised just who it was that had intervened.
"Childe? Hm, I didn't expect to see you here. How are you?"
○ He didn't want to admit it, but hearing you say his name again made his heart flutter in his chest. Internally, he was screaming at himself to calm down. That it's been years, he should be over you already. Yet, there was still a small ball of hope deep inside. Hope that maybe you wanted him in your life again...
○ The two of you got to talking again as you walked. Catching up on years gone by. How you were doing, what you were up to. Childe had little to say about himself. What was there to say? He was still a Harbinger. Still working for the Tsaritsa. Still missed you... No, Childe was more interested on you.
○ He watched you talk with strong admiration in his eyes, a feeling of happiness that he hadn't felt in years blooming in his chest. Just being with you, even the mundane and boring day to day life seemed incredible to him. You made it feel incredible... Why on Teyvat did he ever let you go?
○ The two of you finally reached your home, and you waved at him. You still didn't forgive him for what he did, but honestly, you'd moved on. You were living your life now, happily without him. And in a way, it was almost nice to catch up. Your little toddler came running up to you as you opened the door, excitement in their eyes.
"Well, uh... I guess this is good-bye then comrade. It was nice to see you again."
○ Childe couldn't explain it, but something about seeing your toddler made him back down. He was going to have asked you out. Asked you to be with him again. But now? You had made a life for yourself. One without him. He couldn't just try to uproot all of that now just because he missed you.
○ No, he had been selfish once before and it had cost him his relationship with you. He didn't have a right to be selfish again. Childe never saw you again after that day, this time deliberately making sure he avoided you. But still, he thought of you. And knowing you were happy and healthy was enough for him.
Tumblr media
○ Kaeya had tried to reach out to you after the fact. He gave you a week, before waltzing up to you as if nothing had happened. But you weren't about to let him get away with that. You stood your ground, told him to get out of your life. That he wasn't welcome anymore. Honestly, Kaeya respected you for that. He had hurt you and you weren't going to let him get away with it.
○ He kept his distance from then on, eventually leaving Mondstadt to travel across Teyvat. Kaeya wasn't sure if he was searching for something or just trying to keep busy. Either way, Mondstadt was now too close to you for him to stay.
○ Years later though, Kaeya returned. Not much had changed. Klee was a little taller and was so excited to see Kaeya again. The Knights were still working hard. Everything had continued just fine without him. But that didn't matter, there was only one person Kaeya wanted to make sure was okay still.
○ He found you at the Adventurer's Guild. You had just finished briefing Bennett and Fischl on their latest bounty, your little toddler clinging to your leg watching with wide eyed curiosity. Kaeya felt his heart soar at the sight of you. Despite how much time had passed, despite everywhere he had been and everything he'd seen, you were still the one person that made his heart race.
○ Your child noticed him first, waving at him as they often did with strangers. Turning to follow your kid's gaze, you were met with Kaeya, watching you with a wry smile. He hadn't changed much from what you remembered. A couple of new scars, but otherwise still the same man that lived in your memories.
"Kaeya, good to see you. How have you been?"
○ You gave your toddler a soft pat on the head as you greeted Kaeya. His smile grew as he started to catch up with you. Despite how long it had been, it was so easy for him to just fall into routine with you. He'd tell jokes and you'd laugh; he bought lunch and remembered your favourites. It was so easy to act like nothing had gone wrong.
○ Yet despite this, it hurt. Kaeya couldn't begin to explain why, but every memory of better times with you made his chest ache. Was it because he knew it wouldn't be like that again? Because the memory of the pain in your eyes lingered in the back of his mind? He wasn't quite sure. But one thing was certain.
"It's been nice catching up, but I'd better be on my way now."
○ He couldn't put you through this pain again. So, he made his decision to put distance between you again. He had been the one that had cheated, so he should be the one to live with the consequences.
"It was nice to see you again (Y/N). Take care."
○ Kaeya was certain you would be fine. You'd made a life for yourself. One without him. And, as much as he longed to be by your side again, if you were happy and safe that was more than enough for him. He would be satisfied to watch from a distance.
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sucrosia · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— alluring gaze
his gaze, you can feel it on you but there's an interesting way that he looks at you so enamored...
kaeya, diluc, albedo & kazuha
Tumblr media
KAEYA's gaze is teasing yet tender and caring. he loves you so dearly, that he just can't seem to keep his eyes off of you; whether it's to check to see if you're still in good health and sprits or just looking at you. to him, you were flawless; an absolute god. he is proud and unashamed to call you his.
DILUC's gaze is loving and filled with emotion. he doesn't exactly know how to express his emotions but you can tell behind those ruby eyes of his. he loved looking you. you were absolutely beautiful, breathtaking if you will. and god, the way you look at him just makes his heart hammer against his chest.
his gaze never seems to leave your figure; he always finds his eyes wandering to you. ALBEDO finds you fascinating. he finds himself to happy around you, in general his mood immediately brightens when your presence is around him. why and how are you doing this to him? but yet, curiousity and infatuation are behind those beautiful golden eyes.
KAZUHA looks towards you every now and then ever so fervently. you were his inspiration for most of his haiku's. you were his everything and was willing to sacrifice the world for you. his gaze was nothing but loving and sweet.
Tumblr media
— after notes.. this was shit i'm sorry, not a very good first post huh? LOL
— taglist.. @darlingxannie
Tumblr media
xoxo, sucrosia.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rulaineyu · 2 hours ago
Bathing With the Genshin Boys
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Reader
Type/Genre: Headcanons, fluff, comedic
Warnings: Some suggestive undertones but nothing explicit, not proofread
A/N: Self-indulgent fluff is my favourite uwu
Prefers showers over baths 
Carrying Mondstadt’s economy on his back while also protecting its citizens at night means there aren't enough hours in the day for him to be able to relax in a bath.
Always ends up accidentally slapping you with his hair. One moment you're enjoying the intimacy of showering with your lover, the next you’re slapped with his heavy long hair. 
Turns the water really hot but doesn’t feel it thanks to his pyro vision. You have walked out of the shower feeling like a boiled chicken on more than one occasion. 
When Diluc does take a bath, he doesn’t really understand how it works. He’s always focused on washing and getting out as quickly as possible. 
You’ll have to remind him to slow down and enjoy the moment.
Confused and a bit impatient, but relaxes when you lean your back against his chest
Very thorough when he helps wash your hair. His own hair is thick, so he knows how to get every spot without pulling at your scalp. 
It takes a long time, though, and you usually run out of patience before he’s done.
“Stay still, I’m almost done. I might accidentally pull your hair if you keep squirming like that.”
Enjoys his baths and tries to have one every day.
Uses the time to unwind and take care of himself. 
When he does take a shower, it's a very quick in-and-out. He’s a lil grumpy and tired afterwards, so please give him lots of kisses. 
While you’re running the bath, he may pretend to push you in while you still have your clothes on, but save you before you hit the water.
The next time he runs the bath, you actually push him in but don’t save him, letting him get soaked.
The two of you now do a power-stance whenever you run a bath so you don’t get pushed as easily
Never take a bubble bath with him. Concealed by the bubbles, he will randomly grab your leg to scare you.
Splashes water on your face and pours it over your head on purpose, laughing as you complain. When you reach over to give him a playful hit, he takes the opportunity to grab you and pull you closer to him
Kisses your bare shoulders, occasionally biting you.
“Mm...just a hint of shampoo and body wash. Pretty tasty, I’d say.”
Doesn’t have a preference between baths or showers 
Childe doesn’t sing often, but he likes to hum the songs of his childhood softly while bathing 
The words are barely audible, but it comes out as a comforting, low rumbling sound when you lean your ear against his back. 
Teases you if you stare at his body for too long, asking if you like what you see. 
Tries to escalate it further but you splash water into his eyes
Loves the feeling of your fingers against his skin, admiring the scars that litter his body. He’ll proudly tell you the story of each one.
Traces the patterns of the stars, the outline of the world onto your back.
When showering, he tends to forget you’re in there with him, which means he might accidently knock into you
You’ll never fall over, though, because his reflexes are fast enough to catch you before you slip.
“Ah, sorry, baby...but I guess you can say I swept you off your feet, huh?”
Zhongli goes all out when it comes to baths
Mixes some stress-relieving scented oils into the bath, scatters sweet-smelling flower petals on the surface of the water, lights candles, etc.
You tell him that he doesn’t need to put in so much work—it’s only to clean yourselves, after all—but he dismisses your worries. To him, bathtimes should be a romantic affair. And if his frivolous ways can make cleaning a more relaxing experience, then it is worth it. 
Like with Diluc, when Zhongli turns his head too fast, he ends up smacking you in the face with his long hair.
He’ll apologize profusely, washing your hair for you as apology 
Massages your shoulders as he helps you wash your back 
When the two of you are showering, he’ll flinch in surprise when he feels your arms around his waist, resting your cheek against his chest.
Hugs you back for a moment but quickly lets go, reminding you that the two of you might slip and fall. 
“This is nice, darling, but we should save the hugs for after. It wouldn’t do if you fell and got hurt.”
Baths all the way. I can’t imagine him showering, only bathing in a rushing river, even when the water is freezing cold like a real man
Confused the first time you bring him inside to bathe. What’s the point of bathing in a tiny tub when there is a perfectly good river outside?
The first time he feels hot water, he flinches. You’ll have to turn the water slightly cold at first, slowly adjusting it until he gets used to the lukewarm temperature.
Shocked that he can sit down while bathing, but isn’t very used to it. Even though he’s had baths for thousands of years, he still prefers to stand, able to escape at a moment’s notice if needed.
Closes his eyes and stays perfectly still as you massage the shampoo into his scalp. If you stop your movements to check if he has fallen asleep, he’ll open his eyes, asking you to continue.
“Your touch is comforting. I...I like it.”
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Their Lover Remanence
ficlets of genshin men and their lover’s only remanence (and how do they hold onto it)
Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli X (GN!reader)
angst + slight fluff, comfort/hurt (implied death)
a/n ; enjoy this before i’m in s/ia and i’m currently in writing-block so fuck it, but anyways thank you for reading, have a pleasant day ahead! :)
Tumblr media
Kaeya — a broken wedding ring.
Kaeya loves the sweet lingering feels he gets, whenever the crook of your hair surrounds-it’s feelings to his chest. Whenever the sound of a silent lullaby clinge to his ears and whenever you stayed in his arms, he adores it. He wished he could treasured it for years after years, the feeling was an addiction..a pure love story. Although, he never thought it would be gone just like that. He wasn’t so sure to finally let go. Kaeya is a man full of regret, but he never once felt this much pressured of guilt; when your body were just an empty-shell of you, who could only rest in his company by arms. you’re so peaceful when you’re asleep, it makes your eternal rest more hard to accept. the mutual feeling of denial and acceptance couldn’t be more a pressure to kaeya, than the face of you whom shown him the end, a peaceful end; the way of an end. The broken ring on your fingertips is shining through out the breaking poin of the sun, making a space between the clouds and him. It was hard seeing his name and yours combine, even when you’re not here any-longer, even when you still hold the name of your husband till the end of it’s legacy. This was a fast journey and i hope you could stay longer than the due. Kaeya never cried, void and numb, just a hollow behind a replica. And maybe that’s the reason why the only thing keeping him sane were one thing, the broken memories of you, your shattering piece of broken dreams; a wedding ring he bought to propose you in another life. He was numb, holding back the memories. He wasn’t sure if this is right, but this is how he wanted to live. Remnants of you will sure keep him sane, even if memory loss hit his mind; he’ll be sure to protect those piece of you he didn’t remember any longer.
Diluc — clothes and fragrance of home
A home to diluc and his love, you are his treasure he never dare to trade. The heartbeat who only belongs to you, the yearning of endearing love connected to his veins. He was sincerely thanking the gods for the freedom of loving and the curse of it. He wasn’t so sure if it’s right to abandoned his duty just to love you…but he never though this would be the last. he seeks your comfort, not your corpse, so why didn’t you breath for him any longer? The fragrance he adores, where are they? The home he yearn the most…where are those? Is this the one person who treasured his life the most? why are they leaving me behind then..i thought they treasured the world i brought upon them. he wasn’t ready to seek comfort when you’re not even with him any longer. You are the hook of the pond, and he was the one who needed you. He wasn’t sure if this was right, so whatever it is or whatever will happened he will make sure to keep your fate to be fair. And thus, he began to search the counsel of home. But nothing…nothing, empty and numb. The clothes you wear at the accident was his only source of remembrance. He was so close on losing each part of you, but the thing he hold now, aren’t they belong to his once home? Maybe if he forgot your smile, he could still turn back to see you again. To see the plain clothing and scent of melodies, the resistance of a warrior; to forgot their lover.
Zhongli — heavens of petals
The beautiful plain leaves over the centuries history, flew to the atmosphere of you and him. Lingers of kisses, warm of embracement and He land a contract to you to be forever within his lines, to never write the history back into a tragedy Zhongli never predict. He told the wind and the guide to freedom a never-ending story, a beauty and a beast. A tyrant and the innocent. I shall remained with them..even if the time was near to say goodbye one more time. He shall remained with the creature who fall within his sin, to be in love with a mortal who remained flowers in his eyes, were a cursed to be found. You found glaze lilies to be fond, you found his eyes to be worth to treasure. You found him to be warm, inside and out you find him to be a pleasant one. Although the time to end all of the contract you signed, was within the last petal of glaze lilies you pick. He watches you fall in your knees, begging the petals to bring you peace. Zhongli just stand there watching the contract in your eyes dull in embrace of lilies. The lilies his old lover would adore, the lilies you treasured whenever you were in love. He held the petals in his hand, whispering devotion to the endless void in his mortal heart. His belief wouldn’t allow you to go, but the cruelty of fates are out of his reach. So he began to count the petals you pick, the lilies you grown, and the ground that took your life apart. He began to count the nights where you would pick flowers with him, he began to ask more question, what memories were left within you and him?
Tumblr media
© all rights to alberivh. do not copy nor plagiarize my works.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For all the rising genshin impacts out there.
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headcanon that kaeya is incredibly serious about aftercare. he knows he can get rough, so he is always sure to run a warm bath for albedo and makes sure it’s filled with plenty of bubbles that smell like vanilla when popped. he changes the sheets, helps albedo dry off before placing him in the freshly made bed himself, so they can cuddle and exchange intimate words
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its always idol!genshin character this
idol!genshin character that
i dont mind reading idol chara bc like😩😩
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