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#kamala harris
astraskylark · 9 months ago
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Everyone go home Greta wins
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leepacey · 9 months ago
biden signed a whole bunch of executive orders today, all of which aiming to undo damage done by trump. i’m by no means a fan of biden, he’s a centrist at best and has a history of sexual assault and i despise how he’s pushing for “unity” instead of accountability right now, BUT here’s the full list of executive orders, because a little good news is good for you sometimes (but mostly because the news sites with this stuff are behind paywalls):
Completely abolishing the “Muslim ban” travel ban, which had blocked travel to the US from several Muslim-majority and African countries 
Restarting visa processing for people from the affected countries from the travel ban, and focusing on “addressing the harm caused to those who were prevented from coming to the US because of the ban”
Reinstating ties with the World Health Organization (after Trump withdrew the US’s membership and funding last year) and making Dr. Anthony Fauci the head of the American WHO delegation
Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and ordering federal agencies to start reinstating more than 100 environmental regulations that were weakened/rolled back by Trump
Stopping the Border Wall construction and immediately terminating the national emergency declaration that allowed Trump to redirect billions of dollars to the wall
Revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline’s construction
Overturning Trump’s executive order that had stopped federal agencies, contractors, and other institutions from holding diversity and inclusion training
Immediately ending Trump’s 1776 Commission, a committee that aimed to give American students “patriotic” history lessons, which were widely criticized by historians and civil rights leaders as being “racist lies” and “nationalist propaganda” that whitewashed history and greatly downplayed how bad slavery was
Protecting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and keeping Dreamers (people who were brought to the US as children) from being deported
Extending the national ban on evictions
Overturning a Trump executive order that had pushed “aggressive efforts” to find and deport immigrants
Blocking the deportation of Liberians, a group Trump had targeted specifically
Reversing the rollbacks to vehicle emissions standards
Designating Susan E. Rice as the leader of a “robust, interagency” effort requiring all federal agencies to make “rooting out systemic racism” central to their work, and requiring federal agencies to submit detailed reports on equity in their ranks within 200 days
Reinforcing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to require that the federal government does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, a policy that reverses actions by Trump’s administration
Undoing Trump’s orders that slashed the size of several national parks (Trump had wanted to auction off parts of national parks and protected land, primarily to oil companies) and halting the oil and natural gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Restoring the directorate for global health security and biodefense at the National Security Council, a group Trump had disbanded, and requiring social distancing. A mask mandate would be met with significant legal opposition, but this order also requires masks on all federal property and by all federal employees
And lastly: immediately freezing all of Trump’s recent regulations he’d tried to sneak in at the last minute, so that the new administration can examine them much closer
also, this wasn’t an executive order, but in case anybody missed it: biden also chose rachel levine, a transgender jewish woman, as the assistant health secretary! from what i’ve seen, rachel seems great and has done a lot of good as pennsylvania’s health secretary, so that’s very exciting
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chris-evans · 11 months ago
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Please remember to VOTE tomorrow! 
You can register to vote on Election Day in the following states:
Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.!
Vote like this country depends on it, because it does!
source: @votesaveamerica
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lovemelikeyoumeanit · 9 months ago
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The moment Kamala Harris made history!
First woman sworn in as vice president of the United States.
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ruinsoftheempire · 10 months ago
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If you're living in Georgia, early voting has started for the Senate runoff race. Get out there if you can, and make sure your voice is heard. Mitch McConnell needs his power stripped away for the benefit of our country!
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alittledropofheaven · a year ago
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deancasology · 9 months ago
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this is the last day you can reblog this
fuck it : you can reblog this to your heart's content
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commonrosefinch · 9 months ago
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nitewrighter · a year ago
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tsaomengde · a year ago
My feed is currently exploding with the fact that Biden picked Kamala Harris as his veep. I would like to remind my friends of the following points:
1) She's a cop, and we're allowed to be unhappy. We're allowed to be mad, even.
2) We are not just voting for the Presidency. We are also voting for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement. And a lot of other stuff, but let RBG retire or die secure in the knowledge that doing so will not fuck over this country.
3) "Kamala Harris is a cop and ACAB" and "Kamala Harris's nomination represents a number of important firsts in the field of politics" are both solid takes that do not cancel one another out and in fact coexist because we do not live in a magic Star Wars world where we have just have the Light Side and Dark Side.
4) The immigrants currently being held in cages and doused with weapons-grade disinfectant by our own government will not appreciate the subtleties of our political choices if we elect Trump for a second term through our inaction or dithering. For that matter, the people dying of COVID because Trump gutted the pandemic response team and then mishandled our response to the virus will not appreciate them. Because they're dying or dead. Because we couldn't get our shit together four years ago. My own mother may be one of these people. I'll never know for sure.
You're all adults, and I'm not here to tell you what to do. I will, however, share what I'm going to do: I will vote for Biden and his cop sidekick in November. And then if Trump gets a second term anyway, I'm arming myself and getting my ducks in order to go underground, because my Jewish wife and I are not going into the gas chambers quietly.
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