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#karl urban

Fandom: Thor Ragnarok 

Pairing: Skurge/ Female Reader

Warnings: Smut

Summary: For a summary you really need a story. This is literally PWP. But basically, Skurge shows up at your bar and fun times are had after closing.

Link to story on AO3

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Originally posted by courtneyann

Bald headed or bearded guys didn’t do it for you. In the midst of sex you always loved running your hands through your lovers hair, tugging on it roughly as your orgasm peaked. But when he came swaggering into your bar one woeful Friday night all cock sure. Your parameters for what was beautiful shifted. He was 6’1, built and unbelievably fucking handsome with sharp hazel eyes and an absolute killer smile. You’d have bent over the bar, in front of all your regular patrons, right then and there if he’d asked. 

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