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strawberrykake · 10 hours ago
When he pulls the “not saying ‘ily’ back” prank
Tumblr media
but with a twist…
—image reads: “i love you, i love you, don’t cry”
warnings/ notes: angst (omg finally??), broken/insecure relationships, married relationships, fluff, cursing, pregnancy (Atsumu), long reading (GLHF)
Kageyama, Atsumu (fem!reader) || reader
♢ Kageyama ☄. *. ⋆
“Really? I have to wait another whole day to see you?” you grumble against your phone to your athlete husband on the other end.
He had planned to come early to your shared home in the US after a long trip from the pro-game in Japan.
“Yeah, it sucks. If only they didn’t cancel the damn flight. Ugh.” Kageyama groans. “I gotta go. Ushijima-san is calling me. Bye, honey.”
“Aw, okay.” The solemn tone in your voice makes his heart crack.
Because of the time he spent focusing on volleyball, he had to make up for all the times he missed out with you.
Even though you never complained, he knew he was a terrible husband for it.
That’s why your husband has a whole surprise for you.
That’s why he’s not actually still in Japan.
And that is why he’s sitting in the car, outside your home with a lot of gifts and your favorite snacks from Japan that he knew you love.
Before hanging up, you end with your usual parting phrase. “Talk to you later, Tobio. Love you.”
“See you.” He smirks, having a cruel idea.
After a long pause, you speak. “Tobio?” you elongate the ‘o’ at the end of his name.
“Yes, sweetheart?” he says, grinning.
“Say it.” You say, sternly.
“Say what?” He asks, innocently.
What he doesn’t know is that you thought he was being genuine.
“Forget it, Kageyama,” you grit. “Bye.” And with that, you hung up.
Ooh. The last name. She’s real mad, he thinks to himself.
You, on the other hand start overthinking things.
Did he really forget? Oh my god. He’s fallen out of love for me, hasn’t he…I knew this would happen. And it’s partially my fault for not communicating with him.
Your thoughts go in a spiral and before you know it, tears start trickling down your cheeks.
You grab a kitchen towel and sat down at the empty dining table, drowning yourself in your miserable thoughts
Because you knew you still love him and there’s nothing you want more in this world than to see him happy
Maybe you don’t make him happy. Maybe playing volleyball is his escape from you.
Kageyama waits in the car, for a minute longer thinking you’d call back.
When you don’t, he rushes out with his bags and opens the door with his keys.
The living room door opening makes you jump
“Y/N?” His voice makes you go pale.
“What the hell?” You whisper, feeling both excited and nervous that he’s home.
You plan to hide your tears but it was too late as Kageyama rushes straight to you, giving you a huge hug.
“Y/N! Surprise! Babe, I missed you so much. You know I was just tric—y/n?” He stops mid-sentence when he hears you sniffle. He pulls away to observe your face, his heart almost stopping, and his smile now gone.
“D-do you still love me?” you ask, voice shaking a little.
At this point, you couldn’t stop your tears as they fell, though, you attempt to blink them
Nothing but regret filled his heart.
“Fck,” he cursed to himself. “I’m. So. Sorry. Holy shit. I’m so sorry. I’m an idiot.” He mentally punches himself.
It never occurred to him that you've been questioning his sincerity in your relationship.
Small whimpers escape your lips as you try to hold back your cries.
“I love you sooooo much. You don’t understand,” he starts, inhaling with shaky breaths and clinging to you. His hand softly caresses your hair. “I love you. I love you, please don’t cry.” Kageyama feels a lump in his throat as he says those words.
But it only made you crumble down harder
He, himself, is breaking. A tear, falling down his cheek, is evident of it.
You both know that this crying session is long overdue
After many moments of feigning laughs and the words “im ok”, it’s about time that you tell him the truth
And you both know you have a lot to talk about now that he’s back.
he intends on fixing this marriage and he’ll do whatever it takes to erase all the doubt that you’ve had before
Because there is absolutely no doubt in his heart, mind, body, and soul that he still loves you
♢ Atsumu ☄. *. ⋆
It all started off as a silly joke to him
He thoughts that maybe this would be a great way to lighten up the gloomy mood you’ve been in for the past few days
Boy was he wrong
Going on his way to the gym for a quick workout, he pretends to forget his usual “i love you”s whenever he departs
“Tsumu,” you say, in a scolding voice as you relax on the edge of the living room couch. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
You watch your husbands back straighten.
“Hmm, I don’t think so,” he answers cooly, hand on the doorknob.
He turns around to say his final parting words
He almost breaks his facade when he looks at your face
“you really don’t?” You pout, your bottom lip quivering. But you quickly bite it, trying to hide the fact that you’re about to cry
“No.” The dumbass thinks your fake crying, so he continues with his jesting, keeping a straight face.
Your not sure why you’ve gotten so emotional lately
You’re usually making jokes and playing along with him but now is NOT the time for these type of jokes
Probably because of the human growing inside you and your hormones going batshit crazy
And… Atsumu has been looking tired these days
What if he’s grown tired of you, what if…he doesn’t want the baby?
You look down, blinking back tears
You hear the door shut.
Huh, he left.
With your eyes to the carpeted floor, you wipe the blurry vision from your eyes using the sleeve of your sweater
When you suddenly feel two strong arms wrap around you
“I love you, I love you, don’t cry” Atsumu’s voice whispers, repeating many more words of affirmation as he feels your shoulders shake.
He hadn’t left. He merely just closed the door and leaned against it, watching your actions intently before face palming himself bc he realized that he utterly fucked up
And his words make your tears spill more
You feel his lips press against your cheek, his own tear staining on your cheek
“I hate you,” you tell him with a glare.
“Er, I hear ya. I’m sorry, love. That was a bad joke. Never doing it again,” he says, apologetically. “I love you, always.”
You sigh. "I know, I'm just feeling a little sensitive right now."
He moves to sit on the couch, pulling you into his lap so he could hug you tighter.
“Are you not going to the gym?” You ask, eyebrow raised.
“Nah, let’s just cuddle today, yeah?” He snuggles his face into your neck, placing a lingering kiss on it.
“You sure? It’s leg day.” You ask, knowing that Miya Atsumu, never skips leg day. And he’d always advertise that when someone compliments his looks.
He pulls back to look you in the eyes, a hand going up to comb through your hair.
The look he gives you never fails to make you blush
“Nah, I’d rather spend time with ya today,” he says, eyes trailing down to your lips. His thumb dances across your bottom lip, and his eyes look back to yours.
Another hand reaches to your stomach, rubbing over it softly, a habit he picked up after your pregnancy whenever you'd sit close like this
It makes your worries of him not wanting to be a father quickly vanish
“Can a’ get a kiss?” He asks quietly. He’s still guilty abt his actions, unsure if you’d even want to kiss him right now.
Yes you were still mad about what he did, but the way he’s making those pitiful, googly eyes makes it difficult for you to resist
You sigh and grab his face to kiss him hard.
His arms wrap tightly around you, as the kiss deepens.
He gleefully sighs, feeling so grateful for moments like this
You are the most precious thing to him and if he can’t make you feel that way, then he knows that he failed his duty as a husband
He promises to do better
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late-night-secrets · 2 days ago
The King's and the Conductor's
Relationship: Kageyama x Reader x Oikawa
Genre/Warnings: heavy smut (literally 10k pure smut), consensual threesome, vaginal sex, oral sex, swing club-ish (meaning orgy-, exhibitionism- and voyeurism-vibes) -> 18+!! (reader discretion advised)
Description: In which Oikawa offered himself to help out since Kageyama got a little tired.
Tumblr media
“Can I kiss you?”
The question that marked the beginning of our relationship. Back then, in the first year of high school, I had had a crush on Kageyama for quite a while already, but his skills in social interaction were rather low. Therefore, I don't know. Can you? would had been more an honest than a mocking response.
Still, I had decided to hold back these words and just stuttered a surprised “Y-Yeah…” instead. And before I could have progressed what just happened, Kageyama had kissed me, and I had a boyfriend.
“I can’t believe from all people that you, Kageyama, are the first one to get a girlfriend!”
“Yeah, who’d have thought that the king would step down and accept the chains of a relationship?”
“Tsukki, what the-?!”
“Shut up, all of you! And don’t stick your nose in other peoples’ business!”
What a cute couple we had been. Holding hands on our way back home, occasional meet-ups during lunchbreak, supporting each other’s club activities to the fullest…
Back then, who would have thought that we would end up like this? Just two of many college students, so absorbed by the heat of our bodies, by the intoxication of our touches and kisses, by the sound of our moans, that we could not care less about the presence of other people. Especially, since they were doing all the same.
It was Hinata’s birthday party and he had decided to invite everyone he had played volleyball with at least once, plus everyone they wanted to bring with. Those were a lot of people. Somehow, he had managed to rent something that was best described as a villa. And somehow, this party had turned into a huge orgy. Most guests probably had far too many drinks and definitely too much sexual frustration, so this was where we got.
Well, we were college students after all, so should I be too surprised?
What did surprise me was my boyfriend. Kageyama who was always the awkward one, the stiff one, the easily embarrassed one of the two of us – especially, when it came to showing affection in public – was now so shameless. His cheeks were flushed red, his eyes oh so dark and full of lust while he was fucking me over and over again.
The presence of our friends and colleagues did not bother us at all. Quite the opposite, their moans and their cries and so much skin slapping against skin encouraged us, turned us on, even. This cocktail of sounds was so loud the basses of the music playing in the whole house was barely audible.
The air was full of alcohol and sex. It was so intoxicating, it felt like a dream. I did not want it to end.
For Kageyama and me being in a relationship clearly meant that any kind of romantic and/or sexual interaction would only happen with each other. But for tonight, we both agreed to loosen those standards a bit. If someone wanted to join, we would let them. As long as none of us would enjoy sex with another person alone, it was fine.
For example, not even twenty minutes ago Sugawara had been with us. Since I had met him many times in high school, I had guessed that the so calm and polite looking setter was much more impulsive than one would think at first glance. What I had not expected was how rough and dominant he could become. Once he had reassured we would not mind a third party tonight, we had been nothing more but mere dogs guided by Sugawara’s leash. Even Kageyama had not been brave enough to try to control the silver-haired man. My usually proud, stubborn boyfriend being so quiet and obedient was a sight I had not known I needed. Now, it was planted in my memories and I definitely planned on bringing this image back one day.
But not right now.
Right now, his gaze demanded my attention. His lower back was leaning against the armrest of this ridiculously huge couch – it was more a king-sized bed where at least four average-sized people had enough space to sleep – while I was straddling his hips. These muscular arms of his held me where he needed me to be in order to pound into me from underneath. In between the several curses that felt from his lips I could make out my name, almost nothing more than a heavy sigh.
“Oh, fuck! Yes, yes!”
I was a bit different in that matter. Through the years, I had learned to let go of myself during moments of pleasure. The times I was embarrassed when a single moan had escaped my lips were long gone. Now, I had no problem to gasp and scream; to beg for more, to go faster, faster, faster. And I knew Kageyama loved it.
I locked eyes with him while he drove both of us closer to the edge. My half-hearted attempts to move my hips on my own wanting to meet him half-way were suppressed rather effortlessly by his strong grip. So, I decided to give in. “Shit, Tobio,” I gasped breathlessly and just flopped forward against his torso. His skin felt hot and soft, his muscles were tense. The pleasure was overwhelming. My whole existence evolved around our bodies that had become one and created that incredible feeling in my lower abdomen. I was so close.
At the edge of my consciousness, I noticed that Kageyama struggled to keep his pace now that he had my whole weight on him. With the last bit of body control left I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself upwards. “Oh, Tobio,” I moaned directly into his ear and then started nibbling on it.
“Fuck!” he groaned and buried his face in my neck. The next second I felt sloppy kisses planted on my skin while his movements became faster, more unsteady. “Fuck!” Oh, he was close, too.
Automatically, my nails dug into his skin. Without a care, I left scratches along his neck and his back. I knew Kageyama did not mind at all. He had once told me the slightly burning pain turned him on and I bet that him noticing those red marks the next morning boosted his self-esteem immensely. Not that he needed it, but I liked making him happy.
And even if he did not like the scratching, it did not matter. In those moments where my climax was right ahead of me, I could not control myself.
“Shit!” Kageyama almost screamed. I loved seeing him losing control because of me. To know I was the one who could distract that usually highly concentrated, extremely talented setter – the only one he allowed to let him distract – made me feel so powerful.
In the midst of my blissful state my gaze unintentionally wandered around. Through my half-lidded eyes and the constant motion Kageyama’s thrusts caused I could barely focus. Fucks like these were the really good ones.
My wandering eyes came to a halt and started to take in information again when I noticed a pair of orbs staring at me. Well, that was not strange, tonight everyone liked to watch without any shame. But those brown eyes did not turn away after a few seconds, did not even blink. They were fixed on me and only me, almost like they wanted to burn right through and look into my soul. I had a feeling that they were staring at me for quite some time, now.
Don’t they say that humans have a hidden sixth sense? That they can unconsciously feel being looked at without them possibly knowing? Maybe that was true. And how ironic it was when I realized whose those eyes were.
They belonged to Oikawa Tooru. He was leaning against a counter, his hands supporting his weight, while his body rocked against it in a slow rhythm. The girl kneeling in front of him bobbing her head against his crotch area had to be the reason. Another girl was sitting on the counter behind him and had her arms wrapped around his torso eagerly stroking his chest. And yet, right now, his only interest seemed to be me.
I barely knew Oikawa. During school time I had seen him in matches against our high school and of course I knew about his reputation, his attention seeking behavior, his fangirls. All of that had pissed me off. But the main reason my image of the annoying personality of Oikawa Tooru had been formed was, of course, my boyfriend. Kageyama had told me about their rivalry many times. Every time the two had met, I had felt the tension between them. As if I suddenly had been breathing electricity instead of air.
“Oikawa is such a pain in the ass.”
“Oikawa is such a show-off.”
“Oikawa is so tiresome”.
Oikawa was intensely watching me getting fucked.
Kageyama had shifted a little, hitting from a different angle, and it felt so good. A loud moan escaped my mouth before I could even progress what was happening. “Oh, fuck,” I cried out and let my head sink against his shoulder. “Right there, Tobio. Don’t stop!” He did not answer but I could feel his thrusts becoming more powerful. Muffled groans were all he could make right now.
I lifted my head again and discovered that Oikawa was still watching me. Another whine, this time I did not look away. Neither did Oikawa.
Then, realization struck.
He enjoyed it. He enjoyed watching me being pleasured by his self-declared rival while he was getting sucked off – even though we did not physically touch each other, it felt like we did. He enjoyed me knowing that.
And I enjoyed it, too. “Fuck!” I exhaled and it was the first time this round that it was not Kageyama making me say that. It was directed at Oikawa. Giving the distance between us he could not have possibly heard me, yet still he cockily smiled.
Suddenly, adding to my arousal I felt challenged. Let’s see who comes first. But let’s not tell the others. Something like that.
“Ah, sh-shit,” Kageyama stuttered. “I’m close…” His face was buried deep in my neck, his teeth were clawing at my skin.
“Don’t hold back,” I whispered in his ear, hands running through his hair. “I want you to come inside me, Tobio.” My eyes stayed locked with Oikawa’s. His smile remained planted on his face. I had often seen this expression of his, but never had it not annoyed me, yet alone excited me.
Kageyama’s breathless voice sighing my name while tensing up and reaching his climax was music to my ears. In fact, it was one of the few things I was always looking forward to when sleeping with him. As soon as I felt his hot fluids being released into me, a moan escaped my mouth.
Kageyama rode out his orgasm and I still held my gaze on the brown-haired man across the room. Lastly, my boyfriend’s head collapsed against my shoulder, heavily sucking in air. We stayed like this for a while, I was lazily combing through his dark strands.
Only a few moments later, I decided to break the eye contact to lean back a little and look at Kageyama. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Oikawa shooing away the girls, but that did not matter right now. One of the corners of Kageyama’s mouth lifted slightly. Carefully, I put my lips on his. He stroked my spine with light touches which caused goosebumps all over my skin. The next second, we found ourselves in an extremely soft, loving kiss. We usually did this. After sex, a short moment dedicated to pure, innocent love; it had become almost some kind of ritual. As if we wanted to show each other that we also treasure us emotionally.
It did not take long, it never did, until we let go of each other. Now, Kageyama properly smiled, genuinely and pleased. It made me happy to see him like this. I lifted off his lap and sat down next to him. His juices were leaking out of me, but I could not care less. Tonight, this has happened many times. Kageyama had not moved an inch so far, just had closed his eyes. Faint remnants of his smile laid on his lips.
Still, I was thrilled to go on. My climax had not been hit yet. Seeing Kageyama’s dick flattening I did not expect it to show up again for the next minutes, but he still had plenty of fingers. Or one good working mouth. Determined to get what I wanted I started to nibble on the skin right underneath his jaw. He was sensitive there.
“Ah, sorry. I need a break,” he sighed. “Give me ten minutes, okay?”
“Oh,” I remarked. “Okay.” He did seem exhausted, and even though his stamina was almost inhumane, it had its limits. But still, I felt my clit throbbing. I wanted to get off now. Biting my lip, I stopped myself from whining. That was not my thing.
“Maybe I can help?”
Both of us looked up to see a male figure standing in front of us, their erection standing up proudly. Of course, it had to be…
“Oikawa?” Kageyama seemed surprised and yet there was the slightest hint of a hiss audible in his voice.
Apparently, Oikawa noticed it as well. “Hello, Tobio. Why so hostile?” His voice sounded innocently naïve; I knew it was to provoke my boyfriend.
He decided to ignore the remark and asked instead, “What makes you think you could help?”
With the back of his fingers Oikawa lightly stroke my cheek. He cocked his head slightly while his smile showed up again. Even though he was talking to Kageyama, he kept his eyes fixed on me. “Oh, you know, since we were eye-fucking earlier, I guessed she’d like my help.” His grin widened.
“Oikawa is so annoying.”
Kageyama was taken aback. “You did what?” He looked at me to ask for conformation.
Suddenly, a wave of guilt overcame me and I felt my cheeks blushing. “Tobio, I’m…” I wanted to say sorry, but that would be a lie. “It kinda happened…”
For a short while, Kageyama kept staring at me and for a second I was afraid he was truly mad at me. We had made clear that tonight the two of us would make lots of exceptions, yet he was not on good terms with Oikawa at all. But then, he asked, “You want him?”
His voice was surprisingly gentle. When I met his gaze, his expression was, as always, rather indifferent, however I noticed something like consideration in his eyes. Oh, that precious, precious boyfriend of mine.
Softly I nodded.
“Ha!” Oikawa yelled triumphantly. “Don’t worry, Tobio, I’ll take good care of her.” The way he studied me was a mixture of lust and curiosity.
“You better do.” I raised an eyebrow at him. Even though I had to look up, I wanted him to know where his position was. “After all the looks you gave me, I’ve got high expectations.”
Maybe I have pissed him off, now, I thought, but it was rather the opposite. He laughed, “I like that attitude. Well, I’ll try my best. Honestly, I’m just thrilled to fuck you. Any restrictions?” The last question was directed to the both of us.
“Use a condom,” I demanded. Kageyama had just picked one up from the coffee table placed next to the couch and threw it right against Oikawa’s chest.
Frowning, he picked it up. “If you’re worried whether I’m clean or not, I can assure you-“
“It’s not that,” Kageyama interrupted. “After all, she’s still my girlfriend. If you don’t like that, you are welcome to leave.”
“Fine, fine. Take it easy, Tobio, will you?” Oikawa murmured. “Anything else?”
“I’ll be watching-”
“-and don’t do anything she doesn’t like,” Kageyama ended and leaned back.
With that Oikawa gave me a wide, seductive smile. His piercing eyes made me skip a breath. “Obviously.” A shudder ran down my spine as his tone quickly got low and dark.
(read the rest on ao3)
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lovelorn-thots · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
....kageyama. pls and thank
"Let go of me."
Kageyama laughs into the crook of your neck and his arms only tighten around your waist as he digs in even closer. You try to ignore the fact that your heart melts anytime he laughs out loud.
"I'm going to spill my coffeeeeee~."
You don't like the whining tone that your voice has taken one bit.
Kageyama kisses your cheek. "And I'll clean it up."
You sigh, exasperatedly, and resign yourself to standing perfectly still until he's done. After all, his sudden urges to hold you close aren't as frequent as you would like, and even if he can be annoying when he decides to love you all at once, you still appreciate his touch.
A few seconds pass.
"Are you done yet?" you ask tentatively.
And the two of you wait.
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ashthemadwriter · a day ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu MasterList!
Hi! welcome to my MasterList!
this post will constantly get updated,so make sure to visit it from time to time if you dont wanna miss my work!
do not reblog this post please because of the same reason
please keep in mind that most of my work contains NSFW content, so pay attention to the warnings before reading the text
Return to main MasterList | My writing list | Rules
Tumblr media
◆Rintarou Suna
⇝Smut drabble
⇝How is it like to be his s/o
⇝Seeing you in a wedding dress for the first time
◆Asahi Azumane
⇝Dating Headcanons
◆Tobio Kageyama
⇝Second Chance
◆Tooru Oikawa
⇝Seeing you in a wedding dress for the first time
◆Various Characters
⇝Smut drabble | Suna & Osamu & Atsumu
⇝How their Female version would be like | Karasuno members
⇝How their Female version would be like | Kenma & Kuroo & Iwaizumi & Oikawa & Bokuto & Akaashi
⇝Reacting to their s/o squirting | All Characters
⇝When their s/o is feeling cold | All Characters
⇝Telling them "I hate you" while being intimate | All Characters
To be added...
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hyeque · 3 months ago
"where are you running off to?" [nsfw]
Tumblr media
note: crawling or moving away from hq boys while they’re going to pound town. this is definitely not self-indulgent I just think the phrase is extremely hot
warnings: hair pulling, manhandling, vulgar language, degradation, slapping, choking, spit roasting, mentions of implied female body parts
featuring: iwaizumi, bokuto, kuroo, tsukishima, oikawa, kageyama, atsumu
Tumblr media
bokuto, who a man of his size, often forgets just how strong he is. what doesn't help is his never wavering stamina to go with it. his grasp on your hips is firm and surely is going to leave bruises behind. he pounds into you loud and messy, the sound of skin on skin drowning out your whimpering and crying. each time he slams back into you, your breath is knocked out of your system. "k-kou, 'is too much!" you squirm, wiggling away from his body. you attempt to push at his thighs and the frosted-tipped-haired man grumbles, quickly pulling you back so your ass is flush against him. when you try to move away again, he simply pulls your body up before turning you around so you're now facing him. you think he's finally listening to you but then he takes your legs and throws them over his shoulders. pressing them up further to your chest so that you are in a mating press, he groans when he sinks back into you. there's an obscene squelch from how wet and messy the two of you are and you can’t help but clench around him. he bites and nibbles on your ear before saying, "baby, don't be difficult. let me fuck you like how I know you need to be fucked, okay?"
atsumu who gets antsy at a team dinner because he can’t get over how beautiful you look. from the minute you stepped in you have had several people turning their heads to look at you. he’s very proud of having you as his significant other and puffs out his chest, bragging about you to whoever he can whenever because he knows he’s lucky. but eventually he starts to get pouty when he feels like eyes have been lingering on you for too long. the setter politely announces you two need to leave early, only for him to drag you inside the backseat of his car to fuck you out of possessiveness. your legs are over his shoulders as he rams into you. eyes roll to the back of your head as he hits your sweet spot repeatedly. but after both of you cum once, atsumu’s pace doesn’t falter. it’s clear you both are too sensitive right now but he ignores that. you find yourself scooting your shaking upper body towards the door and against the window. atsumu only pouts before he grabs your neck and pins you even harder to the seat. "w-why are ya trying to run away? depriving me of ma pussy is so rude baby. its mine, right? and this fat cock is nobody’s but yers, so just sit tight and take it.”
oikawa taunts you for whining and saying that "it's too much". he prides himself in the fact that he knows his dick is a lot to handle but he also prides himself in knowing that you're a slutty whore who can take whatever, and whoever-even his best friend at the same time as him. you didn't know that iwaizumi had been watching the two of you fuck. and you didn't know that oikawa brought him to join you two. that’s how you find yourself stuffed and filled with two cocks. both men relieving their stress by using you. oikawa takes your sweet ass and iwa fills your pretty mouth up with his delicious cock. the athletic trainer grunts as he fucks your mouth, blessed that at least once he could experience what it felt like. oikawa’s eyes are zeroed in on your cunt and how you suck him in. you feel so full and overwhelmed that you try to move back from both men. your restlessness doesn’t go unoticed by oikawa and he slaps your ass. “don’t move, not until all your holes have been stuffed full.” the setter snaps. he thrusts so hard into you from behind that you end up taking more of iwa in your throat. he moans loudly at the motion and the gagging come from your mouth. he then laughs and tilts your head up so you’re looking at him before saying, “yeah princess-mmhm fuck-don’t run away. it’s rude not to finish your meal.”
kuroo who absolutely gets drunk off of watching the two of you fuck in front of the mirror. he loves seeing and hearing all the cries and whimpers that come out of you, and bursts of pride run through him because he knows he’s the cause of it. but one thing that will drive him absolutely insane is eye contact. when he looks at you through the mirror while balls deep in your cunt, he can’t help but move his hips faster. harder. this motion causes you to cry out and attempt to move away from him due to how harsh he is. kuroo only scowls before he grabs you by your hair and pulls your body flush to his chest. your back arches against him and he doesn’t hesitate to ruthlessly drive into you so that you’re seeing stars. the fucking is obscenely loud but he doesn’t hesitate to bend down and say into your ear, “where are you going? i’m not done with you yet. not until you get to fully see how fucked dumb you can be from my cock. that’ll teach you not to run away from me.”
kageyama who came home from practice still high on adrenaline. you’re making dinner in the kitchen and greet him sweetly when he comes to say hi. something is odd about the way he is unusually quiet. that confusion is quickly gone once you feel him slither his arms around your waist, hard on pressing into your back. next thing you know, you’re bent over the kitchen counter whining out pleas of, “slow down tobio” and, “too much too much!” while he’s pounding your ass. you try to squirm your way from between him and the surface and feel his grip on your hips tighten before pinning you harder against the counter. now you could really feel every inch of his cock inside of you. kageyama whines and buries his head in your neck, kissing the sensitive skin. he shuts his eyes tight as the only thing he can think of is your addicting cunt and it’s warmth. “baby please, need to feel all of you. need to be buried so deep in your pretty pussy. you can let me have this, yea? don’t runaway, need to be as close to you as possible. gonna fill you up so good.”
tsukishima who cant stand how annoyingly attractive you are. it’s much worse over time as your relationship has established because you know exactly how to rile him up. so when you show up to one of his volleyball practices for the sendai frogs, short skirt and thigh highs, flirting with everyone in plain sight–he sees red. he’s eerily quiet on the drive home, neither talking nor looking at you at all. when you reach the front door you feel bad by that point and open your mouth to apologize. “i-” “shut the fuck up.” he snaps. the next few events happen fast when he’s storming over to you, carrying and throwing you onto your shared bed. he pulls your underwear to the side, pushing his shorts and briefs to his ankles before sheathing into you hard. his hulking figure consumes you and it’s all too much for your senses, causing you to babble and cry. you try to discreetly scoot yourself up in the bed so he won’t notice but freeze when you hear a cold chuckle and harsh yank on your body. “who the fuck said you could runaway? brats like you need to fully take their punishment. stay fucking still or i’m gonna fuck your ass so hard you’ll be struggling to remember how to walk.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though. (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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semifilms · a month ago
the type of boyfriend to say “text me when you get home.” and when you don’t text him for a while he blows up your phone until you answer
ATSUMU, HINATA, kuroo, BOKUTO, kageyama, NOYA, yaku, SUGAWARA, SUNA, hoshiumi, OIKAWA, TENDOU
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igumie · 2 months ago
Random fluffy Haikyuu bf hcs
Tumblr media
[Tokyo revengers ver] [Obey Me ver] [bnha ver] [genshin ver]
Tumblr media
Kuroo who has a framed picture of you smiling on his desk at his office. He loves to stare at it during his breaks because he’s so in love with your smile, with you especially. But, Kuroo being Kuroo will obviously change the picture to you and him kissing whenever he has someone coming in his office to discuss whatever. He loves showing off your relationship because, yo, look at him. Look at how lucky he is to get someone like you to love him back.
Kenma who doodles you as some of his favourite video game characters on his notebook during class (his favourite so far is you dressed up as Zelda). Though he’ll never let anyone ever see this notebook and hides it every time you or Kuroo comes over to his house (Kuroo did once found him smiling slightly at it but didn’t say anything, he’s just happy that his best friend found someone to be in love with. He also knows that Kenma wont speak to him for a month if he brings it up).
Bokuto who thought it‘d be a good idea to put you on his shoulders while he jumped, ready to spike the ball Atsumu just set him. Yet, even when you both fall on the cold floor, you can’t seem to get mad at him. His boisterous but sweet laugh making you smile instead. He does check up on you afterwards and feels really bad. He promised he’ll buy you ice cream and will cuddle you all night long.
Akaashi who now, whenever he goes to the library, reads the books he thinks you’d like and later on, reads them to you, hoping that you’ll like them just as much as he hoped so. And if you do, you can’t imagine how happy he is, since it means that he does know you well enough to understand your likes and dislikes.
Tendou who loves to tickle you out of nowhere. Your laugh is his favourite sound ever and just knowing that you’re happy makes him happy. But he especially loves it if it’s because of him that you’re laughing. He’d also rather have you ugly laughing your ass off over anything else. He just finds it endearing, can you really blame him?
Sugawara who shows pictures of you to his little students during the day. He’ll tell them about the cute face that you made a few days ago and what your favourite food is. And when you finally visit his classroom for the first time, the kids can’t help but love you immediately, already knowing so much about you.
Kageyama who loves to burry his face in your stomach after a rough day at practice. Your smell is invading his nostrils and it relaxes him to the point where he falls asleep. Once he wakes up, he’ll be all blushy because you’re still running your hand through his hair. He’ll stutter a bit as he gets up and eventually kisses your cheek before sprinting towards the bathroom, wanting to take a shower and wash his embarrassment away. You still can’t believe how even after years of dating he still acts like he used to back in high school. But you absolutely do not mind, it’s really cute.
Tsukishima who teases you to no end when you get scared during a horror movie but is still spooning you and holding your hand because as much as he denies it, he never wants you to be afraid. He promised himself he’d keep you safe no matter what and he swore he’ll do it.
Oikawa who brags to his fan girls about how amazing, talented and beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you. They’re not even mad, they just find it so cute how in love he is with you (even though they kinda wish it was them instead of you. They’re still happy for the two of you :)).
Iwaizumi who gently kisses your knuckles as a greeting. For him, the little gestures mean more than the big ones. For example, he’d rather gift you matching bracelets he made himself rather than a necklace bought at the jewelry store. To someone else, it might not mean much but it doesn’t matter since you know that he loves you infinity and back.
Atsumu who teaches you how to set in you guy’s shared house’s backyard. He’s so patient with you and gentle its a bit weird of him but you don’t mind at all. He laughs every time you miss but still helps you and shows you how to improve. And whenever you do it right, be ready to get kisses from a very proud and smiley Atsumu.
Osamu who makes you your lunch for every day. And it includes heart shaped onigiris, a few vegetables because “if y’a eat yer vegetables, it’ll reduce yer the risks of getting a heart attack or a stroke and y’a ain’t allowed to have that! I’ll be sad if y’a do!”, meat since “y’a need some proteins in yer pretty body!” and a little sticky note with a reminder to take care of yourself and that he can’t wait to see you at home tonight.
Suna who has multiple photo albums of you on his phone. There’s one with all the pictures you send him; one with all the pictures he took on dates with you; another one with you doing grimaces and other weird faces; one more with all the selfies he took with you etc…. sadly for him though, the twins know about this and teases him. But it’s okay since he can just say that hey, at least he‘s not single.
Kita who can’t help but smile every time he sees you. It’s automatic for him at this point. But he just loves you so much and has you so close to his heart that his chest tightens a bit at the mere thought of being away from you for too long.
Sakusa who stops by the flower shop every Friday night after his practice and gets you your favourite flowers. It doesn’t matter if you had a fight or if nothing big happened. He just wants to show you he loves you and thinks about you.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @uniquabackyardigans ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @solaxena ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @missrown ; @kodzukoi ; @ruujiko ; @cherry-ades
guests : @shoyotime @kurooskult @sunascupid @laineeey00 @dreamesamu @infxrity @aominology @sunkeiji @kairakeiji @kiyelle @mysterystarz @bokutoslittledoll @kageyahoe @sunasbabie @rinoomi @sakusa-kiyomine @sakusaww @sunarent <3 hopes you guys liked it hehe (I wrote this thinking of you all :3)
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hajiberry · 2 months ago
“you’re so pretty”
“you’re pretty”, you said again, smiling as his cheeks started to heat up.
“Shut up”, he mumbled, throwing his arm over his face, laughing, you sat up, peeling his arm off his face and leaning in closer to him.
“Stop, I wanna see your pretty face”, groaning, he gently shoved your face away from his.
“Stop saying that oh my god”, giggling you leaned down, lightly kissing on his face,
“Naaah, my pretty boy”,
sighing he looked at you, studying your face before softly mumbling,
“I love you”, your face broke out in a huge grin,
“huh? couldn’t hear you?”, glaring at you, he rolled his eyes,
“You heard me you idiot”, reaching for your waist he pulled you on top of him,
smiling you kissed him, before mumbling out “I love you”,
raising an eyebrow he smirked, “huh? couldn’t hear you”
KENMA, sakusa, suna, kageyama, tsukishima
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folklorebae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Idk I think this would be them
Iwaizumi, Kita, Osamu, Akaashi, Ushijima, Daichi, Sakusa, Kageyama
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21-06-1996 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. iwaizumi, hinata, oikawa, kageyama & ushijima
cw. smut. minors do not interact. fem!reader, phone sex, mutual masturbation (both f! and m!). use of the nicknames baby girl & doll. dildo usage w/ oikawa. consensual recording w/ hinata. you're needy, and they're more than happy to help you out, despite the distance.
tagging: @venusinbimbo 👀
Tumblr media
ぞ | IWAIZUMI was expecting it when you called him some time past midnight — he was already in bed, sorting out the days events in his head before going to sleep, secretly hoping that you'd call him, like you usuallly do. when your name flashed across the screen, he picked up immediately.
"hey, baby. you need me?" your whine reaches his ears after a few seconds, and as soon as he takes in the breathy tone — as soon as he takes in the sight of you seated on your bed back at your own house, tits and pussy out for him to see — his cock's feeling hot and stiff immediately.
"hajime," you mumble, hand sliding between your splayed out legs. "hajime, i can't cum." he blushes when you tell him your fingers aren't long or thick enough, that you just can't make yourself feel good enough anymore after having had his cock for so long.
snapping the waistband of his pants lower to free his cock, he spits onto his hand and grips his shaft, squeezing it and trying to mimick the feel of your cunt around him. "it doesn't feel the same without your pussy, either." he grunts, panning the phone camera lower and showing you how he's pumping his cock. "miss you so much, baby."
you sit up, eyes starry as you watch him work his cock up, eyes narrowed with focus and building pleasure. and when you stuff your fingers into your messy hole, cry out his name as you curl them into whatever spots you can reach, he lets out another groan. "fuck— i'm here, baby girl. cum with me, yeah? shit—"
ぞ | HINATA is delighted when you send him a message, asking him if he's free, if he's alone, if he can help you out with something — he gets the hint, gets that his sweet girl needs him to help her get off — and when he receives your incoming facetime request, he accepts with the first ring.
"baby," he giggles, and assures you that his roommate isn't around when you ask. "you want me to help you out, hm?" his eyes glimmer when you slip your panties off, showing him an eyeful of your dripping cunt. you're in your room, all the lights off except for the vanity at the corner, and he loves the way your skin glows in the dim light as you settle yourself into a comfortable position.
"want you to fuck me so bad," you sigh, and he thinks he's so lucky to have someone as gorgeous as you be so needy over him. "i just want your cock. when are you coming back to me again?"
he pulls his cock out, inhaling sharply when a bead of hot precum leaks out of his tip, and he flicks his thumb over it, letting the slick serve as his lube. "i'm gonna come back as soon as i can, promise. then i'll fuck you just the way you want it. m'kay?" he asks, and you nod fervently, so god damn pretty in his phone screen.
"baby," he calls breathily, watching sharply as you pump two fingers in and out of your cunt, brows furrowing with focus. "put in another finger, and lemme record this, a'right? you're so hot tonight." you blink up at the phone, into his eyes as he stares, and when you mumble an okay and do as he told you to, he swipes his finger across the widget window, pressing the screen-record button. "so hot, i love you."
ぞ | OIKAWA snickers when he picks up your facetime request, standing at the beach with the waves lapping at his feet, sun and sky shimmering behind him, and you let out a yelp and fumble to hide yourself from the camera. "tooru! i told you to pick up if you were alone!"
he laughs, pulling his phone closer to his chest and looking around, knowing already that there was nobody around close enough to see his phone with how bright it was out. "i just wanted to see you as soon as possible, is that so wrong of me?" keeping his phone pressed to his chest, oikawa heads over to the cafe sitting at the edge of the beach, shooting the girl at the counter an innocent smile before slipping into the restroom, empty as he'd expected it to be.
"we're alone now, sweetheart." he coos, and you give him a scowl before pulling out the dildo he'd given you as a gag gift on your last birthday. his eyes gleam when he sees it — he knows the thing was custom made in the shape and size of his own cock — and he flashes you a grin, pretty and so sly through the screen. "want me to guide you with it, hm?"
you nod, and the embarrassment on your face, making you look all cute and flustered, drives him to lean against the sink and palm at his cock. letting out a groan, he nods at you, eyes sharp. "just the tip, baby girl, tease yourself with the tip." you let out a whine, doing as he says but throwing a sweet, begging stare at him as you do — but of course, oikawa doesn't relent.
"slowly, mhm? use it to nudge your clit a little, up and down. just like that." he doesn't let you complain about how you want to fuck yourself, not tease — you called him for help, so now you'll have to do as he says.
ぞ | KAGEYAMA is shocked, flustered, taken aback and thrown off — but ultimately, he's immediately wishing he was with you right now, because holy shit, you're so beautiful right now — sitting on one of the chairs in your kitchen, one leg propped up onto the counter, one hand stuffing fingers into your leaky pussy.
"tobio," you sigh, when he snaps out of his stupor and asks you what the fuck you're doing. "tobio, i'm trying to cum — but i cant, 'cause you're not here." his face is red, and he's trying to shield his phone even though he's all alone in the room, on his bed — but your words drive a thrill through him anyway, he's always been one to have his ego lifted quickly, especially by your praise.
"tobio, you ever think of me while you're all the way over there, in Italy?" he responds with an embarrassed scoff, thinking of the many, many times he's fucked his fist to the thought of you, in bathrooms or in his room, and sometimes even in the lockers, when he accidentally opens up one of your nudes while in there and can't help the way his cock goes stiff.
"i'm thinking of you right now." he pans the phone lower, showing you that he's already got his cock out, fisting his length and wishing desperately that it was your snarky little mouth or your cunt that was around it.
the way your expression flickers into something less snappy and something cute has him smirking at the screen. "you were—" his breath hitches a little when he hears the way your pussy squelches as you curl your fingers in. "you were saying?"
ぞ | USHIJIMA raises the phone to his ear at first. he doesn't notice that it's a facetime, until you huff out a breath, a pout evident in your tone. "toshi, i'm facetiming you. look at me."
he clears his throat, and when he pulls his phone away to land his gaze on the screen, his eyes widen at the sight he sees — you're wearing a pretty dress, one he doesn't recognize so it has to be new, and it hugs all your curves and lines perfectly, the colour of it bringing out your complexion and eyes gorgeously.
the skirt of it is short, and the neckline is sheer, your cleavage pops out distractingly, and he's sure if you so much as sat down or stood up, the hem of it would ride up and expose your panties. his throat bobs as he swallows. "you look beautiful, love. is that new?" you nod, lifting a hand and placing it on your chest. "got it for you, toshi. i'll wear it out when you get back, for dates and all. if you like it, that is!"
he has to swallow again, wanting desperately to take a screenshot - he'll ask you to send pictures later. "sweetheart, i don't know about that." you blink, looking confused for a second - but then he continues, and the heat rushes to your cheeks. "i don't want other men looking at you the way i'm looking at you right now." he muses, drawing the phone a little further away so you can see the bulge in his sweats, heavy and thick against the dark material.
his fingers skirt over the waistband, before he pulls them down, freeing his cock — you blush at the sight of him, quickly getting angry and leaky as he continues staring through the screen at you. "get on the bed and spread your legs for me? you look so lovely, i can't help it."
Tumblr media
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iwaizumis-bitch · 4 months ago
[when they see another guy checking you out]
throws their arm around your shoulder, throwing daggers at the guy as he grips your jaw, pulling your mouth open with his thumb and letting a glubole of his spit fall into your mouth before you even knew what was happening. turns back and smirks at the now embarrassed guy as you swallow with no hesitance, smiling up at your boyfriend.
SUNA, tsukishima, kohona, TENDOU, ukai jr, MAKKI
scoffs at the guy obviously ogling you from across the train, opting to step in front of you, shielding your body from other wandering eyes. cages you in his arms as he smirks at you, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on your lips, smiling and wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.
KEIJI AKAASHI.., all karasuno 3rd years tbh, sakusa, KAGEYAMA, hirugami, kita!!!, KENMA
immediately pulls you onto his lap, crashing his lips against yours as he squeezes your ass, hands resting on your lower back. pulls away and digs his head into the base of your neck as he shamelessly leaves a hickey there. admires your flustered expression for a moment before looking back over to the guy, non-chalantly flipping him off.
OIKAWA TOORU.,, ATSUMU, kyoutani, matsukawa, KUROO
no one even dares to check you out once they see the firm hand on your thigh, too terrified by the sheer size of your boyfriend and the dark look in his eyes which only disappears when he looks at you.
ushijima, bokuto, osamu, IWAIZUMI, meian <3333
likes and reblogs are appreciated (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
taglist; @izulve @d1lfluvr @rinny-babe @ochakoakabane @chaotic-fangirl-blog @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @lovemegood
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kurooh · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
minors do not interact !
cw - characters are timeskip, not proofread. i wrote this in a sluttish haze sorry.
Tumblr media
sexting with oikawa on snapchat, you’re sending each other teasing snaps back and forth. you, hand buried between your thighs, body sporting his old jersey from high school. him, with his head tipped back and his hand wrapped around his cock.
sitting on atsumu’s face, his lips suckling your clit and his tongue fucking in and out of you. he’s eager to taste you, his mouth working quickly against you. he’s moaning into your pussy, the vibrations from each moan making your legs shake beside his head.
sucking osamu off after hours at his restaurant; all of his employees are gone for the day, and the door isn’t open for any hungry customers. he’s behind the register, hands gripping the counter as he tries to keep himself steady, hips desperately jerking into your mouth.
tying kenma up and helping him de-stress after a difficult stream; your fingers are wrapped around his cock, continually making him cum. you make sure you draw out every orgasm and overstimulate him.
marking up bokuto’s thighs. or just him in general. the muscle rippling under your palms as you suck another bruise into his skin. he moans loudly from above you, whining when you finish up with his thighs and then move to his hips.
kageyama railing into you from behind, absolutely enraptured by the sight in front of him; in the mirror, he sees your face looking absolutely fucked out, and your tits, waiting to be sucked on. he smacks your ass, groaning when you clench around him.
making out with semi after a concert, lipstick stained kisses decorating the smooth expanse of his neck. he looks pretty like this, with his messy hair and pink cheeks. plus the pout he has is cute too.
sakusa choking you, his hand around your neck as he fucks into you. he’s asserting dominance, his grip tightening for a few seconds, and then quickly loosening.
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tohrutetsumu · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
haikyuu boys + where they let you sleep on
Tumblr media
— HIS SHOULDER, on train rides going home from uni. it calms him as much as it calms you. on slow days, he glances at your sleeping face, focusing on loose strands that fall over your nose and instinct takes over as his fingers move to tuck them behind your ear. his eyes widen at his own gesture, but they gingerly soften as he sits back and relaxes, faint smile gracing his lips as he lolls his head above yours, relishing your proximity in silence.
TSUKISHIMA, nishinoya, kenma, kageyama, SAKUSA, kunimi, aone, goshiki
— HIS LAP, as you chill with him in the park, resting on a bench or a neatly laid picnic mat. the two of you watch the clouds idly as you talk about the most mundane stuff, your day and his, and sometimes discussions get a little too philosophical but that only makes you fall more deeply in love with his mind. doubly so when he caresses your hair as he drones, and all that's in your head as your consciousness drifts away to the sound of his voice is gods, what had i done in my previous life to have this man around?
yamaguchi, hinata, AKAASHI, yaku, osamu, KITA, sugawara, daishou, hoshiumi, ennoshita
— HIS CHEST, while huddled on the couch, your hand pressed lightly on the plane of his stomach, cheeks pink as his even heartbeat lulls you to sleep. air ghosts the top of your crown as he takes in your peaceful and placid form, admiring how beautiful you are, smiling despite exhaustion, never mind that you left his question about the movie you're both watching unanswered. he runs a gentle hand and plants a featherlight kiss on your hair before his arm falls to your shoulder, pulling you close as he joins you in dreamland.
KUROO, oikawa, ATSUMU, terushima, hanamaki, iwaizumi, tanaka, DAICHI, suna, semi
— THE LENGTH OF HIS BODY, because the entirety of you draped over him is the best recharge after part-time jobs and bone-breaking trainings. your warmth bleeds through your pjs down his skin and nerve ends, replenishing spent energies, both of you like plants being watered back to life. it's hard to disentangle from him once you're in, what with the strong arms that keep you at bay, the lean pecs which you find yourself feeling every so often. you don't mind, really, being held like this. he doubles as your pillow and your stuffed toy, and you'll choose him over your bed every single time.
BOKUTO, asahi, aran, kindaichi, ushijima, kyotani, MATSUKAWA, lev, meian, tendou
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detetsu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
feat. miya osamu, kageyama tobio, oikawa tōru, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō
warnings. lots of i love you's, a repost from my old blog!!
Tumblr media
OSAMU's first i love you is in the dead of night. it's quiet—and you feel the cosmos above as much as the sheets pooling against your skin. his fingers run through your hair and his hand dances across your waist and he murmurs half-cohesive words over and over until they morph into nothing more than blobs of sound. and when you turn to him, a smile soft across your cheeks, he presses his lips to your forehead and whispers it over and over again; i love you, i love you, i love you.
KAGEYAMA's first i love you is long-awaited. you believed, at least for a while, that you might never hear the words fall from his lips—but under stadium lights with large crowds and tired breaths, he holds your face in his hands. and when his stumbles over your cheeks with calloused fingers, a whisper slips from the back of his throat—a vibrato of sound spilling against your skin. i love you, he hums through breathy laughter. i love you, god i love you.
OIKAWA's first i love you is a promise. it's in an airport terminal—all teary eyes and hushed breaths and the thought that maybe the first time will be the last and maybe the distance will tear you apart. but he kisses your forehead, fiddling with your fingers, and the words fall as if they've always been there—as if they always will be there. 'i love you,' he says, though it feels more like goodbye. 'i'll always love you, okay?'
IWAIZUMI's first i love you is desperate. it's his face in his hands and the dying of voices and the scratch of defeat clawing at your throat. he swallows you with his gaze, staring from the other side of the room, and when you raise your voice again, asking him why the hell he cares so much, the words burn from his mouth, falling upon you like hot ash. 'because i love you,' he scorns, eyes wide and cheeks flushed. 'i care because i love you.'
KUROO's first i love you juvenile. it's pebbles hitting your window and whispers from the backyard and a stupid smile on his face as you pull him inside. he holds your face in his hands, dusts his lips over your cheeks, and as the heat begins to claw at your skin he whispers the words against your flesh. 'i can't sleep because all i think about is you.' it's barely more than a hum, barely a sound across his lips—and though he knows it might mean nothing more than puppy love he murmurs, 'i think i might love you.'
BOKUTO's first i love you is through breathless laughter. he sways your hands in the space between you and mutters things that fill your lungs with the heat of joy. and when he pulls you in, arms around your shoulders and skin warm under the newborn sun, the words slip from his lips as if he hadn't thought about it at all. 'i love you,' he says, as if no one else was ever meant to say it before. 'i do, i love you.'
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated ❀
Tumblr media
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ughgojo · 5 months ago
ft: multiple characters
synopsis: haikyuu boys doing thigh clenching things and making me want to smooch their face with my dior lip glow lip gloss.
content warnings: suggestive so like 17+ pls i am begging. some of this can also be considered bare minimum for men irl but those standards don’t apply to these kings here.
notes from the author: i keep telling y’all i’m gonna write something original but that’s not gonna happen right at this moment i’m sawri so enjoy this timeless masterpiece 🙏🏽. reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated as always. but anyways i revamped this and made it better and less age appropriate lol.
Tumblr media
— Such a tease oh my fkn god. Likes to say such condescending shit like “mhm really” or “oh yeah?” in that voice (y’all know the one!) and he does it in the most inopportune times. Likes to whisper it in your ear and
MATSUKAWA ISSEI, miya atsumu, SUNA RINTAROU, morisuke yaku, TSUKISHIMA KEI, yūji terushima, futakuchi kenji, kenma kozume
— When he’s hot from like workouts or practice or something he’ll put his shirt between his teeth and rub at his abs. Sweat dripping from his face and dripping onto his chest YES PLEASE. He will smirk if you catches you staring at him like sir you good how can I not stare?!
ARAN OJIRO, oikawa tooru, ATSUMU MIYA, iwaizumi hajime, daichi samamura, tanaka ryūnsoke, KUROO TETSURO, BOKUTO KŌTARŌ
— Always smell good. There has never been a time where you’ve been around him and he hasn’t smelled absolutely amazing. Makes you want to keep your face in his chest forever. 
AKAASHI KEIJI, KITA SHINSUKE, aran ojiro, matsukawa issei, SUGAWARA KŌSHI, ushijima wakatoshi, aone takenobu, osamu miya, yamaguchi tadashi, SAKUSA KIYOOMI
— Wearing his sweatpants really low around the house, the GRAY ones and they’re low enough to where you can see the start of his v-line but high enough to tease you. Like there’s no business he should be walking like a little whore respect yourself!!!
OIKAWA TOORU, tsukishima kei, ATSUMU MIYA, osamu miya, asahi azumane, tendou satori, AKINORI KONOHA
— When you’re talking to him he’ll stare at your lips and then he’ll lick his while smiling, before looking away. Knows exactly what he is doing when he does that and he loves to get you flustered because he’s an asshole.
kuroo tetsuro, MATSUKAWA ISSEI, YŪJI TERUSHIMA, tanaka ryūnsoke, semi eita, takahiro hanamaki, ATSUMU MIYA
— Keeping eye contact with you at all times to make sure you know that he’s listening to you. Will never take his eyes off of you. Sometimes his eyes will drift elsewhere because his mind starts to think about other things but nonetheless a respectful king! So he’ll always direct his attention back to you.
AKAASHI KEIJI, yamaguchi tadashi, semi eita, USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI, suna rintarou, aran ojiro, DAICHI SAWAMURA
— Accessorizing and wearing some type of accessory like a chain or some rings with every single outfit, makes them look very well put together. The RINGS on their fingers omg I’m palpitating.
tanaka ryūnsoke, MATSUKAWA ISSEI, SUNA RINTAROU, kyōtani kentarou, aran ojiro, SEMI EITA, kageyama tobio
— Tapping his hands against the steering wheel while driving, will also reverse with his palm. Also for a little razzle dazzle he NEVER takes his hand off your thigh while he’s driving. He keeps it there and thinks he’s slick when his hand travels but he’s not so.
KUROO TETSURO, tsukishima kei, suna rintarou, SAKUSA KIYOOMI, kenjirō shirabu, goshiki tsutomu, NISHINOYA YŪ, hinata shoyo
— Likes to tilt your chin up and give you a peck when you’re mad at him. Or he’ll come up behind you and give you little kisses on your neck and stuff and will probably be like “lemme make it up to you baby?” and it’s just like ILL NEVER GET MAD AT YOU AGAIN SEXY!!!
SUNA RINTAROU, MATSUKAWA ISSEI, atsumu miya, takahiro hanamaki, kuroo tetsurō
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strawberrykake · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: suggestive
Telling him “your eyes are so pretty. Can i have them? ” and he replies:
“no, but your kids can”
—Kita, ATSUMU, OIKAWA, Kageyama, BOKUTO, SUNA, Yahaba, Ushijima, NISHINOYA, Tsukishima, KUROO, Tendou, Osamu, TERUSHIMA, MATTSUN, Akaashi, Futakuchi, Kuguri
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sunascumdoll · 18 days ago
ʜQ ᴠɪꜱᴜᴀʟ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ
Tumblr media
ᴛʀᴜᴇ ᴇᴠɪʟ ɪꜱ, ᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜɪɴɢꜱ, ꜱᴇᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
description: this is just a masterlist of twt videos that remind me of hq boys. all videos will have the kinks/triggers listed.
a/n: big big BIG help to @nekomamiiz​ for helping me sort some of these videos and come up with titles! thank you so much ily baby mwah.
Tumblr media
ᴍʜᴀ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ || ᴊᴊᴋ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ || ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏʀᴇᴠ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ʜQ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ |  ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
      ✩ such a good slut. - daichi fucking his pillow princess. cw // daddy kink, petnames (sweetheart, baby), some degradation (slut), and praise (good girl).
      ✩ toe curling. - milking daichi dry. cw // riding, light spanks, creampies.
      ✩ coaxing you. - daichi playing with your pussy. cw // fingering, squirting, kisses.
      ✩ give me a kiss. - soft dom kags spoiling his baby. cw // cockwarming, kissing.
      ✩ cling to me. - kageyama toying with your hole. - cw // kissing, cuddling, fingering.
      ✩ gentle touches. - kageyma fucking your hand until he cums. cw // handjobs
      ✩ level up! - pleasing yourself on kenma’s cock while he games. cw // loud moaning, doggy.
      ✩ drink your milk, pretty kitty. - sucking your master’s cock. cw // pet play (collar, leash, kitten ears), oral m!receiving
      ✩ try to focus. - kenma pounding you while you play on his switch. cw // just missionary
      ✩ don’t run. - mattsun pinning you and keeping you from squirming. cw // intense orgasm, dirty talk, possible mind break?
      ✩ messy eater. - mattsun messily eating your cunt. cw // oral f!receiving, spit.
      ✩ bend over. - mattsun taking you from behind. cw // possible creampie
      ✩ split open. - horse cock mattsun stretching you open. cw // BIG DICK ISSEI HNGG, breeding/creampie.
      ✩ you got this. - iwa easing his princess’s nerves before a job interview. cw // fingering, titty sucking, car sex.
      ✩ sound so pretty. - iwa relishing in the noises you make while tasting you. cw // oral f!receiving.
      ✩ backseat breeding. - iwa fucking you in the back of his car. cw // breeding, riding, kissing, car sex.
      ✩ smile for the camera. -
      ✩ watch me make this pussy purr. -
      ✩ picture perfect pussy. - missionary w suna. cw // recording, missionary
      ✩ paparazzi. - suna filming the after math of a session. cw // creampie, spanking.
      ✩ after practice snack. - atsumu tasting his baby. cw // oral f!receiving, 69.
      ✩ right here. - fucking you on a table. cw // kissing, creampie.
      ✩ take a seat. - hovering over tsumu’s face. cw // oral f!receiving.
Tumblr media
taglist (bold cannot be tagged): @booksweet @shalnarkswhoree @ushijimasslut @kawaiikooki @fiona782 @yaqueerqueen @papitoshi @undefined—person @omiikeii @SATISFYINGLYBLUE @crapimahuman @tirzamisu @kisseswithkai @itsmeteiiteii @slxttygoddess @random-734 @matssuncxmslxt @bakugobaki @tifhen @Tithesandofferings @dadbodosamu @eternallyvenus @devilgirlcrybabiey @fsrintaro @mid-night-blossoms @seraphqueen @cheryly @cinnamonwishes @babydai @wydks-blog @honeymilkpup @xxrwzy @bbytamaki @xo-lynx @annHONK @strawberyyydreamz @sunascockslut @jahnvi-d @chloee0x0 @nexety @keismind @skillaxx @keisurou @izanaswife @strwbrrymilkbunny @suga_tofu @crystal-lilac @levylovegood @dear-jaems @yeehawnana @rinslutz
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shotosjupiter · 22 days ago
synopsis + warnings: gn!reader + fluff. how the karasuno folks ask you out <3
Tumblr media
— DAICHI asks you outright. it took nearly every ounce of courage he possessed to ask you the question, but he had done it. eyes desperately searching yours, his hands reach out to hesitantly hold yours. it was right before volleyball practice, the school day ending for regular students. he had ran from the gym to your last class of the day and then with his hands on his knees, panting, he asked, "will... you please... go out with me?" he had asked in between breaths. he was left even more breathless when he heard your eager yes as a response.
— SUGAWARA presents you with flowers and his brightest grin. he didn't want to ask you empty-handed and he figured white carnations (they represent pure love, he checked) couldn't go wrong. stuttering just the slightest bit, he asks if you'll accompany him as his date to the local museum. he's sweating just a bit (a lot actually) as he nervously awaits your answer. you stare at the flowers for a bit and then look back up at him. his cheeks turn red and he can't help but bring you (and the flowers) into a tight, crushing hug when you say yes.
— ASAHI slides you a note in the middle of class. will you go out with me? is written out neatly across some spare notebook paper. you lift your head up to look at asahi, only for him to already be staring at you. he quickly turns his head down to his classwork, the tips of his ears bright red. his leg bounces up and down as he awaits an answer. you smile and hastily write yes i would love to with a doodle of heart and slide the note back to asahi's desk. you watch as his pen drops and he turns back in his seat to look at you, a grin spread across his face. you smile back and wave, your face heating up at the ecstatic expression across his face.
— NISHINOYA leans his arm against your locker as he pops the question casually. externally, he seems like the vision of cool-headed. he's asking the person of his dreams out, no sweat. internally? he is bouncing off the walls, screaming, nervous as hell, but praying to every entity above that you say yes. it took all of tanaka's energy to get noya enough swagger to ask you out at all. he looks up to you, eager for a response. when he sees you smile and nod to his question, he lets out a breath and then pumps his fist in the air in rejoice of victory. "you won't regret this, y/n!"
— TANAKA invites you to one of karasuno's games. he decides that if they win, then he'll ask you out. 'lo and behold, they do win. you make your down from the bleachers, eager to congratulate him when he runs to you, crushing you in a tight hug despite the sweat clinging to his skin. high on the adrenaline from the game and winning, he blurts out the question with no other thoughts on his mind other than wanting to be yours, "can you please go out with me?" he thinks that he earned two wins in a day when you say yes.
— KIYOKO asks you beneath the tree in the yard of the school. it was lunchtime, and she had made a bento for you and her to share. it was spring time and there were flower petals floating around in the wind. taking a deep breath, kiyoko turns around to face you and promptly asks you the question with her face slowly turning a shade of pink. the lunch she made you lays in your lap as you quickly grasp her hands and leave a kiss on her cheek. "yes of course i'll go out with you kiyoko,"
— YACHI sends you a text. it's the coward's way of asking, she knows. but you give her butterflies and make her nervous all around and this is the only way she could ever confess her feelings. she types it out in the cutest manner, y/n! i like you (; ω ; ) will you consider going out with me? she turns her on and off every thirty seconds to see if you've responded yet, and jumps off her seat, yelling cheers as she receives the reciprocation of her adoration.
— HINATA didn't know how to display his endearment towards you in any other way than the one he knew best: volleyball. he insists that suga pretend that he's practicing sets with him outside, conveniently next to where you sit during lunch. the ball manages to 'accidentally' be thrown right next to you. flinching, you grasp the ball to throw it back at the boys only to the (extremely messy) handwriting scrawled across the ball in a striking black shade: Y/N, GO OUT WITH ME PLEASE! hinata stands a tad bit in the distance, hands cupped around his mouth as he yells, "what do you say, y/n?"
— KAGEYAMA is a man of little words except when it comes to you. does he vocalize those words? absolutely not. you make him nervous as shit. he starts stuttering, words stumbling over the others, his mind running a mile a minute. however, one day after practice he falls into an easy conversation with you - stuttering only ever once a few sentences, he finds himself speaking words he never thought he would utter aloud. sweat is clinging to his back and neck (from practice or from being around you, he doesn't know) as he confesses just how much he likes you, his words coming easy for once.
— TSUKISHIMA is a secret romantic. he walks home with you, the two of you sharing a pair of earbuds as one of his playlists blares into your ears. you hum to the tune of a familiar song, and then promptly turn your head to tsukishima. not fast enough to have the earbud fall off your ear but with enough force for tsukishima to get his head out of his thoughts and turn to look at you, a question in his eyes. you grant him a small smile and nudge him, "do you think you could send me this playlist? i like it."
a slight blush blooms across his cheeks as he nods in response to your question. this was the playlist he made with the thought of all you made him feel and the idea of confessing to you one day. the fact that you liked it reassured him that maybe (just maybe) he had luck with you in the future.
— YAMAGUCHI fiddles his fingers as he holds out a bento full of all your favorite sweets. a note is written atop it, but you pay no attention to it as yamaguchi stammers out, "i like you. i like you so much. so take these please, even if you don't like me back." wringing his fingers, he brings up his head back up to look at you; he's met with a sweet surprise when you lay a quick kiss on his cheek and accept his confession.
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folklorebae · a month ago
𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐤 - 𝐖𝐞'𝐫𝐞 𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐
Cast(s): GN!Reader ft. Osamu, Kageyama, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Sakusa
A/n: This is a repost! If you've seen it, just pretend you haven't <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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natashaiwaizumi · a month ago
what you’re like being married
types of married couples you guys would be
various characters x reader 
Tumblr media
You guys are so fucking annoying. Both of your social media accounts are flooded with pictures of the other and how much you love each other. If people make the mistake of inviting the two of you out you’re gushing over each other the whole time. Madly in love of course and everyone’s happy for you, though they would be happier if you were just as in love, just quieter
Bokuto, Hinata, Lev, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Sugawara, Tendou, Hanamaki
No one knows you two are married. Hell, people barely even know you’re together. You got together quietly and never made a big deal out of anything- at least publicly. Yes, you had found the love of your life, but neither of you saw the point of telling the whole world. There was a quiet ceremony and no pictures were allowed to be posted. It’s not until the two of you are out that a friend sees your matching rings and loudly gasps, asking how long you’ve been married. You turn to him then back to the friend answering, “like five years.”
Sakusa, Kenma, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Kyotani, Asahi, Akaashi, Suna
Everyone knows you two are married. It’s not like either of you are very public about your relationship but you don’t hide it so news gets around. You become that couple that everyone goes to for advice since your relationship is going so well. You definitely get those comments like “the way he looks at you” and he’ll be confused why it’s such a shock saying, “I always look at you like that, what does that mean?” he’s so used to being in love with you he doesn’t even notice. 
Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Kita, Osamu, Daichi, Sugawara, Akaashi, Yamaguchi
People think you two are just oddly close best friends for the longest. You just have a very light-hearted relationship filled with a lot of laughter and fun. So from far away you truly do look like friends, it’s not until you start making out mid-outing does everyone get the message. 
Atsumu, Terushima, Kuroo, Matsukawa
boys when their daughter gets a bf*
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
(you can make requests)
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