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Harin finally talks to Yunho


Originally posted by tbzes

Harin took a deep breath as Nari patted her back.  “Don’t worry so much, Rin-ie.” She cooed.  “I’m sorry your company is being assholes about this, but Yunho will understand. Just don’t make him keep it from us. That won’t help anyone.”  Harin nodded, letting out a shaky breath.  “I just don’t understand why Seulki-sunbae can do it but I can’t.  We’re in the same company.”  Nari shrugged.

“She’s seasoned, Rin.  They’ve had years of this and I’m sure they were in the position as you right now when they first started out.  It’s just an idol thing.”  Harin went to respond but didn’t get a word out as they heard the door opening and loud voices.  She took in a deep breath, putting on her big girl pants.  She couldn’t help but smile as Yunho’s frame entered her vision.

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Jihoon: Uh… unca Nini, Appa always sad… How we make Appa happy?

Kai: I think your Appa would be happy if his kittens are happy, too. So you should try smiling for him, okay?

Jisoo: Mhm… We gwow up fast, den we get Daddy so Appa happy again.

Kai: Haha, okay, little kittens. Be strong for your Appa!

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The hues of the golden sun perfectly hit Kim Jongin as he slowly kissed you with his soft lips; his warm palms carefully smoothing over your thighs leaving goosebumps in its wake. He had you straddled on his lap, hips bucking towards where he wanted you the most, savoring the painfully pleasurable feeling of him growing on you. His heavy breathing and quiet groans of pleasure were evident in the silent room, but it just wasn’t enough. The soft pecks turned to passionate bites on your lip, lustful tongues swirling against each other, and impatient hands wandering all over. Soon enough, you had him grabbing on your hair while your tongue and mouth sinfully took him in. The heavenly sight of his slightly parted lips and knitted brows urged you to pleasure him more, rendering you more eager to get a taste of him. Everything about him was beautiful, even the silent whisper that barely made its what to your ears: “what did I do to deserve you?

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