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cressjacquine · 2 days ago
Jesper: I invented a game. Want to play?
Nina: Sure?
Jesper: It's called Inej or Kruge. I give you actual quotes I've heard Kaz say, and you guess if he was talking about his Inej or money.
Nina: Thats easy-
Jesper: Your the most beautiful thing I've laid eyes upon
Nina: Fuck
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wqemzz-blog · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Every three months I think about the scene in Crooked Kingdom where Kaz yearns to just touch Inej's hair and I am reminded of how painfully single I am
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el-hoppers · a day ago
Thinking about the end of Six of Crows, where Kaz knows he should keep his eyes on Van Eck to get out of danger but instead can’t keep himself from instinctively turning to look at Inej, the person he loves most in the world, and that one look being what makes him lose her, and how that parallels the Greek myth where Orpheus knows he needs to keep his eyes ahead to get out of the underworld but can’t stop himself from turning to check on Eurydice, his wife he loves so much, and that one look being what makes him lose her in the end.
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ilikereadingthings · 2 days ago
Overlooked scene in Crooked Kingdom.
As they sped across the bridge, Jesper thought he spotted Matthias and Wylan in their red capes, tossing coins as they steadily made their way off the Stave. If they started running, it might draw stadwatch attention. Jesper struggled not to laugh. That was definitely Matthias and Wylan. Matthias was hurling the money with way too much force and Wylan with way too much enthusiasm. The kid’s throwing arm needed serious work. He looked like he was actively trying to dislocate his shoulder.
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autumnsnowflakesworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I wanna love you but I don't know how”
Listening to “Neptune” by Sleeping At Last got me feeling some type of way about kanej
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wylan-van-eckk · 2 days ago
the cat of the Crow Club
because Kaz would be the guy to be against having a cat then fall in love with it
ft. some cute kanej moments
"There’s a cat in your arms.” Kaz observed as he stared at the small, black pet Inej held. It stared back at him with big, round yellow eyes. Inej scratched it behind its ears, beaming.
“I know! Isn’t she adorable? I found her stumbling through the busy Barrel streets and brought it to an animal medik to get checked. Poor girl is without anyone to take care of her.” Inej said, pressing a kiss to the cat’s small head.
“But that’s all going to change now, isn’t it? Yes, auntie Inej is going to take care of you.” she added with a soft voice, keeping her gaze on the cat in awe. Kaz arched a brow.
“Why did you bring it here?” Inej kept her eyes on the cat for a bit longer, then finally looked up.
“Oh, well I’m planning on keeping her but I have a few errands to run and-”
“Absolutely not.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep her here. I’m going to take it to Jesper and Wylan’s, I just need you to take care of her for a few hours.” Inej explained.
“Inej, no.”
“Kaz, yes.” Kaz rolled his eyes and sighed.
“I’m not taking care of that animal, get it out of here.” he said, already turning around to walk back to his desk.
“How do you expect me to marry you if you won’t even take care of my cat?” Inej asked behind him. Kaz froze. Marriage? Marrying Inej? He’d never thought he’d live past 20, but he had already healed a lot, the memory of Jordie fading every day. Perhaps he truly could go on one knee some day, ask Inej to marry him. Perhaps he could stand by her side and say his vows out loud, perhaps he could kiss her and slip a ring on her finger. Was that not all he yearned for? To stay with her forever?
He turned around, his mouth open in surprise, catching one last glimpse of Inej’s wicked smile before she disappeared. He stood there, staring at the doorway where she stood just moments ago, replaying what she said over and over again. Finally a quiet ‘meow’ pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked down and into the eyes of the black cat sitting by his feet, studying him quietly.
“Get out of my office.” Kaz muttered. The cat didn’t move. He frowned.
“Come on-What’s your name? Doesn’t matter, just get out.” Kaz said again, the cat still not moving. Kaz sighed and leaned down, awkwardly wrapping his hands around the cat, picking it up. He held it by its chest and as far away from his body as his arms made possible, standing there awkwardly. The cat’s fur was soft and warm, almost comforting. It was nothing like the cold skin of the dead. It was nice and cosy, and Kaz got a sudden wish to pull it closer and bury his face in its black fur.
He stepped through the doorway, setting it down in the hall.
“Stay out here, alright? I have work to do.” he told it and walked back into his office, sitting down by his desk to get some work done. Only a few minutes with Kaz filling out forms and writing down some important information for the Dregs passed when he suddenly heard a soft thud. He looked to his right. The cat had jumped on his desk, now curiously looking at the papers scattered across it.
“I thought I told you to stay out.” Kaz sighed. The cat looked up at him.
“Fine, you can stay. Just stay out of my way, okay?” The cat said nothing.
Kaz returned to his work until he heard another soft thud. He pressed his fingers against his temples and closed his eyes.
“What did you do now?” he asked, opening his eyes and looking at the cat, its paw in the air, its eyes focused on the floor. Kaz followed its gaze, noticing a pen the cat seemed to have thrown off the desk.
“Ghezen, who raised you?” Kaz asked, leaning towards the floor to pick up the pen. When he straightened his posture back the cat started walking over his papers.
“Hey, get off!” Kaz shouted, setting the pen down. The cat laid down instead, right on the paper he was working on at the moment.
“Could you be any more annoying?” Kaz asked, standing up to pick up the cat again. The cat stood up too, seemingly excited something was happening.
“Are you going to leave or do I have to carry you?” Kaz asked. The cat walked closer, then pressed its forehead against Kaz’s arm, purring. Kaz stared at it.
“I don’t-I don’t know what to do now.” he murmured, the cat snuggling against his arm. It stretched its neck as if it wanted to reach higher, so Kaz, after a moment, leaned down. Their foreheads pressed together and Kaz let out a soft laugh at the happiness the affection they shared brought him. After a few moments of snuggling with the cat he finally cleared his mind and wrapped his arms around the cat again.
“That didn’t help, you still can’t be in my office.” Kaz said as he stepped out of his office and set the cat down. Still, snuggling with the cat helped his mood a lot that day and he’d often smile to himself at the thought of it.
Anika was down in the bottom floor of the Crow Club cleaning tables when Kaz Brekker approached her.
“Anika. Have anything new for me?” Kaz asked, studying the empty gambling room.
“Spotted a few Dime Lions creeping outside, but I sent Pim out to deal with them. Other than that, nothing, sorry boss.” Anika replied, looking up to the dark haired criminal.
“Alright, listen; when we open up, I want you to-”
“Cat! There’s a cat!” Anika interrupted him, a broad smile spreading across her face as she kneeled down next to the black cat that she had spotted next to Kaz’s legs. She offered the cat her hand so it could make sure everything was safe, then scratched it behind its ears when it allowed her.
“Hi, beautiful, what’s your name?” Anika asked as she stroked the cat’s head, in awe of its gorgeous dark fur.
“I thought I told you to stay upstairs.” Kaz muttered from above, glaring at the cat. Anika looked up, arching a brow.
“ your cat? You have a cat?”
“No.” Kaz simply replied. Anika narrowed her eyes.
“I don’t have a damn cat, Anika.”
“I hear you.”
“Then get back to cleaning the tables.” Kaz replied, picking the cat up.
“You’re holding your cat wrong.” Anika mentioned before Kaz could leave.
“I don’t have a damn cat, Anika.”
When Inej got back from her errands it had already grown dark outside. She didn’t mean to leave Kaz and the cat with each other for this long, but she had no choice. Now, as she climbed Ketterdam’s roofs she grew worried: what if Kaz killed the cat because it stepped on one of his papers? What if the cat killed Kaz because he was mean to her?
Inej still didn’t have a name for the cat. She had thought about it the whole day, yet was no closer to figuring it out. Maybe Kaz could name her. If they haven’t killed each other yet.
She slipped in through Kaz’s office window, dropping down on the floor in the dark. Kaz was nowhere to be seen. She stepped out in the hall. Through the cracks of the door farthest away shined faint candlelight, indicating Kaz was in his bedroom. That was a first. The boy didn’t have a sleep schedule. Inej walked over to the door, light on her feet and creaked it open, looking inside.
Sprawled over the bed lay Kaz, seemingly asleep. A black cat had snuggled up on his chest, falling asleep as well. Inej stepped closer, a gentle smile playing over her lips.
“Awwwe.” she said quietly, laughing softly. It was enough to wake the cat, sleepily opening its eyes, then yawning. It got up, stretching a bit before jumping down on the bed next to Kaz. Kaz startled awake, sitting up slowly.
“Inej?” he asked, his eyes barely open as he ran a hand across his face.
“It seems you two have gotten along well.” Inej said, still smiling. Kaz looked around as if he was looking for something, his gaze falling upon the cat now laying on the bed.
“You woke Yasmijn up.” he said with a more raspy than usual, tired voice.
“Who?” Inej asked.
“The cat. Her name is Yasmijn and I’d burn the world down for her.” Kaz said, falling back on the bed and closing his eyes, drifting back to sleep.
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Inej: what motivates you?
Kaz: i suppose it’s an unhealthy mix of spite, pettiness, the thirst for vengeance and pure relentless rage
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helniklover97 · a day ago
Matthias Helvar at 12 years old: I will protect Fjerda with my life if I have to. I’m not allowed to anybody to attack, defeat or infiltrate in my country. I never betray my homeland, my flag and my brothers.
Matthias Helvar at 21 years old: Okay General Nazyalensky, (whit a map of the Ice Court behind him) if you want to infiltrate and defeat Fjerda you have to pass here and here, so we will fall behind the Drüskelle without them noticing. Later we will place bombs here and here, as we will destroy this fucking Ice Court once for all
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ravenyenn19 · a day ago
-he loves the show “House” both for the representation of a boss needing a cane and using it for more than one purpose, but also because of the sheer amount of relatability he finds to Dr. Gregory House’s personality and mind. (Puzzle solving). Inej buys him one of the cane’s used in filming as a collectible for their anniversary and it’s signed by Hugh Laurie. 🖤
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cynqell · a day ago
One day Kaz Brekker will become the king of Ketterdam. One day he will have accomplished everything he sought out to do, and become, and conquer. One day he will have moved on past Jordie, past vomiting every time a hand touches his, past his gloves and the label of the bastard. One day he will stare out at the skyline outside his window which he always leaves unlatched and then gather his cane, his gloves, and walk out to the harbour to finally, finally join the girl that was always his home.
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