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A Painfully Awkward Thanksgiving

“…I’m sorry, Lena, can you say that again? I think one of my eardrums just burst for no reason, run it by me again?”

“I said, would you like to come to Thanksgiving’s dinner with me at my brother’s place, Kara?”


Pre-reveal Lena wants a +1 to spend Thanksgiving at Lex’s for the customary Luthor Thanksgiving Ceasefire. Lex and Kara spend the evening politely grinding their teeth at each other for Lena’s sake, in between rounds of low-key trying to kill each other every time Lena turns her back.

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Yes, you are free to dislike a character or a ship. And yes, we know that the actor himself had said some pretty problematic things in the past, and certainly didn’t needed to involve Katie’s name in the situation, since it will probably only attract more hate to her by the haters. But, for fuck’s sake, don’t be a jerk. Does this still need to be said? Don’t make this about his skin color! His skin color has nothing to do with the subject at all! You can call on him without being a fucking racist – and yes, I’ve seen some people doing that. Honestly, this is disgusting. As LGBTQIA+ fans, we know what is like to be a minority, to be marginalized only for being who we are. And yet, some of you, who should understand that better than others, are doing the same thing with a guy doing his job, and are only making our image worse as a fandom (which is no longer very good, for several reasons). The guy talked about being attacked for being black, and yet, some of you still attacked him because of a ship. Guys, for fuck’s sake, this is bigger than that!

Disliking James’ actions and/or James and Lena as a couple, or even some of the things that Mehcad said in the past, is not a excuse for being racist! There is no excuse for being racist at all! And I know that not everyone did it, but that minority is what will make us, as a whole, come out as the bad people in the situation. We don’t need this. Mehcad, as well as any other black person in this world, didn’t deserve this. Supergirl is, essentially, a show about hope, help and compassion for all, about empowerment and, above all, about acceptance (even if it’s not done in a really good way), and I believe that everyone knows about and supposedly agrees with that. If not, you’re watching the wrong show. So, please, be consistent with what you say you stand for – and, better than that, assume your mistake and apologize. It will not improve the situation, but is the least you can do if you are a minimally decent person, as much as you are not if you’re a fucking racist. The guy is in his place of speech, so let him speak. If you defend minorities only when it suits you, you’re not really doing a good job at all. And, if you’re a fucking racist with some white feminism speech or whatever, get the fuck out of this fandom and, I don’t know, choke and die or something #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏿


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I like supercorp but I do not stand with the fan base!! I have a huge problem with people degrading actors and actresses for ROLES THEY PLAY!!! Characters can be significant to a persons life BUT THEY ARE CHARACTERS. You are committing a CRIME OF HARASSMENT and it is inexcusable to treat someone in such a negative fashion. At this point in the show I hope it is cancelled before supercorp could ever become CANON AS THE FAN BASE NO LONGER DESERVES IT (ps check out fanfics instead they are written better).

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Here’s my take on the Mehcad situation

It’s not anyone’s place to invalidate Mehcad or his experiences. Lots of actors that are POC experience violent racism every day. I could imagine that he was feeling angry and scared. And it sucks there are fans who would make him feel that way, when supergirl is supposed to be about hope, help, and compassion for all.

I understand why certain people are upset. He didn’t need to bring Katie’s name into it. It indirectly once again places blame on an entire fandom, the same fandom that gets blamed and shit on for everything. I get that we as LGBT people have a knee jerk reaction to that kind of thing, because as minorities we would never want to make another minority feel the way we have felt at times. I also know there were many other things going on around the time he was referring to. He had made some insensitive comments and offended a lot of people. So I know it is possible he was receiving hate from that as well. But once again, it is not our place to say what he did and didn’t experience. We weren’t there, and if he says he was having racist remarks spouted at him then I believe him and I feel so sorry for him.

Rather he made messed up comments prior to that or not, no one deserves to be racially bullied or recieve death threats. Don’t let his bad wording erase the real issue at hand, which is how racism plays such a big role in Hollywood. Vanessa Morgan, who plays an LGBT character on Riverdale, just spoke out about this recently. So did Amber Riley from Glee. Listen to them. Let their voices be heard. You don’t have to like Mehcad, or his character, or the way he worded his tweet. But you do have to respect him and his experiences as a black man in America and in Hollywood

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Mehcad Brooks speaks out about the racism he was subjected to by Supercorp fans. It has been a year since I was active on this blog but now feels like the right time to speak.

I created this blog purely to appreciate and enjoy James and Lena’s relationship. On countless posts and gifset that I spent hours making, Supercorps left mean, hateful and nasty comments. The abuse in my inbox was so bad I had to disable asks. I would feel physically sick whenever I would get a notification because it was relentless. 

“Get him off my screen and far away from Lena”

“Don’t let him touch her!”

“I just threw up in my mouth..”

“Rooting for a monkey lmao”

That just scraps the surface. It was not a safe space. Going into James tag; the microaggressions and dehumanization. It was painful. I would have internalized and never said a word if not for the response to Mehcad’s tweet from Supercorps. The reflex denial, deflection and complete fabrication that they defended James against racism.

You made the fandom a living hell.

You made me as a black person feel like I was nothing. 

I had to sift through so many disgusting and debasing posts and messages.

Two years ago I posted this: “Supercorps have spent months attacking James Olsen, spewing rhetoric that can only be described as anti black…”

Two years later I am posting the same thing.

Supercorps spent over a year attacking James Olsen, spewing rhetoric that can only be described as anti black.

Without even needing to look too closely. Staz Nair is experiencing the same harassment, bullying and racism for daring to do his job and play the love interest of a white woman. 

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Oooh, this is a fun one. I may not watch Legends, but Sara’s one of my favorite characters to write in this AU.

The royal guardsmen did their best. Alex knew that; she was training to be one after all. But through all that training, J'onn had drilled one important reminder into her head until she could repeat it in her sleep. Some things a soldier could handle on their own. But other times, it was best to call for backup. And for the land of Kryptonia, this was one of those times.

One minute everything had been peaceful and quiet. The next, reports began popping up here and there around the kingdom, of men in golden masks running wild through the villages, attacking and looting, stealing and destroying anything they pleased. There was no rhyme or reason to their actions, and little was known about them. They called themselves the Children of Liberty, and they had many targets. They hated magic, for one thing. Anyone who could wield it, anyone with fairy or dwarven blood, anyone who showed even the merest hint of being something more than normal might find themselves woken up by the furious shouts of the raiders. But they also hated the royal family and anyone who loved them, which was most of the kingdom. Their leader had claimed that he would never stop until he reached the palace itself.

So far, they hadn’t made good on the threat. J'onn and his soldiers had been working around the clock to try to hold them back, restricting their movements to the little villages that lay on the outskirts of the capital. But the Children of Liberty constantly managed to evade the guardsmen, drawing worryingly closer to their ultimate goal. At last, in desperation, Kara’s uncle had gathered his family and their closest servants together and clandestinely announced that he was sending for help. He had written a letter to the only woman who might possibly be able to aid them now, a woman who had cleared many a kingdom of criminal bands just like the one plaguing Kryptonia- the mysterious huntress known as the Pied Piper.

A long month of anxious waiting had followed the sending of the letter, during which the Children of Liberty grew bolder and bolder. But at last the day had arrived when the Pied Piper’s ship was due in the harbor. It was no longer safe for the king or his heir to leave the palace, so Kara, with Alex at her side as always, had been sent to meet her.

The woman who stepped onto the dock was nothing like Alex had expected. She was tall and graceful-looking, with piercing blue eyes and flaxen hair. She was dressed all in white, and seemingly carried no weapons, which Alex found remarkably strange given her profession and almost legendary status.

Kara glanced back at Alex, shrugged a shoulder, and then stepped forward, making a little curtsy. Her voice came out awkward and stilted, the way it always did when she tried to play the proper princess role she had never quite managed to master. “On behalf of my uncle,” she began, “I wish to welcome you to-”

“Do you always talk like that?” the Pied Piper interrupted. Kara blinked for a moment, and then smiled.

“Not really, no.”

“Then please, don’t. I’m an assassin. We don’t exactly stand on pomp and ceremony. You’re Princess Kara of Kryptonia. Lovely to meet you. I’m the Pied Piper, obviously, but call me Sara.”

Her gaze flicked to Alex. “And you are?”

Alex’s eyes widened. It wasn’t often that someone meeting the princess paid attention to the princess’ servant. “Alex Danvers. I’m Kara’s lady-in-waiting.”

Sara looked her up and down with a slight smirk. “And a bit more than that, I’d wager. You’re standing like a soldier. I’m guessing you’re used to having a sword at your side.”

Alex felt a grin spread slowly over her face. Clearly this woman was much more than she appeared to be at first glance, and Alex was beginning to like her more than she had expected. “You’re right about that,” Kara said. “Alex is training to be a guardsman.”

“Well, that’s certainly something I can respect,” Sara said. “Although I like to keep my weapons a little less…obvious.” She cracked her knuckles, the smirk returning to her face. “Now,” she declared. “Tell me everything you know about the scum I’m supposed to be clearing off these streets. I’ll make sure they wish they’d never come here.”

“They’re dangerous people,” Alex pointed out. Sara’s eyes glittered.

“So am I.”

Honestly, if Team Supergirl had just given Sara a call, the Children of Liberty would have been over in five minutes. So that’s where my mind went here. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for the ask!

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“Now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved"

“When I came to this city, I promised myself that I would never trust anyone again, and… then I met you. And you chipped away at my armor with your warmth and your earnestness, and you convinced me to trust in people and friendship again, and against my better judgment, I did”

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