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I’m so happy that after so many years of hate, Kagami is finally getting the appreciation it deserves

Thank you everyone for making such wonderful content! I’m not afriad of sharing what I like anymore, thanks to all of you <3

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“ Good evening ”

“Good evening mom, how are you? ”

“ quite Fine, thank you. How about you? ”

“ Hearing your voice is the only thing that makes me feel good, it was a boring day ”

“ I apologize if I’ve always been busy … I hope you understand that I’m not getting free time. I hardly find time for anything that has nothing to do with business ”

“ Don’t worry about it, it’s okay ”

“ Let’s change the subject, how was the school ? ”

“ … my classmates have tried to topple me in trouble ”

“ Bullying? how did you solve this problem? ”

“ 3 students has told the teacher that I stole a pen from them ”

“ Pen? Don’t you have enough? ”

“ It was a weak and suspicious argument, which made the teacher doubt what they were saying .. I did not even bother to oppose verbally, I asked the teacher to check the surveillance cameras to know that I had not touched anything ”

“ did she refused? ”

“ No, she took us to the principal’s office, she asked permission to watch the video. and After proving my innocence, she asked them not to waste her time again. And each of us returned to their seat ”

“ well , I am happy to hear that you managed to protect your reputation among students and faculty as you should, always remember to be careful with everyone, no matter how confident you feel towards them ”

“ I will, and! Can I ask you something ? ”

“ what is it ? ”

“ When .. will you and my father be back? ”

“ I told you the same answer a lot, any time we finish our project, we will be able to return, currently we are forced to live far from you, we’re indeed don’t want this but this is only temporary ”

“ alright then.. ”

“ I have to go asleep right now , have a good night ”

“ good night ”

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hehe i finally came round to this,, here have a chibigami



  • kagami learnt archery from her father
  • she usually listens to classical, because that’s what her mother prefers, but then it’s alya who introduces her to pop
  • oh and she takes a liking to billie eilish and sia
  • this is more or less canon but she’s bi(ro)
  • and this is more of a personal thing but she’s ace as well. her hero form is a dragon after all
  • ryuko will definitely kill akumas if they were found hurting adrien and/or marinette
  • she has that soft look that no one’s noticed yet, but when marinette does she’s like “heart eyes, motherfucker”
  • kagami likes adrien because he’s a banana boy and she loves bananas
  • she doesn’t know video games because of reasons but is willing to learn that, alongside some sort of instrument
  • adrien introduces her to anime and she goes overboard with them, like she doesn’t get posters but cosplays as much as she can
  • she is literally hot and exudes smoke on cold winter nights
  • she is a hugger in sleep
  • she loves strawberry ice cream, your honor

send me a character to draw [🎨] or headcanon [🖋]

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