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Kangaskhan, the Parent Pokémon.

To avoid crushing the baby it carries in its pouch, it always sleeps standing up. 

Diamond Gemspark - Unpainted, Shadow
Sandstone Brick - Brown
Mudstone Brick - Unpainted

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Way back years ago there was a theory that Marowak would eventually evolve into Kangaskhan. This theory was usually presented alongside the whole “Marowak die after giving birth” which, as we all know now, is completely untrue. Kangaskhan is not a direct member of the Cubone line, but they are pretty close cousins

As for the hunting question, it’s very unlikely that that’s true. The Cubone line is omnivorous, but they mainly prey on smaller bird and mammal Pokémon. They’d probably go after a Kangaskhan if they were starving and desperate, but it isn’t a regular prey item or anything

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Is is theorized that one of the reasons baby Kangaskhan are purple, is because it makes them look like poison-types. If the baby is out of the pouch, any hostile pokémon will think twice before attacking it, since poison-types are are the typing suggests, toxic and/or poisonous. The color fades to brown as they grow up, since they no longer need the same level of protection

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A return of Harriet from four years ago.

Originally from a rural, midwestern region, Harriet began her life as a Pokemon trainer when she was 12-years-old, and over the course of almost 15 years, traveled through various parts of the world.

Early on, Harriet obtained an egg that hatched into a Baby Kangaskhan that she raised and took great care of, naming her Adelia. Eventually, Adelia would grow into a mature Kangaskhan. Due to Adelia’s motherly instincts and urges, she would go on to have a few children of her own, and it was always a sad time whenever her child had grown enough to set off on its own.

However, complications would soon lead to Adelia losing her ability to have children, which was something that greatly broke her heart. Never the less, both she and Harriet continued to be very close to each other.

Things would turn on their head when Harriet came into contact with Pokemorph Catalyst, not only turning her into a Kangaskhan Morph, but also a Baby Kangaskhan of around the age of four-years-old.

Initially surprised and confused by the change, Harriet would quickly discover that Adelia’s motherly instincts came to the forefront in full force, as the Pokemon began to treat the young girl as if she were her own child.

In fact, Harriet would discover that all of her Pokemon seemed to enjoy coddling and playing with her quite a bit. 

Harriet would eventually spend quite a bit of time hanging around in Adelia’s pouch, though there were times where she would need to return her to her Pokeball, and doing so would often lead to her feeling a bit nervous and alone. She felt safe when around Adelia, and would also constantly find herself accidentally calling her ‘mama’. 

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Matt: I enjoy a good ol’ fashioned western. Vigilantes makin’ their own rules – ain’t that just the fantasy?


Caroline: Hm… Romance movies. It’s sappy, but I like it.


Marie: Action, all the way!! I wanna see people punch each other!


Sandy: I really like… romances and musicals. It’s really cute when they wanna be together…


Atticus: I love comedy. Ah, what, predictable? I gotta hone my skills somewhere!


Clara: I was a fan of film noir back when that was very popular. Beyond the classical period, it is just not the same.


Opal: I love romances, but who doesn’t, sweetie? I watch them, and I wish that was me… Oh, who am I kidding? That is me.


Steven: I like sci-fi, but I think I already made that obvious. Specifically sci-fi fantasy, but some of the horror ones are fun.


Roxanne: I’ve always liked horror. Some of the more recent ones are kinda predictable and cheap, but it gives me an excuse to get close to Steven.


Dr. Steele: Thrillers really get the blood pumping! I want to be on the edge of my seat, and I want something gruesome to happen.

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