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#kamen rider zi-o
dapperowl · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luka/Ahim for @bwoken-dweebs Banba/Koh for @dangerouscommiesubversive Hoji/Jasmine for @skyland2703 Umika/Tsukasa for @diamond-night Sougo/Geiz and Hajime/Kenzaki for two anons! Thanks again for requesting!
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tokucosplay · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another Kuuga cosplayed by faris_rider11.
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kn96artworks · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
pov: you’re trying to romance one boi but had to get past the uncles first
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kanacaecilius · 7 days ago
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Toku cast in Tenimyu
Seigaku vs Rikkai - Nationals - 
Aoki Ryo (Tezuka Kunimitsu; also Kamen Rider Espada from Saber)
Goto Dai (Niou Masaharu; also Another Den-O from Zi-O)
Mashiko Atsuki (Shiraishi Kuranosuke; also Zox Goldtweaker from Zenkaiger)
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kstnt · a month ago
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Tumblr media
demon king & destroyer
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pacoscandy · 4 months ago
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pluffyeid · 4 months ago
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takeru-tenkuuji · 6 months ago
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travelers through dimension and time
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dapperowl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“He said Sougo!”
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qualiaphosphorus · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Written with the blade of my heart ! The swordsman of shadows, Kamen Rider Shinobi ! Kenzan ! (The joke is that Shinobi's jingle ends on "Shinobi kenzan" as in "Shinobi appears")
I’ll be waiting for next year to have a Kamen Rider Flash so that i can continue with Quiz.
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kanacaecilius · 5 months ago
I find it funny that whenever suit actors were brought in discussion/comments in KR reddit there’s always, always one who’d be like “it’s not going to be as hard as Kiva’s suit actor” or “respect Kiva’s suit actor” or someone mentioning about the story of Kiva’s Emperor debut. 
Apparently, Kiva’s Emperor form debuted earlier because the base Kiva form was too burdensome for Takaiwa-san because of the heavy chains.
Here are some more suit actor and their suits bits so next time someone finds some suit actor discussion, there’s more to share than just the Kiva story lol
- In the Decade specials, Takaiwa-san was asked which suit he found heavy, and he said he felt Kiva was the heaviest. 
- But they did a weight test of sorts and turns out Decade’s was actually the heaviest base form from the early Heisei. Followed by Blade, and then Kiva
Tumblr media
- In the interviews after Zi-O, he was again asked which suit or weapon he found particularly difficult, and he mentioned Blade’s King Rouzer was quite heavy because it had an actual motor, Gaim’s Kachidoki was difficult because of the flags. The weight distribution and the flags itself would sometimes put him off especially if there were strong winds where they were filming. He asked if it was OK to take the flags out which was why he used them as fighting weapons so there’s an in-story reason to pull them out. 
- He also mentioned Grand Zi-O was probably the heaviest suit he’s ever worn. During the fitting, each parts added made it heavier and heavier, by the time they fit the helmet, he was totally not excited at all to wear it lol
- On the other hand, during the fitting for Blades King Lion Daisenki, Eitoku-san found it really cool  he was excited to wear it. Only to learn that it’s going to turn to be a CG blue lion xD
- Takaiwa-san actually wore Birth in one episode of Zi-O
- Armors in Zi-O would be so extra, sometimes parts of it (like the shoulder armor) would hit the cameraman while they’re filming action scenes lol
- Or that it would look too wide on camera so the suit actors had to stand at a certain angle to make it look good on screen. 
- Ex-Aid’s lvl 1 suits were 17kgs heavy. Takaiwa-san praised Fujita-san for braving to wear that and can still move in it. He joked even if he was younger he’s never going to wear a suit like that lol
- Saber’s Brave Dragon suit including the sword is 16kgs heavy.
- Takaiwa-san always gets surprises whenever he’s shown a new Rider to wear, but with Ex-Aid he went like “What the-?? Heisei is so done” lol
- But he said it was nice that Ex-Aid base suits were less restrictive than other base suits and it was easy to move around in it. 
- Suit actors typically wear an under suit - a full body tights of sorts that goes up to their heads with an opening for the face. And then the Rider’s base suit, and then the armor parts.
- Suits does not have airflow from outside and it retains body heat. Quite recently(?) they started using blowers (like the ones used to blow off fallen leaves on the street) for the suit actors; they have the blower nozzle inserted to their suit in-between takes to get some air in to cool them.
- Eng wiki says Nawata wore Taiga Cronus, but you can’t find that information in Jp wiki (which is very well sourced). In the instances Nawata-san is credited in the main riders tier of the credit roll towards the last few episodes, that’s most likely him subbing for Takaiwa-san. He mentioned in Ex-Aid completion he wore Muteki, and he said he did sub for Takaiwa-san.
- Nakata Yuji was credited as the main suit actor for the last three episodes of Build, most probably because Takaiwa-san is already busy filming for Zi-O
Tumblr media
^ Nakata Yuji (Build), Eitoku (Cross-Z), Watanabe Jun (Rogue), Okada Kazuya (Evolto)
- Asai-san also subbed for Nawata-san as Geiz in Zi-O when Nawata-san had to be pulled out of production to start filming for Zero One. 
- Nawata-san was still able to film some scenes for the ending of Zi-O though. When Zero One filming would finish early and getting back to the studio, Zi-O is still doing theirs, he’d get off the bus from Zero One shoot and proceed to film for Zi-O. 
- Asai-san also subbed for Takaiwa-san in Fourze, when Takaiwa-san sustained a light injury. It was the first time Asai-san would be wearing the main Rider suit and he was so worried he visited Takaiwa-san in his home and asked what he should do. 
- The reason why Genm’s main suit actor was changed from Nawata Yuya to Nakata Yuji halfway through the show is because Nawata-san was then working on a stage work (Seven Souls in the Skull Castle). The stage work was on a break when they started filming Ex-Aid so action director Miyazaki got him to play Genm, expecting that by the time Nawata-san returns on stage, Genm’s suited appearance in the show would be finished as well. But Genm returned, and earlier than planned so they had to get Nakata-san to play him instead.
- Not quite related, but Nawata Yuya (Zero One), Nakata Yuji (Espada), and Kanzaki Hajime (Ikazuchi) has a group chat on Line where they notify each other of good places to catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go lololol
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asknarashikari · 10 days ago
Minific involving undercover shenanigans by the Riders
Let’s see how much chaos will ensue from this
“I can’t believe you talked me into this...” groaned the unwilling accomplice, squirming in place uncomfortably. “We shouldn’t even be here to begin with...”
“Just relax, he won’t notice us unless we act suspiciously,” said the instigator. “Besides, I doubt he would recognize us in these disguises.”
“For another thing- why do I have to be the girl?! I’m your kouhai, why do I have to be the one to suffer this humiliation?”
“It’s because you’re the kouhai that you have to. Besides, you look good in it!” his companion cajoled. 
“Oh c’mon- oh wait, here he comes!”
The pair pushed their chairs closer together, pulling the milkshake they ordered towards them and each taking a long sip from the two straws. To anyone looking- including their target, who just entered the café- they appeared to be one of those sappy couples who indulged in too much PDA, instead of a couple of nosy guys spying on their friend’s date.
From their peripheral vision, they watched their target look around the café, before he spotted something and his expression lit up. He made his way to that table, his smile so wide it nearly split his face in half.
“Touma.” The flabbergasted pair watched with open mouths as the swordsman got up to greet the novelist with a chaste kiss. The author giggled, his cheeks going pink, but allowed the other to seat him. 
“What...?” said the accomplice. “I was sure that he was dating that editor of his... oh man, I lost already...”
Not even a moment later, the café door opened with a ding from the bell hanging over it, and the same editor that the unwilling spy had been talking about breezed through. She instantly spotted the two swordsmen at their booth and made a beeline for them, calling out for them. “Toumaaaa! Rintarooooo!”
“Mei!” Both men chuckled as they got up to greet her, but before they could she had glomped them both, kissing them in turn. They both seemed surprised by her sudden embrace, but wrapped an arm around her to return it as they gave each other confused stares. 
“Oh my... they’re dating each other...” the kouhai whispered in shock.
“Just one more...” muttered the senpai. “C’mon, let me have this... where’s that lightning swordsman guy...”
The bell over the café entrance tinkled once more, and the very swordsman they were talking about stepped in, looking quite shy and nervous. His eyes flicked around, before they settled at the spot where Mei, Touma and Rintaro were sitting.
“Kento!” He seemed to relax when the other two called out to him, and he went to join them at the table. The two men gave him twin kisses on his cheek, making him smile, before he turned to kiss the editor on her forehead. They all took their seats, blushing and smiling at each other as a server came up to their table with menus in hand. 
“Yes! I called it! I freaking called it! OT4 for the win!” whisper-yelled the senpai. 
“Alright, alright, you won, Sougo...” groaned Aruto. “Now can we get out of here? I want to get this dress and this wig off me...”
“No, I still need to get a good photo of those guys, to post on the group chat...” Sougo refuted. “I need to rub this in everyone’s faces, hahaha...”
(And it didn’t take very long for Sougo to get the definitive evidence he needed to win the bet- a photo of Touma, smiling like a fool as he got kisses from his trio of lovers all at once.)
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