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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Japanese Romaji: inju
Japanese Meaning: (ribbon of) an official seal

in(shirushi, shiru, jirushi) - mark / seal / stamp / emblem / symbol / indication / imprint / print / sign / badge / crest / flag / trademark / evidence / proof / souvenir / token (of gratitude, affection, etc.) / (Abbreviation) India / (Buddhism) mudra (symbolic hand gesture)

ju - ribbon / cordon

Chinese Pinyin: yìnshòu
Chinese Meaning: ribbon of a seal for fastening correspondence (in former times)

yìn - to print / to mark / to engrave / a seal / a print / a stamp / a mark / imprint / a trace / chop / image / (Abbreviation) India

shòu - cord on a seal / silk ribbon attached to an official seal or medal

Kanji Count | Word Count: 2903 | 1830

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Bnha Kanji Christmas Day 2: Bakugo Katsuki!

  • !! His name spells him out ez. Everything makes sense: the explosion, the power, the winning.
  • If anyone wants to talk about katsuki now (i’m caught up on the manga), pls let’s talk bc i love this man endlessly
  • Also!! I decorated his with Filipino parols , which are like our christmas lights. They usually come in all diff colors, like red and green and they’re big and lanterny; and highkey his explosions reminded me of these explosions of colors and light in the christmas night :)
  • I saw that post of pinoy boy iwa running a sari sari store so im pushing my agenda that baku can also be part of this gang LMAO
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機会 きかい opportunity
認識する にんしきする to recognize (I used it as “is counted as”)
埠頭 ふとう pier
観覧車 かんらんしゃ Ferris wheel
綿菓子 わたがし cotton candy

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School Grade: Junior high school

This character is a combination of 扌 hand and 最 most. Here, 最 is being used in its original, literal sense of “take by force.” Together with 扌 this gives “take (by force) with the hand,” or “pluck/snatch.” It has also come to be used for “taking photographs,” likely due to the idea of a quick action.

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