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Some self indulgent doodles of my friends (also brother) and I as Osomatsu-San characters 👉👈😔♥️

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I’m not sure who the original artist of this piece is but this is too relatable so I had to put Karamatsu in this

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ラブ him or he will ラブ you first

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Gojo is just Karamatsu from an alternate universe.

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The next 4-star set has been announced! They did actually hold a vote for the next canon set this time, I just totally missed the Tweet so I didn’t post about it. My bad, sorry guys!

But regardless, the winner of the vote was the Werewolf skit from episode 3.10! 

The “TV Anime (Werewolf)” set is in the gacha now, available until January 29th!

💙 Mod Kara

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Kinnikumatsu Headcannon

With all the lollipops Kara gives Jyushi a gpod portion of them are actually vitamin pops he bought so Jyushimatsu doesn’t rot his teeth. It’s honestly a miracle Jyushimatsu hasn’t figured it out cause Karamatsu is terrible at hiding things.

Also, if sick, Karamatsu will give Jyushimatsu actual kids medicine pops ‘cause getting him to taje actual medicine is as aggravating as putting toothpaste back in a tube.

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Memory Cell (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi) confused by his “premonitions”


reminds me of Karamatsu (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi) confused by Todomatsu’s response in Osomatsu san season 3 episode 5

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╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗

𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠. 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠.

╚═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╝

“What do you think, dear?” Your mother turned to you with a smile. “A horse ride with your future husband sounds quite relaxing, don’t you think?”

“It would be quite relaxing, if my future husband actually knew how to ride horses instead of betting on them,” you replied flatly, staring right into the man’s dark eyes. He met your deadpan look with a smug grin, corners of his mouth curling upwards.

“Touché, my love!” You grit your teeth at the pet name. “Although, I am quite certain you will enjoy the riveting show of horse racing just as much, with my presence by your side!”

“I’m sure she will come to enjoy a few games!” your father agreed. “I myself cannot deny the joy of horse betting.”

Wonderful story, father,” you rolled your eyes. Standing up from your seat, you bunched up your skirts as you began making a hasty exit. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more important matters to worry about,” you turned back with a spiteful glare, “such as making sure my kingdom doesn’t fall to ruins.”

You never liked waiting for responses, and so you left with those final words hanging in the air. Your platter of food had barely been touched, but who could blame you? Your appetite was no longer with you after having to sit at a table with three people who you currently felt nothing but anger towards.

You didn’t actually know what you were going to do after leaving the dining hall. If you were being honest, you didn’t particularly feel like studying or reading – you were sure that if you picked up a book, or any object for that matter, it would just end up being hurled at the wall.

Your stomach churned uncomfortably as you stalked down the large, empty hallways. Your footsteps echoed around you, too loud for your tastes. They rang in your ears like high-pitched white noise, never ending, ringing and ringing. It made your chest feel tight. Which you found odd; you were sure you hadn’t worn a corset on this particular day.

Everything seemed to be doing a great job at ticking you off, so you took a sharp left instead of a right towards your quarters, heading for the garden. You paused in the glass doorway, eyes scanning over the tall bushes and bunches of flowers decorating the space. The large fountain could just about be seen in the distance, the moon above casting a glinting glow on its running water.

Taking careful steps down, you sighed heavily as your foot made contact with the gravelled pathway, the crunching stones muffling the sound of your heels greatly. You spotted a few guards patrolling the perimeter, each of them giving you a stiff bow before marching onward, their guns propped against their shoulders. You held your tongue this time as they passed.

It was dark, but not dark enough so that you couldn’t see where you were going. A breeze swept by, but it’s calming nature was lost on you. You slowed your quick pace down to a gentle walk, eyeing the delicately trimmed hedges that stood tall around you.

In most kingdoms, the hedges would be covered in roses, always deep crimson, and always blooming. You had always wondered if they were even real. You had touched their petals, but they didn’t feel like silk; thy felt rough and fabricated. Empty, with no sense of care oozing from their centres. They were just as fake as the smiles others had sent your way, ever since you were young.

You raised a hand, stretching a single finger outward towards the flower. It’s bleeding colours were darkened under the night sky. For a moment, you forgot that roses were red. This one looked black. Pure black, a darkened abyss, swirling and writhing, contorting into sneering faces. It swayed in the breeze, laughing and mocking you.

You returned your hand. Turning away, you headed towards the fountain, taking a seat on its marble ring. Your tiara was in your hands again. You could barely make out it’s engraved designs. The cut gems had lost their flare. They were dull, now. They were nothing more than stones to you. Nothing special. Nothing unique. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Amidst the trickling of water from behind you, a pair of footsteps sounded from nearby. You straightened your posture, replacing the tiara above your locks, glancing over to your right. A horrible glare graced your features when you saw who it was.

“Please, wait! Don’t leave yet!” Karamatsu spoke first, hastening his walk into a jog to reach you. He looked like a lost puppy, eyes wide and brows upturned as he begged you through his dark orbs to stay.


“Well? What do you want?” you snapped, crossing your arms over your chest as you turned your nose up in spite. The man took a deep breath, whether in relief or to calm his anger, you didn’t care.

“Princess, I… Would it be alright if I sat with you here?” He timidly asked, a small smile on his lips. It wasn’t the same one as before. You raised a brow.

That’s what you came all the way out here for?” You sighed heavily, standing from your seat. “I don’t have to time to waste on the likes of you.” You began walking away, annoyance rolling off of you in waves.

“No– Wait!” He grabbed a hold of your wrist, harshly halting your movements. “I just meant that–”

“Don’t you get it?” you whipped around, boring your hardened gaze into his own eyes. He flinched at the look. “You are nothing but a burden to me. I want nothing to do with you, and there is nothing you can do to change my mind!” your voice raised with each word, and you caught yourself before it could get any worse.

Taking a deep breath, you yanked your wrist out of his hand.

“I’m giving you one more warning. Leave by morning, if you know what’s good for you.” You turned away once more.

“…Do you really hate me that much?”

His voice was soft and gentle. No trace of anger was there in his words. Not even sadness. It was an emotion you couldn’t quite identify. You turned to look at him. The moon shone down over him, casting a ghostly glow over his face.

He was smiling. Now you knew what it was. It was understanding.

“…I see,” he bowed low to you, the same way he did when he first met you. “I bid you a goodnight, Princess. Sleep well.”

You had no words. Nothing left your lips, although they were parted. You stared at him for a moment, then you turned and finally walked away. Reaching the steps back up the castle, you paused, the itching urge to look back one more time biting at you, but you fought against it.

You didn’t care. You didn’t care. You didn’t.

The castle was quiet now. Your footsteps didn’t bother you this time. The emptiness didn’t disturb you this time. Your stomach was no longer churning. All was still. Was it always this quiet?

Reaching your room, you didn’t bother to change out of your dress just yet. Instead, you moved towards you tall window in the dark, moving away the thick curtains. You sank to the ground, your skirts flattening out around you like a withering flower. You stared upwards, towards the moon.

A plain white disc in the sky. Greying in some areas. A soft, dark shadow surrounding its edges. The stars couldn’t sparkle as bright as the moon. No matter what. The stars that hung in the night sky could never, ever, shine as bright as the moon.

You sat there, nails digging into your upper arms as you lost yourself in thought. The moon rose higher and higher. So many thoughts, and at the same time, nothing at all.

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My nose started bleeding and I wasn’t looking at pictures of the Matsu.

Science, how do you explain this😒😒😒

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