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[ Image Description: a cartoony digital drawing of hibiya amamiya and hiyori asahina from the kagerou project. both hiyori and hibiya are facing the left of the screen in a ¾ths view, walking with their arms out. hibiya is looking off screen to the left sheepishly and hiyori looking uninterested over at hibiya. hibiya is a boy with short curly light brown hair, dark brown eyes and freckles. he’s wearing a white hooded vest over a blue polo shirt, black cargo shorts, a black bracelet on his left wrist, a brown bandaid on his left knee and black sandals. he is also holding a white shopping back in his right hand. the shopping bag has a pink tube sticking out of it. hiyori is a black eyes girl with black hair tied into two twintails that rest over her shoulders. she is wearing an x-shaped pink hair clip on the right side of her head, a black t-shirt under a sleeveless pink dress, a black bracelet on her right wrist and brown and pink sandals. end ID]

shopping trip………

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[ Image Description: a fully body digital drawing of a young mary kozakura from the kagerou project. mary in this drawing is a little girl with very long poofy white hair that reaches her knees and pastel pink and blue eyes. She has two sections of her hair in front of her shoulders, obscuring her arms due to their length. Mary has a pink flower above her right ear and is wearing a pink knee-length dress with a frilly front, short white socks and pink flats. She is looking directly at the camera and has her mouth open in a happy smile. end ID]

baby mary! she deserves the world she’s just a baby

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⛔️⚠️image description describes gore! proceed with caution⚠️⛔️

[Image Description: a primarily uncolored digital drawing of hiyori and hibiya from the kagerou project. hiyori is a girl with black pigtails in a quarter-sleeved shirt, an overall skirt and sandals. hibiya is a freckled boy with short curly hair, a t-shirt underneath a hooded vest, shorts and sandals. hiyori is seen kneeling besides hibiya on the street, crying with her hands balled into fists in her lap. hibiya is lying on the floor in front of her, eyes closed and smiling. his left arm is out to his side and his right arm is bent unnaturally underneath his torso with both his eggs spread slightly apart. there is blood underneath hibiya and some on his left arm. there is a box in the top right of the drawing and inside it shows hiyori running with her arm outstretched. she is crying with a panicked expression. in the bottom left of the drawing there is an additional box showing a close up of hiyori covering her mouth and crying in shock. end ID]

on august 14th, a girl awoke upon her bed
and she said,
“i failed this time, too…”

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[ Image Description: a digital drawing of momo kisaragi from the kagerou project. she is standing with her legs a bit apart and her fists up in an excited manner. momo is a freckle girl with short, wavy dyed hair that gradients from yellow to orange. Her hair is shoulder-length and part of it is tied up in a side ponytail. she has red eyes and is wearing a cyan bow in her hair and a black ear piece in her left ear. she is wearing a frilly black, orange and yellow dress with cyan off the shoulder quarter-length sleeves, black fingerless gloves, black tights shorts and black strappy flats over orange and yellow frilly socks. momo is smiling wide and looking directly at the viewer. end ID]

hi! i wanted to draw @/north-raining’s redesign of momo’s idol outfit… again! it’s important to me

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[ Image Description: a digital drawing of 4 characters from the kagerou project. There are two middle school students, Shintaro and Ayano, sitting right next to each other on separate desks. Behind each of them is a taller semi-transparent person. Shintaro is sitting on the left. He is wearing an garukan that is unbuttoned down to his chest making the button up shirt underneath it visible. He has short, fluffy black hair and black eyes. He’s looking down at the work on his desk, unbothered by the figure behind him. The figure behind him is Saeru. Saeru is a scaled humanoid with black hair braided into a short braid and black horns. He has red snake eyes and long fangs and is looking smugly at the semi-transparent figure on the right.  He has his right hand on Shintaro’s right shoulder and his left hand up to gesture while he speaks.

Ayano is sitting on the right. She is wearing a black sailor collared shirt and a red scarf. She has short, uncolored hair with red hair clips in and black eyes. She’s looking down at her work and smiling, also unbothered by the figure behind her. The semi-transparent person behind her is Shintaro, but as an older teenager with messier hair, red snake eyes and scales. He is wearing a red scarf, matching Ayano’s, and a red jacket. He is looking angrily at Saeru and has both his hands on Ayano’s shoulders. End ID]

HELLO welcome to my shinkuro AU aka my au where shintaro has clearing eyes and ayano has retaining eyes. 

ayano’s retaining eyes AKA yaki is shintaro in this au because shintaro became retaining eyes in this au instead of ayano and he had mary give retaining eyes to ayano instead. this au has been living rent free in my head since september

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[ Image Description: a two panel digital comic featuring characters from the Kagerou Project. The first panel shows the character Momo standing behind the character Hibiya with her hands over Hibiya’s eyes. Momo is a girl with shoulder-length curly hair dyed in a yellow/orange gradient with part of her hair pulled into a side ponytail, red eyes, freckles and a spotted orange and white sweater. Hibiya is a boy with short brown curly hair, freckles and a white and blue jacket over a dark blue t-shirt. In the second panel it shows Momo and Hibiya from behind facing a kitchen island with a blue cake and various colorful presents on top of it and 9 people sitting around it. Momo’s hand can be seen now, showing that she has uncovered Hibiya’s eyes. 

There are 4 people sitting on the left side; a girl in a blue dress and pink cardigan with white coily hair that gradients to black, a boy with short and neat black hair wearing a green jacket and light blue jeans, a boy with messy black hair in a red hoodie and a boy with dyed blond hair in a black and grey vertically striped button-up shirt. The girl with the blue dress and the boy with the green jacket are sitting in front of the counter while the other two are sitting behind it. 

On the right side there are 5 people sitting; a girl with black hair in two low twintails wearing a pink hoodie underneath pale pink overalls, a girl with black hair in two high and short twintails wearing a black shirt, blue jacket, denim shorts and black leggings, a boy with white hair, lime green headphones and a matching lime green sweater, a girl with short brown hair wearing a red scarf, pink cardigan and plaid red and black skirt, and a girl with dyed green dreadlocks pulled into a bun wearing a purple apron over a black and white striped shirt. The girls in twintails are in front of the counter while the other 3 people are behind it. end ID ]

happy birthday hibiya amamiya!

besides kenjirou I think hibiya’s birthday is the first birthday after august 15th? especially since hibiya’s birthday is the first birthday after in the dan? i think it’d be a bit of a big deal since its like “no yeah we’re alive, huh? we’re living.” a reality check, if you will. 

anyways surprise birthday party. hiyori told the dan when his birthday was. it’s his birthday now and kido baked the cake

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[ image description: three highly saturated and stylized digital drawings of mary kozakura from the kagepro project. on the left of the image, mary is drawn standing and facing the right, kicking her right leg out and holding the skirt of her dress in her hands. she has white coily hair that gradients to black. the back of her hair cropped very short and she has two long strands in the front. mary has light pink eyes with blue pupils. she is smiling with an open mouth grin and is wearing two pink bows in her hair, a blue dress with quarter length sleeves, white leggings, baggy white socks and brown boots. to this drawings right there are two more drawings of mary. the one on top has her from the belly up wearing a blue dress with a white apron on top. unlike the previous drawing, her hair is pure white and is long in the back. She is looking offscreen to the left but is facing the right, smiling. the mary directly under this one has the cropped and gradient hair as the first one has, but is wearing the same outfit as the mary above it. she is facing the viewer and is drawn angry and crying. There are 6 snake skeletons floating around her in a protective circle and this mary has snake scales on her cheeks. end ID ]

mary kozakura…….. i love u

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[ Image Description: various multicolored doodles of characters from the kagerou project; mostly in halloween costumes. The first image has two blue drawings of two little kids; a boy with short curly hair and girl with two twintails. the boy is in a ghost costume made of a white sheet and the girl is in a cat costume made of a cat ear headband, a fake tail, drawn on whiskers and a spotted sweater. The first image also has two drawings of a different girl who has short hair and is in a witch costume with a broom. The second image has a boy with messy short hair and a girl with a side ponytail drawn in blue. the boy is wearing a red shirt that reads “this is my halloween costume” with the girl looking very angry at him. The girl is wearing a fake butcher knife headband and a torn up outfit stained with fake blood. There is two additional drawings of the girl smiling and the boy squeezing a toy menacingly. The third image is 3 drawings of a boy with curly hair sitting in a motorized wheelchair. One shows him smiling in a green sweater and waving his hand. This drawing is labeled “haruka,” in green. The other two drawings have him in an astronaut costume, holding the helmet on his lap with a cardboard cut out of a spaceship tapped to the side of the wheelchair’s armrest. One of these drawings is labeled “i’m living my best life” in green. 

The fourth image is a black drawing of a boy in a demon halloween costume and a red drawing of the boy with short messy hair laying on the floor with fake blood splattered under him. The boy in black has a speech bubble above him that reads, “a body has been discovered.” the boy in red on the floor is labeled “shintaro found dead in miami” with a broken heart drawn next to the text. the fifth image has a drawing of the boy in the motorized wheelchair from the third image and the two little kids from the first image all walking next to each other in regular daytime clothes. the drawing is labeled “they are friends” with a smiley face next to the text. the final image has two green drawings of a boy wearing a werewolf costume made up of wolf ears, a fur trimmed jacket, dirty pants, boots and a wolf’s tail. the first drawing has him standing and the second is from the stomach up. the name “seto” has been written in blue block text underneath the two drawings and they have both been labeled “wolf boy” in blue. end ID]


here are some scribbles i drew in a really long whiteboard of a few of the mekakushi dan in halloween costumes ft “a body has been discovered” drawn by my friend @sinningsmyspecialty (posted w/ permission)!

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Part 3


Beta read and edited by @tookbackthefalls

Content Warnings: discussions of death, descriptions of a panic attack, self hatred

Description: What if, when time is reset, the remaining survivors in the mekakushi dan don’t die, or at least, they don’t realize they have. What if their retain their sentience in a timeline that has split from the current, trapped with consciousness in a world of warped time and horrible memories? What would they feel? How would they act as the remaining members of the tragedy? And, finally, what if those people were Shintaro Kisaragi, Hiyori Asahina and Mary Kozakura, the 3 remaining survivors of Manga Route 02? Let’s think about that.

It was a long walk back to the city.

It was an uneasy one, too. As Mary and Shintaro explained what they could, the older boy kept himself between them, as if afraid Hiyori might attack her again. She wouldn’t. At least, she didn’t think so. She wasn’t sorry for what she did; not entirely, but even then she wasn’t sure.

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[ Image Description: a digital drawing of Hibiya and Hiyori from the Kagerou Project with an Eevee and Purrloin behind them from pokémon. They are full body drawings. Hibiya is on the left; he is a boy with short curly light brown hair,  dark brown eyes and many freckles. He is standing with one hand clenched in a fist at his right side and his other hand holding onto a backpack strap. He’s wearing a white and cyan hoodie with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, a blue button up shirt underneath the hoodie, a brown leather backpack, dark blue shorts, dark brown hanging suspenders, white socks and brown boots. He has a brown bandaid on his left knee. He is wearing two cyan hair clips in his left bangs. Behind him is the Eevee, a small brown fox-like creature with rabbit ears and a fluffy cream chest. The eevee is wearing a cyan collar. Both hibiya and eevee are looking to the right. 

Hiyori is on the right, standing with an annoyed expression with her hands on her hips. She has long black hair tied into two low twintails and black eyes. She is wearing a white over the shoulder bag, a purple jacket, a pink polo shirt, a pale pink pleated skirt, black tight shorts, white socks and black sneakers. The sneakers have pink bows on them and she has two bandaids on her left knee. She is wearing two pink hair clips in her left bangs. Hugging her right leg is the Purrloin. Purrloin is a small bipedal purple cat with cyan eyes and a cyan collar, along with a pale yellow muzzle and sock patterns on it’s front and back legs. Both Hiyori and Purrloin are looking to the right offscreen. end ID]

didn’t feel like shortening the image description i hope y’all don’t mind! i wanna make sure it’s accessible over having a short caption 💖

i’ve been working on a pokémon au with one of my friends and i wanted to design hibi and hiyo, the main characters! they are brand new trainers going on a pokémon journey, however they don’t live near a professor so they’re just bringing their family pokémon with them! 

meet hibiya’s eevee and hiyori’s purrloin! idk what their nicknames are yet so if anyone has any ideas please share i’m 👀

hopefully i’ll make more content for this little au soon!! bc wow have we been thinking 

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[ Image Description: a digital drawing cut off at the shoulders of Ayano from the Kagerou Project. Ayano is a girl with brown hair tucked into a scarf and dark brown eyes with hearts in them. In the drawing she is looking offscreen to the right making a subtle surprised expression, wearing two red hair clips in her hair, a red scarf and a pale pink shirt. end ID]

not to draw ayano with the exact same color palette as before But i rlly like these warm colors on her

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[Image Description: a cartoony digital drawing of Ayano from the Kagerou Project. She is drawn standing with her legs out a bit wide and her right arm up and bent at the elbow in a wave with her hands stylized into simple circles. She is smiling a closed mouth grin. Ayano is a girl with short light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair is tucked into a red scarf around her shoulders. She is wearing two red hair snaps, a white, brown and red striped shirt, a brown pleated skirt, white socks and red vans sneakers. Her shirt is tucked into her skirt and she has a brown bandaid on her right leg. end ID]

AYANO! here’s her in an alt outfit bc she deserves to wear something like,, not warm with that scarf of hers

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