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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✻ title ; [nsfw] genshin men as your boyfriends [click here for the sfw version]
✻ pairings ; childe + diluc + itto + kaeya + thoma + zhongli [separately] × gn!reader
✻ content ; exhibítionism, size kínk, orál (giving, receiving), mentions of séx tóys, degrádation, bóndage, mentions of líquor and alcohoI, overstímulatíon, fóreplay, the kink list goes onnn
✻ author's note ; minors and/or ageless blogs dni or i'll delete your genshin account >:(
Tumblr media Tumblr media
childe ; @/beefbulgogi on twt
— When he gets home from work, he lets you know that he wants to fuck by hugging you from behind and fiingering/palming you through your shorts/pants. "Baby," He whispers. "I'm tired. Can you help me energize for a bit...?"
— Doesn't mind fingering you in public, as long as he sneakily does it. The places in which he has done it are: At the back of the Monstadt cathedral whilst a mass is going on, The second floor of the tavern, the jade fucking chamber, and inside the Northland Bank.
— Whenever someone sees you two fucking, after you two are done, he walks toward that person and pays them a bag of mora to not tell anyone. It works like a charm.
— Degrades you. That's it. That's his other kink.
— When he's at work, he loves to tease you by lifting up his shirt, revealing his abs. Maybe even lo ering his pants a bit to show off his v line. He knows how you react to him doing that and seeing your flustered face just makes him feel proud to have you as a partner.
— Seeing these previous headcanons made me thought of a conclusion that he's into exhibitionism. He would fuck you silly until you roll your eyes back.
— He's the type of guy that makes sex tapes but he would never use it against you. It's only for his own pleasure in the future (you know, if he's alone and you're away).
— With his electro delusion and hydro vision, you are in AWE about how well he uses it to pleasure you. The electrifying feeling on your dick/cunt makes his fingers a moving vibrator.
Tumblr media
diluc ; @/shivaille_ on twt
— Previously I said that he's the "old-fashioned" boyfriend, and he's still like that when it comes to fucking you.
— When he lets you know he wants to have sex, he'll suck on your nipples. That's also like, his favorite thing to pass the time / when he's bored. It always ends up the both of you having sex. The only reason that you could give to others while wearing a tank top is that you have a lot of bed bugs in your bedroom. Your reasoning sucks, and everyone probably knows that only Diluc did that.
— He's into foreplay. He loves kissing your chest, leaving butterfly kisses from your chest down to your stomach. Above all, he loves to kiss your lips.
— He prioritizes your pleasure instead of his. Maybe because he just wants to show off his oral skills. He's a master at sucking dick/pussy.
— His favorite position is sixty nine for reaaaal. This man's mouth can literally do wonders on anyone, yet he chooses to use it on you, and you alone.
Tumblr media
itto : @/kotoriidesu on patreon | twt | fb
— In the previous post I said that he loves to give you piggyback rides. He's the type of guy that picks you up as he pounds into you.
— He's not against being slow in sex, but he's usually really rough to you. He could ignore you and give into his own pleasure, sometimes leaving you very sore but who are you to complain; you love it anyway.
— If "Rough Sex" was personified, he would be the best candidate for it. I mean, have you seen this man??
— Has asked you once if you wanted a foursome with his other gang members. He will never plan out a sex session without your consent.
— The way he kisses your neck is *chefs kiss*. Complete heaven. You'd be on cloud nine. He has these fangs that he could use to suck on your most sensitive erogenous zones and you's be cumming in an instant.
— If I don't say that he doesn't have a size kink, it'd be a crime. He's definitely a lot bigger and taller than you, and seeing that you're so small compared to him makes his dick hard.
— When he's inside you, he goes in balls-deep. He sometimes doesn't care if it hits your bladder/cervix. He's super fast as well and when you're done cumming, he's still far from it so by the time he cums, you've probably had your 4th orgasm.
Tumblr media
kaeya ; /@dyumint on patreon | twt
— Since he rides a horse everywhere in Mondstadt, he would love it if you could ride him instead.
— This man is a fucking sex machine. The one kink that sometimes annoys you the most is that he's too good at edging. Just when you're about to cum he abruptly stops and leave your dick/cunt alone.
— I'm certain that this man has fucking loads of sex toys inside his own house. I'm talking shibari, spank paddles, vibrators, dildos, anal pegs, cock rings, handcuffs, fucking whips. He could turn his own room into a sex dungeon at night and he'd be a millionaire a day after.
— If Kaeya is drunk, it's unpredictable to know if he wants to dominate you, or vice versa.
— There was one time when you were giving him a blowjob under the desk as he was inside Jean's office.
— The favonius guards have probably already heard you scream and moan Kaeya's name multiple times. You know this because whenever you walk past them, they can't helo but to blush and move their eyes along with you, eyeing you up and down.
— His icy touch on your dick/cunt makes you instantly go over the edge. Using this knowledge, he adds it to his edging kink. You can't complain, since whenever he does this, it always gives you a burst of pleasure everytime. Maybe even better than the ones you've had with him before. It just keeps getting better every time.
Tumblr media
thoma ; @/dragontammer_ on twt
— Remember in the previous post I said that he's the gentlest boyfriend in public? Bitch you thought wrong- This man is the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing in private. He is completely a different person when it comes to fucking you.
— He prefers you wearing lingerie / very revealing maid outfit / thotty clothes more than you being completely naked.
— Usually just sighs long and let out a smal "Ugh," when he's in you. He can't risk being caught by anyone in the Kamisato family yo know that he's fucking someone inside their Estate. Still, he would take that risk if it means fucking you right here and now.
— He loves to pin you against the wall. He usually ties your wrists with the use of his uniform and place it above your head. As he sees you helpless and unable to move as much, it turns him on so much he grabs your legs and wrap it around his hips as you bounce and and down.
— As he does this, he kisses either your neck, your lips, or your chest.
— Has been warned by Ayaka once. When she told him that, she was blushing so hard, Ayaka didn't have no choice but to hide her face with her fan. You instantly knew that she wanted to be fucked by your boyfriend, too.
— Instead of being driven by jealousy, you casually asked her if she wants to join you and thoma. You were surprised she didn't say no.
— Probably the only one in your entire life that has torn your asshole. Metaphorically and literally.
Tumblr media
zhongli ; @/KT_DemonTV on patreon | twt
— He gives dom vibes in public but this fine man right here is actually a switch. He could nail it by being a complete dom and a bottom at the same time, you are actually very impressed by this.
— Loves it when a blindfold is used on him. As he lays down on your bed with his hard dick resting on his stomach, you ride it with your crotch, slowly teasing him as you move back and fourth. Both of your precums makes it even easier for you to slide up and down.
— "Can you untie me now so I could you that pretty little mouth of yours?" Is his one of his favorite lines to give you. You absolutely love to give him blowjobs and the thing you're msot proud of is that you don't gag with his dick.
— Has definitely used your thighs to rub his dick.
— Anal for daysss with this man. When it's his turn to be a sub, you could peg him from behind and use a cock ring on him. It always sends him into overdrive.
[click here for the sfw version]
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amosthirst · a day ago
Hello your new theme is so cute. May I please ask for NSFW headcanons for Diluc, Childe, Kaeya and Zhongli having public sex with heir s/o during windtrace
Tumblr media Tumblr media
=͟͟͞♡ ◖ ❛HUNTED DOWN❜ ⩩ ◗ you thought your hiding spot was so sneaky, aren't you? [hunterᵎ genshin men]
WARNINGS ⪧ [fem!reader] creampie. exhibitionism. brief vaginal fingering. public sex. literally fucking on the ground, face up in dirt all that shit. finger-sucking. spit as lube. unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it). messy sex overall. squirting. “help im stuck” shenanigans with zhongli. we call sexy eyepatch man captain because... we can duhhh 🙄!!!!.
AMOS ⪧ no thoughts. just getting caught by them during the windtrace event (´ . .̫ . `) praying to god that this got in hashtag or ill cry. see you guys tmr ill go to zzzzzzz
Tumblr media
“what makes you think this spot was so discreet?”
you weren't a professional in this terrain, only managing to squish yourself between the cracks of two stone before childe managed to track you down and pull you out by your wrist. naturally, he would let you go and give you another chance to hide, that's why you were looking at him strangely— expecting his grip on your wrist would loosen up. it didn't occur you until you feel his throbbing bulge poking your lower tummy. he gets so work up earlier peeking thru his fingers earlier seeing you roam around the area to find a spot, you knew how good he was at finding but you never knew how can he be that good. it's not like you would know that he's cheating! only pouting or whining when he caught you in a suggestive position trying to hid your body as much as you can into tiny cracks.
“you aren't cheating, right?” you raised your eyebrow, temporarily ignoring the way his cock desperately hum against you. large palm already kneading the plush of your ass, his index finger repeatedly press your clit as he trails sloppy kisses on your neck to make you giggle.
“‘course not doll, what do you take me for? i'm the best at this game! now— bend down, remember what you promised me earlier?” his hand itch to palm his neglected bulge when your raise your hips up, shaking it lightly to let your skirt hikes up to your back before pushing the sheer panties covering your sweet cunt.
“stay silent for me, kay’?”
your warm pussy wrapping snugly around him, clinging your fingers onto the grass each snap from his hips. his palm press flat on your back, pushing you lower to the ground but keeping your hips up to thrust deeper. childe purposely make you squeak, smacking your ass before rubbing the sore skin with his rough palm as an apology. you're so pretty trying to stay quiet or the others would check up on you for making ‘weird’ noises. don't want the other seeing you cream all over his cock with your pretty face all cake up with dirt and tears!
“thought this would be much more challenging,”
kaeya tell you that wouldn't make a great knight with this hiding skill, clicking his tongue before playfully shakes his head. cold fingertips ghostly ran against your cheeks, out of the place, you hid here? behind one of the houses, and you thought he wouldn't check it? so dumb, so naive, even unintentionally giving him a peek of your baby pink panties when he's speaking to you. you're getting all messy just from him talking to you, rubbing your soft thighs together when he kneel down and came closer to you. at least you're good at making him feeling the same, climbing on his lap to rub your drooling cunt on his bulge. you can't even be bother to look at the crates falling down, resting your forehead on his shoulder before he chuckles at your desperation.
“you wanted to be the first one to get caught?” kaeya grits his teeth behind his smile, holding his hips from stuttering the second you let a glob of spit fell to his tip, dainty fingers wrapping around his throbbing cock.
“mhm, really want you, kaeya. please? i need it so bad, captain.” a shaky breathe leave your lips when his thumb come in contact with your clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves in a circle motion. it isn't enough, you want it inside, you want kaeya inside— but he like to tease, like to toy you around and make you sob like a mess. only obliging when you flutter your lashes at him the certain way, the way kaeya likes.
“ah, poor thing. all desperate for me, what? want it that bad? yeah, of course you are.”
you can barely keep a consistent pace riding him, already throwing your head back from pure ecstasy. your fingers clings to the root of his hair, tugging his dark locks as you roll your hips to chase your own high. the squelching sound of your sweet cunt around his cock just sent him over the edge, every thrust cause a gush of slick running down his base, forming the white cream around his cock. your pretty lips all raw from the sloppy kisses he gave, bloodied even due to how much you bit it to lower down your voice. but it's so hard when kaeya makes fucked you so good when you lose rhythm to your own pace, you just hope captain kaeya finished inside of you fast!
“i found you,”
it's impossible to hide from diluc, he heard everything, every step, every breath you took, it's unfair (even to him but you insist that he join). being the darknight hero has it perks when it comes to searching, he's very attentive to his surrounding, it wasn't a suprise when he caught you hiding behind in one of the little shrine. you don't know how many time you lose to him, running around with his cum stuffed inside of you, threatening to drip down your thighs. truthfully, you were getting tired hiding but it's so exciting having your boyfriend track you down and fill you up when he caught you. he knew you weren't even trying this round, eager to have his large palm pushed your thighs up to your chest and run his thumb on your slit, his hard-on flushed against your back. can't turn you away when your lash is thick with tears, back arching from having his heavy cock lightly slapped against your wet folds.
“diluc, i lost, hm.. you win again,” he make your bones feel so weak, it's insane how fast he could turn you into a putty. you can feel the previous load inside of you leaks out everytime he presses his hand flat on your tummy, forcing it out drip by drip.
“i'm aware of that. you know what happen when you lose?” you exhaled a sharp breathe when his tip pop inside of you, slowly, he slid his cock inside inch by inch. diluc groans at the sight of your pussy swallowing him, velvety walls pulsating around him. he dropped one of your thigh to his hips, keeping the other one up on your chest.
“they get punish,”
diluc had to shove his fingers into your fingers when you cry a little too loud, let your warm muscle suck around his digits while he fuck you stupid. sometime he pull it out and pull the corner of your mouth with his thumb to have your eyes on his, just make him goes feral when your eyes all sleepy and dark, saliva dripping down your chin and chest. you're so messy up and down, he likes it— fucking loves it when you're dumb on his cock.
“you should really be careful next time, look what you've put yourself into.”
you can't miss the way zhongli dreads his voice, he probably was shaking his head if you could actually see him. you didn't mean to get stuck inside one of the window, you thought it was a great idea to hid inside the house. turns out the window does not slide up and leave you trapped. there wasn't any interaction changing between you and him until you feel his hands lifting your skirt up, slender fingers pressing against your clothed cunt. zhongli lay a smack on one of your cheeks, spreading it apart before letting his tongue swipe against your drooling pussy. he can hear the muffled moans and whine thru the walls, you constantly pushes yourself into his face, riding zhongli's face while he lapped up your every drop of slick. he let out a hoarse laugh when you cream all over his face, your slick running down your thighs and drip down the wooden floor. his pruned fingers making it way to tease your sensitive clit while his other hand unzipping his pants.
“you better help me out after this, old man.” you pants, pushing your hair off your sweaty forehead. zhongli hum, sliding his cock in one thrust, causing a little squeak came out from your lips. his hand bunch your skirts up so he could get a clear view of the plush of your ass bouncing when he fucks you.
“of course darling, i'm not that cruel, am i? i'll make sure to help you out after this,” he groans when you thrust yourself on him, your tip-toeing just you can have his cock fully inside of you. zhongli let you took over a few minutes before he starts to thrust inside of you and lifts your hips higher.
“the pace is a bit slow, no?”
you're so soft inside out, clamping him perfectly while he paints your back with his cum. you weren't even talking right now, only letting string of curses and high-pitched moans when his tip kisses your cervix. the shape of his fingers imprinted on your skin from how tight he grip your hips and fuck you, forced you bouncing on his cock right after you cum. could you blame him? he cant turn to blind eye when you put yourself into this suggestive position. beside, take this a lesson to be more careful. after all, zhongli isn't afraid to teach you to be less clumsy.
Tumblr media
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primofate · 18 hours ago
Genshin Volleyball AU - Reuniting after a month apart
Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Tartaglia, Kazuha, Xiao, Thoma and gn!reader
Warnings: not proofread did not have time to, fluff, profanities, innuendos, have not updated the taglist
Other works in this AU: https://primofate.tumblr.com/post/654696933944852480/genshin-au-series-masterlist
Summary: Being in the national team, he represents the country during the Olympic Games. It typically only lasts for 16 days but its common to fly in earlier for training and getting used to the ambiance and atmosphere of the Olympic stadium. That said, you have to be left behind at home owing to your job but today, he’s finally coming back!
#1 Zhongli (Captain/Wing Spiker/Ace)
While apart
There’s not a day that you don’t get your “good morning” and “good night” texts. He won’t forget.
No matter how tired he is that day he’ll always manage a “Love, I’m sleeping now, good night,”
You’re not gunna get any selfies of him unless you ask/beg real nicely. He just isn’t a selfie person (protip: if you say you miss seeing his face, he’ll send you one but he’d prefer a video call. That or he’ll send you a photo that’s like, official, like a team photo or something or a photo of him with another member)
BUT you bet you’ll get LOTS of pictures of random things and places. Example:
“We found a ramen shop around here and we had it for lunch, but it doesn’t taste as good as the one you make for me,” with a photo of the bowl of ramen attached.
“Is this the one you wanted?” with a photo of a certain item, whatever it is, a keychain or a souvenir that you mentioned you might want.
“They haven’t changed since high school...” and there’s a chaotic photo of his team attached. 
In a sense it’s a bit like you’re there with him. 
When he’s back
He doesn’t know why, but he’s a little nervous while waiting to pick his luggage up.
He double checks to see which gate he’s exiting from and sends you a message to reconfirm. 
When he’s out and looking around for you in the crowd of people it’s like he’s a little lost lamb, slowing down his pace and trying not to look too stupid. 
“Hey,” his head swerves towards your voice and he swears his breath is just caught in his throat and his heart is hammering in his chest. 
It’s like the moment he realized he loves you all over again.
He doesn’t realize how much he missed you up until that moment. 
Has the widest smile ever but is still not too much of a PDA person so he strolls up to you, gives you a tight side hug and presses a long kiss on your forehead. 
“Welcome home,” and he’ll reply with a “I’ve missed you,” 
Comments from his teammates who saw the whole thing.
Tartaglia: *out loud* That’s a boring kiss captain
Thoma: *whispering to his other teammates* He’s a little shy isn’t he?
Xiao: Hmph, it’s the right amount, out in public (can you tell this guy just respects his captain too much to say anything bad about him?)
Kaeya: *whispering but not really whispering* Wait till they get home.
#2 Diluc (Vice Captain/Wing Spiker/Defense Specialist)
While apart
voice calls any chance he gets, even if its just a short one. 
The type to call you randomly: “Hey, you busy? Hm? No, nothing, just wanted to call you,” 
The type to video call you discreetly at night. As in the “lets get on video and just fall asleep together type” (the exact reason why he did NOT want to room with Kaeya/Tartaglia because he knows they won’t ever shut up about it if they found out he’s that soft for you)
Actually misses you really deeply, it’s the first time he’s been away from you for so long so he definitely thinks about you a lot.
Instead of HIM sending photos he’ll ask YOU to send photos. He likes to be in the loop of what you’re doing or how your day went. 
Will buy you everything that he remotely thinks you’ll like. 
When he’s back
Half nervous half excited. Like he’ll get all quietly excited but then a pinch of anxiousness will appear. 
Has outrageous thoughts: “What if they don’t remember what I look like?” “What if they don’t like this shirt I’m wearing?” “What if they don’t like the souvenirs I got them?” 
All erased when his eyes land on you and he remembers just how much you love him and just how much he misses you. 
A tight, I’m choking a little, hug that lasts for longer than it should. His arms around your middle and yours around his neck. 
He’s lifting you the tiniest bit off the floor but he doesn’t really realize it. 
Getting to breathe in your scent again has his heart running
When he pulls away his smile is from ear to ear and he’s immediately asking about you already.
“Is everything okay at home? Did you wake early to get here?”
Ignores everything and anything else, it’s just you in his world right now.
#3 Kaeya (Middle Blocker)
While apart
Leaves voice messages a lot. Instead of a good morning text its usually his voice greeting you. 
He doesn’t mind texting but he likes voice messages cause he thinks you’ll miss his voice too much (the truth is that if he sends you a voice message he’ll whine about “why don’t you send me one too babe?” and that’s how he gets you to send voice messages)
So all the voice messages you’ve sent him? He re-listens to them on random times of the day. 
Got his earphones in while on the bus, people thinking he’s listening to music. While he might be from time to time, sometimes he pauses to re-listen to something funny you said or to that laugh message you sent.
Sends you quite a lot of selfies or photos, sometimes they seem to border on a bit of NSFW side (once there was a photo of him wiping his face with his jersey, so it lifted up a bit.......) 
Has changed his phone wallpaper to be your picture or at least a picture of you and him. 
Has definitely showed it off to other athletes............. he’s a good talker and makes friends easily. It’s probably such a smooth segway for him like, “Oh, yeah my partner’s watching me from home too,” 
He always seems like he’s joking but he definitely flips through photos of the two of you before falling asleep every night.
When he’s back
No nervousness, just plain excitement. 
The classic reunion scene. Sees you, starts to jog and he sweeps you into a big hug just as you jump at him so your legs are around his waist and you’re kissing as if you’ll never kiss again, his strong hands supporting your weight.
I mean what else can I say. 
You probably tell each other you miss each other in between the 2 or 3 kisses. 
Diluc: *sighs* Do they really have to do that in the middle of all these people?
Kazuha: One would think they’ve been apart for a year.
Tartaglia: *waterfall tears* That’s beautiful.
#4 Albedo (Setter)
While apart
Doesn’t outright says he misses you
“What’re you doing right now?” text = “I miss you”
Basically he’s wondering if you’re thinking about him too.
He has different ways of saying he misses you rather than saying the actual words.
“I saw something that reminded me of you today,”
“Let’s go here together next time,”
“I wanna try this with you next time,”
But when he’s in a real slump, say they lost a game or something he’ll say the actual words. “I miss you, wish you were here,” cause you’re always there to comfort him when something went wrong. 
Also the type to look back on photos of you when he misses you.
When he’s back
He’s gunna feel indifferent at first because it hasn’t really sunk in that he’s going home already. 
But then he gets secretly jittery on the plane. He’s gunna have that eye mask thingie on, to pretend he’s sleeping, but then he’s actually just laying there thinking of finally being home with you. 
When he sees you he takes a moment to soak in and just admire your face and then he’ll hug you in a way that’ll let him bury his head into your neck or shoulder.
He MELTS. Like he didn’t even know he had so much tension in him and everything suddenly feels lighter the moment he’s back with you. 
Will not let go of your hand once you two start on your way home.
#5 Tartaglia (Middle Blocker/Wing Spiker)
While apart
My God. Be prepared to get spammed.
Spam texter, spam caller, spam voice message, spam photo sender, spam video caller, spamming you on every social media website available.
Also loves using stickers and gifs.
Selfie king. Just... everywhere and anywhere... Check to see if your phone is out of memory...
Clingy even on text. “Awe you’re leaving me now? *puppy dog eyes emoji*” 
“Awe can we talk more later?” The only time he stops texting is if he’s in practice or in a game. 
Can’t find the perfume you use? He’s stolen it from your bathroom and brought it with him overseas.
When he’s back
Like a puppy who got a new toy excited.
Another one who runs up to you but spins you around in his arms in bliss.
The team silently watching:
Albedo: They’re gunna fall aren’t they?
Thoma: How many spins have they done?
Eventually while spinning you he topples over his own suitcase, falls back and you basically fall on him, but he’s still laughing and overjoyed even when people are watching the commotion he just made.
Xiao: *urgent whisper* Come on, let’s go, pretend we don’t know him. 
After that whole display he brings you up to your feet again and gives you another tight and happy hug. He’s just gushing about all the things he’s seen over there but he keeps on emphasizing the fact that he just wished you were there too. 
#6 Kazuha (Decoy/Middle Blocker/Wing Spiker)
While apart
The two of you have matching macrame bracelets and he never takes that off. It’s a reminder of your support. 
A moderate texter, prefers calls/video calls over texting. 
He just thinks its so much better to talk about things on call and the details are all clear. 
So you have a designated “call time” every day and during those call times he counts down how many days left till he goes home.
Old-fashioned and has your photo in his wallet.
So you know before they play a game they do this all hands in and then cheer? He keeps the other hand on his chest as a gesture to remember that you’re always supporting him even from afar.
Even though you have a designated “call time” the two of you still deviate from it a lot. He ends up calling you at night or when its night time at yours and loves to talk to you till you fall asleep. 
His voice is super soothing O_O
When he’s back
Has a nervousness thats kind of at the back of his mind, its just a worry that you might be waiting for him too long at the airport. 
The type to try and sneak away from your gaze and instead walk up behind you to cover your eyes and ask “Guess who?”
You don’t even answer and you immediately turn around to glomp him while he’s chuckling and holding on to you as well.
The team is watching the two of you, eyes sparkling just talking to each other and Kazuha has the most tender gaze in his eyes, one of his hands cradling your cheek as he talks to you.
Everyone in the team: *Thinking* This is so wholesome...
Also everyone in the team: *Thinking* Gotta find me someone who looks at me like Kazuha looks at Y/N...
#7 Xiao (Libero)
While apart
The one who misses you but doesn’t know how to say he misses you.
Example: he will call you but the call will start off silent. Like  Him: Hey You: Hey Him: ....... You: ........Soooooo.... How was today?
Excuse him, it’s really cause its enough for him just to hear your voice, so actually most of the time he lets you do the talking and he’s fine with that.
At some point in time while he’s in bed alone he’ll get real homesick and it’s even worse cause Xiao is actually a person who thrives on physical touch rather than words
He might be subtle about his touches but things like not being able to hold your hand or even just slightly touch your fingertips to get your attention or touching your back is gunna gradually put him in a bad mood.
The first time it happens you ask over video call why he looks so grumpy he’ll hesitate to answer but eventually he’ll say something along the lines of “I hate being away from you,”
When he’s back
He is cool about it on the outside but his heart is jumping on the inside.
Somehow he manages to evade your eyes and will show up behind you. 
“...Where are you looking? I’m right here,” you’ll turn around and see him with a grin and you can TELL he’s trying not to smile like an idiot. 
You’ll hug him first and he’ll hug back but goddamn he doesn’t wanna let go. He can’t even begin to describe how much he fucking missed your touch.
“I swear, next time, you’re coming with me. I don’t care about your job,”
Tartaglia: *nudges Kaeya* Xiao’s smiling.
Kaeya: *gets whiplashed by his own hair at how fast he turned* Where?!
All the other members: *pretending not to care, minding their own business but is actually taking secret glances at the two of you*
#8 Thoma (Pinch Server/Middle Blocker)
While apart
Worries about you and checks up on you frequently. A lot of “Have you been taking care of yourself?” “Have you eaten?” 
So if you have a slight headache or somehow fell ill you kind of don’t want to tell him cause you know he’s gunna be worried sick.
Will eventually still find out because he can somehow sense it through voice call. Thoma: You ok? You’re a little quiet today. You: Totally fine!  Thoma: You hesitated for a split second... Are you feeling sick? You: *thinking* what the hell, how even... Thoma: See, you’re not answering! You’re supposed to tell me these things!
The type to still go online and look for a florist that does deliveries near your home and buy flowers to be sent to you from him, with the message “Missing you more every day,” or “Can’t wait to get home”
You seriously still feel so loved even when he’s not there.
When he’s back
Just pure happiness
Might be a bit impatient on the plane ride back actually
Will text you the moment he gets reception and arrives
As a man who isn’t scared to show how he feels he might be a little glossy eyed when you finally meet up. 
Will bear hug you and probably swing you around once before putting you back on your feet again and just doting over you. Kiss on the forehead, cheeks, nose, cupping your cheeks in his hands and just relishing your warmth and how wonderful you are.
Will say things like “That was a really hard month, hun,” “Kinda felt more like a year, no?”
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dawndelion-winery · 2 days ago
"Sibling" Rivalry
Ft. Childe, Albedo, Diluc, Kaeya, Xiao
Tumblr media
"Big brother, it's my turn!"
Ajax was delighted you'd gotten along so well with his family
He really was....it's just that sometimes he wished Teucer wasn't quite so attached to you
He just wanted to tackle you on the couch and cuddle with you
Unfortunately, Teucer came by and decided Ajax had been hogging enough of your time
Still, the sight of you hugging his little brother as the latter sat in your lap was rather endearing
If not for the fact the kid said he'd marry you when he grew up
"Not so fast, Teucer, that's my job."
Pulls both of you into a hug but also kisses your cheek for good measure
He was showing a few new potions he'd come up with, his hand sliding over yours as he stood behind you, offering to teach you to make them
And then Klee came dashing over
While she's normally more than eager to see what Albedo's up to, she wanted you to build snowmen with her this time
Albedo's grip in your hand tightened for a brief moment before he let go
With a tight-lipped smile, he'd usher you to go play with Klee, insisting he'd catch up later once he was done
Perhaps there was a use for Subject Two after all...
No Albedo, you can't use him as a babysitter
He wasn't quite sure if he wanted to strangle Kaeya
Certainly, it had been through his adopted little brother that he met you
But did Kaeya have to occupy so much if your time?
Best friends or not, this was the third day you'd turned down hanging out with him in favour of his blue-haired brother
The temptation to whisk you away only grew as his eyes narrowed at the way Kaeya casually put an arm around your shoulders
Mutters "they're just close friends" under his breath to calm himself
More than happy to walk you home later, his hand on your waist as he keeps you close to his side
To Kaeya, his brother was the man with everything
But if there was one thing he had that Diluc didn't, it was you
So seeing you speak so amicably with his brother at the Angel's Share was rather peeving
So Kaeya, being the shameless flirt he was, decided to amp up the pda
A casual arm around your waist with his hand coming to rest on your thigh
Such a seemingly thoughtless gesture and yet, when he squeezed your thigh everyone you smiled at Diluc for a little too long...
You got the hint pretty soon
Especially with how he all but draped himself over you, his brother seeming to ignore him, presumably used to his shenanigans
"Dearest. Dove. My love~" Kaeya called you, his face inching closer with every petname he had for you. "I believe I'm overdue for a kiss."
"Qiqi wants to pick flowers with y/n"
Xiao, being the sweetheart he is, agreed, of course
He's worried he might ruin the wholesome vibe, so he watches you two from afar
But he can't help but want to join in, the sinister feeling of being left out bubbling in his chest
Xiao donned a bitter smile watching the two of you, sitting in a nearby flower patch to pick flowers of his own
He'd hand you and Qiqi the flower crowns later, at least this way, he was still binding with the both of you somehow
Tumblr media
Taglist[send an ask to be added]: @myluvkeiji @pluvioseprince @altair-ation @teyvattherapist @euphoric-author @paradise-creator @favonius-captain @aweebstuff @tiredsleep @raincxtter @serenenation @datu-tadhana @teahouserei @tiredsleep
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rushipedia · 2 days ago
Imagine the genshin characters reacting when u say smth like "marry me right here and right now"
Tumblr media
“Marry Me Right Here, Right Now.”
Tumblr media
Legitimately short circuits? They weren't mentally prepared for this in any way, shape, or form? Not for the love of their life to request that they be married right this instant!! Do you love them that much? They say yes, of course, and then promptly pass out. Maybe they took it a little too seriously, or maybe you were actually being serious. But they’ll have to wake up before they find that out…
Boys: Bennett, Thoma, Chongyun, Itto, Razor, Gorou, Aether
Girls: Ganyu, Sucrose, Xinyan, Barbara, Amber, Mona, Ayaka, Noelle, Yoimiya, Xaingling
Their expression only falters slightly. They look at you with fondness in their eyes, as if they were expecting something like this to happen. Of course, they knew already that you loved them to the extent of asking you to marry them right in the middle of town, even if they can’t actually marry you at that very moment. They say yes and give you a quick kiss. The tables have turned…
Boys: Zhongli, Ayato, Xingqiu, Kaeya, Kazuha, Venti
Girls: Ningguang, Kokomi, Beidou, Hu Tao, Lisa, Yanfei, Yun Jin, Yae Miko
It's a little embarrassing for you to ask them to marry you immediately. At that very moment. It’s a surprise when they actually say yes to a question you’d said on the fly. They're never really one to show their affections in public, but they can "sacrifice their dignity" just this once. Their “dignity” hasn’t stopped you from stealing kisses when “nobody was looking”, anyways.
Boys: Albedo, Diluc, Xiao, Childe, Lumine
Girls: Eula, Fischl, Keqing, Sara, Ei, Rosaria, Shenhe, Jean
Tumblr media
rushipedia ☆ 2022
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ddarker-dreams · 5 hours ago
Yan Genshin Boys / Regretful Mornings.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Fem Reader, not SFW themes, unhealthy relationships, yandere themes, past dubcon, alcohol mention, dark humor, Scaramouche being himself, it’s mentioned in passing that darling stabbed some poor sod while 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️-ing away. 
In which darling is intimate with the genshin boys, only to be in for a rude awakening the next morning. 
No way. No way, no way, no way—
This was not happening to you. You desperately search the blank caverns of your mind for any form of satisfactory explanation only to come up short. The room you’re in — or tent, to be exact — is unfamiliar and strewn with clothes. Your clothes. And that of the man who is snoring soundly beside you, his orange hair sticking in multiple directions, and scar-lined arm wrapped tight around your waist.
For a second, you consider suffocating him with the closest pillow, but decide against it. He’d like the fight and you won’t give him the satisfaction.
Childe is unfairly perceptive when he’s awake, though the same can’t be said for him now. He’s completely let his guard down. You cringe at the lipstick stains smeared against his pale neck and collarbone, recognizing the shade as what you put on last night. Something tells you he’s going to wear the rouge like a badge of honor.
The second you try to pry his vise-like grip from your person, he groans, muttering in his native tongue and pulling you closer.  
Your patience frayed, you realize there will be no escape unless he’s awake. It’s not the ideal situation, but you hope he’ll be too in a daze to give it much thought and let you go. You shake him, once, twice; irritation growing the longer it takes to earn a reaction. Finally, dull blue eyes stare back at you. They widen, then gleam with infuriating delight, pink lips curling into a self-satisfied grin.
“Couldn’t wait any longer for round two, huh? Or was it three? I hardly remember,” Childe’s voice is raspy and low, yet enough to get on your last nerve. “I wouldn’t have ever thought you had that in you. Not such a good girl as you act, now are you?”
“Say another word and I will strangle you.”
“Huh, so you’re into that too. Awe, c’mon [First]. don’t look at me like that. I’m just playing around.”
You distract yourself by collecting the various garments belonging to you on the ground. The damage is worse than you hoped — the bastard had ripped your cute blouse in half — but your skirt’s in better shape. You pick up his gray jacket and crinkle your nose. He ruined your shirt, you’ll take his jacket, it feels like a fair enough reparation.
Throwing it over your shoulders, you make the mistake of glancing over at the bed, only to see him leering down at you. A familiar piece of fabric dangles from his index finger, taunting you further. Your favorite pair of panties. As if your pride wasn’t already in complete shambles.
“Want it back?” Childe proposes, smoothly dodging to the side when you pounce, even in his tired state. “Then come and get it.”
You wake up to an empty bed and a raging headache.
Your immediate reaction is visceral panic. The ornate surroundings, silky-smooth sheets, pillows fluffed with feathers; it’s an unknown world. Logic manages to triumph over emotion and you steady your breathing. There’s no doubt about it — you’re in the Dawn Winery. However, the enigmatic master of this homestead is nowhere to be seen. That’s just as well to you. You’d rather not dawdle on the awkward conversations that would certainly follow such a tryst.
Upon the nightstand are a glass of water and a note. Recognizing the handwriting as Diluc’s, you consider feigning ignorance and leaving without reading it, yet guilt convinces you otherwise.
Whatever possessed you to let him in last night will undoubtedly haunt you from here on out. Right after you rejected his confession too… what sort of mixed messages will this send the wine tycoon? Sighing, you gulp down the cool liquid and read his letter.
Dearest [First],
I regret being unable to stay in bed with you this morning. Please know that I’d by far rather be enjoying your presence right now than entertaining emissaries from foreign nations. I promise to make up for this by having dinner with you this evening — I believe we have much to discuss regarding our future together. I eagerly await the chance to see you again. The maids have been alerted of your presence and will provide you with anything you might need, so call on them as you see fit.
Sincerely yours, Diluc
… You’re going to need a vacation overseas after this major lapse in judgment. What were you doing? Or, to be more precise, what were you thinking? You had finally managed to shake him off after months of his relentless pursuit. Guilt and shame latch their tendrils onto your heart as you set the tenderly written note back down. There won’t be any intimate dinner by the candlelight or whimsical discussions of your nonexistent future together.
This was a mistake. One that you were hellbent on not repeating.
The clothes you wore to Angel’s Share last night are tucked atop the cherry wood vanity, pressed and folded neatly. You quietly slip back into them while considering the greater consequences this will bring. No matter what circumstances lead up to you joining Master Diluc in bed, he won’t accept any point you make that isn’t in his favor. Arguing with the man is akin to arguing with a brick wall.
That’s why you intend to make yourself scarce before matters worsen.
You spare his master suite a final glance, frowning deeply. “I’m sorry, Diluc. It just wasn’t meant to be.”
Your hand twists the gilded doorknob that leads to the hallway and you’re met with firm resistance. Furrowing your eyebrows, you try again, then once more; until a dreadful realization hits you like a ton of bricks.
He locked the door.
“Need some help there, sweetheart?”
Kaeya’s arms snake up from behind, pulling your back flush against his bare chest. You squeak at the unwitting contact, dropping your shoes in the process, which clatter noisily to the floor. He chuckles against your ear, his voice husky and deep enough to make your face feel like it’s caught on fire. His hands start to creep underneath your shirt, ghosting up and up until—
“Help? What makes you think I need help, Kaeya?” Your voice comes out more like a squeak than you intended.
“I noticed you developed a bit of a limp there,” comes his smooth reply, making you immediately regret playing into his game. “How did that come to be, hm? Want me to carry you around, princess?”
His teeth tease your earlobe, kissing and pulling the sensitive flesh. He knows the perfect methods to get you worked up. Kaeya maneuvers you with the same expertise a master blacksmith does their blade; knowing just how much heat you can handle before you need to be dipped into icy water.
“I, uh, am actually taking up the mantle of the church and practicing celibacy. So if you’d please let me go…”
“Oh? I had no idea you were religious. When did you convert?”
“Two minutes ago.”
“That’s all it’d take for me to convince you otherwise,” Kaeya teases you by pinching the skin of your hip. “Besides, can you claim to be celibate after taking me so well last night? How utterly sacrilegious.”
This is not going how you intended. Your original game plan was ingenious, really, the best of the best. You were going to grab your belongings and make a break for it before the Cavalry Captain woke up. Sure, it’d be an obvious walk of shame, but you could care less what bystanders might think. So long as you were free of the lion’s den that is Kaeya’s personal quarters.
“Look, Kaeya, I should really be heading back now. I’d hate to be late for work.”
“As strong a point as that would be,” Kaeya nods in the direction of a calendar on his wall, “It’s the weekend, sweetheart. Can’t I borrow you just a while longer? You’re breaking my heart here.”
It’s hard not to roll your eyes at the blatant exaggeration. This isn’t what would break his heart — falling permanently outside his realm of influence might do the trick, however. That was the path you were supposed to be treading last night. A bittersweet breakup that he somehow managed to sweet-talk his way out of, again. You used to think you were walking in circles, but now you’re not so sure. Perhaps you’re not even moving from the starting line.
“I’ll take your silence as a yes. Come back to bed, won’t you? It’s so unbearably cold without you there to warm it.”
“Do you not intend on staying for breakfast?”
Zhongli’s smooth, his baritone voice stops you from making a swift escape back into Liyue Harbor. Your hand hovering over the gold doorknob considers ignoring him and going on your merry way. Common courtesy prevents you from doing so. You pivot on your heel, greeting your lover from last night with a sheepish smile as if you weren’t just trying to sneak your way out.
“I’d hate to impose,” you offer your best excuse, though you both know it’s a weak one. Zhongli is generous enough not to point that out.
“While you rested in, I took the liberty of ordering multiple dishes from Wanmin Restaurant,” Zhongli motions to the dining room table in a single, graceful sweep. “Please help yourself. I’d love to have your company a while longer if you can spare the time.”
His genteel disposition draws you in like a moth to a flame. He went through the trouble of procuring breakfast — one of everything off the menu, from the looks of it — it wouldn’t bode well to reject such a generous offer. The tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked food wafts in the air, further enticing you to stay.
A few minutes wouldn’t hurt, you reason.
You delight yourself in tasting the wide variety of exquisite cuisine. Mouthwatering crystal shrimps that melt on your tongue, savory tiger fish grilled to perfection, and mint salad provides just the right amount of acidity to balance out the other flavors. Zhongli was truly a man of impeccable taste in every regard.
While you delight yourself in the array of dishes, Zhongli studies you closely, amber eyes studying your every movement and committing them to memory.
“Xiangsheng, are you not going to eat anything?” You ask in between bites.
“Not this second, no. My appetite has recently been… sated,” his lips curl into a closed-mouth smile. Your food slides down your throat at an uncomfortably slow pace. “Shall we discuss the specifics of our newly formed contract, now that you’ve had your fill? Or should we wait until later?”
“C-Contract?” You repeat the word back, incredulous. “I don’t— I don’t remember signing any contract with you.”
Zhongli nods, yet the relief is short-lived. “Yes, you are correct about not having signed anything. However, verbal agreements are just as binding as their written counterparts. I expect you’ll hold up your end of the bargain as I have mine.”
You should not have tried to outdrink the Funeral Parlor Consultant.
“Okay, okay, I’ll bite. What exactly did I agree to?”
“I’m so glad you asked. Let us begin with page one, section B, clause III.”
“You need to eat to regain your energy.”
Albedo breaks the tense silence from across the table, his calm voice akin to nails on a chalkboard for your ears. You continue poking at the sunshine sprat he prepared for you with a frown. You’ve inspected it multiple times, sniffing and cutting into the protein to test for anything suspect. So far, you haven’t identified anything, but you’re not the master alchemist here.
“Is the flavor not to your liking?” Albedo queries. He leans forward, removing a section for himself, then tasting it. “Hm. It tastes just fine to me. I can bring over seasonings if you wish to make adjustments.”
You decide to come right out and say it.
“I don’t want to ingest anything prepared by you.”
Albedo blinks at the blunt accusation, turquoise eyes appraising you in the same manner he would the specimens in his laboratory. You shift around in your seat. Some part of your subconscious is screaming that you’re being unreasonable casting him in a negative light without evidence, while the other could care less.
Everything about this is beyond mortifying. Waking up next to Albedo who was immortalizing the moment in charcoal, learning about the imminent snowstorm that’d keep you both stuck together for a few days, the nonchalant behavior from the alchemist who is acting like you hadn’t just been intimate together.
“You planned this,” you accuse, crossing your arms. “I know you did.”
“Was my performance inadequate? If I recall correctly, I brought you to clitoral orgasm thrice and vaginal orgasm once… that is above average according to the studies I’ve read.”
“It’s not that!” You exclaim, your face warmer than the hearth crackling by your side. “You… must’ve added one of those— what’s it called— discs? Disiac?”
“Yeah, that thing! You must’ve put that in my food, or something. There’s no other viable explanation.”
Albedo steeples his fingers together. “You’re jumping to conclusions, [First]. It’s normal to see an increase in sex drive during ovulation. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, this is a simple fact of human biology.”
Flurries of snow beat against the window panes of Albedo’s Dragonspine cabin. Wind howls, branches snap, and the roof trembles side to side. You compare your chances of braving the blizzard to being in Albedo’s company a second longer. Would you get hypothermia and freeze to death outside? Probably, there’s a decent chance. However, that’s starting to sound better than sitting here. You’ll keep weighing your options.
“Wait, how do you even know that I’m ovulating right now?”
“There are… certain tells.”
You groan and cover your face with your hands. “Archons, are you creepy.”
“This really is not the morning I wanted.”
Scaramouche’s irate mumble falls on deaf ears while the Fatui agent securing your left forearm continues giving his damage report. You glare at him from where you stand, which he happily returns, electricity thrumming and pulsating in the air. The Harbinger impatiently taps his feet against the ground and motions for the agent to speed it up.
“As I was saying, my lord, there’s property damage on the northernmost tower’s window from where she broke the glass. One of our men have been stabbed in the abdomen and is in critical condition, he’s suffered from hypodermic shock—”
“I do not care, move onto the part that concerns me.”
The Fatui agent nods stiffly. “Very well, sir. My question was… how do I report this to the Tsaritsa? And the man’s family, should he succumb to his wounds? She’ll need to pay for what she’s done.”
“I should’ve gone for the heart, if only you bastards had one,” you spit back.
The agent’s grip on you tightens, causing you to exhale in pain. Scaramouche’s eye twitches.
“She should be extradited back to Snezhnaya where she’ll be tried for the attempted murder of a government official.”
This Tsaritsa bootlicker must be new or freshly stationed in Inazuma for not knowing the unspoken rules relating to the Balladeer. You’d pity the unlucky bastard if not for the animosity brooding in your heart and the bruises forming on your arm. Whatever fate befalls him for mouthing off Scaramouche is none of your concern — you’re far too busy worrying about the consequences for scampering off.
“While I greatly appreciate your unsolicited advice, I’ll see to this matter personally,” Scaramouche dismisses the agent’s concern with blatant apathy. “Now, hand me my charge back and go make yourself useful elsewhere.”
The agent guffaws, “You’re going to let her get away with this? My lord, I must interject—”
“The only thing that will be sent back to Snezhnaya should you finish that sentence is you, in multiple boxes at that. Dottore always loves a fresh set of toys to play with.”
It doesn’t take more than that for the agent to reconsider his priorities. He departs with a bow, leaving you alone in Scaramouche’s chambers once again. The aforementioned male is in a state of disarray, a yukata messily wrapped around his lithe frame and his hat notably missing. He must’ve hurried to get ready upon realizing you were missing when he awoke.
“Ungrateful wench. Look at the trouble you’ve put me through,” Scaramouche runs his hand through his hair. “You were practically throwing yourself at me last night, what changed in the span of ten measly hours?”
“... Newfound self-respect.”
“You always have been quite the proficient comedian, haven’t you?” He laughs a humorless laugh. “Now go scrub the area that troglodyte had the audacity to touch. I can’t stand the thought of others touching my woman.”
“Have you been staring at me this entire time?”
“... No.”
You seriously doubt the validity of his claim yet decide to drop the subject. For now, you’re assessing the number he did to your skin, wincing at the litany of lovebites and hickeys marring your torso. The splotches stop right below your jawline. You do a mental recap of your closet for any clothes that’ll cover this evidence in the time it’ll take to heal. Scarfs are in style in Fontaine, but not so much in Liyue…
“Does it hurt?” Xiao inquires, his voice soft, almost remorseful.
You push your concerns to the side in favor of comforting the adepti, his countenance reminiscent of a kicked puppy. “No, not really, it’s fine. I was just a little taken back.”
To be fair, everything about this has you taken aback.
Using the vigilant yaksha’s testimony and your blurry memories, you were able to painstakingly piece together what brought you to his bed. You apparently summoned him by speaking his name, stumbling home from a get-together, drunk out of your wits. He didn’t know what to do with you in your inebriated state and brought you to his adepti abode. One thing led to another… now you’re in this awkward predicament.
To say you have mixed feelings is an understatement.
Xiao might be an immortal boasting next to no knowledge of human convention, yet to know he so quickly gave into carnal temptation makes you feel dirty. You’ve been trying to keep a level head. It isn’t easy when he’s been following you from room to room, stalking around in the shadows.
“I think I should head back to my place,” you look away from the mirror in favor of making eye contact with Xiao. “How do you leave an adepti’s abode?”
His lips part, then close, as if he’s seriously mulling over his answer. “I would need to let you out.”
“Oh, okay.”
You clear your throat when he doesn’t respond. “So, would you mind doing that?”
“There might be remnants of alcohol in your system. You should stay a while longer.”
The fine rope that is your patience grows thinner and thinner by the second. That’s a decision for you to make, not him. Mouthing Xiao off isn’t going to get you anywhere. If anything, he’ll take it as another reason for you not being fit to return to Liyue. You understand that he’s sworn to protect you, and that he takes promises seriously, but this is grossly overdoing it.
“What’s your definition of a while longer?”
“Until I believe you are of sound mind,” he replies, gazing off to the side. “If I hadn’t been the one to find you… hm. I will not linger on such things. Still, it is worth considering.”
You gape at him in disbelief. “Xiao, you’re not being serious, are you?”
“I fulfill every contract I make,” is his affirmation. “No matter the price.”
“How are you feeling? Can I get you anything else?”
Kazuha reminds you of a worker bee, buzzing from flower to flower, all in a manic frenzy to sate the queen. For the umpteenth time this morning, you reassure him that you’re perfectly fine and wanting for nothing. Well, aside from your clothes, that is. While you were blissfully unaware in the depths of slumber, Kazuha had taken it upon himself to wash your soiled garments and hang them on a clothesline.
“The wind is strong today,” he assured you. “It won’t take long.”
In the meantime, you’re wearing his black haori coat to preserve your dignity. Or whatever was left of it. The embarrassment must not be mutual, since he has had no difficulty conversing all morning while you struggle to choke out a few words. He sits noticeably closer to you and tends the campfire, humming a low tune.
“Um… Kazuha?” You whisper, immediately earning the male’s attention. His cherry-colored eyes soften at the mention of his name. A lump forms in the back of your throat that refuses to go away no matter how much water you gulp down. If his affection for you was a running river before, it’s a dam broken loose now; threatening to drown you with its overwhelming mass.
The words on your lips are going to shatter his heart. You know that, and it kills you; but what other option is there? It’s clear as day that he already has the wrong impression of your relationship. You need to quell this while you still can.
But when he looks at you like that… how can you say that you reciprocate his supposed love? That you hadn’t intended for this to happen, that it must’ve been one sip too many of sake clouding your judgment?
“I, uh,” you wet your lips, then sigh, temporarily resigning yourself to your fate, “Was wondering when we could go back to the city? I don’t think I’ll be able to find my way back by myself, since I’m not really sure where we even are. Your sense of direction has always been better than mine.”
Kazuha’s smile widens at the compliment. “There’s no rush, is there? I’m more than happy to forage or fish if you get hungry, and the weather’s agreeable too.”
You glance up at the sky. It’s overcast, clouds gray and hanging low, obscuring the sun from peaking out. While you’re aware of his ability to predict the weather, it wouldn’t take a meteorologist to surmise that it looks like you’re due for rain. The soft-spoken lie does little to calm your nerves.
You’re out here in the wilderness, bare aside for a single coat, alone with a man who has endured your roundabout rejections time and time again. Now that he’s gotten a taste of what he’s longed for, could he bring himself to part from the source? Would he even give you the opportunity to try?
The katana sheathed to his hip makes you hesitant to find out.
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witch-hazels-musings · 2 days ago
Quality Time
Character X GN Reader | Anthology
Warning -> none, fluff / sfw
Includes: Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Itto, Scara, Xiao
Tumblr media
It’s always an adventure. An unexpected ride that has you perched on the edge of your seat waiting for the momentum to flip your stomach. He’s got you second guessing your decisions as he’s egging you on, taunting you with that laugh and surrounding you with energy you’d compare to an unstable current searching for ground. You want to keep up, desperate as you try to best him. There is no winning against a competitor like this so all you can do is find comfort being beneath him.
You’ve grown to enjoy the non-stop days, grown used to the exhausting nights because they all contain a bit of him. You begin to wonder what it’s like to experience weightlessness because he’s made you float; though you don’t seem to realize his orbit is fixated on you. He is a man who pushes his own boundaries and will encourage you too until the line you never thought you’d cross is but a distant view.
He is your motivator, he is your railing. He draws the tears from your eyes in fits of laughter, he holds you tighter than most ever would because the feeling of your frame in his arms makes him strong. You are lifted, you are praised. Cared for in ways you were meant to be, deserve to be, and whether you are beside to him in the field or in spaces others don’t see he can’t help but whisper, “you are everything to me.”
It’s behind closed doors. A private matter meant only for the pair of hands locked together, for those whose touch has been built on trust and now rest in the comfort of their partner. He’s made it all right and you’ve done what you can to fill in the gaps he didn’t know he was missing. Plaster in the lonely corners neglected by a shadow he can’t see through. He watches your back and is comforted to know the eyes that watch his are filled with only him.
The days he gives to you are precious gifts, the hours of the night when the world sleeps are the most active in your life. You are his welcoming embrace when there is no more trace of the tasks he must accomplish. A kiss on the brow, a whisper against his skin as you take him in and tell him how proud you are. He used to think these moments in the quiet were to quell the guilt of his absence but now he’s realized they are the sustenance he needs to provide the life you deserve; on his back is the world he will preserve all for the sake of you.
He is your reassurance, your strength. He brings a smile to your lips, makes you fall into the arms that make you feel safe. He loves to watch you shine and will cradle your face with tender touch just so he can kiss the cheeks he adores so much. He’s your constant, your one and only. The answers to your future as the world unfolds, he’s vowed to be the hand you’ll hold all the days of his life.
It’s a night to remember. Alleyway passages and drifting evening chatter that blankets your world. He’s whispering secrets in your ear that force you to cover your face or cough out your drink. The feigned compassion that spreads across his face is all in good fun, he knows the slap on his arm is as harmless as the bite you give him in response. You do all that you can to get even with him but it takes an expert to knock the captain off his guard even if you are the only one to knock him off his feet.
You’ve started to share with others the description of your favorite scent. The musk of the night, crips cool air, and sugary sweet liquids that make your lips stick together. He’s a maze full of secrets and while he’s given you a map there are still paths unknown to you. Perhaps if you ask nicely he will pave your way but that will be another day. That is if you’re brave enough to stay and please, whatever you do, don’t turn away.
He is your comfort, your desire. He holds you against him when the chance is given. Arms around waist, hands finding yours face all so he can touch your nose and feel his heart pound and the glorious sound of the laugh you have just for him. You are everything, you are his. He has been tasked with burdens too heavy but damn the world for he would never levy the price of your love for any of it.
It’s never a dull day. Energy in spades you do your best to keep up. The grip you have on him is so tight you worry you’ll be left behind but never fear because Itto’s here and he will carry you high on his shoulders. The world seems so different on the back of the sun; a radiant glow in the darkness. He will bring you to the light. With hands stretch so high you could touch the sky he’s shouting how easily he’d gather the clouds for you. It’s a life of joy in his capable arms.
You’ve learned how to breath through fits of laughter. Been brought to your knees as you watch him with ease say something he didn’t think through. Lucky for him he’s built up his brawn and found him his brain in the shape of you. You might have to keep your wits about you, slip a few tricks up your sleeve to keep him from trouble but your joy is surely doubled when he barges through your door.
He is your glee, you security. He never gives up even when he should because he knows the world has limitless possibilities, one of the best being you. You are a rarity, the best of the best. You will always stand above the rest and when you root him on, when you lay your head upon his chest he feels more powerful than a massive boulder. When you lean upon his shoulder and ask for him to hold you he shouts for the world, “this will never get old!”
It’s for your eyes only. It’s weakness to care but he can’t stop himself when it comes to you. There's never a certainty if he will be welcoming but you are patient and he is weak. In the middle of the day he will speak your name and will you to come to him. When dusk has settled and there’s no one left to mettle, he will pull you close. It’s intense, the way he keeps you, but you don’t mind that the electricity that flows through your limbs is all for him; as it always should be.
You’ve found a steady rhythm. Samples of yourself to offer him so he never becomes unsatisfied. A kiss here, a touch there, a fleeting glance that gives him the change to ask for your time. You’d happily give him more if his work weren’t such a chore and the duties on his plate so grand. Still, you wait for the hand that beckons you in and shuts out the light so only he can see the what you were always meant to be.
He is your calling, your obsession. He makes you shake from a simple word, makes you quake with a hand against your neck. He has you completely. It’s as if he knows that you’ve carved his name into your soul. You are captive, you are whole. He didn’t imagine that someone could love a heart that didn’t know how to beat yet here you were happy to greet a man as dark as he. What could you be but a savior to him and everything that he’d ever need.
It’s a quiet moment. Seconds in the sun are far brighter when he is near, bouts under the stars seem to gather in order to gaze at the places you have been. He sits without worry because you are safety. You pass through his world without fear, without reservation because he has welcomed you in every time. He’s forgotten in these minutes, in these hours, in these days what it feels like to lose his way. He looks at you and knows your hand will guide him back should the path ever become clouded again.
You’ve memorized the bark on the tree, know the exact moment to step forward on the elevator. You can trace the lines on his arm in your sleep and sometimes you do when the two of you rest under star-speckled sky. He’s been disconnected for so long yet now he feels he’s been waiting for you. Strings coiling together to build a stronger bond, an unbreakable tether to withstand and weather the storm.
He is your protector, the one who answers when you call for his aid. He begs for nothing and asks for naught but his eyes illuminate when they catch you existing and his heart is wrought with feelings he can’t explain. You are a mortal, a moment in time. There is no clarity to his thoughts so he pushes them aside and instead listens to the heart that knows nothing but your name.
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genshinarios · 2 days ago
how they kiss♡
Diluc, Thoma, Albedo, Zhongli, Dainslef, Kaeya, Venti, Hu Tao, Childe, Itto, Jean, Ayaka, Ganyu, Keqing, Lisa, Ningguang, Beidou, Ayato
some characters may be repeated
Warning: heated kisses, sfw, and just loads of fluff, rlly.
No mention of gender (safe to say that it is GN)
Tumblr media
Diluc, Thoma, Albedo, Zhongli, Dain :
They begin with a hesitant brush of their lips against yours. They gently hold your face with one of their hand, a thumb caressing your cheek. After a few careful kisses, you'd expect them to stop but no. After tasting the sweet taste of your lips, they want more: they grow hungrier with every kisses. The kiss deepens, it gets heated. One of their hand finds your waist and pulls you closer to their body. Their lips work meticulously on yours, making sure they can savor every seconds. Needless to say that you are both left breathless by the end of this makeup session...
Kaeya, Venti, Hu Tao, Childe, Itto:
Messy kisses all the way. Their lips crash on yours, land next to your lips, their nose is squished against your cheek, etc. Their hands frantically travel your body as if they're desperately searching for something. Shaky breath, intense kisses, with sometimes a few chuckles in between as they break the kiss to catch their breath and let you breathe as well, before their lips jump back to yours once again. Often, they will let their lips travel on the soft skin of you neck. Will definitely leave hickeys and soft bites on your collar. Will end this kissing session with their forehead against yours, laughing sheepishly/chuckling softly.
Jean, Ayaka, Ganyu, Keqing:
They leave soft kisses all over your face. Small pecks on your cheeks, your nose, your eyelids, etc. They kiss your lips at the end, probably because they're a bit shy, or again they want to save the best to the end! Once they capture your lips with theirs, you share a tender and soft kiss. It feels like you have thousands of butterflies fluttering in your stomach and you feel like you're floating. Sadly it does not last long, but you are both left satisfied and filled with so much love. Will probably avert their gaze in shyness or even apologize for "overdoing" it. Please pat their head and tell them that it's alright (and that they can always do more. you might break them tho--).
Lisa, Kaeya, Ningguang, Beidou, Ayato :
Will start by kissing the palm of your hand, then the inside, with their eyes closed. They trail tender kisses all along your soft skin. Will open their eyes to admire your flustered expression. They flash you a seductive smile before getting closer to your face. "May I?" once consent given, they lose no time and immediately dive in for a passionate kiss. Those kind of kisses that leave you weak in the knees and make you grip into their clothes. It makes them smile often, filling their heart with pride whenever you grip into them for more balance.
Tumblr media
Waiting list:
-Ningguang general dating hc
-GN reader who likes to take nap on their s/o's lap (Ganyu, Mona, Ayaka, Yoimiya)
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blps · 2 days ago
Not sure how to phrase this but I enjoy the concept of the reader accepting the character's romantic confessions. I was wondering if you could write something like this. And it can be any character of your choice.
When you accept their confessions
Characters: Kaeya, Ayato, Scaramouche
Genre: headcanons, fluff!!, also some angst ahhaa sorryyy :>
a/n: Hi!!! Thank you for requesting! I wasn’t sure which fandom you wanted me to write for so I did genshin :3 hope its ok! If you wanted a specific fandom you can request again :)
You accepted!!??
Ahem…. But of course you accepted
He’s THE Kaeya after all
Good looking
Why would you refuse him? No one would
When Kaeya shoot his shot, he was not prepared for your beautiful eyes to brighten, the smile he loved so much graced your face, and archons did he love that smile, as you accepted
He ‘s actually very insecure around you
And he hates that, the fact that he cares about your opinion on him
Because of his past and his potential futur, he doesn’t want to be attached to anyone
But you
You make everything bad go away, and the only thing he feels is peace
So the idea of you turning your back to him…..
He doesn’t want to loose anyone he cares about again
And so, here we are, in Angel’s share
Kaeya offered you to join him for drinks when he found out you were drinking alone (unknown that you were also here to drink your feelings for him)
And with the help of the few drinks, Kaeya figured that you rejecting him now would be easier than falling deeper for you
And when you accepted and told him your feelings as well
Kaeya got that smile that rare are to witness
For once, he was truly happy
It is no secret that he is busy
Being the head of the Kamisato clan as well as the Comissioner of the Yashiro comission AND managing the Shuumatsuban
He gave up time for himself long before he met you
But when he did meet you for the first time, he started making time for you
Spending time with you was always moments he looked forward to do
And so when he realised his feelings for you are romantically and he wanted to hold your hand constantly, giving it a kiss while interlocking his fingers with yours, showering your face with sweet kisses, getting lost in your voice as you talked
He prepares a whole date, bringing you to a festival, watching you have fun
And at the end, he confesses to you in a secluded area with some fireworks he commissioned from Yoimiya
It is cheesy but in the best way
And when you accept, he feels immesurable joy
From then on out, not a day has passed without you feeling loved
Okkk he’s a hard one but trust me
Sooo at first, you do not know who he is
Stumbled upon him while in Inazuma
You had to relly on each other for a while in order to survive and thats how you know him
He’s mesterious at first, clearly puts on a fake maske of reliability with you as he planned to use you and abandon you once he secure
He never intended to develop feelings for you
You were not fooled by his fake mask, but you had to survive so what choice did you really have?
You were always honest with him and that set of a spark of flame between you two
Before even knowing, you have become a team
You depended on one another and the presance of the other became too familiar
But of course you had to learn the truth of his identity
When he told you, you were shocked, confused, and in the middle of a life or death situation
And on top of that
He confesses
He cannot stop thinking about you, he cares for you even after he promised no one will ever be able to enter his heart, to be vulnerable aroud them
And you were separated
He could see the fear and hurt in your eyes before you split ways
The next few days he spent them rethinking, what was his goal again? He did not have any motivation or ambition to strive foward.
And when danger came face to face
Scaramouche was loosing
Too much distracted, not enough will to move one
And then he saw you, rushing to his aid like before, leading him to safety as you prepared camp
Everything was silent as you cooked some food, oatched up his injuries and fed him
He broke the silence
Why did you save him? Why come back after his existence caused you pain? Why not turn your back on him.
He thought he was in a dream when you said you also have feelings for him
And then began your peacefull days together
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ay7to · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopis: them being your hot roommate <33
characters: albedo, childe, diluc, itto, kaeya, kazuha, xiao + zhongli
content warnings: suggestive + gn!reader
Tumblr media
albedo: gosh he is so fine. when you both decided to be roommates with each other in a decently small apartment you never realized how hot of a man he was. not noticing one flaw of his. you adored his beautiful hair to. and without realizing it, always complimenting you that made you flustered.
childe: he would annoying, yet hot. at times that is. he would be often loud and be making true most random comments, though he notices how sometimes he can make you flushed so he started to tease you more, especially when he is half-naked.
diluc: gosh he wouldn’t even intentionally flirt with you, he just does the bare minimum like opening doors for you, replacing / refilling things that you need and etc. he is confused as to why you get so shy around him though.
itto: he is so dumb. one time left the windows unlocked and you got mad at him the next day, but seeing him in nothing but a towel around his waist made your a very fade quickly. he also has a habit of teasing you like pinning you against the wall.
kaeya: a mischievous guy, sometimes. he likes to flirt with you, always having a cold hand on your neck or so. other times when your bed broke he suggested you sleep in his with a suggestive intention. thought finding out he sleeps with no shirt wasn’t helping.
kazuha: he is so nice and kind. you gained a small crush on him though his crush for you was only growing bigger, he was very gentle and when an older man came to harass you he was there to defend you.
xiao: literally is a cold man, but he will warm up after a while. after a long while rhat is. he tends to keep to himself and not say much, but when you are always telling him “good morning” or to stay safe when he leaves the house, he starts appreciating those words.
zhongli: he is such a nice guy, always fixing you tea or something sweet in the morning for breakfast. he is always reminding you not to forget your stuff, and at a time when you came home where he wore a robe but with no shirt, his abs exposed, you couldn’t help but get flustered and make an excuse to leave the room.
Tumblr media
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andraxicated · 22 hours ago
Genshin men bus and fieldtrip hcs
Tumblr media
Pairings: Childe, Itto, Scaramouche, Kaeya, Ayato, Thoma, Albedo, Xiao, Diluc, Zhongli x reader
Synopsis: Going on a fieldtrip with the genshin men and classroom dynamics
Tags: fluff
a/n: tried to do a different hcs format (paragraph forms) but I ended up rewriting this because it didn't feel right. exam week so updates will be quite slowww.
Tumblr media
noisy clown #1
obviously seated at the back of the bus with his friends so you try to avoid them as much as possible
pretty close with him actually ever since you two became seatmates. already labeled as best seatmate in your mind from the numerous laughter sessions you've experienced beside him
from the 'bond' you two formed, he submits to you almost immediately making you feel like a girlboss
just throw him a look, he shuts up. scold him, he shuts up. feels like a dog on a leash and you're secretly loving it
tries his best to crack jokes on the bus loudly (much to the dismay of the officers) so you could laugh at him
and when you do, his day is completed and he feels like he won the lottery
glances at you facing the window because the backseats of the bus is elevated and smiles unconsciously until he gets hit by Itto
buys random snacks, souvenirs and whatever cute thing he can find to give to you
when a bad weather happens during the fieldtrip, he covers you with an umbrella and goes back to the bus together
pls he feels like it's a movie when you two shared an umbrella under the rain (forgot he left his friends stranded because their screams were muted to him)
"thank you, wait here I'll get some of our classmates umbrellas." you say as you enter the bus and he waits at the door. you can't help but smile and shake your head, feeling giddy at the rain scenario.
noisy clown #2, class clown and the ultimate chatterbox
you don't know if you want to rip your ears out or stapler his mouth
talks really loud, he doesn't know how to whisper! laughs like there's no tomorrow and everyone has to hear how happy he is
teases you from time to time because you're smaller than him and he's the tallest in the class
gets the butterflies when you poke his stomach in revenge. the first time you did it your finger bent from the rock hard abs and you were flustered.
yes he's the kind of guy who has open polo/open blazer inside the classroom
had the audacity to take off his shirt during field trip break time and you couldn't take your eyes off him because he just looks too good. you're with the females that time and it kind of irks you when they're giggling and talking about Itto
approaches you casually during walks and chats with you, he's surprisingly bearable to be with! that was until he points out random things in the museum that looks like a dick and you wanna cry because his sentence echoed in the quiet place making everyone look behind at the two of you
you're confused af when you settle down on the bus, because he's seating right next to you and you ask your friend with a questioning glance and she just nods
Itto proceeds to tease and ship classmates in the boss and you can't help but smile and laugh
deadass ships himself with you but the class laughter dies down because they would not believe you would go out with him
if it was you, you would be embarrassed and hurt from the jabs of your classmates about how you're out of someone's league. Itto being Itto just laughs it off but you know he's still human so you speak up for him.
"I kinda like Itto, maybe I'll give him a chance." you retort at an insult and the whole bus roars and howls in "OHHHHHHHH"
part of the noisy squad but always gets teased by his friends because he's the only short one in the friend group
you sometimes stare at him and picture a chihuahua because he looks like that when he fights back on exclaims about his height
Scaramouche was about to go inside the bus but he bumped into Childe who suddenly turned around, blocking the doorway
"Dude, what the fuck is your problem?" Scaramouche tries to push Childe but the ginger doesn't budge.
"Scara bro, you should be left the elementary students are staying." "You fucker!" Childe immediately dashes inside the bus and Scaramouche chases after him while the officers settled at the front yells.
that one time where you two were the only ones doing a group activity in a seven member group, streams of insults and curses came out of his mouth for making you two suffer, especially you.
hates seeing you having a hard time and always helps you quietly
so when he sees you fanning yourself from the heat and the strenuous activity, he immediately buys chilled water bottles for you and him (so you can drink water together)
your heart can't help but skip a beat and mutter a shy thanks to him in which he replies with a shy "you're welcome" making you smile
you two talk while taking a rest until his friends ruin the moment and you feel Scaramouche burning up
you don't how his friends suddenly backed out and said they were gonna buy water bottles themselves.
"goodluck with your date" Childe doesn't miss the chance to tease him and you look over to Scaramouche to see his ears heated red.
the school playboy who has a new girlfriend each week but as months go by, his antics toned down for some reason
has already slid in your dms a few times but you don't entertain a guy with a reputation like him
never really got to know him except that he's friends with the noisy group, his brother is the vice president and he's a pretty chill dude
"coincidentally" gets on the same team with you in the group games and carries the team from being athletic
you're so embarrassed falling behind and struggling to go up the spider net until his hands rests on your ass and pushes you up
you could only croak and crawl on the next with shaking legs to the next set of obstacles
actively participating in the games that got everyone a question mark above their heads because he's known for skipping training
flexes his arms, ass, muscles during games and your cheeks heat up because why does it feel on purpose?
your gaze hovers to his friends and brother who has weirded out and disgusted looks on their faces as they watch him. then your gaze lands on female classmates who are glued to the motion of Kaeya's body
"nice one (y/n)!" Kaeya jogs over to you, skin shining in sweat, hair sticking to his forehead. how could someone look so good sweating? he has a hand raised asking for a high five from you.
you jump a little to catch his hand and Kaeya smiles sweetly at you. maybe you could give this guy a chance...he's pretty decent.
poor Ayato (he's rich) who's part of the officers but his heart belongs with his friends and is always separated from them because of his duties
leaks some supposed to be classified information to his friends like schedules, events, plans, etc.
unfortunately for him, he's seated at the front with his fellow officers and often looks back to his friends having fun at the back and them waving mockingly at him
he's like a child who has been told to go sleep in the afternoon instead of playing with his friends
Ayato looks back for the hundredth time with a pout wanting to join his friends who are now sharing chips at the back
destiny or whatever you can call it; you two catch each other's gaze when he pouts and his lips instantly straighten and his face turns from puppy to daddy with his gaze that makes you so uncomfortable you turn away
you're laughing so hard inside because you just caught him looking like that but you hide your mouth from anyone in case he's still looking at your expression
yes he's still looking at you until Diluc snatches him back to seat properly
dude fell in love with you but doesn't interact during fieldtrip because he's so bothered at the fact you saw him acting like a child. he's so stressed.
after gaining some balls to talk to you, he approaches you asking you to be his partner in math class while shamelessly promoting his math skills. "let's be partners, I'm very good at math!"
you actually become close with him on the duration of this partnership by frequenting his house and that his family knows about you now
Ayato texts you goodnight while laying down and you send a goodnight back to him. He clutches his phone, looking at the chat full of hearts despite being just friends.
the classroom crush, no the campus crush who has female juniors asking for him during class breaks to give a gift
also friends with Childe, Itto, Scaramouche, Kaeya, Ayato but you always find it unbelievable because he's so different and responsible!
if his friends are walking the hallways being rowdy, he's at the back walking very chill and apologizing to passerby
the mom of the friend group and the whole class. a very reliable guy which earned him the respect of your classmates.
he's leading the barbecue preparations for lunch with some female classmates who's also skilled in cooking. when the meat were done, you shyly asked your friend to get some for both of you
Thoma unexpectedly gives you special treatment by giving a large portion of meat, side dishes and some grilled veggie skewers
"thank you Thoma!" "you're welcome, come to me if you want some more." He smiles at you and you giggle as he winks secretly at you. let's pretend you weren't going feral inside at that moment.
a male classmate who once asked Thoma for on how to get 'bitches' sees this and exclaims. "I thought bros before hoes!"
everybody freezes at the sudden tension and murderous aura coming from Thoma's back as he faces the guy who insulted you.
the usual sweet guy has now changed in a matter of seconds, his friends also stop eating to look at the scene
"she's not a hoe. maybe you don't get bitches because you treat women like that." He spats out with malice and you blush, butterflies forming in your stomach after him defending you
he's angrily tossing meat into the grill but quickly calms down as he sees you enjoying his food with your friends
the class representative in each and every art competition
really aloof so you don't bother to talk to despite him being attractive, just a few secret glances here and there
you always see him have a sketchbook in hand, even during this fieldtrip he brought it. he must really enjoy drawing for him to have an attachment
surprisingly, Albedo left the sketchbook on the table while going to the restroom. curiosity filled you and now you're flipping the pages slowly; taking in the marvelous art made by your classmate, only for it to get snatched out of your hand by a breathless, flushed Albedo.
"Y-you cannot see that." he says tone a little cold and you mutter an apology as you continue to eat in silence. how dumb could you be? of course he's gonna get uncomfortable from his privacy being disturbed
a few pages more and you'll see yourself on the sketchbook *sighs*
your mind is extremely bothered from a classmate harboring ill feelings towards you until albedo notices your expressions and assures you it's okay
you're so wrong, because albedo has the fattest crush on you!
he only thought he was attached to you because you looked beautiful in his eyes and that he liked you to be his subject. but as time goes by, his pages are now filled with sketches of you and often getting frustrated when a mistake stains your beauty
afraid of you finding out about it because he feels like he's a creep
well, the universe had other plans because you caught him sketching you in class and he almost jumped out of his skin
"is that me?" you point at the woman looking to the side with some trees as background. "yeah" albedo wants to take his little sister, go out of the country, change names and never look back because his world was crumbling down as soon as you found out
"I like it." silence fills in between as albedo falls down the chair and you scramble to help him
kazuha the quiet kid who's insanely good at literature and is a genius
often seen all by himself or with his friend Xiao but mostly alone
gives you papers before you even ask for one and it always ended up with your heart jumping and beating
the next stop was a newly built planetarium and it was evident everybody was excited for this place
surprise surprise you're seated with Kazuha and just the way he turns his head to face you makes your legs feel wobbly
the show starts and the chairs recline for people to lie down while watching the playing video on the ceiling
"this feels so romantic" you freeze as you heard your seatmate speak and it was none other than Kazuha. you're screaming inside while you bit your lip to hold it all back in because he's right about this being romantic
"yeah, it's like stargazing." "do you like stargazing?"
you let out a little "mhm" as you continue to watch the video and let your mind wander off, stomaching all the information relayed through the speakers
you always thought Kazuha was this shy, timid kid but that assumption was thrown out the window the moment he dared to hold your hand
you're trying so hard not to squirm in your sit from the jitters you got! you try to calm you and your heart down but as you're finally getting better, your head feels lightheaded as shivers travel throughout your body as his fingers play with yours
what is he doing to you???
Kazuha was just testing if you liked him! he looks over to you and his smile signifies his test was successful
you're leaving the planetarium awfully close with each other much to the confusion of others
lol this is the shy, timid kid
super cold and aloof, avoids Childe's group at any cost
you had a few interactions with him in class but all of those were just short and silent works
sits in class with earphones in both ears, taking them off when a teacher comes in
you're heading to the café with your classmates scattered on the food hall as everyone decided to have a snack break
you were surprised to see Xiao dressed in a leather jacket, headphones resting on his neck; buying at this pastel cutesy place that had a stark contrast on his outfit
the urge to get close with him took over you as you quickly fell in line before somebody could take the place
"hi Xiao" he paused taking money out of the wallet and slowly looks at your beaming face. you look to the cashier's hand and saw two packs of almond tofu. Xiao realizes you're looking at his order and pays, walking fast away from you
you frown and order with a pout, trying not to dwell on it too much. the food's gonna make you feel better anyway
you're exiting the shop and then froze as you caught Xiao waiting. he's leaning his head back against the post and straightens his posture right away when he sees you
nevertheless, you smile and approach him while Xiao feels cornered
"how about we eat we together?" you ask him and Xiao stiffly follows you as you two sit down beside each other. chatting, making small talk feels so surreal to him especially that the girl he had his eyes on was doing this with him
the strict vice president of the class but turns soft when you appease him??
another campus crush who often gets called to other classes because someone wants to see him
returns with a sour look on his face and mumbles "what a waste of time"
no.1 Kaeya and friends hater
he looks so stressed even more so than the president who always has a calm look on his face
when students enter the bus, he's doing a headcount and checks if everybody is settled down
turns out you're missing and panics swells deep inside him. "Zhongli! (y/n)'s missing!" he reports to Zhongli who almost spits out the hot tea in his mouth
"who's missing?" you beam at him as you pant before you climb the bus. to your surprise, Diluc stops you from going back to your seat and asks "where have you been?"
"I was at the restroom" he sighs and tries to calm himself down until he sees the plastic you've been hiding behind you. uh oh looks like you're caught.
"grape juice!" you hand him the cool refreshment before he could complain and you scurry back to your seat
he looks at the drink with a note sticked into it "don't be too stressed vice prez :(( <3"
his gaze travels to where you are but you're staring at the window, refusing to look at him so he sits down and takes out his phone
"thanks" he types and a smile forms on his lips, Ayato who's curious leans over to peek just in time Diluc sneers and elbows him
the president of the class who's very laidback and chill
feels so ahead of everyone and so mature, naturally the father of the class
some girls were giggling calling him "daddy" and you can't help but let a chuckle out of your lips
you can't forget that one encounter when you thought you bumped into a teacher who was Zhongli
he was wearing an eyeglass and an outfit so formal you could mistake him as a young teacher. "I'm sorry sir!" you bow down and repeatedly apologize but then stop as you heard the laugh that made your breath hitch
"it's okay, I'm a student like you." Zhongli says with a bright smile, hands on his pockets, and the afternoon sun shining over him
"oh" that was the only thing you could mutter before embarrassment fills your whole being
he's the one who announces the itinerary, makes sure everything goes according to plan and checks if everyone's feeling okay and no one's sick
very worried about everyone's wellbeing *cough* especially yours
he's the one Kaeya asked to put you two in the same team and Zhongli finally understood Diluc's distaste for this bastard
agrees to Kaeya and joins in your team but the previous teams had an injured person so he had to take care of said person begrudgingly
never got to interact with you the whole day so he's upset. not until you thank him for today
"thank you for today, we really enjoyed the trip." Zhongli nods and acknowledges your thanks, then a clever idea popped into his mind. he clears his throat and prevents you from walking away.
"hey do you mind if you go to dinner with me? we didn't really get to be with each other this day, and I want to spend time with you."
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darlingofmine · 2 days ago
endearing habits of theirs pt.11
pairings: kazuha, venti, kaeya, xiao, scaramouche
warnings: angst (?) in kaeya's part, just fluff in general :)
since the first part got a lot of love, I'm writing a second part! also, would you all be interested in doing a genshin women version?
talks to animals
NOT in a disney sort of way
rather, he holds onto them so gently and recites his poetry as though they could understand
he feeds them too, often asking them about whether or not they like the food he gives them
(they obviously don't respond vocally, but you swear you can see them nod)
sometimes, you'll see him writing poems with a few stray birds and cats spread out around him
it's adorable to see such an ethereal man surrounded by cute animals
theres a cat on his lap while a bird rests upon his head. he doesn't even seem to realize its presence as he scribbles away on a piece of paper
when you ask about why animals seem to be drawn to him, he just laughs and shrugs.
(truthfully, he likes to think that it's tomo reminding him that he's always by his side by sending all of those animals)
"did you like my poem, kitty? i took some of my inspiration from you."
snores when he sleeps
but it's not the normal kind of snores
it's a musical snore
it's like an orchestra playing a masterpiece that takes form of a loud snore
thats what his snore sounds like
almost freaked you out the first time you heard it
you wake up in the middle of the night because you thought he was playing his lyre again
to your surprise, the bard is sleeping peacefully next to you
so you admire him, only to flinch as he snores
now you're shaking as you try and hold in your laughter
after all, the former archon sounds like he's breathing through flutes with the way he's snoring
teasing him the next day, he denies it
"that's not even humanly possible to snore like that! what do you mean I'm not human? that's not the point!"
vulnerable around you
yeah, he's a cocky captain in public, but behind closed doors you see everything that makes him, him
you've seen him cry, laugh, yell, break down, but as soon as he leaves your arms, he's back to being the smooth-talking knight
late nights are full of voices that tell unspeakable truths
you find yourself combing your fingers through his hair as honest words tumble through his lips
he's divulged his secrets to your open ears and heart, and you in turn, spill yourself to him
it gives him a sense of comfort that he's able to reveal who he really is without fear of judgement
truly, you've changed his life for the better
it's to the point where he knows what to do if he was ever forced to choose between mondstadt and khaen'riah
he would choose you.
"sharing my weaknesses with you... it's made me feel stronger. thank you, darling. for everything."
can't cook anything else other than almond tofu
genuinely, utterly useless in the kitchen.
unfortunately, you find this out the hard way
in the silence of wangshu inn, a scream is what wakes you from your fitful sleep
so you throw on a robe, rushing downstairs in the kitchen to see the stove engulfed in flames with two men staring at the orange glow
a confused xiao is in the epicenter of the catastrophe, his eyes squinting as though he's not sure why smiley yanxiao is screaming bloody murder
and you, blessed with a hydro vision, immediately put the roaring flames out
after, xiao reveals that he wanted to try his hand at making you a simple breakfast of eggs and bacon even though he didn't know ANYTHING about the kitchen
but he didn't realize that he needed to watch over to pan while he cooked
so it burned and caused a fire
now, he's not allowed to be within thirty feet of the kitchen
"hmph, mortals... how dare you lock me out of the kitchen as though I've committed a heinous crime"
practices his snarky lines in front of a mirror
do you seriously think he comes up with them on the spot?
he has a little notebook that contains all sorts of scenarios that would require such a sarcastic remark
you discover this habit by complete accident
you wait by his office doors, intending to hand himstack of records that he ordered earlier
peeking through the crack, you literally need to slap a hand over your mouth
short harbinger is standing in front of his mirror, arms crossed with a smug expression as he recites a snarky remark
your attempts of silence is futile as he snaps his head in your direction, eyes growing wide
he pulls you inside his office, ordering you to not breathe a word to anyone else, lest you'll find yourself in trouble
you agree, and now whenever he says something sharp, you always send him a smirk
"you, stop looking at me like that or else I'll - no! I didn't rehearse this, you little-"
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reilliane · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
✤ — Universe: Absconder AU ✤ — Concept: Voicelines + The Traveler asks "About [Name]" ✤ — Characters: Albedo, Dainsleif, Kaeya, Venti, Zhongli, AbyssPrince!Aether A/N: WEEEEE it's a lil' short but this is the best I can do for now whilst juggling college and works and- [ malfunctions ]
Tumblr media
The Last Princess of Khaenri'ah's Eclipse Dynasty roams the surface centuries after the cataclysm. Celestia knows not that she has survived.
Paimon and Lumine decide to visit those that they think may have been affiliated with the royal.
Note: In Aether's voiceline, say Lumine asked him in the short span of their reunion.
Tumblr media
✤ — It is certainly pleasant to have met her at appropriate times. Although Master promised me an audience with her centuries prior, it hadn't come, since the Kingdom had fallen into ruins not long after.
I wasn't expecting to meet Her Royal Highness at Dragonspine at all, but it was a surprise that's welcomed. After all, she has evaded both curse and death.
It appears that she's become immortal, too.. but I cannot be too sure for my data remains insufficient. Her Royal Highness often visits me at my camp, perhaps I should ask her sometime.
I am a little reluctant, however... I fear I may unsettle her with such questions. I'd rather not her be uncomfortable in my presence.
Tumblr media
✤ — Princess [Name]... I was almost certain that she had perished along with the royal family, but—she's alive. And safe. I'm assuming that she had been rescued by Aether, I'm surprised that I hadn't known at all.
Although that's to be expected... I almost did not register the hostility in her eyes from when she came out of that portal. It was foreign.
Until now I can clearly remember when she had been seeking my presence after her father, the King's, demise. The reminder is still chilling.
What we supposedly had in the past, whatever that may be.. regret and lament as I do, it's futile to hope that it'll return.
Tumblr media
✤ — I must say, it is odd to have the same lady watch me over from when I was a child. But I suppose that is how our relationship blossomed?
I'm flattered that Her Royal Highness trusts me enough to speak of bygone—perhaps even forbidden—tales of her country. In turn, I can only vow to her that I will be her sword if necessary.
Little few know that she remains alive up to this day. I heard that only a select few in her refuge, wherever that is, knows the truth of her case. I've been included in that small ratio. My lips are sealed, so should yours, Traveler.
To Her Highness, glory will return. In time.
Tumblr media
✤ — You saw-.. ! Ah, then there's no mistaking it, is there? That girl I saw during my performance... it's the Princess. I refused to believe it even when she confirmed her status, but there is no denying reality.
She's alive. She really is and- what?
.. Where do I stand now that I am no longer linked with Celestia, you ask? Hehe, you're rather insistent in knowing. Have you asked the old buffoon about the same thing?
Hm? If I wanted to speak with her... what would I say?
Well, Traveler, some verses are better left untold, don't you think?
Tumblr media
✤ — As you know by now, I am honoring a contract that forbids me from speaking more than necessary, but Princess [Name]...
I've only seen tapestries and paintings of her from when the nation was at its prime, but I met her not too long ago personally. She does not look any different from how artists have painted her in beauty and grace.
Though something is new now. Her stare lacks the warmth they had in the paintings. It is upsetting..
And I do acknowledge that.. part of the blame rests upon the original Seven's shoulders.
Tumblr media
Abyss Prince!Aether
✤ — You want to know about... I see. [Name] is one of the last royals of Khaenri'ah before it crumbled. She had been calling for Dainsleif, her own Knight, moments before doom, but he didn't come.
I saved her and she's been by my side ever since.
Regrets? No, I have none.
... You're mistaken, sister. Even if her nation is gone, [Name]'s still a Princess to this day.
She rules the Abyss.
With me.
Tumblr media
A/N: I am in love with Abyss Prince!Aether. Shucks. SHUUUUCKS- you know, at this point I should just type out a ficlet that details the growth of their relationship starting from post-cataclysm... after the event. After the event :weary:
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honeylemonsoooda · a day ago
pull at my heartstrings and strum [kaeya, kazuha + diluc]
contains: fluff, modern au (indicated), absolute cringe, different romance tropes (indicated), hurt/comfort? (kaeya), secrets (kazuha),
a/n: idek if some of these are tropes per se, but yes you get the point. also i may or may not have deleted childe and xiao out of this one hahahahduhwa IT'S ALREADY SO LONG OKAY JUST SUPPORT IF U'D LIKE A PART 2 SOBS
kaeya - cyrano [modern school au]
kaeya has been know to be an expert at dating. whether factual or incorrect, most people at school often go to him for advice on how to woo their crush. most of the time, kaeya would just rub their thirst for advice with a simple joke that made people go "this is why nobody finds you sincere enough!", but on occasion, he actually puts his experience and knowledge on the topic to good use, and gives helpful advice.
this was one of those times. kaeya's friend was just so hard to say no to, when they looked so sincere about asking for advice on how to get their crush to notice them more often.
"you see, kaeya," they started with a shy smile, their gaze falling everywhere else other than kaeya's eyes, and he found it quite fascinating. "i- hm... uh...do you know [name]?"
kaeya's eyes perk up in recognition, and he nods. "yeah, i have a class that they're in too. what about them?"
"you're in a class with them? that's great then!" his friend tells him.
"what's... so great about that exactly?"
"well, you see... i think i have a crush on them. but it's been kind of difficult to make progress in pursuing a relationship. i don't think they even consider me as a friend yet, so i wanted to ask if you have any advice on how to, you know, build a more comfortable relationship with them at least."
kaeya nodded in understanding, prompting his elbow up with his arm and letting his chin rest atop his hand.
"hm, well, i don't really know [name] well enough to be giving specific advice on how to get closer to them, but perhaps you should try reading the room a little more. do you think they want to talk to you more often? if they're enthusiastic in talking to you on the occasion that you do, then they probably enjoy conversing with you. you don't want to come out as sort of pushy. perhaps they like their space and would open up in time if you feel that they're not that open to conversing with you yet."
though he gave an answer that was pretty basic, his friend digested all that he said and thanked him for his advice.
that was how it started. it started with kaeya being curious about who this [name] from one of his classes is, it started with a small chat from trying to pry information that might help his friend get to know you better, it started with a funny conversation that led the two of you to laugh your way out of the classroom once the professor dismissed, and it started with him sending a letter with a small bouquet of flowers addressed to you, from his friend "the secret admirer."
now, kaeya is denying the warm feeling inside his chest. now, he's ignoring the feeling of his heart getting hugged by the cozy blanket that is you, you laugh, your smile, and your everything, because he's not the one with a crush, it was his friend. he's ignoring how disappointed he is that the letters, and flowers, and chocolates and everything else that he's giving you is not from him, but from his friend who was still hiding as your secret admirer. he's ignoring how he wished it was true when you kept saying, "i really think the secret admirer is just you, but you're just afraid to tell me you actually like me," with a mischievous and joking grin.
it started with you getting flattered to hear from kaeya during one of your lunches together, that he had a friend who had a crush on you. it started with you being absolutely fine with the fact that kaeya just started talking to you because he wanted to help his friend. but now, you're hoping that kaeya was the friend he's been talking about, because you can't seem to imagine coming to a point where breaks weren't spent with him. you can't imagine having to tell whoever his friend is that you couldn't reciprocate their feelings, because your feelings were growing for the person they counted on for help.
now, the two of you were tied in this complicated relationship that was built not for each other, but for someone else. and right now, the two of you wished you could have each other and forget about who this relationship was for. but it isn't so simple as it sounds to tell a friend that you love the same person they love.
it all started with a friend asking another for advice, and it somehow ended up like this.
"hey," kaeya said, playing with his food mindlessly. he lets out a sigh, mostly from frustration and thought. "your secret admirer wanted to meet you in the library after classes."
you raise your eyebrow at him and continue eating. "i see... hm..." you continued your meal and drowned in thought, and for the first time, the two of you were enveloped in silence.
"what do you plan to do after my friend finally reveals themself to you?" kaeya asked, leaning dangerously on his chair, his head facing the ceiling and his blue, long, hair dangling back and forth with the wind.
"what i plan to do? should things be any different after they finally tell me who they are?" you shrugged your shoulders at his weird question.
kaeya hummed. "but do you like them? are you going to start seeing them after this?"
"seeing them huh... well... i don't really know about that part. guess i'll have to see who it is first." you chuckle a little.
it ended like this: it ended with your expectations disappointing you as you face reality, it ended with a heartbroken admirer who turned out not needing to borrow the library books kaeya told them you were interested in, it ended with kaeya walking home alone, thinking about all his decisions until this far, and it ended with your mind empty from the realization of how complicated things have become for you and kaeya.
it ended with you and kaeya guilty for having feelings the circumstances didn't call for— the two of you were both relieved about the conclusion of his friend's failed confession, but at the same time, you didn't know what was next.
remaining friends felt as if betraying his friend, parting ways felt like disobeying your hearts, and being together felt as heavy as a sin.
but, though this was how it ended, it was also how things can begin. what beginning are you going to take?
kazuha - secret relationship? [modern au]
the relationship wasn't exactly secret. no one knew, yes, but it wasn't that you and kazuha made an effort to keep it that way. you agreed that if someone asked, you could tell, but if no one did, the two of you didn't really see why it was needed to be announced to everyone that the two of you were dating.
the problem— if it even is one— arose because of your friends. of course, before you got together, your friend group knew that the two of you had a crush on each other. as friends would, they tried their best to hook the two of you up, often setting dates and opportunities for the two of you to be alone together. until this day, they still try their best to make sure that two of you to get together. that's the problem. the two of you were already together, but when your friends just seem to be having so much fun planning for the two of you, giving you advice and encouragement to confess your love for one another because "of course the other one likes you back." it was a little hard to tell them that you and kazuha got together in the simplest way possible, in contrast to their grand fascinations of a confession in the sunset atop a mountain peak, or some other daydreams akin to it.
your official relationship started as mundanely as walking home and talking about love.
"so... we like each other, right?" kazuha asks, a little hesitant, but not at all scared or uncomfortable with bring it up. it makes your face feel warm.
"i like you. how about you?" you ask kazuha, and he gives you a close-eyed smile.
"i like you too. but i think it's more fitting to say that i love you. with all my heart."
it may seem mundane, but that moment between you and kazuha was as unforgettable as anything else that could be considered remarkable by others. you could easily forget a hypothetical event wherein you tried skydiving, but you would never forget this specific day, and this specific line he said, on a specific walk home. you would never forget how the two of you had your arms intertwined as you walked through the "secret shortcut" that the two of you always took together. and you would never forget the way he interlocked his fingers with yours and brought it up to his lips, kissing it lightly as he asked, "so, we're official now?"
yes, this was the very mundane way kazuha officially became your boyfriend. but apparently, the two of you weren't acting like it.
the next day, you almost happily shared what happened with your friends, but the first thing they told you when you saw them, was their concern about you and kazuha.
"there's something fishy going on between you and kazuha," yoimiya said, "the two of you fought, didn't you?"
you're confused. "huh? no, actually we-"
"hey [name], did something happen between you and kazuha?" thoma approached you while scratching his head, wondering the same thing.
"no...? is there something wrong?" you asked, genuinely concerned. "where is kazuha right now?"
"oh, he's just in his desk... he's been awfully quiet so i thought maybe something happened between the two of you." thoma shrugged.
you visited kazuha as soon as you could, and when you saw him, you're met with him quietly smiling a little as he did his work.
"kazuha...? is something wrong? thoma said you were being more quiet than usual..." you ask him, frowning to see if he was upset, but you couldn't really sense anything off.
"[name]," kazuha laughed a little, very much happy and pleased to see you. "nothing's wrong at all, i'm in a very good mood, actually."
"oh," you took a seat beside him, and your hands naturally found his. the two of you held each other like it was practiced. "did you tell them already?"
"not yet. well, more like i did try, but they didn't exactly let me finish."
"same. they worried me by saying they thought something happened between us. nothing did, right?" you turn to him to look for an answer.
"of course nothing happened." kazuha chuckled lightly, leaning on your shoulder. "except of course, we became a couple."
a month later, and for some reason, there was never an opportunity to tell you friends that you and kazuha were already dating. you admit though, it was quite fun to go to their set-ups, knowing their intention and the status of your relationship, so you barely made an effort to tell them like the devils the two of you are.
it was only when a needy kazuha went to you for a hug, that your friends finally realized that the two of you were together.
that day was especially tiring for kazuha, so the moment he saw you, he immediately went for a hug despite your group of friends also being there. even more surprisingly, he decided to kiss your cheek, which earned gasps from your friends.
"since... when were the two of you... what..." hu tao muttered, looking as if her plans were not executed properly.
"it's been almost a month now actually." kazuha said. "we've been together for a month now, but i suppose no one's really noticed."
"of course we wouldn't notice, you didn't tell us!" yoimiya crossed her arms and huffed.
"well, to be fair, i did try to tell you, but it was also pretty fun watching all of you try to hook us up even when we're already together." you explained with a smug smile.
"hmph. that's it, we're going to dinner together. all of us. we were suppose to make it a dinner date for the two of you, but take this as revenge for not telling us! we're all gonna go together now!" thoma shook his head in disappointment, marching forward to leave the building.
the rest of the night was filled with chatters of both congratulations and feigned anger that the two of you didn't tell them sooner.
diluc - stood up on a date? [college au]
diluc blames his roommates for the nonsense he's doing. this is something he definitely would not have done without the influence of someone like hu tao, and kazuha. he could say that they really were his enablers— the angel and devil floating above his shoulders, except he was convinced that both kazuha and hu tao were devils wearing an angel's disguise.
and like most people, diluc was not able to resist the enabling of his two roommates. he was not able to disagree with the idea these two devils proposed, so now, he's setting up a very lovely table for two in the common area of your shared dorm.
kazuha told him a while back that "you must make an romantic advancement to show [name] you feelings." so, after a conversation and dumping of ideas by hu tao, he settled with their favorite idea, which was to bring you on a special date in the comfort of your dorm.
diluc had prepared for this well enough, even planning what food and drinks to get from the restaurant business of his family, and checking your schedule and his to make sure that the timing of the date is perfect. he wouldn't want to hold the date on thursday, not when the day ended with a class whose professor you didn't like.
so, today was the day he chose for this date, and he thankfully found a hole in your schedules that allowed for hu tao and kazuha to help him prepare for this date while you were still at a class. kaeya also stopped by from the other building of the dorm, wanting to check the event happening that brought diluc to order food from their own business. kaeya also did him a favor of delivering the drinks for diluc himself, seeing as he had free time anyway.
after getting hu tao to tell him what was happening, kaeya wished his adoptive brother good luck in pursuing his crush. he was quickly kicked out, however, when he started throwing a bunch of teases that made diluc feel warmer and sweatier than he was already feeling. kazuha tells him he cleaned the air condition's filter recently and that he was the only one feeling warm, when diluc complained about the growing heat in the room. though kazuha and hu tao joined in teasing diluc, he couldn't get mad at them after the help they've offered and the support they've given thus far. they're granted a special free pass from diluc's wrath this time.
hu tao and kazuha prepared to leave, opting to give him space and more freedom. they wouldn't tell diluc, of course, that they just wanted to see yun jin's performance that night instead of being a third party in their date. diluc also wouldn't tell them that he was quite relieved they decided to leave.
the three of them said their goodbyes and the two wished diluc good luck as he finished his final preparations and tracked his food delivery from his phone. but once kazuha opened the door for hu tao, an unexpected arrival was found.
"o-oh! [name] haha, your class ended early today...?" hu tao spat out, smiling all too enthusiastically to hide her worry. kazuha looked at diluc who was surprisingly looking calm, but inside, kazuha could sense that he was probably trying to think of what to do next and possibly panicking a little. this was, after all, not a part of his plan.
"yep, the prof just gave us an assignment because of something important he had to do. we all know it's just an excuse but at least classes are off early i guess. i'm not liking this assignment though." you enter the room and widen your eyes at the preparation that diluc had made.
"wow, are you inviting someone over for a date?" you asked obliviously, impressed by the fancy design. "you should've told me! i would've scheduled to be out of the dorm to give the two of you some privacy...oh! i could just go with kazuha and hu tao to yun jin's theatre performance. that's where you're headed, right?" you turn to kazuha for an answer.
"yeah, we're going to yun jin's. we don't have enough tickets to bring you along though." kazuha smiled, nudging at hu tao a little.
"yeah, she uh couldn't get enough tickets for us because there were just too many people who wanted to see her opera that seats sold out so fast!" hu tao said, satisfied by the explanation she came up with.
"i see... i'll just stay in the room and finish my work. good luck on your date, diluc," you smiled and gave him an awkward thumbs up. you only hoped that your disappointment on the fact that one of your best friends and roommates didn't tell you about his date, when hu tao and kazuha seemed to have known about it. you could only sigh and slump on your bed as you tried to think about who diluc's date might be.
meawhile, diluc immediately called kazuha and hu tao as soon as you entered your room. though the two of them were probably just outside the building, diluc didn't want them to be late for yun jin's show.
"well that was unexpected." hu tao said as soon as she picked up the phone, sighing. "you should just tell them that they're the date."
then kazuha spoke, "hu tao's right. you should just tell them so that you don't cause confusion. they're probably wondering why you didn't tell them that you had a date today despite the two of you being close. you should just tell them what your plan was all along and clear things up."
diluc just nodded silently at their advice, considering what he should do. "alright. i would hate to delay the two of you. have fun watching the opera. send my regards to yun jin too." and after that, the call ended.
it was a while later when you decided to place your ear near the door to hear what diluc's up to. it was silent, not even mutterings or soft chatter was heard, and you start to think that maybe diluc's date didn't arrive.
he seemed to be ready as soon as you arrived, except maybe for the lack of food on the table, but you were starting to think that diluc just got stood up by his date.
it would be awkward if you went outside to check on him specifically but he did have a date, so you tried to came up with a backup plan in case they just really talked silently with each other.
you would go out and tell them you just needed to pee, then go back in your room silently and swiftly if diluc's date was already there. if not, then you suppose comforting him about his date is what you should do.
you exit the room, and diluc turns to your direction. you give him an awkward wave before observing the room to see if someone else was there, but he was the only one in the room other than you.
"your date hasn't arrived yet?" you asked and sent him a smile, to which he widened his eyes at.
"not exactly, no." he answers.
"oh archons," you teased, "did you just get stood up?" you laughed a little, but you genuinely do feel a little bad for him, considering that he seemed to have made so much arrangements to get the place to look fit for a romantic date.
"i guess you could say that," diluc hesitates, before pulling out one of the chairs and gesturing at it. "would you like to be my date instead?" he asks with a slightly smug smile, looking as if he just had the best idea in the world.
you're a bit shocked at his proposal, but happy nonetheless. you feel a little bad for seemingly rejoicing internally as you take the place of his date, but at least diluc's preparation would not go to an entire waste.
"i'd love to."
the rest of the evening was pretty normal, if you were being honest. there wasn't any magical feeling aside from the beating of your heart on several occasions, but that was normal too— your heart always beats a little faster whenever you're with diluc.
meanwhile, diluc feels both fulfilled and disappointed. he's happy to end up being your date, but he was a little disappointed that he didn't let you actively know that this date was for you all along. he wanted to tell you, of course, and make you know that you were never his second choice, but he was a little shy and hesitant to do so.
thankfully, the existence of two other dormmates solved this internal problem between the two of you.
"oh my, congrats! i seriously though diluc wouldn't find the courage to tell you that you were his date all along." hu tao said as soon as she opened the door, nodding like a proud parent at diluc.
kazuha, who looked very tired, gave diluc a thumbs up. "hope he's been treating you well, [name]. he was a bit nervous after you arrived unexpectedly early a while ago."
you're stunned as diluc's accomplices accidentally revealed that this date really was meant for you, but you laugh as you see diluc avoiding your gaze by standing up to do the dishes. you hope that next time, if there was one, diluc would find the courage to ask you directly.
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otorim · a day ago
:— kaeya, diluc, thoma, childe, scaramouche
Tumblr media
KAEYA is an amazing chef believe it or not, he cooks swiftly and perfectly— everything about him is perfect from the way he chops vegetables to the way he bakes treats! To him he'll gladly do his best if it means you having a bite of your favorite meal made by yours truly.
DILUC rarely cooks, he's too busy dealing with other stuff to really get around the whole concept of cooking other meals besides his special pile 'em up food. Once he does get the chance to cook your favorite on his free time, let's just say it took quite a while for him to perfect the recipe. A perfectionist he was; and a perfectionist he still is, diluc ragnvindr believes you deserve every perfect thing.
THOMA cooks like his life depended on it! He hurries to finish your dish so you won't have to keep yourself waiting for long— he makes sure to add all the things you like in your dish too! He'd like to take his time more; but that could wait until next time. For now he'll serve you a hot meal of your favorite, hoping you'd like it.
CHILDE is used to cooking for other people. After all, he used to cook food for teucer when he was back at home! He enjoys the thought of making his loved ones happy with just simple meals and dishes so he doesn't mind! He makes sure to cook your meal with love and care— spicing it up with a little sticky note on the side complimenting you.
SCARAMOUCHE doesn't cook, why cook when he can just buy food? Or when he can just ask others to cook for him? He sees it as a waste of time; but every once in a while he finds himself wondering what it'd be like if he tried it. He clumsily and messily cooks your dish— he probably adds too many salt and had probably almost set the house on fire but that's fine! Him cooking for you is a one time thing and it'll take a lot of convincing and pestering from you. You have a 99% chance he'd say no and a 1% chance he'll say yes.
Tumblr media
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glxtchsanimeblog · 23 hours ago
"That is until..."
TW: Depression, Mental Breakdown, Anxiety, Reader Cries, Gets longer as you scroll-
Scenario: You find yourself in a really difficult position, it could be anything - You lost a friend that you've made, you got yet another bad grade at school, you lost a competition you spent so much effort working for, your parents keep fighting and you don't know why, - it could be anything and yet everything that weighs you down. You could be questioning, "why does this happen to me" or "when will things get better". However, everything comes crashing down after the breaking point, anything from a minor to major event in your life that makes the weight of everything you've been holding crash, burying you alive. You feel like you're in a deep ocean, struggling to swim up to breathe air, to finally feel less suffocated in your current position. You craved air, your lungs weighing a ton as you try your best but fail. It's the point of no return; the point where you're about to give in.
That is until...
Tumblr media
Zhongli finds you sitting at your desk, head down while quiet heart wrenching sobs echo around the room. You cried into your sleeve, other hand clenching your chest to try and alleviate some of the invisible but prominent pressure you feel in your chest. Your salty tears stained your cheeks, no matter how much you cry it feels like it would never go away.
He doesn't say anything, coming behind you and pulling another chair to be next to you. His hand comes to rest on your back, patting you gently while you cried. You didn't look at him, and you didn't need to look at him to see his empathetic eyes and his troubled frown. No words needed to be exchanged: he was there and he was never going to leave you, no matter what it is.
Rather than bring up the issue, he pats your head and slightly pulls away to see your face. "Shall I go make some tea, Darling? I find that it helps me calm down."
You nod, wiping your tears with the back of your hand as he leaves you to go make the warm drink. Rather than mope around at your desk, you follow him and give him a back hug while he boils the water and drops the teabag in.
"It's not going to be homemade because I ran out of tea leaves," Zhongli mumbles to himself. He looks behind him, seeing your cheek pressed against his back. "Hopefully it'll still be alright."
He pours the liquid into the hot cup, the aroma floating through the room and making your body visibly relax. He chuckles, gently leading you to the couch and sitting you down comfortably with the tea in hand.
"Careful okay? It's still hot," he warns you. "Do you want perhaps a blanket?"
You nod, Zhongli promptly walking into your shared room to grab your favorite large blanket from the closet. He sits down next to you, pulling it over both of your figures as you relax into his chest. He gets the remote, turning on your favorite TV show as both of you relax the night away.
Tumblr media
Venti can hear your unstable breathing coming from inside the bedroom, kicking off his shoes immediately and running inside to see you clutching the sheets while sobbing your eyes out.
His expression drops, the dandelion wine dropping, cracking, and spilling when it hits the floor but he doesn't care; he just wanted you in his arms.
You couldn't respond, when you felt his arms surround you, the first thing you did to respond was bury your face into his chest and grip onto his clothes like he was your last string of hope.
And in reality, he was.
He watched you cry, feeling his shirt become soaked with your tears as you scream and cry into his chest. He felt his eyes become blurry with his own tears watching the love of his life, his everything, fall apart in his arms. He presses kisses on your head, holding you tightly while your sobs reduced to sniffling and coughing.
"Would you like to talk about it? No pressure..."
You shook your head "no", making him nod in response while he let the silence accompanied with your sniffling fill the air. He didn't need to say anything, but all you needed was his embrace to melt your worries away.
"Venti... I'm just having a really hard time right now..."
"Shhhh," he hushes you gently. "I understand, my angel. Take all the time you need, no hurry okay? Like I said, no pressure."
He felt you nod into his chest, making his heart feel lighter while you fell asleep. Venti covered you both with the blankets, making sure you were warm and turning off the lamp by the bedside that was still on. Whatever it was, he was ready to face it with you, hand in hand.
He woke up early the next morning, albeit reluctant to pull away from you, but he was a man on a mission. Venti made you breakfast accompanied by your favorite drink, heating up the shower so you didn't have to wait. After setting everything up, he came into your shared room to wake you up.
"Wake up, sweetheart," he cooed softly. He watched your eyes flutter open, still slightly red and puffy from your crying last night. However, he was mesmerized by you all the less.
"I got your shower ready and breakfast is nearly done so go get ready! We have a fun day planned today to get you to relax a bit!"
Tumblr media
He heard a small hiccup coming from the bathroom, the water making it hard to hear but it didn't go unnoticed by Kaeya. He put down his phone, walking towards the bathroom door and knocked on the door.
"Darling? Is everything alright in there?"
He heard you clear your throat, trying to rid any evidence of crying. "Y-Yes! I'm alright! Do you need something?"
He frowned, how could you ask if he needed something if you needed something. "{Name}, have you stepped in the shower yet?"
"No not yet, I'm about to get undressed though."
"Mind unlocking the door for a minute? I forgot something in there."
"What do you need? I can slip it under the door?"
"No Darling," he tried not to sound desperate, that he knew something was wrong. "That'll be too hard to explain. Just let me in since you're fully clothed, yeah?"
He heard the door unlock, seeing it open and watching steam flow out of the room as he saw you trying to avoid eye contact.
"What did you need," you mumbled. "Go get it, I need to shower."
He gently caught your wrist, turning your attention to him. He used the other hand to gingerly cup your face, turning it towards him. And there it was, the sight he always hated to see. Your eyes were tinted red, puffy and swollen. An indication of your tears that you tried to wipe away.
He swiftly pulled your face closer to his, pressing a passionate kiss on your lips that you returned wholeheartedly. He poured all his love into it, all the worry and regret for not noticing the pain you had been enduring all by yourself for god knows how long. It left you breathless, tears streaming down your cheeks and letting out shaky breaths. That was until you felt a lone tear stream down his cheek.
"{Name}," he said your name so tenderly, like a soft gust of cool air. "I don't mean to sound pushy, but I don't want you to think you're alone. You have me here, I'm always going to be here for you when you need me to be."
He held your hand in his, tangling your hands together while he rubs your cheek gently. "I don't want you facing whatever this is alone, and it's obvious it's no minor thing. Whenever, even if it takes days, please tell me what's wrong. I want you to rely on me, and I want you to know you can talk to me. I’m here.”
Your small tears turned into sobs as you wrapped your arms tightly around him, crying as he hugged you with all of his love and care for you. Kaeya made a promise to himself and you, that he would never ever leave you. You would be his priority, his #1 over anything. He knew in that moment that he would go to the ends of the Earth, Hell and back, just to see you happy. He would do it, if it meant seeing you complete again.
Tumblr media
He sees you underneath the the tall tree that resided in your front yard, not hearing your quiet sobs from such a far distance. Diluc walks towards you, wondering why you were outside so late at night, but his questions were answered when he heard your choked sobs and seeing your body tremble.
He didn’t know what to do, just standing watching your heart practically break in two. His fists clench, knuckles turning white under his gloves before he walks to you, putting a single hand on your head.
You look up at him, Diluc crouched on one knee as he looks at you with a worried expression on his face. His ruby-red eyes only showed concern, worrying about whatever has you so down. You move near him, pulling him into a hug as you cried into his shoulder. He returns your embrace almost automatically, tenderly returning your hug.
He moved his hand that was on your head towards the back of your head, pulling you closer to him while he rubs your back with his other hand. He takes a moment and wraps his leather coat around you, trying to give you some much-needed warmth from being outside for so long.
He pressed kisses on your temple and neck, a way to let you know that he understood the pain, the breaking point that can only be delayed for so long until it snaps and everything comes crashing down. Diluc knew the feeling of being buried alive, suffocating even when there’s plenty of air and room to breath, so he let you cry. He let you breakdown in his arms until you whimpered and shivered in his grasp.
“Do you feel better?”
“Much better, thank you Diluc,” you mumbled between hiccups. “I needed that.”
He presses a small kiss on your cheek, eventually putting his forehead directly on yours. Your lips were inches apart, focused only on the warmth that came from Diluc’s jacket and the comfort.
“I’m sorry I didn’t notice this before,” he whispered. “If I had known, you would have never had this breakdown in the first place.”
“It’s not your fault,” you argued back. “I thought I could handle it on my own, but look how that turned out.”
He chuckled, closing the gap in a sweet peck. “I’m here for you, {Name}. Always and forever. Whatever it is you need, I’ll make sure it happens.”
After he led you back inside, feeding you your favorite food for dinner, and finally picking our your matching nightgowns, he let you get comfortable in the bed before he joined you, pulling you close to his chest. His body was so warm, so comforting you thought you would cry again. Your whole life and heart felt so empty, the breakdown completely making you feel so cold and alone.
But, maybe you weren't alone. Because you never were.
Tumblr media
Tartaglia comes into the kitchen, the sunrise barely visible at 6am as he wonders where you were. He woke up from a nightmare an hour ago, worried because you weren’t next to him asleep. Instead of trying to fall back asleep, his gut screamed at him to look for you.
And his gut was right, because as soon as he was in the doorway he sees you cry over a cup of your favorite warm drink. You had also woken up quite early despite having work later in the day, but the pressure of everything going on nearly squished you alive. Your hold on your favorite drink wasn’t steady, the cup shaking and the liquid inside nearly spilling when you try to take another sip.
“Snowflake? What are you doing up so early,” he spoke softly. However his sudden presence made you jump slightly, reaching for the napkin to dab your eyes and get rid of the tears.
“You scared me,” you mumbled. “At least make some sound.”
“Haha, sorry about that,” he chuckled. However, the puffiness of your cheeks and eyes didn’t hide the fact that you had a mental breakdown just a few seconds prior.
However, you weren’t the only one having a breakdown. After he knew you were gone after he felt you leave the room, tears streamed down the ginger’s face, staining the pillow. He was going through some difficulties himself, making him feel absolutely degraded as he cried alone, trying to conceal it as he knew you have struggles too. He didn’t want to get in the way, however he too was at his breaking point.
He pulled a chair, placing it next to yours as he sat down on it and gently took hold of your hand, rubbing reassuring circles into your hand. You held your drink in two hands, avoiding eye contact with the male. That was until he turned your cheek to face him.
"Your eyes are puffy," he observed, running his thumb under your eyelid making you shiver slightly. "I'm guessing it must be pretty bad then."
You didn't reply, your grip on the cup tightening. He didn't need to explain what he meant when it was so obvious what he was getting at. He took your silence as a yes, "When did you wake up?"
"10 minutes ago," you lied. You didn't know why you lied, maybe it was to brush it off and treat it as a small thing.
He chuckled, "Love, I was awake an hour ago. You woke up after me."
You avoided his gaze, looking elsewhere. He could see right through you, and he didn't want you to feel like it was such a "small, insignificant" thing that made you like this. In fact, it was much more than that and he could see it in your eyes.
"Look," he squeezed your hand a bit tighter, drawing your attention to him. "I'm not going to pressure you to tell me what's wrong. But, I hope you know that whatever it is that's bothering you isn't a small deal. If it weren't a big deal, you would have forgotten about it and left it behind. But, if it festers and piles up, it's no longer a small thing."
He understood the pain well, the little things in life adding up until the point where you can't shoulder it alone. You simply couldn't, even the strongest man alive would succumb to the mental pressures in due time. "And," he cupped your face once more, rubbing his thumb on your cheek to get rid of the lone tears that fell from your face. "I have those days too, Love. Just know that you're not alone."
He pauses, searching for the right words before he confesses. "I also had a rough time, as I'm in a similar position as you." He looks at you, blue eyes filled with hope. "We can get through our struggles together, okay? A team effort!"
His smile returns to his face, lazy and lopsided which makes you smile amidst the tears. You nod at him, sending him a small smile, "Okay, let's do that."
Tumblr media
I decided to do these characters specifically because I have a Pt 2 planned. I hope it helps those of you out who are in the same situation. I mostly wrote this as a comfort for myself as I had several mental breakdowns due to a lot of things going on in my life, but I hope you can relate.
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princely-creations · a day ago
Genshin Boys and Their Hugs
Just something I felt like doing since I'm working on a longer chapter that'll be published later.^^
Plot; Describing the different hugs from Genshin Characters, all around very fluffy. ^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Warm hugs for sure; especially when it's colder. -Usually always hugs you before either he or you have to leave in the morning. -Sometimes if you're in need of comfort he'll just wrap his arms around you and let you talk, It's one of the many ways he knows how to comfort you.
"My love? Are you in here?" Diluc asked quietly, pushing the door open to the shared study. You were trying to figure out an issue Jean had brought to you, but as the hours ticked by you were only becoming stressed at the lack of an answer. With your head in your hands, you mumble out a small "hm?" towards the pyro user. Diluc walked towards you, with a slight frown on his face from seeing you so unhappy, leaning slightly on the desk he gently ran his hand through your hair, making you tilt upwards to him. "Any luck solving the issue?" He asked gently. He tensed a little once he got a view of your teary eyes as you shook your head at him. He didn't even have to ask as he opened his arms and let you turn so you could give him a hug, his arms wrapping you in a warm, calm embrace as you started sniffling quietly, stressed tears running down your cheeks. There was a moment of silence before Diluc spoke up again. "I'll have the staff prepare dinner, alright? Come, relax for awhile, tomorrow you can return to it with a calmer mind." You nodded in response, separating the hug and standing up, before letting him lead you out of the room.
-Chilly hugs, likes to tease you with his vision a lot of the time. -Hugs you whenever he can, whether it's at the Knight's HQ, at home, or during work, he is giving you a hug and you can't run from it. -His hugs feel safe like you can always let your guard down with him.
It had been a long day of work for you, between settling matters between the Fatui and Daily Commissions, you were exhausted not only that, but you were also doing deliveries for Diluc and Good Hunter. All that was on your mind was going to meet with Kaeya after work and sleep for a hundred years. You were waiting outside the HQ when your lover opened the grand doors, a beaming smile on his face. "There's my snowflake! How was your day?" He greeted with a smile, draping his arm around your shoulder as you both started walking towards your house. You sent him a tired smile before answering, "busy, more so than usual it seemed." He nodded his head, "You do look very tired, my love. Do you perhaps want me to carry you home?" He had a slightly joking tone to him but you were not going to pass up the opportunity for a piggyback ride. "Yes please," You yawned as you stopped walking, looking at your blue-haired boyfriend sincerely.
Chuckling, he knelt down so you could get onto his back. "If that's what my snowflake wants, who am I to deny you?" Climbing onto his back, he held onto you as you rested your head on his shoulder; the fluffy scarf making a great pillow. "Rest well, Dearest." Kaeya's voice seemed to softly fade afterwards, as you drifted off to sleep.
Gorou -His hugs are always full of care and love for you. -Very cozy, you love to hug him when you're cuddling or in his makeshift office. -He's very gentle with you, lets you pet his ears and tail when you hug. -You guys only hug in private, or after a very intense fight between the rebellion and the army, he does have a reputation to uphold.
You were resting in the medic area, sitting up, trying not to look at the bandage that was wrapped around your leg, concealing a giant gash given from one of the samurai in the Shogun's Army. Chills replaced the adrenalin in your system, the realization of how close you came to losing your leg settling in your mind. You looked around for Gorou, surely he would've been fine, right? You knew he was a strong fighter, that's why he was a General, but still, you couldn't stop the anxiety from building in your chest. Looking around and noticing the medic was not around, you struggled to your feet, keeping the majority of your weight off your injured leg. Slowly, you started making your way to his personal tent, hissing in pain every once and awhile. Glancing in, you didn't see him, which merely only made you more anxious. just as you were about to turn around, a stern voice called out to you. "Y/n! What are you doing up? You're still injured!" The hasty voice of your boyfriend was like music to your eyes as your eyes water in relief. "Gorou! You're alright," You gave a small smile as he walked closer to you, face less stern than moments before. "What are you doing up, love?" You blushed at the cute nickname he used for you. "I got anxious when I hadn't seen you, I thought something happened so I came to find you but-" "I'm sorry, I had to discuss what happened with her Excellency, I just came back from the medic to find out that you had left." Slowly he approached you, wrapping you in his arms while being mindful of your leg. Resting your head on his shoulder you gave him a light squeeze. "I'm sorry as well, I shouldn't have been wandering around like that," you gave the fluffy ears on his head a gentle pat, making them twitch. "It's alright now, you can lay down in here while I get some work done, alright?" He pulled away to look at you, and you nodded, "Of course."
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catgirlforkaeya · 2 days ago
kaeya relationship hcs
Tumblr media
kaeya x gn!reader
little bit of everything (fluff, hurt/comfort, crack, little bit of angst)
also kinda a modern au ig idk tvs exist
warnings: not proofread + all lowercase
a/n: i’m procrastinating requests and sleep rn so take these. there’s no specific theme just random hcs my sleep deprived brain thought of. i’ll add onto this randomly probably but feel free to comment hcs in the comments/ send to dms or ask box i would love to hear them (pls i am desperate)
!! also spoilers for kaeya’s lore, if u don’t know it i recommend looking it up before u read this !!
Tumblr media
ok i’m gonna start with the obvious stuff here: i see a lot of people saying “oh kaeya would manipulate his s/o and cheat on them blah blah blah” then continues to say stuff that makes him seem like an ass (if you’ve ever said this dni /hj). the poor guy has lost sm people in his life & more than likely has abandonment issues so why would he purposely do something to drive his s/o away/hurt them? plus it’s canon that he really only is manipulative when it comes to getting information out of people which is normal in that line of work ig
more utc!!
i feel like he’d be possessive over you but not in a creepy insane way more of a “i don’t want to lose you so i do my best to keep tabs on you to make sure you’re safe” (a caring way ig)
very touchy. he doesn’t go all out in public (just a half on the waist, holding hands, sharing kisses, small acts like that) but in private my god he cannot keep his hands off of you. constantly is cuddling with you, runs his hands up and down your body during makeout sessions, playing with your hair while you two sit on the couch/lay in bed watching tv. literally does everything he can to constantly be touching you
NECK KISSES. kaeya would 100% love neck kisses (giving and receiving). sometimes his neck kisses are soft and other times they’re rougher. he def leaves a hickey on you at least once or twice a week. and when you give him a kiss on the neck he’d melt on the spot
isn’t very open with you at first but once you two get further into your relationship & you prove that he can trust you he’ll open up about stuff. it’ll be a slow process because he’s never really shared any of this with people & he’s scared what you’ll think of him after you learn about his past
def rarely ever cries. you always remind him that it’s okay to cry but hes gotten so used to bottling up emotions he just doesn’t know how to cry whenever he wants. when he does finally break though it’s basically non-stop for a few hours. weeks, months, even years of emotions are bottled up in his body so a lot comes out when he breaks. you are always there for him no matter what. holding him in ur arms as he cries into your shoulder, giving advice the best you can, giving small reminders that you love him in between kisses
insomnia. this man has been through so much shit i feel like he just has frequent nightmares of stuff. those nightmares cause him to be scared to sleep for a day or two because he doesn’t want to experience it again. you do your best to stay up w him to keep company but you usually crash around 3-4am
hates storms. his lore mentioned there was a bad storm when his father left him & the night crepus died and that whole fiasco afterwards so it’d make sense. tries his best to hide it at first but eventually gives up. usually just turns the tv up high and buries his head into your chest
drinks a lot (which is obvious) even at home. whenever he starts having problems mentally he drowns it with alcohol. it’s never a problem because he honestly is just a sad drunk and usually ends up venting about stuff randomly but it just concerns you. probably stopped drinking as much since you came into his life tho
has scars/burn marks that he’s insecure about but when you trace them/give them kisses all those insecurities fade away
overworks himself. ik he’s seen as lazy and stuff but i feel like he’d purposely just drown himself in work as a distraction from life to the point you have to go and drag him out of his office
ok back to happy stuff, he definitely likes it when you play with his hair. most likely is very touch starved so that small action is like heaven to him
his love language is a mix of all of them but prob mostly touch, words of affirmation, or acts of service
uses a lot of pet names for you but mostly uses darling, sweetheart, hun, babe, or love
when he works late shifts and you fall asleep before he gets home he will probably feel awful (even tho you’ve reminded him that it’s okay & you understand). crawls into bed and holds you in his arms while whisper sweet nothings even if you’re dead asleep. does his best to not wake you but sometimes does just to let you know he’s home safe
takes you stargazing. i feel like kaeya likes the stars bc he finds peace in them somehow. will 100% take you onto rooftops in mondstadt at random hours to lay up there and look at the sky. would say some cheesy comment like “out of all of these stars you light up my night the most”
loves taking showers/baths together. even if you don’t actually shower he enjoys it either way. half the time you can never get anything done because he’s just giving a bunch of kisses and teasing you
absolutely loves seeing you in his clothes. he finds it adorable and if the shirt is oversized on you that’s even better for him
he will paint your nails. i’m not going into detail here he would just simply paint them i’m not taking any arguments
the last like hour before you two go to bed he just constantly reminds you how much he loves you, how much you mean to him, how he wants to have a future with you, etc while he holds you close in his arms
you don’t have to fight over blankets since he sleeps so close to you it doesn’t matter you two have plenty of blanket space
prefers being the big spoon but doesn’t mind being the little spoon occasionally. when he’s the big spoon he feels like he can protect you more
has you sleep on his side where his eyepatch isn’t at (i can’t remember what side it’s on i’m sorry it’s 4am rn). at first you didn’t really understand but he later explained that he just feels he can protect you better (when he gets comfortable enough to take it off it doesn’t matter what side)
as i’ve mentioned in these past few points kaeya is VERY protective of you. again not in a weird way he just doesn’t want you to get ripped away from him. if u mention somebody fucked with you he’d “talk to them in private” and then they’d never mess with you again
i feel like he’s a good cook idk he just has that energy, it’s not something he talks about but is good at it and really only ever cooks for the two of you
will take care of you the best he can when you’re sick. you scold him saying he’s going to get sick too but he doesn’t listen
absolutely LOVES books and reads in his freetime. it’s kinda a guilty pleasure for him but he constantly shares it with you and sometimes even has you read it with him
takes you ice skating in the winter, he’s prob a pro at it and loves teaching you how to skate
cold ass hands. i mean he’s a cryo user what would you expect. it’s helpful in the summer though
barely ever wears a shirt on around the house, even if it’s cold as hell he just doesn’t put one on. you don’t mind seeing him shirtless but u are always so lost on how he doesn’t get cold at all
gets you a lot of random gifts— half the time you don’t even expect them but you love and cherish them because they came from kaeya
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved to catgirlforkaeya. reposting, plagiarizing, modifying, and translating is NOT allowed.
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Love, Kaeya
Pairing(s): Kaeya x gn!reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Notes: I'm not sure if I really like this part, but enjoy!
Future/Current links: Zhongli, Diluc, Childe
Tumblr media
This man loves to hug you. Absolutely loves to hold your hand, loves to press gentle kisses to your beautiful skin - there’s no doubt the cavalry captain’s love language is physical touch.
He loves walking around Mondstadt with an arm around you on his days off, clearly showing that you’re his, and his alone.
Hugs, hugs, everywhere!
He thinks the best way to surprise you is with a hug!
After a long day at work, the absolute first thing he does when he gets home is press a gentle kiss to your forehead, no matter how tall you are.
He’ll also very frequently just scoop you up and carry you around, no matter how heavy or light you are.
If you’re feeling a bit down - rest assured, this man is dropping everything and coming straight over, covering you with shows of affection.
Though he’s always up for hugs and kisses, he has absolutely no issue with letting you have your own space when you need/want it.
Tumblr media
You frowned, checking the time.
Kaeya was late, even though he was the one who had called you here - out to the bustling streets of Mondstadt, a warm embrace of sound and sights.
The chatter of the merchants, the people, of the world - the feeling of wonder and amazement that Mondstadt brought would never fade, no matter how much you saw it. The lilting, gentle music that danced through the atmosphere was forever present; a mix of simple melodies yet intricate harmonies, sweet and light as air. The warm wind blew in soft puffs, singing sweet praises of the brave, the loyal, the adventurous.
Preoccupied with Flora’s flowers, debating whether or not to buy a few calla lilies for your boyfriend, you didn’t notice him behind you until it was too late.
Kaeya’s dark skin was cold against yours, soft lips pressing a light kiss to your cheek, curling into a mischievous smile against your skin.
“Miss me?”
“Ah- Kaeya! Don’t do that!”
Though you were annoyed with the blue-haired man, you couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh. “Good morning, Kaeya,” you sighed.
“Good morning? Is that all you have to say?” He asked lightly,
“You’re late.”
“Are you mad, love?” He asked, tone light. His hand clasped your hand, lacing his gloved fingers with yours.
You crossed your arms, making a face. “Give me a reason not to be.”
“Well,” He teased in his usual flirtatious demeanor, leaning in closer. “You love me, don’t you?”
“Kaeya, you’re so dramatic,” You said, batting him away gently. You couldn't deny the fact that you did, which he obviously knew, his dark blue eyes sparkling with amusement.
“Aww, are you still mad, love?” He asked, pouting dramatically.
“No, I’m- hey!”
Strong arms scooped you up gently, a light kiss gracing your cheek. His cool skin pressed against yours, a reminder of how close the two of you were. As if he could tell what you were thinking, he grinned, pressing another kiss to your forehead.
“I love you~, Y/N.”
“This isn’t going to make me forgive you, y’know!”
“Oh, naturally.”
But as he carried you all the way to the Angel’s Share, you both knew that you would.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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for the ask game
💜 ( 31 ) 🥀 ( 22 ) 🔥 ( 19 )
characters :: kaeya and thoma
[Ask Game] MDNI ♡
31. 💜 What is a secret wish of theirs?
22. 🥀 What would be their biggest weakness?
19. 🔥 Any secret kinks?
A/N: I kid you not, I wheezed when i saw kinks💀 This could be SAGAU, could be not, it's based on your imagination really... And, I don’t know shit about kinks, sorry.
Tumblr media
A secret wish of Kaeya is to be able to worship your existence. ‘Celestia might have sent you for him!’ he thought, as he secretly watched you do you paperworks sent by Jean. ‘Yea, maybe Celestia did.’
Kaeya's biggest weakness will be you flirting with him. He’s used to be the one making others flustered. But as you leaned closer to his right ear whispering words that made his cheeks go red, he smirked weakly. But both of you are drunk... ‘Is this even real or not?!’
Kaeya's secret kinks? Probably Bondage, Dominance, Masochism and Impact play. It doesn’t matter who's the top or bottom—he likes giving and receiving so it's a win-win situation for the both of you.
A secret wish of Thoma? It's to spoon-feed you his own cooking. He knows it's pathetic, but thinking about it gives him the feeling of being safe and sound—not needing to worry about the dangers of the outside world.
Thoma's biggest weakness will be you getting all lovey-dovey with him. He just finds it cute on how you cling and say these words to him that only lovers would say to each other... But maybe... This might be a sign?
Thoma's secret kinks would be Humiliation, Gagging, Masochism, and Dacryphilia. Why? He wants to try receiving pleasure. And he thought that this might be a way to completely offer his body to you.
Tumblr media
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