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#kaminari x reader

↷ SYNOPSIS: With what’s going on right now worldwide, it has been really hard on everyone, but your favorite BNHA characters are willing to help you out during quarantine! 

CHARACTER PAIRINGS: Katsuki Bakugou, Tamaki Amajiki, Hitoshi Shinsou, Keigo Takami (Hawks), Shouto Todoroki, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari, Izuku Midoriya, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyouka Jirou, Ochako Uraraka & Eijirou Kirishima x reader

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I got a lot of requests for sick! fics, and that’s really not my specialty because I don’t get sick that often, but I know that there’s a lot of stress and anxiety about this whole quarantine period for people. inspired by @adoringwords’ comfort blurbs!

’Tis is the season to be… quarantined?

Social distancing breaks your heart, especially when you’re stuck in your room at home with nothing to do. It’s a struggle for students and employees alike to endure this pandemic, stress burdening you heavily. Not knowing the state of the people around you is something that clutches your heart deeply. Even if history is making the textbooks, you’re weary of all of this, not being able to see your friends and family. You hear the doorbell ring to your apartment and catch a flash of… 

Katsuki Bakugou

To be fair, Bakugou’s version of ringing the doorbell involves switching between knocking your door and ringing the doorbell again and again. It’s the kind of thing that always disturbs your neighbors, creating complaints surrounding your boyfriend, but you’ve gotten used to waving away concerns about him. You always know it’s him at the door whenever he does that, and you rise from your seat on the sofa, excited to know that he’s here. Swinging the door open, you notice a large amount of bags in his hand, indicating that he has gone to the supermarket.

“Midoriya told me that your mother had to fight you from coming here,” you comment, a teasing lilt to your voice. He snorts at the mention of his childhood friend. “What changed?”

“I snuck out,” Bakugou answers shamelessly with a smirk lining his lips, making you roll your eyes at his response. After taking off his shoes, he meets your gaze steadily as he sets down the bags. “I wanted to make sure that you were okay. Is it a crime for me to think about you?”

His voice cracks slightly, revealing his worry for you, as he sheds his outer shell just for you. A smile spreads across your face since you know that he doesn’t like making a big deal out of his emotions, even if it’s you. Tipping yourself onto your toes, your lips meet Bakugou’s, a sweet kiss meant to convey the feeling of missing him so much. Your fingers slide through his hair, tugging the strands slightly to draw a murmur of pleasure from his lips. 

Much to his surprise, you end the kiss early, flicking your head to the group of bags next to the two of you. “What do you have there?”

“I could have shown you later,” he grumbles petulantly.

You settle down at the coffee table in your living room, curious about what he has brought you. Sifting through the bags, it’s clear that he cares for you by choosing different produce and meat along with some canned food. There’s even — 

“A recipe book?” you ask, giving him an amused look. “I could always use the internet to search stuff up.”

“The internet has nothing on recipe books,” Bakugou warns you, snatching the thick book out of your hands. “People are panicking, so they’re going to stock up on bad food. I’m not going to let you live like that.”

“Okay,” you sing, but internally, you’re grateful for his help, knowing that you have the worst luck when it comes to being stuck in quarantine. “Katsuki, thank you so much… what is this?”

“Oh,” is all he simply says, not having an intelligent response to your question when you lift up a whole package of several rolls of toilet paper. “You did mention that you were running out of toilet paper… so I made a run to the convenience store to get a couple of packages; I didn’t buy out the store like the other idiots out there.”

You can’t control your laughter at the sheepish way the tips of his ears turn a rosy red, but internally, you’re just glad that your boyfriend is here with you during this time. Despite his rough tone, his words are just so him that it makes your heart ache for all the time you have lost to this quarantine when you could have spent it with friends and family, so you’re thankful that you have some memories of a blissful time during this period.

Tamaki Amajiki

Your boyfriend peeks from the door, his eyes glittering with shyness. Warmth radiates from him, and you’re suddenly hit with the feeling of home when you see him. He holds two boxes of take-out in his arms, something that you have been longing for during this whole quarantine period. You would never think that you would miss those white styrofoam take-out containers that he carries. 

“Tama-chan,” you breathe out, his name sounding like a blessing against your lips. “What are you doing here?”

“I got a permit to go out for my work-study,” he explains with a slight smile lining his mouth, “so I made a detour for you.”

Your heart immediately swells because of Amajiki’s kind heart and considerate nature. He has thought about you during these lonely times. You follow him to the dining room where he sets down the styrofoam take-out containers onto the table, not needing any guidance after knowing the insides of your apartment far too well. The slight snap of the box to open it reveals a part of the world outside your apartment that you’ve been longing for all along. Takoyaki hits your senses immediately with its mouthwatering aroma, and it entices you with the way that the sauce drips down the savory dish. Mayo and takoyaki sauce drip down with shredded seaweed clinging onto the takoyaki balls. 

“I’ve missed this so much,” you murmur, the words falling out of your mouth ever so thickly. You lift your head up to meet his eyes. “I missed you.”

Before the two of you start eating, he kisses you so softly and tenderly that it brings tears to your face that he can be here with you. “I missed you, too.”

Hitoshi Shinsou

“You’re not supposed to be here,” you hiss as soon as you open the door to the smug look on Shinsou’s face. “Don’t you remember the reminder about social distancing?”

You’re about to close the door on him for both of your sakes. Despite the reminder not to panic over the whole situation of being quarantined, you cannot help yourself but panic while seeing so many people suffer. Despite the sweet sentiment of seeing Shinsou, it’s not an ideal meet-up for him to risk his life. Knowing you far too well, he pries the door further with his fingers curled around the door, effectively using his strength to prevent you from being able to close the door.

“Kitten, do you really think I’m the type to listen to those rules?” he asks with a laissez-faire air to him.

“No,” you admit without thinking once about saying it aloud — much to his amusement, “but it’s better for the two of us.”

“Don’t overreact over this; I got the ‘go’ for me to get out of home to see you,” he hums. After a struggle against you to keep the door open, he wins the fight, walking into the apartment with a nonchalance about this situation that you envy. “Looking at your selfies isn’t the same as seeing you in person, though.”

Even if you lean away from his kiss, he’s not deterred at all, his lips landing on your cheek softly. His words drip in smoothness, and despite your irritation toward the fact that he didn’t listen to the rules about social distancing, you can’t help but ease into his easygoing rhythm. With Shinsou, you forget about your worries about getting sick from the pandemic that’s happening outside. 

You hear a meow come out of his bag and notice Sushi Jr. peeking out shyly, making you crack a smile. “You knew that I was going to be mad, so you brought Sushi Jr. as a defense?”

“To be fair, you love Sushi Jr. too much,” he says with a shrug.

“More than you,” you retort as you coax Sushi Jr. into your arms.

He advances toward you, raising an eyebrow at you with a hidden threat lingering in his eyes. “Care to say that again?”

Your banter echoes through the apartment as he chases you down the hallway, and you run away with Sushi Jr. buried in your arms. The kitten paws at your chest while you’re at it, mewling softly and making you melt inwardly. That one pause in your steps while admiring Sushi Jr. allows Shinsou to steal the kitten and place her on the ground. His hands immediately go to your sides, his fingers knowing exactly where to go, but you don’t mind the ache in your chest, forgetting your anxiety about getting sick because you’re with him, and that’s what matters.

Keigo Takami

At least, you think someone’s knocking on the door, but when you look out the window, you almost have a heart attack because your boyfriend hovers by your window with a self-satisfied smile on his face, holding a plastic bag containing a red bucket of fried chicken. Fried chicken is a delicacy in this insane period of isolation that you haven’t had the chance to eat, especially with everything going on, so to you, it’s a miracle as to how Takami has been able to get ahold of it. He taps on the window, his golden eyes sparkling with mirth. While you compose yourself, your fingers feel hot and clammy, but you know that he won’t judge you for wearing pajamas like this.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” you ask, your voice getting covered by the whistling wind outside, but he hears you anyway as he climbs into your apartment.

“I got off patrol early,” Takami says with a cheerful tone to his voice. “The crime rate has severely dropped because of the quarantine, so I have a break this week.”

“Is it awful that I feel like this is the first time in months that I’ve gotten to spend time with you without anything occupying us?” you admit to him when you settle down on the couch together. He’s not wearing his hero costume, and he has shrugged off his leather jacket to reveal how his T-shirt clings onto his body. “I know that everyone is panicking about the quarantine and everything, but I’m just so… happy that I can see you without anything pushing us apart.”

A smile pushes the ends of his lips upwards as he listens to you ramble like this. He supports his head by leaning against the couch. All of his attention is on you, and his eyes are closed as if he’s trying to memorize the feeling of being here with you.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with me,” he teases, but you know this conversation is a lot more serious than it lets on. Dating Takami means sacrificing date nights sometimes and even getting stood up. You’ve had your fair share of heartbreaks with him, but at the same time, you would never give this man up because of your disappointment and neediness. “No matter what the circumstances are, I’ll take every opportunity to be with you.”

His words fall softly out of his mouth so meaningfully but true, and your heartbeat momentarily speeds up, unprepared to deal with the emotions that you feel toward your boyfriend. It’s comforting to know that he doesn’t mind the fact that the only reason why he’ll be able to spend the rest of the week with you is because of people getting sick. Sure, the reason why everyone in Japan is quarantined is because of the rapid-fire amount of people succumbing to the spread of getting sick, but at the same time, you can spend some time with Takami.

“You’re thinking too much, dove,” he says, a frown shaping his lips. “Don’t feel guilty about the time we spend together.”

After undoing the knot of the bag’s handles, he snaps the lid off the container, and the heavenly aroma of fried chicken sweeps into your apartment. You look at the golden folds of the fried chicken, and your mouth waters at the sight. Before you take a piece, he plucks one out to feed to you with a small smile.

“Open up,” he says, and slowly but surely, your guilt of being able to spend time with him blissfully subsides as you let the piece of fried chicken slip between your lips. 

Shouto Todoroki

The first thing that comes into your mind is that if at any point in time that mask manufacturers ever need a model, your boyfriend is the perfect model for it. Sure, your thought might be inappropriate, especially with a pandemic happening, but it snugly fits his face. As soon as he steps into the apartment, he slips it off, disposing of it in your trash can. You know that he’s most certainly not sick since, with his father’s occupation, it’s beneficial to Endeavor if Todoroki doesn’t get sick.

“Your father actually got off of your case?” you say incredulously, surveying his appearance up and down. “I thought he wouldn’t let you out of the house.”

So far in this quarantine period, Todoroki has been spamming you with memes and sweet nothings, bored out of his mind at home. The memes and sweet nothings have been welcomed for the first few days of quarantine until the two of you realized that you couldn’t see each other at all in person. With Todoroki, you know he’ll do anything to see you during this quarantine, but the last thing you expected is him sneaking out of his house just to see you.

“He’s on patrol today,” Todoroki tells you, a smile in his voice. He takes off his jacket, hanging it off the coat rack and slips into the pair of house slippers he wears whenever he comes to visit. “Fuyumi’s busy teaching lessons on Zoom, and Natsuo’s busy studying on Zoom. With everyone occupied, it’s not that hard to sneak out.”

“What happened to being a good boy?” you ask, a light tone lacing your words.

“That Shouto never existed in the first place,” he deadpans.

“Imagine the headlines: Shouto Todoroki breaking the law just to see his lover,” you muse, waving your hands up in the air dramatically. A grin spreads across his face as he gives in to your warmth, thawing out; it takes Todoroki a moment to adjust from his father to you, and you don’t mind it, letting him take his time. “Wouldn’t that be a scandal?”

“A terrible, terrible scandal,” Todoroki intones dryly, but as he shakes his head, the smile on his face betrays his amusement toward the idea.

You notice something that he sets onto your dining table with a thump, and immediately, your eyes widen with enthusiasm. “You got ice cream? Goodness, I love you so much.”

“It sounds like you love the ice cream more than me,” he says with a laugh. “That’s the true scandal here.”

“You caught me in the act,” you respond, sticking out your tongue. Your fingers curl under the lid, unable to lift the lid up, and you hold the tub of ice cream up to his face, sticking out your lower lip in a pout. “Could you help me please?”

“Hmm… I don’t know about that,” he contemplates teasingly, but he does it anyway, snapping it open by sending warmth to his fingers to ease it into opening. 

The two of you sit down at the couch as you scoop ice cream, feeding it into his mouth, and suddenly, your apartment feels a lot warmer with your boyfriend around.

Hanta Sero

“When I said I was lonely, you didn’t have to come all the way here to my apartment,” you say, your voice sounding almost strangled with surprise. 

Sero snickers at your reaction, leaning against the doorframe casually. “Why not? I wanted to keep you company.” 

Despite his loving words, you know there’s more to his words than he lets on. Your text messages are filled with witty banter and flirting, but even then, those messages can’t express the fact that the two of you feel like you’re about to go crazy from staying sheltered up in your homes with nothing to do. He knows how much you have yearned for him in the last few weeks of quarantine, and it’s driving you insane that you can’t see the rest of your classmates. You’re confined to using video calls as a means of communication, but even then, it’s just too much for your whole head to take. 

For him, it’s even harder because he’s the bigger social butterfly out of the two of you. Sero’s not big on complaining because that’s his nature; on the other hand, it’s easy to tell that he’s not satisfied with screen interaction (“Social distancing is bullshit, and we all know that,” he had said during a phone call. “Why not ban social media at this rate?”). 

As you stare at each other with silence falling around you, there’s an intensity that makes this moment pop out like stars exploding. You have forgotten how his voice sounds in real life, not distorted by your phone’s speaker or anything like that. Memorizing him at this moment, from the way his lips quirk up into a smile to the way he looks at you, it’s like you’re breathing fresh air into your lungs, relearning the definition of life as you meet his gaze.

“Oh, you should come in,” you say, realizing how awkward it is for him to stand outside like this waiting for you to invite him in. You usher him in, and he follows you, contrasting you with his gracefulness. “Don’t want you to catch a cold.”

“Don’t worry, I’m wearing several layers,” he hums, pinching the fabric of his top casually. “See?”

“Mind if I help you take off some?” you ask, arching an eyebrow playfully at him.

He grins, lips fitting onto yours perfectly. “I thought you would never ask.”

Denki Kaminari

Rather than seeing your boyfriend, you see a giant box before you, obscuring him from your view, but you know it’s him by the way he holds the box in his arms so unsteadily. He’s the only person in your life who would dare to do such a stupid thing and bring something this heavy from across the city. There are times when you question Kaminari’s sanity, and this is one of those times where you want to hit the pause button and shake him by the shoulders. You don’t mind the company, but when it’s during a quarantine period where he’s risking his life to see you, you prioritize his safety and health over your selfish needs. Inwardly, you make a note to berate him for his carelessness.

“Did you bring all of your belongings here or something?” you ask with a laugh as you shove your foot against the door to keep it open for him.

He stumbles into your apartment, setting down the cardboard box with a heavy sigh of relief slipping from his lips. It’s almost comical to see his body to sag to the ground as soon as he puts the box down since he’s supposed to be a hero, but here he is, defying the standards of being a hero. After closing it, you walk over to sit on your knees, bending over, so both of your foreheads are touching.

“No, I didn’t,” he informs you, pushing you away and making you sit up. You’re sitting in the same positions now and face each other on the carpet in front of your television. “I brought something much more important.”

In your anticipation, you watch him rip the tape off of the box, curious about the very thing that has made him go all the way to your apartment. There’s a bit of grunting and all, and he finally wrestles it out of its package, revealing a…

“You decided to risk your ass to bring your gaming console here?” you say incredulously, shooting him a dark look.

He pouts, his eyes shining. “It’s Animal Crossing, though.”

“Okay, give me a moment until we start.”

Izuku Midoriya

The first thing that hits you is the smell. It’s incredibly intoxicating, and despite having eaten lunch already, your stomach leaps out of your whole body, grumbling for more. You’re relieved that it doesn’t growl as it normally does because you wouldn’t know how to keep embarrassment flooding your whole body. Midoriya peeks from behind the containers, shooting you a grin.

“I’m using my Quirk, but I would appreciate it if you let me in,” he sings, making you crack a grin and let him enter your apartment.

“That’s an incredible amount of katsudon,” you breathe out, not sure how to react to the very fact that your boyfriend’s mom has made all of this. He sets the boxes of katsudon down on the dining table. “Tell your mom that it isn’t necessary; I got food stocked up in the pantry.”

“What kind of food?” Midoriya asks you, scrutinizing you with his emerald-eyed gaze. “Will it be as good as this?”

“No,” you admit sheepishly after a long pause, “but won’t it mold eventually?”

He averts his eyes immediately from you. “It’s better than the stuff that you’re planning to eat.”

You note the other things that hang off his wrists in eco-friendly bags. The bags are bulging as if you’re going through an apocalypse. With the bags being opaque, it’s hard to get a sense of what exactly is there.

“Is the rest of this from your mom?” you ask suspiciously, looking at the bags.

“Um… no,” he mumbles, his words slurring into one another in his panic. “There were some good discounts at the grocery store, so I bought some board games and other things if you ever get bored.”

He meets your eyes shyly, and your heart melts all over again for your boyfriend who has tried his best under the circumstances to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible for quarantine. All you have been doing is trading text messages along with staying up late with each other on the phone until the other falls asleep, but there’s nothing quite like looking at him now with his constellation-freckled face and smile. 

“Thank you, Izuku,” you murmur under your breath, pressing your lips against his slowly.

Just about when you’re on the verge of deepening it, he breaks free of it. “Aren’t we supposed to be doing social distancing?”

“You came to my apartment,” you point out matter-of-factly. “That’s not social distancing at all.”

Momo Yaoyorozu

Surprised doesn’t begin to explain your feelings toward your girlfriend’s sudden appearance at your apartment. She looks completely at ease, which raises mental alarms for you. You spend a few good minutes checking Yaoyorozu’s body temperature to make sure that she’s not sick with the fever or anything before you sit down on the sofa.

“I thought you said that social distancing was necessary to make sure both of us don’t get sick,” you comment, sending her a curious look.

The two of you have been keeping contact through text, not really having the time to call each other. Yaoyorozu has always been the type to follow rules, being your class president, so the decision she has made is almost unbelievable to you.

A light pink fans across her face. “I changed my mind because I was concerned, and I made sure I was well-protected from everything.”

She holds something similar to an N95 respirator, and you admire her for her intricate genius, noting it looks identical to the pictures you’ve seen. While texting, Yaoyorozu has mentioned that she has assisted in helping hospitals by producing masks, but there’s a slight part of her that’s almost disappointed at the fact that she’s not able enough to produce enough to help out. Her concern is valid, but you know her to the point where you know that her mind’s fixated on these mistakes. You change tactics, leaning forward with a sly grin.

“So you didn’t miss me?”

“Of course, I missed you!” Yaoyorozu bursts out, and you grin. She sinks into the couch, realizing that you’ve tricked her into admitting her real intentions. “I swear… one of these days, you’re going to be the death of me.”

“Love you, too,” you reply instantly, earning a quiet laugh from her.

Mission accomplished.

Kyouka Jirou

“I thought you didn’t want to risk the heavy fines if you get caught on the streets?” you ask her with a sly grin on your face as she enters your apartment.

“My mom and dad were encouraging me to break the rules,” she answers with mirth dancing in her voice, cocking her head to the side. “They said, ‘What’s the point of you being enrolled in a heroics course if you aren’t able to put those skills to use?’”

“Of course, they said that,” you say with a snort.

You know that Jirou’s parents are completely enthusiastic about you dating her, completely supportive of your relationship together. Most Heroics Department students don’t date simply because of the amount of commitment it takes in a relationship; with Jirou’s cynical nature, most would peg her as the least likely of your class to date (besides Mineta), but surprisingly, the two of you are attached at the hip. On the other hand, the quarantine has taken its toll on you as a couple since you can’t see each other in person.

She sneaks a look at your desktop, the ends of her lips tugging into a smile. “You’re listening to ASMR again?”

“Oh, that one…” your voice wanders off as soon as you catch a glimpse of the title of the video, and immediately, your fingers find their way to ctrl+w, not interested in letting your girlfriend figure out what your tastes range in. “It’s nothing special.”

Unfortunately for you, her eyes quickly land on the title of the video. ASMR Cuddling with your Girlfriend, the title reads blandly. With Jirou, she’s known for her speedy reaction time since her Quirk requires her to respond to situations quickly, too, so it’s no wonder that she’s able to catch the title of the video. Your earbuds are still plugged into the computer, and the remnants of the video’s sound play out before dying.

“Her voice sounds nothing like mine,” she observes aloud, much to your chagrin. She raises her eyebrows at you with a knowing look in her eyes. “If you want real cuddling, just ask me, or I could do a recording for you. I know that quarantine is hard on you, so don’t suffer through this without saying a word.”

The flush on your face and stammering that comes out of your lips are enough for her to laugh and tease you.

Ochako Uraraka

“I was in the area, helping out one of my neighbors buy groceries, so I thought I would stop by,” Uraraka sings cheerfully upon coming into your apartment. “I got you some good coupons, too, since I thought you might like them.”

You look down at the small strips of paper that are spread in a fan with large discounts. It’s amazing how much you save when you go out to buy groceries and other necessities. You’re used to Uraraka’s good luck in finding the best sales and discounts in your favorite brands and everything, but you’ve forgotten how considerate she can be, especially when she’s worried. In her dark eyes, concern bubbles up in them, and she hides it with a large smile. 

For her, she has a lot to lose with the pandemic happening. Even if her parents own a construction company, they’re not exactly in the place to call themselves well-off or anything like that, and they can’t file anything with their insurance since they’re employers themselves. Construction has already been paused throughout Japan, leaving little to none business to profit from. As you watch her turn to leave your apartment just as quickly as she came, you suddenly realize that she didn’t only come for you, but she also needed someone to be with, a constant in her life. 

You poke her cheek softly, giving her a gentle look. “Want to stay for some mochi?”

Her eyes light up at the sound of her favorite food, and she pecks your lips briefly, a noticeable change in her behavior.

“I would like that,” she says, making you smile in response to the idea of spending time with your girlfriend.

Eijirou Kirishima

“Surprise!” your boyfriend says, but you pay no attention to his words, rushing to his arms.

Kirishima embraces you immediately, and it feels like the first time you kissed, so warm and comfortable. It’s easy to lose yourself within this hug because you have almost forgotten what it’s like to touch someone else. Being with him is so comfortable, surrounded by this bubble of bliss and happiness. Your vision blurs out everything around you whenever you’re with him.

He plants his lips on your forehead, giving you a wry smile. “Long time no see, huh?”

“That’s an understatement,” you mumble, rolling your eyes at his optimistic behavior. “I thought that you were only allowed to go out for your work-study, though.”

“It’s called… breaking the rules,” he admits with a small chuckle in a stage whisper. “I wanted to see you so badly. This quarantine’s going to be the end of me if I don’t.”

Sinking into another kiss, you can’t complain because you’re enjoying this just as much as he does, and your fingers climb through his hair, begging for more. There’s so much you want to do and say, but the time isn’t exactly forgiving to you, so you settle with this — him murmuring your names in hurried breaths like this is going to be the last time you ever see each other. You say his name back, letting it become your mantra during these precious moments.

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Deadly Smirk

Denki Kaminari - Angst


Originally posted by misakachan

Summary: A smirk that proved he didn’t care.

A/N: Angsts and drabbles are my specialty what can I say? >3

Warnings: Angst


“You got this Y/n! You got it!” You gave yourself a thumbs up while looking in the mirror. “You look really stupid right now. Just go do it!” Mina and the girls surrounded you and cheered trying to make you less nervous.

“What if he doesn’t like me back?” You ask with scared and verouse eyes, “Are you kidding? You’ve guys kissed so many time!” Ochaco mentioned which made your nerves calm down.

“Yeah but..” “And not to mention you both were each others firsts!” Momo winked at you which made you blush deeply. “Look at her blush!” Mina squished your cheeks with her hands, trying to cheer your spirits up.

“Now go! Or I’ll tell him myself!” She pushed you out and the girls yelled mixes of cheers as they closed the door. You took a deep breath and stepped into the elevator ready to see Denki.

A part of you was positive that he did like you, I mean you guys kissed, did the dirty, flirt, and you two were always together. It just kind of made sense. Then again you were a master over thinker so you doubted yourself a little too much.

Lost in your thoughts about you and Denki you smiled, your confidence high in the air. 

When you walked in on him kissing a 2nd year, that made your confidence waver, Quite a bit. The smile that was on your lips a second ago had turned into a hurt frown. 

His hands on her hips, exploring around her torso as her hands got tangled in his golden hair. You stood there unable to move, still in the elevator.

It’s almost as if you could feel your heart break, feeling a nasty pull in your neck, in your whole body really. It hurt so bad you couldn’t even cry or show any hurt expression. You just stood there. 

You kept watching them. Why the hell did you keep watching them? 

“I love you.” You heard him mutter into the girl’s lips. 

“Oh” Your lips finally moving as you reached out to close the elevator you still stood in.

He broke apart from her as he looked at you, before he can say anything the elevator closed and as soon as they did you fell to your feet, exhaling harsh with the hot tears spilling down your cheeks.

What hurt the most was the deadly smirk he plastered on his face as the elevator closed. 

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REQUEST: just found your blog and i’m loving it so far. would you mind if i request a sequel to ‘wake up with kisses’ but with kirishima and kaminari? thank you ❤️
WARNINGS: fluffy; suggestive/semi-spicy

AUTHOR’S NOTE: thank you so much! i’m happy you do 🥺 here’s the sequel, angel. enjoy! under a cut as per usual because i can’t control myself 🤟 hope you take care!


⤏ safe for work ⤎

  • Does the manliest of men wake up to get more gains? Of course. How will this person, who has also been sculpted by the gods and goddesses themselves, shield and carry the hundreds of civilians he rescues? And, most importantly, you? His quirk isn’t as flashy and offensive as some, we can admit, so that’s all the more reason for this particular sweetheart to put out his utmost effort—his mind, body, and soul—at a daily basis. While I do imagine Eijirou to be the morning type, he’s actually not slipping out of bed at the crack of dawn, well, unless, you know, it’s for Pro Hero-related purposes. 

  • Rise and shine, cutie. You will be the one to pepper his face with kisses until his hands are clutching you close to his chest and he’s mumbling under his warm sleepy breath how fucking adorable you are.

  • The subtle vibrations of your phone beneath your pillow disconnects you from dreamland into reality. Groaning, you twist your body face-first into your pillow as you lazily poke and prod for the source of the low buzz. When you crack a single eye open, you notice the digital clock stamping 8:30 in bolded glory on the screen. You consider going back to sleep because, hell, it’s still too early. But once you hear Eijirou’s snore, you’re swift to angle your head in his direction. 

  • You’re chuckling. Your red-haired boyfriend is on his back, blanket messily bunched at his waist, a hand rested on his hard abdomen under his tank top. There’s a tiny sliver of drool at the corner of his lips, and you hover over your lover to swipe your thumb gently against it.

  • What a cute baby, you mentally coo. You’re already aware that whenever he’s like this, you’d be foolish to believe he’s a light sleeper. Resting your chin at the base of his shoulder, you silently observe him, your eyes trailing the curve of his nose and the plumpness of his lips. Smiling, you know he is yours

  • Reaching for the hand settled on his side, you place sweet delicate kisses from the tips of his fingers down to his knuckles, making sure to grace your love there a just a little longer before continuing around his wrists. He’s cracked bone, torn muscle, and broken skin all in the line of duty; and you want nothing more than to kiss away the memories of his pain and the initial fear he must have felt. It’s Red Riot’s job to protect, but within these four walls, you are the one protecting him

  • Your mouth ventures to the peak of his nose, offering a chaste kiss. As your eyelashes flutter, you brace the palms of your hands over your heart, chest heaving harder this time. Thank goodness for your unwavering willpower—you’d be smothering Eijirou kiss after kiss after kiss until he and you are a breathless mess. 

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Hello! I don’t actually have that many fics currently- but I probably will eventually so I’m making a master list :) 


Bakugo x Reader

Sleepless (Fluff?)

Stars (smau) 

Demon (Fantasy AU) : Part one // Part two

Fight (Angst)


Kaminari x Reader

Kaminari with a tsundere s/o

Wow- there is like nothing- but I’m working on it! Plus, I have spring break so yeah >:)

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Words: 3984

Warning: Smut, oral sex (fem receiving), dry [wet] humping, ack idk, it’s not too dirty… think, everyone involved in sexual acts are aged up to 18.




Thump. Thump. Could she get close enough to count all of his freckles?


Wow, he really had the cutest laugh. Thump. Thump.

“Y/N, I swear to god.”

Thump. Thump. Did he know how attractive he was? Thump. Thump. Thump.

“Y/N! Stop hitting me with your fucking tail!” Jirou snapped, grabbing the fluffy appendage beating wildly against her leg.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Y/N yelped trying to pull her tail away.

“Jirou, let go of her tail. You know it’s sensitive.” Uraraka scolded, not looking up from her homework.

“Yeah, well so is my thigh! And miss foxy is bruising it with her heart thumper!” Jirou huffed.

Y/N whined and tugged her tail again. “I’m sorry, please let go.”

Jirou gave her tail a warning squeeze before releasing it. “Hit me with it again and I will yank it.”

“Be nice.” Uraraka hummed. “She can’t help it.”

Mina laughed. “Yeah, she sees Wattage boy and gets so excited her tail almost flies off.”

Y/N whined and tucked her tail around herself. “That’s not true.”

“Yes, it is.” The girls replied. 

“Mean…” She huffed.

“We wouldn’t tease you so much if you weren’t so head over heels for him.” Toru giggled.

“I’m not head over heels for him… I just… like him… a bit.” Y/N shrugged, willing herself not to look over when Denki laughed.

“Sure, you’re not.” Mina laughed and Y/N blushed.

Momo gently patted her head, while standing to grab something. “It’s okay, Y/N.”

“Yeah, we understand; you’re in love with him!” Toru corrected. 

“No, I’m not.” Y/N huffed.

“Guys, leave her alone.” Uraraka warned.

“No, watch!” Jirou snickered. “Hey, boys!”

“Stop it.” Uraraka finally looked up, glaring at the punk teen. 

“Wanna join our study group, we’re gonna work on the history homework next!” Jirou offered, a teasing smile hiding on her lips.

“Oh, I totally forgot about that!” Kirishima said. “Thanks, J!”

“I was trying to forget about it…” Denki groaned. “I suck at history.”

“That’s fine, Y/N’s great at history!” Mina piped.

“Guys, stop it.” Uraraka snapped quietly, so as to not alert the approaching boys.

“Yeah, she’s got a B in the class, right, Y/N?” Toru added. 

Y/N tried to calm her erratic heartbeat as Denki came closer. “Um, I, an A… I have an A…”

“Perfect. Here, Sparky, take my seat.” Jirou offered, standing up.

Uraraka watched as Denki happily took the seat next to the jittery girl, seemingly unaware of her nerves. Sero, Kirishima, Ojiro and Midoriya filled in where they could. They all actually started to work on the history work, but the girls could only really focus on Y/N and Denki. Mina even situated herself sideways on the couch to push the two together.

Uraraka grew irritated watching Mina literally shove them together. Y/N genuinely tried to help Denki through the work, but the closer she was pushed, she was nearly in his lap. He didn’t seem to mind as he shifted letting her move closer.

His arm ended up draped over the back of the couch behind her and her tail began thumping again. Of course, the girls noticed. They locked eyes with each other, not heeding the glare Uraraka gave them.

“What’s got you so excited, Y/N?” Mina laughed, pulling all the attention to their area. “Your tail is gonna smash through the couch with how hard you’re swinging it.”

The object in question stiffened straight and the girl it was attached to turned redder than a tomato and that was the last straw for Uraraka. “Alright, guys. Sorry to leave so abruptly, but I forgot Y/N and I had things planned today.”

Y/N looked up at her best friend with thankful orbs. Uraraka started walking away, gently beckoning Y/N with her hand. She hopped off the couch and hurried to follow, waving a shy farewell to everyone.

Once in Uraraka’s room Y/N crawled into her friend’s bed and whined pitifully. Uraraka sighed, and went to her closet. She started tugging out blankets and tossed them to the bed.

Knowing Y/N for three plus years, she knew how to make the girl feel better. Y/N’s quirk manifested as a Kitsune, fox spirit, several tails, godlike powers. The whole nine yards. 

With anxiety. 

“Y/N, babe… don’t burrow into my actual bed, please.” Uraraka pleaded gently. “You know they were only teasing, sweetheart.”

Y/N huffed and peaked out of her newly made fluffy cave. “You’re the one that got angry.”

Uraraka sighed deeply. “Yeah, you’re right. But I couldn’t just leave you there… you were going to implode.”

“I kinda wish you did.” Y/N mumbled. “It was the closest I’d been to him, probably ever.”

“They were forcing you into his arms, babes.” Uraraka gently rubbed her head.

Y/N sat up and pouted. “I liked it.”

“Then talk to the boy!” Uraraka laughed. “You absolutely are head over heels for him and we all know it!”

“Yeah, except the boy in question.” Y/N panicked.

Uraraka rolled her eyes. "Just talk to him if you want to be with him. Like flirt with him, that’s kinda how relationships become a thing.”

Y/N whined again and curled into the blankets. “Fine. I’ll try. But, I get cuddles, right now.”

As promised. Y/N did try to talk to Denki. Now, trying and succeeding are two very different things.

Of course, she spoke to him, asking for pencils in class, communicating during group work, the occasional comment in a conversation at lunch. But talking as in flirting and trying to relay the fact that she had a crush on him- yeah, no. Didn’t happen. At all. All she managed to do was stress herself out. 

Which brought her to her current situation. 

“Get back here you muti-tailed little fuck!” Bakugo screamed chasing the tiny fox around the dorm.

Y/N let out a screaming bark and dodged the angry pink haired teen. She slid across the floor, just narrowly escaping Bakugo’s blast. She leaped over the couch and into Uraraka’s lap for protection.

“I’m going to strangle you, you tiny little shit!” Bakugo growled, glaring at the four legged Y/N.

“Let’s not threaten people’s lives he…re…” Uraraka trailed off looking up. “Oh my god.”

“Woah, dude. When did you decide to dye your hair?” Kirishima asked.

“I didn’t, the fox bitch put dye in my shampoo!” He snarled. Y/N snickered, her laugh pissing him off more. “Yeah, you won’t be laughing when I blow off your extra tails!”

“I don’t know, I think she did you a favor. Pastel pink, it really makes your eyes pop.” Sero chuckled, before dodging the couch pillow aimed for his face. 

“Oh, come on. Don’t be too upset, you know her pranks are never hurtful. It’s probably temporary anyway.” Momo giggled. 

Y/N laughed again but Bakugo narrowed his eyes at her, effectively shutting her up. She looked over at the few classmates sitting around her, silently begging for help. Each one adverted their eyes, playfully.

“Oh, no, Y/N, you got yourself into this mess.” Uraraka flicked her ear.

Y/N begged and whined as Bakugo glared harder at her. She wiggled herself closer to Uraraka’s chest while steadily eyeing her exit. The exit that was blocked by the new pink haired teen as he already calculated her plan.

Idiot. They were in the hero course. 

Y/N turned and looked at another way out, she’d have to haul ass, but she could probably make it. She slowly crept up onto the backrest of Urarka’s chair, keeping eye contact with Bakugo, cautiously. Three solid seconds passed before she bolted.

Bakugo cursed and followed after her. She scurried across the room quickly, yelping when his explosion singed her tails. Her escape, the open door, was feet away, but Bakugo was closer.

Suddenly she turned to her left just before she reached the door. She tumbled across the floor as Bakugo tried to alter his course but instead slipped and tumbled out the door. Y/N scrambled up to run in the opposite direction towards the dorm rooms.

She only had a slight advantage; she already heard his footsteps pounding up the stairs after her. She hurriedly ducked into one of the rooms left open, thankfully, and pushed her body against it to close it. She held her breath as he passed by the room.

After a few moments of hearing his shouts and explosions fade, she let her lungs function again and collapsed dramatically on the floor. Y/N looked around, wondering whose room she found refuge in. It was bright, a bit all over the place. Maybe a boy’s room, from the look of the shorts she found. She pawed at the article of clothing straightening it out. She looked at them, closely, slowly she leaned down to sniff them.

Suddenly, she yipped in fear and jumped away from them as the door swung open, landing on the bed. Y/N blinked at the startled electric centered boy, her tiny fox form looking completely out of place. Of course, in the midst of running from Bakugo, she found her way into Denki’s room.

“Not that I’m complaining, but, uh…” Denki finally asked. "Y/N… Why are you in my room?”

She sat quiet, she was unable to respond without shifting back, but, that thought was put on the back burner as she noticed he was shirtless, droplets of water sliding down his chest. Out of pure and uttermost adoration, and slight arousal, her tails started to thump aggressively against his pillow.

Suddenly, Bakugo’s shout was heard throughout the hall and Y/N’s tails fluffed up in fear. “I’m going to assume that’s why you’re hiding in my bed, pup?”

Y/N whined and jerked her head in agreement. He laughed and closed his door completely, just in time for Bakugo to walk past. Y/N wiggled herself lower into his bed as he migrated over to his dresser.

“You gonna change back, cutie?” Denki asked pulling out a shirt, he chuckled when she shook her head. “As much as I enjoy having the foxiest little babe in the world, in my bed. I’d rather be able to talk to her.”

Still she kept her fox form and restrained herself form bounding around the room at his flirt. She knew he was a natural flirt with everyone, but it still made her heart hit harder in her chest when his words were directed at her.

“Okay, how about this. You can stay if you shift back?” He bargained, sitting on the bed.

That wasn’t fair… she wasn’t ready to leave yet… Y/N narrowed her eyes at him and shifted back into her human form. “Hi.”

“There you are beautiful.” He smiled, leaning down to brush her hair out of her eyes. “I would’ve let you stay anyway, just so you know.”

“So, you just wanted to see my titties.” She teased without a second thought.

Denki smirked, glancing down at her sports bra. “Not the intention, but I’m not complaining.”

His proximity rendered her stupid, but excited. He leaned closer to her and she tried to lean back but she hit the wall. His hand still sat warmly on her face, doing nothing to calm her pounding heart, she wondered if he could hear it.

“Your tail is thumping hard, babe.” Y/N almost felt her tail pick up speed at the pet name.

“It, it happens when I’m excited…” She whispered.

“Good to know.” He nodded, slowly inching closer. “What’s got you so excited?”

She glanced down to his lips and bit her own, losing herself in the fantasy of just closing the distance between them. Soft, warm pressed against her own. Yes, please. Her short daydream was interrupted when his thumb brushed over her lips, gently freeing her bottom one free of her teeth.

“Don’t bite that lip, I want that job.” He ordered softly, making her whimper. Y/N flushed, thinking over his words, she could tell he was waiting for her response, but she couldn’t seem to spit out the words of agreement for the life of her. For some reason it seemed too easy, so instead-

“Then do it.”

She gasped as he surged forwards, crushing his lips into hers. She moaned into his mouth, her hands gripping his shoulders for support. Out of all eighteen years of her life, she’d never had her breath stolen like he had done. True to his word, Denki caught her lip with his teeth and tugged it gently, relishing in the whimpered moan she rewarded him with.

Y/N’s hand found new purchase in his hair, gripping tightly and the growl he let out sent pulses straight down to her core. She pulled again and fell dizzy when he grinded into her, his fingers digging into the flesh of her thighs. He left her lips in favour of kissing down her neck, gently nipping along the way. She tugged his hair and jerked against his hands, trying to reconnect their lips, but a sharp bite under her ear halted her attempts.

“Don’t do that, or I will fuck you before I get the chance to take you on a date.” He warned, soothing the purpling mark he left behind.

She whined and tried lifting her hips again, despite his hands holding them down. “A- a date is meant for get to know the person you’re seeing. We’ve known each other for years, Denki…”

“I want you to be my girlfriend, not just a fuck.” He muttered trailing his lips across her clavicle.

“Yes.” She breathed, slowly losing her mind. “Yes, like three years ago.”

Denki chuckled. “If I had known that I would have asked three years ago.”

Annoyed with the lack of attention on her lips she yanked his hair again, this time successfully pulling his head up. “I wasn’t hiding it; you just might actually be an idiot.”

His hand suddenly circled her throat, squeezing the sides warningly. “Don’t be a brat, now.”

Y/N moaned in submission, but still, she tried to keep the boldness she had before. “N-not my fault you weren’t paying attention…”

He smirked, hearing her voice waver. “You’re so cute when you act tough, honey.”

“Fuck, just kiss me, please.”

Denki complied to her request and kissed her again, his hand slowly sliding up her sides to brush the sides of her chest, only fully grasping her mounds when she arched herself forwards presenting them to him. His tongue drifted across her lips, politely asking for an entrance, which she happily granted him. The sweet taste of him flooded her senses, nearly drowning her and making her head spin.

She teased his tongue with her own, playfully, with no actual intent on trying to win the battle. He groaned, squeezing her breasts hard, before flicking over the harden peaks trying to pierce through her bra. Once again his lips retreated and migrated down her chest, nipping and biting marks all the way down.

“Can I take this off?” He asked, fingering the fabric separating him from her softness.

“Please.” She panted, tugging at it herself.

As soon as her breasts were free from their confinements, he let his teeth sink into her supple flesh, making her arch into his mouth. “You’re so soft, baby.” He breathed against her.

The compliment made her blush. “Th-thank you…”

“Do you trust me?” He asked, confusing her.

“What?” She gasped.

“Do you trust me?” He repeated, sticking his tongue out for her. Sparks flittered over the wet muscle.

Y/N nodded softly tugging his head to her chest. “Yeah, yeah. Yes.”

Her gasp would’ve made him pull his lips off her nipple to ensure she was alright, but only if it wasn’t followed by a sweet moan. Really it just encouraged him to tease them further. But, when he bit down, the pleasurable pain sensation shot straight down to the apex of her thighs combining with another pressure there. It was then that realized the fingers that snuck under her shorts, pressing deft circles into her clit.

A soft whine left her lips, her hips jumping against his hand, and just about lost cried when a single digit slipping into her briefly before retreating to toy with her clit. “Denki, I swear if you don’t do something more I’ll- oh my, fuck!”

Two fingers plunged into her heat, curling against the soft spot hidden inside her. “What was that, princess?”

“Ah, Denki, please.” She whimpered when he removed his fingers again.

“Shh, I got you.” He assured, tugging her shorts down, revealing an adorable pair of underwear covered in sunset clouds- a small bow at the top. “Cute panties.”

Y/N blushed and moved to cover them. “I… I wasn’t really expecting this so, um.”

Denki rolled his eyes and pushed her hands out of the way. “I’m pretty sure I just said I think they’re cute.”

“Cute isn’t sexy.” She argued as he made his way down her body. He bit down on her hip, pulling a hiss of pleasure from her mouth.

“I think you look sexy in anything.” He admitted. “Sweatpants and a tee shirt, your hero costume, the school uniform. Anything.”

“I’m pretty sure that last one is a kink.” She giggled.

“Mmm, probably, but,” Suddenly his mouth enveloped her clit through her panties and her hands flew to his hair, a cry escaping her. “I’m not wrong.”

He tugged her underwear off, spreading her thighs a bit more. He wasted no time re-attaching himself to her bundle of nerves. Groaning at her taste, he spread her lips and licked into her with so much earnest, you’d think he was starving.

Moans and whimpers fell from her lips, eagerly encouraging him further. He tightened his grip on her thighs, pulling her closer to his face. “God, you taste so good.” A moan echoed into the room when she tried to thank him, courtesy of the long fingers drilling into her. Her finger tugged at his hair, although she wasn’t sure if she wanted to push him away or tug him closer, the pleasure spike nearly being too much for her.

Denki pulled away from her core, panting. “Come on, baby, I can feel you clenching on my fingers. You’re so close.”

“Shit, D-Denki!” Tears welled in her eyes, her hips thrashing against the hold he had on her hip. “I, I- Oh my god!”

He nibbled soft love bite into her neck, picking up his pace, before whispering in her ear. “Cum for me, Y/N.”

One final press on her sweet spot pushed her over and her body bowed so tightly, Denki was almost afraid she’d snap in half. He was quick to cover her mouth with his, swallowing her cries. His fingers slowed, easing her down from her high, only fully pulling out when her hips started shifting away from his ministrations.

Y/N allowed him to maneuver her body on top of his, cuddling her to his chest. He gently rubbed her back, while she caught her breath. “You okay, cutie.”

“Sorry, for hiding in your room.” Y/N apologized.

“My face was just between your thighs, and that’s the topic of conversation?” He laughed.

She hummed, nuzzling his neck. “There’s not much to say for the other subject… I can’t feel my legs.”

Denki snorted, hugging her closer. “I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

“Wait, you didn’t cum.” She realized sitting up.

He gently traced up and down her sides, grinning. “That’s okay, that can wait until after our date I’m taking you on.”

She pouted down at him. “Why not before and after…?” Her question brought more life to his cock that already strained against his shorts, but he shook his head.

“It’s okay, babe.” Still she pouted at him for a moment, thoughtfulness swimming through her eyes. Suddenly, she scooted back, sliding downwards until she was pressed against his hardness.

“Please, I want to help…” She begged, softly grinding on him.

“Fuck, princess.” He groaned, his head falling back.

She felt him twitch and pushed herself harder against him. With each roll of her hips, her slick soaked through his shorts. He grabbed her hips, helping her move against his low curses escaping him. Finally, Y/N grew tired of the dry-wet- humping and raised her hip to tug his shorts down.

“Babe-.” He breathed, ready to make sure she didn’t feel pressured into it, but she stopped him with a whine.

“Please, I want you in me.” She pleaded, just hovering over his tip.

Denki nodded and watched as she slowly lowered herself onto him. He sucked in a breath, forcing himself to keep still, despite the intense urge to bury himself in her, he didn’t want to hurt her. Her head fell forwards in pleasure feeling him stretch her out so nicely. Denki was quick gently massaging her sides as he whispered soft praises to her. “You’re doing so good, babe. Relax.”

Finally, she was fully seated on him, trying to take a moment to adjust, but the fluttering of her heat broke his will and he gave a sharp thrust into her. She cried out, clamping down around him, walls rippling and juices soaking him further.

Eyes wide with lustful awe, “Fuck… Did you just cum?” He asked, redundantly.

She shuddered and panted. “N-not, oh god. Not my fault.”

He rolled them over with ease, staying inside of her and growled into her neck. “You’re so tight, fuck…”

He slowly retreated from her warmth before plunging into her. A gasping moan tumbled from her lips as he repeated his actions and she tried to lift her hips to meet him. His pace increased and he nip at her neck, lifting her legs up to wrap around his hips.

“You’re doing so good, baby. Taking my cock so well, shit.” He praised, drilling into her harder.

“Denki… I-!” Y/N’s sobbing moan and tightening walls alerted him that he had found her soft spot. “Gonna cum, gon’cum. Please, please, please. Oh my god!”

Her admission sent him into overdrive, he pulled one of her legs over his shoulder and pounded into her at a pace that sent her eyes rolling back. Her nails clawed down his back, the overstimulation making her seek out some sort of support.

“Let go, baby, I got you.” Denki kissed her cheek and trailed his hand down to draw messy shapes on her swollen clit.

It all soon became too much, and she felt the familiar knot forming in your abdomen once more. She clenched around Denki and after a few more pumps her legs started to tremble as her final release washed over her. He was quick to pull out, emptying himself on her stomach, groaning deeply as he finished.

After a moment of admiring Y/N’s fucked out state he got up to retrieve a warm towel to clean her up. She hummed as he kissed her as he cleaned her, before finally coming up to connect their lips. It was softer than the most previous ones they shared but it made her heart pound just the same, maybe even more.

“Mmm,” Y/N tapped his shoulder, pulling back. “Can we roll over, I’m lying on my tail.”

Denki chuckled, but complied, rolling onto his back, pulling her onto his chest and draw soft circles in her back. Her tail waved contently, tickling his skin when it brushed across his hand. Slowly, they drifted off, their heartbeats lulling the other half to sleep. Well, almost to sleep.

“Sparky, you see the Yokai anywh-!” Bakugo threw open Denki’s door, scarring the fuck out of both naked parties.

Denki instinctively pulled the blankets up around Y/N and coughed awkwardly. “H-hey Bakugo. Nice hair…”

Bakugo stood, face slowly reddening, jaw slack. He blinked a few times before snapping out of it. “Naked or not, you’re dying you little shit.”

Y/N squealed and scrambled out of Denki’s arms as Bakugo fell into them. “Text me!” And with that she shifted into her fox form and bolted.

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can you do the sensitive/hates yelling s/o for todo and denki? *forehead kissu*

todoroki shouto

  • Shouto, first of all, is a blunt person. He has no problem telling someone who’s been too loud to shut the hell up.
  • He’s not really a fan of much noise either, and yelling makes him anxious too, so you don’t have to worry about either of those two things coming from him. If Shouto’s angry about something, he’d take a while to think things through, then would bring it up if it was more of a pressing matter.
  • He’s new to comforting someone through difficult times, but he imagines how his mom used to hold him, anfaird how that coupled with reassuring words would help, and does his best to use that on you.
  • Hugging you close, talking about comforting things that he knows are grounding for you, all while gauging your reactions and adjusting what he’s doing as needed.
  • Shouto tries his best to help you out in any way you need.

kaminari denki

  • He’s not brave enough to tell Bakugou to shut the fuck up, but man, does Denki try. When he figures out that it does more harm than good, he tries to move you to another room as soon as he can.
  • When he gets anxious, he may let some of those emotions spill over into frustration. When he finds out that’s why you cower away from him when he raises his voice, he tries to take a step back in those moments and handle it in a different way.
  • When you do do get overwhelmed and scared, he’s unsure what to do at first. He’s not good at comforting people - it doesn’t come naturally to him. Denki will try his best to calm you down, whispering words that he hopes are comforting and rubbing his your back.
  • Definitely learns to have some emotional control and some restraint as he doesn’t want to be too loud around you.
  • Denki just wants you to feel comfortable around him, and he doesn’t mind quieting down just a little bit if it means you can feel safe with him.
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Love Sparks

Pairing: Kaminari Denki x Reader

Soulmate AU

Warnings: None

P.O.V: Reader’s

Word Count: 2,644

The knowledge about how and when Quirks came along goes far beyond my family’s history, at least I think. My name is Aizawa, (f/n) and I am preparing for my UA entrance exam, thankfully my mother has allowed me to come to Japan from America for schooling. She mentioned something about being able to meet my grandparents as well as my biological father, if I get the chance. She hasn’t told me much about him, every time I’d ask her she’d get really mad and tell me not to ask again, but I was persistent, I just had to know. But that’s not the only thing I had to know, not only are quirks a fascinating part of our lives but so is the way we find our forever person, our body’s receive a shock that courses through our bodies when we make skin to skin contact with our soulmate. 

I stood at the main gates and took a few deep breaths, this was it, the beginning of my future, if I passed this entrance exam I will officially be a hero student at UA High. As I took my steps over the threshold and moved closer to the designated building I let out a shaky breath I didn’t realize I was holding. What if my quirk might not be good enough to get through? What if someone has a similar quirk and they have better control over it than I do? I stopped walking all together and was about to turn around when someone crashed into me. 


I looked up to see what I could only describe as an angry porcupine, his face contorted with rage if I looked at him close enough I’d probably see steam coming out of his ears. I let out a quick apology and nodded, he tsked and walked away grumbling, boy I would hate to be in the same testing area as him, I’m just grateful that I didn’t say anything back to him.  I shook my head clear and walked into the building, looking for my number I sat next to a kid who looked like he was in the wrong place, he dressed a bit too formal. I wonder if he’s going to take the exam in that? 

I took a quick glance around and gulp, there’s a lot of kids here, I knew how prestigious the school was and how low the acceptance rate was, but this was just insane. My attention was soon directed to the front  where- oh my gosh it’s the Pro-hero Present Mic., he’s giving us the run down for the practical? This should be good. 

Present Mic. walked to the middle of the stage, he turned to all of us and screamed,

“Welcome to today’s live performance. Everybody say, hey!”

We were all silent. You could hear crickets chirping. 

“Well, that’s cool, my examinee listeners! I’m here to present the guidelines of your practical, are you ready, there was silence, yet again as he screamed, "YEAH! ”

Listening to Present Mic. screaming and talking loud like he always does began to give me a headache, rubbing my temples I tried to focus on what he was saying. A few rows or so away, I heard what sounded like muttering, I quietly turned and looked towards it, there was a boy with unruly green hair next to, I can’t believe it… it’s the angry porcupine from earlier who knocked into me. Though he didn’t seem too happy to be next to the green haired boy.

“This is how the test will go, my listeners! You’ll be experiencing 10-minute-long "mock cityscape maneuvers”! Bring along whatever you want! After this presentation, each head to your assigned testing location.“

"Is that so kids from the same middle school can’t help each other out?”

I heard from the duo behind me, shaking my head clear I was happy that I didn’t know anyone from Japan so it’d be easier for me to take the test and not worry about  any of my friends who were also trying to get into UA, all I have to do is worry about myself. 

“Each site is filled with 3 kinds of faux villains, points are rewarded for defeating each according to their respective difficulty levels!! Use your quirks to disable, these faux villains and earn points! That’s your goal, listeners! Of course, playing the anti-hero and attacking other examinees is prohibited!”

I noticed during this part of Present Mics. explanation, the boy dressed in formal attire next to me was twitching in his seat, he waited for Present Mic. to finish talking before he up abruptly stood up with his hand and paper in the air.

“Excuse me, but if I may ask a question?!”

Oh boy, this ought to be great… 

“There appear to be no fewer than 4 varieties of fuck, the one on this handout, such a bland, if it is one, is highly unbecoming for you. Japan’s top academy we’re all here today in the hopes of being molded into model heroes.”

He then turned and pointed to Green Bean. 

“And you with the curly hair, you’ve been muttering this whole time, it’s the strap thing if this is some sort of game to you then please leave immediately! ”

He muttered, sorry and put his hands to his mouth, I covered my mouth with my hand and fought back a giggle. 

“Alright, alright, examining 7111 nice catch thanks, but the 4th faux villain variety gets you zero points this more of an obstacle, have you all played Super Mario Brothers, the old retro games?”

“It’s kind of like a thwomp! Only one at each site, a "gimmick” that will rampage around in close quarters.“

I heard quiet murmurs about the zero pointer all around me and just shook my head in pity, clearly this is a decoy. Yes, there may be a zero pointer but it’s more likely to be the biggest one there is otherwise there’d be more stationed at each site. They expect us not to worry about said faux villain, yet it’ll probably be the most important one in the whole exam, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. 

"Thank you, sir, I apologize for the interruption!”

With that the formal guy next to me took a bow and sat back down. 

“That’s all for me, I’ll leave my listeners  with our school motto, the great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ‘true heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life!’ plus ultra!! Break a leg everyone! ”

With that everyone got up from their spots and filed out in search of where they were to go.  As I looked around the battle center I was sent to a breathed out a sigh of relief, neither the formal dude or the hot head were in sight. I looked around for the green bean to ask him what the hot head had shoved up his butt, but to my dismay he wasn’t assigned to my battle center either.  Looking around I see people meditating and conversing with each other, I don’t need to do either. I began walking towards the front of the crowd marveling at the city front before me. I looked around and saw Present Mic. on top of a platform and smiled up at him and waved, like a buffoon he looked and and pointed to himself in confusion then waved back before pointing to the city urgently. 

I took that as my cue to go so I took a deep breath and ran in, I made in about 10 feet into the city before I heard him call out. 

“What are you waiting for?! There are no timers in real battles! Begin!”

I knew if I turned around I’d see all the kids running towards me so I decided to get some air coverage. Sticking my arms and hands out to my sides I shot up into the air leaving a trail of water spiraling down below me. I landed on a high rise and looked around the city, seeing a 1 pointer and a 2 pointer approaching I summoned a ball of water into my hands and contorted it into a spear. 

I began to run and jump the rooftops closer to the faux villains and replicated the spear before throwing them both at each bot, taking them down. As the bots were falling I hopped onto them and used my water to slide down to the ground. Looking around them I did a double check to make sure nobody made it this far and accidentally got crushed by a giant falling robot. After seeing it was clear I decided to make way to the center on food, as I began to jog I heard a scream from behind me. I turned to look and saw a 3 pointer ready to crush a girl with pink hair and what appears to be horns? I looked closer and saw her foot was stuck and she was trying to get out without using her quirk on herself. I definitely wouldn’t make it to her by running, so I had to muster up my energy and use my quirk from afar, something I’m not too good at. 

“Hey! Close your eyes!”

The girl looked at me and nodded, I then stood next to one of the fallen faux villain bots and took a stray piece in a ball of water I expanded to its size, quickly I released the piece and expanded the water ball more until it was the size of the bot. I hurled the ball of water at the bot and encased it in my water ball before throwing the water ball into the air, it disappeared from the center and past the clouds. 

“Okay, I may have been a little too extreme… ”

I muttered to myself, as I walked over to the girl and helped free her. 

“You good?”

She nodded and thanked me. 

“Don’t mention it, just go get some more points for yourself. I’d hate for you not to be able to get in because you were stuck and couldn’t stop thanking someone who saved you.”

After taking down a few more bots and saving a few people I estimate that I have around 35 points right now which means I should be in good standing. I was so lost in thought that I bumped into someone, they sent a shock through me and I froze for a second before shaking my arm. 

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you with my quirk are you okay?" 

'What? Wait? He hit me with his quirk?’

I cleared my head and looked at him in confusion, that wasn’t just the electric shock that goes through your body when you meet your soulmate? 

"Oh…  uh. Don’t worry about it. I’m all good.”

'Lies, why would I be alright? You know damn well it wasn’t your quirk.’

He gave me a look of uncertainty and smiled. 

“Hi, I’m Kaminari Denki. Nice to meet you uh…  what’s your name?”

I scoffed internally, 'really? That’s how you’re gonna ask me my name? Dude just how dense are you?’

“F/n L/n. Crap, sorry. L/N, F/N. Nice to meet you as well Kaminari. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and rack up more points so if you don’t mind I’ll just be o-”

Kaminari cut me off by yelling. 

“That’s a zero pointer! No way! That thing is huge!”

Looking up I saw what he was talking about, I smirked. 

“U.A. definitely lives up to its prestigious name. I am impressed. Wow. This zero pointer is glorious.”

Kaminari looked at me like I was insane, as if I somehow sparked a fire in him he puffed out his chest in glee and smirked. 

“All the more reason for me to prove my strength. Stand back L/N I’m gonna light this bot up.”

I blinked in surprise as he ran towards the bot and he charged up- no way, he wasn’t kidding. Large amounts of electricity sprayed out of his hands to the bot, it froze in place for a few moments with electricity spazzing all around the bots frame, but it didn’t go down. Kaminari turned to me and gave me a thumbs up and a dumb look on his face. 

“Kaminari you fool! You fried your brain with that foolish attack!”

The bot soon was out of its shocked state and raised it’s foot ready to pummel the poor dunce. I quickly mustered up my strength and formed a water ball and sent it at Kaminari, once he was inside I whipped it at me. Kaminari and the water ball collided into me just as the bot stomped down where Kaminari was seconds before. I stood up and slapped Kaminari, feeling another jolt of electricity surge through me. 

'Awh hell. This fool is my soulmate and he’s too dense to realize it’s not his quirk.’

I turned to the bot and watched it moved closer before turning back to Kaminari. 

“After this exam you’re taking me out for ice cream for saving your fried ass not only once but twice.”

I turned back to the bot and sent two water balls towards the next spots where it would step, not satisfied with the ground I sent more until the bot stepped and sunk a few feet. 

“Yes! It worked!”

I happily then made a few water spears and threw them at the bot before I took a deep breath in, closed my eyes and concentrated on a tiny ball of water in my hands, I needed to focus all my energy if I wanted to make this work. I slowly enlarged the ball in my hand and listened as it started to crackle and pop, taking another deep breath I slowly opened my eyes and smirked before shrinking the softball sized water ball and throwing it at the exposed part of the bot. Once it was a foot from contacting the bot I spread my arms out enlarging the crackling ball and watched as it downed the bot. 

I looked to Kaminari and sighed. I need to get him somewhere safe until this wears off, if I leave him here he’ll be an easy target for the other bots. I’m pretty sure there’s five minutes left meaning I can still get a few more points if I hurry up. I took some gummies out of my pocket and threw them in my mouth, I’m lucky we were allowed to bring things in that would help us, otherwise I’d have been out for the count when I helped that pink girl.  I led Kaminari to a safe area and smirked as a three pointer came out of the alley next to us, I jumped up with my water and formed water around my wrist as I plummeted down and punched the bot. It went down just as Present Mic. screeched. 

“It’s all over! Good job everybody! 

Within moments Recovery Girl was by my side looking at Kaminari, she shook her head and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Kaminari blinked and looked around in a state of confusion before looking at me. 

"Come on Kaminari, you owe me an ice cream.”

I poked his cheek and was sent another shock of electricity, which he definitely would have felt as all and leaned into his ear. 

“After all we are soulmates, and I just saved your butt.”

I gave the shocked boy a knowing smile and grasped his hand and began leasing him away towards the exit. If we both somehow get into the hero course this was going to be one exciting year…

A/N: this is AU prompt was brought upon you thanks to the bnha discord server. You can find other works by member of the discord here:

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Oof Idk if you’re gonna see this but 👀 what about Sero and Kaminari doing prank wars with their s/o during the week of April Fools head canons maybe

ooooo bitch when I saw this i just HAD to do it

Happy April fools yall!!’s not even 3pm and 8 people have told me they either pregnant or got the virus lmaoo

April Fools(ft. Sero and Kaminari)

warnings: light cursing, nsfw mentioned


Originally posted by foolishchesspawn


  • mr.aizawa announced a week before that starting Monday and leading to April fools yall were allowed to do pranks as long as they weren’t violent and inappropriate
  • And the minute he said that you and Sero share the most MISCHIEVOUS look
  • Cuz bitch we up to something
  • first things first yall finna need the funds to get what yall need to do your pranks
  • And who’s a better candidate than the man himself Todoroki Shouto?
  • Sero and Todoroki are basically great friends
  • so he pretty much walks up to Todoroki and asks if he can have his dad’s credit card
  • Literally Todoroki handed it to him with ZERO hesitation and with the straightest face he said, “go crazy”
  • That poor boy will regret that
  • so yall just start buying things from amazon using that prime two day shipping
  • You guys didn’t really have a plan but when the stuff you bought arrived yall had a basic idea
  • So Sunday night( March 29) yall planned to switch the boy’s clothes with crop tops and booty shorts with all might merch and the girls with onesies with nezu’s face on it
  • It was surprisingly easy to pick the locks of all their dorms
  • The next day was a fucking MESS
  • Bakugou raised HELL and yall had to stop him from choking out Kaminari cuz he thought he was responsible
  • Ass was looking right in those shorts tho
  • Mineta was doing his best to fight Bakugou he was failing terribly
  • Tokoyami, Shoji, Koda, and Oijiro refused to leave their dorm
  • Iida was DEMANDING that whoever responsible should come up and confess
  • Kirishima and Midoriya covered themselves in towels with BRIGHT red faces
  • Todoroki couldn’t give a single shit but secretly he was waiting to see you two cuz it was finna be on SIGHT
  • And Aoyama was enjoying himself like the baddie he is
  • The girls were CHILLING in their onesies tho mineta nasty ass was disappointed cuz he thought they had to wear the same thing
  • Uraraka took pictures and was chased by Kirishima, Mina was gassing up Aoyama while secretly trying to take a picture of todoroki’s ass, Jirou was CACKLING at kaminari, and the rest were just enjoying the scene
  • It got so bad aizawa had to come in and he did his DAMN best not to laugh
  • He ordered that whoever did it to just return everyone’s clothes
  • Yall weren’t gonna do it at first but when aizawa mentioned detention yall ran to get the bags that you put everyone’s clothes in
  • Yall would’ve DIED that day if aizawa hadn’t intervened
  • Best believe tomorrow yall were finna be the prime targets
  • But did you two care? Hell no
  • Everyone and they mama was active monday night tho, hurrying to get their pranks in order
  • Even bakugou was plotting
  • Tuesday yall did something lowkey
  • Just taped everyone’s door completely shut
  • And sero’s tape is STRONG as shit
  • Tuesday morning yall wake up to straight BANGING everywhere
  • People are screaming and cursing yall out to hell and back
  • You facetime sero and yall are just cackling on the phone
  • But not for long tho because apparently someone switched your uniform to one that was two sizes small
  • Someone also replaced all your socks for red and white candy cane ones
  • So stepping out of your dorm you look like a mess
  • And so does the rest of the class
  • You and sero planned something cute for Apirl fools but after getting played by your classmates FUCK THAT
  • Tuesday night yall make brownies, cakes, cookies, all kinds of deserts
  • So thoughtful right? Fuck no cuz sero added weed to the mix
  • April fools come around and thankfully no one fucked with your uniform but you woke up surrounded by melted ice cubes, your combs and shit were gone, and your bathroom doorknob was melted off
  • When you get to the common room everyone’s enjoying the food you and sero made
  • You see sero smiling evilly in the background while devouring a slice of cake
  • Fast forward to second period and everyone is TWEAKIN out
  • Bakugou is knocked TF out
  • kirishima and kaminari can’t stop laughing
  • Midoriya’s writing notes with his pencil upside down
  • momo swears the answer is 2020 and iida is backing her up and is ready to fight Midnight
  • Uraraka’s just spinning in her chair
  • Todoroki keeps standing up and missing his seat so he keeps busting his ass
  • And everyone else is just in a d a z e
  • Yall are so lucky midnight was clueless as fuck
  • Yeah uh… by the end of day the class was ready to WHOOP yall asses
  • It wasn’t hard for them to figure y’all out

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cuddle h/cs with bakugo, todorki, kaminari?

thank you for the request lovely anon! i enjoyed writing it and i hope u enjoy reading ~ gem


Originally posted by bnhasdaily


  • Bakugou will never ever admit out loud that he likes cuddling.
  • Never
  • That doesn’t mean he’ll push you off or away though. He’ll just silently enjoy it whilst simultaneously trying his best to make sure his face stays as unimpressed looking as it usually is.
  • No one can tell me otherwise that this boy isn’t like a heater. Not just because of his quirk but because of the heat vibes.
  • If you’re in the common room, he’ll accept your cuddles, but probably won’t do more than just lift his arm up to let you cuddle him. Will not reciprocate.
  • When it’s just you two, the cuddle-bug Bakugou comes out.
  • Literally does not let you go even if you want to get up. Clingy boy will lock his arms around you and bury his face in your hair until you give up resisting.
  • He smells really nice though, a bit like caramel, so it’s not hard to be tempted to just bury your face in his chest.
  • He is nearly always big spoon, his ego wouldn’t usually allow him to be the little spoon.
  • Only on the rare occasion, when he’s feeling particularly vunrable (after being kidnapped by villains for example), he allows you to hold him and look after him.
  • He is a comfy pillow.


Originally posted by yakawa


  • Do you want slightly toasty or full on roast?
  • Todoroki’s left side is your own personal heater. Nothing else to be said, that’s cannon.
  • However, it takes Todoroki a while to be comfortable enough to cuddle with you so openly.
  • But once he makes it past that wall, boy, it’s all over.
  • He isn’t a huge fan of cuddling in front of people, and you respect that, happy with simply sitting beside him and maybe holding his hand.
  • But Todoroki lays on you the minute he gets you alone, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his head into your stomach.
  • Play with his hair. He loves it, although he won’t say it out loud.
  • Todoroki definitely puts his cold right foot on you just to annoy you whilst cuddling.
  • Where he was quite touch-starved as a child, he uses you as a substitute for what he missed out on as a child. Because of this, cuddling is a lot more special to him than it might be to someone else, and it’s saved for the person he really loves.
  • Will never tell you but he uses his right side to make the room cold so that you’ll cuddle closer to him.
  • Whenever you need someone to hold, he’ll let you snuggle into his side, placing kisses on your head with his arm underneath your neck.


Originally posted by misakachan


  • As soon as your his, Kaminari will be cuddling you.
  • He loves having his head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat (as cheesy as it sounds)
  • The first time you two cuddled he got nervous and accidently shocked you. Was very thankful when you just laughed it off, and cuddled closer to him.
  • He likes just having you lay on top of him hugging his chest, as he runs his hand through your hair.
  • He’s a hopeless romantic at heart and no one can tell me otherwise.
  • Unlike the other two, Kaminari will cuddle you anywhere, anytime
  • Common room? You bet he’s got his head on your lap.
  • A friends house? He’s hugging you so hard you can barely breath.
  • Bus? Game.
  • Of course, if you tell him not to, he won’t, but he just loves cuddling you so much!
  • Your hair will be standing up like a mad scientist afterwards due to the static electricity though.
  • Seeing you look that cute makes him want to do it all the more.

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There’s a trend going around tiktok where people wait for their s/o other to come home/they walk in on them naked. How would the bnha boys react? (Any you choose!)

i didn’t really know who asked this and what their preference in character is. but tbh, if you come and ask me for the bnha boys, these are “the boys”: bakugou, kaminari, kirishima, midoriya, todoroki. so I hope you enjoy!

also this got horny, sorry

bakugou; kaminari; kirishima; midoriya; todoroki x fem!reader

warnings: smutty

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[12:02PM] “HERE I GO!” kaminari shouts before diving into the pool.

it’s well known that kaminari, is one crackhead. his attitude today was no exception. class 1-a threw a pool party, kaminari had an idea. he was going to dive into the pool with his quirk on and prank everyone !! it’s going to be epic he thought.

as kaminari jumps into the pool, expecting to dive into the water, suddenly he hits his head real hard on…ice??

todoroki knew what kaminari was planning, since denki was saying his plans out loud after all. i guess he didn’t know he was talking out loud shouto thought.

shoto - 1

denki - 0

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hcs for todoroki n kaminari with a badass vigilante gf pls 😳

todoroki shouto

  • Shouto isn’t particularly a fan of the entire breaking the law aspect, but it isn’t like he hasn’t done things on the wrong side of the law before. He has a neutral opinion on your hero duties.
  • Since he knows you can’t depend on the law for help, he always has your back in a rough situation. Need backup? He’s there, ready to fight and then get you the hell away from the media and the cops.
  • When you are all escaped from anyone that can see you, he patches up and bandages all your cuts and scrapes. Then, you switch, and you can fix him up too.
  • Shouto always has your favorite food and a relaxing drink ready for you after a rough mission, and will listen if you need to vent stresses and concerns out. He’ll comb through your hair as you talk, too, hoping the motions help soothe you just a little bit, even.
  • He understands the stresses of being a hero, and one that has to hide from a world dedicated to starring these people must be even more pressure. Shouto just wants you to stay safe, and to be able to help you become the hero you’re dreamed of.

kaminari denki

  • Denki finds this vigilante thing badass. He thinks you’re super awesome - even though you’re technically breaking the law.
  • After all, you’re using your quirk to help others without the perks of media popularity, a solid income, and all while balancing life in all of its challenges.
  • He’s always so worried about you whenever you go to fight someone, since if there’s no media around, he won’t be able to check the news or social media to see if there’s been any important updates. One of his biggest fears is you bleeding out in an alleyway somewhere because no one was able to come find you in time.
  • When you have to leave, he hugs you like there’s no tomorrow and when you come back, he’s all over you - checking you for wounds and injuries and forcing you to sit down and rest as he prepares some food in order to make you comfortable.
  • Denki’s very proud of the hero you’ve managed to grow into, but he just needs a little reassurance every once in a while that you aren’t going anywhere.
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  • “Kami, I swear to god, don’t do it. Don’t you fucking do it. Kaminari, don’t you dare. I’ll kill you.”
  • Denki, who had given himself creative mode and stuck you in survival, spawns a creeper right next to you anyways and cackles as you explode, both in-game and real life.
  • Prefers to play in survival mode and fight all the mobs. It works out well if you’re the type that likes farming and scavenging for food - you can do one thing, he can do the other. Or, if you prefer to be fighting too, you just go wreck monster ass together. You might starve to death a little bit, though.
  • Somehow always finds diamonds when in caves. Denki will have made full diamond armor and be halfway to the Nether while you’re still just trying to get a set of diamond tools.
  • He used to play the Minecraft soundtrack when studying ironically, and now he actually needs it to focus on his schoolwork.
  • His username is Pikachow.
  • Denki will set lag traps for you in the form of an automatic chicken breeder underground, where you won’t think to look. You clear all entities one time and he dies laughing when the total count comes to 2284 entities removed.
  • Surprisingly good at redstone.
  • Surprisingly shit at building.
  • Thought Herobrine was real when he was ten.
  • Denki used to have dreams of being a Minecraft youtuber. He gave up when he discovered the world of heroism, but sometimes, he still wonders if he could make it online.
  • He and you run the class 1-A server. You two host monthly server sessions where everyone joins and you play for a few hours. Bakugou always blows something up afterwards. Todoroki always gets stuck in the caves.
  • Denki calls you his ‘Minecraft gf,’ regardless of gender. You call him your 'Roblox gf,’ despite never having played Roblox.
  • You twos’ pride and joy in your shared LAN world is your rainbow sheep farm.
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I love @myherowritings with all my heart (I’ve never approached her though bc 👉👈 pretty people scare me (I tagged her bc I’m giving her credit for inspiration)

I’m getting hate on my smut blog for apparently copying other writers in the fandom so I might do a SMAU ✌✌

and If i did. Would you wanna see:

  • Mina (College AU)
  • Shinsou (Cafe AU)
  • Deku (College AU)
  • Jirou (Band AU)
  • Kaminari (College AU)
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“Spin the bottle! Let’s play Spin the Bottle!” Ashido squeaked excitedly, flinging her arms high to grab everyone’s attention. While some groaned at the thought, others cheered at the chance to pass some time while Class 1-A, like the rest of U.A. High, found themselves in lockdown.

A villain threat had been called into the school earlier that day. With the teacher-pro-heroes patrolling the grounds, Principal Nezu had ordered the students to stay inside their dormitories for the time being. Understandably, the students from the Heroes Department were itching to help out but Nezu had insisted they stay put.

And that’s how you found yourself playing Spin the Bottle. Ashido was persistent. No one got the chance to protest.

“Alright, ____.” She said once the sofas and chairs had been moved so that Class 1-A in its entirety could sit in a large circle. She put an empty coke bottle in the centre and then grinned at you. “You’re up first!”


Iida Tenya
Jirou Kyouka
Kirishima Eijirou
Ojiro Mashirao
Shouji Mezou
Todoroki Shouto
[More Coming Soon…]


Welcome to the masterlist for my mini Spin the Bottle series.
No one likes being in lockdown, but hopefully these heroes-in-training can make your day a little brighter.
Keep safe, wash your hands and I hope you enjoy the reads!

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