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𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐞 — 𝗄𝖺𝗇𝗀 𝗍𝖺𝖾𝗁𝗒𝗎𝗇
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𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 — taehyun x fem reader (actor!taehyun / director!reader)  𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 — actor!au, fluff, strangers to lovers, slice of life, adult life, angst 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 —  you were very pessimistic, and having a relationship in the middle of your careers was something you could easily lose or save. you took so much care of your relationship, but both of you didn't realize you were screwing it up. like every movie, the ending scene is the most memorable part. 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 — tobacco/alcohol consumption, mentions of sex insomnia, swearing, mentions of sex, unsupervised medication (sleeping pills), - reader experiments depression - please seek for professional help in case you are going through the same, don’t auto-medicate.  𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 — 15,550 - divided in two parts.
based on ending scene by iu
part 1, part 2
"Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!"
Those were the words you heard in the distance, while all your concentration was on finishing the bottle of soju he had been given. You didn't even know if you had control over yourself. 
Since you didn't drink, you didn't like to drink. And you didn't even have the slightest idea what you were doing competing with people in your own grade on who could finish a bottle of soju the fastest. Maybe you were already going crazy, and maybe tomorrow you would be cursing your whole life about the hangover you were going to have. 
Since you didn't drink, you didn't like to drink. And you didn't even have the slightest idea what you were doing competing with people in your own grade on who could finish a bottle of soju the fastest. Maybe you were already going crazy, and maybe tomorrow you would be cursing your whole life about the hangover you were going to have. 
You also had no idea why you had agreed to come to the end-of-semester party. Personally, there were few, if any, times when your classmates organized it and you attended. But maybe the stress of the last exam had been the straw that broke the camel's back, you had spent a whole week studying all the material, and memorizing everything you needed to. But still, it was not the grade you expected, not a bad one, but not the one you deserve or all the effort you put in. 
Maybe the stress was making you drink too much, and also the fact that You were at the table of your superiors and were allowing these things to happen without having a limit, You knew it was going to end badly. And that the next morning you were going to be screwed. But you liked to believe that you had a way out. 
Your head rested on the table, you slept uncomfortably, while your fellow diners were leaving in groups outside the restaurant. You knew you had to leave, and you had to find a cab for that or call a driver who could come for you. You definitely couldn't drive in your condition. 
"Are you all right?" they asked, you shook your head without a good sense of direction. "Are you sure you're okay?" 
You raised your head, trying to open your eyes according to the light, looking in front of you at a man in a suit. Detailing that he was not a senior but one of the superiors. He was the only one you could tell that wasn't tainted, and he wasn't a dirtbag either. But you didn't know him at all, you just knew he was the best in your year. He hadn't had a bad review in the whole internship, which you admired very much and were very envious of. 
"What's your name?" You asked, moving closer, though you were too dizzy to move.
"Well, Taehyun, can you take me home?" 
He was surprised, swallowing saliva on the spot. Felt his ears warm and also felt somewhat distressed about it. He knew that this was a complex situation, that they were strangers, that they had only shared a table, and that they both studied at the same college. But then, nothing. He didn't know your name, you only knew his trajectory. But he wasn't going to leave you alone either, much less drunk; knowing the terrible things that could happen if he left you there. But how hard could it be to take you home? Your drunkenness might not even let you remember who you last spoke to, which Taehyun hoped would happen. 
"You will take me home, won't you?" You looked at him, even though you were dizzy and the whole world was spinning around you. Your pupils, somewhat dilated, tried to focus on the dark irises of the boy present. 
"Sure, I'll take you home." Saying that he gave you a sympathetic smile. Removing the coat from his body, he put it over your shoulders, helping you to stand up. 
You were walking on your heels heavily, if Taehyun wasn't holding you, you would have fallen on the floor in less time than expected. Luckily, the valet had his car in front of the restaurant, and he only had to give him a tip in return. Although he only moved a little bit away from the entrance, all he could do was to make sure you were not uncomfortable in the seat. 
Taehyun had trouble trying to get your address, as you would get defensive without wanting to tell him. You had forgotten that you asked Taehyun to take you home, which, to tell the truth, he thought was funny. 
"I studied... twenty hours." You muttered as Taehyun drove. "I slept for three... and got that grade? I know it was on purpose. The professor hates me." 
"Why does he hate you?" 
Taehyun didn't know why he answered you, he was just curious. At least he had solved the reason why you were so drunk.
"Well... because..." You searched for the right words in your head, or rather for the few you could say at that instant. " I didn't suck his balls." 
Taehyun let out an involuntary laugh, as he turned where the gps told him to. Entering a suburb that had many buildings and shops that by the time, were already closed. You kept looking at the window, touching your cheeks constantly. Taehyun looked at you from the corner of his eye, reading your actions. Not wanting to believe that you were crying, but believing it. He hated that the situation had turned that way. 
"Are you all right?" 
"I almost failed and I know I got my exam right." She said as she pressed her lips together, releasing them as she looked straight ahead. "How do I tell my parents that? How do I tell them I failed?" 
Taehyun understood your desperation and anxieties. He had a similar situation when he was in your shoes. I wanted to say something to help you if nothing else. 
"What's the professor’s name?" 
"Bang Taeyoon." You replied, watching Taehyun tighten his brow a little. "Are you going to beat him up for me?" 
"I want to beat him too, but it's not possible." Taehyun replied as he parked in front of the indicated building. "You live here?"
"Yes." You replied, as you opened the car door and tried to get out. But for the simple reason that you still had your seatbelt on, you found it difficult. You were confused about it, which caused Taehyun some amusement.
"Wait." Taehyun said, as he turned off the car and got out of it. Turning around to help you out of the car, though before he could put a finger on the seatbelt to finish unbuckling it, you had started throwing up. "Shit." 
Was his only reaction, you didn't even move from your spot. You put your hands over your mouth, as you got out of the vehicle. Looking at Taehyun with pity, before you could say anything to him, you felt nausea come back to you, Taehyun grabbed your shoulders so you wouldn't fall, and at the same time, you could continue vomiting in the gutter of the street. 
"I'm sorry, I'm going to pay for... the washing. I..." You tried to apologize, while Taehyun had put old newspapers on the floor of the vehicle and left its windows down a bit. "I'm going to pay for that." 
"Don't worry." He said, giving her a slight smile. "I'll help you up." 
"I can go on by myself." You answered him, though, in your own strength of will, you couldn't walk without staggering, how could you walk up the steps to the elevator?
"I won't be at peace until I leave you at the door." He said in a terse reply. As he offered his arm for you to take, which you did without thinking. If you were sober, you wouldn't even do that.
You kept silent until they entered the elevators, after pressing your floor, you were leaning against the corners of the elevator, and indeed, you were starting to fall asleep. 
"Don't plan on falling asleep here." Taehyun spoke to you, waking you up. Opening your eyes you looked up at him and shook your head, letting out a faint smile. 
"Because of things like this, alcohol and I are enemies." He replied, as he saw the elevator doors already open.
"That didn't look like tonight." Taehyun replied, as he held your shoulders again, pulling her out of the elevator and leading her into the hallways. "Which one is it?" 
"807." You replied, pointing to the penultimate door. Once you reached that one, Taehyun waited for you to finish getting the keys out of your bag, though that seemed like an impossible mission. "I can't find... my keys." 
"And the pin?" 
"There was a short circuit this morning, they won't fix it until tomorrow." You muttered worriedly, as you continued to search. "I swear I left them here." 
"Let me see." Taehyun asked, you handed him your bag smoothly, which he took smoothly and brought closer to him for a better look. The only thing he didn't count on was having approached you as well. You both remained silent, and you kept looking at him, you could tell that you could appreciate his face more. "You must take off your bag before you pass it to me." 
"Right." You said, being awakened from that trance. Taking off the strap from around your body and passing the bag to him. Taehyun laughed a little as he searched and looked for the keys inside your bag. While you tried to enter the access pin, which by default would not let you access. And Taehyun, in fact, did not find the keys.
"Don't you have copies hidden somewhere?" 
"My neighbor has a copy." You replied while pouting. Receiving your bag back. "But he doesn't get back until 6 am. He's a nurse, he does night shifts on Fridays. I'll wait for him here, it's just.... 3 hours." 
That said, you proceeded to sit in front of his door. Leaning your head against it, while cautiously hugging your bag. Taehyun had a mental debate, one was to take you somewhere else to rest, but given your inebriated state, you could misunderstand the situation and take it to the one you didn't want. Another was to leave you here, but he didn't want to leave you alone in the hallway. A discarded plan was to let you sleep in his car, but he remembered that you were vomiting and it didn't seem like a good idea. 
Taehyun concluded that it would be better to stay with you in the hallway. Sitting next to you and remaining silent, he never thought that this moment would happen to him; and that it might be a story he would tell his grandchildren once he reached that age. 
You had fallen asleep earlier than expected, your head was falling in the air and you couldn't seem to settle down. Or so it was until you found Taehyun's shoulder, which served as a pillow at one point. He was somewhat surprised, as he watched the girl sleep peacefully. He let out a slight smile, as he told his older sister what was happening at the moment. 
You woke up in a different room, you recognized it by the yellow curtains near the window, as well as the smell of coffee in the room. You found it strange, up to a point where you felt the discomfort reach your head, as well as warmth. You sat up, pulling the sheets over you. 
"You finally woke up." Your neighbor said as he continued to sit there reading something on his phone. "Do you want me to put sugar in your coffee?" 
"You know I don't drink coffee." You told him, as you stood up and looked around for your shoes.
"That's what you said about alcohol, and you came here drunk." He said with a laugh. "At least drink that, I made something for your hangover." 
"How did I get here?" you asked, as you sat down at the table, holding a bowl of soup in front of you. "You went looking for me?" 
"Me?" He sat down to himself, before laughing. "No honey, a boy brought you." 
You almost choked on your soup, starting to cough, you looked at him again. "A boy?" 
"I thought he was your boyfriend, but he made it clear he wasn't." He laughed as he passed you a glass of water. "If you want to know what happened between the two of you, you're going to have to call him. He left you a note with his number."
"You just let a stranger bring me over and didn't ask him anything?" 
"The stranger was handsome, and he doesn't look like a pervert at all." He said, passing you the note. "Even his name is cute." 
You looked at the note, but only the name and number could be found. You looked at your neighbor, who was smiling happily at the situation. 
"You think it's funny?" 
"Sure." He replied. "You finally have some excitement in your life." 
You might have been offended, but it was the first time You'd ever had such a situation, and You'd been living there for three years. Your neighbor wasn't wrong about it being the first exciting thing that had ever happened to you. You had always kept a low profile, while everyone in the complex had had at least one conflict that got them noticed. Starting with his neighbor, who on the same day you were moving in, had broken up with his last girlfriend in the middle of the hallway. And like your other neighbor, two nights later, the police were looking for her. 
After you were able to reset a bit, you thanked him as always for putting up with you there for hours. Even more so when he had a very complicated schedule. You entered the house, at last, looking at the paper between your fingers. Your head was no longer spinning, but you were very thirsty. Your only problem was remembering what had happened yesterday, with that boy since you left the restaurant. You were supposed to go looking for your car. You couldn't help but feel guilty for some reason. 
You were not going to get any ideas. Nothing had happened to you, you didn't feel or have any signs of abuse, which calmed you down in a way. But you didn't remember a shred of what had happened, so you condemned yourself to drink alcohol. 
And there you were, debating whether or not to call the number. You could just ignore what had happened and go on with your life, but you couldn't do that. They might have left you there alone until that person came to help you and brought you home safe and sound. You owed him that favor, and you just couldn't and didn't want to owe anyone. 
And there you were, with your cell phone against your ear, while you watered your plants. Feeling anxious every time it rang with no answer. You were about to hang up, but finally, the line opened. 
"Hello?" He spoke, you didn't know what to answer. Maybe you should have thought before calling. "Hello?" 
"Ah, yes, hello." You said, setting the watering can down on the table and fixing your posture. "It's me...the girl you helped yesterday. Taehyun?" 
"(Y/n)?" He asked in a different tone of voice, a more cheerful one. "How are you feeling? Did the hangover hit you hard?" 
"A little." You admitted in a nervous tone. "Could you tell me... what happened yesterday?" 
"From the restaurant until we got to your house?" Taehyun asked. "There were a lot of things." 
"You really don't remember anything?" He asked, sounding surprised. You purse your lips. "Wow, I don't know what to say." 
"We really had..." 
"What? No, no." He interrupted you quickly, laughing on the other end of the line. "Nothing like that." 
"Oh, what a relief." You said, taking a seat in your chair, relieved. 
"You asked me to take you home, you talked about a lot of things... and... well you threw up in my car." 
Oh shit...
"I threw up in your car?" you repeated, surprised. "You already took it to be washed?" 
"Yeah, it's good as new." He said laughing. "You said you'd take responsibility."
"I keep my word." You assured him. "Can you pass me your bank account number and..." 
"It's no problem, but among the things that were in the car, there's also your wallet." He said as he heaved a sigh. "We can meet, so you can pick it up. I'll leave you the location by text." 
"Sure, thanks." 
Once you hang up the phone, you put your hands on your head. But still, you grabbed all your stuff to leave. 
Seeing the message that had reached him, and seeing the location in which he was, almost gave you a heart attack. 
"Of all the cars in the world, (Y/n), you happen to throw up a Mercedes." You said to yourself, parking your car next to his, being the only occupied space in that park. 
You got out of the car, turning around so you could be close to the vehicle. Watching him get out of the car holding his wallet, he gave you a warm smile. 
Undoubtedly, this was the most exciting moment of his life. 
You weren't sure when you and Taehyun had become you and Taehyun. But the fact that you were together was more than enough for both of you. 
You had become close after the day he returned your wallet to you, or rather, you didn't know it would be like that until you ran into each other on campus every other day. And eventually, agreeing to have coffee; which led to having a coffee or two, studying together, going out to dinner... and finally, going on a date. 
It was interesting how you both studied the same thing and had different but complementary ambitions. Taehyun wanted to be an actor, while you were working hard to become a director. At the moment, Taehyun was working on his dream from the theater, while you were assisting bigger producers while looking for your space in the industry. 
But that didn't hinder your relationship with Taehyun, on the contrary, it gave you more chances to get to the top with each other's support. You would do normal couple things, spend nights together - which could extend to weeks - visit your families, go on dates, visit each other at work. Everyone knew about their relationship, even when they thought they were being discreet. 
"Did you read the book I recommended?" you asked, editing the booklet in your hand. 
"I read the back." He replied, which made you let out a slightly deep sigh before telling him something else. "I'm going to read it, I've just been learning a new script."
"Sure you have." You replied with a chuckle. "I think I'll leave early today, what time do you get off?" 
"Today?" You heard him hesitate on the other line. "I think 8. But I can always sneak out." 
"They'll kill you." You said with a chuckle. "Do you want to come to my house?" 
"Is that a question?" He asked sarcastically, which made you laugh. "I'll be there, what do you want for dinner?" 
"I think I'll cook something. I haven't cooked in a while." You said with a chuckle. In reality, you were eating out, whatever was brought to the production set, the occasional instant ramen from the convenience store, and whenever Taehyun wanted to order something. "Bring beers."
"Okay." He said, in the distance, you could make out some voices. "My rehearsals are starting, I'll call you when I get out." He said, you heard the noise getting louder, which made you laugh. "They say hi."
"Tell them hello anyway." You said amidst laughter. 
"I love you." 
"Love you too." Saying that with a smile, the call hung up, bringing your concentration back to your work. You saw your partner approach you, pushing the chair closer to you. 
"Was that Taehyun?" 
"I don't know, who would it be?" You replied sarcastically, which made him laugh a little. 
"Don't you say I love you to your parents?" he asked, you looked at him trying your best to get him to go back to his stuff, but you already knew how nosy he was. 
"What do you want, Beomgyu?" you asked, knowing that for something he was already bothering you.
"Will you come with me to film with Seo?" He requested, in a sweet tone.
"No." You said looking back down at your booklet. "I want to go home." 
"It'll only be 2 hours." 
"Last time you said the same, and it was 12." You replied as you ticked off various things with your marker. "I can't today." 
"Sure, to spend time with your little boyfriend." His reply was in a sarcastic tone, then pushed back into place with his chair. You rolled your eyes, as you continued with your work. 
Of all the people in your office, the one who seemed to have a problem with you hanging out with Taehyun was Beomgyu, who was arguably the only one you were close to at work -when in work terms he meant- you formed a friendship as soon as you entered the office as interns. You had been split up by the managers, but that didn't mean you couldn't work together. The more work you had, the broader your portfolio would be. When you stopped being interns, only the two of you could keep the job, and so you both did your best to keep it that way. 
You wouldn't say that your relationship was an obstacle to your work. And you wouldn't say that you prioritize your relationship over work. You worked hard enough so that both were in balance. However, you wanted to keep your relationship separate from your work. Because of any mistake you made, they would look for ways to blame your relationship, but you never made one, and your co-workers could tell how hard you tried to make things perfect. Among them was Beomgyu, who despite being just as diligent and workaholic as you were, he looked at your relationship in a slightly derogatory way. 
Although you knew that his comments were not meant to do more than annoy you, you knew that he had no other intention and that, to tell the truth, he did get along well with Taehyun from the few times he had seen and talked to him. Beomgyu only had a small problem, and that was not keeping his mouth closed.
You were mixing all the ingredients together, trying to make a sauce for your pasta. It was the first time in months you were trying to cook something, and you were just vibing with it and trying to not stress a lot. Besides this being the day you are finally home early, tomorrow you didn’t have to go to the office, so you could either sleep all day and rest or just work from home until your manager called requesting your assistance. 
You were having a glass of wine as you were cooking, not thinking about the possibilities of your actions in case you were able to get drunk. Taehyun made fun of you, as you tried to learn how to drink with him. Not because he enjoyed drinking, just because of doing it together. Taehyun could hold his liquor very well, meanwhile, she can adjust small amounts of liquor and a lot of soft drinks and water alongside. The times she tries to stay even in alcohol with Taehyun, only messes were found. 
“Baby, I’m here.” Taehyun said by closing the door behind him, removing his shoes at the entrance and getting inside, walking towards the kitchen, and leaving two six-packs of beers and snacks by the table. “It smells so good.” 
Saying that he got closer to you as you were trying to get him to be your guinea pig and try the sauce. But he went the other way around to give you a kiss first, you smiled at him and tried to get the spoon near his mouth. He tried it and after a few seconds, he nodded. 
“It’s good, just add a bit more pepper.” He suggested, smiling back at you and giving you another kiss. “How was work?” 
“It’s giving me headaches every time but… It’s good.” You said as you were adding more pepper as he requested and tried it. He was right, now it was perfect. “I’m off tomorrow.” 
“What?” Taehyun asked surprised. “You are off? Really? (Y/n) who is an indispensable worker?” Taehyun asked with sarcasm, making you laugh, and pushed him aside. “What do you want to do on your day off? I’m not scheduled either…”
“How come you are not scheduled?”
“I cleared my schedule for you.”
“You cannot do that.”
“I just did.” Taehyun said, putting his hands in the air and smiling at you. “They won’t die because I didn’t show up, they owe me at least 5 days off.” 
You turned off the stove as soon as everything was ready, you saw Taehyun getting the plates off your shelves and accommodating them close to you. 
“Should we go out and do some rounds?” Taehyun asked with curiosity, meanwhile, he was picking some of the pasta with a fork and eating it. 
“Or… we can stay home and do other things.” You proposed, with double intention. Taehyun coughed, almost choking as he was chewing. You loved to see him flustered by your unusual actions. “If you don’t want to it’s okay, let’s go to-”
“Your room.” He said, after clearing his throat and drinking the rest of the wine from your glass. You simply laughed at him, as you were getting both of your plates ready. 
You loved the nights spent with Taehyun, there was always something new and refreshing about them. You couldn’t understand it or describe it with words. You both could spend hours and hours talking, practicing his scripts, or him getting to know your new ideas and also how you were incorporating a new story. When it was time to get physical, you could easily tell that you both were made for each other. Taehyun knew how to handle your body, being gentle with it -or until either of you wanted the opposite-, he was always making you the priority and always double-checking if everything was still okay before proceeding. He was always looking for your pleasure more than his. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t look for him as well. You loved to spoil him and make him feel good, even though he was still shy whenever you were the riskier. Teasing him was always fun until he got really serious about it. 
You were tracing your fingers across his bare chest, as he was hugging you and trying to sleep. You tried to not wake him up, but you could easily tell how bad the hickey was on his neck. The one he exactly told you not to make. That will definitely get you in trouble. You wanted to stand up, even though your body was a bit sore, you could tell how soon the sun was about to rise and you needed to close your curtains so it didn’t bother either of you. But Taehyun got your waist hugged as if it was a lock. 
“Why are you moving so much?” He asked, still with his eyes closed. 
“I want to close the curtains before the light fuck my eyes.” You answered, he just let you go and you tried to not laugh. As soon as you stood up, you almost fell with Taehyun’s jeans, which you kicked aside and walked towards the windows and closed before going to get his shirt and use it as your pajamas along with your underwear. 
If one thing you could say about Taehyun is that he takes his sleep seriously. Unlike you, who only takes naps during the day and could only sleep longer with the help of pills, or when you were really tired, just like now. Taehyun tries to do everything in his power to retrieve the pills from you, sometimes you hide from him that you took pills (as much as you regret doing such a thing) you didn’t want him to worry more than he should. 
You couldn’t tell what time it was as soon as you woke up, making you confused and as well as how your throat was really thirsty. You looked for your phone, how the time was telling it was later than 2:00 pm. You sighed, before standing up, checking all of your messages, and luckily, no one was looking for you. Standing up, you went to your bathroom to start by washing up your face and as well preparing yourself to take a shower. 
You were unsure if Taehyun was still at home or if he already left for any practice. You were still half-sleep, and probably going to regret waking up from your bed. As you were washing your face, you saw Taehyun terrorizing your door by opening it really hard. You looked back at him, trying to not kill him. 
“You know what you did, don’t even say anything.” He said, clearly pointing at his neck, and you laughed and pressed your lips together as a result. “Don’t laugh.” 
“Sorry, I realized later.” 
“What would my mom say about them later?” 
“Your mom?” You asked, confused. 
“She invited us to dinner.” He said as he was taking from your cleanser to put it on his face, sitting on the toilet to give you both more space inside of your bathroom. You gave him a look as if he was just copying what you were doing. You tried to not laugh at him, and just pretend to be angry as he was wasting your products. “You use mine too!” 
“But I’m running out.” You said, he rolled his eyes and regretted it later as he got the cleanser inside of his eyes. He pushed you aside, trying to wash out the cleanser and not get a lot of irritation. You couldn’t help but laugh at him. 
“You are mean.” He said, drying his face with one of your towels. 
“I’m not.” You said, smiling at him. “I will shower so we can get a face mask. Okay?”
“We will shower.” Taehyun proposed, you ignored him after giving him a small look. “We will, and then the face masks.” 
He was looking at you playfully. You couldn’t help but smile at his request. Closing the bathroom door made him cheer with happiness as he was getting his clothes off.
“We should get days off more often.” Saying that he opened your shower. “Come on in.” 
You thought the same. You loved to spend time with him, more than you thought. 
MAY, 2020
You couldn't determine how fast the time was passing, but one thing you were sure of was how far the two of you had come. The goals had changed from fulfilling their dreams, to making them bigger. 
You already held the title of director, even though you didn't have many titles to your name, you had achieved quite a few for your age and trajectory. Taehyun, on the other hand, had left the theater, and started his career as an actor on the big screen. 
The only thing that had happened was to make you both busier. Your schedule was busier than Taehyun's, who surprisingly had several projects with him; your production took more work and your perfectionism didn't leave you alone for a while. But, that didn't mean you weren't together. 
Your relationship was not public, but there were strong rumors about the two of you. You just didn't seem to give it much importance. Taehyun was not under any agency that needed to vouch for him, and for your part, you ignored questions or blocked them at the time of an interview or press conference. 
Good friends since college. Those were the headlines - of the few - that popped up when you combine your names in search engines. However, when you could go out, it was almost inevitable that Taehyun would not be recognized by someone and that in such a case, you could step aside and wait for a plan for both of you to continue. 
You just didn't want Taehyun's merits to be for having a relationship with you, and vice versa. But, in reality, you didn't care if everyone knew. Taehyun wasn't one to worry about that either. Although it sounds a bit drastic, you both had a plan in case you were "found out" and that was to simply admit everything. After all, it wasn't something anyone didn’t know about. 
On a more intimate side, their families kept pushing the issue of marriage to both of them. Although you and Taehyun had talked about it before, you were not in the same situation now. The burden of getting married, having a family, and maintaining a household was heavier for you than for him, or so you thought. Clearly, you were content with your life, having Taehyun by your side made you happy, and of course, you wanted that kind of future with him. You just didn't think it was the right time. 
"Where are you?" The question made a sound all over your car, as you were driving to get there as soon as possible. 
"I'm on my way. There is a bit of traffic, but I will get there in around 5 minutes." Saying that, you were sure of getting there on time. "Are they there?" 
"Yes, they are here." Taehyun replied right away. "You should've come with me." 
"Tae, I'm almost there, don't worry." You said, laughing. Which made him let a sigh out. "I'll see you there."
"Hurry up." 
It wasn't as if your relationship with Taehyun had changed at all. You did your best - within the availability of your schedules - to be present at your family's events. But, it was never infallible that one of you would be late for any reason. Taehyun was still a little embarrassed to be alone with your family, so he always tried to be at least present with you. Taehyun was always shy with your relatives, especially with your siblings. 
You parked, only to see Taehyun still outside the building, covered from almost head to toe. You tried not to laugh, then grabbed your bag along with the gifts you had prepared for your family. He immediately approached you, you could feel from afar that he was going to scold you again for coming after him, which made you laugh at the thought. 
"You could have come in, why did you stay out here?" You asked him, Taehyun helped you with the bags so you could lock your car. 
"Because I wanted to come in with you." He replied, so you turned to look at him. He removed the mask and glasses from his eyes, you could see his smile to you. 
"How did you get here?" you asked, seeing that in the parking lot there was no other vehicle belonging to Taehyun but those of his family. 
"I was filming something nearby, when I finished I took a cab." He excused. "So you have to take me home."
"But I'm going to sleep here today." You replied, just to see his reaction. His smile slowly faded, which made you laugh. "I'm kidding, don't freak out." 
"Don't do that to me." He said as he started walking with you to your parents' house. Today, it was your mother's birthday, and by tradition, they would gather for dinner at home. Your siblings always brought their partners, but this time they were accompanied by their children. 
Which was one of the reasons why your parents put the pressure on you that it was your turn to get married and start a family as soon as possible. Your siblings, in part, defended you by saying that you still had things to do and that you couldn't just give all that up to have children so soon. For your part, you didn't pay much attention to those comments. You only felt a little sorry for Taehyun, who was the one they were complaining about the most for not having asked for your hand yet, and pressed that 4 years was long enough to think about marriage. 
"Thank you for coming, I know you are very busy these days." Your mother said to Taehyun with a smile, you could hear them from the living room while you and your brother cleaned the dishes in the kitchen. 
"Do you think she'll ask him again?" You asked your brother, who laughed at your question. 
"You must understand that for them if you don't get married before you're 30, you'd never do it." He replied, looking at you. "And they already think your job is a sign that you never will. They didn't even want you to study that." 
"I know." You said, letting a sigh come out of your mouth. "But they have to accept it." 
"You know them, they're still trying to convince me to get my tattoos removed." He replied, which made you laugh, your brother was a tattoo artist. "They won't get that idea out of their heads, so, I feel sorry for Taehyun." 
You listened to the ringtone on your phone, knowing it was the specific one you had for Beomgyu, who was working on your new project with you. He never called you unless it was something important, or urgent. You left your gloves in the sink, quickly picking up your phone and answering it. You glanced sideways at the others in the room as you answered and walked to another room. The last thing you saw was the look on Taehyun's face, who hoped all was well. 
"We're screwed." You heard Beomgyu's voice as soon as you answered. 
"What are you talking about?" you asked, feeling a knot in your stomach. "What happened?" 
"Well, we don't have an actor right now." He replied, which made your mind go blank. "His company canceled on us, he's in trouble. We start shooting tomorrow, otherwise, we can't go on until next year." 
"Have you called more people? Anyone available?" 
"Nope." His answer made you feel hopeless. "I know you don't like the idea, but if you can convince Taehyun to make room for us..." 
"I don't know." You shook your head. "I don't think it could be possible." 
"Then we won't be able to do anything." Beomgyu said, letting out a sigh into the air. "I'll try to do something, I'll let you know."
Your mind was like a minefield. You didn't have the right thoughts going through your mind at any given moment, everything seemed to be fine and in order, and all of a sudden it was a complete mess. Looking at your messages, and also the articles online, they were not good at all. 
The only good thing was that Beomgyu was taking care of separating the project from the articles and the scandal. Wanting to leave the room, trying to keep a cool head, you could see Taehyun entering the room with a worried face. 
"I wanted to see if you were okay." He said, closing the door behind him. You nodded, though you really had no idea. "Everything okay?" 
"A little problem, but Beomgyu is working on it." You told him with a smile. "Nothing to worry about for now."
"If there's anything I can help you with, let me know." He offered again, which you nodded. 
You knew how many times Taehyun had offered his help whenever you were in a pinch, and yet you didn't want him involved in your work. Because of professionalism issues, and also that it didn't feel right to bring your boyfriend to work every chance you got. Taehyun understood that, but at the same time he didn't want to see you stressed out or losing nights of sleep over it. 
"Your parents brought it up again." He commented, as he put on his seat belt and started your car. You let out a sigh, not surprised. After you had chatted a bit, you made up one of your stories about having to go home early because you had to get up early for upcoming recordings, but in reality you were just going home - and you would at least try to solve the problem as soon as possible. 
"What did you tell them this time?" You asked, checking your phone and trying to get answers from your team.
"That I would." He said as he drove off, stopping what you were doing, you looked at him not knowing what to say. You watched as he kept a smile on his face. "Not now, of course, but I would in the future."
"Maybe then they'll stop bringing it up." You said, nodding. Trying to concentrate on your phone again, but you knew there was more to what Taehyun had said. "But... you didn't really mean it, did you?"
"I don't know, it depends." Taehyun replied, from the tone of voice you couldn't identify whether he was serious or not. "If you're going to turn me down, no, if you're going to say yes, then yes."
"What is that supposed to mean?" 
"That you decide." Taehyun replied, satisfied with his answer. 
That echoed a little in your head, you knew that one day that conversation would become real again. You didn't feel scared, or pressured about it. Taehyun knew well about setting boundaries, and he knew that this was a contentious issue for you and your family. However, Taehyun knew that your point of view was pretty definitive, and despite that, he didn't want to change the dynamics of your relationship. 
"Can we go to the studio first?" you asked, Taehyun looked at you out of the corner of his eye not knowing what was going on. "I have to check something soon, if you want you can wait for me at home."
"I can wait for you there." He said, as he turned into the street near the studio. "Something happened, right?"
"Our actor canceled, he's in a controversy." You told him, putting your hands behind your neck. "We start shooting tomorrow, so we're looking for another actor." 
"Oh." Taehyun said in a calm tone. "Were you able to get someone else?" 
"Beomgyu is working on it." You answered, trying to dial his number but watching as the call went straight to voicemail. "I want to see if he was able to figure anything out." 
"If you need help, you can count on me." Taehyun counted, again. Which made you smile. "I mean it." 
"I know." 
Taehyun knew how hard it was for you to ask for his help, and every time he had to see you having a hard time over something, or drowning in the same glass of water, he would go out of his way to give you a hand. One that you didn't ask for, and at the same time, you didn't take at the time he offered it. 
Your studio was located between several locals in a not so busy street, which gave space for artists to arrive to discuss contracts or scenes without being discovered or disturbed by the press or fans. It was in a basement, which was well ventilated, and with the right number of offices for two to three people to work in when needed. 
"Choi Beomgyu!" you shouted, waiting for the boy to answer you or give some sign that he was there. Taehyun was walking behind you, a little strange because of the new layout of the premises, he hadn't been there for a long time.
Arriving at the last room, you kicked the door, where you could see your partner eating a package of instant ramen, and with a puzzled face as if surprised, in his ears were some headphones, which explained why he had not responded. He removed his headphones as he chewed, pausing the music on his phone and looking at the situation a bit perplexed. 
"Why aren't you answering me?"
"Get a life." Beomgyu replied as he continued to eat. "I still haven't heard back from our proposals, so I'm de-stressing, and having dinner. And you've already come to upset me." 
Taehyun could hear that complaint as he entered the kitchen, seeing you leaning against the kitchen table, and Beomgyu instead looked at him as if this had been a divine sign. 
"Did you convince him?" Beomgyu asked, signaling Taehyun with his chopsticks. "Our boyfriend is going to help us?"
"No." You replied, avoiding Taehyun's gaze at that moment, as he reached for a can of soda from the refrigerator. 
" She hasn't offered me anything." Taehyun added, which made Beomgyu let out a sigh.
"Well, I have an offer for you." He said with a smile. "It's a movie, where you would be a serial killer who has a motive to kill."
"Beomgyu, stop-" 
"And, that's to kill everyone who abused your mother." Beomgyu ignored you, as he continued to share the information with Taehyun. "The only thing he didn't expect was that one of them was his father.... And among other things." At this point, you were holding the bridge of your nose with your hands. "If you're interested I can give you a script." 
"Wouldn't I have to audition?" 
"For what? You're perfect for the part." Beomgyu said with a smile. "Ignore my assistant, please work with me." 
"I'd have to think it over." Taehyun replied with a smile, and looked at you sideways. "But that would be a good story." 
"Thank you very much." Beomgyu said, bowing respectfully. Picking up his chopsticks again to eat again, before continuing he pointed to the area where you were standing. "Do you want coffee?" 
"No, it's fine." He said with a chuckle. "Is the bathroom still in the same place?" 
"If you remember, it is." Beomgyu nodded, which made Taehyun nod back as he walked out of the kitchen. Which made you look at Beomgyu again wanting to kill him.
"I don't care." He said to you, long before you could say anything about it. You took a deep breath. "He's a good actor, he's got a solid career, it's a complicated role, yes, but it's better someone acting as a bully than a real bully, right?" 
"Yeah, he's your boyfriend, who cares? This time you're the director, he's the actor, you're the boss, he's your employee. Be professional and stop thinking this is going to ruin your relationship." Beomgyu said that, a little upset about it. "If we don't start now, we're screwed, do you understand? We have no money and if we don't respond with a new actor, we get cut off from promoters." 
Despite the big mouth Beomgyu had, he was telling the truth. Which was hard for you to admit. 
"None have responded?"
"They have sent me their schedules for 3-5 months later, some for next year." Responding with little encouragement he continued to eat. "If Taehyun can't make it, or you'd rather wait, I can see what we do about it, but otherwise, I don't think we can do it." 
"Do you really trust him?" 
"100%" Beomgyu replied as he nodded. Which made you simply nod. 
"Let's do it." Saying this, you received a look from Beomgyu, who was looking at you in surprise. "I'm going to trust you, this time."
Beomgyu gave you a smile as he nodded. You weren't going to deny that in this case, you were really scared of the results in this regard. But at the same time you wanted to give it a try. 
After all, you always have counted on Taehyun. 
hello! this is a new one shot that i finished just recently. i will be updating the part 2 by the weekend, however i wanted to know if some of you would like to be notified/added on the tag list - if so, you can comment or send me a message and i will gladly add you <3 thank you so much for reading !!
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Tumblr media
The world is unfair
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tomorrowxtogether · a day ago
Tumblr media
24/06/22 TOMORROW X TOGETHER arriving at Music Bank ©일간스포츠  
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txt-yaomi · a day ago
(🐰) :: Yaomi + Jungkook = Yakook
Tumblr media
they created the ship name as they are crack heads with crackhead names 🤪
Tumblr media
💌 Perilla Leaves
During a small gathering of BTS and TXT, the perilla leaf debate had risen up once again, “Ah, Jungkook has some strong opinions on this” Jimin laughs, making Jungkook smile and Angel confused. “Really? You’re not okay with it?” she questions, “no!” He said firmly. “Why? It’s not that serious” hence starting a debate between the maknae’s of both group. Catching everyone’s attention, Jungkook let his words run out of his mouth without thinking. “If you helped my friend with the perilla leaf then I will be upset,” he said at a speed of lightning “Me? Why me?” she points at herself confused “what?” “You said-” “I don’t know what you’re talking about” he interrupted her. “Huh?” “I didn’t say anything!” He gets up, excusing himself to the washroom while Angel looks confused to Jimin, “Oh?”  
Tumblr media
💌 BIGHIT Photoshoot
In the midst of individuals taking their shots, Angel and Jungkook are seen fooling around. What Angel didn’t notice is the immersed staff walking hurriedly. As Angel is backing up due to Jungkook’s teasing, she almost bumps into a staff. However, Jungkook quickly grabs Angel by the waist towards him before an accident occurs, causing Angel to blush furiously. “Hyung!” Yeonjun, Soobin and Beomgyu appeared being protective over Angel while Taehyun and Heuningkai started to laugh.
Waiting for everyone to get ready for Jungkook and Angel’s duo shot, Angel was slowly getting bored. Peeping toward Jungkook’s hair, a mischievous idea of pulling his hair pops into her head. Quickly looking in the opposite direction as Jungkook looks at her after pulling a hair strand, she tried to hold on to her laugh. “Cute,” he said in his head as he views her acting innocent, thus deciding to act like he didn’t catch on. As Angel was about to pull on his hair again, he quickly turns around, catching her in on the act. “Kanjagiya, Ah oppaaa” she whines
Tumblr media
💌 Getaway Drive 
Jungkook had 2 hours to spare due to a last-minute schedule change. Remembering a promise he made for Angel, he quickly calls her and makes a plan, “Get ready, I am picking you up in 10 minutes.” Arriving on time, Angel automatically went into the car and starts questioning him without hesitation. “Omg do you ever stay quiet! It’s a surprise” he jokingly scolds her, making her huff in defeat. After a 30-minute drive with a quick stop for snacks, they finally arrive at a hill that has a view of the entire city. “You’re not killing me, are you? Because I have Jin as my emergency contact and he will murder you if you do anything” she says, “noooo, remember the promise I made of my getaway spot, this is it” he clarifies. The next thing they noticed is an hour passed of laughter and comfortable deep talks. “I have never opened up this easily to anyone” he confessed, “I’m honoured” she laughs. In a matter of seconds, they both get lost into one another’s eyes, “Thank you” she says softly hummed, “for taking my mind off of the idol life, it can be stressful at times. Plus for showing me this place.” she looks at the view, and he softly pats her head, drifting off at the view as well. 
Tumblr media
💌 Filming Memories 
“How come you stopped filming?” she questions him out of the blue. “Where is this coming from?” he chuckles in surprise, “I don’t know, I remember looking at your golden closet films and I really enjoyed it” Angel looks at her hands, not being able to make eye contact. “It just stopped, I guess scheduling” he shrugged, not thinking too hard for the correct answer. “Let’s create one right now” she acts impulsively, quickly grabbing his hand, and they begin smiling. Throughout the clips, Jungkook squishing Angel’s cheek, another clip was Angel leaning against his back, a mirror selfie of the two, another selfie doing silly faces, and finally leading to fooling around at night. Jungkook ends his filming by looking through the lease at Angel, appreciating her and slowly forming heart eyes at the camera. 
Tumblr media
💌 Late-night Shenanigans 
“Yea, are you awake?” Angel impulsively calls Jungkook at 2:30 AM, “I am now” “Sorry, I’m craving banana milk and chocolate at the park, can we go?” She whispers into the phone, “I’m coming in 15 minutes” he sighs knowing he can’t say no to her. Tip toeing into Jungkook’s car, she greets him with an excited smile, making him lost in his gaze towards Angel that holds so much love. “Let’s go…?” “Huh? Oh! y-yeah”. As the two get their banana milk, they arrive at the park and become teens who lost track of time. Ending the night with dancing, laughing, and on the swings. “Ah, this is nice..I feel like I’m 16, all over again.” He shares. “That’s why I am here” she looks at him, “You will never grow old” she smiles. Before anything else happens, rain starts dripping aggressively, “yea, let’s go, you’ll get sick” he says. However, they still continue fooling around on their way home. 
Tumblr media
💌 Dog Sitting
Due to a BTS schedule, Jungkook had to ask Angel if she is able to dog sit Bam, to which she gladly agreed. Since one of Angel’s favourite dog breeds is Doberman, she is quite familiar with how to take care of one, hence Jungkook put his full trusts on her. Throughout the day, Angel made sure Bam would eat his food on time, go on a walk, play with him, etc (being Bam’s mother). After a whole day of playing, both Angel and Bam were knocked out on her bed. During that time, Jungkook made a stop at the TXT dorm to pick up his lovely dog. After a couple of knocks, Soobin opened the door and directed Jungkook to Angel’s room. What took Jungkook by surprise is seeing Bam and Angel cuddle on her bed. Out of instinct, he took out his phone and took a picture. Looking at the two, his gaze at her with an idiotic smile, “Are you sure you guys are just friends?” A voice interrupted his thoughts, as he looks in the direction of where he heard the individual, he finds Yeonjun and Soobin standing at the door, looking at his questionable like protective brothers. Before saying anything Angel and Bam woke up from their slumber and soon Jungkook had left with his son. 
Tumblr media
💌 Taehyung Hyung?
“Just tell me!!” He whines. Once Jungkook figured out that he was not Angel’s BTS bias, he has the need to know. “No! You will use it as blackmail.” she responds. 10 minutes passes as Jungkook is making sure to get the answer out of Angel, realizing he won’t let it go, she finally answers. “Fine! It’s Taehyung oppa” “Hyung?!” he looks like he got shot in the heart while Angel nods, looking down. Not hearing a word from Jungkook, Angel slowly looks up, noticing a pout forming on Jungkook lips as he is zoned out. “Kook?” Jungkook shifted his body on the other direction, “kook? Are you upset?” She is shock. “What so good about Hyung?” He sulks, making Angel softly smile. Leading to gently wrapping her arms around him.
Tumblr media
💌 Lost in Thoughts 
As time went on, Jungkook and Angel formed an amazing friendship that they both cherish. As Jungkook zones out during a dinner with the boys, he couldn’t help but think about the stars in Angel’s eyes as she smiles at him, the competitive spark in her when they challenge each other on the smallest things, the sweetest messages she makes sure to send him and the members on their smallest achievement, the stubborn side of her that she makes to always work hard on every project, the anger that sparks in her when someone is being rude to the people that love, the whispers of affirmation that she doesn’t know he needs and lastly the welcoming hug that he deeply craves every day. “Aish” he sighs realizing his feelings towards Angel have grown too deep.
Tumblr media
you made it till the end!
Let me know what member you want to see next as yaomi x artist content (does not need to be a love interest)🐰
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choiyeonjuns · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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labelneo · 2 months ago
TXT REACTION: you lean away from them when they’re about to kiss you prank! . . . 𖠵🧺◞ ೫ . / 𖤣
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
soobin: is worried that you’re upset with him. immediately asks if you’re okay. when you tell him you’re fine, he just says “oh okay.” but he still wonders and thinks about everything he did that day that could’ve made you upset with him. tells you in loves you and you say it back, so now he's even more confused. you can see the gears turning in his head, and to stop him from frying his brain you lean over to kiss his cheek, telling him you were joking. scoffs playfully and tells you it was a mean joke. tells you that you got to kiss him 100x times to make up for it.
yeonjun: utterly confused and thinks you moved away from him because you didn't realize he was about to kiss you. leans in again and when you do it a second time, he's not afraid to asks you what you think you’re doing. when you shrug and don’t respond, he’ll put his hand on your chin and guide your gaze to look at him. sees a glint in your eyes and realizes that you’re messing with him. moves his hand to the back of your neck, saying “don’t do that to me" to you. when you nod, he brings you in and gives you a quick peck. goes back to what he was doing like nothing happened.
beomgyu: gives you a weird look. pokes your shoulder multiple times to get you to look at him. when you look, and he leans in, and you lean away again… he gasps. reacts by throwing himself on top of you, dramatically saying how you must not love him anymore. you’re trying to pry away and hold in your laugh, but he cups your face with his hands and starts to kiss you all over you face. you can’t hold your laugh in anymore and apologize through yours and his giggles. will tell you that you can’t get rid of him that easily.
taehyun: doesn’t react because he automatically reads you. two can play this game. you think you hurt his feelings when he stays quiet, so you tell him it was just a joke. he just says “ok” before continuing whatever he was doing. when you lean in to kiss him as an apology, he leans away from you with a playful smile. you see through his act too, and you immediately start whining that you’re sorry. asks "are you really sorry?" when you say yes, he leans in like he’s about to kiss you only to pull away. he can't hold his laugh, and you pull his hand to get him to forgive you. gives you a peck after he's done laughing before calling you cute.
hueningkai: is so worried he did something wrong. will look at you for a second, analyzing you quietly and wonders what just happened. when he goes in to kiss you again and you lean away, he’s eyes soften and a small pout forms on his lips. will ask “did i do something wrong?” softly. you immediately regret it when you see the look on his face, and you have to kiss his little pout away. you tell him it’s just a joke, and his eyes light up again. he just says a quiet “oh” before letting out a little, awkward giggle. is finally then able to go in for a successful kiss.
Tumblr media
for more! masterlist
Tumblr media
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wenjunsss · a month ago
txt + kisses: ✧*:・゚
a/n: fluff and slightly suggestive. sfw
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yeonjun | 연준: i can see yeonjun giving passionate kisses. he loves kissing. kisses that are slow and drawn out. kisses during which he pulls you by the waist and into a tight hug. kisses that get out of control fast. but also. soft pecks on the top of your head during movie nights bc you a baby. his baby(!!). and random kisses you surprise him with. and he's so happy. bc he needs a lot of attention and affection
soobin | 수빈: really shy. doesn't usually initiate kisses. mainly settles for giving soft pecks on your lips. and gentle forehead kisses. spins you around and into his arms before giving you a kiss. kisses your shoulder or your hair as an act of comfort. lazy morning kisses before getting out of bed
beomgyu | 범규: dramatic, over the top, exaggerated kisses. playful kisses. ones he jokingly wipes off after you give them. but also. the softest kisses when he's in a soft, loving mood. and wants to be showered with affection. demands you to give him a kiss whenever you see eachother that day. wants them by the minute
taehyun | 태현: very mature. don't think he'd be much for pda. prefers to show his love behind closed doors. the type to put his hand on your jaw/behind your neck and pull you in for a kiss. slow and romantic. but also sensuous. the type you don't want to pull away from but know it's gonna end. only to dive back in for more
hueningkai | 휴닝카이: i see him as one of those people who grabs your face before going into a kiss. puts his whole body into a kiss and just envelopes you. kisses to the back of your neck as he comes up behind you. sleepy pecks wherever he can give them before you both fall asleep cuddling
Tumblr media
© wenjunsss
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be0mcore · 2 months ago
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ txt the morning after
notes: i finally finished my essay last night so i decided to write something partially spicy as a little treat. i'm feeling kinda scandalous i might do a full smut soon idk. also!! their comeback is so soon i might just start hyperventilating <3
genre: fluff, suggestive, smut if you squint
tw: none
Tumblr media
❥˗ˏˋyeonjun ´ˎ˗
◦ ohhh baby is so very soft
◦ not like that
◦ wakes up all groggy and sleepy
◦ hair all over the place
◦ literally couldn't care less though. the sight of you in his arms is enough for him
◦ he's sleeping on his back and you're snuggled up on his chest
◦ both of you are completely naked, being way too tired from last night's activities to put anything back on
◦ loves the feeling of your skin on top of his
◦ starts softly running a hand through your hair, trailing fingers lightly down your arms, gently scratching your back
◦ once you wake up, starts planting butterfly kisses all over your face
◦ "good morning sweetheart"
◦ he can't help it, he's just so in love with you
◦ gets all excited thinking about what y'all got up to the night before
◦ will not let you get out of bed. you bet your ass you'll be cuddling until dinner time <3
◦ you both fell asleep facing eachother
◦ as soon as he wakes up and sees your face he gets butterflies
◦ you wake up shortly after and he just can't stop smiling
◦ "hi love"
◦ is so happy to see you fell asleep in his shirt
◦ very soft and groggy morning voice
◦ will pull you close and try to convince you to fall back asleep with him
◦ makes sure you take your morning shower together <3
◦ i mean cmon y'all
◦ he's voted the most romantic member for a reason
◦ 100% just lays with you in silence
◦ not awkwardly lmao but as in just gazing into eachother's eyes while his hand is trailing up and down your back
◦ i might just be projecting here, but i feel like sex is very meaningful to him. it shows trust, love, and vulnerability
◦ is so grateful that he got to share such a loving and intimate moment with you
◦ will want to be little spoon while you're cuddling, he just loves feeling loved
◦ has such a soft gaze whenever he looks at you <3
◦ wakes up with your back pressed against his chest
◦ instantly starts smiling
◦ i feel like as much as he'd love to cuddle, he'd also love a shower lmao
◦ suggests you two shower together
◦ (of course you say yes)
◦ will take his time taking care of you in there
◦ will initiate a lazy morning makeout sesh, holding your body close
◦ that'll probably lead to a repeat of last night's events, but this time much more slow and gentle
◦ afterwards will make you a coffee and breakfast <3
◦ you both wake up with your limbs tangled together
◦ you don't know whether the arm on your face belongs to you or kai, and you're pretty sure both legs are numb
◦ as soon as you wake up you're met with kai's smiling face
◦ probably teases you about the night before
◦ you playfully roll your eyes and tease him back
◦ both of you are too lazy to move, so you stay in your human pretzel position and start talking about what you dreamt of
◦ much clingier than usual, doesn't want you to leave his arms
◦ will probably end up ordering take-out for breakfast, but cuddles come first <3
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yeonjune · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAEHYUN! 💛 (February 05, 2002)
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beomgyus · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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k4i-lizzz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
april fo0ls❗🤡
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tomorrowxtogether · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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inhypen · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@txt.bighitent  update  with  taehyun  and  jungwon  —  “my  baby  😻”  
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injunnies · 6 months ago
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txt as policemen without context: 
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Kang Taehyun being the prettiest boy on earth
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the members reaction to yeonjun’s “laptop”
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Badboy!Taehyun x Afab!reader (no pronouns used)
SUMMARY — your badboy boyfriend is actually a closeted sweetheart, you knew that. but in a moment of insecurity and misunderstanding, which side of him takes over? OR — it’s your six month anniversary and after a few walls are broken down, tae is ready to show you how much of a good boy he can be.
CONTENTS — smut/mdni, hurt to comfort: angst/fluff, rich!taehyun, taehyun basically has anxiety, established relationship, insecurities, crying, subjects of past friendship trauma, communication issues (they have diff communication styles & are still learning abt e/o)
WARNINGS — bratty/newly sub!tae, dom!reader, unprotected sex, orgasm control/denial, light humiliation/degradation, praise, light restraints, cock slapping, nipple play (m. receiving), finger sucking, hand job, begging, ruined orgasm, edging?, crying, color check-ins, hard sex turned sweet at very end, heartbreakingly loving aftercare
A/N — obviously inspired by the song “scary love” by the neighborhood!! X3
© to irockgyu. no translations/reposts etc.
Tumblr media
To Taehyun, it was obvious that he would never undermine your six month anniversary. Actually, he had been counting down the days eagerly (albeit a bit anxiously, for reasons he was too scared to admit or really think about) in his head.
But you didn’t need to know that.
Hell, he just got to the point where he could admit to himself how happy (relieved) he was that you’d stuck around with him for so long. Nobody else stayed long enough to gain the trust or get to see the many layers there was to Kang Taehyun, probably because most just wanted to be ‘friends’ with him for his money.
He learned his lesson to never let anyone in after one too many people finessed their way inside his heart, gained his attachment, only to leave immediately after getting whatever it was they wanted from him.
Except for you.
You weren’t even aware of Taehyun’s financial status until after you began a relationship. He found you intriguing from the start (and cute…maybe. Just a little) and so he hid the fact that he was rather wealthy from you. He wanted to see if you’d spare him a second glance when he had nothing to offer you except…well, himself. Him with all his bottled up sadness and angst that never dissipated as a teen, him with his emotional walls, him with a defensively blank face to mask what he really felt, and him who struggled to understand, admit and communicate his own feelings.
But you didn’t care about all his faults, for reasons he doesn’t think he’d ever understand. You saw parts of himself that he didn’t see, parts that were happy with glimmers of light. Like flowers growing through cracks of cement.
After Taehyun realized he never wanted his life to be vacant of your presence ever again, he finally got the courage to ask you out, and that’s where your journey together began.
Currently, you were sleeping over at his house so you could wake up with him by your side on the morning of your anniversary. Taehyun had already bought an offensively large teddy bear that was stuffed in his hallway closet to surprise you with in the morning. It may seem typical or cheesy, but you had a hard time falling asleep without something to hold. The boy hoped the stuffie would help get rid of the subtle eye bags that were overtaking your lids, the ones he pretended he didn’t see or worry over. He also bought a box of chocolates too. Because that was a basic requirement, wasn’t it?
Taehyun’s anniversary plan (that felt more like a mission after all he thought out and prepared) was:
1. He’d wait for you (admire you) until you woke up, give you your teddy and chocolates, and then cuddle for a little bit (maybe do some not so p-g things also…)
2. Tell you to get dressed, that he was taking you somewhere (you would of course freak out in your way that he found so annoyingly adorable, saying you didn’t bring anything other than a change of jeans and a t-shirt like you always did)
3. (Amidst your panic) he’d bring out your other and last surprise; the designer outfit he’d picked out for you months ago at the mall after seeing it. He just knew you’d look drop dead gorgeous in it.
And finally,
4. He’d take you to the fancy restaurant he made reservations for in advance.
Maybe…maybe he went a little overboard.
He just couldn’t help it. He was too embarrassed to admit he wanted to spoil you and too shy to act on those urges, so your anniversary was a perfect excuse.
Currently, it was around 10 pm. You were both snuggled on Teahyun’s bed, your cheek laid against his chest as you happily breathed in his warm scent.
Most of the lights, aside from his bedside table lamp, were off as the movie’s previews illuminated the large flat screen tv. Taehyun paid no attention to the ads as he browsed through his phone while you wouldn’t stop gushing about all the things you could do for your anniversary tomorrow. Taehyun only hummed in response, maintaining a neutral face to not let on the extensive plans he secretly had for tomorrow.
Plus…he was growing very shy at the thought of all the romantic gestures he would be making, it would be the biggest and most direct act of love he’s ever done for you. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous, or that it didn’t feel like the butterflies in his stomach were playing jump rope with his intestines.
Unbeknownst to your boyfriend’s own anxiety, you started to get a little discouraged by his aloof attitude.
Everytime you’d suggest something to do tomorrow, he’d only hum out in response, not even looking at you when you’d speak. And everytime he’d more or less reject an idea, your stomach sank a little more.
You were beginning to feel stupid. Were you blowing this out of proportion, making this a bigger deal than it really is?
Usually you weren’t one to celebrate measly anniversaries. But six months wasn’t measly to you, especially considering Taehyun’s past relationships (or rather, lack of). You thought this was something worth celebrating over, and you had been hoping he thought the same, but...
Taehyun cared for you, you knew he did. It was clear in the way he always checked in on you throughout the day, or the way he’d stick by your side protectively whenever you were out in public, or the way he’d always help you, or go find something you need. He always was trying to play it off as a coincidence, but you knew he kept a jacket for you in his car when you got cold after stubbornly claiming you wouldn’t. You saw his search history when he researched how to fix your leaking dishwasher that you couldn’t afford to repair and refused to accept his money to simply ‘buy a new one’, as he suggested. He’d claimed he already was knowledgeable in plumbing, but let’s be honest, rich boys have no reason to know such things, making his ‘casual’ act painfully obvious of the opposite.
When you would point out his non-direct acts of affection or teased him, his eyes would widen the minuteness bit, and he’d look away, sometimes claiming some weak denial.
You knew he cared for you, but…
sometimes you did worry.
The thing was, Taehyun was always so non-verbal with his emotions. Words of affirmation are really important! And as much as you tried to reason with yourself, you were a bit insecure, maybe even unsure of how deep his feelings for you actually went. Because you…you cared about him a lot, like, a lot. So, though you were certain he liked you, you often wondered if the weight of your feelings outweighed his.
You’d been pushing your worries down for so long, and in that moment as Taehyun stared at his phone screen, brushing off something you found to be important, you lost your grip as a hesitant question slipped past your lips.
“Do you even...do you even want to do anything for our anniversary?”
Tae shrugged his shoulders, eyes flickering over to the tv screen as the movie's introduction finally began. “I don’t care what we do, I guess.”
Hands coming together to fiddle with each other nervously, your gaze went to your lap, voice almost at a whisper as you thought out loud. “I-I just thought, y'know- six months is a significant milestone and I...I don’t know…wanted to do something for it.”
Your boyfriend let out a sigh before he spoke in a tone you found to be exasperated, causing your stomach to plummet.
“Yeah. That’s fine.”
A heavy silence was between you for a few minutes, Taehyun’s attention fully on the movie that played, like he didn’t have a care in the world. You on the other hand only grew more hurt by the second, lifting your head away from his chest to lean against the headboard of the bed instead. You felt something inside your heart crumble after Taehyun’s last sentence, like all your fears were about to be confirmed. Unable to even concentrate on the movie for a full minute, you found yourself speaking again, voice a lot more steady this time. But it was only thanks to the adrenaline beginning to pump through your veins.
“Sorry. Do you think that sounds too tiring?”
“A little.”
And there it was.
The very thing you were trying to convince yourself wasn’t there, now right in front of you in manifest. Tears threatened to sting your eyes, but you blinked them back. You couldn’t cry, not yet.
“What part sounds too tiring.”
“What sounds too tiring, the thought of going out with me tomorrow or the fact that we’ve been dating for six months?”
The only visible reaction he gave you was an unpatterned blink, mouth opening the tiniest bit before speaking in an infuriatingly neutral tone. “Just- calm down, Y/n.”
You hastily untangled yourself from the covers and got out of bed, tears already spilling out of your eyes when you blinked, blurring your vision. Taehyun had seen you cry before, but never because of himself, and you refused to let him see you break down over his own words. You already felt humiliated enough. Walking over to grip the doorknob weakly, although your body felt like it was surging with angry energy and hurt, you managed to tremble out, “My mistake.” before leaving Taehyun alone in his room.
You had been laying on the couch in Taehyun’s living room for maybe a couple of hours, tears finally having stopped, but your eyes still burned as an annoying reminder.
Taehyun had picked you up to take you to his house and in your previous haste to exit his room, you left your phone on his bed. There was no way in hell you were taking the walk of shame back into his room in all your red, puffy eyed glory to retrieve your phone.
Besides, there was no point.
Judging by the large, contemporary and very hard to read clock that hung on the big white walls of his living room, it was around twelve am. Hueningkai, (your best friend) who went to bed at an actually decent time of night like a maniac, was fast asleep by now and you had no other friends you felt close enough to call for a ride in such an embarrassing situation.
What even was the situation? You just found out that your boyfriend of six months doesn't even like you that much?
Was he even still your boyfriend?
Oh, God, did you just break up?
The sound of Taehyun’s door opening from down the hallway snapped you out of your own head, heart starting to beat faster against your chest. You thought it was your nerves making it feel like it was taking him centuries to make it down the hall and into the living room until you saw the giant teddy bear he was awkwardly wrestling with as he eventually stumbled over to you, sitting the stuffed animal beside you.
After a moment's pause, he made sheepish eye contact with you, eyes widening with shock and obvious guilt as he registered that you most definitely had been crying.
“O-one more thing.” He said before pattering off into the hallway. Emerging seconds later with a heart shaped box of presumably chocolates, his nervous grip was a little harsh on the present as he sat on the coffee table in front of you, your knees barely brushing against each other’s.
“I…I’m sorry.” Voice below a whisper, he explained, “Earlier, I didn’t mean for it to sound like I’m tired of you or that I don’t care. I do care, a lot, and I’m the farthest from tired of you. I could never be. I just didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”
He looked up from his own feet to look at you, silently hoping you would say at least something, but when all you did was stare, he grew more frantic, losing his rationale.
“I-I’m sorry it came out like that, I was panicking and didn’t explain myself well, I…”
Something shifted in his eyes, in his mind, and it happened all too quickly before you could stop it. “This-this isn’t all of it! I have a- a lot more planned, a lot more to give you, I promise, j-just,”
Everything seemed to blur around you as your eyes focused on Taehyun’s face that suddenly crumbled before you, tears that weren’t present just moments ago now racing down his cheeks as he dropped his face into his hands. Clambering forward to cradle him in your arms, his erratic breaths were now right against your ear as he fell apart.
“-just please, don’t leave! I need you here!”
“Baby, baby, it’s okay. Everything’s okay. I am not leaving you.” Your own hands trembled as one raised to his hair, gently caressing over his locks in a way that normally soothed him.
You decided it best not speak, his mind too jumbled to process any words right now as you simply comforted him physically. It was ten minutes before his breathing returned to near normal and his body stopped shaking, minus an occasional twitch as his hands fisted the material of your shirt tightly. Cupping his dampened cheek, you raised him from your chest just enough so you could look in his eyes.
“Feeling a little better now, baby?”
“Y-yeah, m’sorry.” He slurred, when normally his speech was clear and never stuttered. “I know you’re not like that, not like them. I guess my mind went somewhere else for a second.”
“It’s okay.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Stop apologizing, Tyun.”
“No,” he insisted, fully sitting up.
Taehyun momentarily interrupted himself when he realized you’d been kneeling on the floor this entire time, standing you up from the coffee table and moving you both to the couch. “I’m sorry for not explaining myself better, I’m really trying to improve on that. I…I care about you so much, Y/n, and I hate that I’ve made you feel the opposite.”
“Oh, Taehyunie,” you breathed, leaning forward so he could return back to your embrace again. “It was a misunderstanding, I’m at fault too. I acted on a moment of insecurity and I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry. I know you care about me, you show me that everyday.”
But I want to tell you, he wanted to say. He wanted to scream the depths of his feelings from the top of his lungs. But there was still that small weight of fear in his stomach, tying the words down.
He gave you a soft smile, a little tired from his previous state, but a smile nonetheless, one that you returned as you both leaned in to grant the other a kiss simultaneously.
“Happy anniversary.” He whispered breathlessly after you pulled away.
“Tyun, it’s not our anniversary until tomorrow.” You laughed incredulously, your arms around his neck while his were gently pressed to your waist. The usual sparkle in his eyes returned as his grin widened a little more, and you doubted your heart had ever felt such relief.
“It’s almost one in the morning, Y/n. It is tomorrow.”
“Oh my gosh! We better go to sleep if we want to have enough energy for tomorrow.” Standing up, you wrapped your arms around your new, giant stuffie in a hug, ready to drag it and your boyfriend to bed.
“I never would have guessed you’d buy me something like this. Did you order it?”
“No, I bought it at the mall.”
You could sense his inward cringe as your smile grew at the thought of your boyfriend, who tried to keep a tough public image with intimidating eyes and clothing, lugging a gigantic teddy bear throughout the mall and to the parking lot, probably having a struggle to stuff it into his car as well.
His nose scrunched at you and you realized you were laughing, shaking your head to try and gain some control of yourself. You’d have plenty of time to tease him about it in the morning.
“Let’s go to bed.” You said with a light giggle, pecking a kiss against his forehead.
“No, I don’t want to go to sleep. I want you to be with me.” He stated while grabbing a hold of your arm before you could pull away from him.
“I will be with you, silly.”
“I know, but- I want…you.”
You couldn’t hide how the way he worded his sentence threw you off guard. If he was asking what you thought he was asking, he normally was a lot more smug than the shy boy you were staring at right then.
“You want me? What exactly does that mean, Taehyunie?”
A pause of hesitation, and then, “I want to…Oh, God. Am I seriously about to say this,” His eyes diverted to the side, and you didn’t tease him when he took a few moments to gather himself, a small, nervous smile playing on his lips that he’d bite at occasionally or press into a thin line.
“…I want to be good for you.”
“You want to be good for me?” You parroted with an underlyingly teasing tone, your eyebrow arching slightly. He responded with the meekest of nods, his form somewhat hunched from his timidity, and it was then as he gazed up at you with his sparkling brown eyes that you realized you’ve never seen him look at you like that before.
He was showing you another side of himself. He was showing you his vulnerability.
The sweetness he still managed to obtain while asking you for something so dirty made you lose it, teddy bear temporarily forgotten as you let it fall to the floor while you ordered him to scoot over to the chaise section of the couch. You straddled his lap, loving the position as it gave you a little more height over Taehyun who was slouched against the cushions, chest rising and falling faster in anticipation of what you’d do next.
To his dismay, you only leaned in to kiss him, making him frustrated. Now don’t get him wrong, he loved your kisses. But normally, Taehyun didn’t have to wait, he didn’t have to ask because he was used to taking, used to himself calling the shots in the bedroom. So the fact that he wasn’t getting what he wanted, all while your hips pressed into his own without actually properly touching him, your tongue swiping over his bottom lip, it riled him up faster than you ever could have predicted.
In other words: he was a spoiled brat.
He broke away from your lips with a small wet sound, managing to have enough gall to scoff at you while making direct eye contact. “Touch me.”
“With that attitude?” You judged, unhappy with his demanding tone. His only response was his brows furrowed in a defiant pout. “I thought you said you’d be good for me?”
“Make me.”
The darkly delighted feeling you felt brewing in your stomach must have been apparent in your eyes, because a tantalizing flash of fear appeared in Taehyun’s expression before you forced him out of his seated position and flat on his back. Roughly, you tugged his shirt up until his torso and chest was exposed, Taehyun accidentally letting out a surprised squeak.
His hands clasped over his own mouth, but it was only a few seconds until you pulled them away from his face and pinned them to his sides.
“None of that. No holding back your sounds, and no touching. Me or yourself.”
“And if I do?”
“Then you won’t cum and I can just use you to get myself off.”
God, what was happening to him, because the thought of you just using him like a toy for your own pleasure had his dick pulsing in his pants.
But he did really, really want to cum at that moment, under your complete control.
So he gave in to your commands with a small whine, squirming against the cushions while trying not to blush as he took in the compromising, pathetic position he was in, your figure towering over his body.
“That’s what I thought. Do you remember the color system, baby?”
He nodded, slowly, almost cautious. As if he was in front of a ravenous beast. But instead it was you, and he had a growing feeling that wasn’t any better.
“What is it?” You asked while lowering yourself until his smooth, built chest was in your face, small puffs of breath tickling Taehyun’s skin and causing a shiver to run through his body. On most nights, he’d be asking you this question, but now the tables were turned and you were more than delighted by it.
“Red for stop, yellow for slow down and green for keep going.”
“Good boy.” You rewarded, immediately bringing his nipple into your mouth after finishing the sentence.
Glancing up, you were delighted to find his hands twitching but otherwise remaining where you’d placed them, cutely clenching and unclenching as you sucked and lightly teased his bud with your teeth. You let your fingers wander and grace feather-like touches across his abs, loving how he tensed beneath your hand while his breathing steadily became more labored.
With a slickened noise that had Taehyun squeezing his eyes shut from embarrassment, you released his left nipple in favor of the other while taking the left abused bud that was now wet from your previous ministrations in between your fingers, harshly toying with it. Your boyfriend’s body shuddered and withered as you mercilessly continued until he full-on moaned for the first time that night. Loud.
“Please, touch me! Please-“ His beautiful begging was interrupted by your gentle gasp, you allowing a sinister smirk as you watched the panic and confusion take over his face.
“What? I-“
To his own horror, he looked to his hands that had drifted to tangle in the hair of your scalp amidst his desperation.
“No! I didn’t mean to, I-I said please like a good boy-“
“Oh, but you aren’t acting like a good boy.” You cooed, sitting up again and feeling his very prominent hard-on fitting perfectly against your core.
“I am now…” he argued desperately, but your mind was already made up as you pulled his shirt completely off of him, Taehyun now being so obedient as he raised his arms to help with the task.
“No, a good boy would have done what he’s told and kept his hands to himself.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll keep them still now.”
“You certainly will. Now sit up.”
Surprisingly, he was quick to follow instructions, lips pressed into another thin line as he found his face in sudden close proximity with yours.
“Nothing.” He murmured and diverted his eyes as you gathered his wrists behind his back, taking his shirt and tying it as tightly as you could around him, using the thin material as a replacement to handcuffs. Maybe you could talk him into buying some later.
With his bulging arm muscles that you were more than familiar with, he could easily rip through the knot, no matter how sufficient and tightly you constructed it. But that puts his t-shirt at risk of being torn, and most certainly would get him blue balled. You were confident he’d stay in his confines until you said otherwise.
“What are you doing?”
“Giving you what you want.”
You pushed him, forcing him to fall on his back abruptly as he had nothing to support his weight before sliding your hands into his pants and palming him over his boxers.
“Wow, you’re so wet.” You breathed with genuine amazement, feeling how much his warmth had leaked through the material.
“So m-mean, Y/n.”
Forcing your eyes to rip away from the delightful image of his subtly twitching hips, you blatantly stared at Taehyun’s disheveled appearance. His hair was a gorgeous mess with strands splayed against the couch, lips reddened by his own biting of them and a rosy hue creeping up his neck: a signature tell that he was either embarrassed or aroused. Your guess was both.
“I think it’s safe to say, you like it.” A restrained pat against his cock ended your statement, Taehyun awarding you with another delicious sound.
“Color?” You checked, stilling your hand to massage his balls instead.
“Green. I…I like it. M-more?” His voice turned whiny at the end and your pussy clenched, beginning to ache as you resisted grinding your clit onto the couch for some relief. Though he didn’t say please, he asked so nicely that you couldn’t help but comply with his wishes, pulling down his underwear and pants in one go, all the way down to his ankles and throwing them somewhere on the floor.
Placing yourself in between his legs again (where he thought you looked very beautiful by the way, like a ruler on their throne.) you swiped your thumb over his tip a few times, distracting him with the pleasure before slapping his cock again, a lot firmer than the first time.
“Oh, Y/n, f-fuck!”
You rubbed over his shaft to soothe the pain before hitting him again three more times with no breaks in between, only to start the cycle all over again.
Cries of blissful torment filled the room until Taehyun finally reached his breaking point, warning in a whisper, tone almost watery with humiliation, “I’m- I’m gonna cum.”
You removed your hands off of him immediately, and he growled out in frustration as his high was ruined. To your surprise, he still came, the lingering, hot pain of his cock sending him into an unsatisfying orgasm as he withered and bucked into the air feverishly.
“God. Fuck you!”
A mirthless laugh that was unlike yourself met Taehyun’s ears that were ringing with the rush of blood and adrenaline, opening his eyes to look at you.
“You just came from getting your dick slapped and you still think you have any pride to hang onto? I see you still have the guts to disrespect me.”
As you said this, you stood up to remove your pants and underwear in one quick motion before resuming your position with Taehyun’s hips slotted between your legs. “Well sorry baby, but you’re not gonna get to fuck me until you learn how to beg as pathetically as you are.”
You collected the cum on his stomach with two fingers, spreading it across his angry red cock that was still hard and standing tall. “Even your dick is shameless.”
“G-God, sensitive, Y-Y/n.”
After ensuring he was nice and slick, you brought your fingers down to your own pussy, wincing slightly as you rubbed at your attention deprived clit. Taehyun hummed out another whine as he watched you. “Take off your shirt.”
Only receiving a glare in response, you felt his feet lift with little annoyed kicks behind you. “Can’t see your pussy ‘cuz of that fucking shirt. Take it off.”
“Stop talking.” Leaning forward, you thrusted your two fingers into Taehyun’s mouth, ordering him to suck.
He did so gladly, but you knew it was only because of your essence sticking to your digits, allowing him a brief moment to lap up your juices before pulling them out.
After rubbing his saliva between your folds, you pressed yourself against his cock, beginning to grind yourself up and down without actually taking him inside. Taehyun was not happy about this in the least as he maneuvered his hips, trying to somehow slip inside of you, but he was stopped by your hands pinning down his hips. He was purposely quiet, the only sound coming from him being his deep, rushed breaths.
Yes, as he suspected, it was hot as hell to have you using him to get yourself off, but the need to see your pussy splitting open from his cock, to hold your body in his arms and relieve himself of the (by this time) painful need to orgasm: it gave him tunnel vision. It was all he could think about as he felt your warm, inviting heat making wet sounds while gliding across his dick.
He worried his brain may actually turn to goo, so while he could still (hardly) formulate sentences, he spoke,
or rather, he begged.
“I’m sorry I was a brat, I’m-I’m sorry. But can you please fuck me now Y/n? I don’t think I can s-stand it anymore, need to feel you around me.”
His voice wavered the entire time. He’d finally broken down, and you were dying to have something inside of you, so you did.
Starting out slow wasn’t something you needed, your pussy was aching to cum, lifting and slamming your hips down onto Taehyun’s over and over. Your boyfriend was consistently crying out now, almost choking on his own voice at the sudden speed you took. He opened his eyes that he didn’t realize were squeezed shut before to watch you bounce on top of him.
You stopped all movements when you heard his voice, snapping your head up and confirming what you feared.
Sometime while you were ruthlessly fucking yourself on his cock, he’d started crying. That was evident, judging by the tear tracks that were on his face, more following their path.
“Oh my God, baby, what happened?”
“I’m- I’m fine, just-“
“Green! Definitely green, just…need to hold you.”
Still startled and now a little confused, your movements were slow as you untied the shirt from around his wrists, which you were honestly shocked he didn’t just rip out of, seeing as he wanted to be freed so desperately.
The second his cloth shackles were off he pulled your body against him, hesitantly fidgeting with the bottom of your shirt and looking at you with those heartbreakingly deep, brown eyes that were now even more sparkly as they failed to hold in his tears. At this, you ripped off your shirt, wrapping your arms around his neck while his hands instinctively wandered across the expanse of your bare back.
“Can…can I please move too?”
Your heart was beating too fast, deeming you breathless as you nodded your head minutely.
Both of you began to rock against each other, but the pace was completely different. In fact, it felt completely different than any sex you’d had before.
Taehyun’s thrusts were gentle, slow. But at the same time powerful and deep. You moved as one, to the point where you questioned whether you knew where your bodies separated, where your skin stopped and his began. But wasn’t it all the same?
Wasn’t he yours, and you his?
With the way you fit together, you must, because nothing you’d ever experienced felt like this, like you’d reached the unattainable.
Tears of your own started to well up in your eyes.
You didn’t realize how close you were until Taehyun detached from your neck, where he’d been planting kisses and marks, to plead against your ear, “Please, cum for me, baby. Please.”
With his trembling fingers swirling circles against your clit, your high engulfed you, and it was the most euphoric and dizzying experience you’d ever had. Your vision was spotting with black, but Taehyun’s cock twitching inside of you and a small grunt of restraint had you pulling together all of the strength you had left to pull off of him and stroke him. It only took a couple times until he spilled all over your hand.
His fingers traced different patterns onto your hip as you both caught your breath in the comfort of each other’s embrace. After a few minutes of silence, in which you still felt that strangely wonderful ‘connected’ feeling, even when he wasn’t inside of you anymore, you sat up just enough to look into his orbs. The corners of his eyes were still damp, but he’d stopped crying, a serene smile that you’d never seen before on his face, and he was directing it at you as he raised a hand to tenderly rub the nape of your neck.
“Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Something between a whine and a grumble came from your throat, nestling further into his chest.
“Don’t want to. Tired.”
He chuckled, the deep sound something akin to thunder as your ear was pressed against his heartbeat. “We at least need to make it to the bed. Come on.”
Like you were weightless, he carried you bridal style into the bedroom, placing you as softly as possible on the mattress before whispering that he’d be back to clean you up and exiting into the bathroom. Despite your exhaustion, you find yourself wanting to cry again at how sweet your boyfriend was, guilt washing over you that your own insecurities had made you doubt him.
Kang Taehyun was not cold and he was not uncaring. He was worth so much more than his money, and that was something his past friends had failed to see. It almost made you pity them. Because they had a chance to get to know this bruised yet beautiful soul, and they gave it away.
Kang Taehyun was never bad.
He was broken,
and wasn’t being broken proof of trying?
The last few things you remember came in fragments; a distant faucet running, a warm cloth against your skin, and a tender kiss pressed to your cheek before sleep encompassed you.
If only you’d stayed awake for just a moment longer, you’d have heard the sincere confession of Taehyun’s “I love you.”, and his sweet embrace that followed after.
Tumblr media
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