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Dinner Delights

The day was hard for little Eri. She had another nightmare and stayed up with Kurono until he had to be called for a mission. Sometime during the evening she injured herself, scraping her knee on the concrete. Luckily Hari was back and bandaged her knee. Kai was thankful that her crying had stopped.

Later that night Hari was unexpectedly called for a mission. Eri hated that he had to leave but understood the reason.

The loud noises coming from the dining room made Eri turn in the other direction.

It had been almost a week since Eri had arrived. She hadn’t met the rest of the Yakuza members, only Kurono and Nemoto.

The maze that was the Yakuza base made Eri feel scared. She didn’t know where she was and everyone else was either eating or on a mission.

Deciding to stay put instead of continuing to get lost, Eri sat down with her back against the wall. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Then burying her head in them.

She stayed there for a few minutes, hoping that Kurono would come back.

Eri heard footsteps approaching and stop in front of her.

“The floor’s dirty.”

Eri looked up to see Kai in his normal cloths. Black button up with a white tie, black jeans, and white gloves. He wasn’t wearing his jacket and plague mask. Instead he wore a simple black mask.


She started to say a few more words since the night at the lab. She didn’t see Kai after that until now.

Eri stood up and looked at Kai. She was hoping he would show her the way back to her room.

“Have you eaten yet?”


Kai nodded before saying, “Follow me.”

She did as she was told but had a hard time keeping up. One step for him was almost 3 steps for her. Seeing she was struggling, Kai slowed down a bit.

They past the other Shie Hassaikai members who were still yelling at each other over a game of poker.

As Eri walked past she snuck a peak in the room to see if she could spot Kurono.


Looking away with a frown she continued to follow Kai.

That frown however changed when she realized they were going the way to her room. She could finally end the long day laying next to her stuffed unicorn.

When they were next to her room Eri stopped walking and waited. She was too small to reach the door handle so Kurono would open it for her.

Kai stopped walking when he realized Eri wasn’t following him. He turned around and gave her a puzzled look.

“Dinners this way.” He said before continuing his walk. Eri hesitated, looking at her rooms door, before running after him. After a few minutes of walking, Kai stopped in front of the shoji sliding screen.

It was a traditional shoji, the screen being made from washi paper. The paper was stretched taut over a wooden frame.

Kai slid the door to the side and flicked the light on in the washitsu. A Japanese table was placed in the center of the room with four leg-less chairs. Beneath the table and chairs were tatami mats.

“You can stay here if you want. I’ll be back with dinner.” Kai walked a few steps past the washitsu before entering a different room.

Eri stayed in the room a little while but eventually she was getting bored and tired. She left the room and entered the room Kai went in.

Pots and pans were on the counter, each waiting to be filled with different ingredients.

Kai started on Miso soup with root vegetables. He had decided to add aburaage to the soup too. The rice was already cooking so Kai worked on the meat. After coating three pieces of meat in bread crumbs he put them in the pan that was heating oil for them to fry.

Once the it was done he poured each meat on a bowl of rice. Then when the miso soup was done he pour it into three bowls. He put the Katsudon and miso soup onto a tray. There was another tray that had tea kettle and three yunomi cups.


Kai looked down at Eri who was eyeing the meal.

“Yes. Now go back to the room. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Eri complied and waited patiently. Kai on the other hand was cleaning the dishes he used. He was almost done with the last one when a voice behind him spoke.

“Need some help?”

Kurono had returned.


Hari smiled as he took one of the trays and left. Kai took the last tray and followed behind.

When he entered, Eri was smiling wide at Kurono who was putting the tea kettle on the side of the table.

Kai set the tray down and started to place the bowls on the table in front of the person. Hari poured tea and three began to eat.

Hari helped Eri with her meal since she hadn’t learned how to use chopsticks.

Eri was starting to feel frustrated when she couldn’t pick up a piece of chicken. Hari told her that its ok and asked her if she wants to use a spoon. Eri nodded so Hari went to get her a spoon.

Eri had finished her dinner first since she had a smaller portion than the two teenagers.

When they were done Kai took the dishes and left the room to go clean them. Hari was about to go help when Eri leaned her head against his side, struggling to keep her eyes open.

Hari carried Eri to her room and laid her down on her bed. He pulled the covers over her before giving her the unicorn plushie. She instantly held it to her chest and closed her eyes.

Hari left afterwards, leaving the door cracked open so she would have some light.

The teen made his way back to where Kai was, hoping that Kai didn’t have to clean everything all by himself.

When he entered the private kitchen room, Kai had already finished the dishes and was making his way back to the washitsu.

“I didn’t want you to clean everything by yourself.” Hari explained.

“It’s fine.”

“Do you need any help?”


“Oh…” Hari started to turn around. “Good night.”


Hari paused, waiting for Kai to finish. When he looked back at Kai, Kai was shifting nervously. It was subtle but it was there.

“Do you- are you- sleeping.”

Hari smiled, knowing what Kai was wanting to ask. “Yeah. I’d like to.”

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Bnha Villains Bedtime Headcanons

Some more bed time headcanons cause I can. This was also sitting in drafts collecting dust



- “What time is it?” “Don’t worry about that. Let’s head to bed.”

- Dude probably goes to bed late because he has work at questionable times

- If he’s gone out don’t expect him back until very early in the morning

- He’d feel kinda bad if he seen you on the couch waiting for him and he’d take you to bed

- If he doesn’t work and has some days off he would go to bed around midnight watching movies and spending time with you

- He doesn’t sleep with a shirt on because he gets too hot easily

- If you aren’t sleeping next to him he would probably sleep on his stomach


Tomura Shigaraki

- “Come on let’s head to bed.” “Just a little longer.”

- he’s also a late sleeper like Dabi

- Even if he doesn’t have to do something the next day he’s still staying up late out of habit

- He probably used to stay up at night playing dark souls until the sun came up

- You’d have to coax him to bed and warn him that you’d go to bed without him

- He would sleep with a light shirt on and maybe some sweats or if he’s feeling lazy he would just not even change (you’d complain about how gross that is and he would not give a shit though)

- By himself he’d sleep on his back sprawled out but with his thumbs tucked in his fist



“Let’s go to bed hun… I’m not tired though!

- He sleeps whenever he gets the chance to and relishes whenever he gets a day off and can spend the day in bed with you

- He tries going to bed reasonably when he can but he still wakes up in the late morning

- He can be a rough sleeper and doesn’t wake up when you tell him but the slightest out of place noise send him jolting out of bed

- He would probably sleep in some sweats, and a white tank top

- He’s super antsy when you aren’t in the same bed as him since he pretty much relies on you

- But eventually he does sleep and when he does it’s all sprawled out on his stomach like a star fish


Himiko Toga

- “Don’t fall asleep on me yet!” “I’m just resting my eyes himi.”

- She likes staying up only so you two can have a sort of sleepover

- Every night is like a sleepover with her.

- Watching movies, eating sweets, putting on face masks

- She’s never really had a lot of friends to do these kinds of things so be prepared

- She would sleep in maybe short shorts and cute graphic shirt

- She will sleep with big pillow or plushie and spoon it if you aren’t with her



- “I’ll see you in the morning, angel.”

- literally the only one with a reasonable bed time

- He’d make both of you do a nightly ritual of brushing your teeth, washing your face, and getting changed

- Before bed he might discuss with you about tomorrow or how your day was.

- He probably sleeps in like matching shirt and pants cause even when he’s resting he’s gotta cordinate his outfit

- It’ll take him longer to fall asleep if you aren’t there beside him since he’s gotten so used to you sleeping beside him

- Speaking of sleeping positions if you weren’t in the same bed he sleeps the exact same way… completely still and like a corpse but he will miss you immensely

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Bnha Villains Pet Names Headcanons

I just fucking love soft things okay. don’t bully me


- “How’s my pretty girl/boy”

- he’d definitely call you babe when you’re together. He refers to you as babe more than your actual name.

- when he’s in a flirty mood and before you were together he’d call you sweetheart to tease you

- If you were quiet and shy he’d refer to you as “mousey”

- Your phone contact name could differ

- If you were to tease each other it would probably be “dumb bitch ❤️” and his would be “dumbass ❤️”

- If you were a normal couple he’d have some soft shit like “my babey”

Tomura Shigaraki

- “You’re my player two”

- he’s not one for sentimentalities

- He’s more of “I like you but I won’t verbalize it”

- He might say a shortened form of your name but not much else

- In his phone he might be mean to you and put it as “ignore” just to tease you

- The nicest contact name you can get out of him is “Y/N 💙”

Himiko Toga

- “my darling y/n!”

- she’s super vocal about her love for you and her names for you

- She’d call you darling, sweetie, baby all kinds of stuff

- She will call you every name but your own all the time

- If you two are having a serious chat then she will refer to you by your name but expect to be called by your pet name as soon as its over

- Your phone contact name is “darling💕💖”


- “You’re very important to me, angel”

- man is classy and he sticks to classy names

- He might refer to you as my love, darling, angel

- Really nice and sweet names that leave you blushing

- He will only refer to you by these names when you two are alone.

- Your phone contact is just “Y/n” cause man is cold hearted

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overhaul is too mean for a crybaby s/o 😭

kai hurts your feelings in front of the hissekai & then makes it up to you by fingering you over his desk when everybody leaves 🥺

he just gets so worked up, baby. he doesn’t mean to snap at you!!

you get all dolled up for ‘im & he shoos you away because he doesn’t have time for distractions. but he doesn’t mean to neglect you!! he’s just busy, pretty.

and one day, you just break down—it’s been weighing on you for a long time—does chisaki not want you, anymore? 🥺

he’ll shush you and make you clean up your face. tell you to c’mere, pull up your pretty nightgown, and bend over. let him show you how sorry he is 🥺 cum on his fingers, hump his hand, let him make you feel good, princess 🥺

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Bnha Villain Hand Holding Headcanons

You know I like this fluffy nonsense. Gif credit: alinok

Tomura Shigaraki


- My guy is nervous as fuck around you

- Your the only one he’s vulnerable around, and that’s pretty scary for him

-He indulges you and himself from time to time by being close to you but end up holding back most of the time

- So naturally he’s scared of hand holding since your one of the only things he cares about

- He will usually let you graze your hand into his while he’s careful of his fingers

- He’s also a bit shocked that you would trust him enough

- When he can finally control his quirk he would definitely hold onto your hand an never let go

- His hands can be a bit dry and cold to the touch but if you don’t mind neither does he



- This guy is a total hardass even to you sometimes

- He’s definitely to broody to hold hands infront of anyone he knows (they would never let him live it down)

- But he is a super touched starved dude and will glue himself to you when your alone in each other’s company

- In public he likes to keep you at his side but tries not to hold your hand so he won’t attract unwanted attention since he is a wanted criminal

- Unless he’s leading you around and wants you to stick close to him

- His grip is very firm on your hand but not enough to hurt. Just enough to make sure you don’t try to take your hand away

- If he’s nervous, jealous, or angry he will hold onto you tightly to the point it’s uncomfortable

- Tracing your fingers on his knuckles will cool him down into realizing he’s making you uncomfortable

- His hands have an interesting contrast between his warm palms and cool staples

- He gets a bit insecure about his hands because of his scars but he tries not to let that show

- He wants to be a cool badass villain who doesn’t show weakness but having these insecurities hold him back (what I’m saying is reassure this man pls)

Himiko Toga


- She loves to hold onto your hand all the time

- When you two are just walking together, or just hanging out she has her hand locked in yours

- The only time she won’t hold your hand is when she’s upset about something

- She will feel better if you are there for her and understanding

- When you two are in any kind of trouble she will immediately reach for your hand to get you both out of the situation

- How you both tell each other your okay is just squeezing each other’s hand

- She has soft dainty hands and well manicured fingers so she likes dragging them up and down your palm



- He loves holding onto you and holding your hand whenever you can

- It helps him feel at ease when he knows someone is there beside him

- He can occasionally contradict himself but he does it less and less when he’s around you

- He just loves being around you and becomes almost dependent on you.

- He’s super gentle with holding your hand and is careful around you

- A habit you two got into is squeezing your fingers together when you hold hands

- You’ll both see who can hold on longest and squeeze hardest

- It’s the only time he’s not gentle with your hands

- He’s always the first one to reach for your hand but if you take the initiative and hold onto his hand he will probably get a little emotional

- He’s got big hands that can sometimes get a bit clammy because he tends to get anxious but having his hand wrapped up with your little hands is a damn nice feeling

Mr Compress


- Compress is a total gentleman and loves holding your hand

- “Dear, give me your hand for a moment”

- He will take your hand gently and graze his thumb against your knuckles

- He really is pretty theatrical about holding your hand too

- Taking hold of it and then giving you a light kiss

- He will take your hand to help you out of cars or down stairs (his smooth ass)

- When the two of you are sitting down he places his hand on top of yours and gives it a gentle squeeze

- He doesnt really hold your hand when the two of you are walking funnily enough

- The embodiment of longing and wanting touches

- He has gloves on most of the time so expect cool leather instead of actual hand warmth



- He’s not a soft or emotional person but with you he tries

- He will occasionally graze his hands along your arms and small of your back but hand holding is foreign to him so he’s a bit reluctant

- Not because he believes your unclean but because he’s never done it before

- If you try grazing your hands along his knuckles or fingers he’ll be a bit taken back at your boldness

- He eventually puts his pride aside and reach for your hand but it’ll have to be when the two of you are alone (he’s gotta keep up some of his rep)

- He will rarely fully hold onto your hand

- Only just holding on near the end of your fingers

- Another small headcanon is gently taking his hand and resting it on your forehead to show devotion to each other (awe)

- Most of the time he has his gloves on and you’ll hold on his hands with them on

- But his hands are soft as fuck when he doesn’t have his gloves on. Have you ever worn mittens and taken them off and felt how nice and soft they were

Hari Kurono


- He’s the kind of hand holder that leave you feeling safe and reassured

- Have something your worried about?

- He will take both of your hands in his and give gentle squeezes and loving caresses

- He isn’t too experienced when it comes to hand holding so he doesn’t do it too often as you’d like

- But he won’t turn his nose up if you reach for his hand when you both are walking together

- When you’re both alone and having heart to hearts he makes sure to grab your hand and give it a small kiss

- You both tend to drift apart when you sleep so you both reach from the other side of the bed to hold each other’s hand

- His hands probably long, and slender with small callouses along his palm

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The Nakamura Timelines
by Risahime95

What would happen to Kai, Shigaraki or Hawks if they were taken in by someone else instead of those that took them under their wing?

Words: 3508, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of The Nakamura Timelines

Read Here:

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