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I freaking laughed so hard in this scene, they both look cute and I just can’t with the voice acting! (≧▽≦)♡

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Jyushimatsu x Ichimatsu Icon ✨

•̀.̫•́✧ I recently finished Osomatsu-san S1 and I freakin love my boy Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu. (TдT) I am so sorry, just had to crop out Totty!


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Comforting him after the incident between him and Totty…😣

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“Caption this”

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*Pulls off Kara’s face to reveal- w-wait… It can’t be!*

This was very much my favorite part of the newest chapter. Hemlock did such a good job of ruffling Kara’s feathers, and I love seeing him ruffled. I wonder how much of his turmoil stems from his own personality(the one that makes the difference between how he reacts to his situation, than say how Jyushimatsu would react to it. What a kick in the pants it would be to have all this chaos only to find out the problem was them. Idk, I’m spitballin at 3 am. On an art related note, these should start looking much cleaner, so you’ guys’ll only have to cringe at the references. 

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Another Karabita fic idea where Karamatsu and Chibita are married and have a kid, for some reason they have to go away somewhere and ask momma Matsu to watch their kid. Only she has an emergency which leads to all the other brothers having to babysit.

Mom Matsu: So I’ve had to run out to do some errands

Karamatsu:…wait whose watching the baby

Mom Matsu:Oh your brothers



Just the other brothers babysitting their niece or nephew.

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Reading Karabita fics and I love the idea that when these 2 get together these 2 end up in just a slice of life anime but all the other brothers are still in the comedy/gag series with all that ridiculous stuff still happening to them, only Karamatsu and Chibita are just watching in like…yeah…no.

I just love the idea of Karamatsu visiting his brothers seeing some insane shit happening and just turns around and walks away.

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Hello! I’m new to Tumblr but I’m fond of Osomatsu-San. You may ask for scenarios or fanfics of the bros! Request away!

What I may do:

^ Ansgty/Angst



^ Match ups

What I’ll not do:


I hope to fulfill your request! 

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Always forget to post my traditional fanarts on tumblr… and I can’t remember many things from the egyptian mythology, except Osiris’ story (also the design for Ichi Anubis is cool).

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