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Calling them by their names (Bakusquad)


Originally posted by saduko

A/N: I love this trend on tiktok where you call your lover by their real names instead of endearments! I think it’s really cute and sweet uwu 

!Warnings!: Cursing

Bakugou Katsuki 爆豪 勝己

You’re both in the kitchen whipping up some lunch since it’s a weekend and most people at the dorms have gone home to visit their families. 

Man’s chopping up some vegetables like the pro he is, minding his own business. Is it really possible to not annoy your precious boyfriend even just for a day? NO.

“Hey Bakugou, could you pass me the salt, please?” His ears perk up at the way you called him but just lets out a low grumble as a reply, and did what you asked anyway. Seeing how it riled him up made you want to tease him more.

“Sorry, but could you also pass me the pepper grinder, Bakugou?” He picked up the item and slammed it just a few centimeters from your hand.

“Okay what the fuck is your problem?!” You turn to him with the most innocent look on your face. “Huh? What did I do?” 

“Oh you know what you fucking did! Really, (Y/N)?! WHAT HAPPENED TO BABY OR KATSU OR I DONT FUCKING KNOW, DADDY?!” 

At this point, you were on the floor laughing your guts out at a fuming, very pissed off blonde. “You’re so cute, Katsuki. Let’s finish this shit so I can give you tons of kisses” You go up to him and kiss him a little, but it becomes slightly heated until something starts to actually smell burnt.

“Shit babe, our food!”

Kirishima Eijirou 切島 鋭児郎

Class 1-A is in the middle of their post training stretches and helping you bend your body is none other that your boyfriend Eijirou, because helping your lover has got to be one of the manliest things ever.

Since it was known that you we’re the red head’s significant other, teachers would sometimes ask you to pass things on to Kirishima for them. Now, you seldom tease your soft boyfriend but let’s just say you got bored.

“Hey Kirishima, Aizawa-sensei wanted to see you after class. I think it’s about your work studies with Fat Gum”

Kiri just stood there, with wide eyes that slowly drooped down. “P-Pebble, I know we won’t see each other for a while but please understand that I have to do this” 

With your most confused expression, you hit him with a loud “HUH?!” and he just continues to blabber and defend himself. “Look baby, If you think I’ll look at anyone else, then you are absolutely wrong. I wouldn’t want anyone else but you, you know that!”

“Wait waIT WAIT! What is going on here?” the boy just looked at you with his sad puppy eyes, almost on the verge of tears. “But you’re mad at me, pebble. I’m sorry if I made you upset.”

He wraps his buff arms around you and kisses your forehead. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not even mad at you” “But you called me Kirishima!”

“Isn’t that your name?!” “Now that we’re together, it isn’t!”

You squeeze his cheeks and pepper his face with soft light kisses. He calms down and giggles at the touch of your lips.

“Hurry up and go to Dadzawa, I’ll wait for you so we can watch movies and cuddle”

Kirishima had never sprinted so fast in his entire life.

Kaminari Denki 上鳴電気

Another chill night with your crackhead boyfriend, just fooling around playing video games.

You were a sore loser and Denki KNOWS this. He doesn’t give a fuck though, he would never lose a game on purpose for your pretty ass.

Biting on your lip, it was the last lap of the race and you were neck and neck. Mario Kart was your go to game but the wins would always favor your boyfriend.

Just when you were about to pass him, the sneaky bitch threw a banana peel and being so engrossed in winning, you had not seen it coming.

“IN YOUR FACE, LOSER! YOU DO THE DISHES AGAIN TOMORROW!” He laughs at your face and teases you about his glorious win.

“You’re a fucking prick, Kaminari!” Denki dramatically drops the controller and exaggeratedly gasps.

“WOW. I though we were past that? Seems like I was wrong (L/N)!” He spits his words with poison and rolls his eyes.

“I was so close to winning, and you had to pull that shit off! Thanks for nothing, Kaminari!” He squints as he eyes you, giving of the ‘oh you did it again’ look.

He huffs, a big pout now present on his face. “Okay be like that (L/N) don’t expect any lovin’ tonight”

How could you even resist such a cute yet hot man? You scoot close to him and wriggle your way in his arms while burying your face in his neck.

“Don’t be like that babe, I was just joking! You’re still a goddamn prick though” you just mumbled the last part to save yourself from anymore trouble.

He smirked at this and for the second time tonight, he won yet again. “That’s more like it.”

Sero Hanta 瀬呂範太

Humming a soft upbeat tune on his hammock while you watched movies on his bed was one way the both of you would spend your day offs together.

“Sero, you have to come here and see this part!” The sound of his name made him sweat a little. Quite nervous, he swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Hurry up, Sero! It gets good from here!”

He spun his head too fast in panic that his body followed suit, resulting in the hammock turning a full 180 upside down.

“ACK!!” “Holy shit are you okay?!”

He rubbed his back that hit the floor and let out a nervous chuckle. “Am I in trouble, sweetheart?”

Since he always teased you, a little payback wouldn’t hurt. “Why would you say that? Is there something i need to know?”

Sero raised his hands in surrender “Okay, okay! I give! I’m sorry I ate your last pudding. I wanted to eat something sweet last night!”

You didn’t know what to feel after hearing the confession. A part of you wanted to laugh at how you caught him but mostly your blood started to boil at the pudding thief.

“.. you WHAT?!” “Isn’t it what this is about?”

Your eye twitched in anger “I just saw this shit on tiktok and wanted to see what you would do. But damn, looks like I’ve caught a criminal”

You both locked eyes before he sprinted past you going straight for the door. Before he didn’t think his quirk was great but now, he would suck God’s toes in thanks for giving him his saving grace.

“You motherfucker, GET BACK HERE!”

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Jirou: You’re cute, but I can’t really deal with your whole situation right now.

Kaminari: Oh I understand. I can’t deal with it either.

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Girl help, I’m stuck obsessing over early chapter theories that’ll never actually happen.

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WOW! It's raining cats & dogs out there!
Aizawa, half listening
Wait..There's cats out there? IN THE RAIN???
*leaps out window*
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todays little doodle of my favorite pro hero teamup hc - dont listen to them jiro we love a short king 😩🙏

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I’m going to start posting some of my writing, so let me know what you guys think. This is just a little something that I had in my head and I needed to get it out lol. 

Tw: it involves nipple twisting, but is SFW? Also. cussing. lol. 

kiribaku if you squint. This is silly, written for giggles


It was a hot, humid, summer evening. The students of U.A had a rough training earlier that day, and they were doing what they could to relax and cool off. Sero was lazing in his hammock, reading his manga, wearing just his gym shorts, with his shaggy black hair pushed back by a thin headband. He had the door to his room open, as well as the one that led to his balcony, a box fan doing its thing in the corner of the room. Every few minutes, a small breeze would make its way in from the cherry-colored sunset sky, rustling his plants and swaying the hammock.

He was playing soft, bassy music on his speakers, still able to hear his classmates out in the hall. It was a Friday, which meant everyone was congregating outside of their rooms, shooting the shit and just being dumb boys. A lot of them had their own doors open like Sero, just in case someone wanted to come by and say hello. Every now and then he heard laughter, paired with screams and thudding bare feet on hardwood floors. He smiled to himself thinking about his goofy friends, just as a knock sounded on his open door. He peeked over the edge of his hammock to find one, freshly showered, Shoto Todoroki.

“Hey ‘Roki! What’s up man?” Fully sitting up, Sero dangled his long legs over the edge of the hammock and gave his neighbor a bright smile. Todoroki quirked the corner of his lips up into some semblance of a smile and walked over the threshold into Sero’s room. He ran a hand through his wet, duo-colored hair, pushing it out of his face as he took a seat at the desk.  

“How did you fair on the training grounds today Sero?” The quiet boy asked, genuinely curious.

“Ahhh I did alright. I was trying to focus on my speed and getting out of the way of attacks, and I was doing really well! Until someone shot me out of the air with an ice wall.” He gave Todoroki a look of mock anger. “Seriously, you have got to stop doing that to me, dude.” Todoroki huffed in amusement through his nose.

“Well, maybe you should be faster so that someone won’t get you next time.” Todoroki closed his eyes and folded his hands behind his head, soft smile dancing on his lips. Sero loved how comfortable the boy seemed in his presence. He was glad that they were able to become friends in the short time they’ve spent together at U.A.  

“Ohh hooo, someone is getting a little cocky huh?” Sero teased as he stood, taking his manga over to his book shelf and putting it back in its respectful place.  Just as Todoroki started to defend himself, a scream sounded through the hall, startling the two. They both looked over to Sero’s open doorway, listening as footsteps thundered towards them. A few seconds later, Kaminari came skirting into the room, slamming the door behind him and pressing his back against it. He was breathing heavily, and had a look of fear in his eyes.

“Denks? You alri-”

Knocks came raining down on Sero’s door on the other side of Kaminari’s back. The electric blonde let out a yelp and scrambled behind him to find the lock, twisting it so hard Sero thought it would come off the door.  

“Kaminari, what did you do?” Todoroki deadpanned from his still seated position at the desk. Sero put his hands on his hips and walked over. “Yeah man, what the hell is going on. I’d like to keep my door, who the fuck is that?”

“K-Kirishi- AHH" Kaminari screamed as more pounding came from the other side of the door.  

“Kirishima? What could you have possibly done to make Eijirou “im basically a golden retriever” Kirishima this upset?” Sero asked, incredulously.  

“I uh…zappedhisnipple”

“…you zapped…his nipple?” Todoroki quirked an eyebrow at Kaminari, obviously confused, as always. Sero let out an exasperated groan and ran a hand down his face. Now it made sense, and he knew what he had to do.  Both of the others watched him as he walked over to the door, that was still shaking on its hinges with the force of Kirishima’s knocks. “Move, Denki.” He said as he looked down into terrified, golden eyes.  

“Aw man, come on! I was just playing around! I- I didn’t mean to get him right on the nipple!” Kaminari seemed to be pleading for his life. He had the hem of his tshirt in his hands, and he was wringing it so hard, it looked like he was going to rip the shirt in two. Sero nodded his head silently towards the other side of the room, watching as Kaminari went, head lowered in defeat. Once the blonde had stepped a few paces and turned around, Sero spoke up.

“Denki Kaminari, you broke a bro code. You know we don’t mess with each other’s nipples.” Sero said sternly. He looked over at Todoroki who looked just as confused as ever. Kaminari buried his face in his hands, whining like a kicked puppy.

“Just do it man, let’s get this fucking over with.”  

“I’m sorry, I hate to do this. But you know I have to.” Sero put his hand on the doorhandle, waiting a few moments and giving Kaminari time to gather his nerves. The banging on the door had silenced, but he knew Kirishima didn’t give up that easily and was probably waiting patiently out in the hall…like the golden retriever he was. With a sigh, he turned the door handle and quickly yanked it open.  



Kaminari never got the chance to finish his sentence, before Kirishima was barreling into the room, slapping his bare chest into Kaminari and tackling him to the ground. They both landed hard with a loud OOF, as Kirishima started scrambling for the bottom of Kaminari’s shirt. The blonde was slapping his friend’s hands away while trying to cover his torso at the same time. Sero looked on with amusement, spurring them on while the two wrestled on his floor.  

“Get him Kiri! Tickle him, he’ll move his hands!”

“What is even going on right now?” Sero looked over to Todoroki who was staring in bewilderment. He had forgotten that the quiet boy was still there, and figured he deserved an explanation to what was happening.  

“Since Denki broke a Bro code, Kirishima gets to deal it back. It’s the law of the bro land.” He closed his eyes and placed a hand on his chest, like he was pledging to a bro flag. Todoroki just looked between Sero and the wrestling match that was continuing on the floor….still confused.  

“HA Beat his scrawny ass, Red!” Both Sero and Todoroki turned to the doorway to find none other than Bakugou, pumping a fist into the air…with some of the other floor occupants behind him. Shoji had one of his tentacle eyes peeking around the doorway while Ojirou, Sato, and Tokoyami watched as Kaminari let out a shriek.

“Bakugou, shut the hell up! AHH- don’t just stand th- Kiri nO don’t just stand there, get him off me!”

“Absolutely not, Denks! This is the only way, and you know it!” Sero said with a sadistic smile, crossing his arms over his chest and chuckling at Bakugou who now stood next to him wearing the same expression.  

Kirishima took the moment of distraction and used it to his benefit. He was growing impatient; he wanted his revenge and he wanted it now. He straddled Kaminari’s thighs, cutting off his mobility and holding him still. Activating his quirk, the tiniest bit, he hardened his hands, grabbed the center of Kaminari’s shirt and pulled. The shirt gave way easily in the red heads hands, tearing in two like it was a tissue. He grinned as Kaminari watched on in horror. Sending away his hardened skin, he grabbed both of Kaminari’s slim wrists in one big hand, holding them above the blonde’s head, effectively pinning him down. Kaminari looked up at him with wide eyes before he opened his mouth.  

“Oh….Hey there~” He gave Kirishima a flirty grin and a wink. Kirishima rolled his eyes, giving the hand around the blonde’s wrist a good squeeze, earning a yelp from the boy beneath him. Sero was vibrating with how hard he was trying to stifle his laughter, tears stinging the corners of his eyes. “H-hey do you think ohmygod WHEW, do you think we should uh ahem step in?” He asked Bakugou as he clutched his middle. Bakugou was in no better state.  

“Absolutely the ffffuck not! I don’t know if I should fucking *cough* laugh or be turned on.” He said behind his hand. That absolutely did it for Sero, causing him to land on his ass on the floor in a fit of hearty laughs and giggles. Everyone’s attention turned to the sound of Kirishima’s voice as he spoke.  

“Denki, I really hate to do this to you man, but you brought it on yourself.” He watched as Kaminari let out a dejected sigh, and gave a very fake, very dramatic, sniffle.  

“I-I know. But maybe, you can find it in your very manly heart, to give me a second cha-”

“Absolutely the fuck not”

“Yeah I didn’t think so.”

“You electrocuted my nipple.”

“You didn’t like it?”


“Huh, I mean I’ve tried it, it’s not THAT bad-”

“Kami shut up”

With those last words, Kirishima shot both his hands to Kaminari’s nipples, grabbing them and giving one good twist. At the sound of Kaminari’s shriek everyone, including Kirishima, threw back their heads in laughter. Once he was satisfied, Kirishima stood, holding out a hand to his friend. Kaminari took it and was pulled into a tight bear hug by the red head. “I love you man, and I’m sorry I had to do it. But I swear to god if it happens again-”

“IT WON’T it won’t, I promise.” The blonde brought his hands to his pecs, rubbing softly. “I learned my lesson” He said with an audible gulp.

The boys dissolved into quiet giggles. Sero took a seat back on his hammock, feeling the breeze from the now dark sky hit the back of his neck. He looked around at all of them, talking amongst themselves, giving Kaminari pats on the back, heading out to continue what they were doing before.  

Even though they were absolutely ridiculous, he loved his friends.  

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Hitoshi sucks in a tight breath. “What do you want, Kaminari-shi?”

With his hand around Hitoshi’s waist, Kaminari pulls until they’re pressed chest-to-chest. The arrogant upturn of his lips, the smug edges framing a pair of mischievous eyes; they make Hitoshi fume from the bottom of his core.

“What I want from you isn’t much, Shinsou-san,” Kaminari sing-songs with his fingers twisting in the soft fabric of the white dress shirt. “I want to hear the words you’ve told Todoroki-san today.”

Hitoshi’s entire being seizes, abrupt and brutal, as his eyes strain from the vicious glare he directs at the cocky bastard. “Never in your wildest dreams, Kaminari.”

“Say it,” Kaminari wheedles, pearls shining from the slant of smirking lips. “I want you to tell me that you love me, Shinsou-san.”

Pushing the man’s chest, Hitoshi backs until the space between them cannot be crossed by the length of an arm; the skin beneath his nails tingles like it’s a volcano due to a bust. “Over my dead body.”

Kaminari’s grin is razor-sharp, poisonous and alluring like Snow White’s apple. His arms quiver by the sides of his lithe figure before nonchalantly looping behind his back. “Thank you for giving me your first dance, Shinsou-san. The pleasure I’m gifted with by your presence is immaculate.” He bows, strands of blond hair cascading down his forehead.

Hitoshi tugs with one finger at the suffocating tie around his throat. “Can’t say the feeling is mutual.”

“For now,” Kaminari tilts his head a little. “We’ll make sure to change that, mh?”

“As I said earlier,” Hitoshi curls a fist behind his back, “Never in your wildest dreams.”

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[during a science lecture]

Ashido: but what would happen if you stuck a sparkler in an electric socket?

Class 1A: [all turn to look at Kaminari]

Kaminari: [holding up a pack of sparklers] oh, my friends, i thought you’d never ask

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For the Kaminari Denki Lovers~ {Female Gendered}

“Fuck sparkplug!” Denki whined from below you, his cock buried deep in your dripping pussy, the head grazing your cervix every time you lowered yourself down and sucked him in deep, his head thrown back and his eyes screwed shut as you fucked him, claimed him, marked him.

“That’s right baby, take this pussy, let me fuck you like the little slut you are!” You growled, slamming down on him and making him wail out for more, God he needed more.

You pressed down on him, cunt clenching hard while your hand pressed onto his windpipe and his golden eyes bulged at the loss of air and a little something else.

The sudden pressure on his windpipe resulted in him cumming, his milk filling you along with a short burst of quirk that had you quivering at the mix of pain and pleasure, it felt so good, you needed to feel again.

You kept riding him through his orgasm, his sobs filling the air as you milked him for all he was worth, you just needed that shock burst one last time, needed to see Denki roll his eyes back and to scream himself hoarse.

Fuck it was a pretty sight indeed.

His mouth fell open in loud moan, cock buried deep in your folds as he came, your hand wrapped tight around his throat and a sudden shock filled you as you followed him over the edge.

“Sparkplug~ Fuck that was so good~ I’m shaking baby! I feel so good~” Denki cried, his body aching so good, grasping at the sheets and your body to come back to his overstimulated senses.

You bucked your hips and he whimpered.


“Just one more baby~”

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if denki had any trans or genderqueer friends who changes their name or pronouns he’ll go back on all of his social media posts to change them to the correct name/pronouns

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