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Kakashi wears a whole ass h*rry p*tter robe because after Obito possessed him he got his fat titties and he doesn’t want the people of konoha to only see him for his figure. Like billie eilish

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Alright, here me out on this ObiKaka AU.

So, Minato is some kinda scientist that creates and uses human test subjects. Minato was testing on a new subject for months. Obito was Minato’s partner in all this, but Minato never allowed Obito to see any of the experiments, nor the actual test subject. Before Obito had become minatos partner he was Minato’s past subject and survived the experiments. One day Minato finally allowed Obito to see the test subject. As Obito turned his head up to see the test subject, he feels a connection. The test subject is non other than Kakashi. The experiments continue for about 5 weeks and finally Kakashi is ready to be let out of the experiments. Kakashi is let out and continues as another one of Minato’s partners. And becomes Obito’s best friend. Eventually something happens and Obito kisses Kakashi and things escalate from there.

Thanks for tuning in to my Ted Talk.

People I want to try my idea:@anannua, and literally anyone else who wants to try this.

If you are interested in my AU and you want to post something about it, please tag me.

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I’m happy to report that things are starting to turn around for Kakashi on Rogue Acres Farm!

His neighbor, Marnie, showed up with just the surprise he needed to make his house feel more like home.


True to his character, he treats his dog ninken better than he treats himself.


Kakashi’s farm still has a long way to go, but he’s earned some extra cash running side jobs for the kind folks in Pelican Town.


He even managed to save up enough to buy some strawberry seeds!


Most importantly, he’s making new friendships along the way. ❤

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Throwback to colossalcon! I miss you all!
#bnhacosplay #mhacosplay #crossovercosplay #mhaxnaruto #narutoxmha #crossover #colossalconcosplay #colossalcon #sakura #sasukeuchiha #missyou #tenten #kakashi #gaara #pervysage #tsunade #naruto #madara #itachi (at Kalahari Resorts)

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Originally posted by stillnotajedi

  • redamancy(n): the act of loving the one who loves you, a love returned in full.
  • just a fluffy scenario with the one and only kakashi hatake <3
  • warnings: none, it’s just fluff <3
  • gn!reader
  • kakashi is so sexy bye-

You’re out in the garden of your shared house with Kakashi, on a sunny day. He is laying the blanket on the grass and proceeds to sit down, bringing out the food. You lay down beside him and close your eyes to soak in the warmth of the summer weather.

Then you felt the sunshine on you, go away and open your eyes to see Kakashi hover over you with a playful smile and you just chuckle.

“What?” You ask with a smile on your face.

“Nothing.” He says still smiling while shrugging his shoulders.

Then you wrap your hands around his neck to pull him down to you and lay his head on your chest. You stroke his head, running your hands through his gray hair as he hums in content while snuggling closer to your chest.

“I like this.” He sighs, while breathing in your scent and puts his hands on your hair, gently running his hands through your hair. He looks up and leans in to give you a chaste loving kiss on the lips. Then proceeds to lay down his head on your chest and pulls you closer and holds you tightly. Not so tight to have you not being able to breath.

Kakashi dozed off after leaving a peck on the place your heart is located while muttering a ‘I love you’ to you. You kissed his head lovingly.

“I love you too.”

<kakashihatake33 and stay safe everyone, it’s still a pandemic going on! Stay fresh, hygienic and only go out if necessary for your own and others safety!

#bIm - please sign petitions, donate, educate yourself and people around you. black lives matter. no live matter until black lives do!!

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