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perlini · 2 months ago
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yamo is such a little shit
kailer yamamoto | post-game | 11/20/2021
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mercerszn · a month ago
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leondraisaitlsglove · a month ago
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└  Oilers vs Penguins /  Dec 1 2021
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shutupptara · a month ago
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You have to appreciate that B always looks so uncoordinated and out of place in his action shots
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doubleminor · 11 months ago
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battle of alberta, pt. 5billion | cgy v edm | feb. 20, 2021
+ deja vu flashback moment to february 6:
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incorrect-edmontonoilers · 2 months ago
Kidnapper: We have your son
Leon Draisaitl: I don't have a son
Kidnapper: Then who asked us to cut the crusts off their sandwich and a glass of warm milk
Leon: Oh my god, they have Kailer
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art-and-the-hockeys · 5 months ago
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gifs • young skaters + jersey aesthetic (pt. 3/3)
Credits of the wallpapers’ elements go to their respective owners. I only assembled them to make the wallpapers.
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icehockeyergonis · 3 months ago
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After Draisaitl's Goal - EDM VS VGK - 23/10/2021
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ghiessa · 3 months ago
Up & Down
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pensfan4lfe2 · 3 months ago
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Edmonton Oilers || 2021-22 NHL Season
(Opening Night Roster vs VAN)
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perlini · 6 days ago
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gentle pat on the head after taking a tumble
connor mcdavid | EDM v. FLA | 01/20/2022
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mercerszn · 3 months ago
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leondraisaitlsglove · 2 months ago
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└ Oilers vs Kraken / Nov. 1 2021
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dubersbutt · 10 months ago
Omg thank you for poly Leon and Connor!! I was thinking what if you were ‘publicly’ dating Connor and there was an Oilers event. So you go as Connor’s girlfriend, all the Oilers and their so know you as the captain’s girlfriend. You, Connor and Leon spend most of the event together which wasn’t suspicious to anyone because they’re such good friends. You look so good and they both want to get their hands on you, so Connor takes you to a bathroom by himself to fuck you over the sink. No one noticed you and Connor slip away however when you go to slip away with Leon, a few teammates see the two of you go into a closet and are obviously really confused.
775 words
Mentions of cheating, and smut but no actual smut or cheating just some teammates being bad detectives
Kailer doesn't question when Leon walks in with you and Connor. Leon and Connor are close, everyone knows that. In fact, they only lived ten minutes away rom each other, often showing up to practice together. He doesn't question it when just the three of you sit at a table towards the back of the banquet hall - Connor liked to keep the attention on him to a bare minimum. He doesn't even bat an eyelash at when you sit in-between the two of them, not Connor.
But when Connor gets up to make the rounds with the rich donors Kailer gets suspicious. You are by no means throwing yourself at Leon, but you're sitting very close to him. And you've got that lovey look in your eye, the one you and Connor so nauseatingly reciprocate whenever you forget there's other people in the room - which is too often, by the way. Leon leans in to whisper something in your ear and Kailer swears that one of Leon's hands isn't on the tabletop but he's not at the right angle to confirm. The only thing that makes no sense in Kailer's brain is that when Connor returns, neither you or Leon try to look normal, you lean up to kiss him as if you weren't just flirting with his best friend. He tries not to stare, but he can't help it. Connor leans down and gives you a quick peck before whisking you away down some hallway. While you're gone, Leon uses this time to make himself known to the rich donors.
Kailer realizes he should also start mingling with other people. He forgets about the situation until he sees you and Connor walk out of the hallway you went down about 25 minutes later. Now, Kailer isn't a detective but he's pretty sure your hair was in some kind of updo when you went down the hall. He can't even really fault Connor, you look stupid good in that dress.
40 minutes later, Kailer realizes that Leon is nowhere to be found in the lounge area. He looks at your table, empty. He looks at the hallway and lo and behold he can see Leon leading you back to the main hall.
"Nugget," Kailer nudges his lines arm, "Look over there."
"What?" Ryan asks, following his gaze.
"Leo and Davo's girl are coming walking down the hall together. "
"I know Leon was wearing a tie earlier," as if on cue, Leon straightens his loose collar. His fingers tense, as if just realizing that he's missing it.
Ryan's brows furrow in confusion, cogs turning, "You're not insinuating that-"
"Connor left to migle, Leon felt the need to entertain his girlfriend while he was gone."
Ryan looks around, making sure they're not being overheard, "Are you sure?"
"I don't have hard proof but I'm like 90% sure."
"Do we tell Connor?" Ryan runs a hand through his hair.
"I would want to know if I were him."
"Do we tell him now?'"
"No, there's too many people we don't want anyone to make a scene."
Kailer nods in agreement, "tommorw before practise?"
"That means you have to show up more than 5 minutes before practise."
Kailer groans, "I'mm gonna kill Leon for making me get out of bed on time."
They end up not being able to get Connor alone until after practise meaning Yams woke up early for no reason. He leads Connor to a supply room under the excuse that someone left the athletic tape on the top shelf and he can’t reach it.
“Whoever put the tape on the top shelf has a special place in hell. This is shortphobic,” Kailer mutters as he pushes open the door. He hears Connor laugh behing him so he feels validated.
“Oh nugget’s here,” Connor says upon meeting Ryan’s eyes, “you could have just asked him.”
He scans the top shelf and his face scrunches in confusion when he can’t see the athletic tape on the shelf.
Kailer takes a deep breath. His heart is beating so fast. He thinks it might explode if it doesn't slow down soon.
“What’s going on?” Connor asks.
Ryan looks at Kailer before, “Yams has something to tell you.”
“Okay, this isn’t gonna be easy,” Kailer starts, “and I really don’t want to tell you this but it has to be said.”
“Spit it out, yams, you’re scaring me.”
“Ithink(Y/N)ischeatingonyou,” he says all in one breath.
“Yams you have to know that I understood none of that.”
Ryan nudges him the ribs and he jolts away in pain, “Are you trying to bruise me, oww.”
Ryan ignores him, “Kailer was trying to say we think that (Y/N) is cheating on you.”
Connor looks more confused, “What?”
“Yesterday when you left her and Leon alone they were getting a very friendly with each other. And then later Ryan and I saw them coming out from the bathroom, and I’m pretty sure he was doing more than helping her fix her hair,” Kailer gasps for air. He’s never been more stressed in his life.
He realized that Connor has his head down and he’s shaking. Oh fuck, Connor was crying. He looks at Nuge, whose starting back at him with wide eyes. What is he supposed to do? Does he go up to Connor? Leave him alone? Does he -
Connor’s laughing. He’s fucking laughing.
“You guys really had me going there for a minute,” he says in between laughs, wiping a tear from his eyes, “I thought she was actually cheating on me for a second.”
Okay, Kailer might not have been the top of his class but he’s fairly certain that sleeping with someone else entails cheating, “Am I missing something?”
Nuge looks just as confused as he is, so there’s that at least.
When Connor finally catches his breath he decides to fill them in, “(Y/N) and I have a...agreement with Leo.”
“Like an open relationship?” Ryan asks.
“More like a throuple.”
Everything starts to click in Kailers brain. Why Leon always comes to practise with Connor, and why they didn’t even bother to pretend they weren’t all over each other when Connor came back.
“So you don’t care that they slept together at the banquet last night,” Kailer just wants to be sure.
“No, because when we got in the car she - never mind,” Connor cuts himself off. Kailer doesn’t even know if he wants to know the end of the sentence, “(Y/N) is not cheating on my with Leon.”
“They thought what?” You say before bursting out in laughter.
“Apparently you and Leon weren’t very conspicuous with your little meeting last night,” Connor says coming up and kissing your cheek.
“I couldn’t help it,” Leon says also coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around you, “You saw how good she looked last night, how am I expected to remain sane all night?”
You turn your head and lightly press your lips to his, his lips linger on yours for a moment before you pull away.
“I missed you,” he says before joining Connor on the barstools on the other end of the counter, slipping his arm around him.
“You were gone for 3 hours.”
“Too long baby,” Leon says and gives Connor a quick peck on the lips, “Missed you too, Con.”
“I was with you the whole time,” he rolls his eyes.
“Yeah but I can’t kiss you at practise,” Leon smiles.
“You’re such a fucking sap,” Connor teases, “anyways they promised they wouldn’t say anything about us.”
“They’re so stupid,” you laugh, “if I were cheating on you why would I hook up with my mistress when you’re in the same room?”
“I’m your mistress now?” Leon asks, mock offended.
“I was dating Connor first, you’re technically both our mistresses.”
"My parents will be so proud of me."
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draikaesehoch · 12 months ago
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Oilers text posts (sort of) [1/?]
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mitchmarner · a year ago
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Darnell Nurse on Instagram
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art-and-the-hockeys · 5 months ago
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wallpapers • young skaters + jersey aesthetic (pt. 3/3)
Credits of the wallpapers’ elements go to their respective owners. I only assembled them to make the wallpapers.
View gif version // View pt. 1 // View pt. 2
like & reblog if you use
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leafsbabe · 10 months ago
Who do you think would be into having a girlfriend with tattoos? I mean like large scale work, not a few small things.
adam boqvist
alex nylander
andre burakovsky
brady tkachuk
brock boeser
cale makar
chris kreider
david pastrnak
jake debrusk
jeff skinner
jesperi kotkaniemi
joel edmundson
kailer yamamoto
kasperi kapanen
kevin hayes
kirby dach
mat barzal
matthew tkachuk
moritz seider
nolan patrick
quinn hughes
roope hintz
sebastian aho
tyson jost
vince dunn
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leondraisaitled · 2 months ago
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Edmonton Oilers vs. New York Rangers || November 5, 2021
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cellyszn · a year ago
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