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#kaminari denki

Request for anon: 1-A sees this lanky ass redhead rockin up to the dorms bc big sis was bringing snacks and got caught up talking so he got tired of waiting by the gate so he decided to hunt them down. Big sis just sees him pouting and tells him “one minute satori”

• In Celebration of an overall good result of hero liscencing exams

• you, being the wine aunt you were

• decided to make snacks!!

• specifically 2 different kinds of cookies, brownies, lemon squares, and some kind of candy that Mirio made in attempt to also congratulate them.

• You were pretty sure Tamaki or Neji did most of that

• but it was a lot

• but they deserved it 🥺

• so when Tendou pulls up and you’re carrying a bag and a huge ass platter of brownies Tendous

• ????

• “Who are those for?”

“Class 1A, my babies.”

“Ooooh, what’d they do this time?” He asks, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Passed the hero liscening exam. Theyre interning now. Well- Bakugou and Todoroki didn’t make it, so I made them lemon squares and in gonna yell at them for it.”

“Food really is your love language isn’t it?”

“Yeah. It is.”

• so Tendou is left waiting at the gate

• used been a little while since he’d last seen you in person. 2 weeks to be exact.

• you’d both been busy and he was just happy to be able to catch you when you had some time off

• he hums quietly to himself as he waits, leaning on the hood of his car

• But he gets impatient

• its been 10 minutes and he’s eager to go out

• so he walks through the gate determined to find you

• what dorm?? 1A he was pretty sure

• He just followed the signs really and when he finally saw the 1A dorm he inwardly cheered

• and he sees you, still talking.

• of course

• one kid had blonde hair and the other was halfed

• and then there was a taller man who looked older and had dark hair

• there were more kids surrounding that, some sitting on the steps, some in rocking chairs

• he pouted- all this attention she was giving and none if it was for him

• “Who’s that?” A blonde points with a frown

You instinctively look back. “Oh hey Satori, just a minute baby.” You flash him a smile and his pout only deepens


You turn your attention back to the matter at hand

• the kids are ????

• who the fuck is Satori???

• who the fuck is he too you

• in the meanwhile, Satori scans the group

• so this is the infamous 1A

• you talk about them all the time, really.

• He knows what you are to them

• Vibes

• He waits

• n waits

• all the while having a stare down with the kids

• he’s just chillin

• and you finally turn around and he smiles.

• “see you little assholes later,” you wave, walking down the steps

• he immediately holds out his hand which you take without and second though

• “Told you there was no way she didn’t have a partner.” Sero mumbled to Kami. “You owe me 5 ”

“Aww man.”

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“We’ll protect you!!”

A story where you! the reader! are a new transfer to UA High! And you have a very intersting quirk!

A LOVE quirk!

Fueled by the love and affection of others, your quirk “love charge” works depending on how much affection/attention you’ve recieved.

Your meter falls whenever you have a rude experience with someone or something, and depending on how harsh the action was determines how low your meter drops.

Follow as class 1A tries to help protect you against all the bad in the world while also helping you master your quirks abilities! Who might actually fall in love with someone along the way <3

inbox me to join the taglist


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Sero: Why aren’t you guys being have? We’re in public.

Ashido: ‘Being have?’ I’m sorry I’m not quite sure how to accomplish that. Kirishima, have you ever been ‘have’?

Kirishima: Nope.

Ashido: Kaminari, how about you? Have you ever been “have”?

Kaminari: Nope. I do know a little about behaving though.

Sero: Oh, bite me.

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Iida: Okay, so… I wanted to have a quick chat about dorm responsibilities because… uh, I think we’re not all pulling our weight here. Kaminari, you’re a cool guy, but you’re not pulling your weight in the dorms.

Kaminari: Well, I’m glad to hear that I’m cool.

Uraraka: No- that’s not the point though…

Kaminari: Yeah, no, I know-

Iida: It’s not a dorm meeting about how cool you are.

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Characters: Kirishima Eijirou, Kaminari Denki, and Bakugo Katsuki

A/N: Inspired by y’all. Enjoy <3

Warnings: fluff overload? one tiny curse word


Originally posted by staryns

Kirishima Eijirou:

  • the day his son was born was both the worst and best day of his life
  • his wife died upon delivery and he almost fainted when he heard the news, bakugo caught him before he could hit the floor
  • it took him 24 hours before he could gather the courage to go to the nursery and see his baby. he thought he wouldn’t be able to stomach the reminder of losing the love of his life
  • but when he held the small boy, who instantly nuzzled into his father’s chest, sighing with relief, kirishima was hooked for life
  • he just continued to hold his son into his chest and cry until he couldn’t anymore
  • from that day on, he swore he’d be the best parent he could be for his wife and his child’s sake
  • bc kiri is such a youthful and loving person, taking care of his son was easy, fun, and rewarding
  • ofc there were hard days, but it was all worth it when his baby would wake up with an adorable laugh, smiling up at him like he was his entire world
  • they’re two peas in a pod
  • he and his son are just the cutest pair
  • he takes his son everywhere, strapping him on his chest with a baby carrier
  • you bet your ass he’s taken him on (a safe) patrol around the block
  • kirishima is the kind of dad that puts his kid in a laundry basket, sits them in front of the tv, and acts out rollercoaster sounds
  • he lives for that loud laugh of his son’s
  • blows raspberries into the kid’s stomach whenever he starts getting cranky
  • his son’s first word was “manly” and kirishima spent the entire day bothering the bakusquad about it
  • everyone has 12 different copies of the video—y’know…just in case
  • when he takes his first steps, kiri’s swinging him around the house and giving him so many kisses on his chubby cheeks
  • when he saw his son had one spiky tooth growing in, he almost drowned from the cuteness
  • the kid gets himself into a lot of trouble tho. he’s always crawling towards the edge of something and putting his hand in things that could totally cut it off. kiri has a heart attack at least once a week
  • calls him, “son” “bud” and “buddy”
  • I hc that even though he’s lively around his dad, his son is very shy with new people and in new environments so school is kind of tough for him
  • but kirishima is always understanding of his troubles and tries his best to let him know that as long as he’s his son, he’ll always be his biggest supporter
  • if that doesn’t work, they go buy their fav meats and have a random bbq (kirishima just looks like the bbq dad™️ lmao). that always seems to do the trick
  • when his son enrolls in U.A., he’s there with a banner, his fav meat, and a bunch of tears when he sends him off
  • his son wears their matching crocs only to cheer up his dad. nothing else
  • aka he lowkey likes them but you didn’t hear that from me!
  • kirishima always has the urge to ft his kid, like, every hour. but he won’t bc he knows he’s busy training to be a hero
  • but he does send him uplifting snapchat videos from time to time
  • his son still wonders how in the world his dad even knows about snapchat
  • he makes sure nobody knows about this
  • when his son calls him about his insecurities, comparing himself to his classmates, kirishima is right there to lift him up. he also dealed with those same issues and tells his son that even on his worst days, he’s strong for just facing the day and he needs to believe in himself before others can believe in him
  • the next day, the bakusquad is watching the tournament together
  • kirishima has manly tears in his eyes as his little boy places second place in the sports festival
  • bakugo is threatening to kill him if he ruins his shirt

Originally posted by sepulchrate

Kaminari Denki:

  • denki becomes a dad from adopting a pair of four year old twins (one boy, one girl) that were left homeless and without parents after a villain attack
  • he kinda knew the parents from hero work and felt it was an obligation to at least make sure their children were okay
  • he wasn’t planning on necessarily adopting them. he was young and inexperienced with children. how could someone like him raise a kid when he could barely raise himself?
  • but after two visits to the orphanage and seeing how miserable they looked, he couldn’t leave the building without signing the papers
  • the transition was awkward. the twins were not only traumatized, but distrusting and scared. they didn’t really know kaminari and now he was suddenly their adoptive parent
  • kaminari tried everything from ice cream, to late night movie snacks, to hide n seek to get them to relax but it wouldn’t work
  • he almost gave up hope, and thought maybe it was a better idea to take them back to the orphanage. but that was before the night he woke up to them crawling into his bed, scared from the thunder storm that rumbled on outside
  • kaminari froze, scared that he’d frighten them away with any sudden movement, but he soon relaxed and hugged them close to his chest when they snuggled into his sides. he sleeps with a peaceful mind that night
  • although, he’s awoken to them bawling their eyes out over the nightmares they had. he panics but takes comfort in how they still grip to his shirt, face in his chest, seeking his comfort
  • therapy becomes a regular thing after that
  • kaminari finds more focus in his life
  • and as those helpful sessions go on, kaminari finds the twins beginning to open up more and more
  • they all sleep together now bc cuddle piles always scare the bad dreams away
  • the boy starts asking for kaminari to help him pick out his outfits
  • and the girl starts asking him about his quirk
  • it’s small things like that that lead up to things like this:
  • they’re in the midst of playing tickle monster when they scream with laughter, “stop! stop, daddy, you caught us!”
  • the twins stare at him in confusion (and slight worry) when he scoops them up and cries like he broke his leg or something
  • they got two huge scoops of ice cream that night so they don’t question it
  • dad jokes are a must
  • he wears typical dad outfits like hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and flip flops
  • he calls them his “little rockstars” and yes, it’s still embarrassing
  • kaminari is a playful dad who doesn’t really take things too seriously
  • his children are always laughing at his dumb jokes and are never afraid to talk to him about anything that crosses their minds
  • although, they won’t talk to him about love interests bc he likes to play match maker
  • the last time his daughter told him about some girl she was crushing on, she found out she left her a personally signed chargebolt poster for the girl in her name
  • kaminari called it a little boost in spirit
  • her brother found it funny
  • she was horrified
  • kaminari swears up and down he’s the cool dad. his kids think otherwise, but their friends LOVE how much of a jokester he is. and he lets them stay up at sleepovers
  • plus, he’s literally chargebolt
  • how could they not love him?
  • denki has a little trouble being serious when he needs to be, but he has good kids so it’s not that much of a problem
  • there was that one time his son tried to help him during a villain attack. even though kaminari ordered him to get to safety, he didn’t and ended up getting hurt
  • the twins had never seen their father so angry. it was kind of scary. however, in the next moment, he gathered them up in a big hug and made them swear not to scare him like that again
  • overall, kaminari is the sweet, fun loving, dad that everyone wishes they had

Originally posted by d00msd44y

Bakugo Katsuki:

  • katsuki became a father the day he found a baby and a note at his doorstep
  • the note read: “surprise! you’re a dad. i gave you all the legal rights, but you can place her up for adoption if you want.”
  • least to say, bakugo was pissed
  • he was even more pissed at himself for getting someone so cold and unloving pregnant
  • however, he decides to put the baby up for adoption. he cant take care of a baby! he’s at the height of his career. he can basically taste the number one hero spot on his tongue
  • he’s dead set w the decision, but as he stands outside of the orphanage, he freezes. he just can’t move
  • bakugo looks down at his daughter as she opens her eyes for the first time. he sees an identical pair of red eyes that make his chest tight with a feeling he hasn’t experienced in a long time
  • he turns back around and heads back home. it’s easily the best decision he’s ever made in his life
  • ngl though, growing into the dad role for bakugo was tough
  • before the girl, he only ever had to think of himself. he was still used to doing everything on his own time and for his own benefit. so being forced to put 100% of his attention to a small helpless human being was not easy
  • katsuki admits that the first couple of years weren’t his proudest. he was still short tempered, angry with the world, and frustrated bc he felt like his life was ruined
  • one time, the frustration and sleep deprivation would hit him all at once and he’d just start going off at the baby to just “shut the hell up!” before breaking down and crying with her
  • it was a dark moment for him, and yet, even after that, his little girl still curled up in his arms to rest when the tears tired her out
  • it had been a while since he felt unconditional love like that, and so he decided to change for the baby’s sake
  • you cant tell me that little girl isn’t spoiled rotten
  • bakugo is a hardass, but he’s all bark no bite. no matter what, he just can’t resist his little girl’s puppy dog eyes
  • he’s a girl dad to the t
  • yes he played the princess that needed saving from the big bad dragon. what about it?
  • his daughter is a firecracker. she started sassing him as soon as she could gargle
  • he pretends he hates it but his daughter is lowkey funny asl
  • they go at it when they fight. bakugo’s learned to be a little more patient, but he still has a bit of a temper and it doesn’t mix well when his mini-me has the same explosive anger
  • is the kind of dad that says sorry by asking her what she wants for dinner
  • they totally talk mess about other heroes together. he ignores the fact that she admires deku as long as she keeps it to herself
  • emotional talks are…awkward, but he forces himself through it
  • she finds it embarrassing (yet oddly endearing) that he got kicked out of a PTA club meeting for threatening to light up some mom for saying the art program didn’t matter
  • his daughter absolutely won’t talk to him about potential love interests unless she wants them coming up missing
  • bakugo won’t admit to watching baby videos of his daughter when he sends her off to U.A. and no, he didn’t cry, he got dust in his eye
  • doesn’t bother her too much, but jumps for his phone when he hears her ringtone
  • kirishima says he getting soft, but that’s just his little princess
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brooo BROOO i feel this,,,

i wanna see bakugou laugh again if only jus cause his voice actor is so incredibly talented

but also! it would be good for baku’s character……ive said this in a prev post but as much as i find bakugou’s fits funny sometimes, im so tired of the only emotion he expresses being anger,,please let him be a teen and have fun,,,please,,,

also him laughing at absolute shit memes that kaminari sends the bakusquad groupchat is INSPIRED. baku doesn’t care at all for ur well-crafted memes he just likes the fucking weird ones

kami sends a get stick bugged meme and bakugou HOWLS with laughter

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“it’s pouring, are you coming inside soon?”

kaminari watched you shake your head. he chuckled softly as you stood, “it’s so divine,” you whispered.

“like you.”

“shut up,” you grinned. he looked at you curiously, your shoes and socks slipping off your feet. you looked back quickly, letting out a wholehearted laugh before sprinting into the rolling storm.

“(name)!” kaminari screamed, “hey—hey! you’re going to get sick, (name)!”

you giggled, spinning in the pouring rain. the sounds pelted against the u.a roof. despite being soaked, you held out your hand enjoying the coolness of the rain melt into your skin. “come on!”

the corners of his mouth twitched slightly before throwing his head back in laughter. kaminari quickly took off his shoes and tie before running towards you, he felt your figure jump into his arms. the sound of laughter mixed well with the hard batter of the rainfall.

kaminari lightly brushed your sopping hair out of your face before pressing his lips lightly against yours, “you’re so pretty.” he mumbled against you, “so, so pretty.”

you smiled softly in the kiss, the only time you and kaminari seperated was for small breaths.

“can you two stop sucking face and come inside?” sero called, “some of us are lonely.

kaminari sighed and pulled away, pressing a small kiss to your cheek. how silly he felt, falling for someone who was so cheesy to kiss him in the rain.

—rainfall, kaminari denki

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Nine Lives To Short Part 2: A Hero Confronts the Hypothetical



Paring: Hitoshi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Tag @foxypuppy

Plot: You only have 9 days to tell him how you feel….but maybe 9 days just isn’t enough

“Please be ok please be ok!” that plea kept replaying in the mind of Histoshi Shinsou as he is sitting in the waiting room of the hospital.

He thinks about your soft touch, your sweet voice and your unforgettable laugh as tears stream down his eyes his voice breaking “please be ok….please…”

The entire room is quiet….tap tap tap tap is the only thing that can be heard and its coming from Shinsou as his left leg is violent shaking.


The entrance to the waiting room opens it’s Kaminari and Mr. Aizawa, Denki rushes to Shinsou then begins to pat him down, patting his face and chest “YOU’RE OK RIGHT NOTHING IS BROKEN RIGHT!”

Shinsou brushes Kaminari off, “ I’m fine it’s not me you should me worried about….it’s y/n she’s the one in real pain”.

Aizawa puts his hand ontop of Shinsou head rubbing his hair making it messy. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting to kid… it’s ok to cry it won’t make you any less of a hero.

Shinsou looks down ” I just need to see her".

Kaminari sits next to Shinsou asking “How long have you been here, Hitoshi?

"About 5 an hours, after I ran Y/n to her parents and they called the ambulance, we came here and the doctor said that the parents can come with them but friends and other relatives were to stay here”.

Suddenly Hitoshi sees your parents walking down are walking down the hall he jumps up quickly and makes his way towards them in a panic.

“ Is y/n ok! What happened to her! C-can I see her please!” Hitoshi is frantically blurting out all of the questions that been on his mind of the pass 5 hours until your dad stops him.

“Woah woah calm down there Hitoshi, Y/n is fine she just need rest we actually came out here so we can take you home”.

Shinsou tenses up shocked that after all that waiting he’s just going home with seeing you.

He was not gonna let that happen.


Aizawa steps up, ” Last time I checked Recovery girl was sent here to help Y/n with her injuries so she should be up"

Kaminari holds up his hand trying to put his two cents in “ Plus he’s been waiting 5 whole hours”.

Your mom hangs her head “Yes that is true but….y/n is gonna need more than just kiss to feel better”.

Your father begins to sweat as Shinsou glares him with anger in his eyes, everyone in the room begins the feel Shinsou’s uneasiness.

“Let me ask you a question sir”.

Your father gulps “Yes, Hitoshi?”.

His pupils begin to dilate as Shinsou uses his quirk and asks the question “ What’s happening with your daughter”.

Kaminari quickly grabs Shinsou pulling him back, “ Dude! Are you crazy you can go around using your quirk on people!”.


“ Y/n’s quirk….is hurting her shmmh-” before your dad can finish his sentence Aizawa stares at Shinsou erasing his quirk while simultaneously your mom covers your dad’s mouth.

“ Hitoshi! Control yourself Now”

Hitoshi shoves Kaminari back as her runs pass the three adults to y/n’s room.

“ Wait Toshi! You…don’t even know where her room is…”.

Aizawa sighs “ Leave him Kaminari, right now I’m gonna need you to step outside” he angrily glares at your mother and father “I need to a meeting with some parents”.




Meanwhile Hitoshi is running though the hallway is he searching for your room “ Where is it..HA! Found it!.

Hitoshi kicks open your the hospital door.

” Y/N!“ You jump and scream ” AHHHH! What the HELL HITOSHI YOU CAN’T DO THAT WHAT IF YOU BROKE IT".

Right now all Shinsou wants to do is to hug you and hold you and never let you go but…

He just stands there and yells.

“You’re such a God Damn lair!”

“…who told you-”.


You sit up and take a beep breath, “My quirk developed last week I didn’t know how I was gonna tell you”.

“ LAST WEEK!? THEN THAT MEANS…..t-that means…”

-Hitoshi thinks back to last week after school when he was training with Aizawa-

“ Hey Mr. Aizawa Hey hey” you eagerly jump around the tired teacher circling him. “ What is it now kid?”

“ Can you use your quirk on me?”

Shinsou spits out his water “ ppppfffft why would he do that it literally won’t do anything”.

You turn to Shinsou pouting “ yeahh but sero says when that when you get you quirk erase it’s like your soul leaves you body”.

Shinsou squints his eyes at you “ I think Sero was high when he told you that”.

Aizawa rubs his eyes and grunts.

“Ugh! Fine come here kid but after this I don’t wanna hear anything come out of you mouth until we are done training”.

You nod while standing still as Mr. Aizawa uses his quirk on you but no it looks like nothing happened.

Hitoshi chuckles “ See told you it would work” he looks at you and see the look of utter disappointment and defeat. “ What’s with the face cat?”

“ I was just really hoping that something….anything would happen but…oh well”.

You smack you face as you give Shinsou a big thumbs up “ You gotta ge back to training-mmmpfh-!”

Aizawa wraps you up his his cloth like a mummy and gives you to Present Mic

“Here Hizashi here hold the kid”


Shinsou could help but laugh at the whole situation while you freak out the Mic’s arms.

-He then thinks about how you acting at lunch during that same day-

“ Hey Y/n you not gonna eat?” Kaminari askes while shoving fish sticks in his mouth.

“Oh umm I’m not really hungry”

“You aren’t? But I haven’t seen you eat anything all day are you sure?”

“Yeah Hitoshi I’m ok”.

Bakugo the reaches across the table to get in your face “ HUHHH THE LITTLE KITTY DOSEN’T WANNA EATTTT? I BET IF CAT BOY OVER HERE FED YOU, YOU WOULD EAT IT ALL UP!”

You and Bakugo clash foreheads.



Kirishima walks to the table smiling simultaneously as he sits down saying “Man it looks like it’s raining cats and dogs over here”.

“ SHUT YOUR TRAP YOU POINTY TEETH DIMWIT!” You Bakugo scream at Kirishima at the same time then go back to arguing with each other “ STOP COPYING ME!”.

Shinsou watches as you don’t eat anything but shrugs it off as you going on a diet.

Hitoshi falls to his knees shaking, his voice breaking.


You get off your bed as you sit in front of him, “No it wasn’t ”.

“I so fucking stupid Y/n…”

You slow reach your hand to grab Hitoshi “No…don’t say that…”

“But it’s true! Can’t you see!

Shinsou raises his head looking at you his eyes bloodshot red, see him like that startled you , so you back up but then hes says something that made you hate yourself.

”….How can I ever be a hero if I can’t even save one person…I’m so weak

Tears begin to fall down your eyes seeing your best crumble apart by your actions, you jump into Shinsou’s arms crying repeatedly saying ” I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry".

You feel bad for Shinsou as he may have come across one of the most hardiest trail of being a hero.

How can a hero save someone that doesn’t wanna be saved….

You and Hitoshi press forehead’s and stare at one other but then…you look at Hitoshi but his face begin so switch between blurry and not until everything is completely blurry in your left eye.


He sniffs and rubs his nose, “ Yeah y/n”.

“I….I can’t see”….


Y/n has lost her 2nd life as another day draws near. Jow can Shinsou save the unsaveable? Will y/n ever confess in time and end her suffering…..will y/n’s eye sight be the only thing she loses?…. 9 days won’t be enough

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It’s gotten to the point some angels actively seek him out. Sin is just such a temptation, and this sin happens to be a pretty blond. He’s gotten the shit beat out of him by a few higher “pure” powers, but even still he ends up somewhere in the clouds, with an angel tugging on his hair and begging for forgiveness.

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tokoyami; do you know… do you KNOW whats it like?? to be AFRAID of YOURSELF??

kaminari, remebering the moment when he devoured an entire family size bag of doritos in one sitting; yes

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