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#kaito kid 2
idontonlytalkaboutdcmk · 21 days ago
Shinichi: Who tf are you?!
KID disguised as Shinichi: I'm you but a better liar.
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k-l-ng · 2 months ago
Things I would love to see happen in a DCMK fic - Ep 5
Concerning the Ep 537-538 : "Kaitou Kid vs. The Strongest Safe"
I wish someone could explore what is implied to have happened off screen.
Jirokichi Suzuki panicking after he realizes he's locked Lupin in the "Strongest Safe" and he doesn't know the code. This subsequently being one of the rare instances Jirokichi isn't his overexcited, pissed self, but rather super worried for his dog.
The process from him trying to find a way to open the safe, to acknowledging that he can't, to finally resolving to ask for his "enemy's" help.
Jirokichi giving Lupin reassurances and trying to come up with a good heist note that can convey his message without making it too obvious.
(Kaito coming to see what's up).
Jirokichi trying to identify Kid among his new employees, then realizing it's the maid.
Kaitou Kid and Jirokichi formulating a plan to fool the police, Conan Edogawa and Kogoro Mouri, and working together.
I guess Kid would take the opportunity to tease Jirokichi ++ (he also comforts him in his own way, and tells him that of course he can save Lupin : what's the greatest safe against Kaitou Kid ?)
+ (Hakukai? Not necessarily but heh ^^) Bonus : I wonder if Kaito would also tell Hakuba that he finds disguising as a girl cute.
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kitozune · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a 6+ characters fanarts challenge that I did on Instagram/Twitter! Honestly have not drawn so many characters in a single piece for a long while, it was challenging but fun to do!
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dee--eer · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh man I forgot that Gosho used to do these omake thing, it's so adorable ahah. Gosho did the actor!AU before it was cool lol
Like, Detective Conan is great and exciting and all but his earlier works are just so chaotic, y'know? It's very fun to read. You can't read Yaiba without laughing and first 2 volumes of Magic Kaito are just, really chaotic and fun lmao
Also AoKako supremacy ha
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idiot-detectives · 6 months ago
Snake, lying on the ground in pain, coughing: KID listen to me, I know who your father is.
KID, Pointing his card gun at Snake, tears in his eyes: DON’T YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME. 
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uncurdled-bean-curd · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Uploaded to twitter first. Also uploading here for the sake of it.
The ‘g’ for Flug somehow disappeared. I’m too lazy to fix it.
Emeres (drawing challenge square thingy, as seen above) from this twitter account : @yasang17
Lazy Translations of the texts beneath the boxes:
Top left -> Fav. of first fandom
Top middle -> Fav you’ve been obsessing over liking for the longest period of time
Top right -> Fav whom you’ve been burning your feelings for recently (like, fangirl/fanboying over more than usual or something)
Bottom left -> Recent addition to ur list of favs
(Entering 3 fandoms at once★) (Note : I haven’t really entered the HK fandom ‘recently’ but it was this summer and I wanted to draw Quirrell and Wheatley together sooo whatever. imma draw what I want) (Also, Flug is so done with Wheatley)
Bottom middle -> Fav of all favs 
Bottom right -> Character that u think will become ur fav
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altumvidetur · 11 months ago
Snake: I'm going to destroy your happiness!
KID (shocked): My happiness?!
KID: ...Am I happy?
Hakuba: How would I know?!
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beedokart · a year ago
Tumblr media
A silly little comic, posted today since it’s Kappei Yamaguchi’s birthday and he voices 3.5 of the 4 characters in the comic.
Poor Kaito though. Got the Kaishin and the KaiKid and the Kaito/Kurobot and... I’m sure there’s more.
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Danganronpa soulmate au. Shuichi Saihara
Ok, this one is light, fluffy and a bit dumb. I like it nonetheless. Hope you do too!
Soulmate AU, where on your 16th birthday you get your soulmates name written on your wrist.
You were excited. Today at 2 am, presumably the hour you were born at, you would turn sixteen. You already celebrated your birthday with all of your friends and family and it was fantastic! The gifts were unwrapped and you absolutely loved `em! There was only one thing left though.
Your soulmate`s name.
That`s why you weren`t asleep. You insisted that you want to be awake when the name shows up. Your family didn`t argue, understanding how important it was for you. They went to sleep and you stayed at the kitchen, reading f/b and drinking f/d. From time to time, you looked at the clock and “awed” when it wasn`t the time yet.
‘Come on! Can`t you ran faster, time?’ you exclaimed in your thoughts. For oblivious reasons you couldn`t do it out loud.
You kept waiting impatiently and finally it was 2 o`clock. The book was put aside, the f/d was long forgotten. You raised your arm to the face level, feeling tingling sensation from the letters appearing on your skin.
A smile appeared on your face.
Such a beautiful name. You felt it on your tongue and your smile widened. You liked it.
The last few days you spent trying to find your soulmate. It proved to be more difficult than you originally thought. Like any smart person you decided to start with social networks. Everyone nowadays have social network, right? Right. Anyway, you`ve been spamming everyone with a name “Shuichi”, wondering if they had “Y/n” on they wrist.
So far no one did.
It saddened you a bit, but you had no intentions to give up. You must find the love of your life no matter what!
A week passed by. No success. You started to grow nervous, honestly.
Did you miss one “Shuichi”?
Was he one of the people who didn`t use social networks?
No, that`s ridiculous! Unless…
‘What if he`s still a kid? It would explain it. But how much I need to wait?’ you gulped “Or… or he can be nonexistent yet! Right, my aunt met her soulmate when she was 33 and her soulmate, my uncle, were only 16. I mean, I can try to date someone `till he grows up… no, it sounds wrong. Argh!”
You were struggling mentally. Then you got a message from your friend.
“Hey, n/n! How`s your searching goin`? Found your man already?”
You sighed and wrote back “Nah. Starting to think he`s a toddler(“
“Oh, man. Maybe he`s just don`t likes social networks tho. Did you think about it?”
“F/n, stooop! It can`t be it!”
“You can`t know for sure. Maybe he was a target for bullying of some toxic easily-offended bitches for one reason or another and deleted himself from everywhere for safety reasons?”
“It doesn`t make things better for me.”
“Sis, listen here. Years ago, people didn`t even have Internet to help `em and guess what? They somehow found their soulmates. So stop being a dumb-dumb and go get yo boy!”
“Wow, such a great speech you have. But thanks! I think I know what to do.”
“Shudup, it was a great speech! Now go!”
You turned off your phone and smiled to yourself. F/n was right, you could find your soulmate even without Internet’s help. And you would do it.
You were running late to the meeting. It was a very-very important meeting. Still somehow you were late, because you got lost. Somehow. You were feeling guilty though.
You saw a school your friend told you about and sped up. Only when you reached the entrance you stopped running. You walked up to the boy waiting outside, trying to regain your breath on the go. You felt nervous, but also very happy.
Just an hour ago F/n wrote to you the good news – they found your soulmate.
How? Well, turned out your friend`s friend Kazuichi knew Kaito, who was friends with Shuichi Saihara, who was searching for someone named “Y/n” for a while. F/n found out this through conversation with Kazuichi and immediately notified you.
And here you were.
“Sorry for being late” you apologized, smiling sheepishly.
“It`s n-nothing, really! You`re here what`s more important” he replied.
You examined him. He was a bit on feminine side, which you didn`t mind. Not that you liked “manly boys” anyway. He had long lashes, soft-looking hair and adorable cowlick at the top of his head. His hazel eyes were looking at you both shyly and gently.
You fell in love on the first sight.
“Em, so can I see your wrist? Just to be sure” Shuichi asked you.
You nodded enthusiastically and showed him. A sweet little smile appeared on his face when he read his name. His cheeks reddened a bit when he looked up on you. He then pulled down his sleeve and showed you his wrist where it was written “Y/n”.
You giggled in delight, the sound of it made the boy blush more intensively.
“You sound c-cute” he said shyly. After saying that he immediately raised his hand to his head as if he wanted to pull down a cap or a hat to cover his eyes in embarrassment. He didn`t have one though, so he just covered his face with his hand instead.
You adored this guy more and more with each passing second.
“Says the one who is truly cute”.
It made poor boy even more flustered, but he managed to say a quiet “thank you”.
“So how come I couldn`t find you in any social network, Shuichi?” you decided to ask. The question really bothered you.
“You couldn’t? There`s no way. Maybe you overlooked me… unless…” he seemed to be thinking about something. Then he groaned “Damn you, Oma!”
“What`s this?”
“About a month ago, someone I know hacked my accounts and messed with them. He changed the names as well. It must be why you couldn`t find me, after all I couldn’t get access to them for a while”.
“Oh, that explains it”.
“Em… actually, I wanted to ask you the same thing”.
You looked at him confused.
“Why couldn`t I find you, Y/n?”
You started to think about it. Indeed, how was this possible?
Then a realization struck you.
“We-ell, you see… I actually didn`t realize I have a fake name on every account of mine and that such a thing can make me unfindable too, he-he…”
“You had a fake name all along and didn`t pay it any attention?” the boy exclaimed in disbelief.
“…yes” you muttered feeling ashamed of yourself.
Shuichi fell silent for a moment. The next thing you heard was his laugh. Your heart started beating faster and you felt yourself melt from such an angelic noise.
You started laughing as well.
Life was great.
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call-me-yam · 14 days ago
So like, daycare au. I imagine sdr2 cast is 5-6 and v3 cast is 2-3
Hajime is fairly easy to take care of, but he's impossible to deal with when he gets angry or frustrated. His twin brother Izuru is.. weird. He can actually take care of himself and help care for others if bribed with fluffy things. The only time he ever threw a tantrum was when the twins argued over who gets to marry Nagito when they grow up ( they eventually agreed they'd both marry him ). He also went to time out 1 time for threatening Makoto, who he thought was trying to steal Nagito away. They both cling to Nagito and Chiaki a lot.
Chiaki plays games all day. If they take her away from the screen she falls asleep almost immediately. Is the future maid of honor for all three future grooms. Let's Sonia braid her hair while she plays.
Sonia says she's a princess and is always wearing a paper crown. She's very well behaved, but sometimes cries if she's alone with Kazuichi. Plays with Gundham often. Only went to timeout once.
Gundham is.. Gundham. It's hard to understand what he says sometimes, the caretakers ask Sonia or Izuru to translate. Somehow can tame any animal he comes across. Went to timeout twice: once for flooding the place with birds with Sonia (who wanted to do the singing princess thing), and another time for fighting Nekomaru.
Kazuichi went to timeout one time for breaking the TV, but other than that he's a good kid. Gets scared easily and cries a lot, also cries with Sonia when they're alone.
Nekomaru is in timeout often for play fighting with the other kids. He also screams a lot.
Akane is in timeout often for trying to play fight literaly everyone, and stealing food. She doesn't stay still.
Teruteru is another easy one, let him help making snacks and he's good. Cries often because he misses his mom, though.
Hiyoko throws tantrums often. Demands everyone watch her performances, and she'll dance at least once a day. Clings to Mahiru and cries if they're separated.
Mahiru got a toy camera and she loves to take pictures of everyone and everything. She's very calm and easy to care for.
Mikan plays nurse with everyone. She's very clumsy so there's always at least one caretaker watching her. She tried to take care of Nagito one time and got very upset when she couldn't
Ibuki is loud and has endless energy. She performs too, but doesn't demand attention. She does get upset if no one watches her, though. Threw herself on the ground once to make Mikan feel better about falling.
Imposter immitates Byakuya all. the. time. Easy to care for as long as Togami is there and Ryota is safe nearby.
Ryota is another very easy one, just give him anime and he's good.
Peko and Fuyuhiko stick together always, there's no way to separate them. They're both on timeout often: Fuyuhiko for cursing, Peko for fighting others. She's very protective of Fuyuhiko, and bit Aoi once when she tried to stop him from stealing cookies.
Nagito is meek and shy, only lets Makoto care for him. He's sick or hurt very often. Things tend to break around him and he cries about it. Very, very clingy, especially around Makoto. Somehow just finds stuff, once gifted Makoto $100 that flew in through the window. Celeste tried to get close to him hoping for some gifts but he just ran to Makoto. Only plays with Izuru and Hajime, sometimes Chiaki, and has cried to Makoto about how he's scared he'll hurt everyone more than once.
Kaede performs with Ibuki. She gets along with everyone very well and is overall a great kid. Wants to play piano.
Shuichi cries a lot, but is also easy to care for. Hangs out with Kaito and Kaede the most.
Kaito says he'll be an astronaut when he grows up. Clings to Maki and Shuichi a lot, went to timeout a few times for fighting. Almost got away with punching Kokichi but was ultimatly sent to timeout.
Maki is another weird one. Quiet and surprisingly independent, oddly enjoys Kaito's company a lot. Went to timeout for fighting, and several times over various different acts of violence against Kokichi.
Rantaro is rarely at the daycare since he's got older sisters who can care for him, but he always brings cool little trinkets for everyone. Knows how to make bracelets and teaches the others, he's a very good teacher.
Korekiyo is weird and quiet. No one really knows whats up with him.
Kirumi is also surprisingly independent and likes to assist the caretakers
Angie has an imaginary friend and likes to do art. Overall pretty easy to care for.
Himiko believes she has magic powers and throws tantrums if told otherwise. Naps a lot, sometimes with Chiaki
Tenko clings to Himiko. Went to timeout for fighting the boys a few times, but is usually well behaved.
Tsumugi likes playing dress up. Went to timeout for throwing a ball at Rantaro one time
Miu likes hanging out with Kazuichi and Kiibo. Participated in the TV destruction incident, and was sent to timeout. Says she'll marry Kiibo.
Kiibo says he's a robot. Easygoing kid, cried a lot when Miu first said she'd marry him but eventually seemes to be fine with it.
Ryoma is quiet. Looks sad a lot, everyone tries really hard to cheer him up often. Has a cat plushie he carries everywhere.
Gonta is a sweetheart. Wants to be a gentleman and tries really hard to be polite and everything. Likes bugs and names every one he finds
Kokichi is impossible. He lives in timeout at this point. Pranks everyone, hides or steals everything, lies all the time, gets into fights, mastered the crocodile tears and uses them to get what he wants or just annoy others. If he sees anyone throwing a tantrum, he will too. Celeste mysteriously tamed him one day, and he seems to respect her enough to obey her.. sometimes. He's still a little shit.
First of all-
Thanks for taking the time to write this because holy shit
This are too god please- I enjoyed reading them!
Hajime and Izuru wanting to marry Nagito pls-❤️😭
Chiaki letting Sonia braid her hair and Sonia doing princess singing with Gundham birds- omg please
Kaz broke a TV. Nekomaru is too loud and Akane is overactive,, chaotic trio right there
Kid teruteru (bless his soul) Hiyoko and Mahiru are light stuff, Hiyoko only needs Mahiru and attention, teruteru only asks for being helpful in the kitchen and Mahiru only needs her camera. Yes.
Mikan, Ibuki, Imposter, my sweet childs. Please,, you guys are cinnamon rolls
Peko and Fuyuhiko together since.. Ever.
Oop. There goes my heart, didn't need it anyways haha
Kaede and Ibuki, the interaction we needed and were robbed of. Kid Shuichi is just-please, AND KAITO LMAO GETTING TIMES OUT FOR PUNCHING KOKICHI AHHH
Maki, Rantaro, Korekiyo. Not too much of words, but they are cool yk? alsO RANTARO TEACHING EVERYBODY HOW TO DO BRACELETS PLEASE YES
Kirumi be just helping the caretakers and giving zero problem. Angie having Atua as a Imaginary friend, that's a cool detail- and himiko. Well. Himiko. Napping with Chiaki.
Kiibo- "why are you crying??" "SHE SAID SHE WOULD MARRY ME" embodiment. Ryoma :( noooo, please someone cheer him up :(
Gonta my beloved ❤️
Yeah, do I have to say anything??
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ninthfeather · 15 days ago
Ninth’s Fic-Related Stuff Masterlist
Reposting because the formatting of my old version got really messed up over time. 
Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Riddle in Reverse Series: (tumblr tag)
(fic reference) Riddle in Reverse Watch Guide
(art) fic-specific art tag on tumblr
(art) Riddle in Reverse Tumblr Log
(art) Fanart of RiR chapter 7 by @falseneun
(art) Steeplechase cover art
(art) Steeplechase Tumblr Log #1
(art) Steeplechase Tumblr Log #2
(art) Art of KID and Heiji in Chapter 9
(art) Art of Kaito in Chapter 10
(art) Art of Chikage and Ginzou in Chapter 10
(art) Art of Conan in Chapter 13
(art) Sketch of the Deptford Police
(art) Kaito sketches feat. Poker Face
(meta) Meta about Akako as she is in this ‘verse
(meta) Meta about the Gosho boys’ skills circa Chapter 13
(meta/art) Kiyoshi Rogers meta which spoils Chapter 16 and earlier
(art) Sketches of Kaito’s Pokerface (canon spoilers for Ch. 34)
(art) Sketches from around Ch. 30
(playlist) Fic playlist
(reference image) Peach ring-necked dove photo
(fic) on balance by @presumenothing
Gundam 00
The Island of Misfit Toys:
(art) Cover Image
(art) Cover Image
I love it when a plan comes together
(art) Ugly 80’s sweaters group photo
(art) Neil and Allelujah
The Man with the Shield: (fic tag)
(art) Winter Soldier!Soma by @jealizing
(art) Captain America!Allelujah by @jealizing 
(fanedit) The screencap edit that started this
What became of his ancestry: (fic tag)
(art) Allellujah in his scarf (commissioned from @gundamc00medy)
(meta) Meta on Allelujah and Hallejah’s relationship in this     ‘verse
(meta) Name meanings list
(reference video) Kazakh embroidery
planting seeds in a garden you’ll never get to see
(podfic) planting seeds in a garden you’ll never get to see by @AARKADYEVNA
Jibaku Shonen Hanako-kun
not forever chained to this planet  (fic tag)
(art) Older Yugi Amane (roughly 30) by @thefabhawkart
Kagerou Project
Reset The World: 
(fanfic) SNAKE Eyes by Reveries in Red
A Recurring Nightmare with Popcorn: (fic tag)
(art) Sketches of various characters
(art) Ed and Mustang in Chapter 4
(art) Ed and Radar’s Rabbit in Chapter 4
(art) Sketches of Ed in Chapter 7
(art) Envy disguised as Ed in Chapter 9
(art) Envy disguised as Ed, fighting Ed, in Chapter 10
(art) A manga page for Chapter 10
(art) Ed, Margaret and Pierce in Chapter 20
(art) Realistic-style sketch of Ed and Pierce
(art) Redraw of the above sketch, five years later
(art) Ed in his red sweatshirt
Original Fiction
If you are interested in my original fiction, please message me!
Discontinued Fics 
Sealed Wings (TRC): 
(art) Sakura’s traveling outfit 
(art) Sketches of various characters 
Shards of Sky (Scrapped Princess): 
(art) Bicycle Crashes
Past & Future (Code Geass): 
(art) Euphine/Disguised!Euphemia 
Blind Justice (Code Geass): *please do not read this, I only leave it up because people still have it favorited*
(art) Lelouch
(art) Nunnally
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zuffer-weird-girl · 17 days ago
Idk if it's posible but maybe, Kaito, Kin and Haru with A 1 2 &3? Love the babies and your drawing
I LOVE the idea of drawing my babies but... Kaito and Kin are a bit difficult since I do want them to be as you guys imagine them as your own babies.
Altjough I could draw them as kids of Kai and my( or oc) i dont know if you guys would like it...
About Haru, I guess I can do it since I just really imagie her as a female version of Hari
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geminiamethyst · 23 days ago
Momoharu Week 2021. Day 5: Childhood.
A/N: Kaito and Maki had been married for three years.
I think that I messed this one up a little bit in terms of the theme, but I hope you guys still like it all the same.
Maki was wide awake despite it being 2am. She had been awake for a long time, lost in her own thoughts. She had lost track of how long she had listened to her husband’s quiet snoring as Kaito was seemingly unaware of her being awake. Maki was only staring down at her swollen belly, lightly stroking it as it made tiny movements in response to her touch. Before she met Kaito, Maki never even thought about becoming a mother. She wasn’t fond of kids despite them liking her for some unknown reason. When she found out that she was pregnant, she changed her mind, especially after being free of her former life as an assassin.
However, now that she was here, she was starting to doubt herself at being a mother. She never had a mother, or a father, so what does she know about being a mother? But that wasn’t the main issue. She never had a happy childhood. It started out okay at the orphanage, but when she got older, she was saddled with providing childcare to the younger children. She felt like she grew up much too soon. It got worse when those men came to the orphanage. The scouts for the Holy Salvation Society, a cult of assassins. That was when her childhood got worse as she was forced to train relentlessly and become an assassin. She can’t remember the last time she had ever felt like a child. So how can she provide a happy childhood to her own kid, if she never truly had one to begin with? She felt like she was destined to fail before her child was even born.
Maki was snapped out of her inner torment as Kaito suddenly stirred. She hoped that he was still sleeping and was only moving in his sleep. The last thing that she wanted to do was to worry him so much. Unfortunately, her wish was unheard as she caught sight of Kaito’ eyes blearily opening.
“Hey...shouldn’t you be sleeping?” He asked as he slowly sat up. Maki felt honoured that he spends his time worrying about her at the best of times. However, she doesn’t need him to worry now.
“Can’t sleep...” Maki muttered, trying to make him go back to sleep.
“Little Star bothering you again?” Kaito asked, referring to the unborn child by the nickname he gave it. They wanted the gender to be a surprise for when it was born, so he always called it “Little Star”. He gently wrapping an arm around Maki as his other hand held hers that was stroking the baby bump. Maki shook her head. She didn’t need him to worry, but she knew that it was already too late for that.
Kaito pressed his lips into a thin line before he gently pulled Maki closer until she had her back to his chest. Maki instinctively relaxed, finding comfort as she felt Kaito’s bare chest through her night shirt. She always felt an infinite level of comfort, especially after getting pregnant, when Kaito held her like this.
“Now, what’s up?” Kaito asked, gently massaging Maki’s shoulders. Maki sighed a little. She knew better than to try to hide her troubles from him. He was too stubborn to let her get away with not opening up to him.
“ you think I will be a good mother?” She asked, wanting his honest opinion on the matter.
“What do you mean?” Kaito asked, sounding more concerned as he held her closer. Maki didn’t quite know where to start. There was a lot that she wanted to say, but she didn’t know how to say it. But maybe she doesn’t need to say everything, just the small details. She doesn’t need to make Kaito worry this much when there were other things to worry about.
“I have never had parents or parental figures around me. The only “family” I had were assassins.” Maki explained, feeling like all her worries were spilling out at once. “I don’t know anything about being a mother and I have no one to go to about it. What if I mess up? What if I’m a terrible mother? Maybe this pregnancy is a mistake.”
“Hey, hey. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Kaito said understanding what Maki was saying. She didn’t say all the details, but he knew what was bothering her right away. He held her closer, giving her a peck on the cheek. “What happened to you, was never your fault. The “family” that you had was never yours. They were just people that were forcing you to be a weapon. I know that your childhood wasn’t the best, hell it was probably the worst in all of existence. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t give Little Star the best that you can give. And you’re not alone. You’ve got me. And I swear that I’ll never, ever leave you in the dark, Maki Roll.”
“But-“ Maki wanted to say as she looked at Kaito.
“That was the past. You’re not there anymore. You’re here with me. And we need to be ready for what the universe has to offer us. All three of us.” Kaito spoke up, placing a gentle hand on the baby bump. It responded to his touch as the baby kicked slightly. “See? Little Star is worried about you too.” Kaito gave Maki a
Maki smiled tearily at Kaito’s words as all of them sank in. He might be an idiot, but at the best of times, he really knows how to make her feel better. She looked back down at the baby bump. As she remembered what she had said about the pregnancy being a mistake, she relaid a silent apology to her unborn child. It seemed to have heard her in a way as she felt the baby kick after placing her hand on the bump.
“What did I do to deserve you?” Maki asked as she turned her head to look at her husband.
“I ask myself that everyday about you.” Kaito smiled, kissing Maki again on the cheek. He turned away as he let out a long yawn. “Come on. Go back to sleep, you definitely need it Maki Roll.” Maki smiled tiredly, yawning a little herself. She carefully freed herself from Kaito’s hug, almost regretting it as she felt cold without his arms around her. She laid down on the bed, stretched out on her back. She always felt uncomfortable if she tried laying on her side since her bump started getting bigger. Kaito laid down, placing his head on her shoulder as his hand once again rested on the baby bump. The baby once again kicked a little in response to the touch. Maki followed Kaito’s example. Both expectant parents finally closed their eyes in bliss, silently promising the best future that they could give to their little star.
Day 1: click HERE
Day 2: click HERE
Day 3: click HERE
Day 4: click HERE
Day 6: click HERE
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geminiamethyst · 26 days ago
Momoharu Week 2021. Day 1: Travel
The sea breeze was somewhat calming to Maki as she and Kaede stood out on the deck. The whole of their class taking a class trip to another country, using the large ferry as a means of transport. Maki wasn’t sure why, but she somewhat enjoyed travelling on the sea. It was just waking up to see the open ocean and nothing else, made her morning feel calm, especially if the day was nice and calm. The night sky had come around, making the air colder than it was before. The sea was fully calm, making the journey more smooth. The sky was clear, showing all the stars that it had to offer. The full moon was large and illuminated the darkened parts of the ship. There weren’t that many people on the deck, only small groups of people or some couples enjoying the night sky.
“So, Maki?” Kaede suddenly spoke up, breaking the peaceful silence that they had for a while.
“Yes?” Maki asked, trying not to sound irritated from the silence being interrupted. She was starting to enjoy it, she had to admit. With all the chaos that happened whilst getting on the boat, Maki felt like she needed the silence for a while.
“What’s going on with you and Kaito?” Kaede asked, a knowing smile graving her face.
“What?! Do you wanna die?!” Maki exclaimed, her face turning as red as her shirt. She never told anyone, but she started to like Kaito as more than a friend. He helped her to be more open and like herself more. She wanted to tell him her true feelings, but there was no way he felt the same. He’s more in love with the stars than anything else.
“Your crush on him is too obvious!” Kaede laughed, jokingly pointing at Maki.
“I don’t have a crush on that star obsessed idiot!” Maki shouted, trying her best to keep denying the truth. She suddenly smiled slyly. “And what about you and Shuichi?”
“What?! Hey! Don’t turn this on me!” Kaede yelled, as it was now her face turning red. Now it was Maki’s turn to laugh at her friend’s expense. So long as Kaede gets off of her back about her boy troubles for now. If Kaito truly didn’t love her, at least she’ll settle to have him as a friend. Besides, she’s the Ultimate Assassin, she shouldn’t be too close to someone anyway.
“Sorry, Maki, but I’m going to turn in. I’m suddenly getting tired.” Kaede suddenly yawned. Maki watched her carefully, suddenly feeling suspicious about her friend’s actions. However, it was quite late, so Kaede might be telling the truth about being tired.
“Goodnight then.” Maki sighed, clearly wanting to stay out a little bit longer. She needed to be alone before she goes to sleep.
“Have fun daydreaming about Kaito.” Kaede grinned before she started running away.
“Kaede!” Maki yelled after her, but the Ultimate Pianist was already back inside, just avoiding the assassin’s wrath. Maki took a deep breath, trying to suppress the red in her face. She turned her attention back to the sea around her. She felt at peace again as she looked out at it. The scene was just so calming to her again as she breathed in the salty air. Something her that it was going to calm seas in the morning. Now that Kaede wasn’t teasing her, Maki can just enjoy the evening all by herself.
Or so she thought...
“Hey Maki Roll!”
Maki suddenly went stiff for a split second. She turned around, spotting Kaito walking up to her with a big smile. What was he doing here? Last time she checked, Kaito was in the cabin that he was sharing with Shuichi. The cabin that was next to hers and Kaede’s. Oh no...Kaede didn’t-
“Kaede said that you wanted to see me. What’s up?” Kaito smiled, approaching Maki carelessly. Maki immediately turned her attention back to the black waves below her. ‘Kaede! Damn it! Do you wanna die?!’ She silently cursed. Why did Kaede set her up like this?! She’ll have to plot a revenge somehow. Kaito thankfully didn’t catch on that she was irritated. Instead, he got distracted by the stars as soon as he saw them. Typical Kaito. He suddenly started droning on all about space and the stars. Maki lost all attention to that. Instead she suddenly started looking up at Kaito without meaning to. She just found him charming. Just how his eyes lit up like a child when he gets excited about space and how warm his smile was. It was strange how he acted like a complete idiot at times, but he was pretty smart when it came to the subject of space. It only made her love him even more.
“Hey, Maki Roll? Are you okay? You seemed to be staring off into space.” Kaito suddenly asked, noticing that Maki was staring at him. Maki felt her cheeks go red hot again. What the hell was she doing?! She must look like such as idiot.
“Idiot! I’m fine! Just...cold...” she shouted, suddenly losing her voice. That was a terrible lie. She wasn’t that cold, but she needed to make it look like she wasn’t acting like a love sick kid. Hopefully Kaito was stupid enough to not notice the lie.
“Well, why didn’t you say so? I wouldn’t be a man if I let a lady such as yourself freeze.” Kaito smiled warmly, stripping off his jacket. Before Maki could protest or even register what was going on, Kaito wrapped his jacket around her. “Feel better?” It took a second before Maki wrapped the article of clothing around her tighter. She suddenly felt warm, both from the warmth that Kaito’s jacket offered her, and from her embarrassment.
“Y-yes. Thanks.” Maki muttered, doing her best to focus more on the sea than at her own beating heart. Kaito laughed heartedly. His arm snaked around her shoulders as he pulled Maki closer to him. Maki felt her face go even redder, but she somehow found herself relaxing in Kaito’s hold. She doesn’t admit it, but she loved being held like this by Kaito. It made her feel safe and warm.
Maybe she’ll tell him her feelings soon. Maybe...
Day 2: click HERE
Day 3: click HERE
Day 4: click HERE
Day 5: click HERE
Day 6: coming soon...
Day 7: coming soon...
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chaotinyan · a month ago
dangaanronpa oc tkl hcs part 2 edition
likes being tkled because he was very touch starved as a kid
he also loves making people happy so he enjoys being the ler
tklish on his sides, tummy, and behind his ears (buthedoesntwantyoutoknowthat)
asks before tkling someone. he wants to make sure his lee is comfortable!
s q u i r m y
gets into tkl wars with zephyr a lot
soft!!,,, soft ler!,,,,,
shes too shy to say the t-word even while tkling someone
less tklish than zephyr
very teasy and knows it
not very tklish herself, but if someone tkles her around her waist it gets her squirming
'You gonna tkl me, loser? Do it, then!'
likes using tkles to get what she wants
since shes a hologram you cant really tkl her normally
her hologram comes out of a little gaming console so if you like fiddle around wih the buttons or wires thats the equavilent of tkles for her
can somehow tkl others. idk i havent figured it out yet
can be tkled if you point at their sides or wiggle your fingers at them
his tail is tklish
gets cheer-up tkles a lot
sorta likes being tkled
his laugh sounds like the boo from mario
mostly ler
barely tklish
like, this man's tklishness is close to none
his palms and neck are a bit tklish, but he only lets kirumi tkl him
very affectionate ler
makes sure the lee feels alright after he tkles them
such a dad...... i lov he
not too tklish
only tklish on her neck, under her arms, and her palms
kaede tkls her a lot
not that she minds of course, she love her gf
not much of a teasy ler
gets embarrassed when kaede tkls her
more tklish in their human form than their wolf form
tklish almost everywhere in human form
tklish under their chin, behind their ears, and on their peets in wolf form
gets tkled by kaito and maki a lot
tail wags when they're tkled, thought they insist that they dislike it
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kyralih · a month ago
Cardinal King 3: Bright Future (Ch 2)
Last Time, on Cardinal King:
Thrown through the timestream, our heroes splinter into three groups as they are separated by the Doom and Gloom Girls, but with the boost in strength and abilities granted to them by the Shitennou, the shapeshifters no longer pose the challenge they once had. The Heavenly Kings triumph, with Princess Sailor Moon dealing a fatal blow to one foe in Mamoru's group. Sailor Venus, having lost her princess twice, is not so quick to accept her new status as a Sailor Senshi; she resents that Serenity had to make that transformation in the first place and transfers some of that guilt and resentment onto the Kings, and Mamoru in particular.
Rin uses the Time Key to lead them towards the Guardian of the SpaceTime Dimension: Sailor Pluto. As the teams recombine they get onto the same page about the Outer Senshi - lost guardians of the Moon Kingdom - and Mamo-rin, recalling the visions Mamoru had upon meeting him, their suppositions about the future he comes from, and the paradox the completion of his goal had initiated.
But as they unknowingly get nearer to their goal, they are attacked.
Chapter Two: Time Warp
Energy erupted all around them and he was thrown to the ground, a body landing on top of him with another gruff oof as the attack flew over their heads. “Honestly,” North grumbled, crawling to stay low as he got off, “Come back to life twice and you think you’re immune now or something?”
He rolled his eyes for North; honestly, he hadn’t thought he’d be a target - he could barely make out the others ahead of them and took it for granted that an attack would be aimed at East and Rin rather than between the two larger groups of people. He got up to his knees to a tsk noise out of Kaito and found, near his hand, a chunky, boomerang-like tiara with feathers - similar to the feathers that remained after Sailor Moon’s attack caused the Doom and Bloom girl to disintegrate, but this one’s extra accessory was familiar - and cold, with an impact crack moving through it. Not directly a product of that blast. He gripped it to show it to North, handing it over before he got back to his feet -
“You are forbidden…to pass beyond this point!” a voice rang out, the words strong at first but fading as the owner stopped to take a ragged breath. They were hurt. His eyes searching the mist ahead of them, he moved towards the sound of the pained voice, his hunch as to whom it belonged soon realized: “I am she who governs the Door of Time and Space, the Keeper of the Underworld, Sailor Pluto!” She panted, and he saw a prone figure through the mist ahead - “and all who violate this taboo shall be eliminated!”
What had happened to her?
“Dead Scream!” she cried, and he barely managed to cover his face through the main brunt of the attack, feeling entirely foolish for not seeing that coming. The attack pushed him back a few feet, but he managed to stay standing -
“Cardinal King!!” someone yelled from behind, but the moment the attack let up he stepped forward again, practically able to feel the pain radiating off of her now. Close enough to see her, he started walking faster, calling the Golden Crystal to bear, stopping only when she maneuvered her staff to point directly at him, using both arms and the structure behind her to aim the staff and not fall over from its weight. She was bleeding, broken, barely able to catch her breath, but the garnet gem at the end of her staff glowed ominously regardless.
“Cardinal King, it doesn’t matter who you are,” she panted, pained, “No one can be allowed to break these laws. My mission now… is to eliminate you.” The gem glowed brighter, and he ran through his options -
“Sailor Pluto, wait!!” Rin screamed, and, to an outburst from at least two Kings, the kid came running out of the mist towards her, coming in as though he was going to hug her, but upon seeing her he skidded to a stop by her side, not knowing where he could touch, his face falling and eyes searching hers.
“Little Lord,” she said weakly, struggling to smile for him, but her gaze remained on Mamoru to keep her aim straight.
“Please, it’s not what you think! They came with me here, don’t kill them!” he sat down beside her, reaching forward to try to find a place to touch her, but his hand hovered, “I’m sorry - this is all my fault!”
At his admission, the glow at the end of the staff faded and Mamoru started forward again, stopping to crouch on Pluto’s other side and his hands hovered above her body, too, but with a purpose that Rin’s lacked. Gently he called the crystal’s energy to bear and sent it out, aware from the start this time that he had no Earth beneath him to draw upon for extra power; he wouldn’t have enough to heal her completely, but he could stabilize her and mend the worst of it. She’d have scrapes and bruises and she’d need to treat newly healed bones gingerly for a time, but that would leave him with enough personal energy to continue to function. As he worked, everyone - slowly - closed in. At a silent request from the mysterious senshi, he moved his focus to the arm closest to Rin before returning to the more serious internal injuries, and Pluto reached up with that hand to take Rin’s, patiently waiting for him to continue.
“I’m sorry I broke my promise,” Rin said, swallowing hard. “You told me not to tell anyone, but they protected me and were pulled in with me - it’s not their fault, it’s mine!”
“Little Lord… where have you been?” she asked, the emphasis on her words having implications beyond a simple ‘where’.
Rin looked down, his free hand clenching the fabric of his school shorts, the elementary school uniform looking completely out of place here. “I thought… if I could awaken the Sailor Senshi in the past, they would have been stronger, and they could have-”
Pluto squeezed his hand and he quieted before he could say what he wanted from them in his time. “That’s not how it works,” she gently chided, “and you would have known that if you had talked to me about it. You broke a promise to me, you stole a time key and traveled to the past without asking me,” she scolded, and Rin hung his head lower, but then she released her hold on his hand to put it on his cheek. “I’m glad you’re safe, Little Lord. Please don’t ever make me worry like that again.” She moved her hand from his cheek to the top of his head to weakly ruffle his hair before dropping her arm back to her side. She closed her eyes solemnly before opening, moving her gaze across everyone gathered there. “Please forgive the rude way I treated you, after you were so kind as to bring our Prince safely home.”
“You were only doing your duty,” Venus replied, and he was glad that another senshi had answered; he felt it would resonate more.
“Please, Sailor Pluto,” North asked, “What happened here?”
“I failed,” Pluto stated, leaning back against what Mamoru now saw was an elaborate arched door, tall and intricate and imposing. “Through the use of one of my own keys, six entities escaped to your time and changed the course of your history,” Rin’s other hand joined his first in clenching his shorts. The six had been him and his attackers - the Doom and Gloom Girls. “And, not long ago, I was attacked by one such entity as it attempted to use the door.” He looked to North, and North held up the broken tiara.
“That’s what I tripped on,” East commented; South reached up as though to clamp the brunet’s mouth shut, but East caught the hand and quietly held it at bay.
Pluto nodded, “But as I destroyed it, a second being defeated me and made it past into Little Lord’s time.”
“Another of the Bloom Girls?” Jupiter asked.
Mercury shook her head, “She had said six entities had escaped to our time - Rin and five others.”
“With Pluto taking out the last, the Bloom Girls are gone,” Mars stated, running with Jupiter’s recollection of their name. North looked like he wanted to correct them, but with Mars’s next question, his mouth shut thoughtfully: “What was the last, then? What else came with us?”
Pluto looked up, staring at the door behind her, “It must have been hiding in one of them but now…” she shook her head, clearing her throat. “It is no longer your concern; it passed through your time without causing harm, despite the damage it might have done if it had stayed. And the other…” she pressed her lips together, and, breathing easier, changed the subject. “Thank you for seeing the young Prince to me,” she said, sitting up straighter. To Mamoru, she said, “And thank you for your help, Cardinal King, despite everything.” She put the butt of her staff to the ground and used it to help herself stand, drawing everyone else up to their feet. “If you give me a moment, I can return you to your time -”
“But what about Rin?” Sailor Moon interrupted.
“And the “other” you mentioned?” North added.
“Without the creatures that were chasing him, he should be able to make it back home unharassed,” Pluto said, putting one hand on Rin’s back supportively, “and the other is not your responsibility. You have just overcome an enormous obstacle and saved your world - take the time to celebrate your victory, and your reunion,” she said, glancing towards the senshi.
“Getting home wasn’t Rin’s problem,” Sailor Moon pressed, shaking her head, vocalizing the unease Mamoru felt at the mere mention of turning back now. Pluto had said that what Rin attempted, heading to the past, ‘didn’t work that way’, so that meant he was going back with nothing having changed. Those visions he had seen had still occurred.
“Rin came to our time for back-up, right?” Mamoru asked, “Even if he didn’t get it the way he had planned, he’s still got it.” Rin’s head shot up, red eyes bearing into his in a mix of shock and hope that cemented Mamoru’s hand in this. “What do you say, Kings?” he asked rhetorically, holding the kid’s gaze reassuringly.
“I’m up for it,” East declared, playing along, “Sure, we just saved the world again, but I woke up from a prolonged nap and I’ve got a few new toys to play with, so why not?”
South nodded. North, his arms crossed in front of his chest, rolled his eyes at East, but shifted his weight to the foot closer to Mamoru, nonverbally showing his support of the idea. He sensed West’s gaze and looked up, not sure what to expect, but all he said was, “I go where you go.”
“I’m coming, too,” Princess Sailor Moon smiled, “I’ll help you, Rin -”
“Princess!” Venus hissed, taking Sailor Moon’s hand and pulling her back, the other three moving to keep up with them.
“One second!” Jupiter smiled brightly, waving a hand at them before joining a whispering huddle, her expression immediately dropping into something more serious.
Not one to wait, North asked Pluto, “So, the ‘other’?”
“A new host,” Pluto replied, and with that, the door behind her started to open, “which means there isn’t much time.” She paused, taking a key from her belt, and handed it to Cardinal King. He took it. “Use this key and pray to Chronos, and you will return to my side. The door is open to you.” She stepped aside, and Rin reached forward, taking his hand. “Please watch over Little Lord, and do what you can.”
“This way, Mamoru,” Rin said, pulling him towards the light that spilled out from between the enormous doors. Helios joined them, his friends right by his side as they walked through the door, into the future…
...and arrived in a hellscape.
They were standing on a rooftop overlooking a city that - at one time - must have been beautiful, but now only the geometry of its layout gave the illusion of grandeur. Everything was blackened, burned, twisted, frozen in a half-melted state, including the ground beneath their feet. South took a few steps back towards a more stable surface and the metal beneath him stopped creaking. Smoke hung in the air like a miasma, and the streets below looked blasted, lined with spent matchsticks that must once have been trees. It was horrible, and it was quiet.
“Rin, is this…?” North asked, and Rin just held his hand tighter in response.
“The Palace?” Helios said, his question-like suggestion drawing their attention away from the devastation at their feet and towards the crystalline structure in the middle of the city. Piercing the sky, it would have been breathtaking, were it not for its surroundings and its blackened exterior. “We should get to the Palace,” he said, with less uncertainty. It sounded like a plan - the crystalline structure was the only thing around that wasn’t melted.
“Is the Palace safe, Rin?” West pressed, holding out a hand to stop anyone from moving yet.
Rin nodded, “For now. …so long as you stay inside.”
“Well, guess now’s as good a time as any to see if these new capes work the same as the last ones,” East said, stretching out his arms to either side of his body and then over his head as he approached the edge of the building. “I’ll be guinea pig: I’ll turn it into a crater if I don’t slow down -”
North released a long-suffering sigh, his right hand to his forehead, “Or you could use your new trident and slow your descent that way.”
East turned, mouth open in a smile and his finger touching his nose, pointing at North, “See, this is why you’re the idea guy!”
“Is it really that hard to--?!?!”
“We’re here, too!” Princess Sailor Moon exclaimed, suddenly appearing behind them, startling everyone. North jumped forward and spun to face her sudden arrival and in the process fell off the edge of the building; West lunged after him, catching his hand before he fell too far, but in the sudden materialization of everyone on that one rooftop, the surface began to creak and snap beneath them.
“Capes work!” East’s voice echoed up between the buildings, and with a nod, West and North released their grip on each other and North fell. West turned and reached for Rin, and Mamoru let go of the kid’s hand. Rin looked up at him before letting go, too, and taking West’s hand before both of them went over the edge. Mamoru pulled Sailor Moon in, keeping her close to the side of his chest that had the half-cape, just in case, and turned to see that the other senshi were alright - “Go!” Venus cried, and he saw South take Mercury’s hand and South waited for him to go before they went. Frowning at the idea of leaving them behind, he jumped over the edge, believing the structure of the roof to hold if there were only three there as opposed to ten - but he needn’t have worried. On the way down, he passed East going back up, standing on one prong of his upended trident as it rose through the air on pillars of stone. East flashed him an okay sign and leaned on the staff of his new utility-weapon, trying to look casual as he appeared over the edge of the rooftop. He couldn’t help but shake his head. Nero.
They alighted on the ground no worse for wear, and Rin was immediately back, holding his hand tight. West had his trident touching the edge of the building, veins of metal snaking their way up to reinforce the collapsing roof, but he stopped as East, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus appeared at the top of the column of rock East had created. In a series of smaller pillars made by East jumping and creating one at the last moment, the four of them were soon on street level and there was a new circular stairstep feature in the middle of the road leading to the top of the nearest highrise.
“So, that Crystal Palace?” East suggested as Helios casually coasted to their level, his attention towards the center of the city and the structure there.
“Rin said it’s safe,” West clarified, dismissing his new weapon as he took point, and Venus released a sigh and joined him, Mercury falling into place behind her, mini computer open and blue visor across her face. Jupiter was on their right, offering him a smile, and Mars was on their left - distinctly not offering him any sort of friendly expression as she peered down side streets as they passed them. The Kings fell in around them, their organization less rigid.
“Mamo-rin said he needed the Sailor Senshi,” Sailor Moon stated with a smile, explaining their sudden appearance, “So we’re here to help.”
“Mercury?” Venus prompted sharply, voicing an apparent disagreement with the situation.
“The source was above the city,” Mercury diligently reported, “and the readings show the char is slightly irradiated.”
“Irradiated?” North repeated, clarifying, “as in everything around us is emitting high energy radiation?”
Mercury nodded, and Mamoru clenched his jaw, wondering if the Golden Crystal would heal any complications that may arise from that. “Senshi aren’t affected,” Rin stated, and he saw Jupiter relax a bit, “And Helios didn’t think the Kings would be either, but he’s sure the Golden Crystal would have healed any damage done, regardless.”
East caught up to him, gripped his shoulder and shook him in over-the-top affection. “Thanks, Mamoru!” he cheesed, “Taking care of us so we don’t get cancer, you’re the best.” Mamoru rolled his eyes, though he was glad that Nero was so willing to act out to attempt to make things seem a little less dire.
“Rin,” South asked, his voice purposefully light. Rin gave him his attention as they walked, though his hands were still firmly holding on to his and Usako’s. “When you said Helios ‘didn’t think’ the Kings would be affected - what did you -”
“Well if it isn’t Little Red!”
The direction South was moving with his question was one that Mamoru had let slip past when he was thinking about the implications of the radiation, and uncertainty came with the realization of Rin’s use of past tense - but then a person was materializing out of the pavement ahead of them and those thoughts were thrust aside to deal with that. West rushed towards the assumed enemy with his sword drawn -
“Behind!” Helios and Mercury said as one, and Mamoru released Rin’s hand to spin and face it, trusting Princess Sailor Moon to protect the kid for the moment, a rose coming to his hand and snapping into his sword. Another person - a male with silver hair, silver makeup, shining silver sleeveless shirt, and pants - was sliding out of the metal surface of a building, grinning -
“Long time no see, Little Red!” he cheered, but upon seeing them he tilted his head to the side, and his hair dripped onto his shoulder as his grin turned into a smirk as he recognized them, “Didn’t we kill you already? - Oniwabandana, didn’t we kill these guys already?!”
West hissed in disappointment and the woman who had appeared out of the pavement was now behind them with the other, appearing from the head down as she emerged out of the pavement effortlessly, revealing an outfit straight out of old ninja films. “Well, isn’t this interesting, banban? Though it wasn’t us specifically that killed them, was it?”
Killed them?!
“You get what I meant - like the royal ‘We’ - Ferrocerium, Staballoy, Tethys, whoever it was.” He paused, finally fully emerging from the building, and, beside him, North’s spear materialized. “They’re going to be pissed when they find out you guys were up and around again.”
“The Palace will be safe - watch out for Rin!” Helios warned, “He, Cardinal King and Sailor Moon may be targets!”
Where was he getting that information?!
“Think we’ll get their perks if we take them out this time?” the silver guy asked, his lipstick running down his face as he grinned at his accomplice.
The ninja produced throwing stars, “Only one way to find out, banban. And remember, Solder, don’t kill the kid.”
“Accidents happen,” Solder replied and melted back into the metal in the wall -- until Norths’ spear landed in the metal wall beside him and froze his body in place, ice spreading all around the impact site in a sheet.
“Woops,” North deadpanned, his whip appearing in his empty hand, and then he ducked, pulling South out of the way as two throwing stars streaked through the air, bouncing off the pavement near where they had been.
“Oh, dear, banban,” the ninja called, now floating above the street. She fanned her hands and they filled with more sharpened shuriken. One brow quirked, she rose higher, and Mamoru looked around for any sort of shield they could use - “Looks like I’m outnumbered.”
“Run!” Helios shouted, “She can replicate!”
In disbelief, Mamoru’s gaze shot back up to the floating form of their enemy; she blinked out of sight once and suddenly there were two of them - twice, and there were four. Three times, sixteen Oniwabandanas, all armed -
“Mercury Aqua Mist!” Mercury cried out and they were surrounded in a freezing mist that hid them from the enemy, but also from each other. He dropped his sword and spun, reaching for where he had let go of Rin, but the kid wasn’t there anymore -- he dropped to touch the Earth, spread his hand on the pavement and reached out to find him through psylocation -
“I got the kid!” East called from somewhere to his right -
“Quiet, or she’ll find you! Head to the palace!”
Rin’s glow was right with Nero's - which was no longer green, but orange? - and Usako was with Jupiter and - he pushed himself up and started to run alongside everyone else - he assumed Kaito was dark green now because a soul that color was right where North had been, and Yuu was red now instead of green, and there had been no pink Kunzite’s shade, so Khalid was probably the light blue glow? The senshi’s colors were all exactly as he remembered them being - jewel tones of green, red, blue, and yellow - and Usako’s silver crystal color was the same, so it was just the four of them affected? Did it have to do with what happened on the ship? The Shitennou? Occasionally, as the enemy threw her throwing stars in at them in a shower of knives and Mercury shielded them from sight again, Mamoru would reach out with his power to double-check that everyone was still keeping up and would double-check that the colors hadn’t been a fluke.
“The palace is just ahead!” Helios announced, “East, get Rin to the front!”
The mist ended with meters to go before a solid wall of clear crystal jut straight out of the ground ahead of them; East put on some speed to get ahead and, as he and Rin approached, a tall set of elaborate doors started to materialize, opening for them. East and the kid disappeared inside, followed by Jupiter and Sailor Moon. Venus and West waited to usher everyone else inside before they entered.
“There you are, banban!” tens of voices said as one, and Mercury hesitated at the door, but Venus pushed her inside and reached for Mars. South turned, summoning his trident, and a spray of fire followed the arc of the weapon, causing the enemy to blanch away from it, letting them slide across the crystalline surface to enter through the door without the rain of shuriken flying towards their unprotected backs. The moment South and West crossed the threshold, the last of them, East slammed the door shut and they heard hundreds of pieces of metal bounce off the exterior.
All of them panting to catch their breath, Mamoru approached Mercury and held out his hand. Behind him, he heard North complain: “I hate… long distance… running…” and he coughed; East, panting just as hard, eloquently returned, “Nerd.” Mercury hesitantly took his hand, as though to accept a handshake, and as he directed healing energy into her he quietly thanked her for providing cover, mending the cuts she had acquired. She nodded, accepting his thanks, and returned the sentiment for healing her. “Do either of you…” South asked shrewdly, standing straight and staring in towards the main Palace, “have any sense… of setting?” Neither Usako or Mars had any injuries, probably due to Jupiter for the former, and maybe blind luck for the latter, but that meant he turned to Jupiter next, and, finally, offered to heal Venus’s small array; she grudgingly let him, though she stared pointedly into the castle instead of anywhere near him while he sent the energy through her.
Everyone’s breath coming easier, Mamoru finished up with healing his friends and offering his hand to Helios, who rejected him, eyes glued to the interior, and, finally, Mamoru looked in, ready to face whatever came next.
Rin waited for them in an antechamber - an enormous room accented in gold and alabaster stone with intricate patterns and artwork, columns that stretched to the vaulted crystalline ceiling. It was indescribable - breathtaking - and he paused to take it all in when they reached the middle of the room; their reflections were hazy on the polished floor, but the colors of the senshi’s uniforms and the black of theirs intermingled in the crystalline dome above them to create rainbows of light and darkness across the room. There were six exits to the room; Rin’s red hair stood out in the entrance to one particular direction, and he followed. Sailor Moon caught up to him and took his hand, and he held hers as they followed him down one long hallway and out into a chamber even bigger than the first, separated into sections by crystalline walls and drapery in silver and gold, highly decorative but having no other apparent function. Rin kept moving and they followed, until he paused, looking towards an archway expectantly. They waited for something to happen, but then Rin kept moving.
“Where is everyone, Rin?” South asked quietly, and the kid hung his shoulders until -
“Sleeping, for now.”
They all looked up to find the source of the sound, the voice familiar but completely unexpected - and found in a faint beam of light a ghostly figure of a young man with broad shoulders in white robes. His hair hung around his head like a cloud, at once straight and curling and floating, despite the rest of his clothing apparently following gravity’s pull without question. His sleeves were long and semitransparent, cuffed in dark blue silk that matched the belt on his opaque robes and the lining of the split front and back of his long shirt and the slippers on his feet; there were five golden, tasseled pendants in a ‘v’ across his upper chest, two golden chokers visible through the transparent material of his collar, the material there a metallic green that matched accents on the shoulders of his tunic. He stood tall and solemn, and as his honey-colored eyes staring solely at Rin across the distance, his hair moved to show a garnet-colored gem in the middle of his forehead. But, most telling - more than the garnet gem and purple-silver hair and the voice and the intense familiarity Mamoru felt, the golden horn that sprouted from the middle of his head left no question as to who it was, just question as to how --
Rin ran over to him and reached out, only to stop, pull his hand back, and bow his head. “I’m glad you’re home safely,” the ghostly figure said, going through the motions of putting his hand on Rin’s head. “Your journey to the past was a dangerous one… but as a Prince, Little Lord, you made the right decision.” He removed his hand to place it on his heart and to the rest of them he bowed. “Welcome to Crystal Tokyo, and to the Crystal Palace.” Straightening, he looked out across the empty room and continued, “though I wish it had been in better circumstances, rather than the midst of battle… I… didn’t want you to see a future like this.” He looked away from them, motioning them forward, and Mamoru took the first step, following the impossible specter to see where it would lead. “I apologize if my form has startled you - my body is in Elysion, locking the sacred ground from within, less they find it; just think of this as my ghost walking around without my body. I am High Priest Helios,” he turned, looking over his shoulder at the unisus that flew on Mamoru’s left, “One and the same.”
Helios… was human? Well - that he had been a human made sense, but he - how had he never thought to try to remember him as he had been before… but he was going to be human again? His unisus form wasn’t permanent?
“You’re the one that’s been talking to me since we arrived?” Helios asked, and Helios - High Priest Helios, human Helios, ghost Helios - other Helios answered: “Yes. It was easiest to make a connection to you, my past self, through telepathy rather than attempting to explain myself to anyone else.” He paused, turning to Rin, “Little Lord, have you made your introductions?”
Rin nodded, and South piped up in his defense, “As soon as West figured him out.”
Helios smiled, “Good. I trust it was gracious?”
Rin nodded again, and this time North backed him up, “A little disconcerting, but he was polite. Now, when he said he was the son of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity, how many generations are between him and our Mamoru and Usagi-chan?”
“Just the one,” Helios replied, going down a short set of crystalline stairs, though he made no sound and caused no reflection in any of the walls surrounding them. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Usako blushing, which made him blush, the whole ‘just don’t think about it’ idea completely lost at that point.
“So Crystal Tokyo is…” North trailed off, as though trying to lead Helios to an answer, but the question wasn’t entirely obvious. He tried again, “Just when are we now? How far in the future? Did this much change happen in…?”
Helios didn’t turn around at first, and Mamoru thought he saw his shoulders shake once before he replied entirely seriously, “Zoisite, you do not want that going through your head on top of everything else. Aging works differently now; thanks to the combined powers of the Golden and Silver Crystals, you all generally stopped aging in your mid-twenties. The rest of Tokyo followed suit once Endymion and Serenity ascended the throne, and in the time since, all citizens of Earth have enjoyed lifespans much longer than any had thought possible in the past. That being said,” Helios stopped, looking out over a connected room, and Mamoru moved to the edge to see what he saw and froze.
In an antechamber below them, on eight raised pedestals, was everyone. His Kings, lifeless, their bodies carefully arranged, arms straight by their sides. The Senshi, too, were arranged there, their hands over their stomachs peacefully.
“All of that may end if we cannot put a stop to Metallia.”
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