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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: In which Seirin loses to Touou, and Kasamatsu is there to comfort you during the first loss. I’m planning on doing one with reader comforting Kasa.. But I wanted to do it this way… (It seems that part is always overlooked. So I wanted to write this part first) Hope you guys enjoy it C: 



Those numbers burn a hole through your mind… You knew Aomine was a beast… The ace of Teiko’s team.. Seems like he remained the ace over at Touou… 

But… He was a stranger… This wasn’t the Aomine Daiki you went to middle school with…

He was a monster.

Despite everyone leaving, you remain seated on the bench, staring at the glaring numbers… You’re not sure how long you stay still, as if trying to digest the situation… 

You lost. You broke your promise to Kaijou… To Ryouta.

To Yukio.

You find your fists shaking, bile rising in your throat in disgust… You lost to a team who doesn’t play together… Or rather, they choose to put themselves above the team.. The win was hollow.. Just like back in Teiko… Your golden hues stare at the ground, until you find the strength to bury your face in your hands. You thought you were alone, seeing as not a drop of sound was inside the gym.. But a hand rests on your shoulder, snapping you from your anguish.

“______cchi…” Kise whispers, anger clawing in his gut.

‘You guys did well.’ Is what he wants to say, but he knows those words are useless… Meaningless.. He can see everything you’re feeling within those golden hues, and he wishes he could take the pain away. It’s his job as your brother to protect you… But this isn’t something he can protect you from.. At some point, everyone has to lose, if only to get stronger.. Kise knows this now. Though the idea of losing still makes him sick.

Instead of saying anything else, he moves to pick you up, like he did when you were younger, and cradle you to his chest. He doesn’t care if you hit him, or scream at him to put you down.. He’s not letting you go. Not when you need it most..

But to his surprise, you grab onto his jacket tightly, burying your face in his neck. The sobbing begins, soaking through grey fabric. He doesn’t say anything, golden hues darkening at the pain. The tears, the sadness, he wants to take it and rip it to shreds. If this was a regular loss, Kise would have the words.. However, this was no ordinary loss…

This was against Aomine Daiki… One of your old best friends, and someone he looks up to.. 

Realistically, Kise knows you still have a chance to make into the Inter-high. You lost to Touou, but that didn’t mean you were automatically kicked out. But Kise knew better than to think that way. With how hard you were crying, the tightening of your grip on his jacket an indication of the pain you were feeling… He knew you had the same mentality… 

This was their only chance. 

They weren’t going to make it.


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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Character: Kasamatsu Yukio
Rating: T
A/N: Here’s the angst requested by @shiabanana featuring Kasa! I used the song “Happier” by Marshmello / Bastille as the muse for this. Something about that song really resonates with me. I hope you guys like it! (If you want to see the other part, ft Himuro and Takao, you can find it here.)


The two of you sit side by side.. His coffee is untouched, resting on the table in front of you. While the mug of cocoa rests in the palm of your hands. The silence is eerie, ready to swallow the first person who speaks..

I want you to be happier…”

How could you think he wasn’t happy with you? You were the sun in his life, the air he breathed.. There’s no way Kasamatsu could find that in anyone else. You were the only one for him, why couldn’t you see that?

He turns his head, steel-blue observing your posture. You haven’t met his gaze since whispering those words. He finds himself unable to process your words.. If it wasn’t for the small trail of tears on your cheeks, or the reflection of your face off his cup, Kasamatsu would think this was a dream.

He wishes it was.

At least this way, he could wake up and give you all the affection in the world. But he finds himself powerless.. Helpless against your request.. Why couldn’t you see? How in love he was with you? Did these past five years mean nothing? 

What changed?

He shakes his head, standing up to walk towards the balcony door of the apartment you share. The view is breathtakingly beautiful, despite the rain pouring outside. He finds it ironic, on the day you tell him you don’t love him anymore, the sun decides to hide behind grey skies.

How fitting.

His mind is chaos, heart hammering with adrenaline.. What can he do… What should he do? It’s with that thought he turns around, striding over to you in five big steps. He takes your mug from your hands, placing it on the table beside his discarded cup, before yanking you into his chest, crashing his lips onto yours desperately. 

Your hands clutch his shirt tightly, at war between shoving him off and pulling him closer. You can feel the tears on your skin, taste the salt on your lips, but the raw emotion behind the kiss is what leaves your heart hurting. You couldn’t keep loving this kind man.. In the end, you were only going to hurt him. The longer you stayed…

He pulls back, resting his forehead against yours, releasing a shaky breath. His eyes slowly open, vulnerable and raw, showing you everything he’s feeling in this moment.. 

You’re the one who caused this…

“One more….”

You blink, unable to take your eyes off his.. You feel slightly confused at his words, until he speaks again, cutting through your heart.

“I want one more night with you…”

One more night to love you.’

You want to deny him, want to tell him it’s over. It wouldn’t be smart. In the end, it would only prolong the pain… But you could see the desperation, the pure love and determination shining through those beautiful eyes, and you’re helpless.. 

Kasamatsu sees the inner turmoil running through your eyes, but he’s made up his mind. If you’ve decided things aren’t going to continue. If you’re going to break his heart into a million pieces, stomp on his chest until he couldn’t breathe

He wants at least one more time with you.. Where he can pretend. Where he can show you just how much he cares.. And feel all of you… 


“You want me to be happier without you?? Let me be with you, ____-chan.”

Hearing your words being thrown at you dissolves your resolve. He’s always been able to do that… With just one kiss, touch or hug.. Even just him whispering in your ear, you crash and burn… That love somewhere along the way dissolved…

He watches you nod, hesitantly, a few more tears spilling from your eyes. They stain your cheeks once more, and he doesn’t hesitate to pick you up and carry you to the bedroom.. 

If you aren’t together come morning, Kasamatsu will deal with it then… But he doesn’t let his mind drift to that. All his attention is on you, and he’ll be damned if he wastes his final moments not loving you.

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x reader
Rating: T (For swearing)
A/N: Here’s the next chapter! In which You’re in a fight with Kise.. And Kasamatsu is determined to help bring you together. Honestly, this took me longer to write than I’d like to admit.. But I’ve been dealing with a lot lately.. so writing has been the least of my worries… I hope you enjoy though!


He’s never felt so conflicted.

In all the years you’ve been together, Kise didn’t expect you to keep secrets from him. You never have. It was an unspoken rule between the two of you, always telling each other what’s on the other’s mind. Even if it was harsh, you were always honest with him… And yet, here you were… Keeping one of the biggest secrets from him, and expecting him to act as though everything’s okay.

A part of him feels he shouldn’t take it out on his team. They didn’t know about his sister or that she went to Seirin.. Kise always kept those two worlds separate, even during their time in Teiko. He never treated her differently than he treated Momoi… But… Maybe that’s why you feel such resentment towards him…

He shoots another basket, panting harshly as his legs quiver from strain. He knows it’s reckless, to be practicing after having a game.. And to be doing it on an outside court rather than in the gym. But he can’t find himself to care… The idea of returning home, to his older sister’s house… it leaves a sickening feeling in his gut, for reasons he can’t understand… 

Where does he go from here?

“KISE!!! What the hell are you doing?!”

His captain’s voice rings through his skull, further aggravating his mood… Why can’t he be left alone?? He doesn’t want to see anyone… Want to talk with anyone…

He just wants to be alone

“Oi! Did you hear me? I said…”

The swish of the net interrupts him, and he feels his blood boil at the lack of respect.. He’s not sure of the facts, but Kasamatsu knows something happened between you and Kise… Yet neither of you will open up to him… It leaves him frustrated… Because he doesn’t know where he stands with the two of you… He sees Kise on a regular basis, given they’re on the same team… He figured that since they’re related, he can ask him about you on days he doesn’t speak with you.. But… Judging from your reaction that day… And how not only you haven’t messaged him, but Kise has been angry leaves him wondering if something happened after he left the following day.

“Listen… I don’t know what your problem is….”

“How do you know _____cchi?”

Kasamatsu blinks, feeling his body run cold at the cold stare Kise gives him. His eyes are gold, smouldering and glinting with rage and something else… pain? The tone in his voice is anger… But… Why does he feel as though Kise is pained?


The blonde turns his full body around, glaring down at his senpai. His bangs cover his eyes, but Kasamatsu can still feel the heat radiating from him. Notices the way his body shakes.. Whether it’s from overworking himself or anger, he can’t say… However… 

This was worse than their first meeting.

“How could the two of you possibly know each other?! She doesn’t attend our school! I never introduced her to the team… So how…?" 

Kasamatsu sighs, trying to hide the anxiousness from his voice.. Right now, he can’t be scared of his kouhai… He needs to calm him down.. to understand what happened..

"We met before the start of school….” he begins, keeping his blue hues on the taller male. “She was looking for you when she came into the guitar shop I volunteer at on weekends.” he explains. “I helped her because she seemed lost.. She also seemed sad… Next thing I know.. She started talking to me, asking what school I attended… She seemed intrigued when I mentioned I went to Kaijou…” he scratches the back of his head. “I didn’t run into her again until our practice match with Seirin.”

Kise’s eyes widen, shock evident before they begin to glisten with unshed tears. He bites his lower lip, fists shaking with several emotions as he turns back around, bending down and punches the ground. He ignores the pain running through his fingers, trying hard not to break down in front of his captain.. But man… He can’t help it… 

You knew Kasamatsu before he did? You came to see the match without coming to say hi to him? You hated him that much you kept your relationship with his captain a secret… As if you didn’t trust him… The thought sent a jab to his heart, and he bites back the sobs, shaking his head. No.. He can’t break down in front of his captain.. He’s the ace! He can’t be weak! 

“….Kise….” he hears Kasamatsu beside him, but doesn’t make an effort to acknowledge him. 

“_____-cchi hates me…”

His voice is soft, but Kasamatsu hears it, and frowns. He bonks his head with his fist, ignoring the whimper as he meets golden hues.

“____ doesn’t hate you, Kise….” he begins, assessing the blonde as he speaks, “She’s hurting… She feels as though her brother is gone.”

His eyes widen, and he meets his captain’s stare, tears slipping without his consent. He curses, wiping them with his sleeve, trying hard not to act like a baby in front of Kasamatsu.. He’s not a drama queen!

“H….How can you be sure….?”

Kasamatsu rolls his eyes, helping the boy off the ground. “She was so sure we’d break up because I found out you were her brother… The idea of you finding out scared her to the point she tried to keep us from knowing about the other…” he sighs, shaking his head. “You’re clearly related…”

His lips form a pout, and before he can say anything, he’s being dragged towards the train station, eyes wide.

“S…Senpai!! W…Where?”

“We’re going to see _____-chan…” he growls, casting the blonde a glare. “Got any complaints?”

Kise blinks, watching his captain with softer hues, and sighs.

“….Even if I did have complaints, you’d just hit me..”

He received a smack to the head in response.

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Guess who’s baaaack!! I’m back with a new post!! This is taken from @ourneverendingpossibilities mini series with Kasamatsu x Reader. This is from her latest post, and it’s from Kise’s POV.  Click Here for the original. 

Yes, she has given me permission to write these. 

Also…I’ve fallen down deeper into the BTS rabbit hole…so you’ll see why ;) 

Anyway, enjoy!!

“Good work today, Kise-kun!” his manager said, handing the blond a water bottle. 

“Ah, thank you!” He accepted the water and proceeded to ask what was next on his itinerary. 

His manager looked through his clipboard. “You’re done for this week, so that means you can focus on school,” he chuckled, when he saw Kise pout, “But next weekend, you will be working with the idol group Bangtan Sonyeondan-”

“I’m working with BTS?” He never felt so excited in his life. “The BTS?”

“…There’s only one BTS, Kise-kun.”

He’s never been so excited about a work project in his whole career. This would be my chance to make ____-cchi proud of me!! “Thank you manager-cchi!” he exclaimed, quickly grabbing his stuff and bolting out of the studio. 

…He couldn’t wait to get home to tell you the good news.


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Hi! May I ask scenario about Kise female best friend who helps Kaijo boys (if you read Replace novel, you know their problems) with group date preparation. Thank you for your blog!

thank you for the ask and sorry for the wait! i had to read the light novel before writing this bc i haven’t read it before. i’m assuming you mean the group date preparation in the summer vacation story? hopefully i’m not wrong. i had lots of fun writing this so i really hope you like it as well ( ̄▽ ̄)

You originally planned on spending summer holiday in your room, reading and playing games all day, but your best friend Kise Ryōta had begged you to help ease his misery. Worried that the blond idiot might get into some trouble, you complied. But you definitely weren’t expecting… this.

“Ah, [Name]-chan, what a coincidence.” Kasamatsu was the first to greet you.

You smiled at him and walked closer to the restaurant table, still a bit confused. “Ryōta-kun, what is the meaning of this?” You raised a suspicious eyebrow at Kise. Why would he suddenly ask you to meet him at a family restaurant? The whole Kaijo team was here too…

He simply grinned sheepishly. “Thanks for coming at such short notice!” He cast his team a tired look. “Actually.. we’re going to have a group date after this.”

“Huh? You want me to act as your girlfriend again?” In order to keep his fangirls away from him, Kise had often asked you to pose as his fake girlfriend. It was really tiring to follow him all day and receive hate stares from girls. Nah, I’m too tired for this bullcrap.

Already preparing to turn around and leave, Kise grabbed you by the arm frantically. “No, no! I need your help coaching these poor inexperienced guys!” He exclaimed in panic, wincing when the other visitors looked at all of you strangely.

“Ah, that’s actually a good idea.” Kobori stroked his chin, nodding. “[Name]-san can be our guide.”

“[Name]-chan, please guide us! You’re our only hope!” Moriyama started to beg.

Grimacing under the hopeful stares of Kise, Kobori, Hayakawa, Kasamatsu, and Moriyama, you had no choice but to agree. “Fine!” You huffed, pouting.

Kise let out a relieved sigh. “Thank you, [Name]-cchi!! I owe you big time!”

“That you do.” Sighing, you sat down next to Kise and folded your hands. “So what do you want to know?”

The clueless face of four Kaijo boys gave you your answer: everything.

A good ten minutes had passed, and you had reached one conclusion; these boys were hopeless. Kise was also this close to losing his patience (his eye already twitched four times now).

“Moriyama-senpai, what if a girl says she wants to go to the amusement park?”

You crossed your arms, nodding. Alright, that was an easy question. Surely Moriyama would know the answer to-

“Going to a place like an amusement park is pointless. Just go to your house instead.”

Eyes nearly bulging out, you exchanged glances with Kise and gulped. Yeah, if you want to be viewed as a pervert!

“I read it online, it’s best to try and choose a location that is close by for the first date.” Moriyama explained seriously. You, on the other hand, had trouble comprehending the words he was saying. Did he seriously believe that?!

You were close to giving up, but the boys’ perseverance made you pity them. They were adorable, so clueless and yet determined to win over girls’ hearts.

“Hayakawa-senpai, when you’re speaking, be more calm!”

“Ah?! I’m normally like this!” The boy replied, “Fine! I’ll give it a try!”

“Kobori-senpai, your sense of presence is too low! Give out more of your ‘I-am-a-good-person’ aura!”

“It’s too difficult for me!”

You massaged your temples. “Guys, please calm down. They’re just girls. You being scared of them is just going to scare them!”

Kasamatsu trembled in his seat, sweat already dripping from his forehead.

The training continued. Soon, a big hurdle in capturing the hearts of the females was presented; finding a common topic to talk about.

“Ah, come on now. It can’t be that hard. Surely you guys know a lot more things other than basketball.” You nervously chuckled, gulping when all of the boys looked at each other in terror. Oh no. “Umm, what about you practice it with me? Ryōta-kun doesn’t need to practice this, he just needs to sit and shut up and girls will already flock around him.”

Kise looked both proud and a bit offended.

“Kasamatsu-senpai, please go first.”

He looked like he was going to face the Generation of Miracles. Eyes flickering around nervously, he looked everywhere but you. “Uh- umm..” You smiled at him patiently, urging him to continue, “D-Do you like sports?” He blurted out and was instantly shoved by his friends.

“You’re just gonna talk about basketball!” Hayakawa said.

You sighed. “This isn’t going to work..”

“But I’m fine having daily conversations with you! You like basketball and you’re a girl, so..”

“But [Name]-san’s different!” Kobori let out a sigh, “I’m fine with having daily conversations with her as well..”

“What about we each go on a date with [Name]-chan first?”

Hayakawa’s suggestion was met with Kise’s glare and your deadpan.

“No way am I letting my best friend be tortured by each of you!”

“Moriyama-senpai, go ahead.” You switched your attention to the black haired boy.

He nodded and looked at his lap, as if preparing himself. When he raised his head, his lips was curved to form a flirtatious grin. Oh boy. “Hey, don’t you feel that this group date is a meeting set by destiny?”

“No!” You had to resist the urge of smacking his head, “Ryōta-kun, you go and set an example for them!”

But your heartthrob gorgeous ladykiller friend had the same panicked expression on his face. “[Name]-cchi,” he whispered to you, “What do we usually talk about?!”

Your jaw dropped. “What? Just think of something!”

“Umm..” He gave you a sheepish smile, “Do you like sports?”

You groaned when he repeated Kasamatsu’s answer.

You were panicking, and time was running out. “Alright, alright. Just ask them what their hobbies are and you’ll be fine!” You concluded, smiling encouragingly at all of them. “Good luck, you all!” Fist bumping the guys, you silently prayed that they wouldn’t embarrass themselves. You then sat at the table near their table, watching as five girls walked in.

You were eating happily while observing the boys (who seemed to be doing somewhat of an okay job) when you heard one of the girls ask, “I heard that all of you are friends from the same community. What is it?”

“It’s… basketball.” You heard Kasamatsu answer uncertainly, already getting a bad feeling.

“Ah, sports-related. How cool!”

Finishing your food, you sipped on your beverage while staring at the table in front of you. The boys weren’t facing you, but you could already sense their surprise. You saw Moriyama take out a pen and paper, about to draw a diagram of the basketball court to explain something about basketball. Okay, girls love a knowledgable guy. Hopefully they won’t start ranting too much about basketball.. However, knowing your idiot friends, that was asking for too much.

Soon, they were busy discussing training methods and basketball formations amongst themselves, ignoring the five girls in front of them. You wanted to intervene, but how? You could only watch helplessly as they animatedly chatted. Oh man, you could see the girls’ annoyed expressions.

Then it escalated into something worse.

“Hey, look at this, [Name]-cchi. You like this formation, right?” Kise suddenly turned his head and gestured for you to join them, “Explain about it to Kasamatsu-senpai. He likes this one better. I think it’s less effective, though.”

Kasamatsu nodded, deep in thought, “I saw some first years using this a lot.”

Moriyama, Kobori, and Hayakawa were all fired up as well, looking at you.

You immediately froze. Eyes flicking between the angry girls and curious boys, you made a frantic gesture for them to look in front of them.

Like a broken spell, the boys suddenly came to their senses. You could see everyone gulp, not daring to look at the five girls. Kise finally turned around, his eyes pleading, “Ah.. about that.. sorry..”

“It’s okay. Don’t mind, don’t mind.” The girls replied with a fake smile, “You all just.. go play on your own.”

You slapped your forehead in frustration. Thus, on that day, the boys’ summer ended.

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: T (For swearing?)
A/N: I uploaded this on AO3 at 12:30 this morning and then fell asleep… Here’s the next chapter to the series! Kise finally finds out! (I used the original request by @kaijos-orca as the main focal point of this chapter. However, I did edit it and add in some details so it matches the story line. For the original request, you can find it here.) Hope you all enjoy!


The Inter-high was fast approaching, leaving very room for you and Kasamatsu to see each other. During those weeks, you’d send each other texts, ensuring the other was alive. The lack of warmth from him was slowly torturing you. 

How did you live before meeting him? Oh that’s right… You didn’t…

Rather, you were in deep despair from the Teiko events, and they left a bitter taste in your mouth. Some days passed by as a blur, while others remained slow, bleak. You don’t remember most of what transpired your last year in Teiko.. In fact, you only began to remember small details after meeting Kasamatsu Yukio..

Gosh, just the thought of your… boyfriend has your heart racing rapidly in your chest. Your fist rests above your breast, holding onto the phone in your hands as you await the arrival of your boyfriend… That’s right… He’s coming over to spend the night.

At this point, you didn’t care if Kise was supposed to be home this weekend. He didn’t even reply to your question, asking if he was coming by today or tomorrow… Probably stuck working late like usual. This would leave you alone with Kasamatsu, and although your mind ran rampant of a thousand ideas.. You just want to spend time with him. To cuddle him, kiss him and sleep beside him. You want to feel his warmth.. 

A knock on the door startles you from your thoughts, and you jump, eyes wide at the sound. You look at your phone, seeing the text from your boyfriend, before grinning and running down the stairs. You nearly slam the door open as he prepares to knock again, scared he wasn’t loud enough. His eyes are wide, and he stutters when you yank him inside, placing him against the door and jump into his arms, burying your face in his neck. It takes him a few moments to comprehend what’s going on, but when he feels your nose graze against his skin, it brings him back to reality, and he hugs you tightly. 

“I’ve missed you, Yukio-senpai…”

His head rests against yours, a small smile curling on his lips. “We’ve been talking for the past couple weeks, ____-chan…”

You bristle, pulling your head back to meet his blue hues.. Though he moves at the same time, and before you can retort, his lips meet yours. He leaves you speechless just by that simple move, though he pulls back before you can try to deepen it, leaving you slightly frustrated… He notices this and smirks, lightly pulling your cheek.

“I’ve missed you as well.”

He watches as your eyes widen, before a huge smile curls on your lips, and he feels his breath hitch… He still can’t wrap his mind around having you as his girlfriend… If that’s what you want to be addressed as.

“You know… We never had a discussion about what…. This is.”

You tilt your head, staring at him with slight confusion, before it dawns on you.. Ah, that’s true…. You get down from his grasp, missing the frown on his lips as you pull him to your bedroom, smiling at his stuttering. When you reached your room, you shut the door, guiding him to the bed before plopping down, crossing your arms behind your head.

“Well… What do you want us to be… Yukio-senpai?”

He pursed his lips, watching your laid back reaction with curious hues… What did he want? He knows what the two of you have is special… Unique even… Not only did he feel comfortable the day you laid on his leg… But he could see himself doing it on a regular basis. Running a hand through your hair, watching your peaceful expression with soft eyes… He remembers how you fell asleep so easily after he rested his jacket on your body. How you snuggled into his hand and left him in a comforted state of bliss for hours… Even after he left.. He remembered debating waking you up that night to help you to your room, or let you lay on the couch for the night… But when he made a move to get up, you clung to him easily, and he knew it was best to wake you up. He helped you to your room, making sure you were comfortable in bed, before he took his leave… When he placed his jacket back on, he felt you cling to him, whining at the shift in movement.. He truly didn’t want to leave you alone that night… But he found the strength to leave, because he had no idea where you two stood… 

But watching you now, hearing his first name from your lips, it has him moving to sit on your bed, back resting against your headrest. His hand finds purchase on your head, and he watches curiously as you sit up, crawling towards him and fall back into his lap. He chuckles at your reaction, but allows you to get in his personal space, hoping his hand doesn’t shake too much from nerves. He knows you’re waiting for his reply, and he doesn’t like to keep a girl waiting… So he pulls you towards him, hand resting on the back of your head as he keeps you in place. His lips curl into a grin then, eyes softening at the tender expression in your eyes.

“I want us to be together… _____-chan….” he whispers, leaning forward until your lips were a few inches apart. “Be my girlfriend.”

You answer his statement with a passionate kiss. 


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Just published another request set onto AO3, you can find it here  Chapter 8! What if you were absolutely terrified of thunder and lighting? How would some of the Miracles react? What would Hanamiya, Haizaki, or Takao do? 

I also wanted to thank everyone that is still following, and let you know that I’m preparing a different Tumblr for Haikyuu content. I’d always wanted to write for Haikyuu, but never felt comfortable enough to truly do any of the characters justice. After 5 years and consuming copious amounts of fics, I’m working on a multi-chaptered Haikyuu story. I will be giving details, previews, and updates over there. 

I love KNB and am so grateful for have been part of this community, so I want to put my new and original content onto a new blog Little-Ki. Thank you all again for your support on my drabbles so far and I hope you’re willing to give my new stories a chance too. :) 

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The next set of edited asks have just been posted! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you accidently push Midorima into a pool from behind? Or maybe how Kasamatsu and Akashi would embarass you with flash mobs? If you’re curious, you can find them here!  Chapter 5 

I got my first comment today and I’m so thankful for the interests in these pieces! Thank you! :) 

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The fourth part of the “Just Imagine” series, ( The Terrible, No-Good Day ) has been posted! 

This will be the last part of the series, for now. I may revisit this collection in the future, but right now I’ll keep it with these four pieces. The next collection will be edited versions of asks/requests! These are much shorter so I’m thinking of posting multiple sets.

As always, thank you for your interests and kudos on AO3! :) 

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: Here’s another chapter!! Ah, there were many ways I could have written this scene.. But this fit it best.. I really hope you guys like it!! (I love how I’m writing Kasamatsu in this series.)


Coming to the mall was a big mistake.

In the back of your mind, you know you could’ve waited until Saturday to give your brother his birthday gift. You were holding a party on that day for the two of you so it wouldn’t conflict with your busy schedules. But you also know that Kise would’ve complained about you not giving him a gift on his actual birthday, as he’s done in the past.

Leaving you in this predicament.

You were crouching inside a bookstore, trying to hide away from the four boys standing about a hundred feet from your location. Of course Kise would be hanging out with his senpais for his birthday… That’s the kind of guy your brother was… And then to have his fangirls make a huge deal… Right in front of the store you were forced to hide in… You rub your temples, trying to find a creative solution to escape… Releasing a heavy sigh, you take out your phone, sending him a text.

“I’m in the bookstore behind you… Come in alone… At the back.”

You watch from behind the shelf as he opens his phone, wishing you could read his expression… His back was towards you, and you try very hard to keep out of sight of his teammates… You feel stares on your abnormal behaviour, and you ignore it, secretly hoping your brother would hurry up and come in the store… You breathe a sigh of relief when he comes towards you, watching the way a certain individual handles the crowd, with reddened cheeks. You weren’t sure if it was out of embarrassment or anger, probably both, but you found your eyes drawn to his form for quite some time.

Until you hear a cough beside you.

Standing up straight, you turn your head up, staring at your brother with a look of embarrassment and annoyance. 

“Really Ryouta? You brought your senpais with you?”

He pouts, golden hues bright with emotion, “I..Is that any way to address your older brother, ____–cchi! I don’t know why you won’t come out and meet them!”

You roll your eyes, arms crossed with the gift in your hand. “We’re from different schools, Ryouta… I highly doubt they’d want to meet me." 

Though a certain captain already knows me…

You bite your lip, feeling guilty for not telling Kasamatsu about your relationship with Kise. You sigh, knowing he wants to say something else, when you thrust the gift in his hands. 

"Here… I wanted to give you this. I have to get back home now… But please… PLEASE… Don’t say where you got it from…”

He blinks, watching your posture with curious eyes, “But why ____-cchi?”

You open your mouth, as if ready to retort when you stop, shaking your head instead. “Just… I don’t want any attention on me… So go back to your senpais, enjoy your birthday and we’ll see each other on Saturday okay?”

He can tell you’re hiding something, but chooses to remain silent… He wonders if his senpais are intimidating you, and that’s why you don’t want them knowing you’re giving him a gift…

“Okay… If you say so…”

He proceeds to leave, gift in hand, before he pulls you into a soft hug, resting his head on yours.

“Thank you for the gift, ____-cchi…. Happy birthday…”

You feel a smile tug on your mouth, thankful your hood is up and covering you from the unwanted stares.

“Thank you, Ryo-chan…”

You watch him walk out of the bookstore, joining up with his senpais, almost giggling loudly when Kasamatsu kicks him for ditching them. It’s then, you sneak towards the front, watching the four men walk away from the store. You feel a tinge of loneliness at the display of affection your brother receives.. Particularly from a certain raven-haired male, who’s yelling at Kise for whatever it is he did… 

“You have good senpais, Ryouta… Please treasure them.”

When a large group of people walk by, you take that as your sign to leave, blending in well with the crowd. Amidst sneaking past, you didn’t notice your bracelet snapping from being pushed forward, doing your best to leave this mall and get on the next train to Tokyo… You just want to retreat home, spend the rest of your birthday in peace without any drama.

Unfortunately, that’s the complete opposite of what happened.


He’s never felt so hurt and angry in his entire life. 

Kise begged him to spend time with him at the mall for his birthday.. Which resulted in them being swarmed by a group of fangirls, and then he hastily vanishes for several minutes inside a bookstore. When he came out, he was holding a gift, with a tender expression in his golden hues.

“From my biggest fan-su… She personally came by to deliver this gift.”

The same gift you bought while shopping with him a couple weeks back.

The memory of that day is now tainted when he realized that gift was for Kise…. He should’ve known… You were much too pretty to be single… To think a guy like him would even stand a chance… He sighs, trying to quell the anger in his veins… But the anxious expression in your eyes when you bought it flashes in his mind, making him bite back a growl in his throat. His hand clenches the bracelet now resting in his pocket, having noticed it on the ground as they were leaving the mall after another group of Kise’s fangirls became too much. 

Against his judgement, he decides to head to Tokyo, realizing it’ll be late by the time he gets home. But at this point, he doesn’t care. He NEEDS to know… It’s driving him crazy, not knowing what your relationship to Kise is… And why you chose to keep it from him instead of being open. The anger in his veins is at war with how he genuinely feels for you.. And his mind goes back to the time at your house, when you fell asleep on him, bundled in his jacket. The hand he was using to massage your head wound up in your hands, as you half cuddled him in your sleep.

His heart didn’t beat the same after that day.

You haven’t left his mind since. And it’s been driving him crazy, to the point he wants to scream. To yell to the sky how much he likes you… He sighs, almost bumping into you as you run towards the train station. Instead, his hand grabs your arm, and he’s dragging you to the nearest park, ignoring your cries and pleas. He needs to know… God, he has to know… Or he’ll go mad.

“What is Kise to you?”

The two of you are at the playground, abandoned due to the setting sun and his blue hues are glaring down into your golden eyes. They’re bright, like the sun, and he watches them flicker with several emotions, it leaves him breathless.. The silence is deafening, and yet, he finds he can’t comprehend what your expression means, because it’s giving him mixed signals… It’s leaving him confused.

Your mind is reeling, trying to come up with an answer to give him… You can feel the anger, the seriousness and what appears to be pain in his eyes.. That’s the one thing you can’t quite pin down… Why does he show pain within those beautiful eyes?

You swallow, trying to breathe… But with him standing so close, the desperation within his voice ringing through your mind, you’re left immobile. 

“I know you’re the one who gave him that gift, _____… You can’t fool me.” he pulls out your bracelet, pressing it into your palm, “You dropped this on your way out…”

You couldn’t take your eyes off him, feeling yourself shrink at his anger.. God.. You want to speak… Want to tell him that it isn’t what he thinks… He’s the one you really like..

And yet… your voice is lost.


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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: The next chapter to this series.. I hope you guys enjoy! And if you have any questions feel free to ask! I’d be happy to answer C:


He was going to be late…

Damn Kise and his fangirls… They’re always causing him a headache… And of course with that comes with practice going past its usual time… Not just because of Kise’s antics, but because the coach deemed it necessary to make them stay longer… After their almost loss in a previous match… He sighs, rubbing his face with one hand as he sits in his seat, anxiously tapping his foot..

Could this train move any slower?

“Girlfriend waiting for you?”

The soft voice brings him from his thoughts, a small blush adorning his cheeks.. The older woman is smiling softly at him, wrinkles on her face as she assesses his reaction. He finds himself sweating a bit, and not from the previous practice… His nerves are at an all time high, and he wishes he had water in his hands.


She shakes her head, the smile growing bigger. “I see… Well, I know whoever they are, they will be happy to see you.”

He can feel his heart thump rapidly in his chest, and tries to hide the nervousness beneath his fingers. The older lady, notices this but doesn’t say anything after that. Can feel by his movements he just wants off this ride. She makes a move to gently squeeze his knee, as if reassuring him things will be fine, and it seems to ease Kasamatsu a little. When he hears his stop on the intercom, he smiles at her, politely telling her good-bye before making a run off the train. He wants to beat the rush, wants to make up for lost time. 

Without hesitating, he grabs his phone, opening his messages and hastily sends a text.

“I’m on my way.”


The vibration from your phone goes unnoticed as you watch Kagami and Kuroko practice in the gym. Here it’s just the three of you, everyone else has left the gym. You keep one door open to let in the soft breeze, finding comfort. You couldn’t understand how they had so much energy to keep going… Despite the vicious aura emitting from Kagami’s frame, you find your attention honed in on the two. How they practice, it’s very much how Kuroko and Aomine used to.. 

And yet… There’s a difference between Kagami and Aomine… But you couldn’t place it…

Your attention is taken from the boys when Nigou sits up abruptly, blue hues glued onto the outside. You curse, chasing after him, not wanting him to get too close to the roads. And when he stops suddenly, wagging his tail and barking a little, your eyes land on the very person who gained Nigou’s interest. You watch with soft golden hues as Kasamatsu leans down to rub the puppy’s belly… The excited yips, along with the tender gaze in Kasamatsu’s eyes has your heart racing in your chest.


He hears your voice, and turns his head up, his smile slowly turning into his usual scowl. He assesses your reaction, and raises an eyebrow, before standing up straight.

“I take it you didn’t get my message?”

You blink, slightly flustered before pulling out your phone, eyes wide.. A…Ahh… You bite your bottom lip, sheepishly scratching your head.

“S…Sorry senpai!! I was watching Tetsu-kun and Taiga-kun…”

It was that moment Nigou rolls onto his belly, running back to the gym and you turn around quickly, holding up a hand to Kasamatsu before chasing after the pup. It’s then you realize they were still practicing, Nigou watching with a renewed interest, tail wagging. You bend down then, rubbing his head and lightly pecking his nose, before moving to grab your bag. You wave at the boys, who stopped and gave it back, knowing grins on their faces. It’s then you go out the back door, where Kasamatsu was waiting patiently for you, and you grin at him.

“I’m ready to study!”


The walk home was short, but peaceful. Despite not saying much on the walk, Kasamatsu seemed to be in a world of his own, you chose to focus on the fact you’d be home alone with him… Your brother wasn’t coming over until tomorrow, and your parents were away for a business trip… Any other day, you would’ve cancelled plans and took advantage of having the house to yourself for a night…

But you craved for attention… More specifically, Kasamatsu’s.

You were becoming whipped, and although you didn’t like the idea of being attached to another person… The thought of being around Kasamatsu didn’t make you uncomfortable. This had you frowning until you reached your front door.

“Feel free to make yourself at home, senpai!” you chime, unlocking the door and entering.

You don’t hesitate to run up the stairs, dumping your backpack on your bed. You hastily grab your books, phone charger and bound back down the stairs, almost crashing into the boy who remained in place. He takes in the living room, finding himself sweating at the wide open space to the kitchen. An island separates the two rooms, and he’s left wondering just what your parents do to have a house so big…

You walk around him, placing your books on the coffee table before heading to the kitchen.

“You thirsty senpai? Can I get you anything?”

Upon hearing your voice, his eyes meet yours, and he finds himself blushing, slowly walking towards the couch after removing his shoes… Gosh… He’s never felt so rude in his entire life… He was too busy ogling the room to notice you standing there.

“J…Just water for now… please, ____-chan…”

There it was…. That suffix again… It sends both of you in a flurry, but you busy yourself with getting the drinks, trying hard not to focus on the fact your friend/crush is in the opposite room… You know he’s staring at the table, but you feel as though he’s staring at you… Leaving you an anxious mess. And yet, you commend yourself on not trembling too hard… You wanted to enjoy your time without making a complete fool of yourself… After closing the fridge, you find yourself carrying a water bottle, along with a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn. 

He feels as though he screwed up again… With calling you by that suffix… But he finds himself not caring, because when it’s just the two of you, he’s at peace… He feels there’s nothing he can’t hide. You don’t seem to be bothered when he addresses you that way, and it makes him exuberant with emotion. He looks up at you, taking the bottle from your hands and nods as a thanks, before drinking out of it. 

“Alright… Let’s get to studying…”


At some point, the two of you stopped studying and ended up watching a show on the t.v. . You had all weekend to study for the upcoming test, and while Kasamatsu was a good tutor, you wanted to just spend time with him away from school. You weren’t really paying attention to what was on the screen, but rather, the man who was sitting up above you… Your head rested on his leg, sneaking glances between commercial breaks.. For some reason, Kasamatsu didn’t force you off his leg, instead rested a hand in your hair, gently massaging your scalp.

You can’t help but let out content sighs at his affection, eyes closing in bliss.

“Someone’s enjoying themselves….”

At his voice, your eyes snap open, meeting his humoured gaze with a blush on your cheeks, before you stammer. You can’t think of what to say, so you turn your gaze towards the couch, curling into a ball and bury your face in your hands.

“K….Kasamatsu-senpai!!! You’re mean!”

He raises an eyebrow, before chuckles at your words, shaking his head.

“You’re the one using me as a pillow… Why don’t you get ready for bed, _____-chan?”

You glower at him, before rolling your eyes.

“It’s 8pm on a Friday night… What kind of teenager am I if I go to bed early?”

He snorts, “A responsible one.”

You sit up then, bracing yourself on your hands and knees as you stare him down. “It makes me an old lady senpai!! My mom doesn’t even go to bed that early!”

His eyes meet yours for several moments, as though contemplating his next response. Instead, he turns his attention back to the television, his hand going back to your head as he brings you back to your previous position.

“Show’s back on _____-chan…”

There it was again… His tone changes, and your heart is fluttering like crazy.. Ugh.. How does it make you weak? But you do as you’re told, resting your head on his leg, snuggling into his warmth. You didn’t realize you’re shivering until a jacket is draped over your form. You see the blue, realizing Kasamatsu had grabbed his jacket to rest over you. 

It smells just like him…

The thought makes you fluster further, but you find yourself unable to hide from him. Between the gentle strokes of his hand on your head, to the smell of him in person and on his jacket, you’re completely emerged in everything that is Kasamatsu. It brings you a comfort you didn’t realize you needed, and you somehow found yourself falling asleep in the presence of your companion.

The guy in question didn’t seem to mind, instead continued his stroking of your hair as a smile curls on his lips. 

“Sleep well, ______-chan…”

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: I did a double update because this scene in particular wouldn’t leave my head. Truthfully, I should’ve combined both the chapters into a long one.. And yet I decided two chapters is better than one LOL. If you guys have any suggestions/prompts I can use for the story, feel free to message me C: . 

It’d been a week since your second date with Kasamatsu… Was it even a date? You were hanging out with him, as a senpai and kouhai would… Right? Truthfully, you couldn’t differentiate between the two. There’s always been touching in any friendship and relationship you had. Whether it was friendship or family… How would you begin to describe a relationship? 

‘I had a really fun time. Thank you for accompanying me, Kasamatsu-senpai!’

'You don’t need to thank me ____…. I had a fun time.’

His text from that night echoes through your mind, and you find it’s hard to concentrate on anything since then… The hand holding at the table burns through your memory, and you swear you can feel his skin touching yours. Your hand still tingles from when he reciprocated the hand holding, causing your lips to turn into a smile. 

“Did you have a fun time at dinner, _____-san?”

Blinking, you snapped your head up at Kuroko’s words, cheeks burning from his question.

“Y..Y…You…!! H…How?!”

“I saw you with Kasamatsu-san, _____-san… A week ago…” he replies, sitting down beside you on the bench. Nigou jumps in your lap, and you smile, rubbing his head as he licks your hand.

“Don’t worry, ______san… I didn’t tell Kise-kun…”

Your head snaps up, meeting his blue hues with slightly worried hues. Oh man…. The idea of your brother finding out… You swallow, trying to stop the shaking in your hand.

“….W….What should I do…. Tetsu-kun?” you whisper, pain evident in your voice. “I… I’m not sure how I feel about Kasamatsu-senpai… But I always enjoy our time together… He makes me happy… And laugh… He treats me normal… As if I’m visible.”

You look at Nigou, trying hard to hide the tears from your best friend. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself… Not while practice is going on…

“_____-san…” Kuroko’s voice is soft, and you feel his hand on your shoulder, causing you to meet his gaze once more, “What you need to do is figure out how you feel about Kasamatsu-san first… Don’t stress about telling Kise-kun.” he whispers, gently massaging your shoulder.

“I…It’s not just about telling Ryouta….” you murmur, gently biting your bottom lip, “H…How will Kasamatsu-senpai react to learning I’m Ryouta’s twin sister?.. What if he gets disgusted with me, and doesn’t want to be friends anymore… Never mind how I feel about him…”

You still have no idea how you feel about the hot-headed captain. You’ve kept your meetings under wraps, with him coming to meet you at Seirin… He’s supposed to come over tomorrow to help you study for an upcoming math test… Surely the rest of his team has begun to feel suspicious of his actions? What if you got caught? It’s not as though you were doing anything wrong… But you have no idea what to make of the situation with Kasamatsu… That’s why you wanted to explore these feelings without many people knowing…

But now…

“Kasamatsu isn’t the type of guy to run away _____.”

You gasp, turning your head when Kagami sits on the other side of the bench, lightly pounding on your head. You whimper, casting him a glare accompanied by a pout, gently rubbing your head from where he bumped it.

“H… How do you know, idiot?”

He sighs, rolling his eyes before giving you a noogie, ignoring your cries, “Have you seen him commanding his team? If he was the type of man to run away, he would not be so confident on the court. Instead, he came at us head on, leading with his actions and plays.”

You’re grabbing onto Kagami’s shirt at that point, trying hard not to cry at his rough play. But some of his points were valid… If Kasamatsu was the type to run away, he wouldn’t have lead a team with your brother… More importantly…

He would’ve bowed down to Ryouta.

Your eyes soften, and you stop struggling, feeling Kagami release you gently before patting your back.

“Instead of focusing on the negative, why don’t you talk to Kasamatsu first? It’s obvious you guys are friends. We’re not going to tell Kise cause he won’t shut up about it otherwise. So, just take things slow, ____. Don’t stress about the small things.”

Your eyes light up, and you feel yourself relaxing, a gentle smile on your lips… Who knew Kagami could give such great advice?


“For once, I agree with Kagami-kun.”

Your eyes go back to Kuroko, who’s now holding onto Nigou in his arms.

“Talk with Kasamatsu-san, _____-san. Figure out what the two of you want first. I don’t think Kise-kun would be upset if you were friends with him at the very least. It would probably make him happy you’re expressing interest in his team.”

You take in the phantom’s words, biting your lip with mild anxiety. It’s true you wanted to start fresh, and forge your own path without Kise’s influence… But maybe, the influence you need is Kasamatsu's… You don’t say anything else, just nodding at them before going to clean up the gym from practice, contemplating your options… You want Kasamatsu to see all of you, but the fear of him learning about Kise’s relationship to you has always held you back in some way… You were grateful he hasn’t put the two together yet. 

You let out a soft sigh, finishing the cleaning before heading home. You had a lot to think about, and you were hoping you’d have some clarity after hearing both Kagami and Kuroko’s supporting advice. 


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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: So I wanted to originally include MORE of reader-chan’s past with Teiko in this chapter.. But half-way through, realized it would kind of rush things. I can see Kasa being the kind of person who can sense discomfort and reassure them they don’t have to talk about it. But he would lend an ear when they’e ready. I did mention some of Teiko in here.. so if anyone has questions, please don’t hesitate to ask ! 


Every weekend you would hang out at the mall.

It was something Kise made you do, because you didn’t hang out with many people outside the Generation of Miracles. The main reason was you feared allowing anyone in, should they try to use you to get close with your brother. Since his modelling career took off, and joining the basketball team, Kise’s fanbase grew exponentially… You remember when the two of you first entered Teiko, how girls would swarm around your brother because of his beauty…

Truthfully, you envied his looks, despite being his twin. There was something about your brother that made you feel inferior… 

Your family was model-material… Belonging in that world. You did as well, but you always felt out of place… As if you could never compare to them. You felt inferior somehow… Perhaps because Kise was born before you; making you the youngest in the family. He was protective, always on guard whenever a boy approached you. 

But once his fame and popularity kicked in, your brother became a ghost. A shell of who he used to be.

You followed with what he wanted, because it meant you were spending time with him..

You were considered a special person in Kise Ryouta’s life.

But as the team changed, so did your feelings towards them… Towards your brother, who you swore to love unconditionally. Your heart began to break in ways you couldn’t imagine… As if you were losing the most important man in your life… 

Until… you lost him to Teiko’s basketball team… To his cold demeanour… And you chose to run from everything, to start fresh… 

Coincidentally, you followed Kuroko to Seirin. Despite that, you felt the decision you made was the right choice, and you stand by it. 

And yet, why did it feel lonely to accept?


Being at the mall brought up unwanted memories you wished to forget. They weren’t all bad of course, but you’ve never been one for big, open spaces… To feel stares on you, as if being watched with every move you make. It left you anxious and wishing you were invisible. 

Until you met Kasamatsu Yukio.

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: Because I’m a hopeless sap for him, I updated twice in one day… I’m such a sucker for Kasamatsu. In which you meet up with him for the first time alone, and you try to figure out why your heart won’t stop beating like crazy around him


School could not end fast enough. 

You’ve learned over the past few days that Kasamatsu isn’t much of a talker over text. It makes things easier for you because you prefer talking over the phone or in person. Things can always be misconceived through the wonders of texting, and you tend to panic during certain situations.

The clock continues to tick slowly, leaving you restless.

Your eyes are on the court, watching the team practice inside the gym. But your mind wasn’t in it. Every sound echoed through your skull, as if muffled by your headphones. Rather than sit on the bench, half-dazed in your thoughts, you choose to run laps outside. You want to remain in shape, should volleyball ever become an option in the future. While basketball was fun, and you found yourself excited, Volleyball was always your favourite sport. It’s a shame Seirin didn’t have a girl’s team. That still didn’t make your choice waver, as you wanted to start fresh, at a new school as far away from your brother as possible.


“I made my choice, Ryouta.”

The blonde blinks, pausing his packing and turns his head to you. There was something in your tone, screaming for his attention. He almost finds himself breathless at your serious expression.

“I’m going to Seirin.”

It’s then his eyes grow dark, cold, and it catches you by surprise, but you remain firm. You will not waver. You will be strong… Against the one sibling who has always supported your decisions.

“Y…You can’t be serious ____-cchi!” he cries, standing up straight to look down at you, “Why would you want to attend a school that has no status! Everyone in our family has attended Kaijou!”

You shake your head, “I’m serious, Ryouta. Mom and dad are fine with my choice.” you pause, eyes hardening, “We have different futures and we can’t follow each other forever.”

He finds himself out of breath, and Kise tries his best to understand.. But he thought you would attend Kaijou because they have a volleyball team… You’ve always expressed interest in it, doing well at Teiko… So why would you leave your legacy behind to attend a school that offers nothing?

“I don’t expect you to understand.” you continue, startling him from his thoughts, “I love volleyball, but I’m taking a year off. I want to explore my options.”

He shakes his head, golden hues glistening with unshed tears, “You’re right.. I don’t understand…” he begins, feeling his fists quivering with emotions. “Why would you leave everything behind to start at an unknown school? A place that offers nothing?”

You smile sadly, reaching out to grab one of his hands, gently rubbing the skin, “We’re different people, Ryouta…” you whisper, feeling a tear slip, “I know we’ve done everything together… But I want to be at a place where I can be free… Not bound by expectations and perfection.”

You don’t meet his gaze, feeling his stare burn into your mind. 

“Some day, you’ll find a team that cherishes you for you… Not just your skills…” you murmur, letting go of his hand and taking a step back. “And when that day happens, you’ll be happy we didn’t attend the same school… So… Until then, we’re going to be enemies.”

You leave his room then, unaware of the tears spilling from his golden hues, and the way his eyes glower with a hidden emotion…

“One day…” he whispers, feeling his fist shake, “I’ll make you proud to be my twin, ____-cchi… And I’ll bring you to Kaijou with me… Some day…”


You stop running then, head tilted towards the sky as you feel a few drops of water pelt your skin… Figures, on a day you’re thinking about meeting your new friend, it has to rain right? You sigh softly, jogging back to the gym, grabbing a towel from Riko when she offers it.

“Say, ____-chan…" 

You hum, looking at her curiously.

"Why did you choose Seirin instead of Kaijou?”

You’re stunned by her question, unsure of an appropriate response… You watch Kuroko and Kagami leave the gym, bickering and arguing over Nigou before looking at the coach once more.

“I like having options, Riko-senpai.” you begin, a soft smile on your lips. “I don’t like being smothered with one option, and fearing the unknown.”

She raises an eyebrow at your words, but before she can ask further, you gather your things and politely bow, before explaining you’re in a hurry to leave. You didn’t want any of them knowing you were to meet with Kaijou’s captain. It wasn’t their concern, but you wanted things to be under wraps for the time being. Until you could figure out what Kasamatsu meant to you. 

He’s one of a kind.

In your haste, you run past the gate, preparing to catch the train to Kanagawa, almost missing the raven-haired male walking towards you. You almost miss him, had he not been wearing Kaijou’s jacket, the blue vibrant enough to catch your attention. You pause, eyes wide and lips parting, before you smile.


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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: In which Kasamatsu wants to start a conversation with you, but doesn’t know where to begin. Because I can see him being extremely nervous with being the first one to text.


Kasamatsu was hopeless.

Here he was, staring down at his phone, thumb hanging above your name to start the conversation… And he was unable to move a muscle..

How hard is it to text you ‘Hi?’

Truthfully, he should’ve given you his number instead.. At least this way, he wouldn’t be feeling so guilty for not speaking to you for over two weeks. Since the practice match against Seirin.

He lets out a heavy sigh, lips curling into a deeper scowl, before closing his phone and placing it in his bag. Taking another sip of water from the bottle, he stands up from the bench, pretending he finished tying his shoes before shouting at the team to resume practice.

He’ll try again later, when less eyes are on him.


Perhaps you read his actions wrong…

You’ve never been wrong about a person in your life.. And yet, here you are, staring down at your phone with a solemn expression. You could feel tears starting to well in the back of your eyes, but you blink them away quickly.

“____-san… Are you okay?”

You jump, managing to keep your phone in your hands and smile at him, “I..I’m okay Tetsu-kun…”

His eyes don’t give away anything, and this has always left your perplexed… “If Kise-kun did anything to you…”

Upon hearing your brother’s name, you feel your shoulders slump, trying very hard not to show annoyance at the last conversation with him.


“Kasamatsu-senpai always gets mad at me when I text him!” he whines, laying on his bed as he holds his phone to his ear.

Hearing his name from your brother’s lips, you pause, golden hues flittering with several emotions. You remain quiet for a bit longer, before shrugging, placing him on speaker so you could finish your homework.

“Maybe you annoy him.”

You can feel his pout, despite not seeing it before he lets out a whimper, “_____-cchi!! You’re supposed to be cheering me up! Not putting me down!”

'Maybe if it didn’t relate to your captain, I’d be more inclined to comfort you.’ you muse, but don’t voice your thoughts out loud. Instead, you shrug, eyes narrowing as he continues to ramble on about Kasamatsu, and how you badly wanted to throw your phone… Before he could continue further, you let out a loud sigh, stretching your muscles before yawning.

“I’m sorry Ryouta, but I have to go… Got to finish laundry! Bye!”

You don’t give him a chance to say bye, hanging up almost immediately before collapsing onto your bed, staring up at your ceiling… Huh.. So your brother gets to speak to Kasamatsu over text… but he has no time to even attempt to message you? 

Not wanting to overthink it, you grab your pillow, placing it over your face as you groan into it, just wishing you were able to talk to your new friend.


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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: I wanted to write this yesterday, but i fell asleep after work LOL. oops.. So I found time to write it before i fell asleep again . Hope you guys like this one too C:


You had zero intention of attending the practice match against Kaijou.

Kise was begging you to attend, wanting his sister to be his biggest fan… Yet you kept denying him, coming up with excuses for why you couldn’t attend.

It was too far. You had a test to study for. Mom was busy so she couldn’t drive you… 

And yet, despite all the trouble you went through to tell him ‘NO’… You found yourself at Kaijou’s front entrance, staring with widened hues.. No wonder Ryouta wanted to attend this school.. It was definitely bigger than Seirin… The grounds themselves had their own aura, and you found yourself to be slightly intimidated as you stepped foot on their grounds. Truthfully, you only had Kagami’s map to go by, and boy did it suck.

But you somehow managed to understand his scribbles, along with the loud screams of your brother’s name… You let out a loud sigh… Right… your brother was famous.. Some days you forgot how popular he was, mostly because people seem to forget you exist. During Teiko, you weren’t followed or hounded by any of his fangirls, despite being around the Generation of Miracles.. They’d speak with Momoi, but yet… it was as if you were invisible…

'Like Tetsu-kun..' You muse, a gentle smile on your lips. 

Your feet carried you towards the sounds, the pheromones from the men filled the air. There were girls screaming and cluttering around the gym doors… Oh man.. How in the world could you sneak in now? You frown, getting down on your hands and knees, and crawl under their legs, growling when a few of the girls’ legs trapped you. You should’ve just stayed home…

You managed to get through the sea of women, sneaking between a couple of guys who were on Kaijou’s team… Oh… so their practice match was during their regular practice? You hum quietly, golden hues scanning the crowd… Your brother is there, taking on Kagami once more… but you hear a stern voice… and it sends shivers down your spine.. In that moment, your golden eyes widen, lips part in shock as they land on the very same boy you met in the guitar shop a few weeks ago…

The same raven hair… Those same piercing steel-blue hues… His handsome scowl… You blink then, a soft frown on your lips… 

“Handsome? Since when do I consider Kasamatsu-senpai handsome?”

Sure, since that day you thought about him a lot… How he would be Kise’s senpai… You had an inkling suspicion he played basketball, from seeing his muscles that day.. But your suspicions were confirmed the day Ryouta complained about his new captain… You smile at that memory, watching the match with a renewed interest.


“I hate my new captain _____-cchi!”

You roll your eyes, laying down on your bed as you attempt to study. It’s the first week in, and already you were loaded with homework, a frown on your lips. Your brother came home for the weekend, barging into your room as always and laid beside you, crocodile tears in his eyes.

“What did he do this time? Tell you, you were too pretty to play basketball?”

He pouts, resting his face on your arm, ignoring your squirming.

“He was talking down to me!! Saying I should respect them because they’ve been playing basketball longer than me… That it doesn’t matter if I’m a Generation of Miracle…”

You pause your writing, turning your gaze to meet his, watching the emotions flicker in his eyes.. He seems to be in a daze, as if contemplating the last sentence.. He looks at you then, and the room is silent for a few moments, before you sigh softly, resting your pen on the blanket before gently rubbing your brother’s hair.

“So he treats you like a regular person instead of a famous one? Isn’t that a good thing ?”

His mouth opens a little, as if wanting to retort. But he immediately shuts it, rolling onto his side fully and curling up with you.. As if you were children going down for a nap, you smile.

“Truthfully, I don’t know…” he admits, sighing softly. “I was really angry when it first happened… But as the days go by…” he stops, as if playing the words in his mind. He then meets your gaze, an unknown emotion swirling in those golden hues. “I find that 'Kise of Kaijou’ has a nice ring to it.”

Your eyes widen at his words, before they close and a soft smile curls on your lips.

“Well then… I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow… Ryo-chan.”

You don’t see the way his eyes widen, or how they sparkle with happiness at your words.. Instead, you’re left to fend off your brother, who smothers you in loving hugs and kisses on the cheek, until the two of you land on the floor, and he has a bump on his head from being smacked.


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Kurobas Vday Challenge Day 2 - Kikasa

Hey, hey, hey! I’m back with Kikasa this time! I hope @umisabaku doesn’t mind I have set this inside her Designation:Miracle universe but I just couldn’t help it XD


University was an anxious mix of stress and despair or at least that was what Kasamatsu Yukio usually said when his friends asked him how the college life was. Although he could not complain. He trained with Strky on weekends, went out with friends and his marks were not bad. Even sharing a house with Imayoshi y Okamura was not that bad once he got used to it

But sometimes he just missed his home so much. He has spent all his life acting as a parent for Mizuki and Ren while also dealing with the shenanigans of his father. Then came Kise and the Miracles and there was not a dull moment to rest. Which Kasamatsu thought he would welcome once he was away from that nest of problems.

He was so wrong.

So, when the classes got cancelled without previous notice in a nostalgic fit he bought some tickets for Kanagawa. He was expecting anyone to be at home when he arrived as his father was supposed to be in the JSDF and Mizuki and Ren should be at school. Which explained why his first instinct when he saw Kise was to scream.

“Senpai!” his face brightened at the sight of his boyfriend.

“Kise! What the hell are you doing here?” Kasamatsu kicked him when the blonde tried to hug him. “You’re supposed to be in Kaijo.”

“Auch! I’m sorry,” whined the boy. “I was feeling a bit down, so I decided to stay at home.”

“Oh,” Kasamatsu stopped hitting him. Although he had never been in one of Kise’s bad days, his father and Takao had mentioned them sometimes. He always thought Kise simply did not have them. “Look, I… wait, are you wearing my shirt?”

He has not noticed at the beginning but the shirt Kise was wearing was actually his old jersey from Kaijou. Still a bit puzzled, his eyes travelled through the sight of Kise with such personal clothing. And found himself liking it. Now he kind of understood why all the ruckus with the Miracle t-shirt. Not that he is going to admit it.

“I just missed you so much, Senpai,” pouted Kise. “I will return it.”

“N-no!” he stopped him. “Y-you can keep it…”

Kise looked at him surprised by his response. Until he noticed the faint blush on Kasamatsu’s face which also turned his cheeks red. His eyes met for a second, yellow losing itself in steel blue. Kise leaned on wanting desperately to close the space that was separating them. He needed to feel the boy he was in love with against his skin, leave a trail of kisses on his neck and lost himself in the miracle that was Kasamatsu Yukio.

“Oh, Yukio!” interrupted the voice of Kasamatsu Youji. “I didn’t know yo- oh! Sorry, am I interrupting something?”

“Youji-san!” whined Kise. “We were about to make out!”

“No, we weren’t!”

“Don’t worry, kids,” smiled Youji. “You can continue with your horny moment, just do as if I wasn’t here.”

“You heard him, Senpai, let’s continue!”

“Forget it, I’m going back to college.”

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