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#kamui yato
kiroz · a month ago
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#GINTAMAWEEK2021 - DAY 2: “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BEAT AND TIMING.” ↳ Favorite Villain: Kamui.
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sparks-joy-imagines · a month ago
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Abuto & Kamui in The Final (2021)
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jjunekl · a month ago
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𝐊𝐀𝐌𝐔𝐈 𝐈𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐒 . → 驚叫 ╯⌗!
承 — 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾/𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾
▾ 𝘳𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺: @asuka-senpai
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zeroo7x · 3 months ago
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Happy Birthday 神威
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justshipsandstuff · 5 months ago
A day in the life of Kangura-chan the bunny - Queen of Kabuki cho, loyal consumer of sukonbu 😎
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Bonus poor Umibozu:
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sparks-joy-imagines · 3 months ago
Hey sooo, can I get another request for Gintoki, Hijikata and Kamui where they’ve never seen their s/o cry. They end up being the reason s/o cries for the first time since meeting s/o. Example: Their bf is gone for 2 months, bf disappeared right after being injured badly and s/o reunites with gintoki/kamui/Hijikata, s/o seems fine and calm at first, S/o suddenly starts crying cuz they missed him?
hey @nesting-dreams, I went with your example😊 - niob
he already feels guilty for not contacting you for such a long period of time, but he wasn’t able to face you with his injuries, it would have just made you worry even more
once he is completely healed, he turns up at your doorstep and nervously knocks on your door, scared that you might be very angry
he hears steps behind the door, a click and then you open the door
his crimson eyes warily study your expression
your eyes widen in surprise, you just look at him for a moment and then without any warning start crying your eyes out, sobbing how much you missed him
Gintoki is completely taken by surprise that you don’t yell at him, are not angry just sad that he was gone for so long and relieved that he is back in one piece
he has never felt so sorry in his life
without hesitation he takes you in his arms, pressing his body against yours while one of his hands caresses over your head, whispering apologies into your ear
another one who feels sorry for not seeing you for a long time
he is worried that you don’t even want to see him anymore and tries to come up with excuses in his head why he stayed away from you for so long while walking towards your residence
the moment your face appears in front of him he tries to remember what he wanted to tell you, but his mind is blank
you just stare at him for a few seconds and then ask him calmly where he has been
he tries to bring out a word but just can’t think of anything, he doesn’t want to tell you the truth because it would just make you worry but he can’t lie to you either
he is utterly shocked when you suddenly start crying and doesn’t know what to do for a second
after a mild panic attack, he stutters an apology and steps closer to you
his hands slowly approach your face and wipe away the tears from your cheeks
someone who does not feel guilty because he doesn’t even know that he did something wrong
with feather light steps, a little smile on his lips and in a good mood, he is on his way to you
he greets you cheerfully with a big grin on his face
“Kamui!” you exclaim surprised by his sudden appearance; you look at him from head to toe to make sure he is unharmed
once you are positive that he is completely fine you can’t help yourself and start crying
error 404 - appropriate reaction not found, Kamui.exe has stopped working
he stares at you without any movement for about a whole ass minute before he finally starts shifting around, still not sure what to do
slowly he starts to feel bad about just staying away for so long, he was just so caught up in a big battle and didn’t notice how much time went by…
he still has no idea what to say and the only thing he can think of is wrapping his arms around you
breathing in your scent makes him realise that he actually missed you as well, your scent was a pleasant contrast to the metallic stench of blood, and it suddenly makes him feel at peace
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imagininggintama · 2 months ago
Hey there! I recently found your blog and my God I love your writing so much :>
May I request some jealousy HC's for Kamui if it's alright?
you make my heart go all jhoiuwtr8rweihoujdsfjiofdshiojuwfeijwfe
Kamui Yato
Tumblr media
Kamui being jealous is sort of a 50/50 honestly. It all depends on how you are with the possible person worthy of jealousy.
Are you totally dismissive of the person flirting with you? Oh, then he doesn't give a damn.
Are you reminding them that you have a boyfriend who is *cough cough* right there? *casually pointing at Kamui*
Or... are you actually giving this jerk off attention and/or the time of day?
Did you laugh at their joke?! Are you blushing?! His eye's twitching.
The last straw is when this jerk dares to TOUCH YOU!
He grabs the person's hand so tight it almost breaks then and there, growling at them.
"Leave Y/N alone or you'll learn what it's like to live without your bones."
They run away so fast that you get whiplash from trying to follow their path.
"Kamui," you blinked at him, "were you jealous?"
"Jealous? What's that? Can you eat it?" he grins and just holds you protectively.k
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mistafaca · 4 months ago
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some tiny kamuis bc i’m obsessed with the sanrio collab merch
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goldenlaquer · 2 months ago
Can I get some fluff headcanons about Kamui and Abuto reacting to their s/o suffering from a terrible nightmare >3< ♡
this request is ultimate comfort. Thank you so so so much for your request and your patience <(_ _)>
Gintama Headcanons:
When your hands lash out in the dark, ripping through the prison of the twisted sheets, Abuto's already there, pulling you from the tangled sweat-soaked mess and gathering together your trembling form into his lap. "Hey, hey," his sleep-rasped voice murmurs quietly. He presses his lips against the edge of your moisture-beaded hairline, and the kind gesture so soothing and gentle has you releasing another wave of fat tears. "I got you. I got you, sweetheart. What's the matter?"
Things are a bit too fresh, and you aren't ready to talk about it. You try to steady yourself, quell the hurt in your chest and the fear pounding through your veins, blindly burying your face into the crook of his neck as if to hide from the horrible terrors still bleeding into reality. Squeezing him with all your limbs as tight as you can, you attempt to focus on the solid mass of Abuto— dig deeper into him to try and take that unwavering strength of his to rebuild where you have none. No good, you can't quite calm down, and your breaths comes out as distressed gasps, making Abuto think that his hardened heart might just crack from hearing them.
Clearly, this won't do. It's one of the moments where, Abuto thinks with some wryness, he misses having two good arms, but his one is going to have to work just fine here, and he gently pries your death grip off of him, slowly shifting you until he has you seated on a thigh, your hand in his big one. Then he starts massaging, rubbing some life back into your stiff fingers, caressing your wrists and firmly running his thumb on the creases of your palm and the skin between your thumb and forefinger, as you peek from your spot in his neck, fixating on the sight of your joined hands, your breaths finally growing less shallow and more stable as he continues to knead your hand.
He's nothing if not a good listener when you surface ready to speak to him, patient and encouraging as you sniff through the recounting of the nightmare, letting you wipe your tearful and snotty face on his sleeping shirt like a child between the pauses.
"Sorry," you croak into the ruined fabric sometime later, smiling weakly up at Abuto as he gives a small chuckle, leaning down to affectionately kiss the top of your head. "Don't you worry your pretty little head about it. I hate this shirt anyway. Let's get some rest."
As you drift back to sleep, he keeps on holding your hand, threading his fingers between yours, and when you squeeze him when the anxiety rises again, he squeezes back softly to show you that he isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
"Wait." Your eyes flutter open. "I got you this shirt."
He feels thrashing movements in the bed, and wakes thinking that this is going to be a fight that he's going to fucking relish as he whips around, and abruptly stops.
It's not a bold intruder that he's already made up his mind about to give a slow death, but you, stuck in the fringes of a fitful sleep, little whines and twitches wracking from the tight ball you've curled yourself into so small.
His fingers slowly reaches out to graze over your face, feeling the sweat the clings to it and the air that frantically wheezes out from your lungs. And when he pulls his fingers away and inspects them, it's not sweat, but tears. Another pained groan rises from you, but a single glance-over is all it takes to know that you aren't physically injured. A nightmare, Kamui comes to realize as he stares down at you.
It's the sounds you're making. The way you look, so weak and stressed and vulnerable, a washed-out spectre of yourself in the bed. He's made up his mind to protect you until the very end of his wretched existence, but how can he protect your from the intangible terrors of your own mind? Kamui doesn't like this feeling of helplessness; he wants it to stop. He wants you back with him.
His body moves, sliding off the wrinkled covers, unfurling the clenched sphere that you've made yourself and slipping himself in close to you as he can, bringing his arms to hug your trembling form tight, as if somehow he'd be able to absorb the bad things that are frightening you.
You wake in startled disorientation, confusion making you struggle against him, but Kamui locks on to you steadily until you realize that it's him.
"Kamui," you breathe out, your hand grasping his shirt, tugging him to get him even closer and he complies, nestling until his chest is flush to yours and he can practically feel your heartbeat jackhammering against his. Your eyes are large, tears brimming in them, and though he doesn't like to see the sight of you so unlike yourself, it's a step better than seeing you trapped in a place he can't reach you. He leans down without comment, tracing his tongue over the hot, salty trails that break over your cheeks.
Sorry, I woke you up, you whisper, your hands coming to brush the hairs that fell in his face, and though you're still scared from your nightmare, he feels as if you're the one comforting him more than he you. It must be that you can sense the lump in his throat, the dread in him.
His hands come up touch your head, holding you still in place as his forehead knocks into yours, maybe a bruise is going to form in the morning or maybe not, but his eyes are endlessly blue and bright, so bright even shrouded in the dark as he peers into yours, finding relief in them.
Your breaths come to mingle together, and in the silent of the room, it sounds deafening, and somehow consoling too.
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