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#kaito goshikida
tokusatsu-pride-flags · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Kaito is the first person in the world to be gay
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kamenriderlogik27 · 4 months ago
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Y'all!!!!! Omgosh, y'all don't know how excited I am for this!!!
I mean, Zenkaiger is the best opportunity for this! Have the gang possibly travel to the World Of Saber or have the swordsmen end up in Zenkaiger's world. Ugh! This is gonna be amazing!!
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cupcakes-are-ours · 3 months ago
zox: give it up stacey—
kaito: hold on, are you crying?
stacey: *sniff* my mom used to call me stacey
zox: that's because it's your fucking name, bro
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k-gufu · 5 months ago
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#kikai sentai zenkaiger #gaon #zenkaiger #kaito goshikida #tokusatsu #super sentai #ゼンカイジャー
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daddy-thancred · 3 months ago
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Drawin zenkaigers on my phone so that’s what’s gonna be coming for a while
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sastheforestspirit · 5 months ago
I kinda love how Kaito went from "Who are you nice citizen :D" to "I want to know what this guy is thinking" to "...He is not a joke, he IS going to kill me" in one episode. Powerful dynamic, very good writen,
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mey-rin-is-fabulous · 3 months ago
Stacey: I'm attracted to morons and morons only. Yesterday Kaito asked me if the sky was blue and I had to make out with him right there
Zox: You forgot grass was green
Stacey: And you made out with me!!!!!
Kaito: Zox forgot what kind of animal a dolphin was just last week
Flint: You're all idiots and attracted to each other
Yacchan and Seichan: *nodding* She's right
Cuttaner and Ricky: *eating sweet buns ignoring everyone*
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the-tubort · a month ago
It feels illegal for Zenkaiger to be as good as it is.
We deadass had a whole ass beach episode followed up with what was honestly a great clipshow episode to now a really heartbreaking episode about Kaito struggling how to deal with Stacey. Now Kaito's mom is in the mix too and I just feel so excited and scared for everyone.
The way how Kaito and Yatsude just were freaking out at the idea of Mitsuko actually being alive and escaping the Tojitendo was so painful to watch. Just knowing that Isao is also still alive and stuck just hurts even more because even though its great one of them will be reunited, they'll still have to fight tooth and nail for the other one.
This isnt even including the literal ear thats going to be fought over multiple dimensions over just Mitsuko next week. Straight up traversing DIMENSIONS for ONE PERSON is just a really interesting way to raise the stakes.
I've always stood by the fact that Sentai and Tokusatsu in general is always really good because whether or not its "for kids" is completely irrelevant but Zenkaiger is just such an interesting and fun show to watch week too week and has honestly helped me through what has been probably the roughest few months of 2021.
Whether it's anxiety inducing climatic fights between the OT3 or a hilarious episode about romance for some reason I will always love Zenkaiger and what it has been giving me.
Also the Mini-Pla are way too cool this isnt fair you can't have Gaoranger be releasing their model kits at the same time as Zenkaiger AND having Digimon release a bunch of premium edition figures I hate you so much Bandai /hj
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goddessyonakuromatoki · 2 months ago
The Rainbow Lead Heroes
Here's my most ambitious crossover fan art I made recently between the 13th Doctor (Doctor Who), Zenkaiser (Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger) and Cure Summer (Tropical-Rouge! PreCure). It's also featured in a seitansai (birthday festival) fan scrapbook for Jodie Whittaker's 39th birthday last June 17.
@happy-shower obligatory tag time for the description, so my apologies for the inconvenience caused.
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haidomooooo · a month ago
Tumblr media
my art sucks but still want to show my feelings about kaito and zox
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