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A Message From The Class 1-A Band

Jirou: Girls love girls and boys

Kaminari: Girls love girls and boys

Momo: And never did I think that I

Tokoyami: Would be caught in the way you got me

Bakugou: But girls love girls and boys


Happy Pride Month guys! I love you all -Amphi

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I need a pick me up after reading the fic that must not be named, so feel free to thirst with me or send some all around fluffy ideas on your preferred character. I live for fluff so don’t hold back.

(Btw I’ll be using the tag #bnhathirst for the smuttier ones so if you don’t want to see any smutty or semi-smutty posts blacklist that tag)

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Sero: I’m always scared that I’ll just be vibing and then the crispy mf from the league of villain will show up to wreck my shit up

Sero: And that would not be cash money at all

Kaminari: Dude, VALID AF. Those villains are rly bogus

Sero: 😎👍


Aizawa: I only understood pieces of that

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(initially drew this specifically for the trevor project, hence the drawing, but so much shit is happening right now i thought i’d broaden it out)

heyo! bc of all of the shit that’s going on in the world right now, i thought i’d do something nice

dm proof of donation to any charity and i’ll draw something for you!

less than $5 -> coloured sketch, head upwards

more than $5 -> coloured sketch, half body

more than $10 -> coloured sketch, full body OR fully rendered, head upwards

more than $15 -> fully rendered, half body

more than $20 -> fully rendered, full body

usually wouldn’t ask this, but reblogs would be really appreciated! let’s do something good for the world :DD

WON’T DRAW NSFW (i’m a minor!); gore etc is ok, just ask if you’re not sure!

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