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raaindropps · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
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write-the-stars · 18 hours ago
Hello, I wrote a very sad, heavy 800 some word Matchablossom fic (they are not the sad or heavy part, it’s past Lovematcha that’s sad/heavy) if anyone would be interested in that.
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discountscoobygang · a day ago
careless whisper is the only song on my matchablossom playlist and it’s gonna stay the only one
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onemoresomething · a day ago
Chapters: 3/5
Fandom: SK8 the Infinity (Anime)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Nanjo Kojiro | Joe/Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom
“I think I want that,” Kaoru says quietly, on instinct. So quietly he’s not even sure if he even said the words aloud.
The deep voice pulls him back to reality, grounding him. He turns back to face his friend, who is looking back at him with a clear confusion across his face.
Kaoru feels blood immediately rush to his cheeks. He’s already said too much. Can feel the cracks in the walls beginning to form. It’s too much and his eyes fall to the half empty glass in front of him.
“That. Dating. A relationship,” he starts, flicking his eyes up ever so briefly to meet Kojiro’s before he finishes with, “Love.”
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elmundodeanalu · 6 days ago
Sin duda al ver este screenshot de Nana Shimura, me hace recordar a dos cosas que me estoy imaginando: la década de 1980 y la mamá de Aizawa (Kaoru) que fue abusada y ella la salvó de morir de hambre y sueño 3 días después de la violación. Kaoru conoció a Nana cuando ella era una niña, mientras la niña llevaba clases de karate para poder ser una heroína.
Tumblr media
Kaoru sin duda reconoce a Nana como su gran inspiración, siendo que no es por ser mujer; sino por aprender a luchar a pesar de que ella abandonó a su pequeño hijo y Kaoru nació sin un quirk y sufría de bullying.
Kaoru vio a Nana tres veces: Uno en el televisor cuando tenía 5 años, otro cuando tenía 10 años, estando en el dojo de karate y la última fue cuando Kaoru fue violada estando en una tina de baño, dentro de un cine antiguo.
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diosthicctitts · 6 days ago
Joe is very muscular which I’d assume would mean his muscles are very tight and sore a lot of the time. So obviously I would also assume that Cherry massages Joe on the regular.
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gracelogan · 9 days ago
Ainosuke spots Kaoru getting drugged at a high society party and takes him to Kojiro.
Short bit of fluffy care stuff between Kojiro and Kaoru.
Set in a world where the characters are realistic about their feelings and the bad ones didn't just vanish because Adam found fun again and where he is in the early stages of mending utterly scorched bridges.
Content Warning for use of Date Rape Drug - No Non-Con
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ratcarney · 10 days ago
[chloe lmao voice] hey if there are any kaoru “cherry blossom” sakurayashiki lookalikes out there, please hit up my inbox. but not the real kaoru “cherry blossom” sakurayashiki. lookalikes ONLY
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aamiira · 10 days ago
i'd love to make friends on here and talk about my hyperfixation on sk8 but if i ever dmed someone first, i'd genuinely die of anxiety, so that ship is still anchored here.
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paixarina · 11 days ago
Anytime I heard this cabbage-haired dude (read : Hiyori Tomoe) talking, my mind can't stop thinking about Tanjiro from Demon Slayer because he is literally voiced by Hanae Natsuki.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When I first time heard Hiyori talks, I was like "Tanjiro, what are you doing in idol school you supposed to slay demons!" XD
Now, I can't stop thinking on "ii Hiyori~", but replaced with "ii Tanjiro~".
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