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Helllo! I’m doing great, thanks! For your match I have chosen…….


Originally posted by kirieshhhka003


This guy is caring, loving, respectful, beautiful and a gentleman. He likes animals too.

He loves your personality so so much! He really appreciates your loving, empathetic and caring nature! Noriaki is also extremely supportive with everything you do! He loves hearing you sing and play music while he can play videogames with you for hours.

He really loves caring and helping you and thinks nothing less of you because of your ADHD. He tends to neglect himself a bit too for others shake but will not allow that for you, not to mention that he is always by your side when you need him.

Kakyoin finds you so cute and is more than thankful that he has you by his side! He wants you to now that he cares about you by his actions and words!

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Jotaro is totally not very invested in the game

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i didnt plan on doing anything but idolz + bandz on this blog, but these r for a friend! requested by @sakurastardust !! noriaki kakyoin layouts and previews of what they look like!

requests open ; like or rb if you save / use !

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This took longer than it should’ve- lmao

Reposting is fine, just don’t remove my watermark. Plz no trace I am a 5 year old doing business (I’m not actually if your that dumb)

Just some shitpost I’d like to share, that’s all


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Just a doodle of cherry boy Kakyoin <3

I saw similar “chibi” style of my friend Kaz @kazekothestrange and decided to try drawing like this~ Eventually, it turned out very adorable uwu

Noriaki Kakyoin from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Program: Ibis Paint X

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Kaori: *snuggles and falls asleep*
Kakyoin: *smiles* “Feels like my princess’s sleeping and she’s tired… Well, I hope she will have a sweet dream and gaining energy for next days..” *kisses the top of her head and joins her a sleep*
Noriaki Kakyoin (Pajama): by 眞白, belongs to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
Kaori Mizune (OC) by me @sweet-chocolate-girl
Bed by なつか
S5BaseShader, SeriousShader, SvSSAO, Likelooks, PixelEdgeBlur, LikeHDR, SelfOverlay Soft, Autoluminous4, CheapLens, Vignette
Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2017

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I hope you got a safety net 

‘Cause I’m gonna push you over the edge~

Delirious - Susanne Sundfør

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Take It Easy, Mr. Joestar [Chapter Three]

Hey guys! I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting for this for too long. If you are unaware, my family all got covid back in December. My boyfriend, mother and I were all fine. Mildly ill. However, my father sustained about 95% lung scarring and is now in hospice care. He does not have long left, and it has been difficult. My mother and I are now full time carers, along with me being a full time college student. So, my life has been a bit hectic lately. But fear not! I do not want to abandon this work yet.

TLDR; I apologize if the uploads are slower, I’m dealing with family issues. But they’re coming, so just be patient! Thank you all. Let’s get into it.



The next morning was an early one. As Joseph stepped out of his cramped tent, he observed his new surroundings. The sand looked undisturbed thanks to the light winds of the night; the ocean waves rippling lightly against the shore. He moved calmly and sat in the stump that Polnareff and Kakyoin dragged from the tree line. As he sat, he absent-mindedly rubbed his left knee. It had been giving him major problems as of late. He sat for a while in silence before starting the fire in order to make the morning’s meal for everyone. It wouldn’t be much, just some canned veggies and maybe some tuna, but it would be enough. They could make fishing poles and try their luck if they wanted more.

“Order up everybody! Come get it while it’s hot!”


Jotaro was awakened by the sound of his grandfather’s gruff, yet chipper voice. Soon after, he became acutely aware of the extra heat on his back. And the extra appendage laid across his waist. And the breathing in his ear. Kakyoin.

He felt his cheeks redden as he quickly got up, pretending as if he didn’t notice.

“Kakyoin. Wake up. The old geezer made breakfast.” Kakyoin groaned in response, seeming to have no intent on stirring. “Suit yourself, but know that he’ll take his frustrations of you sleeping in and make your training harder than the rest of ours.”

That got the salmon haired man moving.


After breakfast, the day’s training began. The group had no idea what to expect, except for Joseph of course, who was not participating, but rather mediating. As Joseph looked at his boys, the faces of unsatatiated hunger looked right back. He smiled nervously before regaining composure.

“Alright men. For this next week, you will be making your way to the top of the island and back again. This will not be an easy journey. Along the way I have set up specific training areas with the help of the Speedwagon Foundation that will give each of your stands specific abilities a chance to shine. However, that also means that there are other areas where your stands will be of little to no use to you, and you must rely on either each other, each other’s stands, or your own body and mind.” Joseph opened a folded map and held it in front of his chest to show the others. “You’ll start making your way on the east of the island and return via the west side. Just as the sun rises and sets. However, you all have to remember that this is not just a battle royale. There is still a civilization here. There are families and children. So you have to take into account their safety and well-being just as much as your own.”

“Along with that, you will not just be flying blind, as I’ll be around to help from time to time. Oh, and you’ll also have to keep something very important safe.”


Keep something safe? What the fuck was his grandfather talking about?

Before they could dwell on what the important object would be, Joseph began once again. “Also, since you have nothing and will be living off of nothing, I’ve decided to be generous. I will meet you at random points throughout your journey, one place each night, where I’ll have camp set up and food ready. I will also give you each 78 Egyptian pounds. This is only equal to around five US dollars. This money will have to last your whole journey, for everything. So use it wisely. You never know what you’ll end up needing to buy. “

With that he winked, leaving the group even more confused.

“You’ll have to find camp every night. You’ll eat late at night and early in the morning. Then you’ll be on your way to deal with what I’ve set up. This is to help all of you work even better as a team. Even more synchronous as we are coming up on the end here. And we all know what this mission is for. To save Holly. My little girl doesn’t have any hope if not for us. So we have to save her.”

Before he got too emotional, Joseph steered the conversation to a lighter note.

“Now, hurry! I’ll see you boys tonight. Take this map and begin heading for the first point marked, it’ll lead you to the approximate location of the important object is. From there, you will find where you must head next, and so on.”


As the men left the camp site, Avdol spoke. “I wonder what Joseph has up his sleeve for this week. Mock battles, scavenger hunts, protection missions, and roughing it? That man sure has an American way of thinking, I’ll tell you that.”

The others laughed and agreed as they started on their journey.


I’m sorry this took so long. I’ll try to be more consistent with posting. And I’m really sorry nothing major happened! But next chapter were really getting into the thick of it. As I said, I’m not ready to abandon this work yet, so you can expect many more chapters. I love you guys!

PS sorry the spacing is off, my phones a big dummy. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for understanding what I have been going through and being patient with me.


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I’m this close to make a doujinshi

Jotaro really craves a hug but he has no idea how to initiate it. Fortunately his sweet Kak knows what he wishes for.

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Doodles of Josiah Kujo and Cherri Kakyoin!🦁🍒

They are cousins! Cherri is Kakyoin and Ness’s first daughter, she is 9 years older than Josiah.

Josiah is Jotaro and Mikki’s youngest son, born in 2000.

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