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Gwen: Are you implying that I occasionally stray from the rulebook?

Kamala: I’m implying that you don't own a copy of the rulebook, and if you do, you’ve certainly never opened it.

Gwen: … Actually, if we’re being honest here, I only opened it to put rainbow glitter all over the rules.

Kamala: I’m not even surprised by that.

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Carol: "These Krakoans perplex me. They deny every non-Mutant Avenger requests to Inspect Krakoa. Their ways are mysterious. The Avengers must find a way onto the Island."
Kamala: "Whatever. Scott invited me to DnD night at his place. I want to try a new Barbarian I built. I am heading over now."
Carol: "Okay have fun."
Kamala: *Leaves for DnD*
Carol: "... Wait a minute!"
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I didn’t see anyone else posting the pages but regardless of my feelings about the bad New Warriors treatment, this is some good Sam content and shows why he’s a good character capable of giving some inspiring speeches that give Steve Rogers a run for his money.

He gives Kamala a pep talk after she tries apologizing to him and keeps blaming herself for what happened with Viv and C.R.A.D.L.E and it works because Kamala does feel better.

It also ends with Kamala saying the following:


Which really reminded me of this scene from Nova #7 after Rich apologizes to Sam and blames himself for “ruining everything” and for them being stuck in the Cancerverse which prompts Sam to say the following:

Sam is team leader material.

From Champions: Outlawed #3 and Nova (2017) #7.

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