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#kageyama x reader
gojosflame · a day ago
haikyuu doms when you try to choke them <3
Tumblr media
cw : choking, slightly bratty reader, thigh riding, dumbification, condescending men lmao, light spanking
note : horny hours, wishing these men were real to put me in my place <//3 a little something to post while i work on my gojo fic
now playing : won't bite by doja cat ft. smino
1:25 ───〇─── 3:15
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
Tumblr media
you're on top of him, head thrown back and riding him at a steady pace, face contorted in pleasure as his tip hits your cervix. he is part lying on his back, leaning against the headboard as he perches himself on his elbows , mesmerized by how your breasts bounce every time you move. you take this chance to try something you've been thinking of recently, you lean forward and place both your hands on his throat, lightly choking him as you increase your pace. he is startled at first but then he smirks at you, clearly amused. he takes your free thumb into his mouth and sucks on it with a wink, right before grabbing your hips and slamming you on his dick. thrusts up into you like an animal and smiles when he sees your eyes roll back as you cling to him for support, "its cute that you tried baby"
↳ oikawa asfff, daichi!!, kuroo, osamu, matsukawa, akaashi, sugawara, sakusa, meian
he is sitting on a couch, hands folded behind his head and a condescending smirk on his face as he watches you desperately ride his thigh. you have placed both your hands on his chest for support, rolling your hips as you chase your high. he looks at your slick pooling on his thigh and groans, "poor baby can't even make herself cum?" you look up to meet his mocking gaze, so frustrated and angry, it takes over you as you shift one of your hands from his chest up to his neck; choking him as you roll your hips faster. he quirks one eyebrow and chuckles "oh you wanna play this game huh?". he brings his hand to choke you even harder, pulling you in for a messy kiss. he spanks your ass with his other hand and then pinches your clit, laughing at the squeal you let out
↳ tsukishima!!, kageyama!, ushijima, terushima, iwaizumi, bokuto, kita, atsumu, tanaka
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · a day ago
types of kisses with hq men
Tumblr media
## ft. sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintaro, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime
## a/n. i just wanna give a kiss to all these bous because theyre adorable and deserve it ;-;; also i erm got carried away with suna and iwaizumi in case you couldn’t tell hehehe
## warnings. heavy smooch smooch, sickening fluff from iwa’s part, suggestive if you squint at suna’s part
inspiration from this post <3
part 2 (w/ kuroo)
Tumblr media
the “we really shouldn’t be doing this.” kisses
making out in the closet was really one of the most ‘teenager-esque’ shenanigans that you and SAKUSA KIYOOMI has pulled. currently, what you were supposed to be doing was sitting prettily next to sakusa, your hand clasped in his as the two of you laugh at the story that one of your old classmate is reminiscing about at the reunion dinner. yet, all it took was one speech that bored sakusa to near death for him to grab your hand, pulling you to the corridors. he flung opened the door and forced the two of you in it.
and here you are, your hair dishevelled from sakusa’s fingers grabbing and weaving through your hair and his blazer tossed haphazardly towards the ground. a guttural moan escaped sakusa’s lips as he caught sight of how smudged your lipstick was from.
“w-we really shouldn’t be doing-mmmm ah- this now, omi.” you whimpered against your lips. it has seemed that your body has betrayed you when you unconsciously rolled your hips in the air when sakusa laid open-mouthed kisses on your shoulder.
“it doesn’t seem like you want to stop though, love.” you felt his lips curved upwards against your skin as he mused. “but if you want to go back so badly, then…”
deep down, you were disappointed to have to pull away but confusion soon settled in as why would omi give in so easily?
your question was answered when sakusa attacked your neck with his teeth, making wet suckling noises as he nibbled at your neck. he pecked you on the lips one last time before he pulled away admire his work of dark blue blooming on your neck. taking your hand in one and his blazer in the other, he opened the door to bring you back to the dinner.
as you walked through the corridor, guests that were lining the area gasped as their eyes zoned into your neck. feeling self-conscious all of the sudden, your hand darted to your neck to hide it from them.
“don’t hide it, love. you look so sexy with it.” omi shot you a wink. he almost shrieked when you pinched his underarm.
the “we’re so late for work but that is a problem for later.” kisses
“honey, where are my knee pads?” SUNA RINTARO called out from the front door as his hands frantically pats himself down to check if he is forgetting anything else.
with one hand, you made sure to grab his knee pads from the hanger as you rushed out of the kitchen, the other holding both of your bento boxes. with road congestion in tow, you weren’t sure that you would be able to drive you and suna to work on time.
“wallet? your ID?”
“check…and check.” you huffed as your hand scrambled through your bag to see if you have taken everything.
if only you were looking at suna, you would have seen how he was looking at you with glazed eyes that were fixed on memorising your features. he would be seeing you again tonight after your work but his heart can’t help but clench at the thought of the hours that he will spend in training, away from you. he finds it silly but he always gets down whenever the two of you are at your door, about to part. clingy much? suna scoffed to himself. well, this was your effect on him after all.
you felt a pair of arms slither around your torso and pulling you towards them. colliding with suna’s firm chest with a small thud, you tilted your head up to face his that were only inches from yours. he lightly pressed his lips against yours longingly, “goodbye kiss?” chuckling, you turned to face him as you took his face with both of your hands to capture your lips in his. you felt his tongue dart out of his mouth, swiping along your soft lips, tasting the citrus flavour of the orange juice that the two of you drank this morning over a breakfast of pancakes.
“i love you, y/n.” suna whispered against your mouth as he captured your bottom lip with his teeth, softly nibbling and eliciting a moan from you.
“i love you too, rinnie but we have to go, otherwise we’re going to run late.” you tried to break from his hold to grab your bag but his hard darted towards your chin to guide your lips back to his. instantly, you felt a pair of hands wander towards your butt, roaming and squeezing at its plushness. suna inwardly moans, so soft. such a perfect ass for me. a hard slap landed on your ass, jolting your body against his as a gasp escaped your mouth.
suna hoisted you up and you instinctively hooked your legs around his hips. you did not know where rin was taking you but it surely was not to work. the next thing you know, suna’s body was hovering over yours on the bed. his lips ghosting over the ridges of your collarbone
“that will be a problem for late, babe.” suna winks while he gave your shoulder a long kiss, “stay with me here a little longer?”
the kisses that start out shy but gradually becomes more passionately
KAGEYAMA TOBIO loves receiving affection from you. it is just like you can read his mind that was literally screaming at you to kiss him. you’ve just been on the computer for hours, catching up with your friends. don’t get kageyama wrong, he loves seeing how happy you are with your friends but it has just been hours since you touched or kissed him.
he shuffled towards you, head drooped down like a poor puppy, his hand hesitantly reaching for the bottom of your shirt to give it a slight tug. while you noticed his presence as he came into view in your camera, you didn’t seem to take note of his insistent tugs. it was not until one of your friends pointed it out in a teasing tone, “heyy, y/n. i think your baby missed you.”
you whipped your head in kageyma’s direction, giggling when he raised a finger to tap on his pouting lips — a signal asking you for a peck. you nodded excitedly and invited him with outstretched arms, causing a relieved grin to break out on kageyama’s face. he ducked beneath your arms to give you a small peck.
“tobio~ are you sure that’s all you want?” you waggled your eyebrows at him, laughing inwardly when his face flushed red.
peck by peck, the kiss got deeper as his lips never left yours. his head only tilting to press his lips firmly against yours while he moaned wantonly. he missed this. your lips and your touch. chortles from the computer frightened you and kageyama apart and it both struck you that you were literally snogging in front of your friends.
“t-t-obio, i think we can continue this later” you pushed at his chest to get him out of the frame. your friends only whining and teasing you to keep him there. however, he caught your wrist and pulled you towards him. the chair that you sat on rolled you towards him, resulting in your face only being a few inches away from him.
“i don’t want to.” turning to your camera to wave your friends goodbye, kageyama clicked the mouse. camera off. hang up call. again, he swallowed your protests with his mouth, silencing whatever inhibitions you had with a long kiss.
kisses, in which you have said goodbye but can’t help stealing a little more
considering the scenario you are in with hajime right now, hands clasped together as you swing it back and forth while strolling back to your home, there would have been music playing if it were in a movie. HAJIME IWAIZUMI has always made you feel like you were in a movie, especially during today’s date.
but movies do come to an end, just like your moment with iwaizumi as you spot your building from a distance away. cherishing every moment, the two of you would sneakily exchange kisses under the night sky.
“i guess this is you…” iwaizumi smiled sadly, head drooping down to look at your arms swinging together. He hopes to stall some time to look at you a little while longer before you go. he wish he could make you smile again before you had to leave. it would probably be months before he could see you again, he wasn’t so sure and he doesn’t want to think about it. it makes his stomach twist in anxiety. will you eat your meals? will you remember to drink water throughout your day? such worries plagued his mind but deep down, he knows it was all just excuses so that he could see you for more than just a day.
the pads of your fingers traced the outline of his jaw before you tilted his head to give you access to his lips, locking them with yours. his fingers slowly intertwined against yours and pulled you towards him before guiding your arms to encircle his torso. chest-to-chest, the only sound between the two of you is the soft thumps of each other’s heart that beats steadily and races for one another.
‘i…i’ll miss you haji-“ you were caught off by iwaizumi grabbing your nape to pull you into a kiss again even when you were about to pull away. neither of you were ready to let each other go even for just a while. although you had to go overseas for work and iwaizumi had to go overseas as well to lead the team, these obligations seem to fade into the background as the two of you pull the other towards them each time they tried to pull away.
it’s just not enough.
when it was time to part, you and iwaizumi wouldn’t take your eyes off each other whil you bid goodbye. iwaizumi would walk backwards to watch your waving figure that is now posing with your arm curved in the shape of a halved heart. grinning, iwaizumi took his other arm, curving it to form the other half — the two of you making one whole. it will be a while before you can be a whole again with hajime but that’s okay because he makes the wait worth it.
Tumblr media
๑´ ³`)ノ likes and reblogs are always appreciated <3333
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ovurtime · 2 days ago
𖧷 hq boys + texting them during class
with: t. kei, k. tobio, i. hajime, k. kenma, b. koutarou
tw: none :D
ollie's notes: just realized that i used the nickname bubs a lot :| SORRY ITS SO CUTE AND UNIVERSAL <///3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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choozari · 2 days ago
can i request tsukki, kageyama and any other hq boys that u want hc? Their reaction to their s/o casually calling them pretty boy and saying that they (the boys) have a kissable face
haikyuu boys reacting to casually being called pretty boy with a kissable face !
> ft. kageyama, tsukishima, oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo & bokuto
♡ tobio
“w— what are you saying?!” “ you mean that?”
gets super shy
wouldn't dare look into your eyes
looks down because his face?? you think it's pretty??
his heart kinda wants to leap out of his chest right now
is hella flattered, bites his lip as he tries to prevent his blush
“t— thanks, i think you're pretty, too.”
♡ kei
“stop saying nonsense.” “that's hardly a compliment.”
huffs, scowls, glares
tries his best to look annoyed to hide the embarrassment
anything to make it seem like he didn't like what you just told him
but the blush on his cheeks cancels every reaction he tried to show you
“come here, idiot.”
♡ tooru
“i know, right?— wait, i was just joking!” “how about you kiss this pretty face?— come on, you wanna kiss me so bad!”
his ego skyrockets even more
only because your compliments are the only compliments that truly matter
would chase you around for that kiss when you playfully denied it from him
“well, pretty people gotta stick together, right?”
♡ hajime
“shut up !!” “don't randomly say things like that!”
you think his heart could take it?
no, it can't
would blush furiously
would hug you from behind and look down fondly at you
“if you think i'm pretty, then what are you?”
♡ tetsurou
“you think i'm pretty?” “kiss me then!”
wiggles his eyebrows
grins so wide it's almost scary
would engulf you in a hug and kisses your nose
“you have a kissable face, too, and i wanna kiss it right now.”
♡ koutaro
“really?! i think you're prettier!” “okay, give me a kiss!”
tackles you into a bear hug
would nuzzle his face into yours
it would put him into a very good mood
smiles so bright and genuinely, it's contagious
“you're way, wayyy prettier !!”
asks are open<3
- love, zari
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taro-im · 2 days ago
when the haikyuu boys have a crush on you✨
Kageyama Tobio x reader
sort of angsty? With fluff
(new mini series, request a character you would like :> )
Tumblr media
Kageyama really likes you, In the beginning he was always really intimidating to you, well honestly you thought he hated you because most times in class he would always stare at you or either glare but poor boy just had a big crush on you, you were forced to sit by him because the teacher told you that he really needed help with his English assignments and that he was struggling, Kageyama was secretly happy but didn’t show it while you could feel so much awkward tension, it was after school and the both of you surprisingly just finished your after school clubs, you went by the vending machine thinking you had some spare change for a strawberry yogurt but seeing the raven haired boy struggling to choose a flavor you tried getting away only for him too see you “hi l/n” he greeted you awkwardly blushing “oh hi Kageyama San” you said clearing your throat “here you can pick before me” he said backing away “are you sure?” “Y-yeah” he said almost in a yell finally getting to have a “real” conversation with his crush, you went towards the vending machine looking at the button for strawberry flavor putting in your spare change into the slot only noticing you needed one more coin and Kageyama noticing you trying to find an extra coin, he went towards you his calloused hand slightly touching yours putting his coin in for you “Kageyama I’m so sorry” “it’s okay I have tons of spare change” he said standing awkwardly “thank you Kageyama San I owe you” you said walking away face heated while he was watching you walk away “spare change? I sound like my grandma” he muttered hitting his head from embarrassment
what you didn’t know was that little encounter over a strawberry yogurt drink was the start of you and Kageyama Tobio becoming closer…
you were really tired today, you decided to not go hangout at your friends class and just stay in your seat, till you heard a chair scooting your way and something on your desk, looking up it was Kageyama awkwardly on his phone drinking his yogurt “hi l/n San” he said giving you a head knod, slowly passing you the beverage “for me?” You said wide awake noticing the raven hair male slowly knod, “thank you…” you said with a tired smile poking the drink with the straw seeing Kageyama hold in his blush he just looks intimidating you said to yourself holding in your laugh, this time helping Kageyama study felt more calm, the tension slowly disappeared and the both of you talked more, the both of you didn’t even knew class ended and you both said your goodbyes only to see each other, only to see you walking by the school exit after your club and surprisingly he finished practice early to, “Hey I wasn’t done talking Kageyama!” The tangerine haired boy said irratated only for Kageyama to ignore him “hey” he said with his deep voice making you gasp from shock seeing him pull your bag giving you a little wave “oh hi Kageyama” you said smiling at him face slightly tinted pink“ do you wanna go to McDonald’s with me?” He said out of impulse regretting saying it “y-yeah sure why not” you said awkwardly, and that’s how the routine of after school clubs the both of you would go to Mc Donald’s and order French fries and share the order, laughing and talking about school and friends, this was the first time he felt connected to someone, he had a bond with someone, the first time he ever felt included and wanted, he wished he could of talked to you before so he could of experienced this and you wished you took the time to talk to him in the past because now, you had a huge crush on him, and his feelings for you grew instantly after spending more days together, and everytime he walked you home he did this little dorky thing where he gave you a little headpat and speed walk the opposite direction which made you laugh or when he chews on the straw when you help him study for English class, but it all had to end soon one day right?
“Kageyama your grade in my class is perfect!” the teacher said amazed at his English grade making Kageyama proud “now l/n won’t have to teach you anymore” the teacher chuckled not knowing Kageyama’s smile faded at the thought of once he stops asking you for help, maybe the both of you would go back to strangers… no that couldn’t happen you two are basically so close, he stopped overthinking and went to volleyball practice seeing you were in the gym taking photos for your club “Say cheese Tobio kun” you teased taking a photo of Kageyama making him kind of unaware, since he became closer to you he understood jokes more and knew how to join in “hey delete that” he said grabbing the camera away from you by raising it up high so that it was hard for you to reach “hey! Not fair Tobio” you said trying to grab it but looking like you were hugging him “say please” “please Tobio?” You said teasingly jumping higher finally getting it but lips slightly accidentally making contact on his cheek making the raven haired flustered turning away from your shocked face “Send me a toss!” Hinata said entering the gym making you sigh from relief “oh hi l/n chan” he said wondering what was happening “oh hi Hinata! Well I gotta go bye!” You said running out of the gym passing by the other volleyball members seeing your flustered face…
That night it was surprising that the both of you weren’t able to sleep, Kageyama playing with his volleyball to clear his mind still somehow feeling your lips on his cheek, and you eyes wide awake touching the lips that touch his cheek heart beating at a rapid rate “why did I make this so awkward?” The both of you said in unison falling asleep hearts throbbing…
After that day the teacher told you there was no need for you to sit next to him anymore, maybe it was for the best right? He didn’t seem to care, you tried giving him a wave but he just avoided your eye contact and pretended he was on his phone… and that’s how the both of you went your separate ways, if he’s acting like this why not do the same thing? Nothing personal right? You were just helping Kageyama as a fellow classmate that’s all…
this happened for three weeks, in the end Kageyama knew what he was doing was stupid but whenever he tried confronting you, you were in your group of friends or you weren’t in the classroom till today after school you were at the vending machine looking for 100 yen and that’s when Kageyama saw you, he slowly went from behind forgetting how to breathe and approach you “h-hey” he said gripping the volleyball nervously “hey…. Kageyama san…” you said shocked trying to get out of the way only for him to get closer “how have you been?” “I’ve been good, how about you?” “Good…” “we’ll see yo-“ you said only getting cut off by him gently taking your hand “do you really hate me from that y/n?” He said embarrassed while your heart beated harder not being able to look him in the face “I didn’t mean to- it’s my fault I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable-“ he said only for you to take his hand back “you didn’t do anything wrong Tobio kun… it was my fault I’m the one who made you uncomfortable” you said sighing out loud embarrassed “no you don’t understand… I really like you and I just wanted to be close to you! And that I didn’t mean for you to avoid me” he said hitting his head regretting what he said “you were avoiding me first that’s why I thought you needed space- wait you like me?” You said flustered looking at the face red boy avoiding your gaze “y-eah I do…” “I like you too Tobio” you said laughing at the both of you being idiots and him looking at you shocked “so would you be my girlfriend-if not that’s okay I understand that we’re going too-“ “Tobio of course I’ll be your girlfriend now com on let’s go it’s getting very dark” you gave him a little kiss on the cheek making him more red intertwining his hands with yours
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shisnhou · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: kageyama tobio x gender neutral reader
genre: angst-ish, heartbreak 
warning: kinda dramatic, may contain errors
notes: set in business! alternate universe, kageyama may be ooc (?)
word count: 1.5k 
Tumblr media
kageyama attentively watches your every move. blue eyes following where your presence lingers. his fingers tapping against the glass rim of his drink, allowing the ice cubes to melt and mix with the alcohol.
fanger and bile arises in him as he watches the man wrap his arms around your waist. and what further irks him is the way you press against the man so naturally, like you two have always been the shit.
he scoffs, rolling his eyes before dowsing the whole glass of expensive liquor. the last fragments of your shared relationship was nothing but suicide and stolen art. like a cliché movie, before all hell breaks loose, it was all running away from the world, happy faces and carefree choices. then all of a sudden, it all just falls apart.
he said things he partly meant, while you did things you sure did regret. it was all a blur, too much emotion to even intake that even his own mind couldn’t process. but it’s all over now, there’s nothing he nor you could do about it. what’s done has been done, nothing can be taken back, nor resolved.
so all he can do now is watch you with his eyes moving back and forth.
you’d be dumb if you didn’t notice the burning look on your back. quite frankly, it made you uncomfortable, and as soon as you turned around to look at who was staring, it all made sense. it was him, of course you felt uncomfortable underneath his blue eyes stare.
his look says it all, he misses you. the way he dowsed that drink without a care tells you he wants nothing more than to pull you out of this place and bring you back into his arms, kiss you like how he did before it all fell apart. but it’s just a shame that you’re not there for him anymore.
you chuckle. it’s a mere shame just how you two fell off that quick.
your eyes meet with his in that instant. his blue eyes pierced into yours, looked at with fevour and need as he stared you down. your don’t dare to blink, can’t bear to blink. the mere gaze of his eyes already so overwhelming, it makes you shiver in your spot.
the contact is merely with the eyes, but it already says so much. you swallow, he stands, hands placing the glass down as he fixes his suit. you feel blood spread through your calm body, something in you saying to get away and avoid. but somehow, your better judgement says to stay, confront, speak. don’t be a coward, it says, so you stay.
your breathing cuts short, feeling his expensive perfume mess with your sense of smell. you shift uncomfortably, and your partner notices. yet before he can even utter a single syllable, kageyma is already standing in-front of you both.
“hi, can i borrow them for a bit? i ought to speak with them, in private.” he’s kageyama tobio, who’s your partner to decline the request of a powerful man? so he nods, unraveling his hand from your waist and ushering you to the latter. the smile forcibly, feeling kageyama stare you down once again as he thanks the man before placing his hand on the small of your back and leading you out with him to a private space he no doubt payed for.
“what is that you want?” you cut to the chase, crossing your hands over your chest and looking at him. kageyama laughs, taking the seat in-front of you.
“aren’t you going to sit?” he asks, pouring himself and you a drink. you roll your eyes at him, not even bothering to wait for him before taking the strong drink. if there’s one thing you know you’ll do tonight, it’s that you’re not talking to this man fully sober. “no. suck my dick.”
“quite the character, aren’t you?” he’s so formal as if there’s nothing but business between you both. as if he had not just been gawking at you a few minutes ago. it makes you want to punch him square in the jaw. how dare he take you out then beat around the bush? what kind of scheming tactic is this. “how have you been?”
“better. without you.” that definitely was a blow to his ego. you know, you see it with the way he clenches his jaw. he presses his lips into a thin line, raising a brow then leaning into his chair.
“i see. well, me too, i’ve been better without you. finally was able to pursue that project without you. got to travel without you. got to cope without you. do marvelous things without you.” it’s a whole new level of petty, he knows. yet he can’t help it. “and out through all of that, you were never in my mind, not even once.”
you scoff at him. sure, you know he’s changed. but you didn’t know he changed for the worse. “you say i’m not in your mind, but you’re talking about me like my name‘s the only word in your vocabulary. pick a struggle tobio.”
kageyama backs track to what he said, opening his mouth to retort but shuts it when he realizes what he had admitted.
“you can pretend you don’t miss me, you can pretend you don’t care all you want tobio,” you trail, sighing as your eyes fall on his pretty face. “but we all know you just want to kiss me.”
“you don’t know what you’re talking about.” he grits through his teeth, eyes filled with new brought up passion. there’s a longing in his eyes, something you can’t quite fathom, something you refuse to understand, afraid that if you do, something you don’t want to happen may occur. “i don’t want you, don’t give a shit about you—”
“so why are we here then?” your voice rises by an octave, already fed up with seeing his face. the longer that you look into those ocean eyes the more your emotions stir, memories you wished to forget resurfacing: painfully reminding you of the relationship you both shared. “what the fuck do you want from me?”
he goes silent. tears suddenly form in your eyes as he shifts in his seat, looking away from you, not wanting to see the way you wrap your hands around yourself. the same way you did when he raised his voiced at you six months ago. this scene looks exactly the same as it did before, six months ago before you two fell into that hole that separated you two.  
“i— i don’t know,” the emotion in his voice surprises you, so much so that you face him. you watch as he runs his hands through his hair down to his face, rubbing it profusely. “i— nothing has been the same without you. god— fuck, everything is so hard without you beside me.”
you look away, rubbing your hands against the goosebumps that arise on your skin. you hear him stand on his feet, but you refuse to look, not wanting to see what expression he has on his face right now. you’re afraid that if you look into his eyes that you’ll fall all over again and hurt yourself the second time. 
“please,” the desperate plead that leaves past his lips causes you too shiver, nearly flinch, it’s so uncharacteristic of him to be able to hold so much emotion like this. “look at me.” his hand is reaching out for you, yet before he can even touch your skin you move away. 
defeat shows on his face, expression falling as he retracts his hand. it’s all right infront of him, the way you don’t even want to look at him, tells him that there’s no way this relationship is saved. he doesn’t want to give up, absolutely not, not when you already have given up on him. 
“tobio,” you call him. his eyes glisten, partly hoping that you still want to be with him. “let’s end this here.”
“there’s no more saving this, there’s no more saving us, and we both know that we’ll only repeat the same mistakes we committed in the past.” there, you look at him. something in your heart rips when you see the way his eyes glisten against the dim light of the private room. you want to come and comfort him, but you know that you don’t have the right to do so anymore. soon enough, someone new is going to comfort him the way he wanted you to do, and someone new will comfort you the way you wanted him to.
silence falls between you both. you no longer have the strength to talk to him about anything, not when merely looking at him is already breaking you in the inside. you have no will to speak, barely able to muster up the courage to clear you throat and look at him before you turn at the door. 
“goodbye, tobio.”
he looks up, but doesn’t bother to call out your name. why would he? he already knows that you wont come back to him and magically forgive him. so when he sees you close that door behind you, it finally hits him. you’re the one that got away, and there’s nothing he can do about that. that he’s only meant to close this chapter, begging you to,
“please, stay.” 
Tumblr media
content belongs to @shisnhou on tumblr! do not repost, copy, use, or modify!
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haikyuu-longfics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Friday, September 24, 2021
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artchaik · a day ago
Tumblr media
A Gentleman At Heart
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: Tobio Kageyama x Reader
Summary: Being an anti-social and awkward teenage boy, Kageyama is groomed and taught all he needs to know to go out on his first date with you. Or so he thought.
A/n: I actually went out to a very fancy restaurant and faced the same troubles our poor baby Kageyama did. My parents, however, especially my dad, honestly didn’t care and just ate in peace. Anyway, I hope you really enjoy ‘cause I’m quite proud of this fic :)
Word count: 2.5k
Tumblr media
"Be classy! Girls like that kind of stuff!" Suga said, as Kageyama wrote whatever he was hearing down in a notepad.
"Try being a gentleman by holding doors open for her, pulling her chair to sit down, oh, and use a fork and knife! Important if you are bearing western food especially." Kageyama nodded silently, continuing to write just as their other teammates began to enter the locker room.
"What's going on here?" Daichi asked, as he began to take off his school jacket. "Kageyama is going out with a girl he likes and asked for some advice," Suga beamed, crossing his arms over his chest just as Noya and Tanaka both gasped in disbelief.
"What?? And you mean to tell us that you didn't come to ask us for advice?" Tanaka leaned against Noya's back, just as the short libero pushed right back.
"I feel so betrayed!" "Me too-!"
"You don't have any experience besides getting rejected daily by Kiyoko," Suga pointed out and Asahi piped in to say: "Didn't Noya once get slapped?"
"WAIT!" Hinata finally entered the conversation, pointing completely stunned at Kageyama. "Kageyama is going out with a girl? Did you threaten her or something?"
At his comment, Kageyama's eyes glared daggers at the orange and he took three steps forward, ready to lunge at him. "Hinata-boke! No! She agreed to go out with me tonight!"
"So the king found at last a queen," Tsukishima rose an eyebrow, rolling his eyes as he changed his glasses. "The poor thing probably doesn't even know what she's getting dragged into."
At this point Kageyama's forehead was going to pop a vein if it wasn't for Daichi, who clapped his hands. "Alright, settle down. Now, what Suga was saying is good advice," Daichi smiled at Kageyama. "You should try being a gentleman. In other words no name-calling, fist-fighting or yelling."
Kageyama once more wrote that information down and Tsukishima snickered. "You're seriously taking notes of that? Whoever she is must be special."
"She is," Kageyama barked and lowered down to reread his writing. "She's very kind and sweet and makes me feel all weird inside."
"That's so cute," Asahi said, but both Noya and Tanaka slapped Kageyama on the back hard. "You're really smitten huh?” Tanaka grinned widely and Nishinoya laughed. "Guys! We got a simp on out team!"
"Yeah, like you two aren't," Suga pushed them off Kageyama and patted his head in reassurance. "As long as you do as we tell you, you'll do just fine!" He gave Kageyama a closed-eyed smile.
Yeah, Kageyama told himself, he'd just listen to his senpais and everything would be fine.
Tumblr media
Kageyama must have brushed off his pants more than five times while walking to where you had agreed to meet up.
They were nice and clean, his mother had assured him that he looked exquisitely handsome while his sister just rolled her eyes and said something a little more subtle. He was not sure though. Would you like it? It was you he wanted to impress.
He dressed with a pair of nice dinner pants and a blue navy button up shirt. He also chose not to wear his trainers and instead opt for some polished converse. Kageyama will never admit it to anyone, but it had been the first time he had cared about his appearance and he had wasted about 30 minutes in the bathroom, trying to style his hair to something better than usual but the strands just fell in place in their natural haircut.
Cologne, which he hardly ever wore, played a major role in his outfit completion. His sister had to stop him from literally pouring the whole bottle over his head. What could he say? He was new to all this dating stuff.
Standing in front of some American Burger place, Kageyama looked down at his phone for only to see that he was early five minutes. He took a small puff of air before closing his eyes to envision just how your date would go.
He'd be a gentleman the whole night. Opening doors, pulling chairs, paying. That was an important one. Like hell was he going to let you pay for your meal. He'd make a great impression and you'd be smiling at him-
Your voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he blinked, looking to his left to find you walking over to him. His cheeks burned as he saw your outfit. A pretty, floral dress that reached up to your knees, a jean jacket covering your arms and some strappy sandals lacing your feet. Seeing you in anything else but the school uniform honestly made his heart beat faster.
"Ugh, hi," Kageyama cringed internally, practically feeling the radiance of awkwardness bouncing off him. When you stopped in front of him, you smiled. "You look really nice! All for me?"
His eyes widened, thinking back to what his senpais had told him. Compliments! He had to compliment you! But... you had complimented him? Wasn't he the one supposed to do that? Did the rule change or something?
Feeling his hands begin to clam, Kageyama met your gaze. "T-thank you. You look really beautiful too." He tensed up, realizing his mistake all too late. Too? Had he practically called himself beautiful? He hadn't intended for that to happen-!
You giggled, hiding your eyes from him before your fingers played with the hem of your skirt. "Thanks... I'm glad you like it. I also dressed up just for you!"
Kageyama swore his face was so red, he was afraid his nose would start bleeding from the heat. "S-So..." He cleared his thoughts, trying to also clear away his nerves. "Are you ready? Where were you thinking of going?"
You fixed the strap of your bag on your shoulder then pointed up at something above him. Kageyama looked up at the sign over his head, reading the name of the place they were outside of. No...
"I was thinking of this burger place! I mean, it's casual and simple. I think it's the perfect way to kick off the night!"
Kageyama must have malfunctioned because he froze in terror for a split second. No one had told him what to do at a fast food restaurant! He had been trained for much more fancy establishments. How was he going to be classy in such place??
"Tobio?" You called his name with concern and Kageyama quickly realized that he had spaced out again. "Is everything alright? Do you not like it here? Do you want to go somewhere else?"
Instantly, he shook his head. If you wanted to go here of course you'd go! Whatever made you happy. "No no! Sorry, I'm just a little out of it today."
You nodded, understanding. "I get it. Well, I'm sure the food is going to be yummy. You'll feel better with something in your belly."
Kageyama sure hoped so.
Finally deciding that you were going to eat here, you both walked up to the glass double doors and Kageyama instantly went to open one for you. Your smile widened and you looked at him in appreciation but also with a little teasing glint in your eyes. "My my, you're quite the gentleman, aren't you?"
Yes! That was what he was striving for!
"Heh, I try" he managed to sputter out and you entered inside, finding a small booth close by the window. Kageyama panicked a little when he realized there were no chairs for him to pull, but since he didn't seem to notice any change in your brightened expression, he deflated from relief.
Looking down at the table, he saw that the menus were already set for them so he went to pick it up but quickly thought: He should wait for you to take yours first. So after you opened yours, he mimicked your movements, internally grateful that he could conceal his face for just a bit.
"Ohh, everything looks great!" You said and Kageyama nodded, for only to realize you couldn't see him. "Yeah," he agreed. "I don't know what to pick." He hadn't even looked at the food, simply enjoying his few moments of privacy.
Suddenly, he saw you lower your menu and Kageyama did the same, a little alarmed. Had he said something wrong? Was he supposed to know what he wanted??
Your hand extended over the table and you turned his menu so both of you could look at the options. "Honestly? I would recommend to try number 6! It's really good."
Kageyama blinked, slowly nodding his head. "Are you getting the same?" He asked and you smiled, closing your menu. "Yep! I also suggest you drink a milkshake with it. Strawberry is really good but I think you'd prefer vanilla considering how you like milk so much."
His mouth began to salivate at what he was hearing and he eagerly nodded, looking up to you with excitement for only to instantly compose himself. This behaviour was not gentlemanly. "So eh, the same order and two milkshakes? Yours strawberry?"
After confirming what you wanted, Kageyama walked up to the counter and ordered for the both of you, sitting back down in front of you straight after. He attempted to give you a smile though he glanced at his reflection in the window beside him and quickly dropped it.
He had that evil-looking grin on.
"How was practice today?" You thankfully asked something he could easily answer and from there conversation flowed almost smoothly. There were some stutters and pauses, however, Kageyama was having a great time talking with you.
He hoped you were having as much fun as he was.
"Number 6?" A waitress snapped him out of his trance and he looked up in horror at seeing the two burgers on her tray. How... how was he supposed to eat that in a classy way??? It was big and filled with so much sauce; there was no way he wouldn't be making a mess, let alone a fool of himself.
"Yes!" You answered for the both of them and Kageyama seemed to gulp as the delicious yet menacingly scary food was placed before him. He almost shrank in his seat once everything was placed and the waitress had left.
"Let's dig in!" You beamed, taking a sip from your glass and humming with delight.
Kageyama took a glance at you then stared straight down at his food, completely troubled. Just what was he supposed to do? There was no classy way he could possibly eat this!
But, to his surprise, he noticed that the waitress had placed down a plastic knife and fork for the both of you and he quickly freed them from their packaging. He would try to remember to leave a bigger tip just because of that.
Focusing on being the gentleman he had to be, Kageyama took the napkin situated next to his burger, unfolded it and gently placed it over his lap. You looked at him, as if curious by his actions before you also gazed at your burger.
Kageyama began to cut into his burger with his plastic utensils just as you picked up your own food with your two bare hands. Simultaneously, you both looked up at each other, for only to freeze.
"Ugh..." Your lips pursed as you looked down at his still hands, flickering your gaze to his eyes and then back down a few times. As the seconds past, Kageyama began to feel sweat forming at the back of his neck.
All of a sudden you were snorting in laughter and Kageyama's whole face brightened up from embarrassment. "Oh wow," you exhaled, placing down your food to grin at him. "Never thought I'd see the day someone ate their burger with a knife and fork!"
Kageyama balled his fists underneath the table, feeling frustrated with himself. What had he done wrong? He had followed his senpais' words to the T, yet, it seemed as though he had made a complete fool of himself.
Huffing under his breath as you continued to laugh, he pushed his 'well-made' bangs out his face before pinning his stare on the stupid napkin protecting his pants.
You must have taken in his expression because you had calmed down. From the corner of his eye he saw you tilting your head close to him. "Tobio? Everything alright?"
He bit the inside of his cheek, not knowing what to say. Kageyama knew for a fact that he'd only make things worse for himself so he almost closed himself up if it wasn't for the smile you gave him. "You know, if you want to eat with utensils of course I won't make fun of you. It's just I've never seen anyone do this before," you shrugged your shoulders.
As if your words had triggered something inside of him, he snapped his eyes at your face, shaking his head violently. "No!" He almost barked out and you paused from going to sip at your milkshake.
Kageyama sighed, resigned. "I... I've never gone out with a girl before and I don't know how to act so," he pouted lightly, trying not to make himself look any more stupid. "So I asked for advice from my senpais and they... they told me to act like a gentleman."
Your mouth fell agape and you stared at him in surprise, much to his discomfort. What were you thinking? Did he actually make things worse?
"Tobio..." You smiled softly at him and reached out from over the table to his hand. Hesitantly, he placed his palm in yours and felt himself gulp when you squeezed gently. "I accepted to go out with you because I like you for who you are," you softly said and Kageyama simply stared at you.
You continued, "you don't have to change who you are or act any differently to try and impress me. You've already done that." Winking at him, you brushed your thumb over the skin of his fingers. "I must say, I find it adorable how nervous you were for this date but I assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Nothing to lose."
He almost stopped breathing when you spoke, heart leaping so hard, he thought it would escape his chest. Nodding at you with a dazed look, you let go of his hand, much to his disappointment, and smiled big. "I like you Kageyama. I really hope we can work this out."
"I-I like you too..." He confessed and you hid a little behind your hair, also becoming a flustered mess. "Come on, let's eat," you finally proclaimed and Kageyama agreed.
The both of you lifted your burgers to your lips and took a bite.
Kageyama swears to this day he's never tasted food this good.
Tumblr media
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tsumtsumya · 2 days ago
Kageyama is the type to try and help you study for your mutual class’ exam, but neither of you really know what’s going on. Eventually you just try to help each other cheat and still end up failing
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love-amihan · a day ago
✧ masterlists ✧
Tumblr media
event: nice to meet you by @ichigomis
amihan’s note: if this feels rushed, it’s because it is haha :,) happy reading!
adlers!tobio x gn!reader
Tumblr media
it all started when he started being part of your dream, beginning with the usual interaction you would have with a real life person. although soon enough, he appears more often than normal. though, one important detail is hindering you from distinguishing the man from your dream. his facial features are blurred making it hard to recognize.
howbeit, you must be lucky. months of frustration finally paid off, the man from your dreams is standing in front of you. having second thoughts due to vague memory and the fact that you did not have a glimpse of his facial features behind his foggy face, your guts says otherwise.
or maybe your doubts may be true because standing in front of you is none other than schweiden adlers’ very own setter, kageyama tobio. you must be mistaken for sure. the man shifts in discomfort under your scrutinizing gaze, “uhm, excuse me?” his voice is small and polite.
finally snapping out of your inner argument, “oh i’m sorry,” you quickly mumble and stand aside to let him pass. tobio gives you a tight smile, walking past you before coming to a halt, he turns to face you and mirrors your earlier action.
your eyes widen at him, invading your personal space with how close he’s examining every facial feature you have. “have we met before?” the setter asks not backing away even for a bit, turning your head to the side, you feel blood rushing up your face witnessing his ethereal beauty up close.
stumbling with your words, “if i’m not mistaken, we certainly have not.” the raven-haired eyebrows furrowed in confusion and concentration, “you oddly look familiar to me-” the loud ringing from his phone seems to have done the trick to make him notice how close he is with you.
tobio takes big steps back with his cheeks and the tip of his ears flushing deep red. bowing and mumbling apology one after another, you look around only to see that the two of you have gathered quite an audience. some whispering and pointing at the man, some curious on what the crowd are surrounding.
you rush to him and straighten his body to get out of the sudden attention you have gathered, “can i get you something as an apology for my rudeness?” tobio asks, his mouth moving on its own as if it has its own mind. without a thought, you nod your head to his offer wanting to leave the handful of stares on the two of you.
settling on a cafe, tobio sits down in front of you, a tray set down on the table. “i’m really sorry,” he apologizes for the nth time, you wave a hand to him, apologizing in return, “i should be the one apologizing.”
after your reply, awkward silence fills the air. the man clears his throat while looking around. he’s not good with small talk and he regrets having that trait. he would like to get to know you more and weirdly gravitate towards you. besides, it would be a waste if this ends abruptly.
the two of you reach out at the same cup in sync, hands touching and sending electric-like shocks to each other. once again mirroring each other’s movement, the two of you retreat both of your hands immediately, both your cheeks heating up in embarrassment.
you and tobio continue to be timid and shy, not knowing what to do with the silence that envelops you two. collecting the little courage he has in him, tobio pushes the drink your way, trying his best to give you a charming smile which soon breaks the thick tension.
your soft giggles makes the setter feel strangely full and warm inside, feeling his heart swell in pride after seeing your beautiful smile.
to put it simply, that was the first time you met the man in your dreams, both literally and figuratively, who you later consider as your only soulmate.
Tumblr media
copyright © 2021 by love-amihan all rights reserved. do not repost in other platforms. reblogs are welcome and highly appreciated! <33
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iiiwachan · 21 hours ago
Kageyama Tobio, the type of guy to lay in bed when he can‘t sleep and look at all the selfies you sent him and melt on the inside
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adoringhaikyuu · a month ago
Could you write something about how y/n is her comfy clothes and the haikyuu boys comes home drunk one night say says something about her appearance? And then he tries to make it up ofc
I love hurt/comfort hehe I don’t mind who you write about but my fav is iwa 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: timeskip!atsumu + kageyama + iwaizumi + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i made it so that the comment just came out wrong but wasn't intended to be bad!
Tumblr media
atsumu groaned as he stumbled into your home with the help of his brother. you amusedly made your way to the front of the house from your bedroom as you heard the two of them bickering as usual.
"hey guys," both heads turned to you and you focused on osamu, "thanks for bringing him home."
he waved you off, "don't worry about it. this dumbass would probably be headfirst in a dumpster somewhere if i didn't."
you laughed and looked over to the "dumbass," your brows furrowing in confusion as he looked at you with an annoyed expression on his face.
"jesus christ, y/n."
you and osamu both paused. "...what?"
"are you kidding me?" before you could ask what was happening, he went on. "y'knew i was coming home and you look like that?"
your lips parted but no sound came out.
osamu slapped the back of his brothers head, the faux-blond turning to look at him, confused and irritated. "ow?!"
"what's wrong with you, you idiot?!"
atsumu stood up straight, suddenly realizing that his brother was there as well. he turned back to you, "and samu is here too! y/n go put a bag over your face or something!" he shoved his brother in the direction of the door. "you gotta go man!"
you were still standing there, watching the scene unfold, unbelievably hurt and in disbelief.
"why are you being such an ass, dipshit?!"
the brothers were arguing once more and you were honestly starting to tune them out when you heard atsumu's next words.
"because y/n looks too good right now! you can't be here! only i get to see em like that!"
all three of you paused and you looked up, the dark cloud suddenly clearing above your head. you sighed, "you really are something else tsumu."
he turned his head to look at you and whined your name, "y/nnn you need to hide your face!"
you smiled and osamu rolled his eyes. "i have the world's biggest dumbass as my brother."
you laughed and took atsumu's hand in yours, feeling something burst in your chest when he immediately turned to face you, his eyes tracing every detail on your face in awe. "i think i got it from here samu."
you stepped forward and opened the door, letting osamu walk through. just as he turned around and made eye contact with you to say bye, a hand suddenly covered your face and the door shut closed.
you pulled the hand off to find atsumu pouting at you sheepishly before he pulled you in his arms. "mine."
you let out a breath of laughter, nodding. "yours."
Tumblr media
kageyama walked into your shared apartment, seemingly normal. but you could tell by the blush on his cheeks, the glaze in his eyes and the way he stumbled ever so slightly as he kicked his shoes off that he was drunk.
you smiled to yourself as you watched him from the couch, turning down the volume. "seems like someone had a good night."
he looked up with wide eyes at the sound of your voice, only now noticing you were in the room. "yeah we drank––and it was good." he walked over to you, taking his time, making sure not to bump into anything on the way.
when he reached the couch he looked at you and tilted his head before blinking owlishly a few times.
you paused and blinked back. "...yes?"
he opened his mouth and stared for a bit before speaking up. "why?"
you bit back a laugh. "...why what?"
" you look like that?" his face morphed into an almost offended expression and your smile dropped. he sat down next to you and you shifted, suddenly more tense, your stomach tight.
"what do you mean?" you knew that people sprouted nonsense when they were drunk but there was also the fact that there was some truth in what they babbled. did he have a problem with the way you looked? something he was too afraid to say sober?
you braced yourself for his response as he slowly tried to stutter his reply, starting and restarting his sentence, a strong furrow between his brows.
"you look––i just don't––" he paused to hiccup and you could only feel yourself getting more anxious with each delay.
you crossed your arms and frowned but he didn't seem to notice.
"why do you––" he paused and licked his lips, suddenly realizing how dry his mouth was.
but you were getting impatient at this point. "so what, tobio?"
he turned to face you fully and leaned his head on the couch cushion. "so...good." your breath hitched in surprise but he went on after a heavy sigh. "s'not fair..." his eyelids were getting much heavier with each passing second and each blink was longer and slower than the last. his words started to slur more, now coming out it mumbles. "y'always make me feel all warm and...tingly inside––just with your face." his eyes scanned over your face as he spoke and you could feel your cheek heat up.
your lips curved into a smile again and he smiled back. "that smile always gets me too."
before you could think of a response, he plopped his head in your lap. "can you play with my hair?"
as soon as your hand pushed back the hair from his forehead, he closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, a sated smile slowly spreading onto his lips as you ran your fingers through the strands. "really like it when you do that."
"you're really honest when you're drunk, aren't you? even more so than usual," you let out a breath of laughter, "didn't even think that was possible."
he hummed and opened one eye, "s'that bad?"
you smiled, "not at all."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi was glaring at you, there was no other way to describe it. his brows were furrowed, and sure he had a pout on his face that made him look adorable––but that fiery look in his eyes? that was a glare, for sure.
you handed him the glass of water you'd gone to get from the kitchen and he took it, eyes still on you. "thank you." his words were clipped and quite honestly his whole attitude was confusing you.
"uh you're welcome?" you tried to brush it off and went to fetch him his sweats that he liked to sleep in. you could feel his gaze glued to your back and when you placed the pajamas on the bed, only to find that same look on his face as he placed the glass on his bedside table blindly, you sighed and crossed your arms.
"okay what is it? what's wrong?" you leaned on one heel and tilted your head at him. "did oikawa do something?"
he raised a brow, "who?"
you rolled your eyes. "shittykawa."
"oh." he blinked and his face returned back to its scowl. "no."
"well then what is it?"
he stared at you for a few more seconds before taking a deep breath. "your face."
you almost took a step back, completely offended. "what about it?"
"it pisses me off."
your eyes widened in disbelief and you stood up straight, not even sure what to do with yourself. "oh really?"
he nodded.
was this really how he felt? for how long?
you put your tongue in your cheek and nodded as well, ready to leave the room before you burst out into tears when he spoke up again.
"you're so beautiful it fucking pisses me off." he sighed and lied down, letting his eyes close. "no one should be allowed to look that good."
you stood there for a moment, a new type of disbelief coursing through your veins, a fluttering feeling in your chest. you scoffed and shook your head, a smile on your face. "you're one to talk, haji."
he opened one eye and looked at you, "wha's that supposed to mean?"
you looked at him fondly, leaning down to kiss his forehead and play with his hair. "you're more beautiful than you think, babe."
a flush rose to his cheeks and he sputtered a bit, looking away, but still leaning into your touch. "wha–shut up––dumbass."
Tumblr media
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ovurtime · a day ago
𖧷 hq + getting distracted on an errand
with: b. koutarou, k. tobio, u. wakatoshi, o. tooru
tw: sort of suggestive?? like,, mentioning of having a baby?
ollie's notes: i would be completely okay if bokuto brought home an angel like that i would be ecstatic ;; also tobi is such a child its hilarious
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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sunascumdoll · 2 months ago
tiktok trend event, "grabbing his dick print to show off your nails" w/ kirishima/bakugo would be hilarious LMAOO
ɢʀᴀʙʙɪɴɢ ʜɪꜱ ᴅɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀɪɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ꜱʜᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀɪʟꜱ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋᴀɢᴇʏᴀᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋɪʀɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴀʀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ, ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴠᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ɴᴏ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
a/n: i got quite a few requests for this trend (down below)!! so i picked 2 from mha and 2 from hq! but don't worry, ill fulfill the rest of everyone's request on a separate post!!
as always reblogs are appreciated ♡
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋ ᴛʀᴇɴᴅ & ᴋɪɴᴋ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you cannot tell me kenma does not have the prettiest cock
and it’s so sensitive too 
the second you grab it, it’s just jumping in your hands
Tumblr media
kenma sat in his gaming chair, golden eyes trained on the computer screen in front of him. you had just gotten your nails done, long acrylics in your favorite shade of ____. you’ve already taken numerous pictures of your new set, but all the pictures seemed like they were missing something. 
you enter your room and walts over to kenma, lightly tapping on his shoulder. he pulls one side of his headset off of his ear, before grunting in response. 
“i got my nails done today! i couldn’t get a good picture and wanted to know if i could use your setup as my background?”
“yeah, go ahead, baby,” he murmurs and pauses the game, scooting his chair back a bit to give you room. 
you cheekily smile before maneuvering in front of kenma and sinking to your knees. his eyebrow arches, eyes watching you intensely only for a curse to fly past his lips. your soft hands lightly stroke the outline of his growing member through his sweatpants, before softly gripping it. you open your phone camera and start recording, capture your nails, kenma’s setup lights, and of course the twitching of his eager cock.
you giggle when you feel kenma’s dick throb in your hand, “you okay, bubs?”
kenma groans, his head slowly nodding, “mhm, your nails are really pretty baby.”
Tumblr media
pls this baby would malfunction the second your hand grabbed his dick print
face as red as a tomato and he’s watching you like a hawk
he’s trying his best to contain the twitching, but your nails wrapped so prettily around his cock is making it difficult
Tumblr media
you walk into your apartment, tossing your keys onto the side table, before walking to the living room. there sits your raven haired boyfriend scrolling through his phone. 
tobio set his phone down in his lap, his own hand reaching out to grab yours, dark blue orbs scanning over your fingers, “they look pretty, babe.”
“you think so? ‘m glad you like them!” 
tobio releases your hand and picks his phone up from his lap. you sit down next to him and open snapchat on your phone, selecting your favorite filter. once you pick out your filter, your hand glides over tobio's thigh and lands directly on his crotch. 
"taking a video if my nails," you retort. 
tobio grips his phone before peeking over the top of it, "what are you doing?" 
tobio grunts, shifting underneath your grasp. the shade of crimson paints his cheeks and burns at the tip of his ears as he watches you grope his cock with your freshly manicured nails. your nails lightly trace the outline of his cock, before pulling away. 
you hand your phone over to tobio, smilling as you play the video back for him, "is this video good?" 
he grabs your wrist, placing it back on top of his now rock hard member, "it's a little blurry, r-record it again." 
Tumblr media
wait can i say about rock cock
horse cock
that's it.
no but you'd go to grab his dick to record your nails
and he has the cheesiest smile on his face 
a sense of pride swelling in his chest bc like
you could have any background for your video 
but you chose to grip his dick
Tumblr media
eijirou sat in the parking lot, waiting for your nail appointment to end. after about ten minutes, you exit the nail salon and enter the passenger side of his car. 
eijirou grabs your hand, his thumb running over the freshly laid acrylic, "ooh, you went with ___? it's a nice color and looks really good on you, sweetheart." 
you hum happily at his compliment, "thank you, baby! can you record a video for me?", you ask before handing your phone to him. 
"sure thing!" 
eijirou grabs your phone and opens up your camera app. once you hear the familiar ding of your camera recording, you immediately place your hand on his thigh. you walk your fingers up his thigh, grabbing onto his dick and palming it through his jeans. eijirou smiles as you gently squeeze his cock, purposefully making it jump and twitch in your hand.
"oh fuck~, your hands look so pretty," eijirou moans, zooming in to focus the camera on your small hand wrapping around his clothed cock. 
Tumblr media
literally growls when you grab his dick
not like an angry growl
but like "do it again. see what happens" kind of growl
Tumblr media
"katsuki, honey, look!" you quickly skip into your bedroom, excitedly waving your nails in front of his face. 
katsuki lowers his phone, glancing at your nails before looking back at his phone, "cute." 
you pout at the lack of enthusiasm from your boyfriend. you jump on the bed, settling down beside him and pulling out your own phone. you swipe over to your camera and open it before gripping your lover's dick. 
katsuki locks his phone and sits up on his elbows, a deep growl rumbling inside his chest, "what are you doing?" 
"taking pictures of my nails, the thumb is my favorite," you shrug, your thumb resting atop of his cock head and rubbing in small circles. 
he growls once more, rough hands reaching out to grip your cheeks and pull your face closer to his, " rub it again, i dare you."
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haikyuu-boys-headcanons · 8 months ago
hehe, i’m back at it again with one of these long ass posts but this idea’s literally been in my head all day long so here you go !! obvious nsfw warning :)
tw: this whole post is just nsfw and embarrassing to read so read at your own risk >:)
𝙳𝙰𝙸𝙲𝙷𝙸 » during a super intense and loud session, his voice cracked as he asked you “does that feel goOD- good baby?” to this day, he still prays that you couldn’t hear him over the sound of your own moans
𝚂𝚄𝙶𝙰𝚆𝙰𝚁𝙰 » you were riding him and he went to slap your ass, but something went wrong either because you were riding too quickly or he was shaking too much, boy ended up slapping himself in the balls. you’ve never heard that boy scream that loud in your life
𝙰𝚂𝙰𝙷𝙸 » literally pulled out in the middle of sex to get up and rush to the corner of his room to flip around his childhood teddy bears. your just laying there with your tiddies and coochie out waiting for asahi to shield the eyes of mr. wiggles
𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙺𝙰 » you two were having pretty intense shower sex until tanaka did the number one thing your not supposed to do during shower sex; this muthafucker slipped while holding you. long story short, y’all were okay but just ended up having nasty shower floor sex??
𝙽𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙾𝚈𝙰 » this tiny ass 5′2 man was unconsciously humping your leg while you were both asleep?? his presumably pleasurable wet dream had turned into a sudden nightmare when you literally had to KICK him off you to stop the humping. bad nishinoya, bad!
𝙺𝙰𝙶𝙴𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰 » came WAYYY too early inside you, but he was too embarrassed to say anything so he just... kept going. sadly, no one had warned kageyama of the intense effects of overstimulation. he was shaking and whimpering so badly behind you to the point where you had to ask him to pull out and bring him a glass of water to calm down
𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙰𝚃𝙰 » the first time you squirted on him, he just blatantly asked you these exact few words that left you feeling mortified: “did you just piss on me?” nuh uh hinata, this water fountain ain’t yours to drown in anymore >:( 
𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙺𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » kei was hitting it from the back pretty hard this time, so hard that you were suddenly... on an angle? suddenly, now you two were much closer to the floor than before. the bed ended up collapsing, yes literally collapsing due to kei’s powerful thrusts. worst part is, nobody got to finish since kei dragged you to ikea to grumpily buy a new bedframe. but hey, he bought you ikea meatballs; that shit hits so different
𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙶𝚄𝙲𝙷𝙸 » one super duper intense night, he passed out the SECOND he came. no matter how much you flicked the temple of his forehead, yamaguchi was dead asleep. you had to literally slap him awake to get him to clean up, you ain’t risking a ranky stanky UTI puthy in the morning
𝙾𝙸𝙺𝙰𝚆𝙰 » kept calling himself a sex machine during the act. i don’t know if it was due to the 6 tequila shots he had beforehand or just his inner ego revealing, whatever it was it was about to make your pussy close
𝙸𝚆𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙼𝙸 » this one time, he kept going in at a weird angle which caused you to repeatedly queef for 7 minutes straight. every time you told him to pull out and go in properly, he laughed and kept going in at that one weird angle!! was your embarrassment a turn on for him?? maybe!! but were you mortified? absolutely!!
𝙼𝙰𝚃𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙽 » i’m sorry to have to be the one to announce this, but this man had the worst case of full blown bush you’ve ever seen. like, he didn’t even try to manscape or anything at all. you ended up begging him to trim just a tiny bit because you weren’t gonna risk choking on a pube whilst your going down on him
𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙺𝙸 » rubbed your left labia thinking it was your clit. and he kept doing that. the whole. fucking. time. even when you subtly moved his fingers towards your clit, he just kept going back to the left lip.
𝙺𝚄𝙽𝙸𝙼𝙸 » had the most dry and dull dirty talk you’ve ever heard. like, it’s not even dirty talk at this point; it’s just clean talk. there’s no passion when he talks! he uses the same tone he would use for anyone else at any other moment. to paint the picture, imagine riding kunimi and he’s just there with a furrowed expression like “yup, that feels really good”
𝙺𝚈𝙾𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙸 » tried to pull one of those unexpected anal scenes that he saw from a porno, without telling you beforehand. life lesson here; if you party at shit's house, don't be surprised if shit's at the party
𝙺𝚄𝚁𝙾𝙾 » you two were looking to get a little more kinky in terms of BDSM, so kuroo watched like 30 tutorials on youtube on how to safely tie you up so you won’t fall or anything. this bitch ended up tying rope knots that were practically impossible to undo, which resulted in you hanging from the ceiling for approximately 2 hours pussy-ass naked while kuroo tried to cut you down with a kitchen knife
𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙼𝙰 » wanted to spice things up with some dirty talk, like the real nasty talk they use in pornos but not the normal pornos; the shitty company ones with horrific acting. he really ended up announcing that he was going to “fuck your fucking fanny off, you twat”
𝙻𝙴𝚅 » got super excited while he was opening the lube since he hadn’t gotten to fuck you in a WHILE, which resulted the lube leaked everywhere and a giant 6′5 man slipping and hitting his head on the bed frame. worst part is; he had to go to the ER with a hard on that refused to go away
𝙱𝙾𝙺𝚄𝚃𝙾 » speaking of boners that wouldn’t go away, let’s not forget that one time bokuto took two viagras when you texted him to come over for a special occasion. he horribly misinterpreted the ‘special occasion’ text, because he showed up to your house with a huge buldge in his pants as your parents stand before him holding anniversary cards, completely horrified
𝙰𝙺𝙰𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙸 » wanted to make valentines day sex as romantic as he could, so he did the classic lighting candles and giving roses. everything was beautiful, until he accidently knocked one of the bigger candles over during missionary. this not only caused a huge ass fire in your bedroom, but he came right as the fire began to spread. boy was debating on whether his orgasm was to die for or not
𝙺𝙾𝙽𝙾𝙷𝙰 » had a nose bleed when he was going down on you and you both were immediately horrified, you thinking it was your period and him thinking he just ate coochie blood. yet as you went to go clean up, you realized his face had much more blood on it than your coochie did. to this day, he still blames it on your period 
𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙰 » threw you onto the bed and your head went through the wall. he didn’t even bother to ask you if you were okay, he just sighed and went “well, now i have to make a call to the construction guy. excuse me” and he left you and your concussed ass head sit there once again, pussy ass naked
𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙳𝙾𝚄 » during a blowjob, he held your head down right as he was coming causing the cum to shoot up your throat and somehow pour out of your nose. by the time he pulled out, he could barely breath from laughing at you. sure, the classic ‘milk shooting out of nose’ thing was funny at first until you got a sinus infection and had to breath out of your mouth for the next three days
𝚂𝙴𝙼𝙸 » always insists having sex in the most inconvenient places?? like he would pull you to side while grocery shopping and start grinding up against you as you pick which brand of cheese would be better??
𝙶𝙾𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙺𝙸 » he kept getting frustrated that his bangs were clouding his field of vision, so he irritably grabbed a hair tie and frantically tied up the sides of his bangs while he was fucking you. you immediately burst out laughing since he looked exactly like boo from monsters inc. 
𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » got so drunk that he ended up fucking the couch. like he was just there on top of you, and his dick was just sliding between the folds of the leather couch. you decided to let him finish like that
𝚂𝙰𝙺𝚄𝚂𝙰 » had a really bad reaction to one of the products he used while shaving and ended up getting super irritated down there so he kept having to pull out in-between thrusts to itch his crotch. to make things worse, you joking suggested that he looked like he had syphilis and he got so disgusted at the idea of that thought that he literally had to pull out and take a breather 
𝙾𝚂𝙰𝙼𝚄 » drizzled ‘warm’ chocolate down your chest and was about to seductively lick it off until you screamed in pain and horror as the chocolate was literally burning your skin off. osamu panicked, obviously not knowing what to do if chocolate was burning his partners skin off so he just... frantically licked it off. you still had to go to the ER afterwards to get treated for mild burns
𝙰𝚂𝚃𝚄𝙼𝚄 » didn’t know what a hymen was until the first time he tried to have sex with you. no matter how much he tried to shove his schlong in, it really just wasn’t working + “yer puss is broken”
𝚂𝚄𝙽𝙰 » pinched your nipples so fucking hard to the point where you started crying. he thoughts these were tears of pleasure until you literally had to kick him off you. but hey, he gave you ice for your sore nipples and mcdonalds! what more could a girl possibly want :)
uh the end lol
also, this idea was inspired by the first haikyuu headcanon i ever read, “awkward sex moments” by @bbytetsu <3
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elysianslove · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys as unintentionally flustering things
this has been in my drafts for a bit n i intended to add more boys but i also wanted to put something out for you guys!! so i hope you enjoy :)
includes; suna rintarō, oikawa tōru, iwaizumi hajime, matsukawa issei, miya osamu, miya atsumu, semi eita, akaashi keiji, bokuto kōtarō, kageyama tobio, sakusa kiyoomi, sugawara kōshi, hanamaki takahiro, tanaka ryūnosuke, ushijima wakatoshi, konoha akinori, tsukishima kei
Tumblr media
suna rintarō — sitting really close next to someone and having your shoulders and thighs pressed together.
the way your skin feels ablaze and your body’s so tense and you feel a little lightheaded is so intoxicating. you crave more, so much more, but you’ll take what you can get. neither of you make any move to get away, enjoying this minimal physical contact with one another. like you’re both just sitting there and making excuses to stay sitting stuck to each other like this, even if there’s space. for a moment, he does move forward to grab at something in front of him and you deflate a little, but he comes back right away, pressing himself to you and even leaning close to show you something on his phone.
oikawa tōru — leaning down to hear someone clearer or to allow them to whisper in his ear.
oikawa’s incredibly tall, has always been and will always be. he was tall in high school and he‘s tall now, and of course he prides himself in that. half his ego comes from his height. so, given that, more often that not whenever you urgently rush up to him to tell him something, he has to lean down to hear you better, even if you’re only slightly shorter than him. just the way he leans in and tilts his head to the side slightly, eyes unfocused as he listens in before he smiles and twists his head to answer you and his face is so close to yours shbsdjxj
matsukawa issei — manspreading, but not the dickhead type.
the way he sits is always like he’s so effortlessly attractive. he’s kinda slumped in his chair or on the couch like he’s not sitting straight but rather lazily sliding down you know? when he sits, he’s got his legs spread wide and either his hands interlocked and resting on his stomach/crotch, or an arm behind the couch and a hand on his thigh or chest. he always looks??? so inviting??? like you want to go sit on his lap?? and sometimes he leans forward and rests his elbows on his thighs and god. God.
iwaizumi hajime — when guys park in reverse and do The Thing with the steering wheel and The Other Thing with their arm.
iwaizumi’s driving the two of you the majority of the time, not because he doesn’t believe in your driving skills (he doesn’t, rude) but because he kinda just wants to serve you always? like do all he can for you? acts of service ykyk,,, anyways whenever he’s parallel parking or parking in reverse, he starts to do the thing with the steering wheel where he uses only the lower palm of his hand to quickly twist it, and then he puts his arm out onto your seat to glance back and god,,, God.
miya osamu — when guys put their hand just barely on the small of your back when guiding you somewhere.
it’s kind of instinctive with osamu, where he just does it in the moment and you’re left with your nerves on edge and your body on fire for the rest of the night. like you’re trying to get past him to go to your seat or he’s leading you to the window seat on a bus or he’s opening the door for you and gently guiding you. it’s so subtle, his fingertips grazing your back and heat of his palm barely obvious and somehow it’s both the quickest and slowest moment of your life. your back tingles and burns alive for the entire night and the day after too.
miya atsumu — naturally good with kids it’s kind of ??? surprising ???
he’s weirdly like just so good with kids. he’s not awkward and is so smooth when it comes to communicating with them. they always listen to him because he’s just that fun that it feels right to abide by his rules. he’s also always going with the flow too so if the girls dress him up and make him their prince he’ll act accordingly, and if the boys wanna pretend to wrestle him he’ll lose on purpose and he’ll play dead if he gets shot with a nerf gun seriously give this man an oscar. it’s just so endearing watching him there’s no way you wouldn’t wanna marry him.
semi eita — just playing the electric guitar. every instrument too but electric guitar specifically.
the way he casually picks up the guitar and tunes it. the way his fingers move over the strings, the way he glances down barely but then looks up with a small, confident smile because it’s muscle memory for him. the way he shakes his head a little in time with the music. the way he grips the guitar to return it to its place. musician!semi with a lot of rings and chains on and chipped black nail polish. it just <3333
akaashi keiji — saying your name in a conversation
cannot explain what’s so hbwjdnejdd about someone saying your name in the middle of a conversation you’re having. like the need to grab your attention, the way it sounds, the implied and unintended intimacy. like names aren’t generally said a lot during conversations (your name & the person you’re talking to) so when they or you say it, it’s a very lightbulb moment kinda like your attention is completely fixated now.
kuroo tetsurō — that cheeky smile with the tongue to the upper corner of their mouth that guys do.
it’s like a smirk but not really a smirk, where he’s barely smiling down at you, and it’s so teasing. his tongue pokes at the upper corner of his mouth just slightly, and he raises a brow or something. it’s just the type of look that makes your heart tighten in your chest, or makes your stomach flutter and tickle. and the thing is he’s aware he looks good doing it, but he’s so subtly confident that it’s a thousand times more attractive.
bokuto kōtarō — that little celebratory thing guys do after a win/score. let me explain.
so he’s fist pumping the air, leaning back a little and bending his knees. he’s got this feral grin on his face and he’s so sweaty that his uniform’s clinging onto every ridge and muscle and best of all— the way his thighs bulge against the long knee pads he’s wearing. he just looks so good being that happy, high off so much adrenaline. and that surge of confidence it brings him after too!!
kageyama tobio — when they’re super sweaty during a game and guys just grab the hem of their shirt to wipe their sweat
it’s usually during practice matches, and at first it’s always like grabs the neck and wipes. but then it just ends up being frustrating that he has to grab the hem of his shirt. he lifts it up with both hands and just wipes his face, and you’re gifted with the sight of his glistening abs and that trail of hair that leads down into his shorts. he’s so casual about it too like he won’t really realize the consequences of his actions even if some girls are straight up fainting at the sight. i think it’s his nonchalance that makes it even more attractive.
hinata shōyō — those hugs that guys give where you’re swallowed up in their embrace.
it’s a very casual kind of hug, the one where he can continue having a conversation but continue hugging you. it’s that type where he had both arms wrapped tight around you, basically caging you in against his chest. and he starts to do that thing where he’ll rub soothingly or squeeze endearingly, maybe rock you two from side to side while sighing casually. it’s the kind of hug where you’d really needed it and he’s indulging you. you’re silent and just reveling in his touch.
sakusa kiyoomi — that smile where they’re like trying to humor you.
when guys do that thing when you make like a joke or try to one up them somehow and they kinda huff out a laugh or dry chuckle and smile in amusement like yeah ok. it’s kind of a belittling yet challenging smile? sometimes he raises a brow too and he’s so chill and completely unaffected otherwise, with his hands in his pockets and a mask obscuring half his face and then it’s just a raised brow and the hint of a smile seen through his eyes. and he’s staring you down too?? good god
sugawara kōshi — when you nearly trip or fall and they reach out for you.
it’s like that heart stopping near fall and then he gets all wide eyed and reaches out for you, saying “woah, careful” in that really soft, gentle voice. even better if he grabs at your arm or presses his hand on the small of your back to steady you even if you are steady. does he make fun of you after? yes. but it’s still really attractive the way he gets all worried and grows really soft for you in the moment.
hanamaki takahiro — when they can keep up with your energy.
the banter is endless with the two of you. every thing you say he’s got a comeback, a witter, funnier, probably more sexual comeback. it’s so like? exciting? the way he’s always challenging you. he’s always got something to make fun of you of, even if it’s not real and made up. and he says it so smooth and it’s always, always, right in the moment. like he thinks of it in the spot. the fact that it just naturally comes to him how he can keep up with you and match your energy is so, so attractive.
tanaka ryūnosuke — when funny, light hearted guys get super serious about something
he’s always chill and always cracking jokes. he’s everyone’s comfort person, and no matter the situation he can be relied on to cheer and lighten up the mood. but sometimes shit gets serious, like if you’re hurt or something, and he does not crack a single joke. nothing. he won’t attempt to lighten up the mood because he cannot bring himself to. especially if he’s like protective and angry, he gets super quiet and won’t take shit from anyone it’s both heart warming and kinda scary.
ushijima wakatoshi — when serious, solemn, no jokes guys let loose
the complete opposite! ushijima’s super serious and he honestly doesn’t get jokes to even consider making them. he’s a very strong and reliable presence, like a literal pillar. but then maybe you do something stupid or you buy him a snack he’s been wanting and he smiles so softly, so sweetly, and his face just relaxes and softens and his eyes are so kind that you instantly melt. because it’s a sight that‘s as rare as it is makes it all the more endearing.
kozume kenma — when guys have a softer smell rather than a strong, cologne.
when i say softer i don’t mean girlier. i just mean softer. like maybe it’s a fresher smell (like minty) or maybe it’s a more floral smell like jasmine or lavender, or maybe it’s like warm tones (like cinnamon). either way, no matter what he smells like, it’s subtle but there. especially if you sit directly next to him or pass by him. you get a whiff of him and it’s so? calming? alluring? intoxicating in the most subtle way? idk. just. attractive.
konoha akinori — when guys stretch while they’re sitting and their shirts ride up.
he‘s just sitting there minding his own business, relaxing, chatting. he’s had a long day and his muscles are all tight and tense, so he just lifts up his arms and stretches, groaning a little and sighing, in relief and satisfaction, as the tension is relieved. his shirt rides up a bit and he even leans back too, exposing more of his lean abdomen. and when he sags in his chair after he’s got this delirious, satisfied smile or smirk on his face.
tsukishima kei — when a guy is explaining something to you and is demonstrating
like the way he’s trying to explain something on a computer and you’ve got the screen before you so he reaches across you to point something out and then suddenly the two of you are really close?? or if he’s writing down something on paper and he keeps looking up as he’s explaining to see if you’re getting it and to keep you engaged. or when he’s just explaining something and he just. sounds smart. you don’t get a thing but it’s fascinating.
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215-luv · 3 months ago
KAGEYAMA: he’s like a ‘touch her and you die’ type of guy which is charming and intimidating at the same time. he either just follows you by your side or behind you to watch out for ‘threats’ incase if you get hurt or something. this is probably one of the reasons why people don’t approach you a lot cause all they see is this scary ass setter ready to throw hands if they fuck up their chance to talk to you smh
KUROO: will have you wear his jacket everytime you feel cold so it turns into a habit that you’d run off to kuroo’s classroom to borrow his jacket and this dude LOVES it when he’s walking across the room to show everyone he’s handing you his sweater. he just can’t stop the smirk forming on his lips when he sees it being draped over your figure, because that way everyone will know you are only his <3
SAKUSA: death glares. definitely. mans will stand five meters away from you and will send a glare to anyone who dares to tries to flirt with you. he’s like kageyama?? but more aggressive because he wouldn’t want anyones germs to be touching you (he’s definitely got the cute hand sanitizers for you!!)
AKAASHI: hovers his arm infront of you or rather blocks you from the sight of the person who made you feel intimidated. that way, he has more control over protecting you from them. doesn’t even let them talk to you unless he is proven that this person won’t hurt you both mentally and physically.
IWAIZUMI: has his hand resting on your lower back. it makes him feel more comfortable cause he knows he can pull you against his body whenever you are about to bump against something. the same thing happened when someone accidentally collided their body against yours, causing your boyfriend to stay alert, pulling you close to him by your waist with a ‘tsk’ as he glares at the person who accidentally bumped you.
TSUKISHIMA: is the first one to speak up when someone tries to offend you. the teacher calls you out during class? your boyfriend immediately claps back with a witty remark that got the whole class laughing over their now embarrassed teacher. another time a classmate of yours told you to shut up and you bet this dude isn’t afraid to tell her off infront of the whole class. after that incident you were completely untouchable lmao. he doesn’t let anyone bully you but himself alone
KENMA: holds your hand with you behind him as the both of you are walking in a crowded area. actually depends if he knows the place cause there will be times where he will be the one to follow behind you - but that doesn’t stop him from having the fear of losing you himself in the crowd. holding your hand just makes him feel better knowing you’ll be safe on his sight <3
MATTSUKAWA: has a hand resting on your shoulder or waist when the both of you are standing - specifically those times where you’re waiting in line so he’ll get kinda bored and slides his hand on your shoulder, pulling your back against his chest so he can tuck your head under his chin (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
SUNA: tugs onto the hem of your shirt when he wants to pull you back or to let you stop on your tracks. he’s very observant when the both of you are walking around cause sometimes you get distracted to not notice your surroundings, so he’ll be in charge of keeping you away from getting yourself hurt. mans will just pull you on the back of your collar and wordlessly hold your hand so he’d be the one to lead the way instead.
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hajimesh · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙩 — olympic team / fem reader
[ atsumu, sakusa, suna, kageyama, gao, bokuto, hinata, iwaizumi, oikawa ]
the stress of the first match seems to be taking a toll on the team's spirit, and you refuse to sit and watch them fail when you know you can be of help. but can you really handle all of them?
(or, where you end up having a gang bang with 8 professional volleyball players, and 1 athletic trainer)
⥅ word c. 7,928
⥅ warnings. sub reader, gang bang, foursomes, voyeurism?, fellatio, cum play, vaginal penetration, anal, unprotected sex, creampie, facial, size + stomach bulging kink, praise kink, mild degradation, double penetration, pussy job (for like, one second), double vaginal penetration, fingering, squirting, overstimulation, someone passes out, aftercare
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Tumblr media
if someone had told you you’d be attending the olympic games not as a spectator but as part of japan’s team, you’d have never believed them. but here you are, sitting in the same room with the most skilled players in the country as none other than their personal assistant.
“iwaizumi-san! do you think kageyama and i could pull off a quick attack right at the beginning of the set?”
“shoyo-kun, if there’s someone you’ll be doing the quick attack with it’s me,” atsumu’s eyes land on kageyama, smirking at the other setter from across the room, “right, tobio-kun?”
“you’re a disgrace.”
sakusa’s statement earns an offended scoff from the blond setter, the rest of the team rolling their eyes and sighing at the all-too-familiar scene.
“oi! we don’t have time for petty fights!”
after iwaizumi gets everyone’s attention back on him, he barely finishes explaining tomorrow’s match opponents and their plays without losing the team’s attention. he might be there to train them and make sure they’re on top of their game, but he knows when the team is lacking morale and, sadly, today’s one of those days.
the meeting is over and all of you go to the dining hall, fetching your dinner and sitting on your respective table with you right next to iwaizumi.
since you took that part-time job at the msby jackals, you quickly caught onto their small tics and tell-tale signs when something isn’t right. atsumu becomes a complete asshole which makes sakusa lose his temper sooner than usual. meanwhile, bokuto and hinata become very fidgety, often causing a bit of chaos around them as clumsiness radiates off of them.
when the national team was announced, you were offered the job as the trainer’s assistant—all thanks to the jackals who recommended you to their superiors for said position. your pay-check might say you’re just iwaizumi’s assistant, but you’re basically there to cover the needs of the entire team—all of them.
your head snaps to the side as a good-looking man takes the last free seat next to iwaizumi.
“aren’t you supposed to be sitting with your team?” iwaizumi asks him, taking a bite of his food while waiting for an answer.
the unknown man huffs exaggeratedly, rolling his eyes as he too starts to eat, “thought you’d miss your best friend.”
“hanamaki isn’t here.”
the stranger opens his mouth to reply, clearly offended by iwizumi’s words, when he notices you peeping at him.
“oh? hi! i think we haven’t met,” he shoots you a charming smile, bringing out his remarkably handsome features, “oikawa tooru, it’s nice to meet you.”
you introduce yourself, bowing at him and focusing back on your food.
both friends start to discuss tomorrow’s events, which inevitably brings out iwaizumi’s concern for his players.
“they seem off,” he’s playing around with the food as he stares at the players sitting in the table in front of yours, “i don’t know if i should talk to them or let them be.”
he’s clearly concerned for them, you can see it in his eyes—the doubt, wondering if he has been doing a good job with the team.
“iwaizumi-san, i-i… perhaps i could aid them this time?”
his head snaps in your direction, a mix of surprise and worry taking over his face, “no way, that’d be too much for you.”
oikawa’s eyebrows scrunch up as he observes you two but says nothing, choosing to listen attentively at you trying to convince iwaizumi while the latter sighs and reminds you that it’s not just the jackals this time.
it takes a while for iwaizumi to accept your offer, pondering the pros and cons, but he ends up accepting it; for everyone’s sakes.
“i’m lost.”
oikawa’s words make your insides flare-up, looking down at your hands in order to avoid looking at him, his curious eyes switching between his best friend and you.
iwaizumi ignores him, standing up from his seat and walking to the table in front of you with you and oikawa watching closely. the team turns to look at him, waiting for him to speak since it’s obvious it has to be something important by the severe look on his face.
“seeing as some of you are clearly out of it, our assistant here has very kindly volunteered to help you guys for tonight.”
a few heads immediately perk up, looking at you with bright eyes once you answer their silent question with a smile.
“please, be good to her. i’ll be there supervising anyways, so don’t think of trying anything funny.”
“oikawa-san! you’re coming with us, right?” hinata looks expectantly at said male, excitement clear in the redhead’s eyes, “she’s the best!”
both iwaizumi and you freeze on the spot, gauging oikawa’s reaction who only looks more confused.
“you’re welcome to join us, if you so desire,” it’s you who’s offering it this time, surprising iwaizumi and earning a worried glance from him.
oikawa can’t deny he’s dying to know what everyone’s so excited about, and after thinking about it for a few more seconds, he has made up his mind.
“shall we go, then?”
“alright, ground rules.”
just a handful of the team sits in the room, the ones who know what’s happening waiting eagerly for the green light while the rest wonders what the fuss is about. as much as you want to help them all, it’d be impossible; which is why iwaizumi picked the ones he thought needed the morale boost the most.
with a nod in your direction, he lets you know you’re free to speak.
“the jackals already know this,” you say and atsumu snickers from his seat, winking at you as hinata and bokuto nod excitedly, “but i’m not too strict about the entire thing.”
you can feel the pairs of curious eyes burning holes in you—trying to decipher what’s going on. so, after taking a deep breath and getting an awkward, encouraging smile from iwaizumi, you start voicing out the rules.
“please, be patient. there are so many of you and only one of me. i promise you’ll get your turn,” you give atsumu a pointed look, and this time it's sakusa who snorts while the blond setter rolls his eyes, “which brings me to the next rule, no seconds.”
a hand raises in the air, making you advert your attention to its owner. 
“i still don’t get what’s happening,” suna’s eyes narrow down at you, noticing the embarrassment and hesitation in your posture.          
“don’t worry, suna. we’ll show ya.”
“shut it, miya.”
clearing up your throat, you smile coyly at the middle blocker, “it’ll make sense once i finish explaining, suna-san.”
he shrugs but stays quiet. taking into account the jackals’ reactions plus the cryptic rules, an idea has already formed in his mind. but it couldn’t be that. right?
“uh, again, only one round. all entrances are fine,” you pause, going through the rules in your head to see if there’s anything you might be forgetting, “oh! and you’ll be paired up in teams of three to make things faster.”
“one more thing,” iwaizumi speaks up, this time looking at you instead of the awaiting men, “don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing.”
two loud claps break the tense atmosphere, “well, we should get started then,” atsumu raises from his spot and walks towards you. his hands cradle your face between them and lift it so you can face him properly, “what do ya say, princess?”
his lips land on yours before you can reply to him, a small squeal getting stuck in your throat when his hands travel down your body until he’s squeezing your ass.
you’re too caught up in the kiss to notice the new presence looming behind you.
“i’ll take your pussy before anyone can taint it with their dick.”
sakusa’s words make you shudder. you break apart from atsumu’s mouth to turn around and face him, his dark eyes alluring and drawing you towards him.
“oi, newbie,” atsumu calls out to suna who scoffs in return, “c’mere and join us.”
meanwhile, sakusa guides you to the bed, making you sit on his lap as you wait for the other two to show up. once they do, atsumu immediately settles behind you while suna stands awkwardly at the foot of the bed. it’s hard for you to read his expression since you’re not too familiar with him, so you offer him a reassuring smile and pat the spot next to you. 
the rest of the team watches from their seats as the four of you get started. 
suna lifts your chin, his eyes staring down at you before leaning down and kissing the corner of your mouth. he trails down your neck until he reaches your chest, sucking on the skin gently before running his tongue over the delicate area. in the meantime, atsumu unbuttons your blouse, taking it off and playing with your breasts while sakusa busies himself with taking your pants off.
“i get the hype, now,” suna whispers in your ear, blowing air on it and then biting down on your earlobe, making the hairs of your body rise.
his lips capture yours in a slow kiss —savoring your taste— and one of his hands goes to the back of your neck to keep you in place. his teeth play with your bottom lip, biting it softly and pulling away, his hooded eyes calculating your reaction.
“don’t get too excited, suna,” atsumu says from his spot behind you, pinching your nipples between his fingers and prompting a whine to escape your lips, “you’ll only get her mouth.”
“mhm, is that so?” suna’s question is directed towards you rather than atsumu, tilting your chin up and smirking at the dazed look in your eyes, “can’t wait to see that pretty mouth bulging with my cock, then.”
his lewd words earn a few coughs and clearing throats from the rest, which he chooses to ignore when your hand cups his growing bulge.
“enough you two, let the poor woman have a bit of pleasure too,” sakusa’s dark eyes look at you questioningly, silently asking if you’re ready to continue.
in return, you cup his face with your free hand and kiss his cheek—knowing he wouldn’t appreciate a kiss on the mouth when you just finished making out with another man.
they finish getting you out of your clothes until your bare cunt is hovering over sakusa’s lap. he’s quick to undress and ease his cock into you, suna and atsumu observing as they get rid of their clothes as well.
“fuck,” sakusa groans in your ear, the position allowing you to hide your face in his neck and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “always so tight.”
“scoot over, i need to prep her ass.”
suna snorts at atsumu’s words, pumping his cock twice before kneeling on the mattress—right next to you. he pats your cheek with the swollen head, looking down at you with a faint smirk.
“open up.”
your eyes immediately focus on his length, your mouth watering at the sight. you open your mouth and stick your tongue out, looking up at him and observing as he rests the tip on your tongue. 
“looking so pretty with a cock in your mouth,” he slowly slides in, guiding your head down until half of him is inside, “so warm.” 
a cold liquid dribbles on your backside, making you flinch forward and causing suna’s cock to slide in even more.
“relax, baby. it’s just me,” atsumu rubs the liquid on your asshole, playing with it with his finger before finally sliding it in.
your muscles contract involuntarily, making sakusa groan as he keeps still inside your pussy, waiting for you to grow used to the multiple things going on around you.
“hurry up before i start fucking her.”
a second finger slides in and you moan around suna’s cock, spit running at the corners of your mouth which reminds you to swallow. you hollow your cheeks and retract your mouth until only the tip remains inside, running your tongue over the slit and making the middle blocker shudder.
“someone’s hungry,” he muses.
you hum around him, bobbing your head back and forth and pumping the rest of his length with one hand.
“i’m gonna try get in now, okay?” atsumu taps your ass with his cock, lining it up with your asshole and thrusting in. he watches as the head of his cock finally slips in, groaning when the familiar tightness engulfs him, “that’s it, baby. doin’ so good for me.”
you have to remove your mouth from suna’s cock to avoid biting down on him, the stretch slightly more painful than pleasurable which eventually leads to you tensing up even more. 
“you gotta relax,” atsumu says under his breath, strained by the way you feel around his dick.
it takes you around a minute to calm down, taking deep breaths until you feel yourself loosen up and, with one last push, he’s finally inside.
“omi?” you say against his neck, “could you move a bit, please?”
said man grunts as he starts to move his hips, your slick helping his cock glide in, “color.”
it takes you a few seconds to understand what he meant.
“oh! uhh, green.”
atsumu’s thrusts are slow —testing the waters— since the last thing he wants is to get yelled at for being too rough, too soon. but you’re growing impatient, moving your hips backwards and trying to get more of him inside of you.
“m-more, ‘tsumu. i can take it,” you say and he immediately complies, his muscular thighs now slapping against your ass.
suna remains kneeling next to you, cock in his hand as he waits for you to bring your attention back to him. but he doesn’t have to wait too long, your hand wrapping around his cock and guiding it back into your mouth once you’ve set a steady pace with the other two men.
“thought you had forgotten about me.”
he pushes your hair out of your face, watching your lips wrap around his girth. it’s taking all of his willpower to not hold your head and fuck your face until you’re gagging around him, afraid it might be a big ‘no’ from you. and since it’s the first time he’s getting to experience this, he decides to take whatever’s given to him.
“you’re so wet,” sakusa points out as he looks down at where you two are connected, observing his cock slide in and out of your cunt, covered with your slick.
“‘course she is, she’s being stuffed by three cocks.”
“feels good…” your manage to say after releasing suna with a pop, pumping his shaft with your hand, “a-am i making you feel better?”
a hand lands on your ass, causing you to yelp and tighten your hold on suna’s cock. 
“what do ya think, hm? we’re getting our dicks wet in none other but our slutty little assistant's holes,” atsumu plays with your ass, squeezing it and humming when the imprint of his hands appears on the soft flesh.
“mhm, quite the slut you are,” sakusa whispers in your ear, kissing your neck afterwards, “as long as i get to make a mess out of that cunt of yours before anyone else, i will always enjoy these little sessions of ours.”
your eyes land on suna, waiting for him to say his thoughts on the matter.
his gaze drops to your hand, covered in his pre-cum and your spit which sends a jolt to his cock, making it throb in your hand.
“can’t say i hate it.”
you smile at his words, recognizing the challenge hidden behind them. your mouth wraps around the flushed tip, eyes closing when both sakusa and atsumu thrust up into your holes at the same time. you try to keep your hand steady as you suck suna off, but the lewd grunts and moans coming from them, plus their cocks filling you so nicely make your rhythm falter every once in a while.
a hand starts toying with your clit, causing you to moan around suna’s cock. the vibrations make him shudder, scowling at himself when he realizes his orgasm is approaching faster than he expected.
“fuck, fuck– princess? do you mind if i cum inside?” atsumu grunts.
your muscles clench at the thought of being filled with his cum, imagining the thick liquid oozing out of your sensitive holes only to stuff it back in with your fingers.
“y-yes, ‘tsumu. cum inside me,” you pant as your hands squeeze suna’s cock, pumping it faster as you notice his hips jerking towards you. you turn your face to look at sakusa, who has his eyebrows drawn upwards and his mouth open slightly as he too feels overwhelmed by the pleasure, “omi, you can cum inside as well.”
and he doesn’t need to be told twice, his large hands holding you by your hips so he can thrust his cock into your drenched cunt faster.
moans and squelching noises echo around the room. atsumu picks up his pace as he feels his orgasm approaching, his deep grunts fanning over your neck and taking over your hearing. the drag of sakusa’s pubic bone against your clit has you cumming shortly after. your head rolls forward as both men keep thrusting in and out of you, only stopping once their cum fill your clenching holes.
“shit– look at me,” suna orders you, and you barely have time to process what’s happening.
his cum lands on your face, his hand helping you pump his throbbing cock as the ropes of cum cover your skin. he exhales heavily once he’s done, brushing the flushed head of his cock over your swollen lips, and smearing the white liquid around them.
it’s silent for a few seconds, save for the heavy breathing and pants coming from your mouths.
“holy shit,” oikawa’s voice breaks the silence. his cock strains almost painfully against his pants at the sight of what awaits him.
“yeah, holy shit,” atsumu laughs off, brushing his hair out of his face with one hand as he massages the flesh of your ass with the other, “ya never disappoint, princess.”
with a grunt, the blond setter removes his softening cock from you, his honey eyes —plus a few curious ones— observing the way his cum dribbles out from your stretched hole. the same thing happens with sakusa, who lifts your hips off of him, his cock falling on his stomach and the mix of your slick and his cum dripping down on his length.
atsumu’s fingers immediately go to your cunt, pumping the juices back into you, “god, you love this. don’t you, baby?”
all you can do is whine, your hands clenching the sheets until he removes his fingers from your sensitive pussy, and stuffs them inside your mouth. 
“we all get a turn?” kageyama whispers not so discreetly to hinata, who only nods eagerly in return.
you lick atsumu’s fingers clean which earns you a radiant smile from him.
suna has his arm outstretched, handing you a tissue so you can clean your face.
“thank you,” you take it from his hands as you climb off of sakusa’s lap.
you’re cleaning the residues of cum on your face when a hand falls on top of your head. 
“drink some water before you start the next round,” sakusa’s dark eyes suddenly seem warmer and kinder to you, patting your head before disappearing into the bathroom.
after tossing the used tissue away, you turn to iwaizumi and give him a firm nod.
“who’s next?”
your dazzling smile has the rest of the men in awe, silently praying it’s them who get to feel your body with their hands next.
“bokuto,” the wing spiker’s immediately perks up at the sound of his name, “you, kageyama, and hakuba are next.”
the three men raise from their seats and make their way towards the bed—towards you.
“hey, bo,” you offer a loving smile to him, “you ready?”
his strong arms wrap around you, kissing your cheek loudly and making you giggle, “it feels as if i’ve been waiting forever. of course, i’m ready!”
meanwhile, kageyama and gao stand at the foot of the bed, waiting for any instructions or a signal from you that could tell them when to start. luckily, you’re quick to notice their hesitation.
”is there a particular place where you want to be?” you ask them, looking specifically at kageyama and gao, since you want to make sure they feel included.
“dibs on your mouth!”
you blush at bokuto’s enthusiasm but accept his request, stroking his cheek as you wait for the other two to answer.  
“i’ll take whatever,” kageyama says and scratches the back of his neck.
“me too,” gao smiles and takes a few steps towards you, making bokuto move away from you. his large hand tucks one piece of your hair away, his eyes staring at yours before dropping to your lips, “although, i think i’d like it better if i had your pussy gripping my cock. wouldn’t you like that?”
he presses his front against yours, his erection poking at your belly which earns a small gasp from you. you have to stop yourself from taking a look at the tent in his sweatpants, trying to figure out how much of him there is hidden inside the fabric.
the middle blocker smiles at you before diving down to your lips. his hands grab your waist, lifting you up from the ground and making you wrap your legs around his torso. he gently places you down on the bed and kisses his way down your neck until his mouth is right above your erect nipple.
“hey! i want to kiss her too,” bokuto complains, “you can’t hog her like that.”
“s’okay bo, come here.”
he doesn’t have to be told twice, immediately climbing onto the bed and leaning down to kiss your lips.
you grab the back of his head and run your fingers through his soft hair, pulling on it gently which causes a groan to rumble in his chest.
a pair of hands slide over your legs, pushing them apart until your bare cunt is spread wide open for everyone to see.
“you’re dripping, babe,” gao murmurs over your nipple, giving it a light tug before flicking his tongue over it, “do you want my cock that badly?”
you can only moan and nod, your lips still busy with bokuto’s.
but there’s someone who still has yet to join you.
“tobio-chan, if you’re not going to do anything then let me take your place instead.”
oikawa’s words snap you out of your daze. you pat bokuto’s cheek signaling him to let go of you, and the same thing happens with gao as you try to sit up. your eyes fall on kageyama who stands at the same spot with a conflicted look and an obvious erection in his pants. 
“hey,” you crawl your way towards him and sit on your knees, “are you uncomfortable?”
his mouth opens but nothing comes out of it. he can feel the weight of everyone’s stare on him, making him look away from you. 
a few seconds pass and there’s still no answer.
“you don’t have to do this, you know?” you say in a small tone, slightly confused as to why he’s rejecting you, “i just thought… i could help you relax.”
he nods, still avoiding your gaze.
you take a look at iwaizumi –who looks as equally as puzzled as you– before looking back at the setter.
“do you want to leave?”
at this, his head finally snaps towards you, “no, i-” he pauses. his eyes are immediately drawn to your mouth, making him involuntarily wet his lips, “i want to stay.”
relief washes over you, a timid smile spreading on your lips which is quickly mirrored by him. you take his hand in yours and guide him to the other side of the bed, urging him to join the rest of you. there’s a hunger in his eyes that has your pussy dripping with your slick, a sigh leaving your lips when your back hits the pillows as you watch him take gao’s previous spot.
“kiss me, tobio.”
and he does. it starts slow, hesitant, but it soon turns desperate. his tongue strokes yours before sucking on it, spit coating your lips thanks to the messiness of the kiss. the strain of his cock inside his pants becomes too uncomfortable to his liking, causing him to start humping against you, trying to relieve himself.
noticing his predicament, you move your hand between your bodies and palm his hard-on. he groans against your lips, his hips jerking forward seeking more of your touch.
in the meantime, both bokuto and gao pump their cocks with their hands, having taken their clothes off while you talked to kageyama.
gao squeezes the head of his cock between his hands, pre-cum oozing from the slit as he imagines the way your cunt is going to grip him, “babe, you’re making us suffer.”
“get in line!”
“atsumu, shut the fuck up.”
“baby?” bokuto asks from where he stands, his own cock stiff and ready to be inside your mouth, “we don’t mean to be pushy, but do you think you could get to us soon?”
“bokuto-san, you’re going to break a rule!” hinata says, clearly concerned for his teammate, “be patient, remember?”
the rest of the team laughs and you can’t help but join them.
at this, bokuto pouts playfully at you, “you’re just teasing me, baby.”
“then come here,” you gasp when kageyama’s mouth sucks at the base of your neck, “y-you wanted my mouth, right?”
bokuto kneels next to your face, patting the leaking tip on your lips.
“i’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours and you’re going to take it like a good girl,” he says, his tone leaving no room for questions, “open.”
you comply immediately, lolling out your tongue and waiting for him to rest his heavy cock on top of it. 
the lewd sight in front of him makes bokuto shudder. his hands grasp your head, pushing you down his length until he feels your throat constricting around him.
“fuck– baby,” he grunts and gives a shallow thrust, “i know you can do better than that.”     
you try to relax your jaw so you can fit more of him inside of your mouth. but as you are about to graze your nose against his pubic bone, a finger runs between your folds causing you to flinch.
“i’m still here.”
gao’s tone sounds stern, even if a playful smile tugs his lips upwards, you can see the seriousness swirling in his eyes.
kageyama sighs and leaves your side, stepping away momentarily to take his pants off. 
the middle blocker takes it as his chance to settle between your legs as bokuto keeps your mouth busy.
“you’re drenched, sweetheart,” he muses, running his digits over your slit, “don’t worry, i’ll fill this pussy with my cock so well that you’ll be cumming in no time.”
your eyes travel to his shaft, watching as he pumps it twice before running it between your folds. your brows furrow when you notice how heavy it feels, making you wonder if it will fit in.
he lines himself up with your hole, pushing the head inside which is enough to have you whining around bokuto’s cock.
“you look so sexy,” bokuto groans, pushing your head away from him and watching your spit run down your mouth. he looks at kageyama who stands awkwardly with his cock in hand, “i guess we’re sharing her mouth.”
the setter’s eyes widen slightly before nodding, mimicking bokuto’s position and nudging his cock on your lips, “suck.”
your breath hitches at his order, caught off guard by his demanding tone. you grab his cock from the base and guide it into your mouth, pumping bokuto’s length with your other hand. you hum around kageyama, running your tongue over the head of his cock before hollowing your cheeks and sucking harshly on it. 
but your attention on them doesn’t last too long, the sudden feel of your pussy getting split open by gao’s cock taking it away.
“so tight,” he grunts, one of his hands running over the skin of your inner thigh until he reaches your soaking cunt. he pulls your folds apart, watching you struggle to take his cock inside you—no matter how wet you are, “i bet those jackals haven’t been fucking you like you deserve.”
“oi!” “not true!”
you free your mouth from kageyama and use both hands to pump his and bokuto’s cock, “s-so big, ugh-”
gao pushes more of him in, half of his cock already inserted in you. but he’s just so thick, so big, that you can’t help but clamp down your walls around him. his thumb starts rubbing circles on your clit, trying to relax your walls, as his other hand settles on your abdomen.
“you’re going to be so full of my cock that you’ll be able to see it,” he gives a gentle pat to your belly, “right here.”
your grip on the other two men tightens as gao finally bottoms out, a whine breaking through your lips at the stretch.
“if only you could see yourself,” his thrusts are lazy, mesmerized by the way your belly bulges when he pushes his cock inside you, “so fucking sexy with my fat cock inside your cunt.”
your lips wrap around the tip of bokuto’s cock once more, closing your eyes as pleasure clouds your head. he thrusts in, hitting the back of your throat and making you gag.
“good girl,” bokuto exhales, “taking my cock so well.”
you quicken the pace of your other hand, looking at kageyama as you obscenely suck bokuto.
the setter’s eyes refuse to leave yours, “who would’ve thought our assistant could be so naughty.”
“as if you’re complaining,” gao says, lifting your leg over his shoulder. the new angle allowing him to press his hips closer to yours.
“i never said i was.”
bokuto curses under his breath when you start sucking his balls, pumping the rest of his length with your hand and squeezing the head of kageyama’s cock with the other.
“you’re going to make me cum,” bokuto groans.
giggling, you lick your way up and run your tongue over the slit, “cum in my mouth.”
the sound of collective groans echoes in the room, a fair amount of players finding your words arousing.
“what a slut, let’s see if you keep talking when you’re covered in our cum.”
gao’s threat goes straight to your pussy, making you cream around his girth. the pace of his thumb on your clit quickens once he notices your walls spasming around him.
“ngh, fuck!” you’re breathing heavily by now, barely managing to keep the pace of your hands consistent, “i-i’m gonna… i’m gonna cum.”
“let go, baby.”
one of gao’s hands travels up your body until he’s pinching your nipple between his fingers.
“shit, shit, shit,” you’re thrashing underneath him, your cunt fluttering around his cock thanks to your orgasm.
kageyama’s way too focused on the way your face contorts in pleasure to notice how his hips have started to jerk faster. that is until the familiar coil suddenly snaps and his cum lands on your chin and part of your chest. 
“h-how did you get even tighter- hah!”
warm spurts of cum fill your cunt, the sense of fullness intensifying as gao frees his load inside of you.
“i’m cumming, baby. fuck, fuck–” bokuto chants your name as he too reaches his orgasm, quickly shoving his cock into your mouth and releasing his thick cum inside of it.   
you make sure to keep sucking him, milking his cock dry. once you remove your mouth from him, you bring his and kageyama’s cock closer to your face and pucker your lips, letting the mix of cum and spit fall on their cocks before giving a few kitten licks to the flushed heads.
gao starts to remove his cock from your insides, cursing at the state of your pussy once he’s finally out.
“holy fuck, she’s tightening around nothing.”
you let out a low moan when his fingers spread your lower lips, “t-too sensitive.”
“i think that’s enough,” iwaizumi intervenes, pushing him away, “color?”
“yellow,” but you continue as soon as you see his face become stern, “relax, i just need to calm down a bit.”
kageyama offers you a towel before awkwardly thanking you for your help. and after receiving a kiss on the forehead from bokuto, the three of them leave to go clean themselves.
“iwa-chan, why don’t you give her a massage?”
you let your body fall on the mattress, extending your arms above your head and moaning at the stretch.
“mm, that’d be nice.”
iwaizumi rolls his eyes playfully when he sees you pouting at him, “get on your stomach, i’ll be right back.”
in the meantime, oikawa and hinata take the spots next to you, eager to finally have their turn with you.
“you’re so pretty,” oikawa runs his hands over the skin of your shoulders, “those idiots are lucky to have you.”
your eyes start closing up, focusing on the feel of his fingers on your skin and making goosebumps appear all over your body.
“shoyo, we should help her relax too. don’t you think?”
you catch the suggestive tone in his voice, but his touch feels so good that you choose to ignore it.
both men start caressing your body, hinata’s hands paying special attention to your shoulders while oikawa pets your hair, murmuring sweet nothings. 
“you ready?” iwaizumi pops back into the room, a bottle of oil and a clean towel in his hands.
the towel rests on your ass, iwaizumi’s warm hands spreading the oil on your back and rubbing at the sore muscles.
“does that feel good, princess?” oikawa asks when he hears you sigh. you are about to reply when iwaizumi hits a sore spot, a groan slipping past your lips and making the setter chuckle, “can you tell me your color now?”
oikawa looks at iwaizumi and both men seem to communicate through their eyes, the latter smirking before going back to work.
at first, you don’t pay too much attention to his movements, choosing to focus on the pleasure. but then you notice how his hands seem to ghost lower and lower until he’s kneading your ass, the towel long forgotten.
before you can comment on it, he moves them to your thighs, massaging the soft flesh. it all goes back to normal –or so you think– until his hands reach higher and his digits start grazing your slit.
“shh,” oikawa coos in your ear, pushing your hair out of your face and kissing your temple, “let him take care of you.”
iwaizumi inserts one finger inside your pussy, curling it until he’s teasing the spongy walls.
whines escape your mouth, your hands gripping the bedsheets which are quickly replaced by hinata’s hands.
“so cute.”
another finger slips in and makes you open your eyes, looking at oikawa helplessly, “o-oikawa-san-”
“tooru,” he interrupts you.
“tooru,” you try his name and he hums, letting you know he’s listening, “could you… uh, k-kiss me?”
“of course, princess.”
he leans down to capture your lips, swallowing your moans when iwaizumi curls both fingers and massages your spot. 
you open your legs, allowing iwaizumi to finger you better as you rut your hips on the mattress, rubbing your clit against the fabric of the sheets and chasing after your orgasm.
“iwa– faster, please.”
he complies immediately, causing wetness to gush out of your cunt and making the distinctive squelching sounds fill the room.
“i’m gonna– ah! i’m c-cumming!” 
“cum for me,” he encourages you, and that’s all you need.
you gush around his fingers, your slick coating them as you squirm under the gaze of the three men.
hinata tugs at your hand, pulling you underneath him and kissing you sloppily. you gasp on his mouth, caught off guard by the sudden movement but quickly melting into the kiss.
he blushes once he pulls away, “s-sorry, couldn’t help myself.”
“it’s okay, shoyo,” you breathe out, caressing his cheek, “want me to help you?”
he beams at your offer, nodding eagerly as he watches you climb on top of him. you straddle his hips and run your cunt over his cock, shivering when his length grazes your clit.
“do you want me to ride you?” you whisper, playing with his hair. 
“wait- i think i have a better idea.”
hinata lifts you from his lap and moves until he’s sitting on the edge of the mattress. he pushes your hips with his hands, turning you around so you’re facing away from him. 
“you can sit on my lap now.”
your ass rests right on top of his cock, but he hooks his arms on your knees, spreading you open, as he lets himself fall back on the mattress.
“what are you–”
“oikawa-san, doesn’t this remind you of something?”
said man laughs, “how could i forget? we had quite some fun back in brazil, huh?”
you’re visibly confused, looking at oikawa with furrowed brows, “what do you want to do?”
“say, princess,” his tone suddenly sounds too sweet for your liking, “have you ever had two cocks in one hole?”
your eyes widen, looking back and forth between oikawa and iwaizumi—who has ridden himself of his clothes and sits next to you, his thick cock in his hand.
“i’ll take that as a no.”
“can we do that?” hinata asks from behind you, his breath fanning on your ear, “we’ll be gentle.”
“there’s literally another free hole for you to use!” someone yells, clearly annoyed they didn’t get the chance to do it.
oikawa clicks his tongue, “where’s the fun in that?”
after taking a minute to think it through, you agree to their offer, “okay… uh- iwa?” you turn to look at him, “what about you?”
seeing as there’s no room for him to take your ass, his eyes land on your mouth. and with two taps of his finger on your cheek, he lets you know his decision.
“think you can suck me off?”
they’re all given the green light when you answer his question. hinata raises you from his lap, aligning his cock with your entrance before letting your weight fall on top of it. you groan at the familiar thickness stretching you nicely, missing the flash of hunger in the setter’s eyes.  
“my turn.”
oikawa presses the tip on your entrance, pushing forward and making room for his own cock.
the burn of having two cocks in one hole is new to you, but it’s surprisingly more pleasurable than you thought it’d be. you lift your eyes to look at oikawa, his gaze already locked on you, and you feel your pussy cream around their cocks at the lust in his eyes.
“enjoying yourself, princess?”
you moan when he bottoms out, watching the muscles of his abdomen contract and feeling his cock pulsing inside of you.
the thrill of being stretched by two cocks, at the same time, has your head spinning; your thoughts becoming lewd as you picture both men cumming inside you and globs of cum dripping from your abused hole.
“oikawa-san, did you feel that?” hinata asks. half-amused, half excited, “she’s squeezing us so well.”
“naughty, princess,” the setter grunts, “don’t forget about iwa-chan.”
you turn your head to face him, catching the irritated look he sends oikawa before looking down at you.
iwaizumi’s eyes immediately soften, but a smirk slowly tugs at the corners of his lips, “you seem busy.”
“there’s always room for japan’s national team athletic trainer.”
he can’t help but laugh, shaking his head at the silly title. he raises from his seat and settles himself above you, his cock hovering on your face and making your mouth water.
“whenever you’re ready.”
you don’t need to be told twice. grasping his thick cock with your hand, you lean forward and flick your tongue on the head, looking at him through your lashes with faux innocence.
“start moving,” iwaizumi hisses, the words directed at the other two men, “seems like she needs a little reminder of who’s in charge right now.”
oikawa and hinata look at each other with smirks on their lips. as hinata said earlier, they’ve been in this position before, so there’s no need for words between them since they both know what’s coming next.
hinata moves his head slightly to the side, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder and, at the same time, granting him the view of your cunt being filled with their cocks.
“look at her, oikawa-san” his eyes are locked on your pussy, captivated by the way you suck them in, “she looks so pretty with two cocks splitting her open.”
hinata’s lewd words prompt you to involuntarily moan, the vibrations landing on iwaizumi’s cock.  
“hmm, you like it when you’re reduced to nothing but a slut. don’t you?”
you blink up at iwaizumi as you keep bobbing your head up and down his shaft, opting to hum to let him know you’re not ignoring him.
but his words catch someone else’s attention.
“is that true?” oikawa asks, amusement clear in his voice, “you like being reminded you’re a whore? how much of a greedy slut you are by fucking an entire volleyball team?”
you’re speechless, his words –matched with his and hinata’s harsh thrusts– causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head.
“answer me.”
oikawa’s hand wraps around your throat, barely applying any pleasure but it’s enough to send your mind into a frenzy.
after releasing iwaizumi’s cock from your mouth, you take a second to swallow down your spit before answering him.
“y-yes, tooru. i like being treated like a slut.”
his eyes sparkle with mischief, pleased by your words.
“good, because that’s how you’re going to be treated from now on.”
a hand travels to your throbbing clit, rubbing circles on the sensitive nub.
“shh, it’ll make you feel good.”
something wet slaps against your cheek, “don’t get distracted.”
you nod and go back to sucking iwaizumi off, moaning every time hinata or oikawa hit a spot inside your cunt. you dare take a look at where your body connects with both men, and you catch yourself becoming entranced by the way their cocks slide in and out of your pussy so easily.
you are familiar with hinata’s cock, but it’s nice to see the contrast between the two of them. while hinata’s length is thick and veiny, oikawa’s leans towards the slimmer side—but still with a considerable length. either way, both men manage to hit those sweet spots inside you and make you see stars. 
“shit– princess,” oikawa falters a bit when he feels your walls fluttering around him.
“we can cum inside you, right?” hinata asks, sensing his orgasm approaching. after all, he had been waiting for his turn for around an hour.
you pull away from iwaizumi, a string of spit connecting your lips with his cock and causing it to twitch at the sight.
“you can cum wherever you want.”
“oh? the team’s cocksleeve,” oikawa adds, “i see.”
iwaizumi chuckles, combing your hair out of your face and pushing his cock back into the warmth of your mouth, “you like that nickname, sweetheart?”
with his length still in your mouth, you manage to hum in affirmation.
hinata’s pace on your clit quickens as his hips jerk faster, your cunt squeezing their cocks even more in return, “i’m cumming, ah– i-i’m gonna cum!”
he manages to say before you feel him twitch inside you, pumping his cum into your walls. the fullness plus his rapid movements on your clit cause the familiar warmth to take over your body. but it’s your fourth orgasm of the night, and before you can warn anyone, liquid spurts out of your cunt.
you squirm on top of hinata, gushing around his and oikawa’s cock while your mouth remains occupied with iwaizumi’s.
“holy shit.”
both oikawa and iwaizumi cum at the sight of you squirting before them, observing the wetness soaking oikawa’s abdomen and running all the way down onto the bedsheets. they groan as they feel their load releasing into you, oikawa filling your tender cunt while iwaizumi fills your mouth.
you try to swallow a bit of iwaizumi’s cum but it’s useless. your chest heaves in exhaustion, your eyes closing involuntarily as you’re being hit with wave after wave of fatigue.
“hey,” oikawa winces when he removes his cock from you. he shoots a worried glance at iwaizumi before he’s leaning forward so he can take a closer look at you, “princess? how are you feeling?”
iwaizumi nudges hinata with his knee, wordlessly telling him to let go of you.
the following moments become a foggy mess, your mind barely registering the pair of arms wrapping around you and carrying you somewhere else.
all you can feel is tiredness, and the dampness between your thighs, before you finally pass out.
consciousness slowly makes its way to you, replacing the sleepiness and making you aware of your surroundings as a familiar soreness sits heavy on your body.
in an instant, flashbacks from the previous night run through your mind.
you grip the duvet and push it away from you, only to notice the set of clothes you’re wearing: an oversized hoodie and a pair of sweatpants that clearly don’t belong to you. but you don’t have time to dwell on it, the sound of your ringtone blasting all over the room and making you scramble around the bed so you can answer the call.
but it’s of no use when it goes to voicemail—you were a bit too late.
when you manage to find your phone, you tap on the screen to see whose call you just missed.
your fingertips hover on the contact name, debating between returning the call or wait for him to call you again. but a few notifications pop up at the top of the screen signaling you have three text messages from him.
hey, i guess you’re still asleep. don’t freak out when you wake up, you deserve the rest so it’s okay if you stay in bed. i left your breakfast on the nightstand and you can always call me if you need anything else.
and i thought you’d like to see this.
there’s a link attached at the end of the message.
you click on it and wait for the page to load, tapping your nails on the back of your phone anxiously. a headline in big bold letters takes over the screen and you have to stop yourself from squealing.
‘japan men’s volleyball team makes it past the first round.’
you start scrolling down the article, reading how spectacular the match was and how the entire team seemed to be in their best shape. you feel your face heat up when you read the argentinian team won their match too, with multiple comments praising oikawa’s performance.
with a smile on your lips, you go back to your messages to type a quick reply to iwaizumi. only to notice you have one more text from him.
it’s our turn to take care of you.
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tsukishumai · 4 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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