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Kanato: Yes. [grabs it from your mouth using his hands and eats it]

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Kanato: What kind of a question is that?

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[x] § Kanato Sakamaki Imagine §

“There you go, how does it look?” You turned the toy around on the table to face him. Purple eyes grew wide as he crouched down lower to get a better look.

His fingers trailed along it’s mouth, seeing the previously cotton protruding fabric stitched up as good as new. 

“Teddy!!!” he grinned widely, hugging him tightly, “you healed him!! Now we can play, we invite you as well, right Teddy? Follow me!” the vampire shot off and ran out of the room.

“O-okay, wait!” your cheeks flushed as you rushed after him, not being able to see how tightly he was holding his bear, nor the huge grin that was plastered on his face.

Requests Are Open

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Okay okay I'm not usually the type to ask questions but I JUST WANNA TALK ABOUT THESE DL FANKIDS I MADE ABOUT A YEAR AGO and it was about this kid named Kana and the other named Yuki (their dad is obviously Kanato) and basically they are the same as their dad except they're sweeter like their mum Yui, I could send a picture but I can't 😂😭

Gahhhh! I always had this vision that Kanato would name one of his kids Yuki! I ended up using that name for whenever I get requests about their daughters.

I’m glad they’re sweet like mama Yui. She’s a good influence on them, I’m sure (unlike maybe Kanato haha).

-Admin Yuuzuki

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Alright, I gotta try out the character match up! XD I hope this is okay. I’m 5’4ft, and am known to be a little curvy but still quiet thin. I have long black hair that rests a little past the shoulders. And I’ve been told I have a complexion like a doll. My eyes are brown. Personality wise, I’ve been known to be quiet shy, and well an introvert. But when asked I am not afraid to speak my mind. When given a task I don’t back away, but I always will remain kind and humble.

I would pair you with: Kanato Sakamaki !

When you two first met, he loved your appearance, he thought that you’d make a great doll. However, when he grows to enjoy your company, he loves that you look the way you do because that would mean, he doesn’t have to turn you into a doll. You seem to have a soft and caring personality and I think it would be a good contrast to his. He would appreciate your quieter voice seeing as louder noises seem to upset him. I think you two would become a very patient couple that learns a lot from each other! ^^

**Others I would pair you with: Ruki Mukami, Subaru Sakamaki, Shuu Sakamki**

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I’m alive and check out my Kanato cosplay!!

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How would S, M, and T guys think of a S/O who's nerves are so shot, they don't register pain?

This is the last request from the recent batch. Please enjoy!


Shu: Shu is a bit intrigued by the state of his s/o, and he might use this opportunity to draw as much blood as he wants from her since she can’t feel the pain. However, he might find it boring if they aren’t making their usual “lewd” sounds, conforming him to wait until they can feel pain again. In the meantime, he’ll just nap on their lap since they can’t feel if their legs are asleep.

Reiji: Reiji is interested in his s/o more than ever, and he might want to conduct a few experiments for his own sake. If he’s feeling risky, Reiji might attempt to poison his s/o to see if they can feel any of the sharpening effects. He won’t necessarily kill them since he also wants to take this chance to partake from their neck and drink from them. It really isn’t his s/o’s lucky day if Reiji is around.

Ayato: Oh? Since his s/o can’t feel any pain, then for once, this vampire is in heaven. Ayato would corner and attack his s/o wherever they were at, and he would remark how he likes the fact that they still make fearful facial expressions despite not feeling any pain. Sinking his sharp fangs into his s/o’s chest, Ayato would tell his s/o how their blood still tastes good since they’re deathly afraid of him.

Kanato: Kanato asks his s/o if they want to take this chance to be a part of his wax dolls collection since they won’t feel anything throughout the process. They would only see what he would be doing to them. Sadistic as ever, Kanato would use this opportunity to cut up his s/o and drink from their wounds. He finds it amusing and worth the terrified gaze he sees in his s/o’s fading eyes.

Laito: Seeing this as his chance to seize full submission from his s/o, Laito would take advantage of his s/o’s numbing state and have them in his way. Whether that be almost sucking them dry, playing darts on them, or having rough sex with them, Laito is going to have some fun with it before the numbness wears off. After all, it isn’t every day that his Bitch-chan would be “compliant” to him.

Subaru: Although Subaru wouldn’t initially try to get anything out of his s/o in their current state, he would later come to them for blood when he’s feeling particularly thirsty. It would barely register in his mind that he can do so much more to their body as he drinks from them, and Subaru might use this chance to test their body’s limits with his strength. It’ll be an entertaining night indeed.

Kino: Playful and conniving, Kino might take his s/o out on a “date” and do some fun things with them such as paintballing. But his s/o won’t be armed with a paintball gun, they’ll be Kino’s main target instead! Kino would chase them around and mock them for running away from him. After all, they can’t feel pain, so why are they running away in the first place?


Ruki: Ruki is pleased by his s/o’s state and his sense for punishing them heightens as he traps them in his arms and hugs them tightly towards his chest. He wonders if they would be able to feel him squeezing them to death and chuckles at the thought of seeing the horrified expression on his s/o’s face. Biting into their neck, he mutters how they should always be an obedient Livestock to him.

Kou: Kou can’t go out in public with his s/o as often as he likes, so he decides to cook dinner for her one evening for their date. But at the end of their romantic date, Kou coyly asks for some compensation, scaring his s/o in the process as he holds up a large carving knife in his hand. Moving closer towards them, he’’s ecstatic to continue on the rest of the night with his still s/o.

Yuma: Yuma likes seeing his s/o get scared, so when they’re out in the garden one day, he’s casually swinging an axe and walking near his s/o. Singing the “Lizzy Borden had an axe” rhyme, Yuma wonders out loud what his s/o would taste like if he killed and devoured them at that moment. Surely their death wouldn’t be painful because of their state, right?

Azusa: Azusa would try to lure his s/o into his room and then lock the doors behind them to prevent them from escaping. He might torture them with a few cuts from his precious knives collection, and then lap up at the wound’s seeping blood, and he believes that they will be able to feel pleasure again by feeling the pain he’s inflicting on them.


Carla: Carla would play a little mind game on his s/o and make them believe that he was not aware of their strange condition. Then, when they are at their most vulnerable moment with him, he would seize them and inform them that they should prepare for the First Blood King to thoroughly test their body’s limits. He’s curious as to how long his s/o’s body will last without feeling a single nerve.

Shin: Shin would tease his s/o and cruelly declare to his s/o that if he gets tired or bored of them, he can just chop them up with a machete and feed them alive to his wolf familiars. Earning a frightened gasp from his s/o, Shin would cackle and mention that he should do this more often to his s/o. Despite his mischievous sayings, Shin knows better than to get rid of his s/o in that manner.

-Admin Yuuzuki

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I was wondering if I could have a DL matchup? I'm 153cm and I have medium straight dark brown hair! I love classical music and music boxes. I also love super spicey, sour or salty foods but I prefer the sweet ones.I love the moon and the night. I have a fear of the ocean and pools and I hate the sun and noisy places. I cry with ease and I'm very compassionate and I rarely get angry. I'm quite optimistic but also shy. I love to write poems and I'm not really sadistic at all. And well that's it~

Sweet, thanks for the the ask sorry this came out so late^^

Your lover is…Subaru Sakamki.

You are someone Subaru thought he could never see himself with. You were shy, delicate to him. But things change. He in fact needed someone like you in his life. Subaru sees himself as dirty, and often thinks about suicide. His temper could be better and he can be very insensitive. But once he met you, someone who was patient, positive, and shy, he realized that there were nice women out there. It took some times but he began to trust women again.

   Subaru was quite surprised about how compassionate you are with him. When he shouts, or loses his temper instead of you yelling at him, or calling him names, you hug him and tell him that everything is going to be okay. He doesn’t quite understand how you’re so patient, but you are, and it’s a pleasant change from what he’s been dealing with.

  Your favorite couple pastime is sitting outside observing the beautiful night sky, and enjoying the silence. He enjoys how shy you can be of course him having his own shy nature you both tend to have your moments when you’re not sure what to do when it comes to kissing etc.

      Unfortunately Subaru didn’t know about your fear of the ocean until one day he tried to do something nice by surprising you with a trip to the beach. Once he saw how scared you were he regretted it immediately. He started beating himself up calling himself dumb and inconsiderate. Luckily you comforted him telling that he didn’t know because you didn’t say anything. You thanked him for the kids jester, and you two spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach.

Subaru wasn’t exactly sure what to do with your crying at first. He wasn’t annoyed by your fragile heart but he’d never had to deal with anyone but himself so it was really new. Although it hard he still tried his best. Holding you close, or maybe massaging your shoulders when something is bothering you whether big or small.

     This may he a little unexpected but he really does like to hear your poems. All your emotions and thoughts jotted down on one piece of paper is very fascinating to him.

You met Subaru at a small flower shop  that you worked at temporarily. He visited one day buying a stuff for his flowers. “Um, that’s $25.00 please,” you shyly responded. Subaru sighed taking out his wallet and placing the cash on the counter. As were putting his items in a bag you noticed he bought weed killer. A little curious you asked, “Y-youre having a problem w-with weeds?” You stuttered taking out the box of weed killer. Subaru snaps his gaze toward you causing you to jump at the sudden glare. You stopped and stared for a second. His eyes were a extraordinary color. They we beautiful. “Y-yeah,” he growled looking at the bag on the counter. You quickly connected back to reality realizing he had said something you nodded reaching underneath the counter pulling out a different brand of weed killer. “This is um…better. I tried it O-on my own garden a-and it worked a l-lot quicker,” you explained handing him the box. “A-nd it’s um…cheaper.” Subaru studied the box before agreeing to buy it. He purchased his items and took his leave. You let out a sigh of relief happy to be able to have a regular conversation like that. He seemed nice to you, and you mentally wished him luck with his garden. Days passed and Subaru came back to the store. Except this time he didn’t buy anything. Instead he hesitantly went  to the counter and thanked you for you suggestions. You were a little surprised but thanked him anyway. With that he left. Soon it became became daily routine where he would come in and buy a few things, ask you about your day, and then go home. You weren’t sure what to say to him, and you were hoping that everything was going alright with him. Finally the day came when he asked you out to a relaxing picnic in the garden he had been working on. You shyly accepted, and your date stated from there. That’s where you first saw his garden. It was truly wonderful and you were glad that he took your advice seriously. Your picnic was indeed relaxing, as you managed to get to know each other better. As time went on you started to date. Subaru surprised himself with how he approached you. He didn’t think he could do it, and he was surprised you said yes to someone like him. Needles to say he’s glad he was able to get to know you. 

When Subaru told you of his vampire heritage and race you were quite shocked. You did cry when he opened up about his past. You felt bad. His father, stepmothers, and his own mother. All those hardships turned him into the man he was today. You wanted to help him. You wanted to be able to let him know that he’s not a mistake and that he was indeed loved even if he had no idea. In the end you did help him. He loves how affectionate you are toward him. It makes him feel wanted. Subaru is grateful to have someone like you.

Meanwhile Kanato sakamaki is interested in you….

Yes, he’s very curious about you. He himself doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being jealous, nor does he enjoy the feeling he gets around you. If he could get rid of this he wouldn’t hesitate. He sees you around the mansion with his brother sometimes. He sees how Subaru has his little outburst in front of you, and under his breath Kanato will call him names like ‘nuisance ’ or ‘annoying.’ He doesn’t understand how a delicate girl like you could hang around a monster like him. Kanato went as far as confronting you once. Telling you about how mean, and nasty Subaru could be. He explained how he didn’t understand how you could tolerate him. It’s not like he hated Subaru he just wasn’t happy with the girl he was with. Kanato wants you to he his and if you know anything about him you know that when he wants something he will stop at nothing  to get it. You only hope that conflict between the brothers does not rise anytime soon.


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How do thin the Sakamaki boys scenario where their s/o is very visibly looks as if they are going to punch a classmate

Oh wow that’s an interesting one^^

Shu: Probably not too surprised considering he has to look at Subaru everyday of his life. Prepare for some teases remarks to flip your switch though….

Reiji: Okay, a lady shouldn’t look like that! Constantly telling you to wipe that scowl off your face. He’ll take it as a sign of defiance, so he will most likely punish you. Reiji has no chill….

Ayato: Hey what’s your deal? If you got something to say to him say it to his face! Your constant look of wanting to fight makes him want to challenge you.Will tell you that you remind him too much of his brother.

Kanato: Don’t even with this guy. He’ll get mad at you quicker than you can blink. Dolls shouldn’t be scowling like that. Kanato will yell at you because he thinks you’re furrowing your eyebrows at him.

Laito: He wants to wipe that look of your face, and he knows just how to do it~ He’ll loosen you up here and there commenting with perverted remarks just to see what you’ll do. He does the same to Subaru sometimes, so it’s nothing new to him.

Subaru: Why does everyone say you look like him. “I don’t scowl like that!” He’ll say. Subaru will question you on why you look like someone threatened to steal your oreos. Doesn’t understand why you look so mad. Will tell you that if you’re mad then fix the problem….

(I’m so out of it haha^^; thanks for that I hope it was what you wanted feel free to ask again.)

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