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#kageyama tobio

remember, forever.

tobio kageyama x reader


description: in which the boy you’ve loved for years unexpectedly becomes your baby daddy. the catch? he’s in love with someone else.

genre: angst, cheating, unrequited love

a/n: (possible TW) mention of abortion. long chapter ahead :)


[part five]

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Kinktober 10/29: Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama Royal AU


This is my original artwork. Please do not repost.

Kristen, this was so so much fun to do, just two princes on a winter stroll.

It was truly the biggest test of stamina, with all the texture, snow, and shading, so pleaseeee zoom in and take in the details. 😵

Challenged myself with this one because Kristen deserves all my love. 💋 Was sort of inspired by the snowy vibes from Game of Thrones and my ridiculously cold apartment. 🥶 (someone please come save me with a space heater).

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Kinktober Taglist (Open, lmk if you want to be added): @ceo-of-daichi @super-noya @karasu-hoes @juminly @clementineisnowonthisdamnsite @sugawara-sweetheart @chichibia @scorpiosanssexy @crocyoota @nonexistent-social-life-mainacct @alia-chan @ladybird-00 @danibby 

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request: hi happy 400 im so proud of you !! can i request tsukishima, oikawa, and kageyama getting jealous that another guy is talking to you lollll. thank u <33

OMG i just sent the jealousy request can u make it nsfw pls 😳 LOL THANK U !!! - anon

a/n: lol it’s no problem !! thanks so much for requesting love ! 🥺💘😽


tsukishima, oikawa, and kageyama getting jealous over text

pairings: tsukishima x gn!reader, oikawa x gn!reader, kageyama x gn!reader
genre: nsfw !
warnings: nsfw (characters as always are aged up :) ), swearing
nsfw under the cut !

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[a/n: ayo it’s the chapter that made me Stop wanting to delete everything we love to see it ! miya nd kage biggest simps alive 🙄🙄 also THEY SAID THE TITLE ugh ch11 supremacy 😌]

pairing: kageyama x oc

warning: mild swearing

masterlist: x

✧─── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧

A slight wind whipped its way through Miya’s hair as she lingered beside the school’s gates, waiting for her boyfriend to emerge within the hordes of students also leaving. It was the final day of school before she and (hopefully) the rest of the boys’ volleyball team would embark on their trip to Tokyo, and also the day that they received the results of the exams that they’d just about survived in the first half of the week. She knew that her boyfriend had tried so hard to pass them all, and they’d arranged a sort-of date for this afternoon, to either celebrate his successes or console him over any disappointments. She knew that it was the least she could do.

When she finally saw Kageyama in the crowd, head slumped forward and dark hair hiding the majority of his face, her heart sank. Had he failed? Even after all of that effort and support? Could he not go to Tokyo? As her mind raced, the boy made his way over to her, and a veil of mystery hung thick around his eyes, leaving his innermost feelings undecipherable once more. He beckoned her with a twitch of his neck, and she warily approached.

“Well,” he asked, stubbornly refusing to meet her gaze by instead looking in the direction of where they were headed. “Are we doing this then?”

“Are you ok, babe?” she simpered, slipping a hand into his and squeezing it in support. “Kage, if you don’t feel up for doing this it’s ok, you can tell me. What’s happened?”. His hand was lifeless in response, not automatically entwining their fingers as he so often did, and Miya’s face crumbled. Still, she clung on in desperation as he began to march towards their chosen spot, glaring straight ahead. As she watched his face, searching for a clear sign of what his results had been, the only thing she found that reassured her was that there was a total absence of his roaring flames of anger. What was going on?

Suddenly, a grin cracked his sharp facade as they reached the edge of the hill that their school resided on. He spluttered a little, before finally composing himself.

“Oh my God…you should see your face!” he cried, an unfamiliarly amused smile lighting his own. Miya looked at him in bewilderment, until her expression suddenly flashed into a new one.

“Did you pass?!” she almost screamed, her voice risen in excitement and with a beam to mirror his.

“Yes! Well, for the most part.” Kage added, and her face dropped again. Seeing her questioning expression, he knew what she was about to ask, and clarified it quickly. “But it’s ok! It was only English, it’s not like I’m surprised. Probably your fault for distracting me!” he rolled his eyes in mock accusation at the girl, trying not to let triumphant laughter from his newfound knowledge that he could hide his feelings from her overtake his explanation too much. “Anyway, because it was only this tiny thing that stopped me from passing, I can retake it already tomorrow morning and still go on the trip!” With that, he grabbed both of her hands and squeezed them tightly, beaming from ear to ear.

“I-I’m so happy for you!” Miya stuttered, her face filled with glee and pride for his achievements. She had, of course, passed all of her exams too, and, as they made their way down the hill, she told him that, receiving just as much excited support as she’d given him. He matched her energy with surprising effortlessness, the two running on happiness and relief. As they entered their coach’s family store, however, a sudden realisation washed over the girl.

“Wait, if you’re retaking your exam tomorrow morning, how will you get to Tokyo? We’re leaving super early, right?”

“Yeah…” he muttered, looking concerned for a second. “Takeda told us that he’d sort something out, but he didn’t mention what.”

“Aw,” she pouted, and pulled a sad expression that was equal parts playful and genuine. “I was looking forward to sleeping on your shoulder on the bus…”

“Well,” he teased, tentatively reaching out a hand to cup her cheek softly. “You should’ve given me another good luck kiss then! That must be why I didn’t manage to pass!” At her gasp in mock outrage, he laughed before fixing her with a genuine, deep stare, witnessing her melt on the spot as she remained glued in position, held down by her personal prison that was, of course, his startling eyes. His voice deepened as he muttered quietly, to her and only her. “Speaking of…I’ve been thinking I might need a new one, you know? For the one I take tomorrow?”

Colour danced through Miya’s cheeks as she clung to his gaze. His voice was honey, dripping with a new amorous tone that had risen its head in recent days as he steadily grew more adventurous and confident in the promised safety that was his first loving relationship. His eyes bore into hers, an endless deep blue that she both feared and yearned drowning in. She was fragile to his touch; his mere hand on her face left her heart racing and her breath stunted. Hypnotised by his words, unable to break their eye contact, she leaned up, up towards him. Suddenly, a voice shattered their moment, and they blinked in surprise.

“Oi!” a man roared, from the front of the store, which they thought they were hidden from. “Don’t act like I don’t know what you’re up to back there, you two naughty first-years.” It was the taunting voice of their coach, clearly entertained by the fright he knew he’d given them. “If you’re going to do that kind of thing then I’m not one to stop you, but I’d appreciate it if it wasn’t in my shop. Either buy something or piss off!” The pair both jumped in surprise, Kage dropping Miya’s cheek instantly, and the look of a deer-in-headlights filled their faces. With cheeks flooded a deep red, they emerged from behind the shelves with cartons of milk and heads hung in shame. As their coach sniggered, they blurted requests for the fresh pork buns behind him, and quickly scarpered from the shop. Ukai was still laughing at them almost half an hour after their departure.

Recovering from their shock on a bench that they’d assured was out of sight from the shop, Kageyama wrapped his arm around his girlfriend as they both made shy nibbles into their buns. The bread was soft and warm, and the tenderness of the meat inside made Kage drool. Still, he withheld his wolfish instinct to devour the bun in seconds as per usual due to his awareness of Miya’s presence at his side. Though she leaned into him comfortably, the two remained silent, both still dumbfounded by their rude interruption and unsure on how to get things back in motion. Despite having been together for a solid 10 weeks by this point, the act of a physical date rather than shyly affectionate interactions in school was still fairly new to them. As he sipped on his milk (strawberry, unfortunately, because she had wanted to have chocolate for a change), Miya tentatively broke their silence.

“I’m so happy you’ve done so well in these tests,” she looked up at him with a sheepish grin. “I couldn’t be prouder of you for all that studying you did.”

“Well, i-it’s you I’m grateful for.” He told her earnestly, urging himself to throw the thanking words out that he was still unaccustomed to using. “It’s weird, but… you almost make me feel like I can do anything, Miya: God knows how, but you’ve changed my attitude so much for the better. This relationship this l-um, love, I’ve not had it before. You help give me that motivation, that need to succeed in something that isn’t volleyball, for a change”

“Hey, steady on, softie.” she laughed playfully, her eyes sparkling. “I thought it was my lack of substantial glittery kisses that meant you can’t share that bus journey with me tomorrow?”

“Well,” Kage blushed, wondering how to clarify his contradicting words as he anticipated what was coming next as her gaze fixed on his face once more. “I didn’t want to blame you, I just meant, um, I wouldn’t compl-”

He was cut off by a decisive finger on his lips and a soft ‘shh’ from his girlfriend. Those sparks flew through him, the new sparks that felt like electricity coursing around his body and spurring him on to maintain the action every time their mouths met. Kissing was familiar and common to him now, physical connections with Miya being one of the things he enjoyed most about their time together, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t treat each one like it was as important as his first.

It flared in passion, and excitement at finally committing the sacred act he’d been waiting for. She was strawberry lip balm, a sweetness somehow overriding the taste of their buns and drinks. She was intense, painted nails lightly digging into his skin as one hand gripped his toned arm. The other still held his face, and he fell limp at her touch in a state of pure bliss, sinking into her cradling fingers as he kissed back as though he’d never stop. Miya’s confidence soared at having been the one to initiate this contact, and she knew that this feeling of her boyfriend’s lips would remain on hers for long after they left. Though she loved when his arms affectionately took her in from behind and he planted a kiss on her head, it was moments of this intenser nature that truly left her heart racing, and there had been very few since their monumental declaration just over a week ago.

When they fell apart for air, reality drifted for a while. The sound of cars driving past; the footsteps of strangers with stares averted; the tolls of bells above the doors of nearby shops: all were merely background smudges in the painting that was this couple on the bench. Thoughts of Tokyo, exams, and embarrassing coaches all withered the seconds their lips met, and their heads were filled only with each other. As their breathing gradually fell back into normality, they gazed at each other in wonder. Suddenly, however, Miya’s love-struck daze was broken.

“Shit…” she muttered, shifting her eyes to the road as another thought clearly took residence at the forefront of her mind. “I can’t believe I’ve forgotten…”

“What is it?” her boyfriend asked, unable to break his view of her face.

“The fucking bus back to my house!” she cried, leaping to her feet and quickly checking the time on her phone. “The last one leaves in about 10 minutes. I’m so fucking sorry. I’ve got to go!”

“Oh! Well, um, thank God it’s not something really serious. You worried me!” he replied, laughing at her clumsiness. “You don’t need to say sorry, I’m seeing you tomorrow anyway. And it means I get to finish the rest of these buns.”

“In your dreams that I’m leaving them all with you, you greedy pig!” she grinned, hastily grabbing the bag and handing him just one of the remaining three before backing away in a hurry. “Good luck for tomorrow, again.” she remembered, and he smiled in response. “Wait, one last thing…do you know?” Her eyebrows twitched questioningly, and she put a hand on her chest while throwing him an earnest look.

“I know.” he replied with a nod, heart jumping at the return to their own special way of saying the three words that remained daunting, and, satisfied, she turned and speed-walked towards the nearest bus stop, just opposite Ukai’s store. Kage sat, captivated by her retreating figure, and his hand remained hovering by his chest as he saw her hair fly out behind her; saw her hands cling to the weak paper bag the way they’d clung to his arm in what simultaneously felt like moments and a lifetime ago. As she disappeared around a corner, the butterflies that she always stirred within him gradually began to calm. Even in her absence, Miya had his full attention and, after moments like that one, he felt that that would never change.

✧─── ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧

chapter 10  ・ 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. chapter 12

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