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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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~Custom Kakashi Doll~

The weather was absolutely perfect today so I took my completed Naruto dolls out for their “official” photoshoots. So here’s Kakashi!!! He’s easily one of my favorite dolls I’ve made and I can’t wait to make more outfits and take more photos of him in the future!!!

Shout out to the amazing @the-kakashi-lounge-blog for being the best thing that’s ever happened to my fandom life and always encouraging me to keep pursuing my art no matter how “niche” it may be!! 🥰

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Don't you feel sad by making obito think you are still dead?


“Sometimes emotions would get the best of me and I would concede for only a moment. That is until I convince myself that a life in this world is nothing but an empty promise. Sadness is temporary, like all things in this life.” 

Admin note: Sorry for slow replies, I do pick the asks I’m going to do. So it’s not in order! Don’t be discouraged if I haven’t got to yours yet! Thanks for the asks though, keep them coming!

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Chapter 11: In Cars

The window rolled down. “Yo.” Kakashi Hatake’s messy silver hair and tired expression peered out the window from inside the vehicle. He wore a black turtleneck pulled up over the lower half of his face, which was an odd quirk that Hatake was known for. Shikamaru had met him several times before, but that trait alone would have made him recognizable. “We need to talk. Get in.”

Read all of it on AO3 or

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Naruto: What should we do?

Sasuke: Kill them

Sakura: That’s your solution to every problem

Naruto: That’s not true. Sometimes his solution is to beat them

Sakura: Beating people and then stitching them together does tend to work.

Kakashi: But all they did was cross the street

Naruto: Yeah, and they took the last cup of instant ramen with them

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My heart breaks for this person. I try to respond to every review I get. I love getting them, everyone has been so sweet with my story and I love to hear what they have to say. And this one, the one I really really want to respond to, I can’t because they’re a guest.

So, I received this review last night on my fanfic “Sparks” on I honestly can’t get it out of my mind.

What they don’t know is that hours before I posted the chapter, before they left this review – I was thinking about this.

My story is very light hearted, and funny. The OC is sassy but sweet. I started getting reviews how people were just laughing at (well, with) the story and they loved it.

I’ve been thinking about the different struggles people face, especially with what going on with the Coronavirus, seasonal depression, anxiety, stress and everything. I have about 100 followers right now. I get maybe 5 of them that review. I wondered about the ones who don’t review, who are struggling and just clawing their way to the next day.

I was trying to figure out if I should post the next chapter because, honestly I’ve been able to write a lot lately and have been able to post frequently. I honestly feel weird about it because it’s not normal. I could just hold on to the chapter and pretend that it took longer. I decided to not wait and post it. Because there might be someone out there that needs the laugh more than I needed to pretend that I post like a normal person. And there was.

So, surprisingly – that chapter was for Tem. For him and others who are struggling through this time.

You’re loved. Please find a reason to laugh. 💖💖💖

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