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I actually sketched this last night but I just cleaned it up

Kai and her Aunt do not vibe at all

mostly cuz Kai does the exact thing her Father did that drove moon nuts

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➣ BAEKHYUN ☾ baekaria

  • before being thrown into a supergroup together, aria and baekhyun hadn’t really spoken 
  • they’d seen each other around the building, and aria was an avid supporter of exo so of course she knew who he was but she wasn’t expecting him to know who she was 
  • so when aria walked into the practice room and was greeted by baekhyun waving her over and calling her name
  • sue her if she was a little stunned 
  • their relationship was a little stilted at the beginning
  • between the age gap, and baekhyun not having a girl member in a group before, it took a few weeks for the two of them to figure out their dynamic and where they fit around each other 
  • eventually though
  • they settled into a pretty comfortable situation
  • baekhyun tries to put her at ease as much as possible 
  • there is 8 years in the difference, but you’d swear that its less than half 
  • although he’s playful and generous with the teasing like he is to other members 
  • he’s careful to avoid certain topics when it comes to aria, just out of respect for her and not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable
  • this came to fruition after kai unknowingly made a small comment on how aria “must have been hungry”, considering how fast she was eating
  • baekhyun knew he didn’t mean anything by it, but he watched aria slowly put down her chopsticks and reach for the bottle of water beside her instead
  • he didn’t see her eat for the rest of the evening
  • did kai get in trouble? no but he did get hit lightly over the head
  • when aria does something cool - like a spin or a trick - baekhyun is the first to say “that’s my child. i raised her, look how well i taught her” 
  • ten: “heY-”
  • tldr: although they’re not the closest, aria’s slowly grown more comfortable around him, and he’s looking out for her all the time 
    • 200829 Knowing Brothers: when baekhyun brought up the members of superm all showering together to get closer quickly, heechul quickly pounced on aria - the girl slowly moving to put her head in her hands. 
    • “and where was aria during all of this? don’t tell me you brought her to?”
    • baekhyun: “well of course we did-” 
    • *cue baekhyun laughing his ass off*

➣ TAEMIN ☾ arimin

  • aria thought she was going to die
  • there was absolutely no plausible reason that she should be in a group with The Taemin
  • he was highkey the reason why she had even accepted her position in sm at the very beginning of her training
  • this man convinced a fifteen year old to give up the sport she’d been doing her entire life 
  • his impact  (*¯ ³¯*)♡
  • please stand by while aria tosses herself off a bridge
  • she was So Formal at the beginning
  • he honestly was the member she took the longest time to warm up to - because she had idolized him for so long
  • will still refer to him as taemin-ssi occasionally, but now its less a formality and more of a tease
  • this boy was shook when he found out how young aria was - mark and lucas he can deal with because at least they’re 1999, but aria….
  • “2000??? 2000?” 
  • he said :O
  • despite their rocky start, they’re quite comfortable around each other, especially after spending a few nights rooming together over the tour
  • does aria still look for his validation in a lot of her work? yes, but she’s more open about asking for it now then she would have been 
  • taemin definitely doesn’t have a favourite kid and it’s definitely not aria no why would you think that
  • aria really out here collecting parents like pokémon 
  • gotta catch em all~
  • he looks out for her a lot during their schedules, mainly because he knows what its like to be the youngest in a group and how it can feel a little like you don’t really have a place there
  • so he always makes sure to include her where possible 
    • sitting in a circle in a waiting room while mark toy-ed around with the guitar in his lap, aria sat curled in the corner, humming lightly to herself as taemin sang softly along with mark playing “view”.
    • quietly, she began to sing soft backing harmonies along with taemin, her eyes still attached to her phone in her hands.
    • when she felt the device being tugged out of her hands and her being pulled upright by another hand on her arm, she looked up to see taemin smiling brightly, still singing 
    • cue the impromptu concert of a lifetime: with god tier vocals

➣ KAI ☾ kairia

  • so, they met
  • and kai just kinda went: mine.
  • and that was that really 
  • its like a puppy refusing to give up its favourite chew toy 
  • nooo but its my turn to room with aria :(
  • never really did the whole awkward, getting to know each other phase? 
  • not that aria had any real say in it
  • but jongin point blank refused to engage in small talk with her
  • so they ended up spending their nights on the superm tour talking about stuff ranging from why the sky is blue to why aria stopped ice skating
  • she started crying and he did not handle it well, bless him
  • although he’s super chill and fun to be around
  • he’s also the only non-nct member that seriously scolds her 
  • when he found her in a practice room lying on the ground (she was Resting, thank you very much) at three in the morning, he dragged her out without a word and brought her back to her dorms in silence 
  • aria knew he was mad at her, but she thought it was because he had to borderline carry her four blocks down to the nct dorms 
  • no you idiot, im angry because you thought that instead of coming to one of us for help with the bits you’re struggling with, you figured hey. let’s pass out instead.” 
  • he’s so affectionate with her
  • you know how lucas and kai have Intense Brothers Energy
  • well aria has that, little sister vibe that makes kai want to wrap her in a blanket and carry her everywhere
  • she’d hate that, if he tried that she’d scream (he did try that, this is coming from past experience)
    • kai chucking aria like a cannon ball into the pool during the filming of mtopia when she refused his hugs.
    • “oppa, oppa no im sorry ill give you all the hugs you want, oppa, JONGIN-OPPA NO NO NO NO -”
    • *sploosh*

➣ TAEYONG ☾ ariyong

  • taeyong took one look at aria the first time she showed up for group practice and immediately adopted her (not literally but he would if he could)
  • eomma meets highly protective brother meets life coach type beat?
  • so so soft for her its sickening 
  • says he doesn’t have favourites and will then spend an hour cooking for aria because she’s been in the studio the whole day and he knows she hasn’t eaten yet
  • when aria was given a duet to do for the sm stages, she had to pick another member to do it with and her first choice was taeyong 
  • she always has said that taeyong is one of the pillars keeping her upright and sane - without him she wasn’t sure if she would have been able to complete her training 
  • because of all the schedules they share together, if aria isn’t rooming with mark then she’s definitely rooming with taeyong
  • whenever she does his makeup (more often than you’d think) she point blank refuses to cover his scar, even when he asks her to do so
  • “please? i don’t like it.” “*gasp* how dare you.”
  • sleepy aria! snuggling into taeyong’s shoulder when a schedule ran late!
  • he gets uncomfy when the stylists put her in too revealing clothes, and has spoken to them on numerous occasions about dressing her in age-appropriate attire, no matter how “sexy” the concept might be
  • he keeps little bags of sugar-dusted strawberry sweets in his bag incase she forgets to eat and feels faint after the last time (they used to be blueberry flavoured but he heard donghyuck throwing out any and all “blueberry-contaminated” food one evening)
  • taeyong doesn’t tolerate hate towards aria, especially in person, so he always makes sure to sit down the line from her so that he can see when people skip her intentionally 
    • taeyong had just been awarded the single bedroom on the last night of the mtopia series, and was staring off into the corner looking rather uncomfortable. aria, who was meant to be rooming with baekhyun, looked over and saw his mouth curled downwards slightly. 
    • “baekhyun-oppa, is it ok if i room with taeyongie-oppa tonight? i ran out of my tablets, and he has some in his bag..”
    • baekhyun looked down at her with a small smile and agreed, while the edited captions on the video appeared with the words, “a cute maknae asking to room with a younger member..”

➣ TEN ☾ tenaria

  • Whipped™
  • so so gone for her its upsetting actually
  • yangyang and aria share the position of his baby
  • except aria willingly accepts the title while yangyang would rather fling himself from a rooftop
  • ten’s instagram is half his cats, half miyazu aria
  • he posts her dancing practice on his story a lot, with a variety of captions ranging from “thats my baby  ♡( ◡‿◡ )” to “yah that’s not right…(눈_눈)
  • such an enabler for her bad ideas
  • aria wants to go shopping at 4am? ten agrees, now they’re sitting by han river eating ice cream
  • pls he’s gonna get her in so much trouble one day
  • when they walk together, ten likes to take her hand and put it in his pocket
  • its under the pretense of not wanting her to get lost
  • he just wants to hold her hand
  • yes he has lost her in a shopping mall, and NO it wasn’t his fault
  • ten always complains that they never have schedules together and he misses his baby
  • we have superm-” “I NEVER SEE YOUUUU (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ”
  • if they’re in the same room ten is either watching her out of the corner of his eye, or is actually wrapped around her like a boa constrictor
  • hugs n kithes all around
  • only he is allowed make fun of her mistakes in dancing
  • anyone else gets deaded. he will fight for her honor how dare you insult his baby
  • sm give these ttwo a dancing duo video pls
    • the first and only time aria and ten had a duet was during their last concert on superm’s first world tour. during the second half of ten’s solo performance, aria emerged from the left side of the stage, coming to join him in the centre stage. no one had ever seen aria as serious as she was then, both herself and ten becoming completely different people in the moment. midway through, aria spun with her back to ten and leaped backwards into the air - eyes closed - completely trusting ten to be where she needed him to be to catch her.

➣ LUCAS ☾ arihei

  • besties
  • please they’re so cute together - tol child next to tini child she barely comes up to his chest :(
  • bear hugs
  • he just swamps her in his arms, and when he doesn’t feel like being bent over he picks her up
  • complains that she’s too heavy but then immediately after will throw her around like a softball
  • someone tell this man to be careful with her she’s not a barbie doll
  • singular braincell energy
  • don’t get it wrong, they’re both super smart
  • so it’s just - being smort together, but then nearly dying because neither of them remembered that you couldn’t eat raw cookie dough when there are eggs in it
  • she adores how he’s so confident in the things that he does - like convincing the entire nct fandom that he was fluent in english? king behaviour
  • so aria looks up to him (literally) but also because she wants to have that confidence some day
  • lucas says they’re not close and then aria pouts and he takes it all back
  • nczennies made a 14 minute compilation titled “lucas melting like a popsicle in australia for aria
  • and literally what the title tells you, this man goes :(( when he sees her
  • lucas was actually the person to convince her to go ahead with the [redacted] proposal - and reminded her that it was too good an opportunity to pass up just because she felt like she was outgrowing the boys
  • he’s so proud of her
  • and she’s so proud of him
  • they’re so proud of each other and it makes nczennies want to cry because they never are seen together
  • sm stop separating the platonic soulmates first markhyuck and now arihei smh
    • during a photoshoot, aria was standing off to the side of the boys, dressed in white suit to contrast the boys’ black ones. the photographer was calling out to her to get her to move closer, but she couldn’t hear him from so far away, and so lucas (who was on the end) just walked over to her, gripped her by the biceps and lifted her vertically and to the left a little bit. 
    • “luc-LUCAS?”
    • “you had to move :)”

➣ MARK ☾ mari

  • ½ of the best friend crew
  • honestly at the beginning, mark and aria weren’t very close, having only really seen each other in passing or with johnny
  • but after being dropped into training together the two quickly became fast friends, and now they’re borderline inseparable
  • you thought you knew pain? watch aria’s reaction to mark’s graduation from dream :)
  • mark’s the reason why aria felt confident enough to pitch some of her lyric ideas to the team, after staying up until 4am to help her make some edits so she was as confident as possible
  • kinda just, rests his head on her shoulder? and wraps his arms around her waist when he’s tired
  • mari being confused in foreigner: ???
  • aria said once in a vlive that she finds mark really comforting to be around - when she feels stressed or worried about something she’ll go to mark’s room and just sit on his bed for a while
  • aria is so close with his parents - “ahh, how’s my favourite child” “i’m doing great mom.” “no not you, how’s aria?” “wh-hu-MOM?”
  • you’d swear sometimes mark is younger than her, considering the pout he puts on and how much he whines when they’re not on the same team together for promotions
  • mark big protecc boi but also little small cuddly boi
  • they’re so soft for each other ( ╥ω╥ )
  • in one of the fancams for mark’s solo stage during superm, someone zoomed into aria singing along with him in the wings and dancing to herself with the Proudest Smile™
  • he’s! so! proud! of! her! constantly! she could be walking and he’d be like “omg get it”
  • when aria refuses to get up and make herself food (this happens way too often, she just gets into the groove of her work and doesn’t want to move) mark gets her to by threatening to do it himself
  • consistently caught by czennies just standing behind her and holding her hand in crowded areas - airports, waiting rooms, etc.
    • mark and aria were standing off to one side as the mc explained the rules of the game they were about to be playing. mark looked totally confused, and elbowed aria in her side before looking down and mouthing “what?” to her. aria opened her mouth, before closing it and looking down at the ground, muttering to herself, “결합… 結合….. le chéile…. le… le.. oh oh - combined! we have to put them together, markie.”
    • and thus, a new confusion meme was born
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멋진카이 이번앨범도 너무 좋네요 🤩 다 화보 진짜 타고난 아티스트 2021년 카이 멋진모습 무대 더 자주 볼수있길 🤩🤩 늘 고마워요 카이

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kais asleep and i said “hey lovie. tortoiseshells are just fruit bigger than orcs” and she went “hm?” and i repeated it and then said “you know what i mean?” and she went “mhm” and nodded

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𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑜𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔1316  ( 𝖒𝖒𝖒𝖍 )

  • Please, don’t claim this file as your own;
  • Don’t steal or repost at ANY cost;
  • This coloring contain color lookup - it will look better on photoshop cc;
  • Like or reblog if you download.
  • Download here!

EN: Download this psd with points on DEVIANTART or FOLLOW ME + LIKE/REBLOG this post and ask me logged for “PSD 1316 download, por favor” and I will send you the link.

PT: Baixe esse psd usando pontos do DEVIANTART ou ME SIGA + REBLOG/CURTA esse post e me mande uma ask logado pedindo pelo “PSD 1316 download, please” e eu te mandarei o link.

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LET’S ALL JUST TAKE A MOMENT to appreciate the comedic value of Kai shushing Cinder after she told him she was Selene and went on a nervous ramble… then when she tried to speak again he just held up his finger and was like nope.

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