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Kise moved in sync with the steady rhythm of the music, his hips swaying, his arms perfectly accentuating the alluring movements of his upper body as he did so. Kagami found himself focusing more on the way he thrusted and writhed than actually keeping up with his pace. It was hypnotic, especially when he glanced up at him with half-lidded eyes. His stare almost pinned him to his place, but Kagami forced himself to move to the sounds, his clumsiness earning him a genuine laugh, with Kise’s head thrown back carelessly, his hair flying in the dimly lit dancing room.

It must’ve been the alcohol, Kagami told himself, as he watched Kise’s beautiful neck arched like that and immediately wanted to bury his face in it, to kiss and nip and bite the pale, sweat-slick flesh. He wanted to grab his waist and pull him in, pull him close enough that he feels the throbs of his erotic movements right against his own body, feels him slide up and down along him until he can’t take it anymore.

Kise turned his back to him, playfully shaking his butt at him and Kagami actually wanted to scream. He needed to bury his fingers in those cheeks, physically ached for it from the sight of that ass clad in those thight jeans. They didn’t seem denim to Kagami, but he cared less about the material and more about how amazingly they brought out every curve on Kise’s lower body, from his muscled calves to his beautiful thighs and more.

By the time he moved in, the music had changed. The harsh electronic sounds died down and some soft strumming of a guitar filled the room just as Kagami placed his hands on either side of Kise’s hips, slightly startling the boy. They looked at each other, shocked, under the suddenly pink and red-tinted lights, and there was a silent conversation that went down between them. A million questions, a million answers that really should’ve been said at that very moment, but the deafening music, and the couples slow-dancing around them prevented them from communicating above a few glances.

Eventually, Kise turned around in Kagami’s hold with a tentative smile, reaching up to loosely wrap his arms around his neck. Kagami in turn embraced his waist, just tight enough that Kise could still lead him if he wanted, gently swaying and all but walking around in the small circle that was still left to them in the middle of the crowd.

When Kise buried his face in the crook of Kagami’s neck, he suddenly went breathless. The blond smelled of sweat and musk, of the pina coladas he was drinking, of cigarette smoke, strawberries and a hint of his perfume. Kagami tried not to lose himself in it, but slowly, his hands started to slide up Kise’s back, and he felt his breath hitch against his neck in return. Soon enough, he was holding onto his shoulders, actually hugging him tight, feeling him still vibrate - tremble? - from excitement.

He didn’t know when did they stop moving. But he did notice when Kise pulled back a little and buried his hands in his hair, pulling him in and kissing him enthusiastically, with his eyes shut in concentration. He was holding on for dear life, because, and they both knew this; when this song was over, they had to go back to their friends, to their lives, to their eventual rivalry, and forget that they ever felt like this for each other.

So Kagami leaned in and claimed Kise’s mouth with his own, tasting alcohol and smoke and strawberry flavored chapstick, and he pretended that the moment could last forever.

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1. kise sure seems to like kasamatsu-senpai’s order to go give his kurokocchi and kagamicchi a greeting hehehhhh


2. kise bby please. now’s not the time to make bedroom eyes at your boyfriends :,)) so fcking handsome though AND it did the job of firing up his boyfriends rivals further


3.  kuroko plz XD he’s so earnest and eager i LOVE it! he is all FIRED UP to go head to head with his dumb blond babie


4. PLEASE THIS LIDDOL DUMBASS IS SO PRECIOUS! WHY’S HE MAKING THAT FACE UWU! he just said something ‘cool’ but kagamicchi be like… damn kise you’re slow UWU

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uhhhh. he rejected one-on-one with his new rival kagami, even though kagami was insisting, because kagami has a match against his bby kise and aominechci don’t want boyfriend to be disappointed :,)) i will cry!


“Play a half-assed game” against Kise “and I’ll kill you” aka don’t you dare slack off or have an excuse to not play seriously against golden boy.
ahhh aominecchi sure can make a guy swoon :,))

bonus: kagamicchi being a dork


finally he makes a choi-


… we get it tiger! you gotta hold up your honour XD gosh! aominecchi is done with this “honourable fool” act XD

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Do you have any non-bleach ships your fond of?

I ship these idiots from Kuroko no Basket, Kuroko Tetsuya and Aomine Daiki. Plus, Aomine’s Japanese voice actor is Grimmjow’s and it’s thanks to this that I landed on Bleach (I was checking out of curiosity the other roles of their voice actors and found it). From the same show I also ship these two.


Kagami Taiga and Kise Ryouta. At the moment, except for GrimmIchi of course, I don’t have any other ships I particularly like. It’s difficult for me to find a ship which is above the others (for example, in boku no hero academia, each ship is fine by me, I love the arts).

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Aomine x Kise & Kagami x Kise

靑黃火 New book!

It is my 10th KRBS Fan book:)

A5/ 24P/ 

[소문의 끝에서]#1

#2 will be next event ! and it would be  R18 

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Just me ranting about my love for Aokise/Kagakise

I’m a major AOKISE fan. They were the reason why I even started watching KnB. When I saw beautiful fanarts of them and read some wonderful fanfics I was instantly hooked.

So when I finally started watching it my love for them only grew. I just love the dynamic they have. I love those kind of relationships which have a rivalry going on between each other and with person A being this tall, broody and dark handsome guy with his ‘I-am-mightier-than-thou’ personality, and B being that bright personality who makes A’s life worthwhile eventhough they are A’s rival.

(And yes Kise is and always will be to me the best player of the miracles. I mean he has the ability to incorporate all of them and every other player’s skills he has ever seen. It’s like having cheat codes! If it weren’t for his injury he would have been even more of a threat to everyone than he already is)

One of my many guilty pleasure is Tōō!Kise and I’m kind of sad that there aren’t any more fanfictions about it. But Tōō!Kise isn’t the point of this.

No, this one is about another MAJOR guilty pleasure of mine concerning KnB.


KAGAKISE is the second ship I fell in love with. There are similarities between the two couples but they still hold distinctive differences.

AOKISE definitely has history, with them having spent so much time together in Teikou and Aomine being the one to inspire Kise to start playing basketball. And I’m a sucker for pining Aomine that doesn’t really want to admit his crush on the pretty blonde model.

KAGAKISE on the other hand has so much potential. And Kagami is amazing boyfriend material. (there are so many fanfictions that portray him in that way. Too sad that there aren’t that many KAGAKISE fanfictions to begin with) (I head canon that Kagami found Kise pretty from the very beginning of meeting him. Add to this his unexpected high skill in basketball and he would be hooked~!)

So what I want is one fanfiction, just one, long, very good fanfiction about Aomine and Kagami fighting for Kise’s affection, trying their best to impress and win the blonde beauty over in their own unique ways. And Kise being all happily oblivious about it (or is he?). The complication though arrives with whom he should end up at the end. I love both pairs so much but I don’t want either Aomine or Kagami to get rejected, so I just usually tend to ship the three of them together. Let me tell AoKiseKaga is the OT3!! (Sexy as fuck and that one scene during Last Game with Aomine and Kagami fighting over Kise’s pass to Kagami didn’t help my poor shipper heart in anyway)

Haha sorry for throwing this at you guys but I felt like I needed to get this off my chest. Anyway you guys can do with this whatever you want, if you wish you can even share your thoughts on it with me or not. And I would definitely start crying and screaming in joy if someone actually decides to write something like that. Haha ok I leave guys alone now. Goodbye~!

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