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<div> —  Kaneki Ken, Tokyo Ghoul </div><span>Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel.</span>
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I wonder if people who fawn over Tokyo ghoul still exist… like I will never get past it. I need someone to cry with over Takizawa and Takizawa fanfiction please 😭😭 I’m— Seiaki as well? I just want to talk to someone please…

I’m more active on twitter tho @/dominantAlfie

Just hmu I swear slide into dms I will cry right away don’t be shy, just—someone—talk to me please 😭

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Ok i haven’t post anything about TG in such a long time… sorry about that, so i guess here’s my TG post in a short edits

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Les gustaría mirar el edit que hice sobre Kaneki?🩸🩸🖤

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Originally posted by katarinafi

  • Kaneki ken is a clinging yandere.
  • Kaneki is very shy and soft.
  • Kaneki will fall in love with you when he sees you reading one of his favorite books at a coffee shop.
  • He will talk to you and fall in love with you even more.
  • He will start talking to you every time you come to the cafe and spend some time with you
  • Kaneki starts thinking about you almost all the time.
  • But then he starts to get scared.
  • What if you find out he’s a Ghoul and you start to fear him for it.
  • Kaneki has grown very dependent on your presence
  • The mere thought that he would have to live without you makes him sad.
  • So he kidnaps you.
  • Kaneki will try his best to explain to you why he kidnapped you.
  • Kaneki will give you your own space at first.
  • He is slowly starting to spend more time with you and talking to you about normal things.
  • Kaneki will never eat with you
  • He won’t punish you even if you try to escape.
  • He always tries to talk to you and make the son understand that he is not a monster.
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Heeeeyy if any of you are still here. I’m alive and will be rereading tg+tg:re somewhere after my exams finish next month. So get ready for some possible new content??

Now you might ask “Is said content just gonna be some more shitty memes?” You sure can bet on it.

Feel free to send me any tg related asks, till then. Seriously anything, plz🙏🙏🙏

Also I’m really into danmei lately so if you’re also interested you can now find me at @kuriipi

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