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◊ Cards – Bakugou ⫽ 12.12 (Angst)

◊ Family – Kirishima ⫽ 12.13

◊ Joy – Iida ⫽ 12.19

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◊ Reflection – Kaminari ⫽ 12.27


Picture in background by anniespratt on unsplash.

A/N: not me saying I didn’t want to write holiday stuff only to turn around and write holiday stuff 🙃

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november 30th: sharing earbuds - denki kaminari (requested by anon)

all prompts are by @jojosmilktea


a/n: THIS IS SUCH A MESS OML there is 0 concept of pacing and the plot said nyoom nyoom from my brain so this is highkey shitty imo but i hope it’s still readable kdsjfkfhdjs 

status: barely proofread KSFDJH

warnings: probably cursing but idk SKDJH

pairings: kaminari x reader, established relationship

word count: 1.1k

fluffvember masterlist in my pinned post, im not linking it bc of tagging issues

taglist closed bc this is the last day HAHAHAH



“Come on Denki, we’re gonna be late!”

A groan fell from his lips and he threw his head back dramatically. “It’s only, like, 5pm, we have time, right?”

“No, because the sun sets really early in the winter. We have to go now, or we’ll miss it.”

“Why don’t we go see it tomorrow? It’s not like it won’t still be there.”

“You said that yesterday.”


“And the day before that, and the one before that. At some point you just gotta get it over with!”

“Fine. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, though, I can see it just fine from my window,” he huffed, standing up and walking over to pull on his sneakers.

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 Kirishima, reading Harry Potter: …….Cowboys are witches and horses are their familiars.

Sero, doing homework next to him: …..Guns are wands and cowboys only know one spell. That’s the bullet spell.

Jiro, listening to music across from them: “Avada kedavra, looks like I just shot ya”.

Mina, beside Jiro: “….Rootin’, tootin’, toil and shootin’ - Fire burn, and cowboy bootin’….. Eye of newt and spicy beans, toe of frog and denim jeans….. Whiskey grits and demon spittle, tossed into my iron griddle…. With the tannin’ of our hides….”

Kaminari, sprinting in: “SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY RIDES!!”

Bakugo, from the kitchen: Shut the FUCK UP!!

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supprt course/hero course transfer denki!!!

people liked the first one so here’s a part two!

part one:


  • being up close and personal with class 1a really helped him design supprt items for them
  • he’s still in the workshop tinkering and fiddling away on his little mechanics don’t worry
  • he has more unfished projects than completed ones and just leaves them places which makes bakugou and iida hella pissed off
  • “WTF IS THIS PIKACHU?!?!!” “well,, it was meant to be a glove with a detachable nosel type shooter for mina to help her aim her acid better, but i forgot about it i guess” “WELL IT WAS IN THE SINK!!!” *gasp* “that’s where i left it!”
  • mei ends up finishing some of them for him but… the majority have blown up in her face
  • him and shinsou bond over being transfers and not being as close as everyone else is (and, although reluctantly on shinsous part, they become BESTIES!!)
  • they become the power duo of 1a and you can fight me on that
  • screw todoroki, midoriya and bakugou, shinkami are the powerhouses of the class
  • but seriously, think about them
  • kaminari making shinsou his little mask voice thing, he makes it sound like anyone he wants it to and even adds little extras for him
  • like he adds extra ventilation so he can breathe easier whilst fighting, he adds a lil cooling and heating thing for when he needs it
  • y’know, just little things
  • still does powerpoint presentations in class. present mic helps him out
  • they even choreograph it so they’re perfectly in sync with each others movements
  • they’re best one was for more movies in class, they said it was to help the class learn english but they really just wanted to watch cars 2 instead of doing actual work.
  • it had music, lights, a dance break(lemme just say that mic can break it down y’all), the works
  • aizawa ended up letting them just so he wouldn’t have to witness it again
  • the bakusquad are his main test subjects
  • kirishima is perfect for weapon testing
  • mina and bakugou help test durability
  • sero’s there incase he needs to temporarily hold something together
  • and jirou,, well, she laughs when something goes wrong

if y’all want more i’ll give you them. you want more shippy kinda stuff? you got it. more bakusquad? all yours. there’s a lot up in this head of mine and i’m here to share! (also thanks for the love and attention in the first one! it’s so cool that people like it!!

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Originally posted by deku-smash

        Izuku Midoriya  X  Dyslexic GN!Reader

“Can somebody who isn’t color blind and, or dyslexic go grocery shopping next time?”

!!!!- In this fic Kaminari is color blind! And the reader is GENDER NEUTRAL and dyslexic!(I used something from my friends own experience to make sure it was written right!) (Also first post)

         Knowing that this was not Izuku’s best option to make, he had to go speak to All Might and ask the first person he saw to take care of the groceries. He ended up going into the common room to see you and Kaminari talking away, he felt bad asking you two to do it of course, but he didn’t know where someone else was and he would feel guilty even then.. “Uh hey guys,” He pulled the list out of his pocket, “Could you guys do me a favor?” Kaminari stared at the note that the teenager was passing with a smug grin.

“Is that a love letter?? "Kaminari blurted, receiving a glare from Y/N. "Oh Oh! My bad man! I forgot that the two of you were a thing! "Izuku sighed and handed the list to Y/N.

"I feel bad asking both of you but can you two take care of the groceries this week?” You nodded, glancing at Kaminari, “Yah, sure man! ”


"First you, M'Lady,” Kaminari held the door open, then you tried to retrieve a cart, “Wait!” Kaminari had moved you away from the cart, encouraging you to get in. “I promise it’s a lot more funner.” You sighed moving to get into the cart.“I don’t think ‘funner’ is a word is i—"He cut you off from talking going full speed all the way through the isles.

“What’s on the page first? ” 

“It says… Pink shampoo for Kirishima.” When it said purple on the list…

“All right next!”


"We’re back from grocery store! You shouted out, you and Kaminari were unloading the shopping bags."Hey baby, I got everything on the list.” You dropped the bags on the table, giving a brief peck on the nose to Midoriya. He chuckled as he went through the bags. His smile, however, faltered more and more in confusion.

“U-uh Y/N, Kaminari, are you sure that you have what is on the list?” You both looked directly at each other and back at your empathetic boyfriend. 

“Um yeah ,yeah Right? ” 

As he remembered, his eyes were wide open. He was so dumb.  ‘They’re completely dyslexic and kaminaris color blind and you choose to get them to go shopping for groceries?’

“We really haven’t gotten anything right, have we?“Staring down, you took a deep breath. 

Now he was feeling guilty.He didn’t intend to make it sound as though it was your fault or appear that way. What could he do that helps you feel better? 

Todoroki observed from the common room making his way to the kitchen. He grabbed the strawberries holding them up. “Well you two did get strawberries, those are always on the list if I’m not wrong.Correct?”  Kaminari gulped awkwardly, slowly raising his hand up to his neck. “Actually they weren’t, we only got them when we saw them to be honest.”


“Hey Iida, come here real quick.”

Eventually, with the RIGHT things, everything had been sorted out and returned. You felt bad, however because they provided you just one job and you fucked it up. Ironic. Izuku managed to come up behind you, going to wrap his trembling hands around your torso shyly.

I’m sorry, Zuku.’” He shook his head quickly, no as he hid his face in your neck.“ It’s alright. I know that it can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating for you. And for you, I’ll always be here, you know that! Don’t worry, we’ve sorted it out. And you remember how we had to get colored journals sorted for everyone in the classroom? As he spoke, you shook your head, his lips tickled your neck and made you smile a little. "Well, kaminari seems to have all the incorrect colors.”

You giggled a little and then Iida, the president, got everyone’s attention. 

Now, class, this is not supposed to be disrespectful, but it needs to be acknowledged, now to prevent the problem we just had…. May anyone who is not color blind or dyslexic go shopping next time? ” 

You didn’t feel bad anymore, seeing how they all knew you nor Kaminari could help the situation. The common room erupted with a lot of laughter after Iida’s little speech.

(Also request are open! I really need more practice writing and i feel like this would help me)

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au where kaminari applied for the support course instead of the hero course, for whatever reason idk.


-official charger and power bank

-him and mei make the weirdest shit and run into classes unannounced asking people to try them out and stuff

-like they burst into 1a in the middle of a lesson to give a powerpoint presentation on why they should be allowed to remake iron mans suit

-“you speak and i’ll do the cool transitions” “okay…but did you use curtains?” “oF COURSE I USED CURTAINS”

-has accidentally started 27(and counting) electrical fires in the workshop

-has a bunch of dumb little gadgets that he makes for minor inconveniences

-phone screen too bright? here, take these special sunglasses that you can adjust the brightness of

-makes friends with everyone in the hero course super easy

-has everyone’s measurements and favorite materials memorized incase they ever want something made

-makes little robots to prank people(*cough* teachers *cough*) with

-gets in trouble for scaring all might half to death(he had to go to recovery girl lol)

-helps 1a train with the support items he makes them sometimes

-everyone starts to realize ‘hey, he’s kinda good at this hero stuff’ and he goes to the joint training as a special guest along with shinsou

-unofficial member of 1a

-(omg my dog is leaning on my leg rn kehajjahs)

-trains with present mic like shinsou does with aizawa(loud blondes and they’re tired emo bf’s perhaps,,,) bc blondes need to stick together and he’s fascinated by his neck speaker thingy

-maybe, just maybe, joins the hero course with shinsou for second year

-everyone just has fun and enjoys being teenagers with only a few injuries from failed inventions and totally nothing else, the end.

part two:

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i daydream a lot(and by a lot i mean obsessively) and a good 89% of them are about mr denki kaminari, so if you ever need a prompt for your writing or whatever, i’m your thude.

an example:

-denki being taken from his family at a very young age(just after he got his quirk) by the hero commission(or some random organization that like takes kids for their quirks, y’know that kinda thing) and being trained to perfect his quirk and to become a great hero/villain, depends on how you want to look at it. blah blah blah they traumatize him and whatnot, he escapes at 13 and lives on the streets until he remembers the ua entrance exams are coming up. he takes the exams and gets into ua. now he has a safe place to live and is constantly surrounded by pro hero’s so he can’t be taken again. some time passes and there’s an attack at ua, oh no! who is it attacking you wonder?? well it’s only the bad guys looking for denki!! they have a battle on campus and denki is the badass he is and saves everyone. the end. or not the end since this is just a rough idea of the plot.

it is sooo hard putting these kind of things into words so if it didn’t make sense that’s too bad. xxx

i charge a denki song recommendation for my services(lmao i’m kidding i don’t expect anything out of this except maybe someone else to freak out over denki with)

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ᴛʜɪɴɢꜱ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴ ʜᴇʀᴇ


It was supposed to be a regular, average day. She was supposed to wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to school, do homework, eat dinner and repeat. That was her life. That was everyone living in her hometown. Nothing ever happened and she was certain that nothing would happen throughout her life living there. At times, it did get mentally exhausting. The brain could be treated as a toddler, recalling the quote from one of her favourite you tubers. It needs attention and things to do, otherwise, it would end up throwing a tantrum. And she could feel a tantrum beginning to happen.

However, that was what My Hero Academia was for. She could not imagine life without it. The characters, the storylines from the manga impressively retold in the form of an anime, at the theories and backstories that seemed to never stop coming. BNHA was her escape from her everyday life. It was an embarrassing amount of times that she would run around her room, pretending that she was the one in those battles. That she was the one in that class. That she had her very own quirk. She knew it was silly and embarrassing, her family teased her enough about it. But she just couldn’t stop. As said earlier, this was her escape from reality, her very little piece of fictional heaven.

The only thing is that it didn’t just remain fictional.

It was the first day back at school from summer break, and she, of course, had overslept due to being on her phone and reading the newest theories regarding if Hawks was a bad guy or not. she couldn’t see him as one. The red-winged hero was one of her favourites and her heart couldn’t take it if didn’t get a happy ending soon. Yawning, she got out of bed, wiping the drool away from her face and the stuff in her eyes. glancing tiredly at the clock, she screamed in horror as she noticed just how late she was going to be.

In an instant, she was running around her room, throwing things here and there, desperately trying to make her self look acceptable yet not waste any time. Once she considered her appearance to be satisfactory, she ran down. the stairs, saying a quick farewell to her family that was sitting at the table and made her way through the door. Some would call it a harsh greeting, but she didn’t mind. Her parents were rarely home anyways due to the busy work lives, and she was an only child. therefore, she had practically got used to living alone. She respected them and loved them like every other child out there, but she didn’t feel the true parental bond that others were lucky to have.

She scratched her neck as she biked alongside the road. Her school life was ordinary. She had a few good friends, did well in class and got along with everyone. Your average Joe. She didn’t stand out much nor did she want to. She was content with the way things were. Sure, they were a bit bringing, but it was much better than what others lived with. Her mind drifted off into the BNHA universe she had created in her head. ‘Hah, I wonder what it would be like if the girls of 1A did like a Kpop dance for the next school festival. Well, I guess I know what I’m doing tonight! hahaha’ She smirked to herself, as she closed her eyes for a brief moment, already imagining the fun that was waiting for her at home. She never would have closed her eyes for even a second if she knew what was coming next.

It all seemed to appear in white flashes. now moment, she was happily riding her bike, the next she was flying through the air. Her eyes opened slightly as she tried to make sense of what had happened. Looking down from above, she saw that her bike was now impaled in front of a truck. Putting the minor pieces she had, she concluded that she must have drifted onto the road for a brief second and smashed into the oncoming lorry, and the impact now sent her flying through the air. Her body seemed to completely stopped working, She couldn’t muster to move a single muscle. It was like she was a puppet, and her strings were being pulled in whatever direction the controller wanted.

‘This is it. This is where I die’

She thought to herself as she began falling towards the water that was under the bridge in which the incident occurred. 'At least I had a nice life. I wish I could have done more. I wish I had a better relationship with my parents. I wish I made more of an effort in class. I wish I spent time finding what my talent was. What am I thinking? This wasn’t a nice life. it was wasted. I didn’t do anything in which I could say I could die happy. I guess this is why they say make every second count huh? But you know what, I’m also only 15 fucking years old, WHAT MORE COULD I HAVE DONE?’ She continued to think to herself as she felt a tear escape her eye, watching the blue waves get closer and closer to her. 'Oh well, life has no second chances anyways’ She thought, preparing herself for impact as she closed her eyes tightly.

Her body first went into shock as she felt the cold waters engulf her. She hated water so she never bothered learning, so all she could do was a struggle, trying to muster up enough energy to at least get to the surface. But she knew it was all in vain. She felt herself be dragged deeper and deeper as her efforts to save herself became less and less. Eventually, she quit trying and just simply continued to fall deeper into the dark abyss, where death was waiting for her. Finally, she quit holding her breath, allowing the water to enter her lungs, causing her to eventually pass out due to lack of oxygen.

I can still think in heaven..or hell?

That was the first thought she has as she regained consciousness. ’I mean maybe I am in purgatory, I do not think I have been nice enough in my life to be considered a good person yet’ she continued to think as she felt a gust of wind hit her. 'Wait, wind?’ she thought as she slowly opened her eyes, only to close them back again as a bright white light entered her view sight. Trying again, she opened her eyes, only to find that the bright white light was a blue sky. It took her a few moments before she realised what was happening.

She was falling.

“OH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK” She yelled out of pure terror as she came closer and closer to the ground. “I CAN’T DIE AGAIN CAN I?” she questioned out loud before she directly landed into a tree. Well, it was more like falling through a tree. Grunts of pain escaped her lips as she tumbled through the various branches and twigs, eventually finding herself on a patch of grass. Coughing and spluttering, she got herself standing and rubbed her head whilst wincing in pain. “That’s some greeting into the afterlife,” she bitterly thought to herself before looking around, only to have her eyes widened as she saw the building sign in front of her.

U.A High School.

“W-w-what?” she whispered in a quiet voice as she took a few steps towards it. “This can’t be real,” she said in the same tone of voice before she has begun to slap herself repeatedly. “Nope, nope nope, this is not real, I am in a coma, aren’t I? This is one of those meta shitty storylines like they do with adventure time. No way in hell am I-WHAT THE FUCK AM I WEARING AND WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME?” She shouted, interrupting her train of thought. She was dressed in a U. A school uniform that was now slightly dirty, school bag and all. Her dark skin was now  looked a little too perfect. Putting her hands all over her face and body, she touched herself repeatedly, trying to get a mental image of what she looked like. “Nope, nada, nada, this is not real” she repeated to herself once again.

“Ah, there you are! How come you look like a mess already miss Y/N?”

Her body froze as her head looked down. Nezu was there in front of her. She had no idea whether to scream out of terror that a talking mouse was in front of her, fangirl cause she loved Nezu or pass out. “Are you talking to me?” she questioned, pointing to herself in which he replied to with a laugh. She felt her eyes widen as her words came out in Japanese. ‘What the fuck, how can I speak Japanese? I mean, sure I know some phrases but thats cause I am a weeb not an actual speaker! Wait, how can I understand him?!’ She thought to herself, feeling herself about to freak out again. “I mean, I don’t see any other recommended student here. You are just in time for the first day of class. You have only missed the first week, so it shouldn’t be too much to catch up on! Your hero costume is also ready for your training class! I understand Japan is different from America, so I shall take you to Class 1A! Follow me please, Aizawa does not like to be kept waiting!” He said, as he begun to walk into the U.A building.



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~The Scars That Hold Us Together~

BakuKami fanfiction ||Bnha||

Just the intro, I’m working on the 1st chapter now, this does have angst and is going to be a lot of non canon incidents that happen.

My fanfic. Dont take credit.

(This is from TikTok if u r from there)

They both jumped to the surprise of sirens, they rang in both of Katsuki’s ears. “Hey, hey.. shhhh, it’s gonna be okay.. I’m here..” Kaminari whispered trying to calm his frightened husband, “the-they.. they caught-” Kaminari stopped the crying boy with a kiss before he could finish, “ you don’t have to talk about it. You’re safe now. I’m here. And we are safe.” He stated after breaking, still holding, The kiss. “Now…it’s probably just some stupid teens from down the street, do you want to get something to eat before heading back to bed?” The still drowsy blonde said before getting up slowly. “I’ fine, I think I will make some coffee..” Katsuki slowly got up and walked to their kitchen in their small, yet quiet big apartment, the floor creaked as he dragged his feet across the floor.

“Mhmmnn” the slower boy walked in and rubbed his eyes, they were red and drowsy as well. Without turning around the dirty blonde spoke, “Don’t fall over now Kami.” The more than less awake Boy, said standing in front of the coffee pot. The, now, more Drowsy blonde gives his husband from behind, which caused a little jump from the other. “Hey Sleepy head, what’s up?” He turned around and put his arms around the others neck. The other hummed and after a moment of reconciling old memories Denki said, “they remind me of us when we were younger… ah, the good ol’ times- ya’know when we could screw around and not get blamed because we were ‘just kids’” he giggled which caused Katsuki to crack a smirk, “haah?~ what? You think we still don’t have good times??” He pulled Kaminari in closer and pressed their foreheads together before the other broke out in soft laughter, “no, no, no, I just think you looked cuter when you were younger~” he began laughing again while Katsuki giggled as well. Once Kaminari stoped he pulled Katsuki in by his waist for a kiss and the other pulled away, “shit. My coffee dumbass!” “Oops-” Kaminari giggled while Katsuki quickly turned back around to get his coffee.

“It’s already 4 O’clock babe, we should just get dressed now..” Bakugou said before walking into the bedroom. “No~~” the other whined, “I Wanted to sleep more~” Kaminari pouted and plopped down along the bed side. “I know, I know. We need to get proper sleep in all, but there’s no use in going to bed now just to wake up in 30 minutes just to get ready.” Kaminari groaned and grabbed one of the pillows from the top of the bed “But!” Katsuki cut him off “Look on the bright side though, we can work out together this morning, we can race on our run?” Bakugou turned around with a convincing smirk on his face, “ah~ well you got me there tough guy! Your so~ going down today!!” Kaminari jumped up and grabbed one of his old Gracie tee’s he got from an old mall trip, “hah? Will see about that!” Katsuki pulled one of his black tank-tops over his shoulders as his Childish husband hit him with a pair of socks. “Hahahaha… sorry ba-” Kaminari got out before getting slapped in the back with a shirt, “You* have to do laundry today when we get back, got it dunce face?” “Yeah-yeah, and don’t do that! It hurt..” Bakugou rubbed his husbands back in face sympathy before taking another sip of his coffee. “Stop being a whimp and get ready. You still wanna win this race right?” He raised an eyebrow at Kaminari, “Oh Hell Yeah!” Kaminari shot up to find his tennis shoes.

——————————————-———————————-•The 1st chapter will come out soon I swear!•

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