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#kaiju gijinka

So my version of Mothra has a younger sister who is dedicated to that anime delinquent lifestyle. 

Her name is Batra. 

Surprisingly, for all her bluff and bluster, Bat isn’t the toughest kid on the block and often has to call in big sister Mothra to solve would-be scuffles against rival groups. For all Mothra does for her little sister, Batra is hell-bent on acting like she’s too tough for any kind of healthy emotion, which just makes Mothra want to double down on all her sisterly affections. ESPECIALLY in front of Bat’s crew.

For all their quarrels, they do deeply care for one another, even if Mothra has to remind her sister to call their mom since she knows it’s been weeks since Bat’s done that. 

B: “You’re Punk! What do you even care if I call mom!?”

M: “I’m punk, not an asshole. Call mom and tell her you love her, stupid.”

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can’t believe it’s taken me this long to draw Gojirin/Godzilly????

she’s short (on kaiju standards) and bubbly as all heck but she’ll arm wrestle you and WIN. loves fruit…a math kween 🌸💕🌸



she’s got a giant plant goth gf. they’re girlfriegndfsjsjsfhsksfjs

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Did more gijinka redesigns

Biollante: Started thinking of giving what her Rose form would look like. I redid her whole outfit. I even added her Iconic glowing belly on a riddon. And made colors a bit darker.

Xenilla(AKA Space Godzilla) Slimed down and gave him more emphasinces on his cyrstals by adding more diamond shapes on his coat.

Battra: Kept his original design, but tweaked his colors a bit.

Gamera: I was influced by the outfits from the movie Atlantis the lost empire, and gave them a few tweaks and put more green on Gamera, even got his iconic shell on there.

Biollante, Space Godzilla, Battra © Toho Studios

Gamera © Daiei


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I tried making a gif of Ghidorah 😔 it could have been better but oh well lol - I was tempted to do all three heads but gave up so it’s a single boy always next time


Then a sketch of human Ghidorah next to it judging 😔 anyway that’s all hope y’all like my attempts

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I am suddenly quite bothered that none of the gijinka’s for Heisei Godzilla or Heisei Mechagodzilla have given suitably large thighs.

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