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asgrony · 21 hours ago
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taller gf kisses her shorter gf
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teutlidraws · 2 days ago
Oh gosh, do I still make art?
I saw that look, and that picture with Lena in different outfits with subjects she would teach, you know? And then I thought, what if…
I don’t have time for anything, just quick self indulgent art. Stay safe!
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supergirldchero · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Married couple routine
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darsky17 · a day ago
Hey there! Here’s an idea that I had!
*At a Spirit Halloween Store*
Dick: Strutting out the dressing room while wearing a sexy cop costume all while Wally is getting a nose bleed.
Jason: Looking for a costume but is distracted cuz he has to stop Roy from fighting with the animatronics.
Tim: Picking out Halloween decor but he turns into a hot mess as he sees Kon in a hot firefighter costume.
Damian: Wishing he was dead cuz he let Jon pick out their costumes and let’s just say Harley would be proud.
Barbara: Chanting I am vengeance I am the knight while Kara records her in her own matching Batman costume.
Stephanie: Terrorizing the little kids as she wears a clown mask and chases them around the store.
Cassandra: In a witch costume sitting in a cauldron eating the candy she found in the trick or treat buckets.
Feel free to reblog/like’
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ohnotsocommon · 2 days ago
I just can't stop thinking about it 😪 😭😭😭
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draculaurakinney · 2 days ago
You know what. I hate when comics make Kara a reporter. there's no reason for it besides that's what clark does. Pre crisis kara loved acting, post crisis kara loved art! let her have her own interests and careers!!!
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thisisthynegligence · a day ago
Saw this post by @cletusthurstonbeauregard a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It’s right after Lena told Kara that iconic line, “Supergirl may have saved me, but you, Kara Danvers, are my hero.”
With deep, mysterious music quavering over the scene, Lena gazes at a chess piece, a white knight, before placing it next to the black queen, which is not the same spot she picked it up from. She deliberately put those two pieces together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At first I thought Kara was the white knight and Lena the black queen. But in the flashback scene that intersperses with this one, we see young Lena playing chess with Lex. “Check,” he says, with a move of his black queen. Lena counters by taking the queen with her white knight and calls, “Checkmate.” 🧐💡😮
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🙀 GASP! It’s Lena who is the white knight! 🤯 She is the hero of her own story!
She’s smart. She’s cunning. She’s not just a pawn in her family’s game as we’ve been led to believe so far. She's capable of thinking ahead, backing her opponents into a corner, and forcing them to play into her hand.
Such delicious foreshadowing that Lena will “fall into the light.” But of course, it can’t be too obvious - we need the drama after all - and we leave the scene with a shot of Lena, her face shrouded with a dark look.
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teigoo · a day ago
When Kara talks to Lena
She smiles and have hope again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Kara talks to William
She lost all hope
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xiaocorgi · 2 days ago
I am VERY disappointed with Supergirl.
A show that is called Supergirl, that boasted for empowered female characters, an empowered female heroine, practically gives the message that everything will be fine as long as male heroes come to save the women... Nyxly is given Lex .... to Kara Denvers they give Will (what a forced character that's why he is not accepted by the majority) to the Superfriends and to Supergirl now for the grand finale will appear the men of the Legion ... I mean ... this seems like a joke ... in batwoman is the same? Because in the super hero series where the main character is male they give him his great female love and make real the phrase "behind a great man, there is a great woman" all the time! and they achieve EVERYTHING! both as a hero and as a human or normal life. Only in Legends of Tomorrow do I see that there is a real balance between characters of different sexes giving them equal attention.
It is very sad to see how in Supergirl they despise the heroine so much all because she is a woman, all because the writers and showrunners created a queerbaiting with Lena making her character the ALL of Kara, of simply Kara, its not me saying it, they have shown it all the time from S2 until now by the same writers doing their baiting. So it's obvious that in the end Kara will be left with an empty ending. There are only 4 chapters left, the next one we know will be dedicated to Lex's return and falling in love with Nyxly and Dansen's marriage proposal, after that they will focus on the final battle, there is no time, the ending will be rushed, not even with a Korrasami ending will Kara's closure be good. I'm not speaking as a blind shipper, I'm speaking as someone who writes scripts and is involved in that world, who knows how to build characters.
Kara going to the future is an escape from her unresolved conflicts.
Kara ending up with Mon-El would be romanticizing toxic relationships.
Kara not getting to be just Kara and staying as Supergirl or staying as Kara and not Supergirl is unfair to her character.
For Kara to remain single while everyone else is paired up and raising a family is devastating and again, unfair to her character since in S1 she says she wants to have a love where it can be just her, her perfect late night playmate and in this season she says it clearly "I don't want to be alone anymore".
That Kara dies ... I don't even have to say it would be that, right? it would be almost a Lexa without being Lexa, do you know what I mean?
That Kara gets everything all at once in the end is another narrative problem. There is no doubt that this series needs one more season to develop properly, they wasted a lot of time doing unnecessary things in season 5 and 6A, that's why now everything feels so abrupt and leaves you with the "WTF" in your mouth.
But the REAL PROBLEM is that they screwed themselves by creating queerbaiting with Lena. They focused so much on continuing to keep that audience that they know that with the slightest glance or gesture between them they will continue to eat at the bait. They focused so much on that that they created the solution and what Kara wants and needs. They created for Kara, for Supergirl, for Kara Zor-El her Lois Lane, her Iris, her Felicity.
They created it but they didn't develop it the way it deserved to be and they just stayed at that.
So if in the end Supercorp will be canon it will be bittersweet and empty.
And if it is not canon it will confirm what we already know, the biggest queerbaiting in the history of television and again another Lexa but this time called Lena and we continue without learning from the past and we continue to fall, or as we jokingly say, clowns forever and they continue to laugh at those clowns because they get what they want and they are used to work like that.
Supergirl, the actors and especially Mel and Katie deserve better!
We the viewers deserve better!
Stop screwing with us!
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urijahreigns · 2 days ago
at this point i think for supercorp endgame, we're either getting a a catradora or a korrasami ending. but either way, kara and lena are definitely gonna be covered in colorful light🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
either way theres gonna be a queer light show
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proudtobealuthor · 2 days ago
Crying and throwing up we didn’t get a full body shot of Lena in that outfit. Beyond offended. I feel personally victimized and I will be suing the cw for emotional damages
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nguyen013 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Inktober Day 22: Open How do you describe them opening about their feelings toward each other? Well, that's a good question between Lena and Kara. At that time, their friendship blossom and they felt close. Then, as they get close, imagine if Lena would open her feelings about being in love in Kara and expressing it through her magic. Maybe they found the right person for each other to open love and find themselves in love
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legallylesbian · a day ago
Am I the only one
who thinks Kara quitting Catco is the biggest sign she's actually going to give up being Supergirl at the end? Like to me, she's going to quit, hate not being able to be a human/journalist, realize her mistake and then see her friends can take up the mantle of saving the city??? Like going to Argo or not, I don't think she's going to continue being supergirl.
Also like there are other signs are point to this like IMO her courage gauntlet is almost certainly that she shouldn't have saved the plane and come out as supergirl.
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supergirltastic · a day ago
Tumblr media
too damn distracting. a karadox fanmix.
track list under cut.
i. space age love song // a flock of seagulls
i saw your eyes / and you made me smile / for a little while / i was falling in love
ii. i wanna get better // bleachers
i didn't know i was lonely 'til i saw your face / i wanna get better, better, better, better / i wanna get better / i didn't know i was broken 'til i wanted to change
iii. are you bored yet? // wallows feat. clairo
feels like i’ve known you my whole life / i can see right through your lies / i don't know where we're going / but i'd like to be by your side
iv. love you like that // dagny
i tend to avoid getting emotional / i'm not shutting you out / it's just the way i'm born / but I see myself next to you until we're old
v. chasing cars // snow patrol
i don't quite know / how to say / how i feel / those three words / are said too much / they're not enough
vi. maps // yeah yeah yeahs
wait! they don't love you like i love you
vii. the boys of summer // don henley
i see you walking real slow and / smiling at everyone / i can tell you, my love for you will still be strong / after the boys of summer have gone
viii. never really over // katy perry
two years and just like that / my head still takes me back / thought it was done, but i guess it's never really over
ix. time in a bottle // jim croce
and i've looked around enough to know / you're the one i wanna go through time with
x. you’ve haunted me all my life // death cab for cutie
and there's a flaw in my heart's design / for i keep trying to make you mine
xi. never not // lauv
for as long as i live / and as long as i love / i will never not think about you
xii. finding you // kesha
i know forever don't exist / but after this life / i'll find you in the next
* the way the songs are laid out follows the arc of their pre-crisis relationship.
** also all the songs ended up being from brainy’s pov oops.
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teigoo · a day ago
Does anyone still have a hope for Supercorp endgame? I lost all mine 😔😭 I'm utterly dissapointed with how they deal with Kara
What if they ship Kara off to the future or make her end up with that thing?
Tumblr media
Kara and Lena are so perfect for eachother, it's sad that the writers can't put them together just cause they are both female.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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