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Anasen: I followed you home because I like you.

Karine: Nice! Wait. All the way home?

Anasen: Yeah!

Karine: So you saw me eat that Hot Pocket that I found in the trash?

Anasen: Yeah!

Karine: Any thoughts on that?

Anasen: No!

Karine: Oh, I like you.

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Anasen: What would you say if I broke my arm

Karine, about to have a heart attack: Do not!! Do not do that.

Anasen: What would you say if I broke my arm twenty minutes ago

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I am so sorry you feel that way. Here, let Karine’s visuals soothe you.

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Karine: Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy amazing clothes.

FT: Do the clothes make you happy?

Karine: The clothes mask my internal emotional mess.


Karine: In an incredibly stylish way.

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Misa was reading the script to her own music video when her eyes glanced up at her assistant Karine. She had to do a kissing scene with another actor and Misa wasn’t sure she could do it right. So why not practice? “Oh Karine? I have a question….Maybe you’ll find it too awkward.” She looked down at the paper and sighed. “Can you help me with the kissing scene?”

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@gcmblingdice from here

Yoosung stepped back once she entered the room then glanced around. He wasn’t really allowed to have visitors, but if no one saw then… he guessed it was okay. “Oh? Did they saw you coming here?” He asked a bit concerned. He didn’t want anyone on his ass for something he was not apart of. 

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✺- Karine. Probably.

Send me a ✺ for my muse’s reaction to yours knocking on their door in the middle of the night 

Due to an assignment that was long overdue, Yoosung had to pull an all-nighter in order to complete it so when a knock came on his door he was still quite alert. But surprised nonetheless. His first thought that it was most likely his roommate who had forgotten his keys as per usual, but once he opened the door and saw Karine, he blinked, looking at her for a few seconds before speaking. “Is everything okay?” Came his first question.”How did you even get in the dorm?” 

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Yoosung turned to face the other, straw still between his lips as he took a few more sips of his drink. “Huh?” He blinked.

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