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#kanye west is over party

Us after

  1. Almost World War 3
  2. Memes about Almost World War 3
  3. Almost Impeachment of Tr*mp
  4. Brexit
  5. Multiple award academies and organisation forgetting women artists exist. Again. Especially after the year end top 10 lists were filled with art (films, music, etc) made by women.
  6. Miss Americana: Taylor Swift releasing on Netflix
  7. A ton of media persons apologising to Taylor Swift for years of incessant bullying.
  8. COVID-19
  9. Kobe Bryant (+ eight more people, including his daughter Gianna) dying in a freak accident on a helicopter
  10. assault survivors reminding everyone that Bryant was a rapist and getting shit on near constantly because “yOu shOuLd'nT sPeAk iLL oF tHe dEaD” and having to go through a month of every other person glorifying this guy and their own personal experiences and empathy for his victim being invalidated
  11. TOM HANKS and RITA WILSON contracting COVID-19 making them the first celebrity patients of the pandemic
  12. the closing down of anything and everything and us becoming hermits because that’s the only thing that’s reasonable
  13. Tiger King taking over everyone’s lives
  14. Everyone who hasn’t seen Tiger King being confused AF as to why Twitter is freaking out over a currently incarcerated, gay, big cat enthusiast with the worst clothes and haircut in the history of personal grooming, named Joe Exotic of all things.
  15. Confusion intensifying as everyone who has seen Tiger King makes memes about animal rights activist, environmentalist and almost victim of murder by proxy Carole Baskin allegedly feeding her ex-husband Don Lewis
  16. global stock market crashes
  17. Someone Kris Jenner releasing the full clip of Kanye West “asking” for Taylor Swift’s blessing for the shitshow that was Famous, proving that he was lying.
  18. People realising that Kim Kardashian could end up in the slammer for wire tapping, defamation and emotional abuse. (Nobody remembered that Kanye made non-consensual pornography and used someone’s likeness with their consent, both of which are federal crimes in the US).
  19. Kim Kardashian calling Taylor’s response (which was something to the effect of “please ignore the drama that literally no one asked for and go donate to these charities and organizations helping with COVID-19 relief”) stirring up old drama and making a four tweet thread about how much she doesn’t care about Taylor Swift.
  20. Black Widow (and every other movie) getting postponed. (Fuck you 2020)
  21. Imagine: Celebrity Edition (starring An Actual War Criminal Singing Terribly Off-Key)
  22. a Malaysian tiger in the Bronx zoo getting COVID-19
  23. Lady Gaga being accused of Satanism for raising awareness + $ 300 million for COVID-19 aid.
  24. a large amount of the right wing from a bunch of pseudo-democratic, technically fascist countries protesting public health
  25. head of states of said pseudo-democratic, technically fascist countries publicly supporting the idiots instead of stressing the need for a widespread quarantine
  26. one of said head of states encouraging the people of his country to intake - nay - inject disinfectants
  27. said people of his country ACTUALLY DRINKING DISINFECTANTS
  28. A fuckton of other things I can’t remember right now
description: scene from Into The Spiderverse, Peter B. Parker remarks that "This literally could not get any weirder".

Pentagon with the aliens:

description: scene from Into The Spiderverse, Peter B. Parker remarks that "This literally could not get any weirder".
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when she turned to go home, she heard echoes of new words, may your heart remain breakable, but never by the same hand twiceand even louder:without your past, you could never have arrived - so wondrously and brutally, by design or some violent, exquisite in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.

Just wanted to say taylor how much you mean to me. It breaks my heart that your whole reputation was destroyed by a lie. Some people in the world are truly evil. But now the scales of justice have been balanced. If there’s anything I’ve learned from you, it’s that karma is real

@taylorswift @taylornation

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Who tf let kim keep her phone?? At this point she’s just making a bigger fool of herself for no apparent reason. She could just apologize for recording Taylor and kanyes convo ,ILLEGALY might I add, and fuking editing it to look like she was lying??? Bonkers if you ask me. She sould just apologize and stop being an idiot. Like. Damn.

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Hey > I’m new to Tumblr. Anyway this meme is just for fun. But ugh it’s disgusting about what the Kardashians did. It’s no big surprise cuz we SWIFTIES knew Tay wasn’t lying. Tay doesn’t deserve all the hate she had these past 4 years. Well I get it… Everyone can’t be like @taylorswift as she is Srong, Unique, Talented etc… So that doesn’t mean they deserve hate to be that wonderful person with their OWN hard work. Ugh!


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