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Luthor x kryptonian clone Part 2

The next few months were routine

Precise routine of training eating and sleeping

It was constant over and over you only knew the walls of your room and walls of the training room and you became restless, feeling more in dreams seeing more in dreams of a world outside of this

In the middle of training one day you stopped looking at Lex “show me outside” you asked nervously

“Your’re not ready” Lex stood up and gestured “continue” he said sternly

“No!” Your confidence grew in that moment and you let your eyes glow red Lex held up his hand “don’t”

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whenever i think of Kara Danvers physique, i think of Chelsey Reist (Harper) from The 100. like she has the ideal body build for Supergirl imo.

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The glass of wine remains untouched, sitting precariously on the edge of the table. The setting sun lights up the red liquid in a way that grates on Lena’s nerves. She stares at it, until eventually, she’s looking at the wine without really seeing it. 

Briefly, cruelly, Lena wonders about  red kryptonite igniting veins of steel, flaring angrily against skin, lacing remorseless words, and oozing into callous touches. A Luthor doesn’t have friends. But Kara made her forget the power her name held she made the mistake of assuming she had a friend in the journalist. In Supergirl, no less.

Lena wonders if it would hurt less if the words Kara had spat at her were influenced by red kryptonite. Would it dull the ache in her chest?

These days, she drinks too much too often. These poison-filled glasses tipped against hungry lips, its contents contents greedily devoured. Her glass is never empty and her throat always burns with a thirst that is never quenched.

Always, there is a voice begging for more. Lena cuts herself open and gives up more until she has been bled dry. She keeps cutting away at herself until she has nothing left of her self to give. 

It’s pitiful.

Lena stares at the sunset view of National City, alone in her office high above the sky.

She remembers a similar sunset not too long ago (even if it already seemed like a lifetime away). A lazy time spent in bed, tangled in crumpled sheets. Where the light that had filtered through her bedroom window was painted in a shade of crimson reminiscent of a lover’s kiss or a gentle caress. Lena reveled in the warmth of the person laying beside her. They had been content, happy. It was a tenuous peace that didn’t last.

You remind me of home, Lena, she had said as she traced haphazard patterns against Lena’s bare skin, especially when the sun is like this. You remind me of home.

Lena tries to remember what home had felt like. Tries to summon memories filled with love and warmth and all she can conjure in her mind is blonde hair, blue eyes, and laughter so bright it could set the world ablaze.

It made Lena feel hollowed with pain, and the ache is so deep, so wholly entrenched that she feels almost furious at the helplessness of it all.

She remembers, bitterly, the overwhelming sadness that swept through her when Kara finally told her about losing Krypton. The memory of the pain is so vivid Lena is almost able to trick herself into believing she’ll lift her eyes and see Kara sitting in front of her. And that she’ll take the other woman’s hand in hers and bring it to her lips for a gentle kiss.

Bitter, pathetic, angry little thing. All around her is cold, empty space.

Kara lost her world and now Lena has too.

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What do you think the Superfriends would be doing if they were in quarantine right now? Reblog with your answers - get creative!

I think Kara and Alex would chill together watching movies.

Lena would be at home sitting by herself pondering everything she’s done and wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about Kara - she would probably find ways to work on non nocere just to distract herself from the inevitable subject of forgiving Kara.

Other peeps, I don’t know. Maybe Nia would be with Kara and Alex? Of course Kelly would be too. Nobody knows what Brainy would do.

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Hello! I loved your RedK/Metallo supercorp story! I think it has really great potential and the smut was amazing

Hey there, thank you for this nice message! I hope you’re having a good day amid all of the current chaos in the world.

I was originally going to make this into a one-shot, but I really want to write some intense interactions between Earth Prime Lena/Earth Prime Kara and their wicked counterparts. I also want to write some more tender moments, because Overlord Lena needs to learn that affection/softness can be nice, too. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have in store for them. I plan to share this story on ao3 and the second chapter is already up on my patreon!


Originally posted by awitchpire

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New story alert!

Following the 100th episode of Supergirl, Metallo Lena crosses universes and ends up at LuthorCorp, set on getting her revenge on Supergirl. Kara not only has to deal with someone trying to kill her again, she also has to explain to her best friend why and how her carbon-copy is walking around LuthorCorp, and has to keep her sister from actually killing the Other Lena.

And why is it easier to talk to the Other Lena who wants to kill her than it is to talk to her actual best friend?


Evil Lena ends up in National City and Kara can’t seem to stay away from her. Her Lena isn’t too pleased.

I’m so happy I finally got to write this fic!


Because this Lena…


deserves all the stories.

I hope you all enjoy it! If you’d like to support me and my work, I have a ko-fi, right here!

Stay safe out there, read fanfiction!

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Writing chapter 5 of “This isn’t our world” process so far: Listening to sad, angsty songs. Looking for pictures of Lena with a gun in her hands. Taking a break to watch Batwoman. Staring at my computer screen, a lot. Changing the color of the font so now Kara’s scenes are in blue and Lena’s are red. Googling “What is Kara Danvers’s favorite food?”. Writing a little. Liking it even less. listening to Billie Eilish’s “everything I wanted”, and “when the party’s over” on repeat. Coffee break. Watching another episode of Batwoman. Writing some more, hopefully.

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“I still remember the way you taste.” Supercorp ;) Thank you! :)

Thank you to a friend who helped me with this idea!

“I still remember the way you taste.”

Lena sighs as Kara sinks into her lap, strong thighs bracketing Lena’s as their mouths move together.

They were meant to be having a movie night, but this is much better.

Lena threads her fingers through Kara’s hair, silky strands slipping through her hands as she holds Kara close.

“I still remember the way you taste.”

The words are whispered into Lena’s mouth, low, sexy, and just that would usually be enough for Lena to insist they move things to the bedroom, especially because Kara doesn’t talk like this often, and it’s hot, but right now it brings another thought to mind.

“I’m sorry,” Lena gasps, and it’s not from the way Kara’s hand has slipped up her shirt. It’s a laugh, a laugh that Kara definitely wasn’t trying to get. “Did you really just say that?”

Kara sits back, her hand sliding out from under Lena’s shirt, creating way too much space between them. At least Kara is still in her lap.

“Say what?” Kara asks, reaching up nervously to adjust glasses that aren’t there. “Was that not…flirty?” is the word Kara settles on.

Lena bites her lip to try and contain her smile, knows Kara is occasionally insecure about this side of their relationship despite the confidence she displays sometimes. Like the fact that not ten minutes ago, Kara climbed into her lap and kissed her.

“It’s fine,” Lena says, placing what she hopes is a soothing hand on Kara’s thigh. “It was…” Lena blows out a breath, because, under any other circumstances they’d be in the bedroom right now. But, “You just said the exact same thing to a slice of pecan pie earlier and that’s all I can think about.”

Kara goes red. “I did?”

Lena laughs again. “You did, after I got you the second slice, you whispered it before you took a bite. I don’t think you meant me to hear.”

Kara drops her head forward to land on Lena’s shoulder. “I definitely did not.”

Lena laughs again as she wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s back.

“Actually,” Kara says, sitting back up. “Before we continue this,” she waves her hand between them. “Could we have some more pie?” Kara looks sheepish. “Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m hungry again.”

Lena can’t help but grin. God, she loves her.

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