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Kasamatsu, finally able to breathe in this fast food joint, has had it with fleeing from the fangirls and paparazzi hellbent on interrupting his date. He’s honestly more irritated with Kise who failed to tell him before he agreed to go out with him that any of this was a possibility.

“You didn’t tell me you were some famous idol!

Kise seems unperturbed as he takes a fry from Kasamatsu’s tray. “Oh, you didn’t know?”

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kise thinking kasamatsu is really handsome when he smiles and laughs…

kise thinking kasamatsu is the prettiest dude ever even though he himself is literally.. a model.

kise pining but disguising it as ‘haha, no i just admire him. he’s my senpai of course i admire him. yeah, i think he’s really attractive but that’s a sideeffect of admiring him. what do you mean.

kise being smitten in general…….

that’s good content.

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I have come to the conclusion that the best way to pick an OTP is to pick a ship and then try to read something were either person A or person B is with someone else. If it feels like the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with just broke up with you over text by saying “I never loved you” then that’s your OTP and if you have more than one well that’s ok, I have 12. Which is an improvement because I thought I had like 50.

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Kasamatsu Chitose, Arata, Hinata, Koichi y Taiyou

Son los hijos de Kasamatsu Yukio y Kise Ryota

Chitose es la chica pelinegra, Arata es el chico pelinegro de ojos azules, Hinata es la chica rubia, Koichi es el chico pelinegro de ojos amarillos, y Taiyou es el chico rubio.

El orden de mayor a menor es:

- Hinata

- Chitose

- Koichi / Taiyou

- Arata

Hinata es una chica muy femenina, es amable. En las  tardes estudia en una escuela de baile.

Chitose es una chica segura y muy atlética, es alguien a quien no le importa lo que los demás piensen de ella. en relación a su vestimenta, ella se viste de forma cómoda, siempre con pantalones y poleras (odia los vestidos). es parte del club de Voleibol de Kaijo 

Koichi y Taiyou son mellizos, ellos son muy buenos amigos, hacen casi todo juntos. Hay muchas cosas en las que se parecen, como sus gustos musicales, para la comida, y su amor por el basquetball, pero tambien hay cosas en que se diferencian: Taiyou es mas sociable que Koichi, pero tambien tiende a ser muy inocente, por lo que Koichi tiende a estarlo protegiendo.

Arata es un chico muy tierno, le encanta jugar con sus hermanos. Al ser el menor es mimado y sobre protegido por todos sus hermanos

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hello i hope you are doing well?!!! can i ask for some sweet senpai ones or kikasa actually? if you are up for it! thank you!

Anonymous said to loose-leaf-teacanons:
May I request silly KiKasa tidbits for the OTP meme? :D

Thank you, anon, I’m doing fine. And @ both of you, certainly!


  • likes to go on drives to nowhere in particular
    Neither. They both lead such busy lives that their free time wants to be well-spent, so they never go anywhere without having a destination in mind first. Especially Kise spends so much time in transit, traveling back and forth for photo shoots and fashion events, that sitting in a vehicle for an extended period of time for no good reason holds very little appeal.

  • is in charge of the radio or playlist in the car (and what do they play)?
    Usually Kasamatsu, (not-so-)secret audiophile that he is. He’s in touch with the indie scene and remix culture, so he keeps finding new bands and styles that just can’t be found on the national charts or itunes. Even with popular songs, he can usually find a mash-up or a reinterpretation that sounds way better than the original in no time at all.

    Small tangent, but he’s actually responsible for half the music Kise likes, ever since a supremely awkward train ride early on in Kise’s high school career. The rest of the team had already gotten off at their respective stops, so Kise was left alone (insert dramatic gulp) with the grumpy hardass of a captain whose Very Special Shitlist he’ll undoubtedly be topping for the rest of the year, and the only topic that seemed safe enough for an icebreaker was, “Hey, Senpai, what are you listening to?”

    And that is how he found out that his captain has a) a really awesome playlist, b) a surprisingly nice smile, and c) a thing where he’s trying to be  casual about something he loves but you can totally see it light up his eyes even as he keeps trying to make it sound like no big deal.

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17 and/or 22 for Kikasa is you're willing, thank you!

#22 On the desk & # 17 On the floor (KiKasa) (approximately 1,256 words; if you’re reading this on my tumblr and don’t see the “read more” button, click on the date to expand the text.)

Office Space

Kise was feeling a little woozy. The champagne that was free-flowing in the conference room of the Shinjuku architecture firm had finally gone to his pretty blond head.

“Are you alright?” a concerned Kasamatsu gripped his boyfriend’s wrist with one hand and held his elbow steady with the other. “You’re looking a little wobbly,” he informed Ryōta.

Kise smiled stupidly. “Senpai,” he said with a hiccup. “You’re really,” hiccup, “ha-haw-tttt.” he said and then he belched. Loudly. On Kasamatsu’s face. Lovely.

Yukio was not amused.

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Since I missed both Kise and Kasamatsu’s birthdays (for shame, truly), here, have some random cuddly fluffy hcs to make up for it:

- forehead bumps for good luck

- Kasamatsu’s grumpy text message reminders not to be stupid, stupid

- Kise’s endless pouting over his own inability to wear boyfriend shirts

- Kise’s endless pouting over Kasamatsu’s unwillingness to wear boyfriend shirts

- Kise flopping on Kasamatsu’s bed first thing into any visit because if Senpai won’t bed him until he’s out of high school, then getting to be in Senpai’s bed is clearly the next best thing

- Kasamatsu being far too busy hiding a furious blush via facepalm to threaten to kick Kise out of his flat for that

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🔅Kikasa please? (also I love your blog)

who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation
No, but if you think Kise is the one who goes into “omg puppy” mode, then you’re– well. You’re not wrong. XD But then you haven’t seen Kasamatsu.

Kise has, and it nearly killed him dead. Just, boom. Right in the kokoro.

They were helping out at a local animal shelter and Kise walked in on Senpai with an armful of shaggy overenthusiastic rescue dog doing its level best to climb all over him. Senpai was trying to talk it out of its happy mauling, but he wasn’t trying very hard to keep from being slobbered on, and he was smiling and laughing and doing that “trap its head between his palms and playfully shake it back and forth” thing that Kise thought was exclusively an ace privilege and––

Suffice it to say, Kise was too preoccupied with having a serious case of the dokis and missed the opportunity to immortalize the moment. That evening, Kise gets a mail from Moriyama which just says “In return, introduce me to girls”, and Kise has never been so grateful for Moriyama’s overzealous “raburabu radar” (that’s what he calls it. seriously. misspelling and all). After he’s done screaming into a pillow, of course. Because omg CUTE.

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