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#kagerou project

[Image Description: a cartoony digital drawing of Ayano from the Kagerou Project. She is drawn standing with her legs out a bit wide and her right arm up and bent at the elbow in a wave with her hands stylized into simple circles. She is smiling a closed mouth grin. Ayano is a girl with short light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair is tucked into a red scarf around her shoulders. She is wearing two red hair snaps, a white, brown and red striped shirt, a brown pleated skirt, white socks and red vans sneakers. Her shirt is tucked into her skirt and she has a brown bandaid on her right leg. end ID]

AYANO! here’s her in an alt outfit bc she deserves to wear something like,, not warm with that scarf of hers

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Coup D’état (Chapter 2/3)

  • Word Count: 7186
  • TW: Mention of animal death, animal attack, and use of a racial slur*
  • *DISCLAIMER: Throughout this chapter, I use the term “half-breed” to refer to Shion, a character who is half-human, half-Medusa. I was initially unaware of the fact this term was considered to be a racial slur directed towards biracial/mixed ancestral people. That’s why this disclaimer exists. Please understand I’m only using the term in a fictional context but if it still makes readers uncomfortable, then you are free to click off this fic.

How fitting that the second chapter of this fic, a chapter in which things start to go dark and depicts the crumbling relationship between Saeru and Azami, is posted close to Halloween!

I wanna apologize in advance if this chapter seems really aimless. I had some trouble in connecting the plot points I wanted to write in this because there were just so many and I don’t think I’ve completely figured out how some of these connect but I tried my best.

Another thing that plagued this was contradicting information. As I said in the last chapter, I’m using the Wiki to help me fill in some of the gaps in my memory/the fic but there’s some info that left me confused because it contradicted itself. I’m not blaming the mods for this, I just think it should be specified which route some of the information comes from. That’s probably why some of it was contradictory, it was because of different routes. This is what I get for writing a fic where time fuckery is a thing…

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Mikutober Day 2: Favorite Producer

My favorite producer is Jin, who created kagerou project and all the amazing songs associated with it! So for this prompt I decided to draw my thre fave characters from the song series. It’s been so long since I’ve drawn any of these characters, but it was nice to revisit it!

Also, rip cuz I’ve already failed this challenge even tho there are only two prompts a week. I’ll try to keep going tho.

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for a longer image description please look under the cut! for now here’s a short one.

[ Image Description: 5 cartoony illustrations of Ayano, Kido, Kano, Mary and Seto from the kagerou project. All of the drawings are from the stomach up and have a warm tint to them.  Ayano is at the top left with her hands up, smiling. A text black bubble coming from her has the asexual and pansexual pride flag in it. Kido is next to Ayano at the top right. They are looking idly offscreen to the right and has a hand up with their thumb, index and middle finger extended. Their black text bubble has the trans, lesbian and non-binary pride flag in it. Directly underneath Kido is a drawing of Seto smiling. He is looking over his shoulder to the left. His text bubble has the asexual, pansexual and trans pride flag in it. Directly under Ayano is Kano, who is smiling at Seto and looking at him. His text bubble has the gay and trans flag in it. Between the two of them is a drawing of Mary, smiling open mouthed with her eyes closed. Her text bubble has the asexual, neutrois and bellusromantic flags in it, as well as a drawing of a bunny surrounded by hearts. end ID]

hi i think the tateyama siblings said gay and trans rights. mary is none gender left girl

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