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#kaminari denki
I'm currently stuck at work with nothing to do 😢 Can I please get hcs for Kaminari, Kirishima and Shinsou (sep.) visiting their s/o for a lunch date to cheer them up?

Omgggg bb

  • “Hey !! I brought you lunch!!!”
  • You look in the bag and its a donut with a lightning bolt on it
  • “Denki..”
  • “Yeah? I made it myself !”
  • You hug him and sit him down with you
  • “Thank you”
  • He asked you all about youre work and if you like the donut
  • He gives you a kiss before leaving

Originally posted by sajoou-moved

  • “Kitty.”
  • “Huh? Hi Shinny.”
  • “ lets go get lunch.”
  • “Oook? But i gotta come back in 30 minutes”
  • He grins
  • He does take you out to eat
  • Asks you about youre job
  • You eat in his car so he can snuggle you
  • “Shinny i gotta go back..”
  • “Mmm do you? Ill use my quirk on youre boss”
  • “On second thought..”
  • He grins “thats my kitten”

Originally posted by haruicchi

  • “Baby!!! I brought you lunch “
  • Runs right over to you , picks you up taking you away from the customer and goes to the breakroom
  • “Kiri !!!”
  • He sits you down kissing you
  • “ open it !!!”
  • You whine opening the bag to see youre favorite snacks
  • You smile at him and he kisses you again spending youre lunch with you
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🥺👉👈 i love them and draw them entirely too much


i am a lot more active on instagram! if you enjoy my art and/or want to see more of me fr some reason consider checking it out!

⚡️instagram: expiredmilkx⚡️

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I just combined these two because they’re so similar! hope that’s okay ;;

kirishima eijirou

  • Eijirou’s very unused to cuddling in public spaces, but he can’t have you cold. That’s simply not acceptable.
  • So, when you lift his arm and crawl into his lap, he moves his hand to ghost over your arms, rubbing them up and down to try and cause warmth via friction. He’s very attentive to you this way, going out of his way to make sure you’re comfortable and secure.
  • Lay your head down on his lap and he’ll just melt. He’ll want to take a picture of you being so cute and then he’ll bend over to pepper your face in kisses. This is just the most adorable thing to him - he mentally begs you to do it more often.
  • Such a cuddlebug out of public. He doesn’t have many reservations, sure, but he still does reserve some of his more intimate affections for private situations. Just let him scoop you up and cuddle you - you both want nothing more.

kaiminari denki

  • What is self-consciousness? Denki knows no boundaries. Feeling a bit cold? Come on over, he’ll wrap his arms around you immediately and try to warm you up as soon as he can.
  • Doesn’t matter who else is in the room. If anyone gives you two a cross glance, he’s immediately back on it, eyeing them with just as much tenacity, daring them to try him again.
  • He thinks about offering you a jacket, but then he realizes that your UA uniform is warm enough. You could stave off the cold if you really needed to.
  • Lay down on his lap, and Denki’s gone. He finds this absolutely adorable, and runs his hands through your hair as he smiles down at your content form. He’ll adjust his posture to make things more comfortable for both of you, and continue on with what he was doing before.

midoriya izuku

  • Izuku’s always happy to try and warm you up, but he does take a while to get used to the constant physical affection, especially in front of everyone else.
  • He offers you jackets to carry around with you, at first, but when you keep declining in favor of snuggling up to him on the dorm couch, he starts to take the hint.
  • When you move his arm and lay your head down in his lap, he’s blushing like there’s no tomorrow. He understands getting tired, sure, but Izuku’s so unused to this sort of display of affection that he’s just not sure what to do.
  • He’s most likely touch-starved, as, well - we all know he’s not getting much affection - so he adores cuddling and physical contact with you. He loves to hold you close and nuzzle his face into the space just below your neck. There’s many, many times where Izuku would gladly do nothing but hold you and stay in your embrace all day.
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Not smut but Hanta doing the whole Spider-Man upside down Kiss (you already know he had to test it with Kami but obvi in a bro way bc he doesn’t wanna fall on his s/o when he kisses her or pass out from a blood rush)

yes, yes, yes! it took some time but here’s a mediocre os for my favorite pothead. i’m a sucker for kamisero soo… thanks for requesting, hope you enjoy!

spidey — sero hanta x fem! reader

no warnings!

you had just settled in your boyfriend’s lap, staring up at his sculpted jaw, when he heaved a sigh and slowly removed your head from his lap, standing up.

“kami bro, can you come with me for a sec?”

the electric blonde jumped to his feet and followed suit without further question, leaving you, kirishima and bakugou confused.

“what’s with these two? if i wouldn’t know better, i’d think they’re dating.”

bakugou said what everyone else thought. hanta and denki had been close ever since enrolling in ua, but lately they’ve grown more secretive and when you asked him about it, hanta would just shrug it off.

“listen bro. this is kinda really important to me.”

denki was confused, usually hanta would just straight up say what he wanted without beating around the bush.

“you know how y/n and i haven’t been spending as much time together?”

“bro don’t tell me you wanna break up?”

the other interrupted, face pale in shock. this couldn’t happen. he had worked too hard to get you two together in the first place.

“holy fuck, no. of course not! but i kinda have a favor to ask you…”

denki gave a relieved sigh and nodded, asking hanta to carry on.

“practice the spiderman-kiss with me.”

silence. denki didn’t know wether to laugh or cry at his best friends proposal, he was absolutely and utterly confused.


“i really want to surprise her with it since it’s our one year anniversary and she joked about it a lot. plus, you’ve been helping me organize the whole day anyways, so i just thought i’d ask you? since you’re my best bro.”

denki could see the hint of a blush forming on hanta’s cheeks and just threw an arm around his shoulders.

“of course bro! kissing the homies isn’t even gay! i’m honored that you’re asking me!”

a few minutes later denki stepped into hanta’s room, acting the part.

“hanta baby, where are you?”

his high pitched voice and swaying hips almost made the black-haired boy break character, but he pulled himself together at the last second, dropping from the ceiling until his face was leveling denki’s.

the blood rushed to his head almost immediately making him feel dizzy and nauseous.

“abort mission.”

he let himself drop the floor completely, groaning.

“fuck, sorry bro. i rushed into it. again.”

after six more attempts hanta finally mastered the art of hanging upside down for a prolonged period of time.

“baby? where are you?”

he lowered his body, came face to face with denki, a sheepish grin plastered on his face.

“happy one year.”

denki suddenly blushed and averted his eyes, seeing his best friend in a new light was really flustering him.

“don’t get shy now.”

hanta grinned, feeling denki’s hands on his cheeks, slowly leaning in.

“no homo..”

he mumbled, before closing the gap between their lips.

hanta didn’t plan on kissing back, but an oddly strong gust of wind swayed the tape he was leveraging on and pushed him further into denki’s embrace.

the blonde gasped and stumbled back, pulling the raven-haired boy with him.

“let go, idiot!”

but it was too late, he already plummeted and landed on top of the shorter male.

“why’d you kiss back bro?! do you like me? was all this just a trap? i can’t believe i fell for that!”

“shut up, i don’t like you. disgusting. my tape just suddenly grew a mind of its own apparently.”

he stood up, pulling denki with him.

“thanks, this was really helpful as well as disturbing.”

“bro, wait!”

the shorter boy stepped up, positioning himself between door and his best friend.

“you’re a good kisser, no homo!”

laughing, hanta pressed a second kiss to denki’s lips and left.

“better treasure this then.”

“he didn’t say no homo..”

the days flew by, training keeping you and hanta busy. too busy to bask in each others presence. you were aware that your anniversary was coming up, but on that day you also had a very important exam. just your luck.

exam day came and so did your anniversary with your boyfriend.

denki had kept you busy the whole day and you didn’t have a single chance to even hold your boyfriend’s hand.

“denki, drop the act. i know you keep me from seeing hanta on purpose. does he want to break up with me?”

the blonde boy sighed and pointed to hanta’s room.

“he’s waiting for you.”

confused, you stepped towards the familiar room, mind racing.

how many great nights you had spent in this room, how hanta confessed to you and how his lips tasted like orange soda mixed with the slightest hint of nicotine.

you didn’t want to, but somehow tears crept down your cheeks as you knocked on his door. he was your whole world, if he wanted to end this, you’d be nothing.


he heard your voice, thick with tears and almost decided to cancel the spiderman-kiss but when you came into his field of view his heart jumped out of his chest.

you wore one of his t-shirts along with the necklace he had gifted you on your last birthday. you only wore it on special occasions.

you halted, looking around his empty room, nibbling on your lower lip, trying to compose yourself. that’s when you heard a faint frizzling sound and before you knew it, your boyfriend’s face met yours, upside down.

he wore the proudest smile, his hair tickling your cheeks.

“happy one year babe.”

you didn’t know what to do, so you simply pressed your hands to his cheeks and connected your lips with his, the same taste of orange soda and nicotine clouding your mind. this was it, the confirmation that he still wanted to be with you.

your tongue followed the curve of his lower lip, before intruding. he sighed into the kiss, finally releasing all the pent up emotion into this kiss.

“you’re an idiot, you know that, right?”

you grinned, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes.

“but you like me regardless.”

he released his tape, gracefully landing on his feet, before engulfing you in his strong arms. his scent was lulling you in, causing you to melt into his embrace.

“i love you.”

he tensed, did you just say that you loved him?!

“say that again.”

you looked up at him, his eyes sparkling and cheeks blushing.

“i love you, hanta.”

he grasped your chin with his thumb and index finger, lifting your head until you locked eyes.

“i love you more, y/n.”

he leaned down and closed the gap between your lips, hands wandering around your back, finally settling atop your butt, while your fingers intertwined with his hair, pressing yourself further into his broad chest, longing for his touch.

“babe, not yet. we have a reservation at your favorite restaurant.”

“it can wait.”

you mumbled, locking your lips with his and pushing him towards his hammock.

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Kaminari: Oh don’t be such a crybaby! None of our quirks work either and you don’t see us freaking out.

~ 5 minutes earlier ~


(cries and sucks his thumb)

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Janitors Closet [Kaminari Denki X Reader - SMUT]

- This is full of middle school grade humor and is really old, just needed to spread my reach. lmao


Originally posted by kunikidaz

The janitor’s closet was never really a good place to hide. But when you’re pinned up against the wall sucking face with a cute guy from class- things could get interesting.

His name is Kaminari Denki. A boy with an electric quirk. Rightfully so. All this boy has been doing was shocking (Y/n) in ways you can’t even think of.

His lips were trailing from her lips to her jawline. Only to stop at a sensitive spot on her neck. Denki’s sucking and very obvious moans were signs that he was getting off while giving a hickey.

“Kaminari- don’t focus there!” (Y/n) complained, pulling him away from her.

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” He asked. Hands still on her shoulders.

Her hands moved to his and lead them down her body. From her supple chest to her waist. “Do whatever to make you enjoy yourself.”

Kaminari’s hands went to her butt. Groping both above and below the skirt. (Y/n) moved so she could slowly unbutton the buttons from her school shirt. Both jackets on the floor already. She finally removed the bra after her shirt. He stared at her action with wide eyes. His first in real-life pair of bare boobs. All to him.

He followed his heart and dove headfirst into her chest. Nipping and sucking on both the boob and the nipple. Making soft moans come from (Y/n).

“Hurry up!” She complained. Needing relief from the sexual tension.

Kaminari picked up the pace and went below her skirt to start lubing her up with his mouth. Letting his tongue lick and kiss through her panties. Until he eventually pulled them down and stuck his finger to her clit. Rubbing it until she gasped.

“Well? Should I take you with my fingers?” He teased.

“Only if they’re as big as your cock.” She replied sultry.

That response was an invitation to go in. Two fingers went inside her, moving around with ferocity.

“Fuck- Kami~ A-ahhhh~” (Y/n) moaned. Begging for relief.

Once ready, Kaminari pulled his fingers out and unzipped his pants. Officially starting to thrust in her.

“Nothing’s hotter than fucking a cute girl like you in these close corners~” He spoke with breathy moans.

“You’ve never fucked anyone before~” She teased.

(Y/n) was right. Kaminari Denki is a huge virgin until now.

The two went on for a couple more minutes. Until (Y/n) came and Kaminari had to pull out. Making her bend down to start sucking his dick. His moans filling the closet.

Her mouth was able to get him to come. The hot semen filling her up and some dribbling from the corner of her mouth. She swallowed.

“Spitters are quitters.” She chuckled, standing up and fixing her clothing.

Kaminari rushed to get his clothes. Putting them on but not fixing them properly. “You do know how to-” he was cut off.

“Give head? Fuck? Yea- I’ve been told~” She acted innocent.

“What?! You’ve had sex with other people? Who?!” He demanded to know! How is she not a virgin like him not so long ago?!

“People like me- I guess.” (Y/n) shrugged. “I don’t have sex with a lot of people but it helps to get some tension out.” She sighed.

He looked at her with an embarrassed smile. “Then I guess I could come to you for any help?”

“Depends if I like you a bit. I’m not a skeez. Unlike a certain someone who asked me after class.” She teased again. “But don’t tell anybody that I’m a slut or whatever- cause personally, I don’t think I am. I just enjoy a basic human thing and others do too.”

She was related to Midnight after all.

“I won’t.” Kaminari nodded quickly.

“Thank you!” She spoke and walked out.

He was head over heels.

[I don’t really remember when this was actually written?? This is taken from my Wattpad oneshot book! I’m just uploading things I’ve already written]

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pandamito’s # shipping chart

• fandom: BNHA

• characters: Eijirou Kirishima / Denki Kaminari / Hitoshi Shinsou

• ship name: shinkirikami ; kirikami + shinkami

{ you can dm me anytime for headcanons and stuff }


template: @ gibb_arts

edit: @ _vulpixel

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you know that tik tok trend where the girl goes and sits in their boyfriends lap when they’re gaming? could you do that with kirishima and denki?

kirishima eijirou

  • Eijirou wraps his arms around you, rests his head on your shoulder, and keeps on gaming. You can feel his smile via where his cheek is pressed against your jaw.
  • Will occasionally break focus on his game to give you a quick kiss on your shoulder or neck, though his neck kisses do tend to last longer and have more of a teasing intent.
  • He just loves how he can wrap himself around you and be close while playing his games. He has a source of entertainment and his favorite person right by him - what’s not to love about this situation?
  • Whenever he beats a level or when he wins a match, he celebrates by tossing his controller to the side and kissing you. You two are playful like this, where he’s trying to tickle you and you’re trying to squirm away, all while just having the greatest time. Sitting in Eijirou’s lap always ends up in a great time for you two.

kaminari denki

  • Denki is flustered, to say the very least. He didn’t expect you to just.. sit down on him, and he’s very rapidly blushing. He doesn’t have the cleanest mind, either, so you know immediately where his thought are going to when you feel it.
  • He doesn’t make a big deal of it and neither do you, so he continues on with the game, albeit a little nervously. You just reassure him that he’s doing well, and kicking in-game ass, and restore him back to his previous confidence level.
  • Loves kissing your cheek since you’re just right there, and you feel so wonderful and comforting against him. Whenever he wants, he just sneaks a kiss from against the side of his face.
  • If you turn your head to the side when he’s about to do this, it’ll usually end up in a makeout session. Better hope he wasn’t on call with his friends as he was playing a team game - he’d never live it down.
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