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So uhhhh, here’s properly drawn fem kuroko and kagami 


lol the next part is where i reveal kaizen’s family (CHOSEN BC AESTHETICS IM SORRY, BUT KAGAKURO IS STILL MY OTP JDFNJSJFFNJ)


a clearer look at kai’s design


note: kaizen was still tohru when i made this-


for the abo thing, how else would kuroko have kids bc fem kuroko belongs to fem kagami >:)



okay so my headcanons so far:


-first born, and kaizen’s older twin sister (i imagine akakuro were in their late 20′s when kuroko finally accepted akashi’s proposal cuz he’s an independent young man who don’t need yo money) 

-if abo is applicable, she’s the alpha female who’ll become the Empress of Akashi Corp. one day lmao

-very into gore and power dynamics like her father, but as emo as her dear mother (despite kuroko’s insistence that he’s a male, since he birthed her, he’s technically her mom so seika doesn’t really care)

-she has way more energy than her parents combined and probably the physical incarnation of bokushi

-she’s the only akakuro kid that became a basketball nerd too 


-i think kise rubbed of some of his sparkles on her, and kuroko is blinded by his daughter on a daily basis (also kuroko’s surname is akashi in the documents but he’s kuroko  tetsuya everywhere else)


-the middle child who’s also the younger twin (i think they might be born somewhere late in october)

- if abo is applicable, he’s the only omega child and papa is in his most protective father mode with him (in contrast to his rivalry with his daughter to almost everything -they also fight for kuroko’s attention every day lol)

-pretty much kuroko with akashi features sans eyes BUT when kuroko is more monotone, neutral and as masculine as an omega can be, kai is way more expressive, easily embarrassed, and basically a tsundere??

-he used to play basketball with his family when he was a kid, but he wasn’t interested in joining an actual team and devotes his time to the arts (animatics, webtoons and fanarts galore)

-he’s still somewhat a basketball fan tho, just not a player  (papa and chichiue are still proud)

AKASHI YUKI (his hair and eyes are really light blue if you’re wondering)

-he’s the youngest by a grand 10 years from his older siblings (the pic says otherwise, i know) and probably born on april 1st or smth bc nobody believed kuroko when he said he was having third kid at his age lmao)

-he’s the wild card of the family-

-like legit, in the abo, he was the one who wore traditionally fem clothes so everybody thought he was going to be another omega but then boom growth spurt and he’s an alpha ;-;

-still likes dem dresses tho

-pretty simple minded in a mister cheese sort of way (the akashi genius still lives within him tho) 

-the only one who got the full misdirection package from kuroko (apparently the twins’ red hair are hard to miss)

…who made his parent’s eyes sweat with his decision to become a volleyball player (they still love and support him tho)

NOTE: yeah having akakuro as parents lead to a very stiff childhood, but rest assured, that’s just the parents’ personality and they still spoil them in their own way)

also yeah, they refer to them as their current closeness would have it:

seika refers to akashi and kuroko as ‘father’ and ‘*insert compliment* mother (or mama if she’s in her vulnerable states) because of her (reasonable) logic and because father is her eternal arch nemesis muahaha

the ‘papa’ thing between akashi and kai indicates their closeness, while he calls kuroko ‘chichiue’ because well, their similar personalities don’t really convey their affection for one another so yeah

yuki just calls them both dad so it’s pretty confusing or daddy/mommy for distinction but the unholiness to the couple is very apparent . He’s pretty neutral when it comes to favoritism (he slightly prefers kuroko  over akashi tho)


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babe i assure you I’m absolutely into ur title asks especially bc they’re always some great song lyrics and that is Extremely On Brand for a title/fic from me

title: hold me tight or don’t

synopsis: Kagami wasn’t Kuroko’s first heartbreak, but he was definitely the worst. They were young, dumb and carefree in high school, and the future seemed so distant, so out of reach still - at least for Kuroko. In hindsight, he could swear that Kagami sometimes seemed like he knew it would end like this, with a hasty goodbye at the airport, one last kiss and then years of radio silence.

Four years with the Lakers would change a person, except that Kagami’s still the same goofy boy that Kuroko grew to love and happened to somewhat fall for. Because of course he came back, unprompted and unannounced, standing at his front door. At their front door, because Kagami wasn’t Kuroko’s first heartbreak, but he was the one that got away, and Kuroko just can’t stay away from those who hurt him.

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For this one, I’m doing both friendship and relationship headcanons because Kuroko deserves his harem.


  • As friends, Kagami will occasionally buy Kuroko a milkshake and a burger after practice if Kuroko doesn’t have the money.
  • If they’re in a relationship, Kagami would invite Kuroko over often and cook him some of their favorite foods.


  • Kise texts Kuroko a lot, even when they are in class. He’ll always be trying to make plans with him for playing basketball, going shopping, seeing new movies, etc.
  • If they’re boyfriends, this will only accelerate. Kuroko’s house is actually also Kise’s and vise versa. 


  • This is already canon but Midorima will do small things to make sure Kuroko doesn’t have bad things happen to him. For example, giving him his lucky pencil for testing and giving him his lucky item on his birthday.
  • As boyfriends, Midorima will invite Kuroko to study with him often as an excuse to spend time with him but also to make sure he does well in his classes.


  • He will invite Kuroko to play basketball, watch NBA games on TV, and other basketball related things with him. Also, like Kagami, Aomine will get him milkshakes and food often.
  • Aomine would open up to Kuroko once in a while about his issues with basketball and how shitty he felt while in Teiko. (This one could be applied to either a relationship or friendship, but I think it fits more so as a relationship.)


  • He would want to talk to Kuroko a lot if they are in a relationship as a way of showing his affection, so he would start conversations by talking about candies and foods he thinks Kuroko would like.
  • Before Kuroko has any basketball games, Murasakibara would wish him good luck.


  • As friends, Akashi would sometimes give Kuroko tips on how to improve in basketball, but his tips aren’t really anything too big or helpful because Akashi still wants to kick his ass.
  • If they were in a relationship, Akashi would try to visit him in Tokyo as often as he can since he is usually very busy with schoolwork and basketball.
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Winter, for Kagami, meant going to the roof of the building to watch the few stars the could be seen in Tokyo’s sky. When Kuroko and Aomine decided to join him, they soon realized that only one of them would be able to sit next to Kagami, as there was only one beach chair to spare. 

This is part of the Summerfest Bingo Event from @sloaners​ tumblr
The prompt for this one was: Fighting over the last beach chair

It’s been a while since I’ve made any kind of content for KnB but my heart still loves the AoKagaKuro ot3

Card under the cut!

Keep reading

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I really am so happy when I get asks cuz I super rarely get them 😊❤

You’re gonna make a fic?? That’s awesome! Hehe I may not be that deep in kagakuro/knb right now but I still love looooove that pair and series! (And I’m still hoping for more seasons ahhh)

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