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There are only two types of teachers in this world.
Cobra Kai 03x08
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.ೃ࿐ 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐩𝐭.𝟏
𝙍𝙤𝙗𝙗𝙮 𝙆𝙚𝙚𝙣𝙚 𝙭 𝙆𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙚!𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩: 2.2k
𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙨: (Part one) (Part two) (Part three) (Part four) (Part five) (Part six) (Part seven) (Part eight)
𝘼/𝙉: It's also up on my wattpad, my name there is eunoiathewriter, so same as on here.
Tumblr media
He looked around the dojo, everyone doing the same maneuver over and over until it were to stick like paint on a wall. They were quick to learn and it didn't take some strange way to teach them how to do it — he simply demonstrated how it were to be done and they copied.
Almost six months ago he would never think of this. He would never think about joining Cobra Kai, they had been his enemy since the tournament and all the shit they'd done. He would never have thought about learning Cobra Kai students the way of Miyagi-Do, he'd never thought about teaching them that just so there would be a bigger chance for them to win the tournament this year.
Everyday had looked the same lately, karate was the main focus of his days. Not that Robby minded it, he were determined to prove he was capable of winning. He wanted to prove his dad that he didn't need him, that he would be better than his dad.
But, it would be a lie of Robby said he didn't miss going to school sometimes. It wasn't the work he missed, it was more the second place where he could get away from all the problems hunting him down that he missed. But the school fight had costed him not only going to juvie for months, but also going back to West Valley High.
Blinking, he was back to watching how it was going for everyone. Even Kenny did a good job, for being so new to karate.
His face held a natural expression. His hands behind his back as he stood straight while looking out over everyone doing the maneuver. Just as his eyes passed over where Tory was, she rolled her eyes at the boy for how over the top he was acting.
Robbys eyes landed on the window that lead into the office of Kreese. Kreese and Terry were both talking intensely about something, causing Robby to furrow his brows at his new senseis. Terry then motioned towards something — something Robby couldn't see.
"Come on man, we done soon?" Kyler stopped mid maneuver and looked at Robby.
"You're done whenever I say you are," Robby fixed his eyes at Kyler, letting them burn into his skull.
With a sigh of annoyance, Kyler went back to doing what the rest did. Coming in sync with them all.
Ten more minutes won't hurt them, thank Kyler for that everyone, Robby thought as he slowly started to walk from one side to the other in the front of the rest.
Suddenly the glass door opened into the dojo, causing Robby to turn and look who it was. Almost prepared that it would be someone from Miyagi-Do or Eagle fang, but it was far from it.
It was a girl, one he'd never seen before. She had earbus in but took out one of them quickly, her eyes scanning over the dojo as if looking for something or someone. On her shoulder she had a gym bag that seemed to be packed to it's fullest, at her side stood a suitcase. H/c hair.
Robby held up a hand for everyone to stop what they were doing, turning his full attention to this girl. "Can I help you?"
All the Cobras looked at her, her eyes traveling over them and then to the front where Robby stood and meeting his gaze. But she quickly looked back through the glass door at the Cobra Kai logo, then a confused look took over her face as she behind Robby saw the 'Strike hard. Strike first. No mercy.' behind him.
"Can I help you?" Robby asked once more, voice a bit higher than before. He could see her look him up and down quickly. There was something familiar with her.
"Are you sensei here?" She sounded almost skeptical, but her voice was nice.
"No, what are you here for?" Robby held his stance in the front with arms behind his back, keeping calm.
"I'm here for Cobra Kai and-" Her sentence was cut short by Kyler who's stepped out of line from where he stood to walk up to her.
"You here to learn? I'm sorry but Cobra Kai isn't for newbies." The cockiness made her look him up and down in a judging manner, his smugness irritating her.
"Sorry to say but I'm no newbie to this." She sighed before turning to Robby. "Look, just tell me where-"
"Well if you're here for Cobra Kai and not a newbie, then go for a round with one of us."
Kyle's challenging look made her sigh. Robby shot a glance towards the office ro see the two senseis still blabbering about, both cought up in what they were talking about. His eyes then turning back to look at the girl.
"Fine." She dropped the gym bag onto the floor. "Who?"
"We can be nice, you go against Kenny," Kyler motioned towards the smaller boy that was standing in the front close to where Robby was.
"No, I'm not going against a kid half my size."
"What? You scared he's gonna be better?" Tory then spoke up with a teasing tone, Robbys eyes going between the three.
"I want someone who's compatible with me, that's all. I want a fair round," She shrugged at Tory and didn't seem to bug herself on the teasing from the second girl.
We don't have time for this, Robby said to himself in his head.
"Why don't you just go Kyler? Since you're insisting on her showing you what she got." Robby emphasized the word you to make his point clearer.
Kyler shrugged and only gave a quick 'okey' before he was back onto the mat. The girl let her eyes wander over all of the other students as they moved to sit around the mat, some of them looking forward to see this girl sparring with Kyler.
"Shoes off," Robby instructed, earning a nod as she mumbled something he was unable to hear but she could hear herself.
"Obviously," She rolled her eyes slightly
She kicked off her shoes, also taking off her socks in the process. She swiftly discharged her jacket and threw if on the luggage she had with her. Stepping onto the mat, all eyes on her.
"Face me," Robby spoke, both Kyler and this girl doing as told. "Bow."
"So how long have you been doing karate?" She asked as she bowed towards Robby.
"Face each other, bow."
"More than a year," Kyler told her with a smirk as they bowed to one another. But she only gave him a half impressed look.
Both of them took their stance, Kyler doing it how he was thought. Balancing himself, hand up and elbows in. He was determined he would win, and for a second he wanted to laugh for the h/c girl seemed to not know karate at all. Her stance was not gonna give her balance and instead of her elbows close to her body they poked out. Reminding Robby about how Kenny looked when he started.
Robby was uncertain about giving tye signal for the two to start fighting, he was truly concerned for the girl. If she wasn't new to karate like she claimed, then why was her stance so bad. He really wanted to correct her.
"You gonna give them the signal or what, Robby?" Tory asked with annoyance from her seat around the mat, causing Robby to remember what he were supposed to do.
"Fight," Robby told and Kyler immediately tried ro land a punch on the girl, but she moved out if the way quickly.
"Come on, land one," She taunted as Kyler tried to land another punch at her.
She was quick to swipe away his punches, the same way Robby had been taught in Miyagi-Do, catching his attention. Kyler went for another punch but was instead met with a kick to the side of his face, then another kick in his chest, causing him to fall to the ground.
"Damn, you're weak" The h/c girl smirked as Kyler quickly stood up 
Punches and kicks came from both opponents, but only Kyler landed on the ground. Robby was truly fascinated, his mysterious girl was using maouvers that he himself thought the Cobras, but it was all not one style. She was a mix of offense and defense.
"Get her Kyler!" Tory tried to encourage the boy but it didn't work.
He went for a kick, one that were to land on the side of her head, but she was quick to pick up in it. She moved closer and was able to catch his leg as it came over her shoulder. Her smirk was still evident and with no second thought she was able to slam him down on the floor, air leaving Kylers lungs for just a second.
"Told you I wasn't a newbie,"
"What's going on out here?" A older male voice suddenly broke the fight up. The girl shot up into her feet and Robbys head snapped up to see Terry standing outside the office.
"Sensei,-" Robby started, but the words died on his tongue and he only straightened out his back that had slumped a bit.
"Well, well, well," Kreese walked up from behind Terry and held the black belt holding up his gi with his thumbs. "I see you've straightened out Park, y/n."
"I was simply proving a point," The girl who's name supposedly was y/n said. Kyler standing a bit ashamed to the side.
"Wait, what?" Robby said in a confused voice, all of the students taht had been sitting down now stood up.
"Ah, students," Kreese walked towards the front, placing a hand on y/n's shoulder and pulling her with him.
"Fall in." Terry said.
All of them fell into three lines on the mat, Tory, Kyler and Tory in the front. Kenny being right behind Robby and the rest lined up behind.
It was when y/n and Kreese stood beside each other that Robby could finally see a resemblance. That gleam in in her eyes being similar to Kreese.
"I'd like to introduce the newest Cobra," She raised her head as Kreese turned to her. "Y/n Kreese, my granddaughter,"
"Granddaughter?!" Tory exclaimed, eyes wide as she looked to the girl.
"Yes, she is living with me now due to private circumstances and is gonna join us for the tournament."
Robbys mouth fell open slightly, she was stunning. She looked around at everyone and he could see her look behind him, the side of her mouth tugging to a smile as she nodded slightly. Then he felt a tap on his back.
"She seems awsome," Kenny whispered to the older boy, completely amazed at this girl.
"Well, I think we'll get along just fine," y/n let a small smile grace her lips as she got patted on the shoulder by both senseis.
Her eyes however, looked to her side, falling upon Robby who straightened himself more (if that was even possible). Raising his head up a bit too, and what he saw, she replicated the gesture to him.
y/n Kreese.. interesting, He thought.
-A day later at Miyagi-Do-
"Guys! Have y'all seen what Tory posted to her insta-story?" Eli looked up from his phone. He was with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, they were having a break. Most of them drinking water.
"You still follow her?" Sam looked over at the boy with purple mohawk, face in disgust at the mention of Torys name.
"I mean.. I kinda forgot with all that's happened," Eli looked down sheepishly, hand subconsciously coming up to cover his scar almost as if he was made fun of.
"What about it anyway?" Miguel asked, arm around Sam's shoulders. Actually wondering what could catch Eli's attention that Tory posted.
"They have a new student,"
"Didn't that little boy start like only weeks ago, and now another one?" Demetri asked with a huff as he crossed his arms.
"Yeah well.. this is a bit diffrent,"
Everyone looked at Eli with confused looks. Sure it was a new Cobra to handle but what could make it much diffrent from how it was at the moment. Mitch and Chris both shared glances.
"Well?" Sam pressed.
"It's a new girl," Eli held up his phone, and showed a video from Troy's insta-story.
In the video was a h/c girl, she was repeatedly kicking the soft pads that Terry Silver were holding, each kick seeming powerful. There was a text in the video saying 'Guess having another Kreese in this won't hurt'.
"Another Kreese?" Miguel questioned, face scrunched up.
"Yeah, I looked it up and.." He went into search and found the account he looked for and pulled up a picture. "Apparently, it's quite literally another Kreese. Her name is y/n Kreese, she's been doing karate for almost all her life."
The picture he showed from her Instagram was one with John Kreese and y/n Kreese, where the caption congratulated her grandpa on his birthday.
"What the hell?!" Sam gasped.
It was only a second before all of them were talking in mouth of one another and no one listened to the other. This cought the attention of Johnny and Daniel that were inside, both of them arguing how to teach without disturbing the other.
They gave each other weird looks before turning and walking out of the dojo, going out on the wooden deck and seeing all of them talking in mouth on one another.
"What is going on out here?" Daniel asked, Johnny standing beside him with crossed arms.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better.”
Kick starting the new year (and ending the old one) with my favorite boys and some wisdom from dear Mr. Miyagi ⛩🥢🥋
I truly wish you all have a wonderful 2022, filled with balance, joy, good health and much much success! Here’s to another round of artworks to come!
Happy New Year! 💫
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The boys TM
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The Karate Kid: Part III (1989)
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Natan Levy
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Lección aprendida sensei
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Cobra Kai Season 5 Announcement Looking FIRE
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Elbow Strike
Hello, everyone! This is Ji Yeonwoo streaming from Yoo Hobin Company! Today, I will demonstrate three Kyokushin Karate techniques, with the help of my friend Seong Taehoon from TaehoonTaekwonTV! Please give him a warm welcome! (*-ω-)/
So far, I have been showing you street-fighting moves to end a fight!
What are they? Can you remember? If you have practised them, can you leave a short comment in this post? Thank you so much! 🙇🏻
☀️ Taehoon: Take notes from me and him. It’s bad to keep fighting for more than one minute. The longer you fight, the higher chance you’ll lose stamina and the will to fight. Remember, there’s no referee in a street fight. Strike fast, strike hard, strike dirty. Aim at the pressure points to knock them down, then fucking run! Got the idea?
Thank you, Taehoon! Let’s continue with my tutorial. I’m going to show you three of my favourite Karate close range attacks!
They’re Elbow Strikes, or Hiji Ate, Hiji Uchi, Empi Uchi. They aim at Jodan, Chudan and Gedan! I’m also explaining why if done accurately, they are the hardest strikes! 
Why are the elbows so dangerous?
-> Because they are the hardest parts of the arms, which are not easily fractured. Fortunately, my Sensei doesn’t shy away from Elbow Strikes. He acknowledges their practicalities despite not allowing us to use in Kumite.
Which parts of the elbow should we hit?
-> There are three parts: the tip (olecranon) of the elbow, the forearm bone (ulna) near the elbow, or the upper arm bone (humerus) near the elbow. Hitting with the bones on your arm will allow larger contact area. However, striking at the elbow tip will be stronger, only if we are accurate.
What if we injure and paralyse our elbows during a fight?
-> Elbow conditioning will help us thicken the skins around our elbows and harden our bones. In my dojo, we use punching bag and makiwara for elbow conditioning.
Now, my cute bear assistant and I will demonstrate the three techniques! My assistant is new to Kyokushin, but I trust him!
☀️ Taehoon: This fucker! Assistant what? Why didn’t you do it yourself?
Part 1: Jodan Age Hiji Ate (上段上げ肘当て) - The High Rising Elbow Strike
The first strike, the elbow will go from low to high, at Jodan - the head level. The Rising Elbow Strike aims at the chin and jaw. First, you stand in a relaxed stance with two hands on each side (step 1). Second, you raise the elbow in a circular path from the hip all the way to the chin (step 2 and 3).
Please pay attention to the muscles stretching under your arm and how you should turn your waist to hit accurately near or on the centre line.
Tumblr media
My bear assistant will help me explain the application of this elbow strike. It is a close range attack, therefore, the best way to use is when your opponent standing close to you!
For example, my assistant is grabbing my collar. I can easily step in and strike at his chin!
Bear assistant: Ouch! Don’t hit for real!
Yeonwoo: You have protection!
Bear assistant: You dipshit! Anyway, in case of a clinch and not a collar grab, when they put their hands around your neck, another way to go is the Roundhouse Elbow Strike to the temple. Instead of going from below, you strike from the side.
Tumblr media
Part 2: Ushiro Hiji Ate (後ろ肘当て) - The Back Elbow Strike
The second elbow strike. It’s like a reversal of a straight punch! First, you prepare by making a punch at midsection, Chudan (step 1). Then, you will pull the arm towards your hip and strike the elbow to the opponent’s solar plexus, rib cages or tummy (step 2 and 3).
Tumblr media
For example, my bear assistant will do a rear bear hug like this! This position is vulnerable. The attacker can try to take us to the ground, or they can lift us up and carry us somewhere…to kidnap!
Bear assistant: Hey, shortie.
Yeonwoo: The first step is to drop our centre of gravity and lean forward. Please don’t be afraid to head butt or strike the groin! When the arms are loosened, you can use the Back Elbow Strike. You can finish the attacker by more and more elbow strikes, whether it’s the Rising Elbow Strike, the Front Elbow Strike or the Roundhouse Elbow Strike!
Bear assistant: Fuck! Not again!
Tumblr media
Part 3: Oroshi Hiji Ate (下ろし肘当て) - The Downward Elbow Strike
We will switch role because I trust him. ( ̄.  ̄|||)
The final strike! This time, you will strike downward, which usually ends below the belt - Gedan. But the Downward Elbow Strike can hit anywhere! The head, the shoulder, the back, the stomach, in @yoo-hobin’s fight, the foot!
First, you raise the arm up, and your other arm put in front of your chest (step 1). Second, you slam the elbow down directly on the target and your other arm pulled back (step 2 and 3).
Tumblr media
This time, it’s my turn to attack! I will lift my assistant up to throw him down. This is the front bear hug. With knowledge of the downward elbow strike, what would he do?
Bear assistant: You want me to knee you in the balls and strike the elbow down your back?
Yeonwoo: Huh? What do you mean?
Bear assistant [PATS MY HEAD]: I’m not gonna do that. Now put me down!
Tumblr media
Personal note: T-The lesson is too long…I’m sorry. I didn’t expect myself to write this much…(ノ_<。)
☀️ Taehoon: In Taekwondo, we also have elbow strikes. The ones you taught today are Taekwondo’s Palgup Ollyo Chigi, Palgup Dwi Chigi and Palgup Naeryo Chigi. They’re banned in tournaments though.
📖 Yeonwoo: Will you teach them next time?
☀️ Taehoon: Let’s see…If they behave themselves.
That is all for my tutorial! Credits go to Sosai Oyama, my Sensei, my friend @taehoon-taekwondo and artist @eatsbop 🙇🏻🥋
Oh, I almost forgot! Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗
Bye bye everyone! I will see you, next time on my Kyokushin Karate Blog!
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The serious fight started from these scenes
Cobra Kai 4x10
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Vintage Ad - Kickin’ Jeans (c.1970's)
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Y ya está
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Karate Kid...
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enemies to lovers??
Tumblr media
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