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#kaeya alberich x reader
chichikoi · a day ago
scenario: you're back home from work and all you want to do is take a shower and go to sleep while cuddling with your lover. but he's in the shower. Sighing, you sit on the mattress and pick some PJ's for yourself to wear. ... is that kaeya... singing?
Kaeya? How long will you ta-
*peeps out of the bathroom and pulls you in (sfw)* *gives you the shampoo bottle.* SING IT HONEY!
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adrikazu · 10 hours ago
🎉🎊Happy 100th follower >:D🎊🎉
So glad to have discovered your blog, have a cake!
(͡°‿ ͡°)>🎂
If it's not too much, may we have the 🥢 prompt for Zhongli, Kaeya, and Thoma?
zhongli, kaeya, thoma + 🥢
reader gives them a bouquet,,
check comments!
he’s very very happy
in a very formal way he thanks you
definitely puts it in a glass pot and hopes that it’ll live for a long while
overall in any situation he’s grateful for your gifts
he’s happy to recieve anything from you
zhongli will do his best to give bouquets back to you
and let me tell you, it’s not his forte 💔💔
he’s better at taking care of your bouquets than him giving them to you
and he’s not very good at the first to be honest
he does try though!!!
my boy kaeya… lord
isnt he supposed to be the flustered one???
he’s such a smooth talker that he sends the attention back to you and attempts to redden your face
trust me though later when he looks at the flowers he’ll flush
but literally he’s impossible to fluster
or at least infront of you
he tries to take care of the flowers, but his next objective is to give you flowers too
funny enough, kaeya gets kinda worried whether or not the flowers are dying or not
he can’t tell LOL
unless they’re wilting then for sure
this ones actually so cute
he takes the flowers so well !! and he brings back the attention to you and thanks you
definitely returns the favor later on in his own unique way of affection
the sweetest boy i’m telling you
he’s not exactly too shy to show off his flushed face, or at least it seems because he forgets to hide it
overall it’s endearing to watch him remember and try to
and he vocally expresses how much he adores the gift
and how much he adores you
it’s so sweet
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catcze · 4 months ago
Giving them random kisses <3
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀ This is gonna b self indulgent bc im in a mood– do i care? no. I’m not even gonna proof read dude
⠀Feat: Xiao, Kazuha, Childe, Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya
Tumblr media
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀Xiao
Probably unsure how to handle it at first.
He’s not used to people being as affectionate with him as you are, and he might have found it foreign initially, what with spending so many years alone.
But now, he finds that he actually likes when you cup his cheeks and pepper his face with kisses for no particular reason.
Not like he’s going to tell you that, though.
⠀“Again?” He asked, cheeks warm under your lips. He let out a sigh that someone else would have said was exasperated, but you knew at this point that it was far from that.
⠀“This is the third time today,” Xiao complained, narrowing his eyes at you when you pulled away. But you merely giggled at him, seeing as how he hadn’t extracted himself from your hold, nor was he even bothering to hide the fact that he was subtly leaning into your space, looking at your lips.
⠀“Are you saying you don’t like it?” You asked cheekily, squishing his cheeks until his lips puckered and he gave you the most dry look.
⠀Xiao growled, but you thought it was cute— like a chihuahua. You cooed at him, squishing his cheeks even more to his chagrin.
⠀The adeptus turned away from you, his brows furrowed, and his cheeks beoming warmer. “You stopped,” he said, looking at you from the corner of his eye. When you tilted your head in question, he added, “With the... kisses. Weren’t you so eager earlier?”
⠀You brightened up immediately at the subtle invitation, pulling his face back into your reach, and releasing his face to give you more space to cover. He may have groaned in false annoyance, but with the way his hands held you firmly against him, you knew he didn’t really mind.
Tumblr media
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀Kazuha
Probably surprised the first time you randomly kiss him, but he’s not at all opposed!
Kazuha would enjoy the random kisses!!
Im not just projecting here i swear
But i genuinely think that over time, every time you give him a quick peck in passing, a kiss on the lips when no one else is looking, or whatever else, he gets this really happy smile on his face <3
Probably initiates a few surprise kisses himself, though you still initiate majority of them.
⠀"You know, I’m pretty sure Beidou looks the other way whenever I kiss you,” You laughed, sidling up to Kazuha while he watched the ocean. His lips quirked up into a smile that had your chest warming.
⠀“Perhaps she wants to give us some privacy? Not that it would matter to you, either way though.”
⠀Jokingly, you smacked him on the shoulder, chuckling. “Probably. I think she’s glad you’re happy, though.”
⠀“I am,” he affirmed with a small, sweet smile, taking your hand in his. He rubbed his thumb over your knuckles, lost in thought.
⠀Taking the opportunity, you pressed a quick kiss to the tip of his nose before he could react, taking him out of his haze. You laughed slightly when you watched him blush just the slightest bit, regarding you with a quirked brow. 
⠀“What was that for?” He asked, soft and sweet.
⠀“I dunno. I just wanted to,” you said, squeezing his hand. He squeezed back, the beat of his heart picking up. You were too cute, sometimes.
⠀”Well, if you want to, feel free to give me another one,” he said, tapping his lips with a finger, his gaze kind.
⠀You grinned, bouncing on the balls of your feet as you pressed in even closer to him, close enough that your noses touched.
⠀“I think I will.”
Tumblr media
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀Childe
Honestly, I think it would take him some getting used to. 
As someone who’s a trained fighter, he might mistake your random kisses as random attacks at first. It’s a bit of a learning experience for both of you, tbh
But when he gets used to it and learns how to read your tells for being close to springing a kiss on him, 
He becomes super happy to receive your affection. He might even Give you a few surprise kisses himself.
⠀“Childe!” You laughed, giggling and squirming away when he continued his onslaught of kisses, landing most of them directly on your lips, but angling a few on your nose.
⠀“Really thought you could get the slip on me, huh?” He asked with a boyish grin, pulling you tight against his chest. When you laughed again, dragging out a joking, noooo!! he giggled himself, swooping down to press one more kiss to your forehead.
⠀You could feel the vibrations of his laugh from how close you two were. It was ticklish, actually.
⠀Sneakily, you reached your hands up to cup his jaw, using his momentary surprise to pull his head to where you could reach. You had to stand on your tiptoes, and his arms came to wrap even tighter around you.
⠀“Gotcha!” You cheered when you two separated, grinning brightly.
⠀Childe gazed at you fondly, his heart pounding so quick in his chest he was certain your could feel it.
⠀“You little troublemaker,” he growled jokingly. He didn’t expect the next kiss to come just after he spoke, and after the little peck, he raised an eyebrow.
⠀“Oh, you’re so in for it now,” he said, resuming his earlier flurry of kisses, much to your glee.
Tumblr media
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀Diluc
Like Xiao, he’s lost at first.
He’s kind of a loner, so random acts of affection isn’t something normal for him.
Funny thing is!! he gets really flustered when you first started it. 
His face turned so red when you pressed a kiss to his cheek–– you thought he was burning up, and he was still just trying to process what had just happened.
⠀“Diluc?” You asked, brows furrowed. He hadn’t spoken yet, merely stared at you with wide eyes that aren’t typical for him. Strange. “Are you okay?”
⠀It was as if the question shocked him back to life. “That––” he spluttered, face growing redder by the second. It was concerning, but also kind of funny. Instead of continuing the thought, Diluc’s mind seemed to stall, and his mouth gaped like a fish.
⠀“That..?” you prompted, a small smile on your lips.
⠀“That––” He stuttered again, then seemed to swallow. His face had gone even redder. “Did you just...”
⠀“Kiss you?” You supplied, and he nodded. “Yeah. Sorry, I guess should have asked first, huh? Does it bother you?”
⠀Diluc turned away from you, keeping his eyes pointedly on the opposite wall. The redness had not faded at all. Silence stretched out for a bit, and you were prepared to take that as a ‘yes.’
⠀“I... no.” It was quiet, a bit more bashful than you were used to him sounding. “I quite enjoyed it actually.”
⠀“Really?” You asked, the happiness practically dripping from your tone.
⠀Diluc nodded, seemingly contemplating something, before he turned back to you, meeting your gaze despite the flush on his cheeks. “Can I have another one?”
Tumblr media
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀Zhongli
A little surprised the first time you kiss him out of the blue, but he rolls with it pretty well.
He doesn’t say much about it, but he eventually asks and you explain it to him.
When he gets used to it, he begins to start expecting it.
Like Childe, he starts to learn indicators for when you want a kiss or when you’re about to kiss him, so he beats you to it.
⠀“Zhongli!” You chimed cheerily, walking up to him. There was a large smile on your face.
⠀“Yes?” He asked, already with amusement in his tone. He crossed his arms on his chest, regarding you with a kind stare. Both of you already knew where this was going.
⠀“Close your eyes!” You instructed with a laugh, and he dutifully did as he was told, smiling faintly. “I got you something!” You announced, and he could make out the sound of your hands clasping together.
⠀“And I think you’re going to like it, too.”
⠀“If it’s from you, I’m certain I will.”
⠀You tisked jokingly, mumbling ‘charmer’ under your breath. Zhongli’s smile only widened. “Don’t open your eyes!”
⠀“I would never––” he began, only to have his words cut short by the warmth of your lips on his, stealing his breath in an instant. He sighed into the brief kiss, his smile widening when you two parted. With opened eyes, he looked at you with no lack of love.
⠀“Well?” you asked, grinning proudly. 
⠀“You were right,” He chuckled. “I liked that very much.”
Tumblr media
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀Kaeya
Literally rolls with your random kisses soo well!!
Half of the time, a quick peck gets turned into something a bit more long-lasting when you’re with him.
He’s cheeky about it, too. Makes little quips about you not being able to stay away from him for very long.
If you kiss him somewhere that isnt his face tho, like his shoulder, hands or neck, he will get fllustered.
⠀He heard your footsteps before you entered his office, and had already placed his pen down when you walked in.
⠀“I brought you some food before I have to go,” You announced with a smile, holding up a little box that Kaeya though smelled heavenly. He smiled, eagerly receiving it when you approached and placed it on his desk.
⠀“How thoughtful of you,” he said, causing you to flush. “Did you get it from good hunter?”
⠀“Ah, no. I had some free time this morning, so I thought I’d cook you something.”
⠀That had his heart skipping a beat. Archons, how lovely could you get? 
⠀“Thank you,” he said earnestly, drawing your gaze up. With a smile, he took one of your hands in his, twining your fingers together. “Stay safe in Dragonspine, alright? I know more than anyone that you’re capable, but if anything should happen, don’t hesitate to call me.”
⠀“I promise,” you said, and he clenched his hand in yours.
⠀“Want a kiss for the road?” Kaeya asked, leaning forward with the toothiest grin. You laughed, shaking your head, but leaned in to press your lips to his, drawing a happy hum from him. When you two disconnected, he sighed, knowing you had to go soon.
⠀“I’ll be back as soon as we’re done,” You said, squeezing his hand in yours. To his surprise, you lifted your interlocked hands and brought the back of his hand to your lips, pressing a tender kiss to it that had Kaeya’s blood warming.
⠀“I’ll see you soon, “ you promised with a grin, pressing a last kiss to his hand –making his brain halt yet again– before you made your way out of his office. “See you! Love you, Kae!”
⠀“Love you too,” he called, the place where your lips had pressed to his skin tingling. He really, really meant it.
Tumblr media
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moontofuu · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
DILUC who rises up in dawn, certainly far earlier than you. brushing lips against the skin of your temple, letting his mouth linger for a few seconds as he closes his eyes and cherishes the moment, praying to the anemo archon to keep you safe no matter what. carefully supporting your body that leaned on his side with his right arm.
DILUC who would willingly shed his life and die for mondstat without a sign of hesitation but lives for you. DILUC who would pause amidst a pillar while scrutinizing a lone abyss mage, unconsciously scouring the field for a possible exit if things possibly go wrong.
KAEYA who can't keep his hands to himself, be it in a meeting for all the favonious captains or even more public activities. he instead diverges his growing boredom to yourself, gladly letting his hands roam around, sometimes in innocent touches on the skin such as fiddling on the hem of your clothing or not so innocent places...
KAEYA who can't help but let his eyes wander over to you as he most probably disregards another of his fellow captains. KAEYA who stares at you with a smile full of mysterious and a glint just as enigmatic as him shining in his eyes and panics for a split second, swiftly twitching his mouth up in a smirk when you turn your head to his direction.
TARTAGLIA who spoils you rotten with his never-ending wealth that he most definitely doesn't spend on himself alone, he's got to spend it otherwise unless it'll go to waste, right? TARTAGLIA who's eyes grow from cold to instantly warm, his eyes soften while his posture relaxes as he blends into the shadows and silently watches as you interact with his siblings.
TARTAGLIA who's shoulders slouches down in guilt but is brimming with warmth and appreciation when he finds you passed out in the couch, the lousy blanket barely covering your body, exposing it to the cold. he sighs and shakes his head but hoists you up in his arms, brings you close before trudging over to the bedroom with the promise if making it up to you swirling in his mind.
ZHONGLI who unknowingly peers at your lips when in a random conversation with you, his eyes constantly switches over from your eyes and to your mouth over and over again so it's hard to not notice. he apologizes softly, frankly embarrassed at being caught and shyly avoids your eyes.
ZHONGLI would sit on a comfortable chair with your head on his chest as he speaks as though he's experienced the many notable events from past decades and millennia. he wouldn't even notice that you already drifted off with his relaxing voice that is until he looks down after he's finished.
VENTI who strums his lyre and hums a song along with the melody upon the dark starry sky. quietly gazing at you with fond eyes when the song reaches the part where he mentions something about 'forever and love', then laughing softly when he spots you already fast asleep.
VENTI who loves to mess with you with sending bursts of wind, gentle to yourself but fierce to bring an object clutched into your arms high up into the air, letting it spin around violently for a few seconds before letting the wind lead it back to your annoyed self.
XIAO watches from the balcony of the inn, glancing down and observing you from above all while you happily clutch a bag of snacks, waving at the patrons before climbing up the stairs, no doubt wanting to share with him once more. how foolish, he thinks but if so then he's stupid one.
XIAO who doubts that you'll call out his name, more or less mutter it. so why does he await your voice? XIAO who hates to see you hurt, sharply scolding you for being so 'clumsy and stupid' as he leans down and inspects you for any more fatal injuries.
ALBEDO who's attention diverts to you when he picks up a trace of your voice calling out to him. ALBEDO who most likely reminds himself that a creature such as him wasn't born with the same set of feelings, organs, and emotions such as innate beings such as humans so why does he feel the strange fluttering in his chest?
ALBEDO who knows just how to charm you and is aware that you convey the same attraction and love he holds towards you. ALBEDO who suddenly pauses when in the middle of an activity, only to think about memorable moments he knows of you, his lips forming to a graceful and tender smile.
SCARAMOUCHE who criticizes you for bare minimum and is unable to hold back from bursting out a string of insults that pops in his mind in an attempt to deny that him, scaramouche, the balladeer is totally not in love! the anger in him only increases further when he sees your shocked face, not to you but to him. he screams internally, you idiot.. you hurt them! wait I don't care about their feelings--damn it, damn you for making me feel this way you witch!!..
SCARAMOUCHE who reluctantly sits beside you without as much as even uttering a word. just a silent, meaningful action, the two of you sit in a comfortable silence. basking the others presence while scaramouche holds a conflicting storm of unkept and chaotic feelings inside of him.
KAZUHA who greets you with a coy smile, pressing a kiss to the back of your palm while beidou holds back a bark of "how smooth, lover boy!". KAZUHA who's the type to brood and swiftly intervene in a conversation when he catches a crew member getting a little too close, can you blame him? a jewel such as you is something he wants to keep.
KAZUHA who just accepts his fate with open arms when you slide yourself to his side. KAZUHA who holds you close as you both watch the sun rise as the water gently rocks the ship back and forth along with you.
THOMA who never forgets to say "I love you" when going somewhere, even if he's forced by ayato to come in at komore teahouse while you wave him goodbye from the outside, sipping on your tea as he gets dragged in by the head of the yashiro commission.
THOMA who voices his want to finally be free from being cooped up in the komore teahouse for 'so long' and begs you to "please buy something for him because he misses the taste of inazuman street food". brightening up and peppering you in kisses when you agree.
Tumblr media
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glazelilyy · a month ago
their s/o is the dendro archon! (vol. 2)
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!) - kaeya alberich, scaramouche, dainsleif x gender neutral reader
word count - 15,671
genre - fluff, angst with comfort, suggestive
format - hcs + blurbs
warnings - crying, yelling, slight gore and harm (wounds, blood mention), skinship, [insults, semi nudity (scara in his boxers and nothing sexual implied about it), reader is addressed as "lilium" (a codename) for half of scaramouche's, and wearing jewelry in scaramouche's], spoilers for kaeya and dain's backstories, suggestive lines and actions in kaeya's
summary - you just happen to be the dendro archon, no big deal to him, right?
a/n - woohoo!! volume two is here with my beloved <3, my beloved: the sequel <3, and my beloved: the ultimate triquel <3, (aka kaeya, scara, and dain LOL). hope you enjoy! (scara's is loooooong bc plot go brrr, just a fair warning!)
disclaimer - i literally know nothing about the dendro archon or how the dendro element works asides from the fact that it's susceptible to pyro PFBFBT- so this is my interpretation of what both the personality of the dendro archon, their powers and the dendro element itself could be like! (this was also made and written BEFORE the actual canon release of the dendro archon!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kaeya assumed you were just like any other gardener he'd ever met with the exception that you sold some of the most beautiful flowers in all of teyvat
diplomats from nearby fontaine, liyue, and once even an emissary from inazuma have all stopped by the city of freedom to purchase your lush blooms
what initially got his attention was your kind nature and sweet gestures
no child would ever walk past you and not receive a special flower to don in their breastpocket or hair complete with a radiant smile from you
kaeya would often saunter up to your little trolley of flowers, eyeing the vibrant verdant vision that swung from your hips, and purchase a single blue rose
he'd then place it behind your ear, complete with his signature charming grin and a "you look good in blue, doll" before leaving with a skip in his step
naturally, he charms his way into your life and soon you find yourself donning the title of "the cavalry captain's lover", and it's a title you adore ever so much
kaeya is naturally observant, and while seeing you work with your vision he can't help but pick up on some of the oddities that occur when you're requested to appraise lands or help farmers with their crops
he's aware that the capabilities of a vision bearer are unique to each individual, but there's something odd about your ability to bring forth an entire field of flowers, or nourish a perished tree back to life with a single kiss to its trunk (he once even caught sight of you bringing an entire nursery of dead flowers back to life with a single wave of your hand)
his trust in you begins to waver, and you'll have to take the reigns back into your hands to let him know that you aren't trying to deceive him
of course, you may have your apprehensions given that he's told you of his origins, but it's worth taking the risk instead of being dishonest with him and losing him forever
(scenario + more utc!)
Tumblr media
"kaeya, my darling," you gently cooed to the figure standing in the doorway of your bedroom, "come here, let me see your face."
for once, kaeya offered no rebuttal and obediently sat by your side at the edge of the bed. that easy smile on your lips never faltered despite the obvious conflicting emotions that swirled in his eyes.
"are you okay?" you slipped your hands into his and thumbed the back of his knuckles, voice barely above a whisper.
his laugh was laced with ice and lacked its usual charming mirth. "you tell me, dollface?" though a smile weaved itself onto his lips, his eye was devoid of any joy. your easy smile began to falter.
defeated, you sighed and pressed your lips against his cheek as a peace offering. "i'm no mind reader, but i understand what's bothering you. so please, let me explain."
a simple nod of his head gave you all the permission you needed. "i am...not who you think i am," you paused, tongue searching for the right words. you rose your hand and unfurled your fingers, revealing a tiny, delicate green item that looked similar to a chess piece. it thrummed with life and pulsed gently, glowing a gentle, fern green. tiny, white flowers climbed up the sides of the object and wrapped around its base.
his eye wasn't meeting you, blown open in shock he could only stare at the rotating gnosis that floated in your hand.
"i'm the dendro archon."
somehow those four words managed to explain it all: the seemingly omnipotent power and ridiculous strength you carried all while maintaining an air of eloquence. it made so much more sense. the air around you dropped in temperature, icy particles bit at your skin and for once that periwinkle eye bathed in light that you loved so much and the tingles of his signature laugh felt void of life.
"when were you going to tell me? or, perhaps you were just going to keep it a secret had i not been onto you?" a wry grin didn't suit that beautiful face of his, you thought.
you were cut off by maniacal laughter, devoid of humor or even the slightest bit of emotion. you almost didn't recognize the man in front of you, whose laugh felt empty and hollow. his visible eye lacked its usual charming glow, and instead an icy cavern took its place.
"to think- that i had finally come across a miracle, only for you to be an archon? fate truly despises me, when will celestia be done taunting me?" with an almost defeated smile, kaeya looked up towards the ceiling with a shaky sigh. you felt your heart break.
he stood up from the bed and held his head in his hands, threading his fingers through his once neatly combed locks. his chest heaved with strangled breaths as he recalled the one thing that his father had engraved into his minds: the gods are not to be trusted.
you refused to let him slip away like this, not with how his hands shook or how his breath began to labor with each intake of air despite the fragile smile of disbelief on his face. before he could turn to leave, you rushed from the bed and flung your arms around his torso, squeezing with all the strength you had.
no matter how hard he pried and tried to get you off of him, you held on for dear life.
"i hard to protect them, kaeya. khaenri'ah is- was a beautiful nation." between sputters of sobs, you clutched the fabric of his shirt and prayed that he'd hear you out. tears rolled down the valleys of your face, but you made no move to swipe them away. "but the other gods...they wouldn't listen to me. dendro isn't a powerful element, i heal not destroy. and i was consequently looked down upon," you paused to move your hands from his waist to cup his face, stained with crystal clear tears, "i promise you, i tried with everything i had to protect them. but it wasn't enough, and i let them all perish because i was too weak-"
you tried to explain further only to be cut off by the bubble of sobs that escaped your throat, remembering the bloodied faces of the scared khaenri'ahan children you'd failed to protect and the looks of horror upon the faces of each and every citizen of khaenri'ah, watching as the gods descended upon them with murderous intent and slayed their children and elderly.
his heart pinched in his chest as you fell apart in his hands. kaeya moved his arms to hold you up against him once you began to sway and allowed you to press your tear covered face into the crook of his neck.
"h-hey now easy there, calm down." he whispered, though his own hands were shaking with fervor. you clung to him with all that you had and hiccupped into his skin as he rubbed his hand up and down your back to soothe your cries.
much to his surprise, little yellow flowers on a thin, green vine began to bloom from your body: taking root in your hair, encircling your neck and wrists, wrapping themselves like thin, wiry snakes around your entire body. the vine had come up to where his hand lay on your back and gently wrapped itself around his index finger.
"are you doing this?" he pried your face away from his neck and held up his index finger with a weak smile.
you felt your face heat up with embarrassment quickly wavingyour fingers so the flowers that surrounded your body faded into nothing but shimmering particles. "s-sorry...when my emotions get out of control that just happens sometimes."
the little yellow flower on his finger remained intact however, and his observant eye scanned it over in great detail. "the common rue flower..." he recalled staring into albedo's "great big book of flowers" as klee has called it, and reading the description of the symbolism behind the little yellow flower. his heart clenched and pounded in his stomach as you stared up at him with wide, watery eyes, still fearful of rejection.
the give of his heart was strong and elastic and it was more malleable than ever as he drew you into his arms and squeezed your body against his, gripping onto the little yellow rue in his fist.
"i'm sorry, darling. i shouldn't have gotten mad at you like that. not when you tried to help." he finalized his words with a kiss to your wet cheek, only for you to vigorously shake your head.
"no, no, i'm sorry for not being honest with you from the beginning." kaeya chuckled faintly and pulled you away from his body, holding your chin between his index and thumb fingers.
"i suppose now i can check "seducing an archon" off the bucket list, huh?" the playful lilt of his voice had returned, and so had the gentleness in his eye. you missed him, but you said so with a kiss to his lips rather than with the words caught in your throat.
after your talk and reconciliation, kaeya feels like a weight's been lifted off his chest
you couldn't help but agree: he doesn't have to keep his lingering resentment for the gods under wraps now, and you don't have to hide the fact that you're an archon anymore
though you can't help but wish you had gotten to kaeya first before the tsaritsa did
he laments that his vision was of ice: cold, immovable, stagnant, and akin to death
whereas your vision bloomed with life and held the capacity to heal and birth new possibilities
it makes you wish you had given him a vision before the tsaritsa had, but alas
once you learned of how he received it, part of you was relieved to know that he had the power of cryo to protect him because archons knows that a dendro vision would hardly suffice against pyro
he often drunkenly mused over the irony of your relationship: a khaenri'ahan descendant mixing with an archon of all people
his ancestors must have been rolling in their graves at the news
kaeya often thinks about his homeland, and you let him in on the secret that not a second goes by where you aren't haunted by the looks of horror of the khaenri'ahan citizens, to which he responded with a tight hug and a promise to stay by your side for as long as he could
kaeya additionally becomes more interested in your powers and how your emotions affect them
you have a tendency to produce flowers that hold the meaning of your emotions when intense
and boy does he get a kick out of it when a loving remark or sultry gaze ends up with you covered in wine red roses and carnations imbued with what looked like starlight
of course, he'll make up for his teasing with tons of cuddles and kisses!
"darling? have you seen my scarf?" kaeya popped his head into the doorway of your shared bedroom, only to find you sitting at his work desk, fluffy scarf in hand. you caught his eye once he announced his presence and gave him your best smile.
"right here," you cheekily lifted up the scarf, "just adding some details to it, i hope that's okay."
"oho? details like?" he sauntered over and kissed the top of your head, leaning one arm on the rim of the chair as he tried to get a peek at your handiwork. unluckily for him, with a wave of your hand a leafy vine gently wrapped itself around his visible eye, blocking his view.
"aw c'mon, sweetheart, i thought we agreed on not using your vision on me!" he teased, raising a hand to peel away the thick leaf from his eye, but you caught his wrist before he could proceed any further.
"nuh uh, no peeping yet, mister." kaeya could only cede with a short laugh and kissed the knuckle that held his wrist.
with a few swishes of a sewing needle, you finally declared his scarf, "finished!"
with a snap of your fingers, the leafy vine dissolved into particles and his eye finally came to rest upon his signature fur scarf snug in your hands.
miniature, royal blue roses had been imbued into the fabric of the fur and sprinkled all the way down to the end. the fur itself had been combed and washed and felt like new in his hands. "darling, you did all this for me?" he couldn't stop the grin from forming on his face as he leaned down to capture your lips in his as thanks.
"nope, clearly i was about to wrap it up all nice and pretty and take it as a gift to master diluc." you stuck your tongue out and looped the scarf around his neck, pulling him down closer to sneak a breathless kiss against his lips that had him gripping the arm of the chair for stability.
"ha ha, very funny, sweetheart." the bass of his voice purred against the shell of your ear once he pulled away, followed by a complimentary kaeya-esque grin full of wolfish charm.
"oh! and look!" gleefully, you shrugged off your coat, revealing a shirt tinted pale blue that hugged your body. the shoulders were lined with the same miniature blue roses and gleamed in the early morning light as if it were weaved from stars.
"i made a shirt for myself, so we can match! what do you think?" you beamed as you stood up, making sure to show off the little blue roses that decorated the fabric.
kaeya took your hand, whistled behind a sugary smile, and spun you around once to get a good look before drawing you flush against his chest and bringing his lips down to hover over your ear to whisper, "lovely, and it'd look even lovelier if it were on the floor," you felt your cheeks grow warm and plunged your face into the crook of his neck. kaeya huffed, an amused glint in his eye, gripped your chin to pull you away from his shoulder, and punctuated his words with a heated kiss against your lips that had your knees buckling. the sultry lilt of his voice and hot fan of his breath was enough to have you weak in his arms, ravaged by his kisses.
preoccupied with the taste of your lips on his, he hadn't noticed the slight poke of a rose thorn against his forearms, mistaking it for your nails. it wasn't until it sunk into his flesh hard enough to draw blood that he pulled away from your mouth and gawked at the sight before him.
glazed over with pure adoration, your eyes bore into his soul and reached within the depths of his heart to draw forth the pulsating affection from deep within. your breaths were heavy and heated, making up for the lack of air he had taken away from you. but, more importantly, tangles of deep, wine red roses and ruby carnations had burst forth from your body and nestled themselves into your locks. thick, green vines that held the roses and carnations wrapped around your torso and arms, and had snaked up to kaeya's body. the thorny talons of the rose had dug into his arm and produced a thin, stream of blood that ran down his skin towards his wrist.
"well," he started with a chuckle and plucked one of the roses from your hair, "this is most interesting. roses and carnations, hm? i wasn't aware you were so charmed with me, dove." he maintained eye contact all while that silver tongue of his got to work licking a single stripe up the side of his forearm where the thin stream of blood had appeared.
you tried to find the right words to speak, but to no avail. still too flustered, you opted to hastily brush the flowers out of your hair and from around your body dissolving into nothing but particles, only for new ones to immediately take their place, blooming out of thin air. upon seeing your frustrated pout and eyes that burned with adoration and hints of embarrassment, kaeya took it upon himself to draw you in by your waist and brush the rose he had plucked from your hair against the line of your jaw.
"you, my darling, are absolutely irresistible. adorable." between the two adjectives, he punctuated a kiss on either side of your cheek before settling on your nose. his heart melted when your nose scrunched up cutely upon impact.
you groaned out of embarrassment into the skin of his neck, opting to hide your flushed face. the flowers in your hair and around your body thrummed with life and burst forth in greater numbers when kaeya decided to run his baked palms up your sides and press one more loving kiss to your lips.
"i still wanna see that shirt come off though, we got time."
the fact that you're the dendro archon changes very little about your relationship with kaeya
he might have been hostile upon first finding out, but he knows that you were never truly at fault for what happened to his people
and, consequently, what happened to him
you're (y/n) to him, just (y/n) who happens to be a dendro vision holder
and you're the (y/n) that he loves with all his heart and would do anything for
despite the fact that he's already won your heart over, he'll still stop by your flower cart, purchase a blue rose, and stick it behind your ear followed by a flurry of kisses to your cheek and one big, tight, kaeya-esque hug
if you ask him why he keeps doing it, "to show that you're mine," will be his answer
and the way that he treasures the embroidered fur scarf you gave him is enough to show that he wants other people to know who he belongs to as well
Tumblr media
when news that the dendro archon had gone into hiding reached the ears of the tsaritsa, least to say she was mildly irate
if you can count mild as sending chunks of ice hurling through the large windows of zapolyarny palace, that is
but fear not! for her most resourceful (and possibly strongest) harbinger was at her service the moment she summoned for him
scaramouche, upon being given the task of retrieving the dendro archon's gnosis, wasn't thrilled to say the least
dendro was arguably among the weaker of the elements, he'd have no fun taking such a valuable item from a being who controlled such a fickle substance
yet, he wasn't one to disobey her majesty's orders, and set off for sumeru to investigate
thankfully, he had your aid to assist him
you were a wandering informant scaramouche had met once in a brothel near the borders of mondstat and fontaine when you had managed to stop a scuffle between some fatui agents under his control and the brothel manager with your words and calm attitude
scaramouche came to respect your courage and you, his strength
you introduced yourself under the codename lilium with a warm smile
there isn't much he knows about you, other than you sell information and travel the lands. that, and you wielded a dendro vision.
in exchange for information, you only asked that a single stem of a flower be given in return (though scaramouche doesn't particularly care for this rule of yours and scoffed upon first hearing it)
scaramouche is reluctant to head to you for information given that he'd rather adorn the position of a lone wolf, but he'd get nowhere by being stubborn
you didn't flinch in the slightest when scaramouche, draped in a black hooded cloak and void of his signature hat, threw a battered weed, roots and all, onto your corner table and slammed his palm down onto the wood. the rest of the patrons in the sumeren tavern minded their business, much to his pleasure.
"tell me all you know about the whereabouts of the dendro archon." he muttered in a low voice.
you hummed, took a delicate sip from your glass of wolfhook juice, and scooped the piece of grass (which looked like he'd uprooted it whole with his fist) to inspect it.
"my, my, i thought you had better manners than this, scaramouche?"
"i thought you sold information, lilium, not prissy little guides to table manners." he spat.
"...fair point. though, you'll have to do better than this," you pause to limply hold up the half dead weed in your hand with a wry smile, "what you ask of me is grave information, therefore i require similar payment."
toying with scaramouche was always fun to you, but there was something quite odd about his behavior.
"how is it possible that you're coming off as more irate than usual?" the question itself was innocent in nature if not for the coy, upward tilt of your lips and the curious glint in your eyes.
"oh please," he scoffed and snatched the weed from the table, leaving behind crumbs of dried dirt, "give me twenty minutes."
twenty minutes came and went with you swinging your legs back and forth and taking casual sips from your glass. suddenly, the wooden door to the tavern burst open and in stomped scaramouche, arms full of bright red roses and baby pink carnations (with the roots still intact somehow). dirt scattered all over when he tossed the flowers onto your table with an agitated sneer to compliment the gesture.
"will these weeds suffice?"
"ah, scaramouche, you really must treat these flowers with more respect." you tutted, fingertips glowing in dendro gently grazing over the flowers. their petals became lush with vibrant colors and the roots withered away into dust until in your hands you cradled the most luscious and vivacious flowers scaramouche had ever laid eyes upon.
"well, you've paid your price," your leg moved to push out the wooden chair on the opposite end of your circular table, head gesturing for scaramouche to take a seat, "it's only fair that i hold up my end of the deal as well."
scaramouche huffed and muttered a "it's about time" under his breath before sitting down on the hard wooden chair. his hands traveled upwards to pull back the charcoal cloth that covered his stormy colored locks, electric violet eyes trained dangerously on your calm and easy smile.
"what specifically do you wish to ask, o high and mighty balladeer?" you cooed much like a parent to their child, drawing indecipherable shapes into the dents and grooves of the wooden table with your pointer finger.
"are you deaf? fine, i'll repeat it since you can't seem to let information process in that smooth brain of yours." scaramouche sneered, arms crossed firmly over his broad chest, "i need to know all you know of the dendro archon's whereabouts."
you clasped your hands in delight, lips perched into a gentle smile, "ah yes! well, you're quite lucky as i'm proficient in all things sumeru and everything related to the dendro archon!"
twisting in your seat, you rummaged through a tattered, beige, cloth satchel that hung from the back of your chair and from within emerged a map. once you spread it thin on the table, scaramouche recognized the geography as that of sumeru.
"being the god of wisdom," you start, fingers carefully running over the printed valleys and bowls of sand that littered the sumeran landscape, "they are one to first analyze and evaluate a situation before making a decisive decision. it's not likely that they've abandoned their people by going into hiding, rather they are in a safe environment that allows them to monitor the situation from afar knowing that their region is next in the gnosis hunt."
"wow, thanks, i could've told you that myself." scaramouche rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to make another crude remark only for the soft of your palm to connect with his lips, effectively shushing him for the time being.
"please let me finish, balladeer," if you weren't his best source of information, he would have had your head on a stick from the moment you placed your skin on his.
"the dendro archon is the most reclusive of the archons, and yet they are the most gentle among them," your pursed your lips and took a tentative sip from your violet glass of wolfhook juice, "they have many secret temples that are most likely to be in similar locations: far enough from the wandering eyes of people yet close enough so that they are able to efficiently watch over and protect their people."
"if anything, this god of theirs sounds like a coward." scaramouche snorted.
"hm, you might be right—about the dendro archon being a coward," a faint, almost nostalgic smile crossed your lips as your fingers traced the sweltering edges of your crystal glass, "but they are known to care deeply for their people. i wouldn't imagine they would ever let waste be laid to them."
"whatever, mark the temples on the map so i can get this over with." from his hands, scaramouche tossed a thin pencil onto the map and watched with pointed eyes as you hid a smile behind your hand. "mind telling me what's got you laughing like a hyena?" he sneered, leaning forwards with an intimidating glare on his face.
"it's not that easy to access their temples, after all they were built with the intention of staying hidden in plain sight," your fingers tapped the side of your glass in a steady rhythm, your eyes never straying from his gaze, "however, i know of a way to narrow down which temple they're hiding in, and how to access them. ah ah ah," you interrupted to hold up a finger in front of scaramouche's lips, parted as if he were about to come back with another demand, "there are certain requirements to being able to locate the temples."
scaramouche pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb, choosing to exhale loudly through his nose in a bull-like manner rather than blurt out a line of expletives at how cryptic you were being. "what, are you implying that i'm weaker than you? you do know who i am, don't you? what are these so called requirements anyway?!"
"first of all," your hand brushed aside the silk-like fabric of your cloak to reveal your gleaming dendro vision, "you must be able to wield dendro, second of all, you must already have prior knowledge of the layout of sumeru and the habits of the dendro archon themself."
"what are you trying to get at, lilium?" scaramouche leaned forward, forearms dug into the wood of the table and violet, thundering irises narrowed into both curious and apprehensive slits. wisps of his stormy locks fell to the front of his face and you resisted with all your might the urge to tuck them back safely behind his ears.
"my, i thought you were more perceptive than that, scaramouche," you giggled and extended your hand, palm up in an offering of sorts, "i would like to make an offer with you, if you'd be so inclined as to humor me that is."
"i've humored you thus far, get on with it."
"in exchange for guidance to the temples, i would like to travel with you on your mission."
scaramouche felt the familiar tug of a frown on his lips. lone wolfing things has always been his go-to, and you were no more than a pit stop on this languid roadtrip of his to steal the dendro gnosis like candy from a baby. but, with your skills, intellect, and knowledge of the area, at the very least you wouldn't be dead weight.
the back of his knuckles knocked aside your outstretched hand as he rose from the table, chair screeching backwards with his movement. he turned his head to side eye you one more time just before the hood fell back over his midnight locks.
"we leave at first light." was all he left you with, before briskly walking to the tavern doors and leaving without another word.
he's not exactly pleased that you'll be joining him for this trip
it's not like he wanted to be here in the first place
scaramouche seeks to battle to the best of his abilities and yearns to see others at his feet where he stands in victory
and the god of wisdom hardly seems like a formidable foe compared to the god of war or the god of contracts
but the job must be done, even if it's up to him
and getting the job done means sacrificing some of his comfort, enter: you
from the moment you first embark off to brave sumeru's stormy sands and pudgy grounds, he finds himself regretting taking you up on your offer
sure, you might know what you're doing and the dendro vision certainly helps in the dendro archon's land, but gods do you get sidetracked easily
he could be haggling a scholar for information, only to be dragged away by his arm with your eager voice recounting details of a nearby festival or an interesting food cart or shop that had caught your eye
of course, he's frustrated and grumpy about the whole ordeal but finds that when you are all business, you're most effective
so just this one time, he'll let your side tracked mind indulge in whatever catches your fancy (and perhaps begrudgingly dip into the funds of the fatui should you spot anything that catches your eye)
his fingers aggressively tapped against the edge of the wooden desk, brows furrowed and mouth twisted into a poisonous sneer that sat comfortably on his face.
"i'll ask you again, old geezer, what do you know of the dendro archon's temples?!"
the old book keeper behind the counter merely countered his crude behavior with a gentle smile, eyes blissfully shut and mouth stretched into a calm expression.
his patience was wearing as thin as the fine granules of sand that littered the landscape outside, face an angry scarlet and knuckles a ghastly white. this was the third time he'd inquired about information, to no avail.
"that's enough, scaramouche."
a soft hand enveloped his ghost white knuckles, skimmed and stretched thin from maintaining his anger. your gentle voice interrupted his frustration as he observed the manner in which your arm snuck around his bicep, hand still warming his own.
"good sir, we'd like to purchase information regarding the beloved god of wisdom's hidden temples. if you'd be so kind as to show us the best materials regarding that topic, we'd be much obliged." unlike scaramouche's unagreeable and demanding behavior, your voice felt of the faint trickle of a gentle stream or clouded mist that rose from the dewy ground in the early mornings of spring.
the book keeper finally responded to your request, excusing himself before disappearing into the back.
"get off of me-!" scaramouche sneered and shoved your arms away from his body just as the book keeper disappeared from sight.
you merely giggled and fixed his misaligned hat. "balladeer, you must have kindness and formality when conversing with the residents of sumeru. they value proper behavior just as they do intelligence."
"then you do all the talking, i don't have time for such mediocrities nor do i care what the sumerans value." he huffed and folded his arms across his chest defensively like an iron shield or a thick wall, blocking off the core of his heart and innards from your prying gaze.
the book keeper returned with some scrolls and politely discussed the price with you. with numbers in the millions, you needed to say nothing when scaramouche placed a large satchel of mora on the desk and scooped up the scrolls into his satchel.
as you exited the book shop, your ears caught wind of faint music and the distant sounds of cheering and laughing that overcame the chatter and clutter of noise from the sumeran street market. the sweet, sugary sounds of joy and celebration lay just over the horizon of the many houses and buildings that lined the sand covered street.
"scaramouche, come this way! i think there's a festival happening!" you grinned as your hand found his and pulled him towards the noise.
scaramouche halted at your words and sneered, "and what? we have a job to do, have you forgotten?"
"surely you can spare a minute, can't you? i promise it'll be quick, just a glance!" scaramouche couldn't help but be entranced by the way your eyes silently pleaded with him, going as far as to offer up the core of their sparkling bits that had him reluctantly nodding, even against his will.
scaramouche was not one to partake in silly little festivals, and yet here he was, watching as you ran around eagerly from stall to stall. the festival had been set up in a village square of sorts: colorful banners draped from all corners and settled at the middle, stalls line the circular edges of the square, and in the middle danced people of all ages, from the tiniest of children to the eldest of couples. music hummed happily from a nearby groups of musicians who eagerly eyed anyone that dropped a tip in their cup.
"isn't this wonderful?" you beamed and looked around in awe, eyeing each stall with hungry eyes.
"very, now can we leave?" he wanted to groan as you ran off towards a jewelry stall.
"lilium." he hissed, urgency laced in his voice as you held up a shining necklace with a verdant pendant similar in color to the dendro vision on your hip. the chain glimmered in the high noon sunlight, the silver bounding off of the metal and reflecting painted constellations over the span of your face.
"yes, yes, just a second. can't i take a look at jewelry in peace?" you giggled and ran your thumb over the neat, diamond shaped cut of the green gem, "this is absolutely stunning, how much?"
"five million mora." the burly man behind the stall answered, puffing airy smoke from the pipe nestled snugly at the corner of his lips.
before you could open your mouth to gawk at the price, scaramouche decided to answer for you, "whatever, we'll take it." he scowled and tossed a hefty bag of mora at the stall keep, who eagerly looked inside with hungry eyes before nodding at the pair of you.
"thank you for the gift, scaramouche!" your hands fiddled with the necklace in an eager attempt to put it on as you faded further away from the stall. your fingers struggled to clip the clasp in place, either going too far or clasping too soon.
"tch, come here." you felt yourself be yanked by the back of your collar and the necklace, ripped from your hands, as scaramouche's deft fingers worked to secure the clasp in place. his cold fingers sent shivers down the line of your spine as the pendant jostled around your chest, then finally sat still against your hammering heart as his body moved away from yours.
"happy? let's go now."
his shoulder brushed past yours and his hand moved to tip his hat down so you wouldn't bear witness to the glowing blush that adorned his cheeks.
your travels together are unprecedented in his mind but as time goes on, he begins to feel less and less hostile to the idea
you're a radiant light to his thunderous storm: the eye of his hurricane perhaps
you fill in the gaps where he is not complete: from your gentle nature to your vast and expansive intelligence, he's been struck in awe
scaramouche now realizes that he could have never navigated sumeru without your help (but it's not like he'd ever admit it)
hours are spent mulling over the locations of the dendro archon's temples only for him to come up short
which is where you'd come in and use that big brain of yours to fill in the gaps with all you knew of the dendro archon
he's not sure when the binds around his heart began to come undone, perhaps it was when he bought that beautiful necklace for you
ever since then, he's found himself at a loss
the simplest of your smiles or the lightest of your touches would make his ears burn a fierce ruby red
he's known you for so long as simply "lilium", who appears to know all and always has the right information for him
but now he begrudgingly begins to wonder what lies under your codename; just who are you?
and why are you making him feel this way?
flames quietly crackled above the drying air; dancing embers flung from the base and gently pranced across the sandy, dirt ground before fading into nothing. the makeshift camp he'd set up right outside the city would suffice for now until daylight broke over the horizon.
scaramouche leaned his back against the base of the large tree trunk, hat cast aside and arms folded while his electric irises traced the lands for any sign of danger. though, if he counted the way your eyes skimmed over the faded, scholarly journals you'd purchased in a small town earlier that day, the faint flicker of rouge and persimmon flames in the core of your eyes, and the soft shadows that danced over your face, he'd consider himself in danger.
"lilium," he called to you, voice uncharacteristically calm and devoid of it's usual haughty nature and bitter tone, "what is that?"
your ruddy eyes rose from the words of the book and a gentle smile crossed your face, "would you like to see?"
the unfamiliar sensation of butterflies instead of the usual crawls of insects and worms in his stomach had him wanting to throw up today's lunch as you rose from your seat on the ground and scooted beside him, leaning your back against the harsh bark of the tree.
"it's an old sumeran fables book. i know it's not exactly contributive to our mission but..." your thumb rubbed the faded cover affectionately as a small smile graced your lips.
"it's fine, buy whatever you want."
scaramouche's hands still folded themselves over his chest, head turned to the side.
"speaking of buying things," you reached into your nearby satchel and rummaged around the contents before emerging with a pair of crystal-like earrings in hand, "i bought this for you!"
the pair of earrings you held were golden and shaped like a sharp, thin diamond. a striking, dark violet crystal, similar in color to that of a stormy sky or muted lightning, was encased with gold and dangled from a thin clasp.
instead of handing both pairs to him, your hands unclasped one and punctured it through your ear. "one side is for me, and the other is for you!" the earring shook with your movements, glimmering in the fleeting and flickering embers of the fireplace.
scaramouche stared at the earring in his hand. it felt hefty and of good quality, and shone with ludicrous beauty. and yet despite this, "ridiculous, i would never wear this." he sneered and tossed the matching jewel back at you.
if he had a heart, he was sure it had long since turned to ice. but upon the slight crestfallen look that melted the glimmering smile on your face, he felt the icy caverns in his heart begin to stir and jostle with movement and life. "i see, but it'll be here if you change your mind."
"sorry" was not a word in his vocabulary, so instead he said nothing nor inched further away from your body when you succumbed to the warm embrace of sleep and rested your head against the closest thing to you: his shoulder. whereas most would have lost their heads should they ever lay a finger on the balladeer, you were an odd exception.
by the time you wake up the next morning, you're lying on the floor, a blanket over your shoulders, with no recollection of how you fell asleep. scaramouche is hoisting his travel bag over his shoulders, and the bits of sun that peeped out from over the horizon gently illuminated the shining gem that hung from his ear.
"let's move."
after weeks of trying to root out the dendro archon's hiding place, you finally manage to narrow it down to a temple surrounded by thick, lush, exotic plants and a glimmering waterfall
"it's surrounded by dense rainforest yet from its most highest point can easily observe sumeru's main city." had been your reasoning
scaramouche recalls his thoughts of the trip going smoothly and easily: like stealing candy from an archon, or a gnosis from a baby...?
but he's become very aware that without your help, he'd be stuck going in circles
you realize that scaramouche has grown over the course of this trip: he's kinder to strangers (in his own...unique way) and seems to be less quick to lose him temper
you've observed with careful eyes, the manner in which he interacts with the world around him and have concluded that there lies a kind and sweet individual underneath his layer of scum and dirt
and the dangle of the matching earring on his ear was enough to make your heart swell with happiness
scaramouche's heart was swelling for another reason
never before has he been in the presence of someone so pure of heart and willing to trust him: to see beyond his physical boundaries and peep into the soul he so defensively guards
and it's because of your actions and words and kindness that he finds himself at a loss for labelling this odd emotion that leaves him awake at night, taking diligent watch over camp to protect your peaceful sleep, or the frequent brushes of his fingers against the cool touch of the gem from his ear
it didn't help his battering heart that you looked absolutely ethereal while using your powers
dendro was an element he considered the weakest until you formed thick vines and towering trees that crushes enemies faster than he could draw out his catalyst and begin attacking
your hands skimmed over the vast expanse of his skin and healed his gashes with the gentle light of dendro, and never before had he come that close to falling asleep in such a vulnerable position
you truly were the most honest being he's ever encountered
but the truth is often a more daunting and treacherous path that one can ever expect
a symbol mocked scaramouche as a lock to the temple. just as he was about to burst into a vast array of colorful expletives, you placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and walked past towards the seal. flowing, green energy pool from your fingers and made contact with the seal, which reacted to your powers. an internal mechanism roared to life and soon the doors had opened wide. scaramouche look on in disbelief as you sauntered inwards with a teasing smile on your face.
the inside of the temple is vast and large. a wide, white marble floor covers the majority of the insides, and from the four corners emerged mini waterfalls. a dam lined the edges of the marble floors, where at the end lay a humble throne constructed of rock and covered in thick vines that held little flowers of varying pale colors. marble pillars loomed high above where vines creeped down and engulfed them in a spiral. light poured in from the crystal glass panes above, illuminating the marble floors in a gentle, pale yellow.
his shoes clicked against the clean marble, eyes wide and wandering in awe. but even among his fascination, there still lay frustration. you followed behind him, unusually quiet and devoid of your usual smile.
"the dendro archon isn't here." he scowled and sulkily walked up to the throne, kicking it with the toe of his boot. "all this work, and for what, a disappointment?!" he kicked the seat again, harder this time.
"SHOW YOURSELF YOU GOD DAMN COWARD!" his voice bounced off the empty walls of the temple, fists balled and knuckles white at his side. after all this time and effort, to not find the dendro archon was an absolute bash to his ego and will.
"let's go, lilium." he grunts and turns around to face you.
you who had continued to smile at him with eyes that seemed to know more than he did. eyes that carried within them ancient words lost to time and stars that could no longer been seen across the sky of teyvat.
"scaramouche..." your steps are quiet, tentative, like a cornered animal that has long evaded capture from its stalky predator.
as you walked forwards, your hands unbuttoned the clasp of your beige cloak and revealed to him the lines of dendro that ran up your neck and arms. your fingers contorted into an odd position, almost as if in prayer, as dendro energy began to swirl around you and pour itself back into your chest. thick branches sprouted from your temples and curved backwards to form horns decorated with little multicolored flowers. light illuminated from all directions and poured itself back into your body, while all scaramouche could do was stand there and watch, knees bent and hand ready to draw his weapon. his eyes burned as the air around you settled and a vibrant green ring locked itself onto your irises.
"i am (y/n), seventh archon of teyvat," click, click, with each step you took towards him, scaramouche stepped back, "god of wisdom, defender of sumeru," click, click, scaramouche could hardly believe his eyes, even though the evidence was clear as day in front of him: living, breathing, speaking to him,
"the dendro archon."
confusion turned into blind rage as scaramouche threw his satchel aside and lunged at you, catalyst floating hurriedly behind him. you allowed him to tackle you to the floor, and made no complaint when his large hand pinned your wrists over your head. his hat flew wildly to the side, lost to the air in the sudden scuffle.
"you lied to me." he seethed, voice barely above a whisper and tinted with what you considered unbridled rage as he towered over your. the earring that matched yours dangled ferociously and you feared that it may come flying off.
"i had to." you replied, still smiling with content in your eyes.
"you've made a fool out of yourself by lying to me." like the eerie rumble of thunder before the strike of lightning, his voice rumbled low and heavy and dripped with contempt.
his heart fought against the mere thought of what he'd have to do now: strip you of your gnosis and godly powers. but how could he when all he yearned to do was hear you laugh again or see your pretty smile in a situation where he didn't have your wrists pinned to the floor and wasn't agonizingly angry with you.
"defeat me in a fair challenge, and my gnosis is yours. you have my word, scaramouche." you offer interrupted any more of his raging thoughts.
"you?" scaramouche scoffed and masked his emotions with a decisively wicked laugh that sounded more akin to a huff, "you don't stand a chance against me." the grip on your wrists tightened and pressed your skin into the marble floor.
"then you should have no objections." you offered him one last smile before your body dissolved into tiny, multicolored wildflowers and sparks of green dendro energy. scaramouche fell forwards, the balance he'd kept while holding your body and wrists down now lost.
"you've really underestimated me, scaramouche." your voice echoed from the other side of the temple, vines forming around your arms.
despite the screams in his heart to set his catalyst down and run far, far away from all of this, he knew of his obligations, and lunged forward with a surge of electro in his veins.
what he hadn't expected was to be pummeled upwards by a thick tree trunk that protruded from the ground. the impact wasn't hard enough to draw blood but it was enough to distract him while you planned your next move, summoning your weapon and drawing it at the ready.
scaramouche leapt down from the platform and formed a sword of electricity with his hands. he rushed forward and slammed the blade with all his might against your weapon, only to be pushed back with both your strength and the help of the flexible tree branches and vines that protruded from your back.
dendro was supposed to be weak and flimsy like those stupid flowers you always ask him to bring you in exchange for information, so why was it that his breath evaded him with every gulp of air he swallowed while trying to evade your thorny attacks? your long range attacks seemed to be more powerful, but even as he closed the distance, the look in your eyes was unbearable for him to gaze into.
"scaramouche..." you mumbled, brows furrowed and voice tinted with hint of remorse as your weapon pressed against his electro sword, fighting against his strength with seemingly no effort at all. one of your hands moved to tuck strands of his stormy hair back into place behind his ear, and his corded temper snapped in two.
you sensed the buildup of his energy right before it released, and scaramouche swore he saw the faintest of smiles cross your lips before you were knocked back by an enormous surge of electro from his hands that burst outwards in tandem with the blast of electro. purple jets of energy poured out from his outstretched hands, still tingling with adrenaline. your body flew across the temple like a ragdoll and hit one of the many marble pillars, sending you crumbling to the floor in a coughing heap.
"it's over." scaramouche's strides over to your weakened body were cold, devoid of life in each click of his heel against the marble floor until his body loomed high over yours, sword brimming with electricity pointed dead at the base of your throat.
he expected you to cower in fear, beg for your life until you were within an inch of death. instead, you merely smiled and closed your eyes.
"go on, finish the job. you've won fair and square." your hands overlapped his sheet white knuckles, cold from gripping onto the handle with all his strength, and began to push the sword down towards your throat.
panic surged through his veins once your intentions became clear. "just what are you trying to get at?! do you want to die?!" with your weakened body, strength didn't come to your hands when scaramouche yanked the sword away from your grip. the tip of the blade rested snugly over your hammering heart and flickered every so often with a lick of violet electricity that sent tingles throughout your body.
scaramouche had slain hundreds—thousands maybe, but the hands that have snuffed the life out of so many now gripped his sword not with fury but with hesitance. fear was void in your eyes; all he saw was a being who was content, calm, and seemed to embrace death with welcome arms.
"come on, scara. it's alright, i promise." you cooed, arms outstretched like a macabre invitation.
"scara" was new, you'd never called him that before and it made his heart hurt in a way he never thought possible, like running a paper cut under frigid water or biting the inside of your cheek too hard: stinging and small yet unbearable.
you hadn't removed the earring he shared with you, it still clasped itself onto the soft, fleshy part of your earlobe and twinkled up at him in the dwindling sunlight. the slight jostle of his head brought to attention the matching jewel that swayed by his jugular, all the familiar yet foreign emotions he'd felt over the past few weeks rushed him like a bull who saw crimson. the soft underbelly of this thoughts had finally given way and he knew now that his hands could kill a thousand more, but never lay a hand on you.
the sword dissipated into thin particles of mauve electric light just as he crumpled to his knees in front of your body.
"i can't." he meekly whispered, fingers grasping at his knees for some semblance of stability.
he considered himself above others, but you alone had somehow managed to bring him to his knees and set aside his weapon, even if his mission would be failed and he'd face the wrath of the tsaritsa.
what sounded like a pleased hum purred from the top of your throat before you rose from the ground and extended a hand towards him. scaramouche's head whipped up, clearly stunned at your ability to move after baring what looked like such a painful impact.
"congratulations, scaramouche, you've passed!" you beamed as he slipped his hand into yours and stood back up, a quizzical look on his face.
"...passed? what the hell are you talking about?!" he scowled and attempted to sever the connection you'd made between his hand and yours, only for your grip to tighten and your other hand to find purchase on the line of his slackened jaw, moving upwards to his cheek.
"i mean that you've passed the test to receive my gnosis, silly."
you bit back the smile from your face as you watched scaramouche seemingly run through all sorts of confuzzled expressions before settling with an irritated sneer and flared eyes that guarded him like a cornered animal.
"test?! are you kidding me- what in the hell kind of test was that?!" he growled and used his free hand to bunch up the fabric of your collar in his white knuckled fist.
a sugary laugh crept up past your lips as the hand that held his let go and moved to overlap his fist.
"well? get talking!" he ushered, slackening his fingers on the collar of your attire.
"yes, yes, o high and mighty balladeer." like a blue bird's chirp you cooed to him and straightened out the fabric of your shirt with calm movements.
he opened his mouth to make a retort at your choice of title for him when you beat him to the punch and words that you had since swallowed began to slip from your tongue.
"my ties to celestia have long since been severed," you paused to unfurl your hand and reveal the floating gnosis covered in little white flowers and tiny vines, "the gnosis is only an empty vessel—a meaningless connection to a place i no longer associate with."
"if it's so meaningless, you could've just coughed it up and avoided this whole mess. idiot." the last word he muttered under his breath, yet it rang in your ears crystal clear like the crisp smell of firewood.
"i'm aware," you giggle and step closer to him, "but there was a purpose for our adventure."
scaramouche studied the rotating chess piece in your palm, pristine and light in color—if he listened carefully he'd hear the soft chirps of birds and the twinkle of morning dew after a night's shower of rain; the atmosphere began to placate the burning irritation in his chest.
"my disciples caught wind that you'd be the one sent for my gnosis, and i had a feeling that you'd come seek my guidance even if it was to your chagrin." there was no helping to conceal the teasing lilt to your songbird voice, which of course fanned the flames of his sneer and had him crossing his arms.
"i was completely alright with giving up my gnosis, however, i wanted to make sure that it would fall into the right hands which is why i tagged along: to see and study your behavior."
you were far too close for comfort, and there was only so much space between scaramouche and the marble pillar as you backed him up into it and reached for his hands. his mind screamed at him to end it now and run far away from whatever hellish game you'd created, but his heart allowed you to pick up his calloused hands within yours and run your thumbs over the back of his knuckles.
"and after careful examination, i've deemed you and all you stand for worthy of my gnosis, scaramouche."
your hands released his as you dared to brave his stormy exterior and relish in the softness of his face as you cupped his jaw between both of your hands. his arms stood rigid by his side, unsure of which way to move or how to hold you.
"how..." he dryly swallowed before continuing, ""
"well, that's an easy question to answer. it's because you're a kind soul at heart. i know that no harm will come to my people, or anyone else if my gnosis is left in your hands."
from the look in his eyes, deep within the caverns of his stormy irises and inky pupils, you sensed a pool of doubt and a coating of mistrust. the jingle of the ornaments on his ornate hat twinkled gently as he turned his face to the side, ears burning and mouth etched into a warbled grimace.
"look at me, scaramouche," you tilt his head back towards you, a mirage of stardust and midnight blue flames peering back at you hidden behind the thin layer of his stinging eyes, "you could have killed me, but you spared my life. there is good in you, and there always will be."
"you're wrong, lili- (y/n)! i could kill you where you stand right this minute!" he barked, shying away from your touch in a brutish manner as he walked a short distance away from you, still close enough to touch but far away enough so his face could be hidden behind the thick brim of his hat.
"i'm not wrong, you forget my title of the god of wisom." you chortled, no louder than a gentle rush of wind.
with gentle, lilypad steps, you made your way to his side and raised his head once more with your hands so you started directly into his eyes. the firey, red blush on his face ran to the expanse of his nose and cheeks and tailed off near the tips of his ears; he looked akin to a dewy strawberry or ripe cherry.
the glowing gnosis appeared once more as you unfurled your hand, the other moving to grab scaramouche's palm and hold it wide open. the gnosis thrummed with life for a brief moment before falling silent as your fingers let go of the small chess piece and let it fall onto the calloused, fleshy skin of scaramouche's palm. your fingers gently covered his own and curled them inwards so the gnosis was completely concealed by his skin.
"go," you whispered, moving your hand back upwards to his cheek to caress the soft skin and brush aside the wild wisps of his inky, midnight hair, "go home to your tsaritsa. tell her you've succeeded, but not of how you obtained the gnosis."
you've managed to startle scaramouche enough today to the point where he'd welcome unconsciousness with open arms. but the manner in which you hold his face and press a gentle kiss to his forehead sends a flurry of emotions barreling up from his heart towards his brain. frozen in place, he could only watch as you stepped back and offered him one more smile before turning around and heading to pick up your discarded cloak in the middle of the temple. your figure grew smaller and smaller the more he stood, mouth agape and palms sweaty. the fist that contained your gnosis felt so warm and soft, like the gentle pitter of rain in spring or the brush of a lukewarm petal on a hot summer's day—so much like you. his mind no longer screamed at him to shove those damning thoughts of you into a corner.
with every hurried step he took, the binds around his heart became undone and left nothing but a shriveled up empty core that pounded and swelled with life. his hand grabbed around your elbow just as you scooped up your cloak from the middle of the temple, his eyes blown and grip tighter than ever.
"scaramouche?" you innocently tilted your head to the side, curiosity enveloping your irises that now lacked the vibrant green dendro ring.
ah, your curiosity, your kindness, your gentle nature, your humor, he adored everything about you, and he could hide it no longer.
with a yank of his hand forwards, his lips eagerly met yours in an uncharacteristically jumbled and awkward yet endearing kiss. he swallowed your surprised squeak and melded his lips properly against your own, arm coming around to hold your body flush against his. scaramouche's fist let go of your gnosis and let it tumble to the ground, using his free hands to dig into the small of your back and trap you in his broad arms.
"who said..." he began once parting from your breathless lips, gulping for air himself, "that you could leave my side?"
scaramouche's eyes darted from your own and back down towards your lips, cheeks ruddy and warm and mouth parted to breathe in the sweet air you managed to steal from him. you followed his gaze and ran your fingers against the dangling jewel from his ear that matched yours.
"i believe..." you started with a giggle, using your thumb to run against his bottom lip, "that the tsaritsa will be awfully upset to know that you've discarded the gnosis like that."
scaramouche scoffed and grabbed your chin between his forefinger and thumb and muttered a, "i don't care," before taking your lips as his once again.
it's a pretty, forward way of confessing, but scaramouche becomes your lover from that day onwards!
he garbles out an offer to come stay with him, which you accept!
the trip back to snezhnaya was filled with longing looks and breathless kisses that left him weak in the knees
of course, he makes sure that affectionate gestures are in private settings because celestia forbid that a fatui agent walk in on scaramouche, red in the face, being pampered with kisses and affectionate words by his archon significant other
when he presents the dendro archon's gnosis to the tsaritsa, she's quick to catch on that his means of acquisition were...unorthodox
but makes no comment of it, much to his relief
as soon as his business is done in snezhnaya, he makes haste to his (luxurious) residence in inazuma which is where he chooses to lay a base with you
because he's a harbinger, he often must leave at unpredictable times in a hurried manner
before, such a mobile lifestyle was fine because it was just his own back that he had to worry about and no one else's
however, you have now entered the picture
he'll make contradictory responses about leaving you alone for prolonged periods of time
"you'll burn the damn place down while i'm gone."
"you say that while you're hugging and kissing me goodbye, scaramouche."
"...shut up."
by associating with him in general, you've inherently become a target for outside parties that have a bone to pick with the fatui (which are there are, unsurprisingly, a lot of)
you might have to remind him that you're a literal archon and can defend yourself perfectly fine (and even then it'd be difficult for him to part from you)
aside from the chaos that is his life as a harbinger, when all is quiet and there's no missions on his belt, he'll be right by your side
his love is shown largely through words of affirmation, except they come off as the exact opposite with good intentions hidden beneath them
you help him spar in the large backyard, and he's surprised to learn that you can easily take him down
part of his time with you has led him to discover a lot more about you, like the fact that intense emotions of yours manifest into flowers that bloom along your body
one too many times has he whispered suggestive words in your ear with a teasing, sultry lilt, or let his hand wader across the span of your body
only to be met with wine red roses that bloomed from the depths of your skin and wrapped around his hands
scaramouche will never admit the way your kind words and gentle touch send his heart racing
from the simple tap of his shoulder or the warmest of embraces lined with sugar filled kisses: he loves your touch
he's not used to authenticity; kind, genuine, pure of heart compliments and words, which is why he hates that you manage to fluster him so easily with "that shirt makes you look even more handsome" or a "be well and stay safe, darling"
scaramouche is used to bandaging his wounds—both physical and (eugh) emotional—in complete solitude
but you're here now, and he begins to realize that he finally has someone to rely on—someone who cares about him to the most authentic extent
rain hammered down against his body as he approached the steep climb towards the large, luxurious house that sat atop a secluded hill in araumi.
blood, his own or someone else's, smeared itself across his cheek and shielded itself from the rain by the large rim of his hat. his bloodied nose ached with every intake of rain laden air; the only smell scaramouche could possibly register at this point was the irony peak of blood. his legs burned and ached with every step forwards; tingling vibrations shot themselves up from his ankles to the small of his back. the open gash on his torso felt like burning ice and stung with every raindrop that splattered onto his bloodied shirt. the house loomed onwards and high above, led up to by a trail of pearly white stairs crafted of marble; he was seriously beginning to regret the fancy structure of his house.
his breath stuttered against his lips upon reaching the first step, body sagging onto the railing when he heard a voice from above.
he looked upwards to see your figure, void of any umbrellas, coverings, or shoes and only in your night clothes as you stood near the first landing of the steps. with the steady candlelight from the house behind: you looked like an angel.
how he had managed to make it under the warm roof of his house, he wasn't quite sure. scaramouche only remembers your frantic touch and his arm slung around your shoulder as you walked step by step up to the porch. before he knew it, scaramouche found himself soiling a fresh, snow white futon with the blood and dirt that covered his body while you made haste to pull off his soaked shoes and gather appropriate materials to help clean him up. hat already tossed to the side, you peeled layer after layer of soaked clothing off until he lay bare in nothing but his boxers, large gash on display for you to gawk at.
"scara..." you mumbled and ran your fingertips over the reddened edges of his wound.
he hissed at the sudden contact and gulped for air through his chapped lips. you smiled apologetically and leaned down to press a gentle kiss to his forehead. "you'll be alright, just hold still."
energy the color of a dewy leaf or thick, pale moss, thrummed from your fingertips as you hovered over his wounds. the dendro energy from your skin began to morph his skin and shut the gash in slow, gentle motions, leaving behind nothing but a thin scar across the middle. your hands moved across the span of his body, taking great care not to miss any patch of skin, no matter how small the wound. finally at ease, scaramouche trained his eyes on you with bated breath as you lovingly tended to his wounds with a strong ring of green around your irises. your hands finally glided over to his face, where blood smeared his cheek and the thin trail of blood from his nose greeted you with a nasty leer.
"not mine, promise." he mumbled when your thumb rubbed over the patch of dried blood on his cheek. his words didn't seem to ease the worried look on your face.
a few more motions of your hands and his nose was good as new. your hands reached for the basin of warm water and gentle washing cloth as scaramouche sat up, a haggard breath escaping his lips.
"i may have healed your wounds, but you need rest. they will reopen if you exert yourself." you warn, warm hand cupping his cheek while the other wiped the trail of blood from his nose.
"don't give me that shit, i'm completely fine." he huffed, but allowed you to continue wiping his skin down with warm water.
"please, scaramouche," to his surprise, tears began to pool in your eyes and cascade down your cheeks in silent waterfalls, "you are so important to me, take better care of yourself, please."
though his body stung and you'd just warned him about moving, scaramouche couldn't help but pull you into his lap and lock his arms tight around your body.
"i'm not going anywhere. it'll take an army and it's general...and a dragon to kill me." he mumbled into your scalp, feeling the weight on his chest lessen with a snort in response to his sarcastic response.
"promise?" you moved your face from his neck to look him in the eye, remembering just how bloodied he'd been just moments earlier.
scaramouche moved his hand to grab your pinkie in his and shake it. "throw me in the ice or whatever if i do."
you giggle and raise his hand to your lips, eyes shut in pure bliss and a gentle smile etched on your lips. in that moment, scaramouche wished with all his might that his time with you would be stretched out into an eternity.
you had a weird start to your relationship: never did scaramouche ever fathom that he'd find someone to put up with his disagreeable personality
nor that he'd fall in love with the prime target of his mission
but you managed to wrangle him up in your vines of love and swaddle him in a warmth that was unfamiliar yet welcomed
he's not one to revere the gods as ethereal beings; to him they're no more than placeholders, or figureheads
however, you are the only archon that has his complete and utter devotion
and it's not because of your archon status that he is devoted wholly to you, but your kindness and love that brings him to his knees
despite his unpleasant behavior, there isn't a single thing he wouldn't do for you, even if he'd grumble and complain about it all the while
the earring that dangles from his ear and matches your own reminds him that he has someone to come home to, and someone to love
Tumblr media
the day khaenri'ah fell is all a blur in dainsleif's mind
he lost everything:
his home, his people, his status, his life
all thanks to the heartless gods who cared not for the lives of puny mortals
despite the foggy remnants of his memory, he does remember something in particular that has stuck with him for centuries onwards:
how someone managed to bring him to safety, away from all the carnage and rot of khaenri'ah's destruction
by then, the curse of immortality had been laid, but whoever it was who saved him had managed to sneak through the wreckage and haul his unconscious body out of the pits of khaenri'ah into a grassy plain of wildflowers
though in and out of consciousness, he remembered the clean ring of vibrant green around their irises, the sweet smell of fresh flowers, their soft touch as they mended his wounds, and their honey-like voice that tried as much as possible to keep him conscious
the last thing he remembers before slipping into oblivion was the calmness and ease of his pain and the hum of energy in his ears
he awoke that night in a small clearing next to a crackling campfire, arm in a sling and a blanket over his body
since then, he's embarked to seek answers and pursue goals that were far out of anyone's reach
he wandered aimlessly as days trickled into weeks, then months, years, decades, centuries
until he finally meets you in sumeru
you're an advisor for the study of medicinal herbs at sumeru's finest academic institution, where dainsleif heads one day to procure both information and herbs
upon talking to him for just a bit, you discover that he is in search of a specific type of plant and offer your physical assistance to help him find it
throughout your little adventure, dainsleif finds that you're excellent to work with and before he can even ask if you'd like to come with him when he leaves sumeru, you offer up to join him on his travels first
he finds great solace and versatility in you: your dendro vision allows for easier access to places where nature invades, and your amicable and kind personality makes for great bargaining skills
over time as you travel more and more places together, dainsleif begins to feel an unfamiliar weight in his chest that doesn't exactly feel unwelcome
warm, calm, serene, peaceful is how he feels when you're around
he can't help but be enamored by everything about you: your eyes, lips, curve of your nose and rise of your cheeks. your kindness, your gentle nature, your perceptive insight and intelligence. all of it.
the romantic tension between you two was unbearable in the best way
quiet flames flickered from the small campsite and cast gentle shadows across the span of his face. he observed with a quiet smile, the way in which your fingers skimmed through line after line of some ancient books you had procured today, spines broken and covers worn with age and love. a shiver rocked your body as you scooted closer to him for warmth, your hips coming in contact merely once and it was enough to send tingles throughout his body.
"cold?" he asked.
you placed the book down and nodded, coming closer to his side if possible. with a single click of the clasp, the charcoal cloak that draped over his shoulders fell from his body as he placed it over yours.
"well that's not fair," you pout, fanning out the fabric so that instead of just you, the cloak covered both your bodies, "we both need to be covered."
there was no hiding the furious blush on his face as you inch even closer to him if it was possible to do so, your head coming to rest on his broad shoulder.
"are you okay, dain? your heart is beating so fast..." voice tinted with faded whispers, your fingers run over the thick fabric that protects his bare skin.
"yes, i'm...fine. do not concern yourself with my wellbeing, you need to warm up." dainsleif murmured gently and tugged the fabric up closer to your shoulders.
he wasn't sure when you'd wriggled your way past his thick irony boundaries or when he'd become so comfortable with your touch, but he didn't mind if you used his shoulder like a pillow and drooled on him, or spurred him onwards into hole in the wall buildings to discover ancient products. and his most favorite: when you'd craft flowers from your fingers and thread them through his coat or hair.
"i can't just not care about you, dain. that's silly." you giggle and brushed aside wisps of his ashen locks from his piercing azure gems. he resisted the urge to lean down and press a kiss to your forehead once your arms wrapped around his torso, so snug and comfortable.
"ah...then i apologize."
"dain?" you look up at him with sparkling eyes, threaded by pale, persimmon flames from the campfire that completely entrance him.
"yes, (y/n)?"
much to his surprise, your hands slink up to hold his face so he stared directly at you.
"can i show you how much i care about you?" there was a new gentleness to your voice that he'd never heard before, and the confusion that painted his face at your words dissipated once he nodded and felt his head tilt to the side and your soft, downy lips press against his cheek.
for far too long, he'd imagined the feeling of your lips on his skin in manners that had him burning up and shaking such thoughts out of his head. but now, having got a taste, his desire seemed to be insatiable. your lips parted from the soft of his cheek far too soon for his liking, your eyes shy and mouth curved into a timid smile.
"i'm sorry if i overstepped any- mmph?!"
before you could speak any apologies, you find that dainsleif's lips had connected and molded to fit perfectly against yours. his arms snuck around your waist to stabilize you against his throbbing heart. his mind was completely encased by all that you were: your body, mind, and soul filtered through your connected lips and became one with his in the most vibrant and indescribable ways.
dainsleif reluctantly parted from your lips with a quiet gasp and rose a hand to cup your burning cheeks.
"i care deeply about you as well, if it was not evident."
despite the teasing nature of his remark, his eyes shied away from your intense gaze, the one that sent butterflies up from the confines of his stomach.
"hehe, at least now," you giggled and pressed a gentle kiss first to his nose, then a lingering, chaste kiss to his lips, "i am well aware that our feelings are mutual."
dainsleif never exactly expected for you to return his feelings, but he considers it a win in his book
though he feels infinitely unworthy of your love and affection, you often remind him that he deserves the world and all the love contained within it
it takes a while for him to open up about his past, but he trusts you with all that he is
so he sits down and tells you all he knows of his origins: khaenri'ah, the gods, his immortality, all of it
given that he's under the impression that you are a mere mortal human, his immortality is a subject that pains him the most
to know that you'd one day leave him behind and succumb to the fate of time
but you know that isn't true, and you recognize him as someone familiar from the wreckages of khaenri'ah
hiding your secret eats you up inside, especially since dain has made it excruciatingly clear that he desires nothing to do with the gods or anyone or anything associated with them
eventually, hiding becomes too much and you realize that he deserves the truth, even if dainsleif were to discard your bond
sitting under trees and reading had become a pleasant past time for the two of you, though you've always much rather preferred to hear dainsleif's smooth voice recount tales from the aged book that would have your eyes drooping and mouth curved into a serene smile.
but today, your face lacked its usual vibrancy and your smile seemed devoid of your usual joy as he read word after word with you perched on his lap. instead, your eyes lingered on the gentle green glow emitted from your hands and the guilt that ate away at you inside. the sun was just about to blanket itself over a drape of midnight sky, and dainsleif had begun to set up camp when he finally asked, "you don't seem like yourself today, is something the matter?"
you take in a shaky breath before turning to face him with hesitation in every one of your movements. " despise the gods, right?" timidly, you step into the shallows and fear knowing that soon you will have to face the deep end.
"yes, i have no respect nor care for them at all. why do you ask?"
the lump in your throat began to pulse, almost as if to tell you not to speak the words that had been broiling in your stomach for so long, but you knew it was impossible.
you allowed your eyes to slip behind their lids as your hands folded themselves into a position of prayer. viridian and chartreuse swirls of dendro energy formed from your chest and enveloped your body for a brief moment only to dissipate and leave you floating back to the ground in white, ancient garments with golden rings on your upper arm and left thigh. thick, chocolate colored branched formed by your temples and curved backwards to form horn-like structures. striking strips of verdant dendro energy ran up your arms and legs and settled at your throat to form the heart symbol.
you opened your eyes, and dainsleif found himself face to face with a ring of bright green around your irises that seemed so familiar.
"i'm the dendro archon." your voice was meek, and nothing like that of a god. from your clasped hands, your fingers unfurled to reveal your tiny gnosis decorated in little flowers and gleaming of warmth and the gentle touch of a flower petal.
if he hadn't seen the gnosis, or your archon clothes, dainsleif would hardly believe you. a joke, a taunting tease akin to pinching his cheek in a loving manner or nudging his ribs, that was what declaring yourself as an archon sounded like. but the gnosis in your hand, the tattoos on your skin, the clothing on your back, it all pointed to the obvious.
he was sure his expression was ruthless given the manner in which you silently responded with guarded hands.
"dain..." your hand unconsciously reached out to him to hold his face, but never got that far.
fury coursed through his body like a toxic viper, devoid of rational thoughts or understanding. his muscles jerked to slap your hand away, teeth bared full and anger glinting his in starry pupiled eyes.
"DON'T COME NEAR ME! don't take another step!"
you felt your heart stop in your chest. his eyes roamed over your body like a man possessed. you'd never seen dainsleif this angry or worked up. your sweet, kind, albeit too formal and a little awkward, dainsleif. each day he'd wake up and gaze at you with nothing but love and adoration, and now he stood before you defensively, shielding himself as if you were a monster.
"dain, please i can explain-"
"explain?! there's nothing to explain," dainsleif backed away from you, even as you halted your footsteps forwards, "you archons simply love to toy with people, don't you?"
his hands worked quickly to gather his items and sling his backpack over his shoulders.
"did you perhaps think that you could spend your time toying with a mortal? am i amusing to you? did you have your fill?!" he barked, eyes narrowed into hostile slits.
your voice wouldn't meet your lips no matter how hard you tried. you desperately wanted to deny his claims; that you loved him with all your heart, but it seemed your strangled silence was enough of an answer for him.
"do not follow me."
he didn't dare look at your face, for to feel compassion or empathy for a god would be a gross negligence of their actions towards his people. dainsleif had never ran that fast before in his life, nor had he ever faced the dilemma that brewed within his heart that urged him to turn around and talk things out. but the damage had been done, and he knew that there was no saving a bond shared between a khaenri'ahan and an archon.
you watched with watery eyes as dainsleif hurriedly ran further and further away from your embrace. your body fizzled with dendro energy as you numbly walked towards a nearby stream and crumpled to your knees, eventually falling limp on your side. rejection had been your worst fear, and not only had it come true but it cost you your most beloved. and now there was nothing you could do about it, so you cried and cried and cried and let the ground around you absorb your agonizing pain.
he can't exactly get you off of his mind no matter how hard he tries
dainsleif ends up spending a week in a hotel in a town far away from where he left you and can hardly rise from bed without feeling a rippling pain in his heart
a constant war between his emotions and his mind play out, and he doesn't know which side to align with
against all he stands for, dainsleif finds himself wandering back to his time with you: your radiant smile, jubilant laughter, kindness, generosity, empathy, the soft curve of your body and the gentle, feather light tough of your lips on his
thoughts of you plague his mind day in and day out, no matter what
there exists a lingering guilt that eats away at him when he recalls the brief moment he looked up to see the absolute distraught emotions on your face
he finds himself sitting on the edge of the hotel's bed, unable to sleep and mind filled with thoughts of you as he runs his thumb over an intricate bookmark you had bought for him
dainsleif often wonders about the ring of green around your eyes in your archon form, and why they appeared to be so familiar and so warm
and it suddenly hits him: memories of the distant past khaenri'ah where he'd been spared from the god's wrath and dragged unconscious from the wreckage
those same, familiar green irises sparked the realization that it had to be you who saved him
and this realization released the floodgates for the wave of guilt that crushed him under its weight
he had left you all by yourself and rejected you when you'd bared all of yourself to him
you knew who he was the moment you first met him, and kept silent of your kind deeds and he just knows that it's because that last thing you'd ever want is for him to feel obligated to be with you
and it's this realization that has his mind giving way to all the thoughts of you that he's suppressed
dainsleif can only hope that you would give this sinner just one last chance to beg for forgiveness
night had fallen by the time he reached his destination. dainsleif isn't sure what called to him to return to where he left you, after all you were quite intelligent and staying in one place for too long while traveling was never the brightest idea. but much to his surprise, your items lay exactly where you left them and had faced the elements. he stooped to pick up a soggy copy of your favorite book off of the ground that had faced the hardships of rain, the very same one he had been reading to you the evening of your confession. his heart stung and stuttered to know that something could have possibly happened to you.
his eyes frantically searched the shady tree area for any sign of you, only for a trail of small, yellow flowers to catch his eye. they trailed downwards off a rugged path, and his legs felt compelled to adhere to the strange breadcrumb trail.
the flowers lead him to a small clearing, where a gentle stream rushed by, and where your figure lay on your side surrounded by heaps upon heaps of little, lemony flowers. dainsleif's chest began to morph and twist with every step he took towards your body, still in your archon form. he feared so greatly that death had taken you into its hands as he knelt down with trembling legs to your body. much to his surprise, you were quite awake and numbly staring at the rushing water in front of your face. the light in your lovely eyes had faded, leaving the ring a dull hazel, the color of dirt or faded mud. faded tear tracks marked lines down the center of your face, and he knew that the damage he had done was immense.
"(y/n)..." his voice warbled with suppressed emotions as his lips morphed into a watery frown.
your eyes peeled themselves away from the flowing water and connected with dainsleif's, to which you replied with a half hearted chuckle and no more.
"i'm hallucinating now? heartbreak is fascinating." you mumbled with a sad smile as your hand moved upwards to caress his skin.
"you're not hallucinating, i'm...i am real." he murmured just as he placed his hand over yours.
the light within your eyes began to spark, then glimmer with hope as the realness of the situation set in. no words could escape your lips before he had pulled you up, drawn you into a tight hug and pressed kiss after kiss to your temples, just below your branch-like horns.
"could you ever forgive this foolish sinner?" dainsleif mumbled into your shoulder and squeezed tighter, as if you'd fade from his grasp should his grip slack even the slightest.
"'s me who should be asking for forgiveness, not-"
dainsleif was never a selfish man, but with you he was allowed to indulge and savor your warmth. his lips cut off your refutes just as they were about to emerge from your lips.
"you saved me, didn't you?" he asked once parted from your lips.
"you remembered." you cooed, thumbing over his ruddy cheeks.
"i tried my best to reason with the gods, but dendro is not as powerful an element as others think." a sigh enveloped your words with regret and sorrow, hands moving downwards from his face to his shoulders, "but then, i saw you. and narrowly i managed to get you out before total ruin fell to khaenri'ah."
dainsleif's heart hammered ferociously in his chest upon understanding the true magnitude of your words. you hadn't laid siege to khaenri'ah, you hadn't harmed his people in any way. you were innocent.
"i'm a fool." dainsleif berated, guilt wrenching his heart in every which way.
"you're no fool, you've just been hurt." you coo, wiping away at a stray tear that trickled down his face.
"how is it that you're able to be so kind to me even now?" he asked. your sniffles and mumbled whimpers hidden behind that smile of yours tore his heart in two, knowing that his rash actions had been the cause of your sorrow.
"it's because i love you, wholly. you are no toy for me to play with, and i will follow you to the ends of teyvat if you would indulge me." you caress the heat of his cheek and allow him to wipe away the tears that had fallen from your eyes.
"and i, you, whether you were mortal or an archon. you'll forever have my heart." and the words he spoke were truer that he'd even been, more honest than he'd ever felt with himself in so long.
his words made your limp heart swell with affection, and any doubt you might've had flitted away with the cool wind.
"you are absolutely beautiful." his eyes study you in a passionate way as his hands glide over your bark horns, to your supple cheeks, then finally coming to thumb underneath the skin of your vibrant, crystal-like eyes where a ring of soft green peered back at him.
you shy away from his gaze, face warm and fluster evidence in the warbled smile that creeps up onto your lips. but dainsleif was not finished, for a man who craved every inch of you he could never be satiated with doubt lingering in your body.
"i promise to you, you shall never shed another tear under my watch, my starlight." his lips hovered above yours momentarily, as if asking for permission before you closed the gap and looped your arms firm around his neck.
the love of a god was infinite and powerful and even if he were to wander the grounds of teyvat for a century more, he'd be alright as long as you stood by his side.
despite his grievances with the gods and celestia, dainsleif has come to an odd conclusion: not all the gods were responsible for what happened
you are his prime example
your capacity for love and kindness is so foreign to a man who has known nothing but solitude and grief
and he learns to embrace it, one step at a time with your help
dainsleif carries a heavy conscience, but he's at east knowing that you are but a momentary longing glance away and he's free to usher you close for comforting cuddles
he's much more careful with expressing his distaste for the gods around you after you reveal yourself (even if you encourage him to be more vocal)
dainsleif believes in fate as a harbinger of sorrow and anguish
but if fate had brought you to him, then perhaps fate wasn't such a bad concept after all
Tumblr media
date published: september 10th, 2021
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ddarker-dreams · 2 months ago
Lock’s Yan Genshin Boy Modern AU.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere themes, toxic behavior, unhealthy relationships and stalking.  Note: i’ve been inspired by otome games that i’ve been playing set in modern times... and wanted to whip something together of how i’d theoretically write for genshin boys and their “routes” for darling. credit to @cinnamonest​ (18+ blog!) for xiao twitch streamer/gamer concept... i’ve been obsessed with it these past few days.
Tumblr media
Trust fund kid. Diluc’s someone who you know comes from old money, but at the same time, the details of his life are sparse to come by. He has enough wealth to live lavishly, yet never seems to flaunt it. Diluc prefers to hear you talking about himself and rarely divulges information on his life. Especially not his family, he’ll dodge any question you ask about them with practiced ease. There are times where you won’t hear from him for weeks, then he just shows back up at your apartment, acting like his disappearing act isn’t strange. He’ll throw some business jargon at you should you ever press the matter. It goes without saying that he pays for all your dates, everything from trips to the local café to extravagant restaurants. You’ll find that you know nothing about him and he knows everything about you. Diluc’s content to sit there and listen to you speak for hours on end, even secretly recording some conversations just so he can hear your voice while he travels. He isn’t going to play friends for long — he’ll ask you to be his partner faster than anyone else here. You won’t get much of a visible reaction from him should you turn his confession down, just a long cold stare. He’ll start finding ways to make you financially dependent on him so you don’t have any chance but to come crawling back. Bills that he offered to help with in the past when you were in a pinch go unpaid, credit card companies start calling and demanding payments for stuff that you never bought in the first place. The stress starts accumulating with no hope of ending in sight. You’ll find yourself staring at Diluc’s contact name, left with no choice but to plead for his forgiveness and helps. He’ll sigh, making it appear like he’s mulling over the proposition, just for the rush that comes with leading you on. He’s still upset about your stinging rejection, after all. Promises to help you out on the condition you give him another shot. It’s not like you have any better choices. 
A public defender that rarely loses cases, if ever. To your credit, you didn’t trust him much from the beginning, there’s something about the lack of light in his eyes that’s suspicious. But boy, is he insistent. Childe is so friendly with you, always showing up in areas you frequent, slinging an arm around your shoulder, and laughing like you’re old friends. It doesn’t take long for you to start ignoring your gut which is saying this guy is nothing but trouble. Your family loves him, your friends love him, everyone you know is singing his praises. Unlike Diluc, he loves talking to you about his family. While it’s true that his love for his siblings is genuine, he isn’t so foolish as not to realize the implicit trust being a family man will garner from you. He’d never do anything of dubious morality, right? He’s so great with kids! Childe might be busy, but he always finds a way to text you, multiple times a day in fact. This man is shameless. He’ll text you right in the middle of a big trial, he’s that confident in his ability to balance his relationship with you and his work. He more or less assumes you’re dating without asking you outright. He hangs out with you all the time, is on a first-name basis with your parents, so it’s basically the same as dating in his eyes. Childe’s more menacing side would come to light should you try to distance yourself from him. There are... rumors, that he has certain connections to shady organizations. He’ll laugh it off and say it’s jealous prosecutors spreading such nonsense should you ever ask. However, you’ll start to find yourself growing increasingly unsafe in your house should you reject his advances. Windows being broken in the night, your car getting keyed, minor vandalization. Stuff that shakes you up but the police don’t care enough to look into. But don’t worry, Childe’s more than happy to offer his guest bedroom up to you until you feel safer. 
A charismatic reporter for the local news station. Kaeya Alberich is a man everyone in your town recognizes. He’s a regular on the evening news, well known for his sharp wit and introspective commentary. You can’t help but feel dazzled the first time you meet him in person. Kaeya’s humble enough, making conversation that doesn’t feel like small talk, almost as if you were the only person in the room. It’s beyond flattering when you realize he somehow snuck his phone number into your pocket, a cute little winky face written beneath it. You’re starstruck beyond belief. He’s flirty, yes, but it’s tasteful; just stopping shy of crossing that line into obscene. Kaeya is excellent at balancing himself like that. He knows just when to tone it back and when he can push the limits of what’s acceptable. His attraction to you is clear from the start, he never makes an effort to hide it. Yet another case of him knowing a lot about you whereas you know next to nothing about him. His past and his family are sore subjects. You’ll see him light up the most when talking about a scandal from this alcohol company, Dawn Winery something or another, which is the story that pushed him into the limelight as a reporter. Your friends will be encouraging you to date Kaeya before he even asks you out. That’s just how likable he is. Also the type to ask you out in public, which amounts to even more pressure and guilt for rejecting him. He’s completely intentional about that too. Should you try and turn his affections down, he’ll use what you opened up to him about to reel you back in. His notes on you are pristine and alphabetical. 
Retired CEO of a corporate conglomerate. Zhongli’s found himself disillusioned with the lifestyle of being a CEO, and as such, shocked the entire business world by announcing an early retirement. Heads off to your town to enjoy a newfound life of peace and quiet with billions in the bank (his credit is atrocious though, he’s claimed bankruptcy too many times to count). You stopped him from getting scammed by a local multilevel marketing shmuck and he zoned in on you after that. Showering you in luxuries beyond anything you could ever hope to afford, taking you out to restaurants you couldn’t pronounce, going so far as to fly you on a private jet rather than drive one of his luxury cars. Your view on life is so different from his, he wants to pick your brain and learn everything there is to know about you. Zhongli’s interested in how you live as well. You make the man a peanut butter jelly sandwich and he’s raving about it for weeks, discussing the tartness of the jelly mixed with the savory peanut butter like some kind of Gordon Ramsey. You’ll find that he’s acquainted with more topics in history than you knew existed. The two of you could talk for hours, and while you’re more than happy to be friends, his romantic pursuits are where you’re conflicted. There’s no denying the major power imbalance should you consider being in a relationship with him. He’s never told you his age and has more zeroes in his bank account than is morally permissible. None of these concerns you raise would make much sense to him. It can be frustrating how he won’t respect your boundaries, all the while appearing so innocent that you can’t get upset with him for long. Of course, Zhongli knows what he’s doing, but he’s more than happy to appear none the wiser to conflict you further. He figures that with enough time and effort, you’ll come around and be his. His patience is unmatched in that regard. 
Professor at your college in biology. He’s somewhat of a cryptid on campus — nobody really knows much about him or where he’s from. Albedo does his lectures and calls it a day, wanting to immerse himself back into research rather than interacting with others. The type to reply to your detailed email explaining why you need an extension because your grandma broke her ankle with “ok -sent from Android”. No one can deny that he’s a genius though, he’s championed multiple breakthroughs in the field and there are rumors he might be a contender for a Nobel Peace Prize. Also absolutely refuses to give anyone extra credit, no matter the sob story they offer. That means more stuff to grade and he isn’t interested in wasting time like that. Then there’s you... the sole exception. Albedo can’t help but notice how cute you are, all bundled up in the library and working away until late in the night. Most people that come to his office with questions find it dark and locked. When he hears your voice after you knock, however, he swings the door wide open. Gets very flustered when interacting with you but manages to conceal it well (he’ll go off on tangents when he’s nervous). Not so subtly flexes the many awards and degrees on his wall, telling you the story behind how he got each and everyone one of them. You’re even more amazing up close; his breath gets caught in his throat every time you laugh or smile. Almost ascends to another plane of existence when you call him smart. He’s starting to work up the courage to possibly ask you out when you get a phone call. You apologize sheepishly, saying that it’s your significant other and that you really need to take the call. His dreams of no longer being an eternal bachelor are shattered on the spot. It’s okay though, he has a long-term plan; his connections in the field extend far. Depending on your major, he’ll offhandedly mention what’s more or less your dream job opening up a position under an associate of his. The stipulation of him putting in a good word for you being a date. 
Twitch streamer. Xiao has never done a face reveal and only uses a webcam when streaming Osu, but it’s pointed at his hand. Has an erratic streaming schedule but somehow gained a decent enough following for being top on MOBA leaderboards and the like. His Steam library is too embarrassing to look at. In real life, he’s obsessed with you, his super cute neighbor next door. You’re just a walking ray of sunshine. Xiao’s never been a fan of going outdoors, the sun burns his eyes and he doesn’t see the point. He mostly goes out to pick up packages or do grocery store runs. However, when you move in, he can’t help but start wanting to go out more; if not just for the chance to see you. Xiao stares from his window as you tend to your garden, read on the porch, or talk to your other neighbors. Your social media has already been located and put on one of his monitors, he has a special program installed to refresh the page periodically in case you posted something new. Wants to ask you out more than he wants to breathe but can’t work up the courage to do so. Anytime you have people over, he zones in on potential romantic rivals, despite having never interacted with you for more than five minutes. Plays the role of helicopter neighbor and tells you that that one pushy friend was stealing some of your stuff, or trying to take inappropriate photographs. When in reality he just wants them to be out of the picture so he can sleep easy at night. Normally, when he’s invited to social functions, he finds a way to weasel out of it. Should you be the one extending the offer, however, he’ll show up. No doubt about it. Hangs around you the most, letting you do most of the talking. In fact, he barely says a few words, mostly nodding as often as it’s socially acceptable to do so. His glare is fierce enough to chase off any person trying to inch up closer to you. 
Fashion model with a rotten personality. You’re his childhood friend, with him being far more attached to you than you ever were to him. Not that you’ll ever be privy to that knowledge. Remembers that one time when you were both like five and you said you’d marry him and never forgot it. He’s much the same as when he was a kid, in some regards; he still picks on you and is overall difficult to be around. The difference now is that he understands why he feels the way around you that he does. It hurts his pride to know after all these years of pining for you, albeit in a weird way, that you still haven’t fallen head over heels in love with him. What’s taking you so long? He has sharp, boyishly good looks, killer eyes that land him every modeling contract he wants. And you still regard him as little more than a friend while he reminiscences on your earlier days together often. Scaramouche often invites himself over to your place without forewarning, taking advantage of your kindness. He’s surprisingly amiable around the partners you’ve had over the years. They get along well, much to your disbelief, since he’s prickly with you. You never understand why your partners end up ghosting you weeks into every relationship either. Should any of them be brave to fess up how horrifyingly two-faced Scaramouche is, you can’t believe them, he’s always so nice around your partners. Scaramouche just shrugs it off with you and chalks it down to being jealousy. Tells you that you’re better without them anyway, and you’re inclined to agree. Has a bad habit of sneaking into your room at night and just... staring. It’s real creepy. Sometimes he’ll stroke your cheek, or maybe steal a shirt that smells like you, but most of the time he’s just content to stare. It’s too embarrassing him to admire you when you’re awake, after all. He doesn’t want you thinking that he likes you... psh... no way. 
Traveling writer with a mysterious past. He shows up near where you live on the down low, being a multiple-time bestselling author isn’t something he wants everyone to know about. Kazuha doesn’t care for fame or numbers, he just wants to get his thoughts out there, articulating them in a way only he can. He happens upon you by chance — and is instantly taken with your disposition and mannerisms. Kazuha finds you to be something of a muse. He’ll introduce himself by paying for whatever food/drink you’re purchasing, asking if the chair by your table is free. His soft-spoken nature and kind eyes bring you in right away. Your subsequent meetings are just as wonderful, almost fairytale-like; he’s a wonderful conversationalist and even better listener. Kazuha’s aided by the fact his compliments are unique and completely tailored to you; you’ve never been flirted with in that way before. He’ll ask about your life, your interests, what’s been troubling you lately. None of your talks with him feel shallow. You’ll always part with a spring in your step, feeling like you’ve met a companion that genuinely cares about you as a person. While it’s true that he does care for you, it’s in a more self-serving way. He’s a little pushy when it comes to intimacy and further progressing your relationships. It’s a good chance that you’re his first love, and as such, he has a somewhat romanticized view of how relationships work. Kazuha wants to perpetually live in the honeymoon phase and doesn’t understand that life... just really isn’t like that. You have obligations, a career/school to deal with, the works. So when you’re not constantly available to hang out when he asks, he gets hurt about it. Feels like you’re ignoring him after he was so sweet to you. You never viewed it that way, yet when he comes to you, postured drooped and lips pouting you, you can’t help but drop everything to comfort him. He feeds off you like an emotional parasite. 
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abyssheart · 2 months ago
When you stop playing Genshin Impact [Kaeya, Xiao x GN!Reader]
pairings: Kaeya, Xiao x GN!Reader word count: 1.0k warnings: angst a/n: this idea is from a Tik Tok part ii for Kaeya is here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He would never admit to anyone that he's waiting for you to come back, but it's obvious, from the way he sits so miserably alone in Angel's Share, from the way he sometimes orders your favorite drink, but never consumes it.
He still does your commissions every day. As he greets Swan and Lawrence goodbye at the gate, they wave back with a smile. But they can sense Kaeya's wistful sadness as he leaves the city of Mondstadt without you for the thousandth time.
It's been three years since you've last logged on, thinks Kaeya as he downs his last Death After Noon of the night. He fiddles with the glass as he thinks about you. How you would chide him for staying up so late drinking, how you would remind him to enjoy himself but take care of his liver as well, how you would come back from Liyue with a beautiful blue-and-white lily in your hair.
You'd place its match in his own hair, saying that the gradient of the flower matched his pelt, and how it brought out his eyes. He smiles faintly at the memory, reaching up at his hair to touch nothing--the last flower had withered along with your presence in the game.
He still remembers your last words to him-- "I'll be busy for a bit, Kaeya. Forgive me for that," you had murmured. He'd laughed softly and replied, "For you, snowdrop, I can wait a thousand years."
The pain of being confined to just his world haunts him. He is nothing but lines of code in your world, he knows that. But the code is just the bridge between your world and his. He's not truly letters, symbols and numbers, but a living, breathing being, and you knew that from the moment your touches connected.
Or so he hopes. Perhaps, he thinks, I was nothing but code to you after all.
The thrum of his heartbeat becomes painfully obvious to him, an obtuse presence, as he places a hand over his chest.
You're not here anymore.
But the gentle cries of windchimes swaying in the quiet breeze. The receptionist at the Adventurer's Guild. The flock of pigeons always by the boy on the bridge outside the city, the stove by Good Hunter, the crafting table, his map, his eyepatch you always asked about. It all reminds him so painfully of you, of your vivid presence, your gentle breath on his neck as the two of you used to embrace each other.
You're not here anymore to stop him from drinking so much in that lovely voice he's almost forgotten.
Every night, drunken dreams of you reach him. He wakes up, reaching out for you with tears in his eyes.
He curls up into a ball. It tortures him to know that you'll never come back, that you've moved on, but he's still stuck in the past.
Tumblr media
Your absence is painfully obtuse to him at first, like a warm hand that leaves his back cold. He seeks you out desperately, a frostbitten man in need of fire. He'll search even Celestia for you, the ruins of Khaenri'ah, but will not find you.
After a while, he'll grow used to the cold. Neither his mind nor his heart is on you as he slowly returns to daily life.
Gazing at the night sky after you left used to be the most painful thing Xiao could possibly do to himself. Novalunosis-- The state of relaxation and wonderment experienced while gazing upon the stars. You'd taught him that, and so much more. In fact, even when you stated facts he'd already known, he would listen anyway, because it was you.
Tonight, he re-faced the galaxies, trying to avoid thoughts of you. Needless to say, he failed.
Just as Bosacius and Pervases after their deaths, you flooded his mind. A void formed in the pit of his stomach as the knowledge that you'd never come back hit him again. The Qingxin flowers he held in his hand crumpled as he clenched his fists more tightly.
"Ganyu apparently eats Qingxin flowers," you had once said to him, two flowers in your hand, just as he did now. Xiao had looked over to find you standing next to him, holding one out to him and taking a bite of the other--and then immediately spitting it out. He never would have admitted it back then, but he found that little action adorable.
Gazing at you trying to wipe the bitterness off your tongue, he had absentmindedly bitten into a petal.
Since then, it'd become ritual for him to collect Qingxin. They used to stay freshly picked from the heights of Jueyun Karst, but soon after you left, his karmic debt stained the petals black and caused the bitter flavor that reminded him of you to vanish.
Thoughts of you, previously exiled, now returned. It was a strange pain, not physically debilitating like the one caused by his karmic debt. And yet, the adeptus fell to his knees, breathing heavily.
It hurts. It hurts so much. Such thoughts had never crossed his mind before. His jaw tightly clenched, face screwed up, he pressed his forehead to the earth, as if trying to ground himself. Shoulders shaking, he cried out a set of syllables that vaguely matched your name.
Perhaps it's fitting that the bitterness of the Qingxin reminds him of you.
Perhaps he hopes, just like he showed up whenever you called him, that you would too when he did.
Tumblr media
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tartaglias-bunny · 4 months ago
Saw you were looking for asks 👀 How does childe, diluc, and kaeya feel about their so wanting to cock warm? Whether that be with their nethers or mouth? How do they feel about it calming their partner to just have their cock down their throat?
ooooh okay I SEE YOU
❀ ཻུ۪۪┊cockwarming; part 2; drabbles
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ cockwarming, oral, some degradation, light humiliation (kind of) & some light face fucking
✿ characters: 
kaeya, childe, diluc, albedo, 
Tumblr media
kaeya doesn’t mind at all, you want him to plunge his cock deep inside your folds? you don’t even need to ask him twice
the catch? you have to do it yourself
before you can sink down on his fat cock he makes you warm it up with that cute mouth of yours
he likes to play a little game with you where he’ll have you take him all the way in and just stay still and just watch as you try your best not to choke on his dick; you just look so cute with your saliva dribbling down your chin and his member lodged in between your parted lips
it takes a lot of concentration to keep yourself from choking around his dick -to stop yourself from pulling away and swallowing the excess saliva that’s accumulated in your mouth - but kaeya makes sure to pay back the favor ten fold
the second the game is over and you’ve managed to keep yourself from choking around his dick for whatever amount of time he chooses, he’ll allow you to sit down in his lap -with his cock nestled in between the juncture of your hips instead
he’ll praise you for being such an obedient little slut for him and allows you to cum all over him -rolling your swollen clit in between his thumb and forefinger with a slight bounce of his hips
in times like this kaeya really likes to edge himself because he knows you won’t be able to last long with his cock idly resting inside your cunt, the way the tip shifts around your inner walls only makes you want to squirm around in his lap even more -wanting to feel the head ram against that pleasurable spot deep inside you, to feel that same wave of euphoria that robbed you of your senses
Tumblr media
childe isn’t as sadistic as kaeya, but he’s definitely just as eager; you want him to shove his fat cock into your pretty little mouth to keep it warm for him? say less. his pants are probably down as soon as you finish your sentence 
he likes to tease you about it too, “ i didn’ t know you were so eager to have my cock inside of you ojou-chan ∼” 
“how do you think the others would feel if they found out the Honorary Knight was so hungry for a fatui harbinger’s cock?” 
i feel like childe goes both ways, he’s either really mean or he’s super sweet
if he’s not teasing or degrading you, he’s giving you words of praise for being able to fit all of him in your mouth, one of his hands will be rubbing the back of your head to either reward you for taking him in all the way or to encourage you to take him in even further 
if you want to cockwarm him with your cunt instead, he’s a little less degrading -being inside of your pussy is more intimate to him than being inside of your mouth; his hands tend to wander a lot and they’re either busy playing with your clit or toying with your breasts
his mouth is usually attached to the side of your neck, suckling at the soft flesh as he leaves his mark or playfully biting on your ear
Tumblr media
diluc i think prefers to give oral than receive it, i’m not sure why but i just feel like oral makes him flustered if he’s on the receiving end -he probably cums faster than usual and just seems like the type to prioritize your pleasure over his
he likes it when you keep his cock warm for him, the feeling of your warm wet walls clamped tightly around his semi hard erection is somewhat relaxing to him -therapeutic almost
he definitely likes to nestle his face into the side of your neck and just take in your scent, enjoying the warmth that radiates from your body whilst you do the same - just enjoying each other’s presence and being one together 
if you’re cockwarming him i think he prefers if you guys are cuddling or spooning, he just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you and keep you close
he wants to be able to feel your body against his because there’s something about your presence that makes him feel safe and secure -because in this life, you’re what matters to him the most -and you can’t help but feel the same way 
Tumblr media
albedo is normally really busy with all his experiments, so if you want to cockwarm him he prefers it if you use your pussy over your mouth because it’s just much more convenient for him (he likes to be able to use your shoulder as a chin rest while he does his work) 
he’s an alchemist so he loves to experiment with you -he definitely likes to test your patience when you’re cockwarming him, to see how long you can last before you beg him to just bend you over his desk and slam his cock in and out of you 
on the rare occasions that he lets you keep his dick warm with your mouth, he likes to see how long you can last with his cock balls deep into your throat -sometimes he gets a little impatient when it’s in your mouth because its just so wet and warm and the way your throat constricts around his cock makes it twitch in excitement -making him a little too sensitive to the warmth that envelops his erection 
cockwarming with your mouth slowly turns into face fucking, but you don’t complain, albedo’s cum always tastes sweet anyways
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yeonkiminfan · 3 months ago
I loved your genshin men in heat headcanons. (breeding kink go brrrrr) could you do it with the roles reversed? like their s/o in heat and them helping their mate?
Tumblr media
Genshin men helping you with your heat? AFAB! Reader
Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, And Childe
Warnings: BREEDING KINK, Praise kink, Size kink, Teasing, Overstimulation, light mention Oral recieving (Reader!), face fucking, fingering, degradation
Zhongli ||
He's a soft dom, He'll always help his partner when they're heat. Zhongli doesn't mind helping you since he knows its hard to be in heat.
"Your hands are too big, Zhongli~" You whined at his thick and long fingers in your squelching cunt. "Darling, I know, I know, But you want to cum right? My pretty girl/boy"
"P-pls- more" He smiles and kisses your forehead, You're just so cute he can't help but be harsher and harsher with your cunt :(
Your thighs shake because of his continous rough stimulation, "you're doing so well, My love, so well" He pats your thigh with his other hand as you clung onto the bedsheets tightly.
"M-M'- gonna cum please-" He presses on your sweet spot making you cum, Your hips buckling as you grind on his hands.
He removes his fingers in your cunt as he spread your trembling thighs farther, Zhongli pulls his tongue out with a grin on his face. "N-no don't Zhongli pls- too much-" He sucks on your clit harshly.
Trying to Pull him away from your cunt was a fail, His strong hands tightly grabbing on your thighs while his head presses onto your cunt more.
"N-no more Zhongli" He pulls away from your pussy and breathes heavily, "You're gonna take, What i give. Now don't be a little brat and take it all" Zhongli pecks your clit and continues to eat your cunt like he hasn't ate months before.
You're very lucky to have him, Zhongli can fuck you in every form he has, You want to eat him out in his female form? Sure all you want just dont be a brat <3
Childe ||
He's so mean even when you're in heat, You think he's doing it for your pleasure? No, Childe's does it for his own pleasure. He does put a safe word incase you're very hurt and you REALLY dont want it anymore, Childe knows how rough he is :(
"Look at you~ sucking my cock like it's a lollipop does it taste good, my little whore?" You only respond to taking him in your mouth more making him moan "such a good slut"
Pulling away from his cock, Letting you take a small breather as you licked the veins on his dick while you used your hands to jack him off. Tartaglia bucks his cock into your hand while gripping your head tightly, You sucked on the tip again making drool and pre-cum smeared all over your face.
Tartaglia pushes your head until you reached his stomach, He smiles at you with an amused look letting you choke and try to take him all in because he knows you only want to be his good girl/boy so he can fuck you good later.
"Fuck, baby- Like that [name], Hahh~ " Childe thrusted in your mouth rougher and harder making you sob at how rough he is. He feels so god damn good with the way he's fucking your face, You know that you're gonna suck it up or he'll be mean and leave you here without cumming :(
"M' gonna cum [name], Take my fucking cum and swallow it yeah?" His voice getting higher and higher as he lets out a loud moan. Childe holding your face steady down to his stomach.
Letting drool and cum drip down his cock, "swallow." You pulled away from his cock as you tried to swallow his cum. Pulling your tongue out to let him check if theres anymore, two of his fingers on your tongue as he explored your mouth making sure theres no cum.
"Thats my good little slut~, Just as we promised. Im gonna fuck you good yeah? Would u like that my pretty boy/girl"
Childe always keep his promises <3
Diluc ||
Diluc would gladly help you in your heat, He only likes obedient girls/boys so don't be such a brat or he's gonna be really mean to you :(
You sobbed and squirmed on Dilucs lap as a loud slap was heard all over the room. "M'- m' sorry, D-diluc! I just wanted your a-atten- It hurts! Diluc-" Your ass red marked with the hand prints of your beloved.
"Attention? Elzer saw what you did, my love, grinding on my lap while im talking to him and making your pheromones spread all over the room. Who knows what would've happened to you if Elzer has no self control, huh?"
He places you on the bed while you lay on your back, Diluc puts you in the mating press position as he looks at your desperate cunt who's clenching over air.
You looked so adorable sniffling while you looked at him with hazy and lustful eyes. Diluc enters your gushing cunt harshly making your eyes roll to the back of your head.
His tip kissing your cervix as his fat cock continues to pound onto you again and again, Not letting your poor cunt have a rest as he goes deeper and harder which he knew you loved.
"D-Diluc! Im gonna cum- pls pls pls- Give me your cum, sir" Oh god that word made his cock cum into your abused cunt.
You whined as Diluc forces you to br in that position for a while, "I want to dump more babies in you, My little pet, You would look so great with your stomach filled with my cum and our babies" He grinned as he inserts his fat cock in you again.
"More, More, More darling, Im not gonna stop until youre filled to the brim of my cum"
Kaeya ||
Hes such a teasing partner :(, He knows you have your heat so he purposely ignores you and even ignores you when your grinding on his thigh while he does work. If you rile him up by angering him,you'll be fucked good by Kaeya <3
"Kaeya~ notice me please" You whined as he still ignored you even when your humping on his clothed cock. He sighs and releases his cock from his pants and boxers, "Be a good girl/boy and don't cum. Wait for me to finish this work baby"
And so you did, You waited for him to finish his work while his fat cock was nestled in your pussy. You were getting a little bit impatient tho :( Its been an hour and he was purposely slowing down his writing.
"Kaeya~ If you aren't gonna help me, Im gonna ask Master Diluc Ragnvindir" Before you can even muster you were pressed on the desk almost immediately. "I'll show you, my little [name], I'll fuck you better than that unromantic ass"
Before you know it, Kaeya was fucking you in a doggy position while you both were on the floor, Kaeya using your panties to muffle your own voice. "K-kaeya-mmf- MMf- hah~" He ignores you and continues to slam into you harsher and harsher.
The sound of slapping, and muffled moans were all over his work place. "T-too much- Too much- Kaeya!" He sneers and leans in to your ear, "you asked for this, you only take what I give, you don't order me around"
He even hugs your waist to put his hand on your stomach where his cock was nestled in, "feel that? Thats my fat cock in you, Now be nice and just be like the bitch in heat you are"
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nolawritesfanfics · 3 months ago
How the Genshin boys would confess to you
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, mentions of fighting/blood, mentions of death, OOC characters
Disclaimer: I haven’t thoroughly edited these, so please let me know if there are any mistakes! Some of these are longer than others, it kinda depends on if I know how to write the character or not. [>v<]💖💖💖 (also, sorry for not posting in a while, I haven’t had many ideas for what to write (TwT))
Pairings: Childe x Gn!reader, Kaeya x Gn!reader, Diluc x Gn!reader, Zhongli x Gn!reader, Xiao x Gn!reader, Albedo x Gn!reader
Genre: Fluff, angst(?), friends to lovers
••Drunken Confession••
Tumblr media
He would be drunk when he confesses to you. After a long day working for the knights, he would head over to Angel’s Share to indulge in two of his favorite things.
Death After Noon, and you.
Much like alcohol, you calm Kaeya’s nerves and make him forget everything. His past, his duties, his relationship with his brother. But he never manages to forget the one thing that bothers him the most.
His feelings for you.
Kaeya opened the door of the tavern, a gust of warm, alcohol scented air hitting his face as he stepped inside. He scanned the room, trying to map out which people he was going to attempt to get information out of this time.
There was a group of older adventurers to his left. Not the best choice, since they only end up talking about their families, which never failed to leave him feeling bitter.
A few knights were scattered throughout the room, but they weren’t good sources either. Kaeya already saw them everyday, which made it far too easy to catch up on whatever they were gossiping about.
Finally, he found you. You managed to outshine everyone else in the tavern, and no matter who else approached him, he would always choose you. He knew this, but he couldn’t tell you. He couldn’t get you involved with him.
He couldn’t cause you pain.
But his emotions failed him, and the butterflies raging in his stomach when you noticed him from across the room only proved how hopelessly in love he was with you. A smile broke onto his face when you waved him over, and he had to clench his fists to keep from rushing over to you. He had a reputation to uphold, after all.
He didn’t know that you would be here tonight, not that he was upset about it. He just needed to get to you without seeming like a puppy following its owner. So, he took a deep breath, and sauntered over to the counter you were sitting at.
“Ah, (Y/n), a pleasure to see you!” Kaeya said. You smiled in response and patted the seat next to you. Kaeya looked down at the counter, trying to hide the blush tinting his cheeks as he sat down beside you.
“Hello Captain Kaeya! Taking a break I assume?” You mused, happy to be talking with your best friend once more. Lately, you hadn’t been given the chance to talk to Cavalry Captain lately, since both of you were incredibly busy with work. However, you never missed the chance to catch up with him whenever you could.
“Just a quick one, danger stops for no one, you know.” He joked.
The mere thought of him made you excited. Every word he spoke made your ears start to burn, and everything he did made you want to be closer to him. But you had no idea he felt the same way.
The night progressed, and after a few drinks Charles cut you off at your request. You had things to do tomorrow and couldn’t afford to have a hangover. Kaeya was still going though, even after a few warnings of being cut off as well.
You looked over to your friends, who was absolutely wasted. He was laughing at a joke that one of the other knights made, his chuckle resonating in your chest. Archons, his voice was amazing.
Even though you could’ve stayed here forever, listening to the Cavalry Captains soothing voice, dawn would come soon, and you were getting sleepy. So, you grabbed Kaeya’s sleeve and suggested taking him home. He groaned and protested, but couldn’t deny how exhausted he was. He also couldn’t deny you, even if he wanted to.
So, you bid Charles goodbye, and dragged your friend home. Kaeya leaned on you, giggling every couple minutes. You smiled at his childish actions and tugged him closer to you. Your footsteps echoed throughout the streets of Mondstadt, a cold breeze tainting your flushed cheeks.
When you arrived at Kaeya’s dimly lit doorstep, it was already early in the morning. Both of you had sobered up a bit, your sense of time coming back to haunt you. Kaeya turned to you, and held your gaze. You stared back at him, losing yourself in his ocean colored irises. A few seconds passed before he blurted out something you’d never expect to hear from him.
“(Y/n), I’m in love with you.” He whispered, slapping his hands over his hands over his mouth once he had realized the impact of what he had said. A glimmer of innocent worry sparkled in Kaeya’s eyes. You moved his hands away from his mouth and held them to your lips.
“Oh, Kaeya….” You whispered, placing a kiss on his knuckles.
“I love you too.”
♡ ☄️Zhongli☄️♡
••Timeless Confession••
Tumblr media
Zhongli would be very formal about his confession, but he can’t help but be shy when telling you of his feelings.
He would most likely ask you to meet him somewhere. If you were his close friend, he’d invite you to have tea at his house. It’s a casual setting, if things go wrong, no one will see.
But, if you act flustered around him, he may be less nervous. He would probably be able to sense how you feel about him by your actions, which would give him a confidence boost.
It was another warm day at Liyue Harbor. Despite the heat, it was quite busy. People were scattered over the streets, going about their day. You were a part of the crowds, but unlike most of tourists littering the harbor, you were only here for a friend.
You frequently visited Liyue, you even had a little place of you own near the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. And every morning, when you would leave your apartment to go and explore Teyvat, you would run into Zhongli.
Zhongli was one of the kindest people you had met since you arrived in Liyue. He would always smile at you when you looked at him, and small talk was frequent between you two. As time passed, you became more than just acquaintances.
He would invite you to have tea with him almost every day, and would always welcome you into his home. If you ever showed up at his house in critical condition, he would never fail to nurse you back to health. Soon enough, he was coming with you missions, protecting you from harm.
You wondered why he was so nice to you, but you were grateful for his help. But lately, Zhongli had been acting strange. He had been quieter than usual, and he’d been avoiding you. Every time you would try to talk to him, he would make some excuse like- “A-ah... my apologies (Y/n). It seems I’ve forgotten something for work.”
He could hardly look at you, it seemed. He was always so anxious around you now.
Did you do something wrong?
Was it something you said?
You loved the man, even if you didn’t show it much. You had a strictly platonic relationship after all, and you couldn’t just give that up for your desires of a romantic life with him.
But oh god, the way he used to smile at you. The books he would read to you, whether they were about the fascinating history of Teyvat, or the delusional ramblings of a lovesick poet, you loved them. He would always smile at your reactions, but he no longer smiled at you.
His smile was gone.
You longed to see it again. If you had to grovel to get his friendship back, you would.
Thankfully, you knew your questions would be answered when you found a note from Zhongli, telling you to meet him at his house for tea. When you arrived, the tea was already on his table, whisps of smoke rising from the liquid.
Zhongli beckoned for you to sit down across from him. You sat down and gazed at him expectantly. The archon sighed, fiddling with his sweaty hands.
“I’m guessing by the way you’re looking at me... you wish to know why I’ve been ignoring you, yes?” Zhongli said.
You nodded, concern visible in every move you made. You rested your hand on the table, the cold anxiety of rejection making you feel weak. You felt another hand rest on top of yours, causing your eyes to shoot up to look at the man in front of you.
“I... I’m not sure how to say this, (Y/n), but- I have... feelings for you.”
You took a shaky breath, and intertwined your fingers with his. You could feel the poor man’s form shaking, a blush lighting up his cheeks. Leaning over the table, you inched your face closer to his. Then, you pressed your lips onto his. Zhongli froze in place, not sure what to do.
But you knew- you hoped, that he had an idea of what you were trying to say.
This was your silent confession.
Your silent way of telling him that you would never leave.
••Chemical Confession••
Tumblr media
The chief alchemist of the knights of favonius isn’t accustomed to emotions. He’s made out of chalk after all, so there not much room for that kind of stuff.
Albedo’s confession would happen during work hours, when you two are alone in the lab. He would try to make you aware of how inexperienced he was with emotions, as a defense mechanism to hide his emotions.
The poor boy can try, but the warmth emanating from his cheeks confirms every one of his words for you.
Another day, another experiment.
Albedo was buried in work, just like usual. Different stacks of paper were scattered all over his lab tables, many of them serving as a net for various overflowing experiments. The lab smelled purely of chemicals, and anyone who entered would be sent into a coughing fit.
Amidst all of the chaos, Albedo didn’t notice a person entering the vicinity. He only noticed when he felt a hand press against his shoulder. He couldn’t tell who was behind him, but he could sense that the touch was familiar. The alchemist whipped his head around to face you, a grin spreading across his delicate lips.
“Don’t worry Albedo, it’s just me.” You said, chuckling at his actions. Your hands were covering your mouth and nose, so that you didn’t inhale too many chemicals. Albedo lead you over to his newest concoctions, listing off random details about them.
You had been helping Albedo perfect an experiment for several months now, always taking time after your daily duties to assist him. Sucrose would have helped him with this, but she had work of her own to complete, so you offered to take her place.
You may or may not have been using this as an opportunity to get closer to the infamous alchemist, but you hoped that he didn’t mind your presence too much.
Little did you know, he didn’t mind at all.
Albedo was happy you decided to join him, because he got to see you more. The only part of your assistance that he hated was how you made him lose his composure. Whenever you smiled, whenever you looked at him- whenever you did anything, he felt like he was falling apart.
But strangely, he didn’t mind that either.
You made his heart feel warm, but he had no idea why. He had never been in a relationship before, and he definitely had never felt anything like this. So, Albedo decided that he would figure out his feelings by using the only tactics he was familiar with.
Research and experiments.
Whenever he had time, Albedo would observe the couples of Mondstadt, trying to figure out what that warm feeling meant. He even went to ask Glory about her feelings for Godwin. She chuckled softly at his questions and spared him no details about what “love” felt like.
Another thing that Albedo picked up from his observations was kissing. It’s something he saw most couples doing, whether it was just a quick peck on the cheek, or a- uh- longer version of that.
The other knights also played a role in explaining different kinds of affection to him, at his request. They also told him that, if he had someone he was interested in, he should tell them before it was too late.
When he had concluded his research, he returned to Dragonspine to put his research to good use. After working up enough courage, he decided that when you showed up to help him today, he would tell you. He had no backup plan if things went wrong, but he was used to taking risks.
Albedo finished talking about the last beaker on the lab table, looking at you nervously. He knew he had to do it now, or else he may never find the strength within himself to try again.
Clearing his throat, Albedo turned to you.
“(Y/n), I have... a confession to make.”
You stared at him, brows furrowing in concern. Your friend was not the nervous type, so what was making him so wary? Was something wrong?
Despite your worries, you shook your head for him to continue.
“It’s come to my attention that I’ve been having some feelings... and I’m not sure how to describe them.” He sighed, face heating up from embarrassment. “I like you. I think- I- I’m not sure how any of this works but I thought it was better to tell you than to- mmph!”
A squeal left Albedo’s throat as soft lips pressed against his own, cutting him off. Your eyes were closed, fists balled at your sides in hopes that this was the right thing to do. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins, making your hand shake.
You pulled away as you opened your eyes. In front of you was a red-faced, wide eyed Albedo, who was frozen in place by your touch. He blinked a few times before roughly grabbing your cheeks and pulling your face to his.
Love was a chemical Albedo didn’t understand, and probably never would.
But if it meant he could have you, he didn’t mind at all.
••Risky Confession••
Tumblr media
Childe is a fighter. If you’re a friend of his, there’s no doubt that he would ask to spar with you. If you’re strong enough to fight him, it’s a given that he’d ask you to fight.
As a fighter, Childe is attracted to strength and challenges. Which means you were a perfect fit for him. Even if you didn’t like fighting, your determination never fails to impress him. So, his confession would happen during a fight, or after a fight.
The fight would be even more tense than usual, both parties nervous and scared to hurt their opponent, but both parties wanting to win as well. It’s a kind of tension that is noticeable but not mentioned.
This makes the fight escalate and become ever rougher than usual. In the end, the battle becomes forgotten after Childe surrenders his heart to you.
The Eleventh Fatui Harbinger is an uncontrollable mess. He yearns for the thrill of battle, every loss and victory adding to to his already brimming ego. But, anyone who’s fought him most likely doesn’t know what he’s like off the battlefield. In fact, most people who encounter him don’t live to see who he really is.
But you survived his attacks, and you know who he is.
Over the course of your friendship with Childe, you’ve learned that he is a kind, family oriented person. He genuinely cares about people, and his attitude towards you and his siblings had proven that.
But, if you were a mere bystander, you wouldn’t have assumed that about him at all.
At least not right now.
The radioactive sounds of elements against elements and the clanging of metal against metal echoed throughout the field. You flung your weapon towards the harbinger, releasing a blast of elemental energy.
The force of your attacks sent you flying backwards, putting you at a disadvantage. Childe took this as an opportunity to charge towards you, readying his bow.
Today was another casual sparring session. It had become a tradition for you two to fight each other, to improve both your skills and your senses. Childe was the one who proposed this idea, saying that he didn’t want to miss the chance to fight a worthy opponent.
But deep down, Childe knew that he was training with you because he didn’t want to you to get hurt when he wasn’t around. He worried about you and your involvement with him. He worried that his business with the Fatui would seep into your life, corrupting the only light he had.
That light was none other than yourself.
You were a sudden addition to his life, illuminating his bloodstained world better than any flame. As soon as he introduced himself to you, romantic feelings blossomed in his chest almost instantly.
Luckily, you felt the same way. Before you met Childe, your life was nothing short of dull. All you ever did was do work for the adventurers guild, eat, sleep, and live out the next day the exact same way.
But then, you met Childe.
His carefree personality charmed you, and his ability to fight made you want to improve your own skills. You loved him, and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of your days with him. No matter how hard you tried to hide your feelings, your warm cheeks and nervous actions gave you away whenever he was mentioned.
To make things worse, both of you knew that you loved each other, but were too shy to say anything about it. The tension between you built up with every meeting, making each one of your battles even more dangerous than the last. Fear was the only thing keeping you from confessing to him.
Childe aimed his bow at you, while you leaped up and prepared another attack. You couldn’t hold him off for long, since you were running out of mental strength as well as physical strength.
How long had it been since your fight started? Time seemed nonexistent at this point, and you knew you would collapse within seconds.
So, you let your guard down. You surrendered, and opted to block his attacks instead of fighting back. But, instead of being hit by a barrage of arrows, all you heard were heavy pants leaving your friend’s mouth.
“I... I can’t do this anymore, (Y/n).” Childe wheezed out. Your body shook from exhaustion as you hummed in confusion. You rested your hands on your knees, leaning on them for support.
“I can’t fight you anymore. And that’s- haah... because I- I’m in love with you.”
Your eyes widened at his words.
He- he loved you?
Was this a dream?
Gasping for air, you stumbled over to him, knocking him to the ground. Your arms were either side of him as you leaned over his body, your face inches away from his. His words hung in the air, the atmosphere thick with tension.
Your cheeks flushed as you pecked his lips. You rested your head on the crook of his neck, the feeling of his body against yours comforting you. Grasping one of Childe’s hands, you tried to control your body.
Adrenaline had taken over your mind, forcing you to think at a million miles per hour, even if you could still think straight. Taking a deep breath, you finally muttered the words he longed for you to say.
“Ah, thank the archons... I feel the same way.”
••Quiet Confession••
Tumblr media
Given the amount of work Diluc has, his confession would take place during one of his shifts.
Being his friend, you would be worried about his stress levels, and would help him with work to try and lower them. Through this, Diluc would start to fall for you.
He keeps his feelings to himself until he can’t stand doing so any longer, even with the possible consequences of your rejection.
Business was booming at the Tavern. You spotted various familiar faces as you scanned the crowd, trying to count the amount of customers to report to Diluc. The moon was high in the sky, and the air was polluted with voices.
Tonight, you were helping Diluc out at the Tavern. You noticed how stressed Diluc looked, and offered to help him regularly, free of charge. He was hesitant to accept your help, insisting that he must provide some kind of payback for you.
But, after you ignored his protests and helped on your own accord, he saw that it was useless to fight back. No matter how many times he questioned your motives, you always said that you were just happy to help.
And that was the truth.
It was so obvious how little sleep he got, the dark circles under his eyes being proof. His office was loaded with paperwork, and the Winery was always full of panicking servants, including Diluc. You couldn’t bear to watch your friend file himself down like this, so you offered to assist him.
Your job for tonight was to help clean and serve tables. Diluc was behind the bar, washing glasses to give to Charles. He looked calm, collected, and alert. But you knew that was just a mask.
Part of why Diluc kept you around was because you could see right through him. It was a nice change for him. The feeling of telling the truth was amazing. He loved the truth your presence brought.
But really, he loved you.
Ever since he met you, he felt happier. Even the workers at Dawn Winery had noticed the change in his behavior. The small smile that would linger on his face after a conversation with you, his ability to get things done even faster than usual, and the spring in his step whenever you showed up made his feelings far too obvious.
But somehow, you never noticed. Even when he glared at whoever flirted with you from across the Tavern, you never managed to take the hint. It was no secret that you felt the same, but you thought that it was impossible for Diluc to love someone like you. He was the untouchable Darknight Hero, and you were merely an adventurer.
So, you never confessed to him, letting his and your feelings build up. Your words never failed to catch in your throat whenever you tried to confess, making everything ten times harder for you.You couldn’t go on like this, and neither could he.
So tonight, Diluc decided that he would put an end to this. His eyes followed you, watching your figure approach the bar. Your demeanor was as sharp and strong as ever, but your eyes were glazed with exhaustion. It was a busy night, and you had been working for hours.
Diluc knew that you had limits, which made him second guess whether or not he should tell you tonight. But as he gazed at you, he knew that it had to be tonight. He was sure that you were the one he had to be with, and he couldn’t lose the chance to tell you that.
Your arms were wrapped around an empty tray, one that was once littered with glasses brimming with alcohol. Diluc held his hand out and took the tray from you. But for a split second longer than usual, he let his hand linger on yours.
Heat exploded on both of your faces as you withdrew your hand. Diluc averted his eyes, and took a shaky breath.
“I… we- we need to talk.” Diluc muttered. You nodded, looking into his flaming red eyes. The fiery plumes of truth were holding the two of you in their grip, forcing you two together. You surrendered yourself to those flames, knowing that his mask had come undone.
Your dreams were all coming true.
The time had come.
Diluc led you to the Tavern’s storage room. It was dimly lit, quiet, and the perfect place to confess on a work night. Of course, Diluc hadn’t imagined his confession to be like this, but it was the best he could do on short notice.
You stood across from him, nervously glancing off to the side. Diluc stepped forward and took your hands, leading your eyes up to meet his own.
“(Y/n), I love you. I always have.” Diluc bit his lip, gently running his hands over your knuckles. “I understand if you don’t return my feelings, but I just… I needed to tell you.”
You stepped away from him, watching as his face contorted into one of fear. But, he let out a sigh of relief as your wrapped your arms around his waist. Diluc returned your embrace, burying his face into your neck. A few airy chuckles escaped his lips as the reality of situation hit him.
The truth was finally out.
You both breathed into each other's skin, reveling in the feeling of your new relationship. The emotions burning in your stomach were addictive, luring you in like a moth to a flame.
You wished you could stay like this forever, alone with the man you loved
And archons know that he would fight to the ends of Teyvat to create that future for the two of you.
••Karmic confession••
Tumblr media
I’m gonna be honest, Xiao would probably need to be put on the spot for him to confess.
He makes it so obvious that he loves you, but needs to be convinced to officially tell you how he feels.
When he finally decides to confess, Verr Goldet would help calm his nerves. He may be in love with you, but he’s also really shy about romance
There, he would confess, laying his heart at your feet.
The Wangshu Inn was quiet. Even the lightest footsteps of a mouse would wake up every resident within the Inn. No one was at the front desk, a sticky note with an explanation in place of a human.
Every room was illuminated by the light of the moon. The bright, full moon was high in the sky, a reminder of how peace wouldn’t last forever. A reminder that one day, everything would be gone.
Despite how late at night it was, two figures sat beside each other on the roof.
Leaves were scattered over the roof’s shackles. A pair of amber eyes glowed in the darkness, strands of turquoise hair flowing in the gentle breeze. The person beside him was staring back into his eyes, their gaze just as soft as his own. The atmosphere was welcoming and safe.
This was something Xiao hadn’t felt in a very, very, long time.
The Adeptus had been alone for decades, shouldering the burdens of immortality all alone. He’s watched countless innocent people die, along with hundreds of gods. The memories of their corpses haunt every second of Xiao’s existence.
Just thinking about it made him want to scream.
But over time, he found solace in the repetition of death. It was painful, but it was his only defense mechanism. It was easier to lie to himself, saying that he was fine with loss. He thought that everything would continue on like this. He thought that he would have to watch everyone die, alone.
But that was before he met you.
Your first encounter with Xiao was when you first moved in. You were talking to Verr Goldet about your daily life, and why you were staying at the Inn. You were so caught up in conversation that you hadn’t noticed the Adeptus staring at you menacingly.
He was wary of your arrival, not knowing if you were a threat or not. For all he knew, you could’ve been there to destroy him. He never actually talked to you until you proved yourself to be safe. But, he was always watching you from the shadows.
Once he finally interacted with you, he found that you were a pleasant person to be around.
He started seeking you out more often, helping you with your duties and visiting you on his own. There were many nights where you would meet up on the Inn’s rooftop to watch the moon together.
Soon enough, Xiao started developing feelings for you. Everything you did made his knees weak. The fact that you would go out of your way to spend time with him made his heart flutter.
Did he really mean that much to you?
Why would someone as amazing as you choose to waste your time on a person like him?
You were a ray of light to Xiao, your existence and voice were soothing to him. The binds of his karmic debt seemed to become more bearable whenever you were around.
In short, Xiao really loved you, but he couldn’t tell you that.
Unfortunately, he was having trouble just communicating with you in general, having accepted his feelings for you. Now, instead of staying stone faced when you talked to him, he would be sent into a flustered panic.
It was becoming a real problem, especially since you felt the same way.
Despite Xiao’s cold exterior, he never failed to be gentle with you. You noticed how his eyes softened whenever he looked at you, always making sure that he hadn’t hurt you with anything he had said.
The way his brow furrowed when he was focused or confused made butterflies explode in your stomach. He was so beautiful, so inhumanly ethereal, and you wholeheartedly believed that he was a blessing sent from the Archons.
Everything he did made you happy, but you had no idea if he felt the same way about you.
So, you kept each other at an arm's length. Neither of you wanted to risk losing your friendship, so you avoided each other, pouring your hearts out to Verr Goldet, who had been rooting for both of you from the start.
Verr had watched your relationship grow over time, and watching both of you uselessly pining for each other annoyed her. She wanted both of you to have a romantic relationship, and over her dead body would she let you two grow distant.
So, she spoke to Xiao, telling him that if he didn’t confess tonight, he may never be able to. Xiao only looked down at the ground, ashamed that he was shying away from a mortal. But in truth, he was ashamed that he was shying away from you, his best friend.
After much convincing, Xiao gave you a letter, asking for you to meet him on the roof, at nightfall. It was the same place you usually met up, and the same place you bonded the most with each other.
Time was unkind to the Adeptus, and he knew that it was better to get this off his chest now, before it was too late. Hopefully, things would go well.
As night fell, Xiao went up to the roof. He sat down on the ledge and waited for you. Shaky breaths left his lips as his anxiety grew with every passing minute. It wasn’t very long before you showed up, your footsteps alerting your friend.
Xiao whipped his head to face you. His cheeks were beet red as he took in your form. The moon shone on your skin, additionally reflecting in your eyes.
God, you looked so beautiful, he thought.
Patting the space beside him, he gestured for you to sit down. You reluctantly followed his orders, anxiety burning in your chest.
“I…” Xiao sighed, gripping the ledge of the rooftop. “(Y/n), love you. Please… spend an eternity with me.”
Suspense hung in the air as he waited for your response. Then, a soft hand gripped his own. The dam of emotions you had been holding had finally broken. Tears of joy welled in your eyes as you laughed in relief.
“Are- are you okay? Was it something I said?” Xiao began to panic, reaching his hands out to try and pat your back. You grasped his hand once more as you tried to calm him down.
“Xiao- Xiao, of course not- I’m happy, that’s all.” You said, small giggles breaking through your words. Xiao tilted his head, confusion swirling in his eyes.
“H- Huh? Why?”
You wiped your eyes, and started directly into his own.
“Because I love you too.”
You leaned forward, kissing his forehead.
“And I promise, I’ll always be here for you.”
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mymoira · a month ago
Surprising them with flowers
Pairings: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x reader (seperate)
Warning(s): hints of angst
A/n: I just love the thought of giving someone flowers, it’s something so simple and cliche yet it holds so much meaning
Tumblr media
Diluc loves to spoil you, it was his way to show his love for you so you decided to reciprocate it by giving him flowers. You contemplated what type of flower you should give. He was a man of sentiment so you wanted them to hold some special meaning. You did some research and found the perfect flower, red camellias.
“For me?” Diluc looked at the bouquet of red camellias, mouth agape. You smiled and nodded. He stood there paralysed, shifting glances between you and the flowers. Diluc was stunned, he had never received a bouquet before in his life. You never failed to shower him with affection. He started to feel the blood rush to his face. His silence made you worry, “Do you not like them?” 
“No, no, no, darling it’s not that. I’m just surprised” he chuckled sheepishly. He rushed into your embrace, hiding his flustered face. “Thank you Y/n” 
“You deserve it, my love”
Once you were gone, Diluc smiled at the flowers. Red camellias, he could almost hear you say “You’re the flame in my heart”. But the truth was it was your flame that thawed the ice around his heart and your flame that kept him warm through hardships and struggles. He called Adelinde, “Can you place these in my office and please make sure they last as long as possible”. 
Throughout his life he’s faced scarring tragedies, it makes him ecstatic to know he has you and your endearing surprises to keep him going.
You were assembling the roses you had picked while waiting for Kaeya to return home. He was having a tough week and you decided to surprise him. The sound of the front door opening sent you into panic as you scrambled to put the finishing touches. 
“My, my, what’s got you so flustered?” Kaeya chuckled while leaning on the doorframe. You shrieked and hid the flowers behind your back, praying the surprise wouldn’t get ruined. Kaeya smirked as he sauntered in your direction, and he leaned close to your face. “What are you hiding, sweetheart”. Your knees felt weak but you needed to escape this situation and to his surprise, you bolted out of the room to hide the flowers.
Now Kaeya was confused, but he chased you. You tried to jump over the couch but luck wasn’t on your side, you tripped and landed face-first on it. He swiftly took advantage and pinned you down on the couch. His smirk grew wider and his eyes twinkled when he glanced at the bouquet, “I didn’t know you were head over heels for me”, if you weren't already flustered then now you were. 
The two of you sat up, “I know you’re having a tough week and when I saw these I thought of you” you scooted closer to him and held them out. After taking them He looked at the bouquet with a smile that reached his eyes. It was a simple declaration of your love, it made a deeper love for you bloom in himself and a love that he vows to protect. “You’re so cute you know” 
You and Childe were strolling together in the outskirts of Liyue, a way to escape from the burdens of your jobs. With the pleasant weather, serenity settled in your hearts finally giving you a moment to breathe. Childe being his outgoing self was rambling about the most random of things, he had a different idea of what peace meant which made you chuckle.
While he was talking, you were sneakily picking some gladiolus you would find in your path, slowly building up a small bunch of the flowers. You then started to climb the hill where you and Childe would spend your dates and free time. It brought the both of you ease, you made many memories there. 
You were surprised he still hadn’t noticed the flowers in your hand. It seemed he had his guard down to notice them, you were pleased to know that he had some time to forget about his responsibilities. You snapped out of your reverie when he asked “What’s that in your hand?”. How ironic
“Oh these, These are for you. I was picking these while we were walking”
He grinned at you, making grabby hands, before chasing after you to the top of the hill. The sound of your and Childe’s laughter echoed. By the time he caught up to you, you reached the top.  He picked you up and spun you around then he started to pepper your face with kisses. Your laugh was so pure, he wanted to hear it over again and again for the rest of his life. “Stop being so irresistible” he pinched your cheeks before kissing them again. 
You decided you would surprise Zhongli at work since his workload was increasing throughout the week. Maybe it would relieve some of the burdens. When you arrived at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour with the bouquet, you were greeted by Hu Tao.  She was practically bouncing on her feet when she saw what you were holding. “Is that for Mr. Zhongli!?”, you nodded and smiled at her. She squealed in delight, gushing about how cute it was. 
You excused yourself and headed to his office. Before entering you brushed up your clothes, took a deep breath and knocked on his office door. “Come in”. When you opened the door you were greeted by the sight of Zhongli surrounded by paperwork with his head in his hands. 
He looked up and his gaze immediately softened and he felt his shoulders relax. “You always seem to show up when I need you the most, my dear” he chuckled before he walked towards you. “And what’s this?” he marvelled at the bouquet, his smile growing wider. “I wanted to surprise my husband, is there something wrong with that”
“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he chuckled, then kissed your forehead. “Dear, would you like to join me for lunch” 
“Of course, I would love to”
He then noticed the flowers were forget-me-nots, the sight pierced his heart. He is reminded of your limited time together. Did you think he would forget you when you brought him a silent request to not forget you? But the bright smile on your face proved otherwise, but he vows to keep your memory glow brighter than any other
You were sitting alone under a tree, with the shimmer of the moonlight illuminating the dark sky. You knew he didn't prefer crowded places so you decided to have a picnic under the night sky. The flowers were neatly tucked behind the basket. You inhaled in the cool air, closed your eyes and called his name "Xiao, my love" and your lover appeared in front of you, with a small frown on his face. 
"I thought you were in danger" 
"I won't call you only when I'm in danger" you smiled. 
He settled next to you, his gaze was trained on the glittered sky. 
"I made your favourite" 
"Mmm? Thank you" 
While you were setting the picnic, Xiao took it as an opportunity to admire you. He thought about how patient and caring you were towards him, and he felt something flourish in himself. There was no one in all of Teyvat that loved him as much as you did, and he pondered what he did to deserve you. 
He snapped out of his reverie by your voice "Xiao can you close your eyes" 
"Why?" he sounded hesitant 
"Don't worry, I just got you something. It's a surprise for you" 
"Okay, I trust you" his voice was suddenly soft and you giggled 
Once he closed his eyes, you took his hands, held them together and kissed them, you Then slipped the bouquet into them. "You can open them now" 
He looked down to see a bouquet of red tulips, and his heart swells, he couldn't tell why. "Xiao, this is my declaration of my love to you, I hope you like them" you then kissed his blushing cheek. 
He may find it hard to express his love for you, but he's willing to learn for you and he hopes one day that he can reciprocate it properly. "Thank you, Y/n" 
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading :)
Tumblr media
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chichikoi · 8 days ago
Caught in the act - Character x gn! reader
Characters: Xiao, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Kazuha.
Genre: Fluff, Crack
Warnings: Suggestive (sfw though), making out, curse words
Summary: You make out with them and someone walks in on you :D
Tumblr media
“Finally…” You mumbled in between kisses, your fingers finding solace in his locks. His hands slide down your back and settle on your hips, as he resorts to gently caressing your waist. You fumble with the buttons of his shirt when you hear a baritone voice yelp in surprise.
Flustered as HECK
Xiao never shows his vulnerability to anyone, what did you expect?
Anyone except you, though.
So when zhongli caught you, he… stumbled over his words.
Yes, you heard me. Xiao, the conqueror of demons, stuttering.
So, you spoke for him.
“O- oh. I suppose I c- can come back later then-” Zhongli exclaims, closing the door behind his exit.
“It was just Zhongli, we’re okay.” You say, trying not to burst out laughing at Xiao’s horrified expression and his inability to talk.
“We are never doing that again, Y/N.”
He’s a lil shit….
Literally has a whole ass conversation with Zhongli.
Ignores your glares and whispers.
He pulls away from you and turns to look at your intruder.
“Zhongli! How are you doing?” He said, fixing his wrinkled shirt
“You’re seemingly preoccupied, we can talk on a later date, Childe.”
“No! Now’s alright! What’s up?”
The glare you shot him seems to have delivered your message perfectly, though.
“A- ah, sorry- later date it i- is then.”
Rest UTC!
Tumblr media
Composed, he just moves on :D
“S- slow down, Y/N-” 
“Absolutely- mmph- not.” 
He was gone for… two weeks? Two months? You dont even know anymore. You missed him! What were you supposed to do, control yourself? 
“A- ahem, there are others present, please compose yourselves.” you hear the acting grandmaster’s voice. 
I mean he is a reserved man, so you can’t expect him to brush this off…
“Ah, I was not expecting you today, Jean. I apologize for the unprofessionalism, what brings you here?”
He does have that… adrenaline rush from being caught, but he’s not a sputtering mess (cough xiao cough cough)
(psst he looks unaffected, but the hand squeezing yours tells you otherwise :))
Cocky as HECK, teases you
It’s Kaeya, what did you expect?
He just… makes a fool out of you kinda.
“Acting grandmast- Ah, Darling, stop squeezing my thigh, would you?”
“I’m not squeezing your thigh Kaeya!?”
Jean trying not to giggle, “That’s okay, Y/N.”
“Okay honey, why don’t you sit with Rosaria for a while? I’ll be right there, hmm?”
You never squeezed his thigh. That bitch.
Tumblr media
Bonus: Kaedehara Kazuha!
“Gorou, we need Kazuha on the front lines, we can’t hold them off by ourselves.”
“I’ll let him know, her excellency.”
Gorou hears… noises, but he didn’t think much of them, maybe it was the soldiers eating loudly…
Kazuha, he’s… unaffected.
“Kazuh-aaaAAH-?!” He opened the door to find you and Kazuha kissing… haha...
Honestly doesn’t care, keeps kissing you and waves his hand at gorou, signalling him to go away.
He would’ve pulled away and asked him to come back later, but he can’t resist you for 10 whole seconds…
“Kazuha, we really do need you at the fro-”
“I’ll be there when you need me to be.”
*gets goosebumps*
Tumblr media
Taglist: (send an ask to be added!)
@paradise-creator @mayple @heaven-dissolution @starrconch @almond-adeptus @ventirain @haliya-mori @myluvkeiji @luvajax @noirkkat @simplyxsinned @hunniewriting @hushyouu @cxlrose @somemothgoingferal @almondoufu @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @joysinsanity
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zuluc · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: how the genshin boys give hugs
characters: childe, diluc, kaeya, razor, venti, xiao, xingqiu, zhongli
style & genre: bulleted & written; fluff
warnings: none
notes: a self-indulgent fic for my birthday yay, i hope you guys enjoy this I just really want a hug but it’s hard to see friends right now 🤧🤧
Tumblr media
sometimes a side hug or quick embrace; sometimes not because there are days he never wants to let you go
his outward persona is lost because he trusts you
once his arms come around you, you feel like the life is being squeezed out of you, in a good way of course
there are still traces of his past he has yet to share but he wants you to know how much you mean to him
Paimon had stayed behind to finish that chop suey Su Er'niang offered you both. You finished your share, giving some to your companion, and you left to sight-see around Liyue. 
It’s different from Mondstadt and there were quite a bit of things to get done here for your journey. Your feet take you to the stairs leading up to the Wanwen Bookstore and you hope no one has bought out the book you wanted to finish.
Before you could take a step upwards, someone grabs your wrist and pulls you into a small alley. You hand comes up to summon your sword but then your vision is obscured by a head of copper hair. You gasp when his arms tighten around your torso while he heaves a sigh beside your ear. He lets go after a few seconds and you can see the smile on his face.
“Just a recharge,” Childe winks and turns around to get back to what he was doing.
he gives the type of hugs that hold so much emotion that he hides from the public
his body runs warm and appreciates when you snuggle further into him when he has you
his hugs are never quick and he likes to take his time, his hold tight enough to make you feel safe but loose enough to allow you to leave if you so wish
rarely initiates them but will take full control when you’re in private
You could tell when the work he had was becoming too much for the night. The annoyance tainted his handsome features and you just wanted to take it all away. Diluc worked hard, everyone knew that, but he was only human. 
You give him the letter Jean wrote out and proceed towards the door to get back to your own duties. Your name rolls off his lips and when you turn around to look at him he’s gesturing for you to get closer. When you’re mere inches from his desk he stands up and places one hand on your back and the other on the back of your head, burying his face into your neck.
The temperature outside was chilly and his naturally warm body contrasts to how you felt prior. You can feel him frown against you when he feels how cold your skin is.
“Will you be coming back tonight?”
he gives you many hugs, anywhere and at anytime
there isn’t a day where you never receive one and if that every happens, the next day will include even more
will almost always lift you off your feet and/or catch you off guard; he likes to keep you on your toes
even when you’re just standing around waiting for another mission or watching the sun set he’ll hold you close against his side
He’s late. Again. 
You finished off the last of the slimes around Starfell Lake with little to no damage to yourself, luckily, but someone was supposed to assist you to get the job done faster. You look around for any more enemies before kneeling down and dipping your hand into the water. It was cool against your skin, relaxing you after the day’s work. But it might have been just a bit too peaceful.
A force pushes you forward and you close your eyes to brace for the inevitable impact into the water. You wait a few seconds before realizing that you are still very much dry, but there’s something blocking you from lifting your arms. Kaeya chuckles behind you as you lightly hit his arm, hugging you tight.
“I got you,” he says with a smile.
he’s an awkward hugger, mostly because he doesn’t know how these things work as well as that he doesn’t want to hurt you
he doesn’t know where to put his hands and they usually end up against his sides before he realizes that he makes you think he doesn’t like them
when he gets more comfortable, his hugs are gentle and soft
he grew up with the wolves and these types of things just didn’t happen, but you make his heart soar
He’s taking a casual walk in Wolvendom to reflect on what Lupus Boreas had told him only days ago. He wasn’t a wolf, he was human, but he couldn’t accept it so quickly. His mind wanders and he doesn’t hear the steps, or rather running, behind him. It’s only until you jump on his back that he realizes.
You knew that he was thinking about what happened and you wanted to return as fast as you could to check on him. You slide off his back and he gives you a forced grin. Razor avoids your gaze but you place your hands on his shoulders to square them towards you.
He appreciates your presence and he wants nothing more than comfort, hands twitching at his sides. You’re aware of his little signals and smile when you hug him tightly. He closes his eyes and breaths in your calming scent while hugging you back with care.
“Thank you.”
there’s a sense of happiness once he hugs you because it just makes you feel lighter and free
there seems to always be a slight breeze about him and you can feel it brush your face when you rest your head on his shoulder
he comes and goes but never forgets to hug you before and after he returns to see you
his hold can range from very loose to holding on just a bit tighter
Venti left a month ago and you knew that’s just how his way of life was. He was never one to stay place for too long, much like the wind you would say. You yourself were someone who likes to travel around, but everything always brought you back to Mondstadt. 
You stand overlooking the city at “your usual place,” as he liked to call it, for some peace of mind. You sit on the edge of the statue’s outstretched hands and lean back on your hands to take in the view. A soft breeze passes by you and your ears pick up a quiet sound behind you. You smile and stand up, immediately wrapping your arms around him. 
His own naturally fall in place behind your back and a light laugh escapes his lips. It was nice to see you again, as always.
“Missed me?”
he used to be so stiff when he first started hugging you as he never had physical contact with anyone
being you, he warms up and learns how to properly hug someone
will have a hand behind your head because he wants to make sure that every part you of is against him
he’s very protective of you in general and it gives him a peace of mind knowing he can keep an eye on you in this way
You’re sleeping, sitting in his lap with your head resting against his chest as he sits on the balcony of Wangshu Inn. You came to him only a few moments ago and it was clear that you took the time to clear out nearby hilichurl camps due to the small scratches and bruises you had on you.
Xiao narrows his eyes at more of the culprits across the water on the little islands, making a note to do something with them later. You mumble in your sleep and he looks down to see your brows furrowed. He cups your face gently and smooths his thumb over your cheek which causes your face to return to it’s peaceful state and you move closer to him. 
It was surprising that he fell for someone. You made your way into his life so unexpectedly and now he just wanted to take care of you. And he wouldn’t change a thing.
“Rest well.”
very proper hugs because they are reciprocated in with the same energy, or even more, than the ones you may give him
he has no problem in giving you hugs away from prying eyes
he would usually whisk you away onto adventures with him with a promise of them
will get flustered when you hug him while saying just how much you appreciate him
You’re amused at the way he presents himself to others and talks to them as expected of him. Xingqiu was known to be mild- and well-mannered as his mischievous side was hidden from those not so close to him.
You both manage to escape the party, standing beside each other as you look up into the night sky. He feels less restricted with you and he takes this opportunity to lace his fingers through yours. You give him a fond smile and return to staring at the stars.
An idea pops into your head and you let go of his hand, him giving you a questioning look before he is brought into a hug. Xingqiu blushes at the suddenness of your actions but returns it nonetheless. His eyes keep diverting to the house so you have to reassure him that no one can see the both of you. 
“Let’s get out of here.”
he enjoys hugging, contrary to what most might think
he likes the intimate feeling and being close to someone he loves in such a sweet way that can be done anywhere
he will never deny you of the affection and if you initiate it he will go through with it no matter what
he’s always looking at you paired with a soft smile on his face whenever he has you in his arms
Zhongli’s voice pierces the quiet as you both take a stroll outside of Liyue. He’s telling you of its history and old traditions that have disappeared throughout the years, but you’re becoming tired due to the sound of his voice.
When you’re out of sight from the guards at the front gates you give a slight tug to the end of his coat sleeve. He stops in the middle of his story and sees that your eyes are growing weary. You keep your hold on his sleeve until you pull yourself to rest your head on his chest, closing your eyes and content with the sound of the night as you’re against him. 
He holds you close, making sure that you’re not actually asleep as it would make for a very interesting walk back. You tell him that you’re just resting your eyes for a few moments and that he can keep talking. That you love the sound of his voice. Zhongli places a kiss to your forehead as he continues, adoration for you clear in his eyes.
“Now, where was I...”
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ahlogic · a month ago
Genshin Impact
prompt: s/o who plays a sad match maker
summary: they've been with you the longest and loved how you helped people with their romantic struggle, but why is it that you always looked so lonely?
pronouns: you're pretty, closer to female.
distance: crush to lovers
attendance: kaeya, diluc, and zhongli
﹤⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹥
Tumblr media
KAEYA ALBERICH-- marked present.
dear Kaeya sees everything. first he thought you were just shocked how your plan actually worked, but then it happened again and again and again.
he loves the first instance where you're overjoyed for your friend, both of the new happy couple spouting about how they are so thankful for you. and you smile.
he watches the how the creases don't meet your eyes, how you nod when you mind appears empty.
how he just wanted to reach out to you and ask what was wrong? weren't you happy for them.
and you were! you were very happy! but this ache in your chest, you sometimes feels guilty when it takes hold of you. why can't that be you with someone to love?
kaeya would try to take you away from your nonofficial job, to help you with your struggles that you refused to open up to him about.
"just know i'm here if you ever want to pour your heart out to." he means that. you're there for him. how could a man who's romantically interested in you not allow you room to open up to him? simply not a man at all.
it's not until you're in the middle of the night with kaeya, on a hill by a tree with your head rested on kaeya's shoulder, that you finally let down your walls.
"I'm so lonely." You break the silence, dragging Kaeya from his thoughts and forcing him to look at you worried. "I'm constantly making people happy, and I love to help. Happy couples in love is my goal." You're silent after that. Kaeya thought you dropped the conversation until you picked it up, pawing at his left sleeve and he stiffened from your proximity.
"Lonely is a common stepping stone. Some people are stopped in it's miserable pass, but why are you dear?" He asked, a small smile forming on his face, stroking his hand through your hair.
"I should be happy, shouldn't I?" You ask, watching how the soft cloth of his baggy sleeve morphed in your hands.
"You can only feel as happy as you allow yourself, are you happy?"
"I'm happy here with you." You reply quietly, a small smile playing on your lips. He choked back a laugh and looked down at you, ruffling your hair.
"Oh, you always know how to make a man have a good time." You both observe the sky for some time.
Silence suffocates you both again and you drown in your thoughts once more.
"Kaeya." You voice broke and he looked down at you once more. You locked eyes with him, half-lidded eye lids with the most defeated and vulnerable sense. Your lips begin to quiver and tug down, no matter how much you fought them not to. "Why do I feel like I'm missing out on the world?" Kaeya narrowed his eye at you, suddenly taking in your words as though they were the last thing he would ever hear. Your hues suddenly began clouding with tears. "Kaeya, can I not have love?"
The moment you finish your sentence, he swoops forward and presses a hand behind your neck, pulling you in for a kiss. With shock evident on your face, you kiss back relaxing, tears falling from your eyes.
With his arms secured tightly around you, he pulled back. For a split moment, you see him vulnerable. Someone who was just like you, lonely on the sidelines. A smile graces his lips and he pulls your back into his chest and rests his head on top of yours.
"I will always be here for you. I love you. Don't ever forget it, my love." Your eyes grow wide, and then, you allow yourself to cry. You were loved. And this night will be talked about in the morning once you let out all this bundled stress.
Tumblr media
DILUC RAGNVINDR-- marked present.
Diluc knew how you would come to his tavern late at night with a new couple as they treated you to drinks and food. he couldn't help but realize the discomfort that you expressed when they showed any form of affection, how they would even so look at each.
every smile that left you was far to wide or too small to be shown as overloading happiness. perhaps Diluc was just good at reading people from his time being a tavern owner/bartender. afterwards you would come to him and talk to him to catch up. you would follow a routine of this and walk him home.
he didn't want to pry into your life since you generously hadn't pried into his. but the boy was so curious from your actions. whenever he bluntly asked about it, you would show him that disgustingly fake smile and bow. "don't worry about me! i'm fine!"
you were always made him want to strap you down and torture you for an answer but it's not as though you were doing anything bad when helping others.
did you not trust him? he tried his best to be there for you with his busy agenda. would money make you talk? just kidding..
but as you sat on the couch of his large home with him getting you tea and treating you, you asked him a sudden question.
"Diluc, do you have any romantic interest?" You ask, harmlessly. You accepted the tea from him, muttering a thank you. The red haired man flushed suddenly and he sat across from you, pulling his grape juice filled glass to his lips.
"Why ask such a strange question? ...I might." He looked away, feeling strangely coy around the subject. No matter of the doubt he had a crush on you. But as soon as he answered, he saw that expression again. The tight smiled response and widened painful eyes.
"Oh, that's good." You couldn't keep your voice steady as you did with your mutual friends. "What a lucky girl." You looked down at your lap, a thousand thoughts plaguing your mind.
You both sat in silence, drinking and mulling over your drinks. He was far too uncomfortable now to start a conversation. He didn't want to confess but, you said lucky? So he's worth being loved right? You might be interested him too, right? But you probably think he doesn't like you, he is very out of touch with is feelings, it would make sense.
"Do you think," You start out, cautiously. "that someone might love me? Th-that I can find love?" Eyes never met his rare red ones and he frowned. You're so beautiful. Of course, he's glared at multiple men who looked even a slight bit interested in you. This is for your happiness although, not theirs. Not his.
"Yes." He answers, then clears his throat. "I believe so." "Tell me about this girl..." You ask quietly, trying to drop the strange conversation. "She's insecure. And...pretty dumb." He looks away when you look up at him suddenly. A smile grew on your lips and you nod. Your smile isn't as forced as it was beforehand. You were relaxing. “I invite her on walks a lot, and try to get closer to her, but I tend to be busy. So I give her permission to my house when I'm away..."
Everything led back to you, but you simply couldn't believe such a thing. You shouldn't give yourself false hope. In response to your negative thoughts, you eyes begin to well. "(Name)," he stood up, knocking you out of your thoughts. His eyes narrowed down at you. "I love you. I want you. And I want you to want me." He lowered his ungloved hand to make you look up at him, hand wiping away a fallen tear. "Please, let me love you."
"Please." You choke out, eyes never leaving his gaze.
Tumblr media
ZHONG LI-- marked present.
he always thought humans were interesting. but also very sad creatures. he thought becoming the closest thing he could would help him in his discovery of understanding how they worked.
you were a puppeteer, a sad good puppeteer who was meant to do only want you were good at, matchmaking.
he saw what you did was clever. you brought two people together to the point of bond where they would make a contract to live their lives together.
as the nights would grow long however, he watched how your eyes dulled, when returning couples or new distressed singles would ask for help or advice, praising their love ones and giving their thanks in gifts and trinkets. why must you look so sad?
he allowed himself often breaks with you, where you would take him out to eat. he saw all of your actions as platonic, maybe a side joke about how he isn't able to take you out since he had a mora deviancy. you took him out for stress relievers, whenever you two needed it.
he would tell you tales and such and watch you fall closer and closer to him. he didn't quite understand it but he noticed himself slowly wanting to become closer and closer to you when you two parted ways.
he watches you from afar as you assist others in their feuds.
he would ask you whenever you two were alone if you were okay. mortals mental health is an upmost priority after all. but you would shake your head and put your hands up. "I'm fine. don't worry"
then why did your actions go against your words?
You picked up his menu and handed it to the waiter along with yours, smiling and thanking the man politely. Turning back to Zhong li, you watched him take a sip of his warm tea, seeing him smile in approval. "Thank you for kindly taking me out again. It's nice having these moments with you." He spoke from his heart, the heart of an immortal who lived for so long and you laughed.
"If it's you, I'd do anything." You immediately feel embarrassed from your words and looked away. The closure he felt from your words was strangely new. His golden eyes skim over your features and he takes another sip before setting his glass down. "Please, do not mind my rudeness but I have a question."
"Shoot." You answer, reaching for your ice water.
"Why must you look sad when gracing others with love?"
You freeze at his words, processing them slowly. You take a sip. "I don't." His eyes narrow, displeasure from the lie making his mouth feel bitter, sweet honey tea not helping. You fix your mistake to satisfy his observant eyes. "I do. But it isn't that I'm upset that I am good at pairing people. It's just that..." You rest your head on your hand, reverting your gaze to somewhere else. The restaurant wasn't busy, pretty mundane to the point where rowdiness wasn't appropriate at the time of night. A peaceful environment for the both of you. "love is so complicated."
"It is." You perk when he responds. "I believe I have been experiencing symptoms of it, but I don't know who to go to for assistance. I've never fallen in love before." Zhong li says this brutally, your eyes widening, staring into his glowing eyes. "I wish these feelings were only on those around me. But it seems as though I had other plans."
"Man, I wish I could find love. You're so lucky. Being as handsome as you are, you can get anyone as long as you point at them and ask. I can't imagine anyone who would ask that of me, though. Not even being able to imagine me doing that to someone." You blow a raspberry and eye the table with doubt. He thought over your response and somethings just didn't add up. His feelings completely went against yours. You were wrong.
"Why do you think that?" You make eye contact again from the astounded tone he used. He sounded as though he was upset. Quickly to attempt to ease the conversation.
"Well-- I just think no one could fall in love with me. There's nothing to fall for, y'know?" You let out a nervous laugh and shrink when he suddenly stood up.
"There is plenty to fall in love over. Your hair which is softer then a silk flower when I run my fingers through it, your bright eyes to see me easily lift my mood after a long day, same with your smile, and your voice as soft and graceful in the morning as well as it is at night brings a sense of ease to me. You make me feel as though I can breathe and look forward to what you have to throw at me. You make me feel at home which I could never feel all my life I lived." Your eyes watered and you choked back an answer while putting at hand to your mouth.
His eyes become soft and gentle as he looks down at you, bringing his hand up, he points at you, pulling you close with the other one.
"Allow me to have you, and I will allow you to have me, for I have fallen for you."
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│genshin impact boys as random boyfriend things (headcanons) + (bulleted)
Tumblr media
lends you his coat whenever you show a single sign of being cold, in the particular season whereas winter passes through mondstadt. He keeps an extra sharp eye whenever you're around, somehow managing to balance caring for you and bartending the tavern within his tight schedule.
he sends you a bouquet of fresh roses atleast once a week, hand picked by a talented handler of flowers. You were left wondering why they first appeared at the front of your door step wrapped in expensive cloth, take it as a compensation for all the times he'd missed out on all the dates or merely a thankful gift for staying by his side. Even when the darkest of dawn's pass by.
he's one for affection thus a habit of pulling you into his lap when you enter his office manifested, and no. He won't let go unless he's aware that you really need to but if you just wanna take a nap or something then go take it with him, problem solved! It's a somewhat breath of fresh air to him unlike the times of loneliness stretching far and wide throughout the room before he met you.
randomly bought another eye patch because he wanted to match, totally not because he was low-key possessive and the thought of people thinking you were a matching couple got him dreaming real hard. He was just smirking at you when he attached it to your eye then proceeded to compliment you as he fights the flush threatening to rise in his cheeks.
instead of letting a subordinate or assistant babysit teucer when the kid pays him yet another suprise visit, he instead sends his brother to you due to just seeing two important people to him passed out on the couch with several mr.cyclops figurine's sprawled across the ground makes his chest feel really warm. (cue soft smile)
shipped a bunch of stuff from other nations because it reminded him of you. on a serious note though, you're starting to get suspicious that it was an excuse to give you things because there was no way that an ancient statue from sumeru was similar to you in any way. unless he's trying to offend you.
wakes up hours early before you and takes a few minutes to admire your face, memorizing the slight curve of your faces, the way your hair framed your face and the rays of the early sun peaking out from the curtains and over your figure casting a calming atmosphere and capturing him in an entrancing spell, luring him in to press a gentle kiss to your temple before he sets out to put up with hu tao's antics for another day.
makes an extra cup of steaming warm tea, your favorite of course while he settles for his usual. when you have spare time, both of you spend it together either sitting on your front porch. sipping the beverage while watching the sun rise or taking an early walk in the streets of liyue minus the bustling citizens who haven't woken up yet.
there's always the feeling of a presence, not necessarily warm but it brings a certain comfort. settling your nerves in a sense of safety. you can tell it's xiao alone from the fact that you've encountered abandoned and wrecked hilichurl camps and deactivated ruin hunters on your path. ever the almighty yaksha, making sure that you don't run into danger in one of your travels.
as much as he appreciates your voice rambling about a thing that excited you, he enjoys and treasures the times where you lay your head on his stiff shoulder, yawning. he would scoff about you for 'letting your guard to easily' however the action of shifting you to make it more comfortable far contrasts his actions.
he's a creative individual, viewing you as the main muse of his poems and songs. the flattery you would feel whenever he would sing a little song all about you is huge! how can you tell though? it isn't all that easy with him sighing blissfully while stealing glances at you from afar and then winking when he gets caught. diluc sometimes has to refrain himself from leaving the tavern from how much cheesy venti's words can go to.
takes you out every other night for a ride with his little dragon friend, dvalin. you don't question why he's been acquainted and familiar with the being that once tried to crush the city, you just couldn't when the complete feeling of freedom rushes through your body when the wind whips around while venti embraces you from behind, calm, despite the high distance from the ground.
immediately brings out his notebook to capture the scenario, it's not that frequent when there's a setting of beauty and euphoria casting over you. to him, the most beautiful yet interesting being he'd ever known is you. you were like a little puzzle he's having trouble figuring out but somehow he can completely understand you.
has a habit of analyzing you every day, checking if you're out of shape, perhaps sick, feeling sad. his range of knowledge about you is unbelievable. it feels like both of you have known each other for a lifetime now. anyhow, he can tell whenever you're feeling a certain emotion. he's been studying humans and and other living beings for quite a long time now after all.
despite thinking that the blanket of stars aren't real, he spends a deal of time stargazing and even pointing out constellations late in the night. he'd play along with little delusions if it meant spending another moment with you and being the special one, the only one to see your smiles and laughs. the gaze he looks at you with is impeccably soft, and when you try to mention it the next day all you'll get is a string of denial flowing out of his mouth.
admits that sometimes wearing his hat is quite tiring, it's kinda heavy so he settles with placing it over your head telling you to 'carry it because he doesn't want to' uh-uh he totally doesn't think that you look cute in it. he'd throw himself in a hole before he'll let his fellow harbingers, tartaglia to see him and you in this moment. although being interrupted with his precious time with you annoys him to no end.
whenever he misses you, a letter with careful handwriting inside somehow makes it's way on your window. He would do it himself if he could but he's always in an array of jobs by the captain meanwhile there also lies the vision hunt decree, so he can temporarily only use a little bird to deliver his messages to you. on some occasions, a small doodle might lay on the corners. an example being a messily drawn picture of himself holding a flower while you stand infront of him. seems like it was a drawing of him giving you flowers.
in those times where the crux fleet comes over ritou to take the materials needed for transport like yoimiya's fireworks for an upcoming festival, beidou makes sure to stall longer to 'chat' so that the samurai can reunite with his lover after days and weeks of longing, you'd be surprised after being suddenly pulled into your home before even opening the door only to be met with twinkling ruby eyes.
can't stay serious for shit whenever when you enter a room he's in, in short he has a short attention span when you're around. he could be talking with ayaka about serious matters but then once he catches your presence his eyes are already clipped on your figure, they ain't moving until you actually leave. ayaka can only sigh in disappointment and amusement at the way he perks up at the sight of your face and visibly brightens, aaandd there he goes. smiling at particularly nothing with a giddy smile.
once choked one a piece of onigiri and happened every time you both went out for a little date, he does this to hear your giggles and smile. though he loves the part where you frantically look for a glass of water and dott on him, you always end up deadpanning when he claims that he needs kisses and cuddles to be 'cured'. and dramatically falls to the ground playing dead when you decline.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒: kaeya alberich, albedo, jean gunnhildr, eula lawrence
𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: gn!reader, manipulation, voyeurism, drunk sex, aphrodisiacs, brat taming, implication of edging, humping objects, pegging/strap-ons, cunnilingus, gangbang
𝐀/𝐍: first time writing for these characters as well as for female characters in a sexual light so please don't be too harsh on me <3
What’s it like being the property of the Knights of Favonius? Their special little slut? Their favorite little slut? Well, it’s no easy job. You were to be their pretty thing hooked around one of their arms at all times which wasn’t much trouble for you as you effortlessly looked good, but it could get tiring at times. You didn’t ask for this, but it was compensation for your ‘rescue.’
It all began when Kaeya was out on patrol one day and spotted you cowering as a band of hilichurls were closing in on you. It took you a few moments to blink away your confusion when you saw the slaughtered bodies of the fallen hilichurls surrounding you; your fleetfooted hero gave you a charming smile and helping hand to get you back up on your feet. Unbeknownst to you. the whole ordeal wasn't just a coincidental crossing of paths between you and the hilichurls— Kaeya had set it all up in advance. From having the monsters target you, to him playing the role as your knight in shining armor, it was all his doing. And also unbeknownst to you, he was your stalker of three months as well as your secret admirer.
Life at headquarters was always exciting; with four of the most important people of the Knights of Favonius, you were pampered and doted on like no other. You had a lot of varying kinks, likes, and dislikes to keep track of, but everyday was always something different and you liked that it kept you on your toes. You were neutral at first about your new lifestyle, but after a taste of the luxuries and amazing toe-curling pleasure Kaeya, Albedo, Jean, and Eula offered, you've grown to become addicted to it. And you loved the variety of ways they handled you in and out of the bedroom...
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 enjoys toying with you to no end. He keeps you on your toes the most what with how his voyeuristic tendencies affects you in public or in the presence of others. Has no shame and will not hesitate to finger you under the tablecloth, nor will he hesitate to have you cockwarm him during an important meeting. Plays footsies with you under the table too at times.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 lives for the risk and tiptoeing across the edge; the thrill of it all makes him hard. Makes him cum even harder than he does in private. Acts on his horny impulses right away— you're not safe no matter where you are.
𝐊𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐀 is somehow even more handsy when inebriated resulting in his cock stuffed up your hole many times. You love the nights you two have drunk sex the most because Kaeya's facade slips here and there during the pillow talk after. You don't forget the shape of his lips against your ear when he spills a little more information about himself than sober-him would like or when he coos about how well you did taking all seven and a half inches of him.
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐋𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐎 initially didn't see the purpose nor had any desire to use you as much as Kaeya did at the beginning of your stay. It wasn't until Kaeya invited him one night after seeing him so stressed over his research that he finally understood the wonders of your holes and how sex with you could drive a man to the brink of madness. He savors every moment he goes feral over you, savors every squeeze of your hole around his length as it grounds him and reminds him that not everything is about his experiments. Sometimes it's about fucking you senseless.
𝐀𝐋𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐎 sees to it that your gummy insides are always ready to conform to his dick. He's sweet like that, even going so far as to enhance the flavor quality of all the different aphrodisiacs he has you trying for him. He likes to see which ones make you the most neediest as that's when he thinks you look your best. Having you needy and wanton for him— begging even just for a taste of his cock keeps him going.
𝐀𝐋𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐎 knows your body inside and out, just like how he knows of the arcane secrets concealed within Teyvat like the back of his hand. The way he knows how to have you screaming his name as you cum in approximately five seconds is scary. To him, you're a beautiful specimen that must be protected at all costs.
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐄𝐀𝐍 thinks you're the best stress reliever she's ever used before. When her duties as Acting Grand Master overwhelm her, she can count on you to make it all better. She seeks you out with embarrassment flushing her cheeks often, but soon the redness in her face is due to different reasons and she gets lost in the trap she calls your hole when it takes her strap in stride.
𝐉𝐄𝐀𝐍 becomes a different person whenever she finally gets her hands on you like Albedo. Kaeya teases her about it relentlessly, calling her a glutton for your touch and a victim to your sexual prowess. At the end of the day, she can't deny that both are who she becomes around you.
𝐉𝐄𝐀𝐍 is absolutely obsessed with the way you eat her pussy. It’s her favorite thing about you, and her favorite way to wind down after the day’s done. In addition, sitting on your face makes dealing with all the responsibility that comes with working for the Knights of Favonius worth it, because where else would she find such an obedient whore like you, so willing and eager to please? Jean doesn’t think there’s a more docile cumslut than you in all of Mondstadt.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐔𝐋𝐀 only accepts the best, and you deliver so well that she doesn’t mind sloppy seconds after you’ve had a round with one of the others. She’ll gladly ravage you so well that the next person who comes to you will have to wait for you to regain your senses in order to get you to do what they want.
𝐄𝐔𝐋𝐀 doesn’t have time for brats and expects you to be on your best behavior, however that’s not always the case as your inner brat will rear it’s ugly head from time to time. Eula can and will leave you so needy and desperate for more that you’ll end up humping the ridges of one of her claymores with pleas for her rolling off your naughty tongue.
𝐄𝐔𝐋𝐀 swears on the stars that she’ll fulfill her ambitions for revenge and she also swears that she’ll have you hook, line, and sinker for her strap and mouth. It happens eventually of course, and the privilege of her using her mouth on you becomes a reward for the times you’re a good little Favonius slut in the ways you should be.
Tumblr media
Gangbangs mostly happen on special occasions (or when the knights want to spoil you) because everyone has such busy schedules pertaining to their particular roles within the order. Those are the days you look forward to the most because that’s when you had everyone’s attention and you had everybody’s eye on you just for a little bit. You were the main star of every session as long as you were successful at dishing out what you got in return; sometimes you could be found riding Jean’s face while stroking Kaeya and Albedo’s cocks respectively with your soft hands as Eula shoves her strap down your throat. Other times Albedo may push his length into you from behind as Eula plays with your front while Kaeya is sloppily kissing you, one hand jerking himself off. Jean, meanwhile, is following Albedo's rhythm with her strap in his ass.
All in all, they've trained you into being the perfect bottom bitch and you wouldn't have it any other way.
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✦ what flowers do the genshin characters bring to your grave to express their emotions?
:: FEATURING ─ aether, kaeya, xiao, kazuha.
:: FLAVOR ─ angst.
:: WARNING ─ implied and slightly mentioned (y/n's) death, angsty flower symbolisms/languages, flowers.
:: TYPE ─ ficlets.
natalia's note: I actually planned to do more, but i gave up. i might do a part two for the others characters since I've chosen the flowers too for (most) of them. ALSO, be proud. <3
Tumblr media
yellow lilies, pink carnations, daffodils.
; gratitude, “i will never forget you”, new beginnings.
aether wants you to know that he is extremely grateful for your existence in his life. you had brought him to many experiences he never thought of, from the sweet ones to the bitter ones. he cherishes your love and your well-being. aether wishes wherever you are now, you know that he cherished every moment he had with you, and still cherishes you⎯ regardless of the fact you’re not in the same realm as him anymore. aether knew it’s gonna be hard for him to fully let you go, but he also knew you don’t want him to keep floating in the sea of grief. so, slowly, with the others’ support, aether is giving himself a new beginning. he hopes you could see him, starting a new beginning, without ever forgetting you, someone who he loves so much. "thank you for everything. y/n."
Tumblr media
pink camellias, red chrysanthemums, yellow tulips.
; longing, ‘i love you’, ‘there’s sunshine on your smile’.
kaeya misses you so much. kaeya has found it really hard to let you go and move on. he has people leaving him, and that’s almost normal to him. but for you, to leave him too? he feels like he’s on the edge. of course, kaeya knows humans are so fragile, like a glass, they can break anytime. but kaeya didn’t quite expect you to break so soon, he could've prevented you from breaking. kaeya misses everything about you, from your affections, personalities, quirks, to your smile. he misses the smile that brightened his days, he misses your simple confessions of “i love you” ’s. he wants to feel like he’s at home again. slowly, the kaeya everyone knew disappears, along with your existence. maybe kaeya should take a note to keep his distance from everyone if he doesn't want to have grief to come at him again for the third time. "i.. could've prevented you from dying.."
Tumblr media
:: XIAO.
colchicums, marigolds, milk vetches.
; my best days fled, despair, your presence ease my pain.
you did not just leave him. well, except you did leave him for good this time. xiao is in despair, there is no hope anymore for him. for the love of his life, the one who shines his dark life is no more. he stayed at your grave for so long, and he cried and cried. the cry of the adepti seems to hit no end yet, and it doesn’t look like it is planned to stop soon. why did you leave? why did you leave? why did you leave? “why did you leave, y/n?” it feels so fast, one second he saw you smiling at him, and the next second he’s crying beside your grave. who will ease his pain now? if he’s dying in pain, will you come back? will you ease his pain again? you’re not gonna let him buries the pain to himself, right? humans are very fragile.. and so is xiao.
Tumblr media
mixed zinnias, single full bloom rose.
; thinking (as in memory) of an absent friend, i still love you.
kazuha wants you to know he’ll always remember you, no matter how long has it been since the last time he sees your ethereal self. he’ll remember you, always, no matter what. he wouldn’t be able to forget you, not once. you’re the reason he continues living in this cruel world. you’re the reason he still believes there’ll be the time where he’s away from the darkness surrounding him, you’re the reason he could still be the last small pieces of the world’s warmth. his love for you is eternal. he longs to say the three-words-sentence to you again. his heart longs for your love, longs for your warmth. but if you’re not there anymore, what can he do? all he could do is moving forward. "may the wind lead me to you again someday, my love."
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navigation to the stars!
here you’ll find my works from my 1k followers soulmate event. thank you guys so much again for all the support!
characters: diluc, kaeya, albedo, jean, albedo, lisa, eula, venti, childe, zhongli, xiao, beidou, ningguang, ganyu, scaramouche, kazuha
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
diluc ragnvindr
the entangled waltz (red-thread)
sypnosis: when mondstadt decides to throw a ball as a celebration for the uncrowned king’s return, you decided to attend with no knowledge of what the universe has in store for you and your mysterious soulmate. (or hc on how you meet diluc in a mondstadt ball)
roses and lamp grasses (flower-injury)
sypnosis: you often joked that your soulmate is a knight in shining armor since they get injuries everyday. who knew your so-called knight is your used-to-be-knight in black coat?
is there still anything love can do? (monotone-color au)
sypnosis: he hated you for bringing color to his world and not the person he loves. yet he found himself falling in love with you as you slowly light up his world.
come with me (red-thread au)
sypnosis: in a world where red threads only appear once you and your true lover kiss, it surely does hurt when you found out that they’re your destined other before you departed. (or, hc on how you find out they’re, your friend, your soulmate before being departed.)
kaeya alberich
white lie (lie-tattoo)
sypnosis: hc on what it’s like for you to hide from kaeya that you’re his soulmate after finding out that he’s not interested in finding his destined other.
someday, one day (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: when you thought he was your enemy but is actually your lover.
bothersome (lie-tattoo au)
sypnosis: hc on how you avoiding kaeya after finding out he’s your soulmate.
albedo kreideprinz
which is which (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: hc on how half-demon!reader doesn’t know which one is their enemy and which one is their lover
‘cause mama i’m in love with a criminal (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: parallel confessions, with one ending up with heartbreak and guilt. but who’s to say if your decision was right?
delivery service (black to colors imprint au)
sypnosis: it’s agreeable that there’s nothing that can bring people together like food. who knew this applies to soulmates as well?
online (telepathy au)
sypnosis: hc on how you personally meet your destined other in a modern au trope.
jean gunnhildr
this is me trying (telepathy au)
sypnosis: despite not being in touch with your lover, you always make sure to keep your lover happy.
destination (red-thread au)
sypnosis: on your journey to find the unknown god that stripped your powers away by traveling around the seven existing nations, you didn’t expect to meet your destination so soon. (or, hc on how you met jean and lisa while finding the unknown god who stripped your powers away).
unexpected (first-word au, royal!au)
sypnosis: hc on how you unexpectedly meet your soulmate.
schedules (timer au)
sypnosis: the perfect schedule of jean’s (un)expected day.
don't go yet (first word au)
sypnosis: two stories of a lawrence and a gunnhildr’s tragedy.
eula lawrence
love like you (timer au)
sypnosis: eula always thought that her soulmate would hate her as much as her people do, only for you to prove her wrong.
don't go yet (first word au)
sypnosis: two stories of a lawrence and a gunnhildr’s tragedy.
lisa minci
nobody (timer au)
sypnosis: now that she finally met you, she won’t let you go (yandere!lisa)
destination (red-thread au)
sypnosis: on your journey to find the unknown god that stripped your powers away by traveling around the seven existing nations, you didn’t expect to meet your destination so soon. (or, hc on how you met jean and lisa while finding the unknown god who stripped your powers away).
holy (enemy-lover au, yan!venti)
sypnosis: even with so many chances of escaping from this sufferable romance, you knew you couldn’t get away from the very god that you love and respect to.
Tumblr media
tartaglia / childe
state of grace (flower-injury au)
sypnosis: after many denials to your assumption, you realized that perhaps some things can be possible for someone like you. (or, hc on how you find out that childe is your soulmate)
state of love (flower-injury au)
sypnosis: after finding out that the 11th harbinger is your destined lover, you decided to tell him the truth. (part two of state of grace)
how a heart unbreaks (enemy-lover au, remarried empress!au)
sypnosis: after endless suffering from your supposedly lover, you finally found your true lover and the true meaning of home. (PERSONAL FAV)
dream of me (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: they want to win your heart: you just want to accomplish your dream.
carried away (body-swap au)
sypnosis: hc on how you and childe spent the day as each other.
in sickness and in health.. and time (time-stop au)
sypnosis: just when you thought things could’ve go worse for the day, you had to meet your soulmate in a sickly manner. (or, how you meet your soulmate after getting sick from over-pushing yourself from your career.)
scared to be lonely (age au)
sypnosis: in which zhongli falls in love with the person who he thought wasn’t his destined other.
how a heart unbreaks (enemy-lover au, remarried empress!au)
sypnosis: after endless suffering from your supposedly lover, you finally found your true lover and the true meaning of home. (PERSONAL FAV)
mr. loverman (near-death au)
sypnosis: he should’ve made you stay when he had his chance, then perhaps you would still be here by his side.
eternally yours (age-stop au)
sypnosis: after years of suffering and hardship throughout his godhood, he finally found you.
come with me (red-thread au)
sypnosis: in a world where red threads only appear once you and your true lover kiss, it surely does hurt when you found out that they’re your destined other before you departed. (or, hc on how you find out they’re, your friend, your soulmate before being departed.)
in sickness and in health.. and time (time-stop au)
sypnosis: just when you thought things could’ve go worse for the day, you had to meet your soulmate in a sickly manner. (or, how you meet your soulmate after getting sick from over-pushing yourself from your career.)
in my mind, there's you (telepathy au)
sypnosis: even when being separated from your destined other, you always make sure that he knows you’re here for him. (or, hc on how you realized xiao’s your soulmate.)
which is which (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: hc on how half-demon!reader doesn’t know which one is their enemy and which one is their lover
sos (flower-injury au)
sypnosis: in a world where soulmate system exists, you knew that you can’t hide your injuries from your lover. (or, hc on how you try to hide your injury from them)
delicate (body-swap au)
sypnosis: hc on how you and xiao went through the whole day in each other’s body.
happy places, happy accidents (telepathy au)
sypnosis: no matter how much xiao has avoided you, it was evident that there’s no way for him to run away from his fated encounter with you.
trapped (enemy-lover au, yan!beidou and yan!ningguang)
sypnosis: when you fled from inazuma, you expected to have a new fresh start at life. but now you’re stuck in something worse than your homeland's current policies.
unexpected (first-word au, mermaid!au)
sypnosis: hc on how you unexpectedly meet your soulmate.
welcome home (telepathy au, poly)
sypnosis: hc on how you and you ganyu reunite with beidou after many months of her ventures. (spoilers in archon 2.0 quest)
trapped (enemy-lover au, yan!beidou and yan!ningguang)
sypnosis: when you fled from inazuma, you expected to have a new fresh start at life. but now you’re stuck in something worse than your homeland's current policies.
perfect timing (timer au)
sypnosis: the tianquan made many plans for the day, only for her plans to all fall down when she finds out that her timer is counting down to an hour.
coming to you (telepathy au)
sypnosis: in which you try to navigate your lover who doesn’t know your arrival in liyue harbor.
welcome home (telepathy au, poly)
sypnosis: hc on how you and you ganyu reunite with beidou after many months of her ventures. (spoilers in archon 2.0 quest)
Tumblr media
liar (lie-imprint au)
sypnosis: despite every lie that’s imprinted on your body, you had always wished to meet your destined other, knowing that maybe that this person won’t leave you like everyone you know and cared.
oh no (first-word au)
sypnosis: after a terrible crisis that led other people fall to a deep slumber, you decided to help the honorary knight and his other companions to investigate the meteorites, not knowing that the said crisis will lead you to your soulmate.
deal with the devil (time-stop au + spoilers to 2.1 archon quest)
sypnosis: when yae miko request you to follow the traveler and help him in the shadows, you certainly didn’t expect to meet your soulmate at a crucial time.
hello kity (black to colors imprint au)
sypnosis: scaramouche was never fond of cats, let alone other animals that he comes across to. however, there was one certain cat that caught his interest.
sos (flower-injury au)
sypnosis: in a world where soulmate system exists, you knew that you can’t hide your injuries from your lover. (or, hc on how you try to hide your injury from them)
red (red-thread au)
sypnosis: anything is possible. this applies to the infamous soulmate system.
complications (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: he thought you were his enemy because of your role in the student council, turns out you’re perhaps not as annoying as he thought you would be.
expectations (first-word au)
sypnosis: he thought his soulmate would be the opposite of him, turns out his soulmate is just like him.
until death (near-death au)
sypnosis: sometimes, scaramouche wished he followed his guts.
online (telepathy au)
sypnosis: hc on how you personally meet your destined other in a modern au trope.
kaedehara kazuha
‘cause mama i’m in love with a criminal (enemy-lover au)
sypnosis: parallel confessions, with one ending up with heartbreak and guilt. but who’s to say if your decision was right?
i knew you were trouble (lie-tattoo au)
sypnosis: in which kazuha knew you’re more than what meets the eye, but still loves you regardless.
poems of you (first-word au)
sypnosis: hc on how you meet your soulmate, kazuha.
what a feeling (first-word au)
sypnosis: how does one know that they’ll meet their soulmate today?
in the next life (red-thread au, reincarnation!au)
sypnosis: sometimes, happy endings can only happen in another lifetime. (or, hc on how you and kazuha met during the modern era of teyvat)
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beige-babyyy · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
kaeya drabble #1- his fingers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kaeya was blessed with amazing fingers. long, pretty, and skilled.
the same fingers that he uses to comb through your hair. gathering the stands in his hands to make a makeshift ponytail, which he uses to guide your head on and off his cock.
the same fingers that curl up into your heat, pressing against your soft spot and making you shake and whine. the fingers that thrust in and out of you, scissoring, while his thumb works your clit in circles, making you came with a loud mewl.
the same fingers that dig into your hip when you're riding him. digging into the skin hard enough to bruise when you lift your body up to impale yourself on his cock. fingers that help guide you into the right rhythm and motions for both of your pleasure.
Tumblr media
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ddarker-dreams · 7 months ago
Mondstadt Boys Reverse Harem HCs.
Tumblr media
Somebody help this man. Diluc genuinely loses sleep over trying to figure out how best to appeal to you, wanting nothing more than to have you return his feelings. He kind of shoots himself in the foot by doing things for you in the shadows. You’ll always find your tabs always paid for, your rent is taken care of on months finances were tight, a lack of monsters in areas you frequent. He hopes to have the confidence to tell you some of that was him one day. 
He is very gentleman-like with you, something that wins brownie points. Diluc holds the door for you, pulls out your chair, offers you his jacket if it’s cold out, the entire works. Kaeya snickers over how basic his approach is, but as long as you seem receptive, he could care less. You can expect him to always walk you home. It doesn’t matter that you wield a Vision, or that you’re adept with a weapon, he is walking you home and that’s that. Diluc is very stubborn about this, but it’s only because he cares for you so much!
Diluc is deeply appreciative when you initiate and lead the conversation. He’s an excellent listener, despite his almost constant poker face, taking in your every word as if it were scripture. Although, he has a bad habit of dropping his eyes to your lips, yet vehemently denies this accusation. It’s worse on days where there’s some sort of pigment on your lips, this man is so touch starved, he’ll be staring at them in silent awe. 
He has, for his credit, tried having “talks” with Kaeya about you. Diluc is firm in the fact that Kaeya wouldn’t be any good for you, given their history and Kaeya’s original mission. While he is possessive, at his heart, he cares deeply for your safety and wellbeing. Of course, these talks never really make progress. Kaeya just ends up with more stuff to tease him over when you’re around. 
Deep down, he’s insecure about your thoughts on him. He’s polite and well-mannered, but is that enough to successfully win you over? Diluc fears he’s going to come off as too protective because well, he is, as a result of losing so many people he’s cared for. In those times he’s at such a loss and it’s only exacerbated by the attention you’re given by others. 
The silver-tongued Kaeya finds himself unexpectedly worried over your impression of him. He’s aware that he has a bit of a reputation, and while such things don’t normally matter, you’re important to him. He wants to make you blush, yes, but he also wants his interest to appear sincere as he feels it is. This is the first time he’s truly loved someone and it’s somewhat unnerving. 
Kaeya’s internal dilemmas rarely rise to the surface, he commands his body language and general demeanor perfectly. He takes a more traditional approach to romancing you, asking you out on dates to get delicious food, or offering to go stargazing. The time you spend together never feels uneventful. He makes an adventure out of everything, easily able to entertain you for hours on end with his wit and charm. 
He is unfairly observant. Kaeya catches the indiscreet, longing looks Diluc sends your way, how Venti trips over himself to catch your attention, how the composed Chief Alchemist of the Knights keens his ear when you speak. Unsurprisingly, he’s most interested in challenging Diluc. He’s the easiest of the bunch to rile up, and well, he’s had practice his entire life. 
The atmosphere when both Diluc and Kaeya are around you is... horrifying, honestly. They’re both exchanging forced niceties and ingenuine smiles. Neither of them thinks the other deserves your affections, and as the saying goes, all is fair in love and war. 
Kaeya is able to spend more time with you than Diluc can, due to the latter often being away on business, and boy does he rub that in. He’ll exchange inside jokes with you, refer back to events that only you two were present for, ignoring the holes that his brother glares into his head. Of course, there’s the added benefit of seeing you smile and laugh. He’s enjoying himself a little too much. 
Albedo puts a great deal of thought into how he will interact with you. The first few times you two speak, you may notice he comes off as reserved, especially when comparing it to his conversations with others. Initially, he had so much to say while working up the courage to approach you. When he finally managed to do so, he found himself uncharacteristically tongue-tied, and could only say the bare minimum as not to embarrass himself. 
He wants so badly to get close to you but isn’t sure what the proper methods are. His area of expertise is concrete, it’s quantifiable and can be tested. Human relationships, on the other hand... he fears that if he messes up once, he might not get any more chances with you! 
An edge that he has over the other boys is his work. Albedo is able to ask for your assistance on his simpler endeavors and purposefully picks places where you two can be alone together in peace. This is where he’s at his best. He’ll talk to you in detail about his work, what everything means, how he came to his conclusions. If you ask him a question, his heart might just burst from his chest. 
He’s not a very confrontational person. Albedo actually finds it interesting to see how the others interact with you, taking mental notes on what is effective and what isn’t. Of course, he wouldn’t be too thrilled if they were making considerable advancements, and might even let Klee out of solitary confinement prematurely to act as a distraction lmao. 
The sole exception to this rule is when Kaeya and Diluc are going at it. In that case, Albedo believes you’ll become disillusioned with their behavior, and simply watches the ensuing chaos. For how well-tempered Albedo is, he isn’t against throwing in a dry remark only for your ears about the two. 
Venti is probably having the most fun out of everyone here. A natural extrovert and outgoing individual, he can get just about anyone to warm up to him, and he knows this. It doesn’t take long for him to spark up a friendship with you. There are no awkward silences or forced conversations, everything between you two flows so naturally. It’s almost as if you were lifelong friends. 
He doesn’t really flirt on purpose? Sure, he can be a bit teasing, but a lot of his compliments for you are from the heart. Venti might say it in a lighthearted way, yet his words carry unexpected weight. You won’t ever doubt that he cares for you greatly. There’s this unexpected... somberness that will sometimes come out of nowhere. It’ll be gone as fast as it came, and he’ll return to his bubbly self in no time, but you still commit the experience to memory. 
It goes without saying that you are his most precious muse! He’s never felt attached to sappy love songs, and while he might jokingly mention a mushy lyric here or there, lots of his newer songs are subtle in their loving touches. Venti composes words and meanings centered around belonging. That’s why you are to him at the core — a home he never had — one without the need to be defined by four walls. 
Venti doesn’t stir up the pot with the others that much. He might dramatically cling himself to you, but he’d be pressed to tie you down. That goes strictly against his belief system and he could never bring himself to do it. Sure, he might make a silly jab at the others, though it stops there. He wants you to choose whatever will bring you the most joy, and if that isn’t him, well... it’ll hurt but at least you’re happy. 
He might feel inclined to clue you in about his true identity and past eventually. However, he does so in such a crpyitc manner, that you can’t help but wonder if you’re looking too far into things. Not to mention, he is the king of deflection. Venti does have a considerable soft spot for you, so if you ever pouted hard enough, he might just break and tell you more. Might. 
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