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scorpion-flower · 9 hours ago
scorpion-flower watches Young Justice 2x3
Me @ Aqualad
Tumblr media
How do you take one of the best characters and turn him into this?
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incorrectyj · 2 days ago
random s1 headcanons
i honestly don’t know if these have been done before
wally is lactose intolerant but he kinda just ignores it
conner (even though it’s a little awkward) gives the BEST HUGS
m’gann’s hugs come in a close second
dick has a caffeine addiction
if kaldur was in orchestra he’d play the cello and he’d be really really good at it too
artemis can sing
wally has terrible eyesight but he wears contacts every day so when he wears his glasses for the first time in front of the team everyone’s just shocked™
they eat dinner once a week together at the cave and rotate who’s in charge of cooking that week
no one ever cooks seafood though bc they think it’s cannibalism for kaldur
they all call artemis other greek god names just to annoy her
“hey demeter” “no, aphrodite went last week”
kaldur sucks at charades
m’gann always wakes up first and is in charge of making breakfast every morning for anyone who’s sleeping over atm
conner plays football or hockey at school
zatanna had a harry potter phase and tries to re-enact the spells
it’s just her saying the spell and then her saying the real spell really fast and quiet
“wingardium leviosa!” “etativel”
dick has a lot of computers at home and places them far away just so that he can do the swively thing with wheeled chairs
you know the thing
m’gann’s eyebrows are PERFECT
dick remembers everyone’s orders at every restaurant
the team has gotten into arguments on whether or not salt should be in baked goods
wally tries to explain the science of it to conner and kaldur, who surprisingly disagree
m’gann ends up adding it in anyway when they aren’t paying attention
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incorrectyj · 2 days ago
kaldur: i am offended. i am angry. i am very tired... so i'm going to take a nap, but when i wake up, oh you are in for it. kaldur, four hours later: how dare you?
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incorrectyj · 2 days ago
do you ever wonder what the other maneuvers are we saw maneuver a 7 couple times but like do they just not use maneuvers 1-6 is there only one maneuver but they called it maneuver 7 because it sounds cooler do they literally just not know the other ones do they choose to use that one specifically the most because it’s fun i guess we’ll never know
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silverpriince · 2 days ago
Okay but like everything is the same but all the adults men superhero suits are crop tops.
No exceptions either.
You turn 18? Boom. Crop top.
Is it practical? No, but this is fictional and so practically is thrown out the window.
And yes this mostly me just loving men in crop tops, sue me.
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incorrectyj · 3 days ago
m’gann: i think we should have glowstick juice injected into our bones so that when we break them there’s a fun little surprise!
artemis: what’s the surprise?
kaldur: blood poisoning
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hashiramallows · 5 days ago
AAAAA your kori piece was so cute!!! would you pls write something with kaldur from young justice where his s/o is part of the team (without powers, but is a skilled fighter)? maybe they're cooking and kaldur sits nearby or something domestic like that. love your work!! <3
hi anon! thank you for your kind words! hope you enjoy this one!! LYSM - Tori
new normal | Kaldur’ahm x reader ♡
A nice smell takes over the kitchen as you continue to cook, you're filled with confidence that this will turn out good, the team had come back from a mission just a couple days before, and cooking aways brought a sense a comfort to you after the stress of the vigilante lifestyle. It's just such a regular thing that most people do, and for that same reason, it makes you feel that even if just for a moment, you're living a normal life just like everyone else, these little things that are overlooked by normal civillians are treasured by people such as vigilantes, who often treat them as a luxury in the middle of their chaotic lives.
"Smells good" Kaldur says as he casually enters the kitchen, coming behind you to give you a quick kiss on the cheek.
He moves his hands, and you thing he might wrap his arms around your waist, instead he swiftly takes a small piece of the food you're cooking, putting in his mouth before you could protest, there is not a trace of regret in his face as he chews on it.
"Kaldur!!" You say in a scolding tone, giving him a cold look "It's not ready, go sit down!!" 
“I was only curious to see if it tasted good too”
“You’ll see it when it’s ready” 
He cuckles at your reaction but he does as you say, sitting nearby, elbows resting on the kitchen counter as he watches you cook, there is a gentle smile in his face when he sees you roll your eyes at him. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the both of you aren’t married yet, your dynamic is so natural it almost seems like you’ve been together for centuries. Even if the life the both of you live is so unconventional, you’re lucky to have each other, and to have created this world where you can build these estable and homely moments in the middle of your chaotic lives.
You’re glad to have created this new normal with him.
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incorrectyj · 6 days ago
kaldur: they ask me how i manage an adventuring party and a busy schedule.
kaldur: truth is, i don’t. i have literally no control over them.
kaldur: this morning, zatanna asked to show me something so i went to see what was going on, and then robin shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.
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incorrectyj · 6 days ago
wally: my biggest talent is being stress
zatanna: don’t you mean stressed?
wally: no
kaldur, tired: no
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Tumblr media
Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Last 52 War of the Multiverses (2020) art by Pop Mhan 
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rowdeyclown · 8 days ago
I swear to god if kaldur doesn't rejoin the main cast in yj phantoms I will never consume dc content ever again
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peachycloudes · 9 days ago
Conner Kent x Short & Kind-Hearted! Reader
This is a request by Polli2123, I decided that it would be better if Conner and the reader would just be friends, but both like each other, and the reader has the memories of Pamela with the team, also Pamela goes by Kassia or Pam. Sorry, it took so long, I just have been filled with so many exams this past four weeks, and to make things worse I'm sick.
The request was to do a cute Conner Kent x short & kind-hearted! Reader One Shot, where Reader (after receiving a mysterious water lily-shaped necklace for her birthday) suddenly finds herself in Young Justice as a teen version of Poison Ivy and Conner's girlfriend? From the Reader P.O.V? (Conner and M'gann never dated). Okay so I try my best, I'm probably going to rewrite this, later on, that's if I remember.
Edit: So, after tons of procrastination. I have finally rewritten this!! I’m so happy!!
Y/N- Your Name L/N- Last Name
Previous - Destiny - Billy Baston x Batsis! Reader Next - She's Up to Something (Part 3)- Impulse x Batsis! Reader Feat. Batboys
Word Count - 1,450 words
Walking up the stairs, into her room leaving her white shoes, and pieces of clothing somewhere. Y/n hummed happily. Today was her birthday, and it was amazing. Everything was perfect, or as perfect you could get. Her whole family was there, from both her mom and dad’s side. There was no fighting or arguing, it was just perfect. All her close friends came. She was overjoy that every was happy.
Even if her friends didn’t like her family and could barely tolerated being in the same room as them. They made an effort to be polite to them and trust me that’s hard enough. She was the black sheep of the family. Her family were tall, muscular, rude, and cruel. While she was the complete opposite of them. She was kind-hearted, sweet, warm, caring, and an extremely short.
“Y/N, this was left on the door,” getting off her bed Y/n opened the door to reveled her older sister Ines holding a lavender box. Carefully grabbing the box, she examined eyeing her sister.
“Who left it?” Y/n question carefully examined the light emerald-green enveloped.
“Y/n I don’t know and being honest I don’t give a shit. Besides, I’m sure it was that boy from your school that is in love with you,” Ines answer walking back to her room. Opening the envelope, she found a letter.
For my little flower, Happy fifteen birthday, I'm sorry that I wouldn't make it, but I hope you have an amazing birthday. And I hope you like this gift my precious baby love you. - L/N
Opening the box, she found a golden necklace, with a pink star diamond rose shape in the middle. Y/n search for a name, but there was only her last name shrugging she decide to put on the necklace. Everything suddenly went black, and Y/n fainted.
“Kassia, are you okay?” a soft welcoming voice inquired. Opening her emerald, green eyes, Y/n saw a green-skinned female humanoid with amber eyes and shoulder-length light red hair. She wore a short-sleeved white top with a large red X on it, along with a knee long blue shirt, a marine blue cape, gloves, and ankle-high boots.
“Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here? Where are we?” Y/n shouted causing her hair to fly.
“Kassia, calm down. Batman and Tornado did say you may lose some of your memories, but not to worry I got this,” the humanoid smile, bringing her hands towards Y/n’s head.
“Pamela, I only want to help you,”
“I don’t need your help! Just tell me what is happening and how I got here,”
“Fine, during our mission you got hit by a ray,” Miss Martian explain, calming Y/n.
“Look, I’m sorry for screaming and everything but what mission are you talking about? I was in my room putting on my necklace- my necklace where is it?!” Y/n question searching for her necklace.
“It’s alright Pam, calm down. Conner has your necklace. After you were hit one of Queen’s minions took it from you, and Conner got it back,”
“Okay. I’m still confused about what mission you are talking about,”
“The mission, require us to infiltrated Queen’s base. But as most of our mission go, we got caught, and Queen decide you would best test subject due to your powers-”
“And I was blasted, before we could even identify what components were in the ray and what she was going to do with it,”
“Yeah, but thankfully after hitting you the machine exploded and well, she’s currently imprison,”
"Pam, you're okay. I was afraid something may have happened to you, " a rough yet welcoming voice question, turning her attention to the door Y/n saw a Caucasian male with short black hair and blue eyes. He is noticeably tall and is quite muscular, he looked about sixteen or seventeen years old.
“I’m fine, just a few bruises and a major headache. You know the usual, besides it’s nothing I cannot handle,” Y/n joked her emerald-green eyes meeting his electric blue eyes.
“I’m just going to leave you guys alone,” M’gann exclaimed rushing out of the room.
"Are you okay? Pam, you had me so worried. I told Batman to not let you go, but he didn't listen. It's all my fault if I were a bit stronger then you wouldn't be hurt right now. And who knows what the ray did to you. I'm sorry Pam, it's all my fault" Conner's voice cracked tears threatening to fall.
“It’s okay, there’s no need to cry. I’m alright, nothing happen,” Y/n smiled kindly at the boy trying to cheer him.
“It's just that I have been worried sick about you. Pam, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you. If you were to be hurt. You have been there for me since the beginning I just don't know what I would do if you weren't okay. If I had just been a little be stronger you wouldn't have gotten hurt. Maybe if I were more like Superman, you wouldn't be here right now, but I'm just a stupid clone. I'll never be like Superman, not even close. I know you’re alright, but I can’t stop thinking about the what ifs? What if she haven’t been able to save you? What if the ray had killed you? What if-”
“Enough with the what ifs. Nothing bad happen, and I know that you’ll not let anything bad happen to me. I know that, because I know you Conner. You’re so much more than Uncle’s Clark’s clone. You are your own person, you are special, and I know that you would do anything to keep me safe. Besides I have my plants, don’t I? Now where is my necklace?” Y/n wonder hugging Conner.
“Right, here,” Conner smile softly taking out the necklace from his pocket. He clipped the necklace, returning to it’s place. Conner stared at Y/n watching a small smile appear on her face. She seemed so peaceful and relax completely different from the last few days. He wanted to see her like this. He wanted to take all the weight she carried and help her with the burden.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” She inquired taking him out of his blissful state. “I was thinking about Alita: Battle Angel, what do you think?” Conner could not respond afraid his voice wouldn’t work, so he simply nodded.
Both teens watch movie after movie laughing, crying, Y/N was happy, truly happy. Even though she just met Conner, she knew that she would love him. Staring at his blue eyes and him into her beautiful emerald-green eyes. Y/N had some memories of Conner and her, well, Pamela, playing around, talking doing what a kid would do. Y/N couldn't help but wonder how she got here, but she wasn't complaining. She had a chance at better life, not saying that he life was bad, but she always need that she was missing something. And maybe that something was Conner.
Both teens cuddle watching movie after movie, Conner never feels this way for another person. He just loves her. Though he's too scared to admit it, soon day they'll be together. Someday, but for right now this is fine. No, it's perfect. Slowly both drifted off to sleep, both dreaming about a better life, knowing deep down that their dream would become a reality. But that's a story for another time. 
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ofteasandherbs · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
So... decided to try my hand at a fun Aquaman Kaldur.. 👉🏻👈🏻
😎 hell yeah gained the spoons to finish him out... now to convince myself that I can draw cad actually
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ss-koy · 10 days ago
Snippets #12
Roy's lungs were on fire. His muscles screamed at him even though he was laying still. Slowly the ringing in his ears faded away and he could hear the sirens screaming down the corner.
Kaldur rolled his head over to look at the redhead. His eyes were pinched shut tight enough to give himself a headache. The Atlantean reached up and wiped a stream of blood of Roy's cheek. It was soft and tender.
"So you're allowed to sacrifice yourself?" Kaldur asked.
"Yes. Now shut up."
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incorrectquoteblog · 11 days ago
Kaldur: Y'know what? This is the one thing I've learned tonight. I can't depend on anyone but myself.
Kaldur: I'm going to take care of myself. I'm going to bed
Roy: Go to bed?
Roy: What are you forty?
M'gann: Uh-Kaldur should I be going to bed too?
Kaldur: I DON'T CARE!
M'gann: He said yes I think?
Artemis: I don't think he cares
Roy: I don't think he gives a shit what you do
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Tumblr media
Guys, Kaldur Kalder. The name has something to do with water. I just hhfitsitsitdiidtxgglgGkxlyfoydydlhdkfitxhbdco
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wrongyoungjustice · 13 days ago
Dick: Every time I hear someone talking about updog, I’m torn between not wanting to fall for it and wanting to help them complete their joke

Kaldur'ahm: Okay, but what is updog?

Wally: Updog is a long sausage in a bun, often served with ketchup, mustard, onions, and/or relish

Raquel: No, that’s a hot dog. An updog is when a new version or patch of an application is released.
M'gann: No, that's an update! You’re thinking of the fourth largest city in Sweden!
Conner: Surely, that’s Uppsala, where’s updog is the giant spider in Harry Potter
Zatanna: That’s Aragog. Updog is a symbol conventionally used for an arbitrarily small number in analysis proofs
Artemis: You’re thinking of epsilon. Updog is an upward-moving air current
Wally: No, that’s an updraft. An updog is the modern version of a henway
Kaldur'ahm: What’s a henway??
Dick: Oh, about five pounds
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fandomisnotsosalty · 15 days ago
A shout-out to the French translator of Young Justice who really thought that when they were talking about the "cave", it was in fact the batcave and just put it everywhere in the first episodes.
They made me imagine an AU where everything is the same except that the team is living in the Batcave and Bruce feels like he is hosting a freaking kindergartens party.
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