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#kaeya alberich
grotesquefave · a day ago
cw: kaeya x virgin!reader, dubcon, coercion, this might be bad since i haven't written in a while, kaeya is your nii-chan's best friend, i didn't proofread this lol, kaeya has a corruption kink, use of the word cunt
thinking about big brothers best friend!kaeya. he thinks you're just the cutest little thing in the world. how could he not? the shy smile and murmured "thank you" when he tells you how pretty you've looked, the way you can't even look him in the eyes when he talks to you, your perfect little ass. and when kaeya give you a compliment, it makes you feel special. you can't help but feel butterflies in your tummy when he rubs his hand on your thigh and tells you how soft your skin is.
everytime you let out a shy giggle at his advances, he knows you'll let him do more than "accidentally" brushing his hand up against your tits or pressing his face into your neck.
and you don't know how many time he's fantasize about doing more. making you kiss him because you two are friends, right? and there's nothing wrong with friends being affectionate with each other. slipping his hand under those tiny skirts of yours as you whine that nobody's ever touched you there before. rubbing slow circles into your clit before dipping his fingers into your cunt, stretching you out in preparation for his cock. licking and sucking on your neck and chest, making you shiver. he pulls away from you making your lips pout. hands pulling down your pink cotton panties and staring at your cunt in awe, spreading your legs apart to see your slick folds, so warm and inviting. what man wouldn't let himself in?
your perfect little body, squirming underneath him, whimpers of his name escaping your lips. making you cum on his cock just to see your fucked out face. your breasts bouncing as he thrusts into you.
so when your big brother has a sleepover, he can't resist coming into your room when your brother falls asleep. he makes his usual small talk, but somehow he turns it around from "you should come with us to bar this weekend" to "are you a virgin?"
once you give your answer, to embarrassed to look at him, kaeya can feel his cock straining in his pants. of course, he already guessed that you were a virgin. as cute as you were, you were the innocent type. so sweet, he couldn't wait to break you in.
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star-crossed-cafe · 2 days ago
Hello! I just discovered your blog and I really love the way you write 💕
If it's not too much trouble, could you write genshin men being real? Like in our world, and reacting to reader being a genshin character? And coming to their world? As a bullet headcanon? For Diluc, zhongli, kaeya, childe, albedo and xiao if it's okay with you ^^' it can be any one of these guys ♡
Also do take care if yourself please ^^ sleep well and stay hydrated! 💖
summary: diluc, zhongli, kaeya, childe, albedo, xiao + reader as a genshin character
warnings: modern au, slightly crack, they're in love with you but you're a genshin character
word count: 2.3k
author's note: awh, thank you for your kindness, anon! i hope these fulfill exactly what you wanted, but feel free to send it in again if not. these were fun to write, i hope they're enjoyable, and the Baker would be fine with doing a possible part 2! i also extend the reminder of good health to you as well 🤍
Tumblr media
Diluc wasn't much of a gamer, not by a longshot. He didn't really have any time to waste fooling around with stupid RPGs and, frankly, he didn't really care either. Too bad Kaeya didn't share the same sentiment.
Diluc would always remain annoyed at the way his brother was the one who got him to finally start playing Genshin, not wanting to admit he caved to his brother's insistent nagging.
As much as he didn't want to admit it, however, your character quickly caught his attention. You were fun to play as, he had to admit, and he had some interest in where the story was going to go with you.
He wasn't much for playing games, but even he had to admit that coming home from work and winding down with a little bit of gaming was relaxing after all, just like Kaeya had claimed. Especially when playing as your character.
Diluc was a relatively early game player. He was there before you ever got a banner, knowing you when you were just a story character. That meant, however, that he was ready.
He had more than enough money to whale for you. Diluc didn't care much about that kind of stuff usually, but you were the exception, and he wanted your character more than any other one in-game. He didn't care too much about unlocking your constellations, just wanting to get you once. He wasn't that serious of a player to care about builds or weapons, but he wouldn't be happy while playing until he could see your face light up his team.
He'd never admit to caring so deeply about a video game character, not in a million years, but he did. He was completely smitten with you, so, eventually, he did end up caving and spending a little more than he planned to build you properly. It was a guilty pleasure, but your character made him so happy he couldn't help it, and he certainly had enough money.
Tumblr media
Xiao showed him the game. Zhongli got interested in it pretty fast, but not for the same reasons most do. He appreciated the cooking aspect as well as trying to hunt down everything to upgrade the archon statues. At first, he didn't really care that much for the characters or story.
That changed when you appeared.
Zhongli never really had a lot of primogems stocked up. He's the type to pull almost every single time he gets at least 160 primos, so he wasn't ready for your banner when it came out.
He did finally start composing himself a little when your banner announcement came out. He began doing everything in his power to scrape up as many gems as possible, saving them for once in his life. He was bound and determined to get you, you know!
He honestly wasn't sure if he wanted to try spending real money, however. Zhongli realizes that, as attached to your character as he may have been, you were still, sadly, comprised of pixels, and dumping his already shallow wallet out for said pixels may not be the smartest decision he could make. He decided to first try his luck and see how he fared.
As always, he made out like a bandit. Not only did Zhongli get you in his first ten pull, but he also got the weapon recommended for you. What luck! For the rest of the day, he had a soft, pleased smile etched deeply on his handsome features.
Zhongli did his best building you, he really did. He gave you the best artifacts he could and was sure to level up all of your skills, but that wasn't really his main focus. Of course, you were given a special spot on his team, but he wasn't all that concerned with the idea of damage and numbers.
Really, he was just happy to have you.
Cooking with you was a simple pleasure, not one he could often indulge in. It was hard to get enough ingredients, but the effort was worth it.
The crowning jewel of having you in his account, however, was the ability to take such gorgeous photos with you. Every click of the in-game camera was taken with loving precision, insistent on capturing your charm in every way he could. Sometimes he would share them online and, when he did caption them, they were adorned with sweetly written words.
You were also given a spot inside of his favorite room in his teapot. You should be honored, really.
Tumblr media
Did he ever want you. Yes, he wanted you for you, of course, but did he ever want to show off for having you as much as possible.
Kaeya had every intent to brag about getting you in whatever way possible. Screenshots posted to Twitter, instantly making you his in-game icon, unlocking your namecard as fast as possible, anything and everything. He's an insufferable person to play with.
His luck tried to work against him, but nothing could stop Kaeya when he set his mind to a task. Ten roll after ten roll, he kept not pulling you, and he was this close to dropping real money for you. Thankfully, the screen lit up with a brilliant gold before it came to that.
If it had been some other five-star and not you, Kaeya might have begun his villain arc right then.
You were built instantly, decked out with only the best artifacts. He wanted those damage number screenshots, you know! They always went viral with people begging him for his builds.
His placement of you in his hero showcase seemed like nothing more than a flex, a shallow show of his gacha might, but you really did have a spot on his team instantly. No, you had a spot waiting for you before you even were released, he wanted you that badly.
He was truly happy to have you. When running around, even if you didn't have the most practical passive for adventuring, he almost always played as you. Can you really blame him? If he was the video game character and you the player, he was sure you'd do the same.
That doesn't mean he didn't brag to every other player he knew, however. Diluc was this close to clocking him in the last few hours before your release as Kaeya wouldn't shut up about how certain he was he'd get you. It got worse when he finally had you.
Kaeya loved playing co-op the second he got you, running around in circles to show off to whatever poor player accepted his request before ditching only seconds later. He was laughing like a madman, gleeful at the slight bit of chaos and uproar he could create.
When night finally fell, however, and it was just him playing the game for a moment before heading off to bed, he felt himself smile softly at the thought that he really, truly had you.
Tumblr media
Childe may not have the same sized fortune as Diluc, but he was ready to drop even more money to get you. He wanted you so badly!
Childe didn't really keep up with banner announcements that much, they didn't really matter to him. He was fine with whaling anyway, not really caring how unhealthy that may be. When he got news of you from Zhongli, however, it was all his posts seemed to be about. Counting down for you, trying to figure out the best gear to give you pre-release, everything.
Never really one for trying to get big numbers, he only wanted to try for once if it was for you. That doesn't mean he doesn't accidentally get massive numbers anyway, though. Sometimes they're bigger than even Kaeya's.
You were c6'd instantly, to Childe's delight. It was what you deserved, you know, and he was happy to drop a small fortune on a jpeg.
Sometimes, he'd play with his younger siblings. They'd often crowd around his desk, pushing each other while trying to take the seat on his lap for the best view. He was starting to regret not getting a PlayStation... at least the screen would have been bigger and they could all spread out more around the TV....
When he got you, his siblings cheered too. They all wanted to see you, gawking at your design and the beautiful effects accompanying your attacks. You were such a cool looking unit! They wanted to try playing with you too! To Childe's chagrin, to prevent a tantrum, he had to give in and give his siblings a turn running around and beating up hilichurls (as best as they could).
When he was finally able to just simply revel in his victory against RNG, he was sure to brag about it. Not as much as others, of course, but enough to still be a nuisance.
A lesser-seen, never talked about, more gentle side, however, was his Teapot Realm. He immediately bought the sets that would play into your affection, building them instantly and rearranging the entire layout around your tastes. He made sure a cooking station was nearby as well, so he could stand next to you while making something. Tender and domestic, just the way he liked it.
Tumblr media
Oh, was he ever ready. Albedo was one of many who speculated your release before it was ever announced, and he was already thinking up the possibilities of what you could be.
Deciding to cut out the middleman, however, and eliminate anything that could go wrong, he simply farmed for everything. No one understood how he did it.
When you were, finally, officially announced, Albedo immediately began polishing his ideas for you, writing them down in a notebook that stayed at his gaming station. He was prepared for you, that much was certain.
Albedo wouldn't whale. No, he knew better than dipping his toes into a possible gambling addiction, choosing to trust his luck. Jean agreed that was a smart decision, while everyone else teasingly remarked that he would never get you. Klee was still cheering for him, though!
Of course he got you. There was no struggle about it. It wasn't his first ten pull, but his second. He also pulled the new featured four star beside you, but he wasn't nearly as concerned with that.
He set out to building you, content with the things he had worked so hard for. You were built to perfectly accentuate your kit, making you an incredible powerhouse, whether you were meant to be or not.
Similar to Zhongli, Albedo wasn't as concerned with battling. Yes, he wanted to see what he could do with you and how strong he could build you, but that wasn't his main focus. More of a side project, honestly. He enjoyed taking photos with you as well, though not to post.
You adorned all of his sketchbooks. You had before ever coming out, but the frequency of his doodles increased exponentially with your arrival. How could he be blamed?
You were a new source of inspiration, a well from which his creativity could spring forth. He was grateful for that, often using you as a warm-up sketch before actually setting out to draw something. No matter how much he tried to keep them simple, however, his drawings of you always ended up being near masterpieces. You gave him a bit too much creativity, it seems.
Albedo was never concerned with games like this much. He played it because he had heard about it from Kaeya and never expected to get so attached to you. He didn't regret it, however, as the game was a nice destresser after work, and seeing you on his screen always brought a hint of life into his teal eyes and inspiration into his artwork.
Tumblr media
Xiao didn't have time for stupid games!
Those were his famous last words. He caved rather quickly, downloading it solely out of boredom (so he claimed). He ended up liking it so much that he recommended it to Zhongli.
Xiao was downbad for you almost immediately. Your character was so interesting, it really wasn't something he could help! Venti would tease him anyway. You made him feel so happy, though! Whenever Xiao saw you on screen, standing amongst the rest of the characters, he felt a spark of happiness.
He was extremely excited for you come release time. Xiao was so excited he became slightly sloppy, pulling for you without even thinking if you'd work with his team composition or how he would ever build you. Normally, he was a pretty composed player who did pretty well against bosses and could be considered "good" at building, but not this time.
Finally, he got you. He was so happy he, uncharacteristically, rocketed out of his gaming chair and punched the air. Nothing could beat this kind of euphoria!
You were immediately placed into the number one spot, marking Xiao as a you-main instantly. He didn't feel the need to broadcast it, fighting an internal battle as to if he should put you as his icon or not. He refrained for a little bit, eventually caving and setting it as you, but that was it. His builds were always private so, when he did eventually add you to his showcase, no one else could see how he decked you out. And, oh boy, were you ever decked out.
He tends to fall slightly above casual when playing, being pretty serious about domain and artifact farming, but that was amped up to one hundred when dealing with you. Honestly, however, he was really just happy to run around as you when waiting for his resin to refill.
Xiao would never speak of this, but his favorite part wasn't using you in battle. Really, despite his relative skill with it, he, like several others, didn't care about the fighting aspect much. He wanted to do well when using you, of course, but his real favorite part was picking flowers.
There was nothing like strolling up Starsnatch Cliff with you, gingerly picking each and every single cecilia in sight. It was tender, peaceful. Just what he liked. Playing with you in those moments was the real highlight for him, way more important than any damage ever could be.
Tumblr media
𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟, 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔹𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜𝕤 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕪 𝕤𝕦𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥!
Tumblr media
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that-spider-witch · a day ago
I said it on my Twitter and I’ll say it again:  As someone who plays Genshin for the plot, lore and characters, I'm very, VERY worried. Like between the rather lazy way they handled Inazuma’s Archon Quest and now the fucking anniversary scam, it is starting to seem like Mihoyo just doesn't give a fuck about their own game anymore, and if so, what can we expect going forward? What is going to happen to this game if the greedy company behind it has lost all interest in the story it had to tell?
Inazuma's story had really good ideas, it is the execution of it that was trash. The revelation of Scaramouche's origin should have been a cool story cinematic at the very least, not an infodump from Yae that players can unknowingly skip. Talk about lazy storytelling. And the least we talk about how much of Sara, Kokomi and La Signora's character storyline potential got downright wasted, the better. 
I'm now worried on how many other plot points are going to get done dirty just like that. The Ragnvindr brothers, all that stuff about Kaeya being the “last hope” and Mona’s prediction about him? The Tsaritsa? Zhongli’s “Contract to end all Contracts”? Albedo “If one day I lose control and destroy Mondstadt...” Kreideprinz? The Defiled Statue? That cryptic nonsense Scaramouche said about the sky and the stars being a hoax on that one event? Whatever the fuck is going down on Celestia????
Imagine if we never get a satisfying conclusion to those or any of the several plot threads that have been hinted at throughout the entire game because MHY just fucking forgot about all of them ever since they stopped caring about Genshin Impact outside of using it to try to get as much money out of their players as possible.
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lilmoons · a day ago
。・゚゚・𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘦𝘯 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘱𝘪𝘤𝘬-𝘶𝘱 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴・゚゚・。
warnings: cheesy but cute pick-up lines, fluff, crack, some were googled pick-up lines since my brain is filled w/ school, swearing, not proofread(?), diluc & kaeya being good bros again (sort of), awkward i think-, the husbandos being flustered owo.
a/n: i am rlly sorry for not being active lately, school has been quite rough on me & also had to deal w/ extracurricular activities so i had to take a small break hope u guys understand. and good thing i dont have classes today since we have this meeting called recollection. i cant fucking believe myself that i nearly forgot zhongli (i am so srry) BUT ANYWAYS, I HEREBY SERVE U, UR MEAL <33!!
edit: i keep on forgetting things here dont mind me editing (ಥ﹏ಥ)
edit 2: forgot thoma/tohma so i edited this again,,, im sorry bby ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
pairing/s: diluc, childe, kaeya, zhongli, tohma/thoma x gn!reader (separately)
word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
•°. *࿐ DILUC
it's either he'll get annoyed or flustered
but he'll most definitely get flustered by your stupid cheesy pick-up lines
depends really how cheesy or flirty your pick-up line is
one day you were just bored out of your mind, nothing to do then, you looked over to your redhead, hot-headed lover talking to his beloved seggsy brother kaeya.
you decided to make the redhead's face the same color as his hair
"hey diluc."
he averted his head towards your direction, so did kaeya.
watching intently as to what was about to unfold.
"you're like a fine wine. the more of you i drink in, the better i feel."
fuck this pick-up line would've been for kaeya but dajhsduashuhea
he most likely did not choke on his precious grape juice from what you had said (◔_◔)
diluc.exe has stopped working... (;・∀・)
anyways, he would flush in embarrassment and you successfully made his face the same hue as his hair (>///< ;)
im jk jk
kaeya decided to leave you two alone since ykyk ;)
so here you are w/ a cute flustered diluc ragnivindr sitting in front of you, gripping tightly on his mug of grape juice
you rlly broke him istfg
he tries to say a pick-up line back at you but failed and you left him speechless
throughout that day you might need to shower some kisses for lulu and also calm his nerves down (・ε・`)
you officially broke the ragnivindr, completely.
Tumblr media
•°. *࿐ CHILDE
ah the hot ginger fatui ( ͡°³ ͡°)
now listen here i, for one, definitely know that this ginger mf is a flirt
he can say the cheesiest but cute, pick-up lines to you that make you laugh or blush 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。
but this time you plan to get back at him
he was casually talking w/ zhongli abt some shit that you honestly didn't fucking care what the topic was abt
then you just had to fucking say it to him
"your eyes are like the ocean; i could swim in them all day" ;)
this makes zhongli spit a bit of his tea
the poor elder ╥﹏╥/j
as for childe well
let's say he is furiously blushing (>///< ;)
this man might need some help and reassurance if he heard you right
zhongli had to excuse himself to get a napkin to wipe off the tea that spilled over his clothing :')
i feel like he purposely left just for the two of you to ykyk
either way, you broke another husbando here
you had to snap your fingers in front of him to get back to reality from daydreaming...
yep, you broke another one
when you were done visiting zhongli, he asked.
"why did you have to say that?" his cheeks were tinted with hues of pink.
you simply shrugged.
and from that day childe has to prepare some pick-up lines to get back at you
but when you have another pick-up line to get right back at him
he might even have to marry you
Tumblr media
•°. *࿐ Kaeya
this pretty man w/ the eyepatch, the fluffy fur collar, the gloves, the boba window, the earrings his whole existence i love him sfm
where can i find a kaeya irl (╥_╥)
back to the hcs
obvsly we all know that he is a fucking flirt
a natural flirt
ofc he's been going around flirting w/ random ppl
and gosh his charm makes them swoon over the cold hot calvary captain
you were in his office helping with paperwork on a desk nearby his.
then suddenly diluc came into his office-
it was part of the plot anyways
yes diluc ragnivindr is in his office discussing abt random shit blah blah blah
once you were done w/ your paperwork you merely smirked to yourself and walked over to kaeya saying.
"if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged"
kaeya froze for a bit, then smirked to himself
"i just had to tell you, your beauty made me truly appreciate being able to see"
oh fuck he had a pick-up line up his fur collar whatever are you gonna do abt it-
"aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"
santa noises
he wasnt expecting that BUT HE HAS MORE???-
"feel my shirt. know what it's made of? boyfriend material"
'baby im not even here, i am a hallucination' -diluc
diluc just left you two throwing each other cheesy pick-up lines that werent his taste dasjhdausduasda ╥﹏╥
(poor bby had to leave cuz it was awks for him)
kaeya said "in my opinion, there are three kinds of beautiful: cute, pretty, and sexy. somehow, you manage to be all three"
that made you blushed
kaeya proudly grinned to himself as a sign of victory
but little did he know...
"you know, i believe that honesty is the best policy, so to be perfectly honest, you’re the sexiest man i’ve ever seen"
kaeya froze once more but this time he actually froze and became speechless.
pretty boy was quiet
mouth sealed shut
you proudly uttered "well guess i won, there'll probably be a next time pretty boy." after finishing your sentence, you sent him a wink and walked out of his office.
this man must've fallen in love w/ you deeper.
Tumblr media
•°. *࿐ ZHONGLI
yes the moraless archon even tho mora was literally named after him-
okay enough of that
i think he'll blush at your pick-up line and compliment you back
tbh this man will be confused at first like:
'is this how mortals/ s/o's are nowadays w/ their lovers?' 【・_・?】
zhongli has been living for 6,000 years and idfk if he experienced courting or what but what'd you expect?
but either way, you two were just having a calm conversation w/ the traveler & emergency food paimon
ofc drinking with tea
out of absolutely nowhere you muttered
"i can’t tell if that was an earthquake, or if you just seriously rocked my world"
zhongli choke and spit on his drink (again)
while the traveler was silently chuckling at his flushed state and paimon was definitely not gagging at the pick-up line-
tho anyways you got him good
the traveler excused themselves out that they have "commissions" to finish and dragged a rather thankful paimon for getting her out of the room cuz of that pick-up line
after they left, zhongli questioned you.
"dear, what was that for?" his cheeks were still tinted with a shade of pink and red.
you chuckled at the sight and replied "oh nothing, i just wanted to see how you would react."
now he's more embarrassed since the traveler had just witnessed it.
you walked over to him and place a peck on his cheek.
"aw look at you, you're so cute zhongli" ( ˶˘ ³˘)♡
the man took your hand and planted a kiss on your knuckles.
"so this is what you mortals do in courting nowadays huh?"
hiding his blushing face on your stomach
you merely stroke his hair and laughed.
you might do it again next time
and im convinced that the traveler & paimon will tell childe abt this-
Tumblr media
okay i'll stop
so he's like inazuma's childe-
i rllly should stop that
he's a sweetheart
so idk much abt him for i, did not continue my archon quest yet (im ar 34 btw), so yeah correct me if i have wrong info abt this gorgeous being
i think
that he'll flirt back at you like kaeya
but then there's him being flustered every time you keep it up
you two will be throwing pick-up lines at each other
while observing thoma's cheeks getting redder and redder
thoma was with ayaka helping with carrying some stuff, and you decided to ask.
but thru a pick-up line o>o
"can i follow you? cause someone told me to follow my dreams."
thoma nearly tumbled over a rock and almost drop the box.
you and ayaka were quietly laughing at the scene.
but your plan sort of backfired
"do you have a band-aid? cause i scrapped my knees falling for you."
this just made ayaka's face go (●Ω●;)
you blushed at him for being such a smooth mf istfg and kept your mouth shut throughout the day.
like kaeya's part throwing each other pick-up lines until the other one gives up.
ayaka was in the middle of all of it, she felt awkward during that-
wow um cant believe i managed to do this unlike the venti x reader that i am still working on WAHHDASJDHAJDA smhw have no idea how to continue it BUT I AT LEAST POSTED SOMETHING AGAIN (ಥ﹏ಥ). hope u guys enjoyed tho, and i apologize once again for not being active <33!
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tartagliad · a day ago
um- I have a request 😶 ( if you don't feel like doing it, feel free to ignore this )
can I request a Kaeya, Diluc and Zhongli with a gn!reader who gets the urge to hurt themselves whenever they panic or get stressed ? like they pull their hair, scratch and bite their arms and think about gouging their eyes out.
again, pls don't force yourself to write it.
I hope you'll have an amazing week (:
hello nonnie, sorry to respond this so late.. life is busy ._., ANYWAYS- here it is, and dont worry im fine with it >_<, also.. idk what title i should go for this one.. please give me some suggestions if you have some.. thank youu~
Give Me the Signal (ft. Kaeya, Diluc, and Zhongli)
Summary: reacting to a reader who has an urge to hurt themselves when stressed or panicked
Genre: angst and comfort
G/N reader!
Warnings: mentions of self-harming, stressed, hurt, scars, blood, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!!
Tumblr media
Kaeya is concern about it, he wanted to know where did you get this habit
And to be honest.. you don't know either, it just came out of nowhere and here it is
There's just this tingling feeling that urges you to do it
That's also the reason why Kaeya is a bit scared when he has to leave you alone
Just seeing you scratched yourself forcefully hurts him really deep
Especially when you scratch it until its bleeding, nope, that ain't gonna vanish from his head anytime soon..
The smooth skin of yours is now covered in scars...
He would bandaged it for you and tries to calm you down
And maybe cuddle with you
That's why sometimes he would go to the guild and ask what are your commissions for today
If it's fine and not that much, he's a bit relief that he could leave you alone
But if its stressful and on the heavier side? Kaeya would either split the commission with you and took the heavier one or do it together with you
And Kaeya would NOT bring you to the tavern.. cuz.. yeah.. people is always slurring things without even realizing it and he's afraid that it'll trigger you
I hope you don't mind he does this, he just didn't want to see you like.. that
''Now now, take a deep breath.. and blow... yes, just like that, calm down, I'm here.. there there.."
Tumblr media
(this gif literally said 🧍‍♂️)
Similar to Kaeya, he wants to know where did you found a habit like this
At first, Diluc thought that someone did this to you in the past.. he wanted to find them and give them a little lesson
But after hearing what you said.. he's a bit confused and worried at the same time when you said that it came out of nowhere
Now? well, he tries to not make you panic or stress or overthink on something
For example, if he's back from his 'night work' and injured, he would ask one of the maids if you're inside the room sleeping
If you're in the room sleeping, he's gonna treat by the maids at the living room
If you aren't sleeping, he'll do it in a bathroom or as quickly as possible
But if you're in the living room... yeah.. he'll be doing it outside without being caught by you.. he'll ask the maids to sneak some first aid kid for him
That's how he's so protective of you, he didn't want to see you hurting yourself
It hurts him to see you like that..
And if you did caught him or get stressed and it triggers you.. he'll immediately tries to calm you down in any possible way he could think off
Like cuddles with you or maybe try to talk about something to distract
Diluc tries his best to not trigger you.. and he tries his best to always be there for you when both of you are working on commissions
"Shh shh.. it's okay now.. you're safe with me.. I'm here.."
Tumblr media
Zhongli actually knows something about this..
Well, he lived for a really long time, surely he must've seen something like this before
He just didn't understand why does it have to be you.. :(
Why you? his most loved one.. why?!
Those questions just roams around his head when he first found out about it
Luckily, he knows how to comfort you
So he only needs to keep an eye on you when it happens
Tries to be there for you when he isn't busy
Always go out with you whether its on commissions or just have a walk around
Zhongli always told you that when you started to feel unease, just tuck his hand or grip his wrist
And you did, when the atmosphere started to get a little heavy or wrong, you tucked his hand
He'll immediately bring you out from the atmosphere
If you slur a word like "ugh.. i would like to rip my head off" or something like that on your commission.. he would pull you closer and give you some words of comfort, like "there there.. it'll be fine.." etc
When both of you got home from a stressed activity, Zhongli would brew you some tea and maybe run a bath
And before bed, he will cuddle you and tell you a story to distract you from whatever is happening from that day
Yes.. a great boyfriend indeed ;)
"Let's take a little break from everything, how about I make you spme tea to help you relax a little? It'll be ready in a few minutes."
(A/N: HELLO IM BACK, sorry for disappearing for a month, life is so busy especially school.. i'm trying my best to post again.. oh btw, my request box is closed.. thank you for those who have request.. bye bye.. have a great day
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sheltered-uno · a day ago
Tumblr media
My love for Rouxls Kaard re-awakened because he cheated and decided to become a pirate aka my no.1 weakness hhhh---
A blue pirate dressed in another blue pirate’s attire for funsies
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cecil-g · a day ago
What they would do if you were upset/ angry
Summary: HCs of few characters on how they would make you feel better if you were not in one of your best moods.
Fandom: Genshin Impact
TW: mentions of alcohol consumption and crying (just soft tears tho)
Characters: Kaeya, Diluc x gn reader (separate)
Type: SFW, a little fluff and warm hugs!
Word count: 397 (the words under the names together)
A/N: I'm very sorry if these aren't accurate, I tried capturing of how I thought they would react and I was feeling super excited today so I thought why not?
Just realised, I can only do 2 characters at a time because of the 10 image limit, if anyone wants a part 2 with more characters lmk :3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If he ever saw that you were angry or upset he would probably just observe quietly and see if it's alright for him to comfort you or let you have some alone time
He knows how important personal space is so he will back away if you ever strongly say that you need some time by yourself
Otherwise he'll be the first to scoop you up in a hug
You'll be surprised by this and will probably tell him to let you go but he'll hold you closer
Which will probably result in you just softly letting out whatever you had held in and holding on to him tight
Let's not forget that he'd probably also let you drink with him in Angel's share,
He's a good listener, so safe to say he would listen to all your rantings and what not
Maybe will offer to tell you a story or two
By the end of it, you would possibly be the drunker one of the two and Kaeya will carry you home and watch over you
"I'm always here if you need someone to talk to, okay?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He's a simple man
If he sees you upset, the first thing he would do is give you something warm to drink or eat
Will pretty much ask you if you are doing okay or ask if you feel better now
Tries his best to keep his concerns subtle as possible but fails, it's very cute though
He will listen to all your worries and assures you that no matter what, he'll always be there if you need anything
Will ask around for a reason why you were upset
And if your worries ever get to the point you start getting uncontrollably shaky or you start crying
He will rush over and frantically hug you so close that he forgets he's crushing you at times
But you love it
Not the crushing you so hard that you can't breathe part but the way he gets so worried about you and will do anything to make you feel better
Oh and if you're angry, he'll let you take it all out on him, even if it resorts to him getting hit in the chest sometimes
All in all: a soft boyo
"I don't know if this will help, but if it does, I'll do anything to make you smile again."
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genshintea · a day ago
hey mod keqing, could I request venti and kaeya reacting to the reader (gn) accidentally confessing? separately please!
Tumblr media
- their reaction to you confessing on accident
pairings: venti the bard + kaeya alberich x gn! reader
category: fluff
content/trigger warning(s): nothing
- mod keqing
- venti
"aw.. you're leaving for commissions aleady?" venti groaned in disappointment as you put your shoes back onto your feet, then collected your belongings. "yeah, sorry! but i'll be back this evening, so we can hang out a bit then."
"yay! venti exclaimed while he threw his hands into the air in excitement. "see you later, venti. love you!" you didn't even realize what you just said to venti, until he replied with 'love you too'.
- kaeya
"so? have you given kaeya the letter you wrote for him yet?” amber asked, making you sigh. “no. i’m too scared! he’ll never know that i have feelings for him. amber smiled deviously as she pointed to the door.
“hi.” kaeya waved with hi usual smirk. “huh- what?! um.. how much of that did you hear?” kaeya chuckled at your pink face. “enough to know that you feel the same way as i do.”
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duckil · a day ago
!domKaeya x !femReader [18+ CONTENT]
Summary; You find Kaeya reading something, soon it escalates to something more serious.
Warning; petnames, slight daddy kink, dumbfucking, (If I tell you the rest, you'll get spoilers.)
You never expected to see the Calvary Captain in the library at late midnight, even though the library was in the Favonias headquarters, you didn't know Kaeya enjoyed reading. It was very strange to see him hear all the while. You approached him closer walking toward the table he was sitting at. He was reading some so of red book though when you came closer, it all made sense.
It seemed that Keaya was reading somesort of erotic novel. You didn't even know they had that their, watching as Kaeya flipped through the pages seeing dirty words. "Oh, hello Y/N wouldn't have thought I would've cross paths with you another time today." Oh continued to stare at the book filled with words that you couldn't even write unless you wanted to lose your dignity. "Oh Y/N, do you find interest in my book? I never knew you were into these things." He teased with a coy tone. "Why don't we read it toghter if your so interested. Have a seat here." He said pointing to his lap. Oh how you longed for this moment, you were shy yet you couldn't decline this offer.
You nod and sat down on his lap. "Why don't we take turns reading these paragraphs? You do one and then I will do one." He says calmly. You couldn't even say no to it, you were so heated up and your heart was pounding so hard. "Go ahead, start." He says. "Oh how, ...-naughty you are. She says as she begins to suck his.." you paused, you were so flustered squirming around in Kaeya's lap that his erection poked your ass. "Go ahead, finish the sentence. You're not done yet?" Kaeya said. "-She says as she begins to suck his..- member." You say hesitantly, oh how flustered you were. "Read whats on the page, don't want to be misinformed." Kaeya said as he chuckled. "Cock." You say quietly.
"Good job, now continue." He coos. "Oh how hard he was, veins bulging. He began to.. moan." You said. "Good girl, now it's my turn." He says shifting a bit. Oh you couldn't bare how his hard erection was pressing you, if was to much to handle. "Ahnnmm..~ too—much.. your mouth is so good. He said as he pushed her head to the base of his cock." Kaeya said. You wondered how Kaeya could have no regard of what he's saying.
Then suddenly, you heard a click from the door. "Ehm.. let me check the door for one sec." You say as you scooch out of Kaeya's lap. You heard a groan that came from his lips and became even more flustered. While checking the door you began to notice that the door was locked, you were in utter terror. "Kaeya, you should check the door." You say. Kaeya gets out of his chair and begins to check the door while coloring you between himself and the wooden object. His hard dick pressed right on your ass. "Oh, it seems like we're locked. What a shame." He exclaimed as he tossed it out like nothing.
He began to inch closer to you, you began to squirm under his touch. "Ah-ah.. stay still. You know what your doing to me, don't you?" He teases. "Why don't we do something like those two did in the novel, though instead of her being dominant, it'll be me." He chuckles. You were so hot but you just couldn't say no, this was an opportunity you couldn't just shake off. You begin to nod. "Okay, leave me to do the work." He says with a grin. He begins to touch you through your clit through your panties and play with your slit. You stiffen up whining, you need more than that. "Awee, no need to be whiny. I'll get there soon." Kaeya coos. He begins to toy with your pussy more by rubbing you clit in circles and sliding down your slit towards your asshole. You still continue whining, but all Kaeya does in shush you down.
He continues teasing for a little while, then Kaeya begins to take your panties down looking at the string of slick coming from your pussy. "So wet after a little bit of teasing? So naughty.." he claims. Kaeya begins to unzip his pants. You see the big print of his dick on his boxers. Once you he his cock it was huge. Kaeya begins to rub tge tip of his cock on your folds. His cock was huge! Is he even going to prepare you for his cock? "Aren't you going to prep me?" You exclaim and wail out! "Darling, your so wet I can slip it right through. Do you not have the ability to take my cock into your tight hole?" He mocks.
You whine, soon he inserted half of his cock in. "Euuh..!" You moaned, oh how big and painful the stretch was. Though you were to indulged in your pleasure that you ignored it. "Shhh.. that's my girl, you can take more can't you?" He whispers in your ear. He beings to insert the rest of his cock, groaning at the sensation of your tight walls sucking him in. He begins to ram his cock right into you, it was so deep. "Ah-! Ah..!~" You moaned, you begin to feel your eyes water, it hurted but felt to so that you felt like you were floating in pleasure.
It was a sight to behold for what Kaeya was seeing, you looked to precious and cute with you looking so dumb on his cock! Your tounge lolling out, your eyes looking up, head bended back, tears filling your eyes, and the sight of drool coming from your mouth. Though when your walls tightened, he lost it. He ram even faster trying to reach his high and to pleasure you, he hasn't felt this way ever. "Ahn- aughh..! Ah-!" You moaned out loudly, you were so cute! You looked so dumb that it make Kaeya's heart flutter.
You felt pressure build up in your stomach, you felt like you were going to combust! The sound of you moaning, whimpering, and crying was already to turn Kaeya on, but seeing you this lewdly and feeling you was his breaking point. Kaeya began to toy with your clit, rubbing it in circles feeling your stick slick that had covered it. You lost it at that point. "Cu-umm..!~" You exclaimed, you then came on Kaeya's dick, you were trying to recover you high but Kaeya kept thrusting. "To mus-ch!" You cried out. "Baby, you-r so tight for me.." he groaned. "Let daddy reach his high." He said. You would've been shocked and flustered if Kaeya said that to you to refer him as that, though you were so dumb fucked that you moaned even more after that!
Soon things came crashing down as Kaeya came right inside of your wet walls, spurts of thick creamy cum went to your velvety tight walls. So much that it began to seep out if you as Kaeya and you rested at the bottom of the floor to catch your breath. "Ah.. we should do this more often baby. Since we're locked here till someone comes, we should get some rest." He says. He sounded sincere, quite different from the times when he was mocking you. You could quickly get used to the pet names he gave you too. You begin to fall asleep with the wooden door that you were leaning on, the hardwood floor, and Kaeya who was right nearby you.
(Author: This writing has been in my drafts for days, I tried to put it out as soon as possible but I has to sort things out with my education. Though, I hope you enjoy this smut cause this one was something I find quite creative, this probably would've worked better for Zhongli, Xingqui, ect.. though it works out.)
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telivia · 2 days ago
Kaeluc's :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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genshin-karebear · a day ago
The Love of My Life
✨ Genshin Week Special ✨
Pairing: Kaeya X reader
Warnings: None
Taking a pause from my break to write this, cuz I was inspired by a friend 🥰
Tumblr media
Mondstadt was experiencing a breeze today, one so gentle it made the blades of grass away delicately, yet wasn’t strong enough to interfere with your work. Your fingers’ movements were calculated, separating the steed’s mane into equal sections for braiding. The first few braids were a little messy, but the more practice you got, the easier it was to weave.
The grey stallion stood patiently, munching on a net filled with hay. Occasionally his tail swished to shoo off the flies, sometimes he stomped a hoof, but not once did he pin his ears or show any signs of discomfort in regards to your presence. You’ve seen this horse plenty of times before, adorned in armour while carrying the Calvary Captain on his back, but this was the first time you got to relax with him.
“Good boy.” You praised, finishing with one braid and starting another.
The horse snorted and pulled another mouthful of hay from the net. Once you finished the braiding, you moved to stand beside his shoulder, running your hands along the large, strong muscle of his neck. The stallion seemed to loose focus on his snack, head turning to bump his soft muzzle against your hip.
You giggled and ran your hand along his cheek. “Yes, I like you, too.”
“Oh? Am I interrupting something?” A familiar, flirtatious voice asked.
You turned your head, grinning at the sight of Kaeya. He strode towards you with long strides, eyes as gorgeous as ever as he stopped beside you, arms crossed over his chest.
The expression on his face was a teasing one. “Don’t tell me I’ve lost my girlfriend to my noble steed? My, how embarrassing.”
You laughed and turned towards him, wrapping your arms loosely around his shoulders, hands locking behind his neck. Naturally, his own held your hips. “Looks like you’ll have to up your game, Captain.”
“Is that so?” He asked, a smirk playing on his lips. If it were even possible he pulled your closer, speaking against your lips. “However will I do that?”
A giggle escaped you, one hand letting go of the other to slide to his chest. “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”
Like magnets his lips found yours, unable to resist the pull any longer. Kiss after kiss was exchanged, sweet and gentle, only to be disrupted when the stallion’s head bumped into your back, pushing your further into Kaeya.
You broke away and laughed. “I think we’re making him jealous.”
Kaeya chuckled. “You do have a talent for making anything with emotions fall for you. What’s your secret?”
“I’ll tell you, if you teach me how to ride?”
“Oh? That’s all?” Without wanting he swept you off your feet, placing you onto the horse’s bare back. “Well then, let’s have our first lesson, shall we?”
Your eyes went wide. “Right now? Without a saddle? Or a bridle, for that matter.”
Kaeya hummed and untied the stallion’s lead from the post. “We’re just walking. Don’t you trust me?”
Truly, you did. You responded by grabbing onto one of the stallion’s braids and, as Kaeya walked him forward, talked you through the basics of finding your balance.
Equine Terminology:
When talking about horse colours, a white horse is considered a grey.
A bridle is the piece of equipment that does on the horse’s face. A saddle is self explanatory.
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koldasuto · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Abyss was not a fun place, alright. Poor smol Kaeya, got reminded of it.
Headcanon for the Abyss! Abyss is endless realm of complete darkness and despair. There are beasts and demons watching your every step. You'll never now where they are, when will they attack. You only feel they gaze and hear their low growls. Not knowing anything and staying on edge is pretty terrifying!
Not only that, but also time and space is wacky too! Time flows much slower. And the Abyss itself possess dangerous knowledge that would make a man insane.
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radisv · a day ago
Tumblr media
“What's wrong? Can't handle the cold?”
Help! I literally haven’t been able to stop playing this game! It’s sooo addictive!😭😭😭
This may or may not become a Genshin stan account
Click for better quality
Tags: @khaleesiofalicante @anarchistbitch @gorgeous-herondale @buttcrflys-rose @chibi-tsukiko @youngreckless @haline-of-troy @hardlymatters
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rex-zouda · a day ago
Uuuh something old
Tumblr media
K: look Diluc! I got a new dad!
D: Kaeya, where did you get him from?!
K: Liyue uwú
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pride-sprite-edits · 22 hours ago
Could we have demiboy Kaeya from Genshin?
Tumblr media
you sure may anon!! here he is!
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