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#kamata kun

More Godziban news: the second season will run from May 1 to July 24 (13 episodes). Hopefully they’ll be longer to compensate, as the first season had 21 episodes. Gorosaurus, Gezora, and Heisei Mechagodzilla will appear, and the sourced article mentions something about Dr. Serizawa as well.

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stoica doodle dump, made only with my older art

we can see: 

- my stupid Bakugan x Shin Godzilla crossover, since i love Kamata-kun more than my life

- weird headcanon that Stoica needs glasses but he never wears them for aesthetic reasons

- short hair good

- concept sketch of that big, blue piece, based on headcanon “Stoica likes to touch his hair in stress” 

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