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#karl jacobs
lovej0ys · 15 hours ago
dream joining the vc with prefect timing
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420technoblazeit · 18 hours ago
*opening notes of able sisters plays*
dream, immediately: tOMMY-
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zhukozver · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
a star!!
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will-always-be-owl · 16 hours ago
It’s kinda nice to have a Tommy mcc where he isn’t the only one being truly positive, like dream saying that “were only 900 points from 1st”, ponk and karl being so supportive is just giving a good vibe. 
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radicaldwt · 14 hours ago
feral boys are everything to me
1st clip
[george: karl just said simrod, like literally right now, he just said it
sapnap: he did said simrod]
2nd clip
[dream: karl is eamrod, you're supposed to call it out
karl: eamrod! eamrod guys. let's see it, hmm let's see (...) simrod! simrod! it's simrod]
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420technoblazeit · 17 hours ago
karl breaking his no swearing rule to say FUCK REDDIT you love to see it
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businessbois · 15 hours ago
i’m actually so proud of karl today though?? his previous best was like 32nd place and he got 26th! you can tell he’s been practicing too like he did really well all around the board. highlights for me were of course the invisible roblox parkour and also sands of time where he was a really good sandkeeper. he was super communicative and on top of it, i was never worried about sand or time during that game so hats off to karl man
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benchtrio-updates · 13 hours ago
Tubbo replied to Karl Jacobs, Elijah Wood, and Corpse Husband!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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siumairice · 11 hours ago
cyan chummer bits that help me sleep at night:
the comedic timing of dream joining just as tommy is discussing with the rest of the team how they are going to throw
tommy’s breathing excercises,
tommy: imagine this space is ur limited space and nobody is here but you and GOD. now breathe in. and breathe OUTFJSDLF. i feel so much more limited and MEANINGFUL right now.
absolute dead silence from the team 
dream: .....i-i don’t know why i thought this team was gonna be fun 
the most motivating prize dream could think of for tommy was him allowing tommy to say any sentence of his choice
noxite coming in to stop the atrocity that is cyan cummers
the team unanimously agreeing to rebrand to the cyan chummers (i wonder what that could possibly imply)
the entire innuendo that is hole in the wall
“do i need to pee more for you dream?”
anytime able sisters comes on and dream is immediately like, “tommy no.” (ft. able sisters coming on during dodgebolt and dreams like, “ah there it is.”)
dream apologizing for punching wilbur in tgttosawaf 
dream, all in the same breath: i hate punchers!! alright just punch people off 
ponk being first on the team to finish and karl staying behind to punch people off to buy time to get the team bonus
their brilliant comms in gridrunners
them finishing first on the sewer map thanks to karl, roblox parkour extraordinaire
anytime tommy and dream were together on the podium and tommy was like “dynamic duo!!!”
dream’s speech on how to have confidence
tommy, asking dream’s ace race placement: where are you now dream?
dream: third right now
tommy: fucking nice!
dream:*softly* fourth, fifth....
karl: don’t say numbers anymore please
dream and tommy aggressively calling ponk king when they seemed down :((
just anytime tbh when they noticed ponk was being quiet and took it upon themselves to bring ponk up (especially the end where ponk sounded so defeated hahaha)
the whole dodgebolt pov was so pleasant (my little backseaters <3)
tommy, dream and karl agreeing that this was one of the most fun mcc’s they’ve ever had
bonus from the few bits of red rabbits i managed to watch:
sapnap and george: oh its dream dreaaaam
tubbo: why do you guys say his name like that?
tubbo in the chat at the beginning asking for tommy to “let him win ^_^” and immediately threatening that he sleep with one eye open.....^_^
survival games was a whole movie, sapnap popped off and two shot like everyone. they were screaming murder for dream killing gumi, they had a mini manhunt moment where they tunnel visioned dream until they realized they were outta position, THE DREAMNAP TEAM UP
the dreamnap teamup was everything, just two florida boys against the world. sapnaps little rant about honour even though dream was literally on two hearts (vs george being like KILLL DREAMMM) they literally 2v4ed green geckos -- if they were actually teaming i feel like they had a chance of sweeping  tbh and they could have had an epic katniss and peeta moment
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420technoblazeit · 18 hours ago
nooooooooooo im literally crying. everyone’s literally so supportive of ponk rn he was upset about not finishing his run and dream n tommy were like i dont want to hear it you did so great!!! dw about it only one full team finished!!!!!!!!
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rosartemis · 15 hours ago
Lemme just gush about the chummers for a bit
can we talk about how good dream is when it comes to strategizing???
if it wasn’t for the tragedy of sands of time, if it wasn’t for that malicious (/lh) build mart build, they would’ve had such a good chance of making it to dodgebolt. The Green Man is a natural tactician, I’m so proud of him
Also well done to both Dream and Tommy for knowing when to step down and let the other lead. It can’t be easy since they’re usually the default team leaders.
I demand a redo, Scott (/j). Team discduo again, please, I will beg on my knees. They’ve proven that they’re not op together, and Tommy has said that this was the most fun event for him. Please stop just putting Tommy with SBI+Tubbo, my man’s been on less diverse teams than the dream team have, and dreamnap is known for not being able to get along with strangers because they’re sweaty recluses lmao
It’s also so nice to watch a Tommy MCC team without hearing his teammates jabbing at how passionate he is for the games. I understand that they’re just teasing him and it’s not that deep, but it still does leave a sour taste in my mouth whenever they do it. That didn’t happen a single time in cyan. All of them were so supportive and the synergy was so good :’)))
Best bit in the stream: when Karl nicknamed everyone in the team and Ponk’s name ended up being    C H O N K
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niunepp · 17 hours ago
tommy: “fuck.”
karl: “you’re fine.”
*one second later*
karl: “fuck.”
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420technoblazeit · 16 hours ago
tommy, dictating who gets supplies: ok ok ok karl, flower boy?
karl: that’s me! :DDD
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