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- Akashi and Kasamatsu both have such different approaches towards you it’s actually funny

- Kasamatsu was the one who developed a crush on you first but never had the courage to talk to you, not to mention confessing

- when one day he notices you and Akashi talking, he doesn’t think much about it aside from being surprised that you two know each other

- but days pass and he starts seeing you together more and more often, Akashi becoming more and more obvious with his intentions judging by his gestures towards you

- so after a while, Kasamatsu decides to step in and fight for you a little

- even though he’s someone who you’ve never really become friends with, he seems kind and you have no objections to talk with him some more

- but Kasamatsu becomes so awkward, it’s way different than he thought it’d be and every time you smile at him, his soul leaves his body and mind stops working so it’s an experience for both of you

- and then Akashi interrupts, not so subtly stealing your attention – enough for him to notice but for you to stay oblivious

- Kasamatsu avoids talking to Akashi at all costs, officially treating him like a rival even though he’d love to tell him a few words

- but as jealous as he was, one thing was for sure – it should be your choice and they can’t do anything about it, aside from trying to become the one you choose

- Akashi definitely tries to be subtle about his feelings and gestures, being a gentleman

- Kasamatsu still shivers talking with you so it’s a bit different but he tries his best to charm you with it

- no matter the differences, both of them are ready to fight over you for sure.

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Hi there! Thank you ! It makes me happy you decided to send me a request! I’ve been good! Hope you’re doing well! Of course I can write this for you! Please continue to remain safe!!


  • He’s disappointed the weather has changed drastically. but he doesn’t let it show on his face. He doesn’t sigh at all, rather, just smiles at you and apologizes for the weather change.
  • Of course, you know, despite him not showing it, he is bothered by not being able to have the picnic with you.. So instead, you grab his hand, and help him pack back up.
  • He watches you with slightly wide eyes, a tiny smile on his lips.
  • “Let’s go to the cafe around the corner, okay _____-chan? We can eat there, and watch the rain fall instead.. How’s that?”


  • He finds the situation ironic, because when he left this morning, it was bright and sunny… But when the two of you met up, he could tell you were stressed about something..
  • Instead of picking on you, because he knows you’re not in the mood, he slowly gathers everything, gently tugging on your hand.
  • “Ah, it appears ______-chan brought the moody weather with her..” he jokes, before bringing you into a hug, “That’s okay though, we can have the picnic in the living room… How does that sound?”
  • You don’t object to it, instead remain flustered at his little joke.. But it immediately melts into a smile, as you rest your head against his shoulder. Despite the teasing, he cares for you.. And you’d never get mad at him for showing it.


  • Like Himuro, Kasamatsu is disappointed, HOWEVER, it’s evident on his face.. He even groans loudly as he begins to slowly pack up.
  • You feel a little guilty, because he spent all this time preparing the picnic just for the two of you.. And it’s not as if it’s raining too hard!
  • You rest a hand on his, causing him to fluster from the contact, but he watches you smile, and tug him back onto the blanket. 

“Come on Yukio!! It’s just a little rain! It’s not going to hurt us!”

“O….Oi! _____!! W…We’re going to get sick, baka!”

“I just want to spend time with you, Yukio… We can take care of each other if we get sick!”

A brief silence, as Kasamatsu whispers, “….O…Okay….” before burying his head in your shoulder, because he can’t say no to you.


  • He’s dramatic about the whole thing. Here he had planned the perfect picnic and took time off JUST for you, and it begins raining!!
  • Of course, the one time he forgets to bring an umbrella, it starts raining right? Just his luck!
  • However, he doesn’t want to call it quits, so he’ll move everything as fast as he can under a few trees. (He doesn’t care if people are watching.) And he’ll place you on his lap, covering the two of you with his jacket so you can still have that special moment…
  • “_____cchi, I want us to spend time together! Let me shield you from the rain!”
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Your KNB match is Kasamatsu Yukio.


Originally posted by daitsuu

You always seemed friendly and approachable to other people. Yet Kasamatsu had no idea how to do it, even though it’s been his goal for quite a while. With lots of encouragement from his friends, he eventually found the courage to talk to you and despite his complete awkwardness, you still were kind and smiled at him all the time. Thanks to that, Kasamatsu soon did it again and again, a little less stiff each time. He’s heard about your PhD thesis and thinks it’s really cool how far you’ve come with your studies and makes sure to express his support when the time comes. He’s so thankful that you’re clueless about romantic stuff because he is too and this way he feels less embarrassed making some small mistake. Your temper scares him for the first few times he experiences it but soon gets used to it, though still can’t believe someone so soft can also have such strong emotions. Kasamatsu doesn’t know how to make you feel better but it genuinely saddens him when you talk bad about your looks. He might not tell you this much but does everything to show his love and adoration. You two often go on walks, read and binge watch movies together, just chilling in a cozy atmosphere.

Your Free match is Rei Ryugazaki.


Originally posted by forevarfree

He’s known you as a kind and friendly person who always talked to people with a smile and something about you made his heart flutter when your smile was first directed at him. From that moment he truly wishes you’d have a reason to smile all the time. It takes some time for you to show him your true colors and open up completely because of your trust issues but when one time Rei witnesses your temper showing, he’s in shock, not expecting you to have that side hidden as well. He does everything to never anger you because it can be quite scary. This boy soon finds out how much in common you two have and happily talks with you about your shared interests whenever it’s possible. Because both of you are quite inexperienced with relationships and romantic stuff, you two progress very slowly, without a rush and develop it together. He’s super proud of your uni achievements and cheers you on with your PhD thesis, helping as much as he can to make you feel prepared for the big day. Rei also supports your goal to become an assistant and thinks it’s a great idea. He’s going to be really proud when you reach that goal and will brag about it forever.

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In slight celebration of me finishing KNB 20 minutes ago 🎉 (still need to watch the Last Game🏀) - I’d like to introduce y’all to my fucking KNB husband.


Originally posted by daitsuu


This man gets me just as hot and bothered as my HQ husbands 🥵 feel free to drop Kasamatsu nsfw reqs haha

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Hi sweetie! Of course I can do this!! (And no, it’s not against the rules!) I hope you’re staying safe as well!! :D

Aomine: “What about this pair, Daiki?”

He grunts, turning his attention to the new pair of basketball shoes in your hands… They were a pair of Jordan’s, almost identical to the ones he gave Kagami before his match with Kise… 

“H..How’d you find those ____??”

You scratch the back of your head, “U…Uh.. well.. my father is good friends with the owner…” you explain, shrugging. “Satsuki told me you gave away a pair like this to Kagami when his broke… And you seemed upset about it.. So I asked my dad if he could help find a pair.

He clicks his tongue, grabbing your hand and drags you to the park. However, before you could say anything, the two of you are sitting on the ground, your back against the tree as he lays his head in your lap.

“W…What the…”

“Satsuki is an idiot… And Bakagami is worse!” he mumbles, doing his best to ignore the blush rushing to his cheeks.. His eyes remain shut, but his expression is relaxed, and he lets out a sigh..

“Y..You didn’t have to, you know…”

His words make you blink, and you’re staring at him longer than you realize. Without meaning to, you begin stroking his hair, humming softly.

“I wanted to, Daiki… I could tell those shoes were special…”

He sighs, but just rolls onto his side, burying his face in your lap, unaware of your reaction.. Just as you open your mouth, you vaguely hear, 

“KYA!! Look at that couple over there!! They’re soo cute!! She’s such a sweet girl!”

The words make you blush, stutter and want to jump up to chase after them.. But the hold he has on your hand tightens as he frowns.

“Stop moving, ____… You’re warm…”

Your eyes go down to him, and whether he heard those words or not, he doesn’t acknowledge them at all… Instead, he’s more focused on you, and you begin to feel warm… Instead, you let out a sigh, staring up at the sky as you continue to stroke his hair. A part of you wonders why he’s even letting you do this.. While the other part is grateful to see this side of him..

Little did you realize, his cheeks were a little red, but a smile curled on his lips at your actions.

Himuro: “Gomen ____-chan… I think we’re lost…”

You run a hand through your hair, looking over at the map in front of you.. Himuro had asked you to join him at Kuroko’s birthday party, and the two of you were now lost… 

“Did you really think we’d find Kagami-kun’s place by these directions??” you ask, trying not to laugh as he blushes a bit. A sheepish smile graces his features, and you try to decide what you should do…

“My! What a lovely couple you are! “ A voice says, and you look at the elderly man, with a cane. “Are you two lost?”

You laugh lightly, rubbing your neck awkwardly, “U..Uh.. Kind of..” you explain, not noticing the expression on Himuro’s face…

“Perhaps I can help you… Where are you heading?”

As you begin to explain the situation, you don’t notice Himuro’s eyes soften or how he remains silent the whole time… If his previous comment bothered you, there’s no indication on your face, and it gives him a small boost of confidence… 

Perhaps after Kuroko’s birthday party, he can ask you on a real date..

Kagami: “____ ! What are you doing?”

You try to climb the shelves at the supermarket, wanting to reach the sugar on the top shelf.. However, Kagami caught you struggling, and you cast him a glance, before focusing on your task at hand.

“What does it look like Taiga? We need sugar for the recipe!”

He rolls his eyes, before walking over to you, reaching above your head and grabbing the ingredient.. He casts you a victory smirk, and holds it over your head, as if taunting you to grab it due to the height difference.

“Aw!! Isn’t that sweet?? He’s teasing her with the sugar!”

The voice interrupts your banter, and Kagami’s cheeks flare up. The ladies walk past you, and your attention is on them, raising an eyebrow…

“Old ladies are weird..” you mumble, turning your attention back to the shopping cart.. At the quietness from your partner, you look at him, a frown on your lips.

“Taiga… Are you sick? Did you want to leave?”

The concern in your voice causes him to look at you, coughing softly as he sighs, placing it inside. 

“I..I’m fine _____… Let’s finish shopping yeah? It’s starting to get late..”

As much as you wanted to question him, the other part of you just shrugged it off, though if your mind occasionally drifted off to what just happened, your face never showed it.

Kasamatsu: “O..OH!! Y..Yukio!! Look at this one!!”

Your voice causes him to look up from the black guitar and his blue hues find where you’re standing.. In your arms, rests a beautiful sleek blue and white electric guitar… A late graduation gift from his family, and he was allowed to get any one he wanted.. It left him frazzled, because while he loves shopping for music… He was only able to get one..

He had his eyes on at least ten.

He approaches you then, staring down at the instrument in your hands, and carefully takes it from you. You tilt your head, watching as he tests it out, and the music caresses your ear in a lovely way.. There’s no way to explain it..

He was your friend… But lately, your thoughts drifted elsewhere…

“Your parents want you to keep playing right? While you’re away at college? Isn’t that why they said you can buy any one you want..”

His eyes lift to meet yours, and he scratches the back of his head, frowning lightly..

“Yeah… What they fail to realize is, guitars aren’t cheap… And there’s so many here I want..” He sighs, closing his eyes. “Some of the prices here are hard to justify too..

“It’s a gift, Yukio… They don’t care how much it is.. What matters is you’ll like it.. Which is why they left it up to you.”

He feels his cheeks heat up a little, and he steps forward to flick your forehead playfully, ignoring the small yelp from your lips.

“I… I know that.. I..idiot…” he murmurs, and his eyes linger on you just a tad too long, before he stares back down at the guitar…

“D…Do you like this one, ____?”

His question catches you off guard, and you’re about to open your mouth when a soft voice interrupts.

“Your girlfriend has excellent tastes! That guitar is the last in stock and limited edition!”

The saleswoman in question smiles at the two of you obliviously, not realizing the implications of her statement. She carefully takes the guitar from his hands, carrying it up to the counter. 

“I’ll even give you a special discount, because I can tell it means a lot!”

Kasamatsu wants to correct her, throw words of denial at her about the status of your relationship when you interrupt.

“C..Can you engrave the word Kaijou into the guitar?”

She smiles happily, and takes it back, leaving the two of you alone for a few minutes..


“That’s why I chose it.” you explain, casting him a soft smile, “So you’ll always have something to remember me by.”

His cheeks are dark red, and he smacks you lightly, the frown contrasting his expression.

“W…We’re going to university ____… We’re not dying…”

You laugh at his words, shrugging. “Maybe… But who knows if we’ll have the same classes…” you pause, as if thinking of something, before shaking your head.

“After this, let’s go get something to drink… I’ll pay!”

All he can do is nod, his voice lost for words and mind blank from what just occurred. 

Kuroko: “Nigou!!! You’ve been growing, haven’t you my handsome boy??”

The barking echoes through the air as he runs at you, and you catch him, swinging him gently around. He licks your cheeks softly, before rubbing his head, and your attention goes to the blue-haired boy now in front of you..

“Thanks for taking care of Nigou for me while I’m gone..”

You smile, nodding in politeness.. “He will be treated with love and care!! We’ll have lots of fun! Won’t we my boy??”

You miss the ghost of a smile on his lips, and there’s a brief comment echoing through the air as two girls pass by.

“D..Did you see that?? S…She’s taking care of her boyfriend’s dog!!”

“Ah! He’s so lucky to have a caring girlfriend!! Why can’t men be that kind?”

You blink, looking at the girls in confusion, feeling Nigou shift in your arms.. Your attention goes to your friend, and you miss the brief change in his expression, indicating he was a tad embarrassed..

“Say, Tetsuya…” you begin, smiling. “When’s your match?”

He blinks, looking at you, “It starts in a few hours, _____-san.. I need to meet up with Kagami-kun and the others soon.”

You nod, grabbing his hand. “I’ll walk you to the train station! And I’ll bring Nigou with me to come watch the game!”

You miss the surprise in his eyes, and the way his lips curl into a big smile.. His only response is to return your gesture, walking beside you to the station.

Momoi: “Ne, _____-chan!! Hurry! They’re going to sell out soon!”

You smile at Momoi, who is running in line, wanting to try the new chocolate cinnamon bun at the bakery… It was a limited supply, and she was determined to try it. 

“Satsuki, the man at the front told us we were one of the last people in line… We’re guaranteed one each!” 

She pouts, bouncing lightly from each foot, just wanting to reach the front of the line… The main reason for her wanting to be here wasn’t just for the new pastry… But because she knows you have a sweet tooth for chocolate.. And it was an excuse to hang out together, without entirely giving away she wanted to be MORE than friends..

“Awe!! Would you look at those two girls?? They’re so cute!! Is it their first date?”

The comment from the elderly ladies near the window causes Momoi to blush furiously, while you look away, scratching the back of your head awkwardly… A part of you wanted to tell them it wasn’t like that… You were just friends… But your attention was on the pinkette beside you, and the shifting in her posture caused a swelling in your chest you didn’t dare acknowledge..

Not yet.

Standing beside her, you grab her hand, giving her a smile.

“Was there anything else you wanted Satsuki-chan? I’ll pay for it..”

The gesture was enough to make the ladies behind you swoon, and your best friend/secret crush go crazy.. She avoids your eyes, trying to escape, but your grip tightened, and she looked at the ground…

“U…Umm… H..Hot chocolate maybe?? I..It’s a bit cold out…”

It was strange seeing her like this… But the fluttering in your chest said otherwise, and you merely nod as the two of you place your order, and then grab a table in the furthest corner of the cafe.. Neither of you acknowledge what the ladies said, just focus on each other’s company.

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: AHH. So here’s another chapter to my Kasaxreader story! And it’s more fluff!!! Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how to write the meeting between the team and Reader.. So I decided to write something that was SUPPOSED to be short… It turned out a bit longer than anticipated.. (I blame Kise) . I hope you like it!


“Why can’t he be more prepared?” you mumble, scouring the Kaijou library… It’s… much bigger than the one at Seirin, to be expected from a prestigious private high school… Doesn’t mean it’s not intimidating.. You decided to help Kise study for exams, because you miss seeing your brother, but the other reason was he couldn’t play in the Winter Cup if he failed… 

“______-cchi!! You have to help me!!! Kasamatsu-senpai will kill me if I fail another test!!!”

A sigh left your lips, and you go down the aisle, golden hues seeking out the English-Japanese dictionary… Because of course the class your brother was failing at, happened to be English… One of your top classes… 

“He should really pay attention to his teacher more… it seems Ryouta and Taiga share that same characteristic…” you giggle, before frowning. Upon seeing the book you needed, you began to decide how to go about this… You could always ask a random student for help… But you’re an outsider, and with your hair, it would draw a lot of unwanted attention towards you… So instead you decided to try and climb the shelves..

In your haste to solve your problem, you fail to realize your boyfriend walking past the aisle, concern and slight anger on his face.. 

Kasamatsu didn’t know what to think when he saw you climbing the shelves… It would’ve made more sense for you to ask for help… As opposed to trying to climb the very tall shelf.. But the determination on your face elicits a blush on his face, mostly because he’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact you’re dating him… But, his protectiveness kicks in, and he finds himself walking to you quickly, carefully grabbing your sides and places you on his shoulders..

The sudden movement causes you to gasp, and when you see Kasamatsu beneath you, the blush on your cheeks darkens heavily… It makes you stammer, so you quickly grab the book and carefully swing down him, hiding your face in the cover…

“Y…Yukio-senpai! W…Where’d you-”

“What were you thinking, _____-chan??” he hisses, casting you a disappointing frown, “Y…You could’ve hurt yourself!”

His eyes see a couple girls at the end of the aisle, and he quickly grabs your arm, gently tugging you towards the back, ignoring your small struggles. He makes sure no one is near, before he gently presses you against the wall, pinning you between his body and wood.. His blue hues darken, but there’s no malice or anger… Rather, it’s concern and worry evident in his eyes… 

It makes you feel guilty, and you look at the ground, unable to hold his gaze… Fidgeting with the book in your hands, you bite your bottom lip, trying not to stammer as you murmur, 

“I… I was thinking I could reach it myself…” a pause, “I… I didn’t want to approach someone I didn’t know…”

He tilts his head, eyebrow raising at your words… But it dawns on him… “You’re worried about drawing attention to yourself because of Kise, right?”

“W…We’re already studying together! I don’t know why he asked me to help him here… Considering I don’t even go here…” you whisper, holding the book to your chest. “I don’t fit in… And I just wanted to study in peace.”

He takes a quick glance around, making sure no other student has interrupted them before tugging you into his chest. He ignores your gasp, cheeks burning from the blush as he stares at the wood. 

“It’s okay ____-chan…” he looks down at you, smiling softly, “Follow me.”

You blink, but don’t say anything as Kasamatsu drags you to a corner of the library, where a few tables are occupied.. But mostly by students who are studying alone. He keeps his gaze straight, but you can tell by his trembling hands he’s nervous… It makes you smile a little, almost stumbling when he stops at a lone table.

“Here…” he whispers, gently patting the table. “This is my favourite place to study… Everyone’s quiet, focuses on their own studies and you can teach idiot Kise without worrying about his fangirls bothering you..”

You can’t form words, finding yourself walking to the window… You could see the track and others running… But it brought… A form of peace.. You smile, gently tugging his hand as you kiss his cheek. Ignoring the heat on both your cheeks, you manage to smile at him, eyes bright in happiness…

“Thank you, Yukio-senpai… For helping me…”

It takes him a bit to respond, but he finds his lips curling into a tiny smirk, as he brings you to his lips, whispering in your ear,

“I..I’m the only one allowed to see up your skirt.”

The reaction is immediate, and he finds himself laughing, despite the blush and the expression on your face.. But before he could draw unwanted attention to you, he leans forward to kiss your mouth. His grin grows when your arms wrap around his neck, and he holds you against the table, slowly moving to rub your stomach when…

“K…Kasamatsu-senpai?! W…What are you and ____-cchi doing??”

Kise’s voice cuts in, and in your embarrassment, you forgot where you were… And luckily for you, no one else was around.. But….


In a few moments, you were sure everyone would be swarming your table, and no studying would be accomplished.. But you find yourself smiling and giggling in embarrassment, seeing your brother and boyfriend in a small squabble, until Kise was dragged outside to run laps for interrupting… And you sat in the library, watching them from above as they raced around the track.

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In honour of my favourite bae’s birthday, here are some headcanons I have in mind pertaining to him and how he handles birthdays!!

  • Kasamatsu doesn’t make a big deal out of his birthday. The way he sees it, he’s had another year to reflect, grow and learn about himself.
  • He prefers celebrating with close family and friends.. Big parties make him just a tad anxious. (Mostly because of the girls who Kise and Moriyama invite… They just love messing with him, don’t they?)
  • He won’t decline any gifts given to him, (He was raised with manners.) But he does feel a little guilty when he’s given something he doesn’t know how to use. (Kasamatsu prefers gifts that are practical. Something he can use.)
  • He has two separate gatherings.. One his family throws for him, (because they’re always his priority.) and the second is for close friends and his teammates. (Mostly the starters..)
  • If he’s given the choice to have his party, he prefers it at a nice, close restaurant he and his family frequents. or at home.. (He feels celebrating his birthday should be done with people in his life.)

  • If he finds a girlfriend, he tries to reassure her she doesn’t have to go out of her way to plan a party for him. Despite how he appears, having attention on him can make him nervous.
  • But she would reassure him she WANTS to, because he deserves it and birthdays only come around once a year.. They should be celebrated with the people in your life.
  • Ultimately, he doesn’t get mad, rather he finds himself nervous because she makes him the happiest boy in the world. (In the end, he can’t stop himself from holding her.)
  • Just being able to spend time with her is more than enough, but he accepts anything she does. (Go to the movies, play one-on-one, have a fancy dinner, etc.) 
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Kasamatsu Yukio

He was shy. You knew this, which is why you two kept your relationship on the downlow. You’ve been dating him since second year and you two were neighbors so you went over to his place often and same with him. You had a balcony facing his window, plus there was a bit of roof there to get onto so it was easy for you to get to his room and for him to get to yours. Which was where you and him were. In his room. On his bed, snuggling and talking with each other at 6 in the morning. You both woke up early and just decided to talk with each other. You slept over, even if it was a school night. He wanted to be more loving in public, start on pda more. He was sweet. You had gnelty caressed his cheek and gave him a soft smile. “I don’t mind as long as you’re comfortable and want to.” He had nodded at what you said and gently kissed his nose before he sat up and started to get off the bed. You he tugged him back and kissed his cheek before you left his room with a soft bye.

You two walked to school together, so it was obvious you two were gonna talk and hold pinkies with each other. It was his idea, he would end up letting go as soon as the school was nearby but today he had gently slid his hand into yours. That had your heart beating faster and your cheeks flushing a bit. You couldn’t help but smile a bit and look down as you gently gave his hand a squeeze. And like usual as soon as you two were walking into the school yard, Kise comes in and wraps his arm around your shoulder. You don’t enjoy being that close to him. You were about to tell him off again before Kasamatsu had pulled you closer. Kasamatsu had glared at Kise as he ended up holding you by your waist… oh boy that sure as hell got a flushed red face out of you. You had looked down and smiled a bit as you placed your hand on top of his, gently holding onto his hand that was holding your waist. Kise was surprised at that beofre he grinned and gave a thumbs up. “Took you long enough senpai.” Kise said and grinned at him a bit before he went ahead and to the gym. No one was really here yet except for the ones who had morning practice. Morning practice was a bitch, but as the manager you had to attend.

As soon as you two stepped into the gym, ready to go and holding hands, a few of the players had wolf whistled and cheered Kasa… Yukio on. You forgot that you didn’t have to address him by his last name in public anymore. He asked you not to today. So of course you didn’t. It was all baby steps, you had started togently let go of his hand when he brought your hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it beofre he let go and quickly went onto the court and started to yell at them all to start stretching already, with such a cute red face from all their teasing. You had talked with the coach for a bit, talking about up coming practice matches and warm up techniques. He had paused and looked at you with a sort of proud look. Only the coach knew you and Yukio were dating, and that was only after you two were caught lightly making out in the gym after practice when everyone left. You had smiled up at him and returned back to your topic on hand.

All through out the school day, you were holding his hand, knowing he would be shy about it and look down. You had caught his glancing up at you a few times with a small smile as you talked with him. You had gently kissed his cheek when you two were in a more bare hallway and no one was looking. You had gave him a cheeky grin and gave his hand a squeeze as he blushed and sputtered a bit in his words. You had laughed softly and smiled at him. The hall you two were going down was empty. So you had given him a gentle kiss on the lips, knowing damn well he would be flushed and red and a stuttering mess. You loved teasing him, but you stopped after a few kisses on his lips. You knew how much he could handle and right now you were sure you were one kiss away from-!

Your thought was interrupted when you were pushed up against the wall gently and kissed gently from Yukio. He had his hands against your hips, his eyes closed as he blushed such a dark shade of red. You had smiled into the kiss and hugged his neck as you kissed back just as gently. You both had pulled away when you heard someone laugh and call out to you. He had grabbed your hand and quickly walked down a random hall, keeping his head down as he huffed softly. He was needy, needy for your love and affection, and he was gonna demand it with a red face and a stutter.

You absolutely adored this side of your shy boyfriend, Kasamatsu Yukio.

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Your Free match is Makoto Tachibana.


Originally posted by kanamesengoku

You two have known each other for a while but only as friends and Makoto always thought of you as someone kind and warm. When later you become closer and he starts thinking of confessing his feelings to you, it’s a disaster. He tries to do it subtly but you can’t seem to take the hint at all and he’s lost. After a long while of endless attempts, Makoto’s friends help him and you eventually realize why he was acting weird all this time. He may have some trouble with your sarcasm but gets used to it eventually and sometimes even responds with the same. Makoto is a person to quickly notice your habit of overthinking and helps you control it, even if you decide not to tell him the reason. He then takes you to do something you enjoy, for example suggests going for a walk or watching a movie, knowing it’d be better for you to focus on these rather than analyse things too much. He doesn’t push you to talk about anything private unless you feel ready for it. Makoto absolutely supports your dream of becoming a professor and is openly proud whenever you achieve any of your smaller goals.

Your KNB match is Kasamatsu Yukio.


Confessing to you is a process for him and it takes a long while. He tries to tell you how he feels multiple times but fails every time, as you unintentionally friendzone him. Eventually Kasamatsu finds courage to confess openly (with lots of help from his teammates) so that you’d understand his intentions for sure and becomes so relieved when you turn out to feel the same towards him. For the first few weeks of the relationship, he learns how to approach you and your trust issues, as he doesn’t want to force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. When he gains a lot more of your trust, Kasamatsu finds out about your plans for the future and is amazed. He will support you for sure. He’s interested in the research you do and curiously listens to what you’ve found out on various matters. Kasamatsu is surprised by your music taste but in the end is all for it and you two often recommend new songs to each other. Sarcasm is also something you speak on a daily between each other. Movie nights happen very often in your relationship, as both of you love spending time together this way.

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Souls for a Soul Eater Au.


Weapon. Partner: Kuroko (Current), Himuro. Soul Inspiration: Fire and Zone.


Meister. Partner: Kagami (Current), Kise, Aomine, Ogiwara. Soul Inspiration: Misdirection and Cyclone pass.


Weapon. Partner: Kasamatsu (Current), Kuroko, Midorima, Akashi. Soul Inspiration: Sun and technically Perfect Copy (different styles of rays).


Meister. Partner: Kise (Current), Kobori. Soul Inspiration: His Hair and a Music Note (his hobby is music).

Me attempting to draw. Hope you enjoy. I might do others.

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Hi! Glad you found me! I hope you enjoy! Kasamatsu and all the KnB captains are so underrated, haha. Hope you like it! 


“You’re going to get a cold.” Kasamatsu chided as he walked into the living room. (Name) was sitting at the window sill, staring at the falling droplets illuminated by the light of the streetlamps. He precariously placed the two cups of steaming tea on some coasters nearby and walked over to his absent-minded lover. 

“It’s perfect snuggling weather.” She said suddenly, turning her (e/c) gaze to him with a smile. Kasamatsu paused, his cheeks turning pink. 

“H-hoh, is that right?” He asked cautiously. Despite the long time they’ve spent together, physical intimacy was still so hard for him to get used to. Mostly because he often wondered when he would wake up from the dream of dating someone so perfect for him. While he was busy avoiding her gaze, he completely missed her arms reaching out for him. 

“Come sit here. You can see the rain.” She urged, pulling him closer, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Kasamatsu froze and then melted just as quickly, closing his eyes as he leaned in to kiss her. But her pretty lips passed his as she embraced him, spinning him around and then playfully pushing him onto the window sill. 

“O-Oi!” He cried indignantly, glaring half-heartedly with red cheeks at her before his expression went slack-jawed. His lover confidently climbed into his lap, now armed with a blanket and their tea in her hands. She cuddled up to him and pressed her ear against his chest as she settled in once more to look out the window. Kasamatsu tried to remain confused and irritated, but he found himself wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his his chin on top of her head with a huff. “You’re not usually this clingy.” 

“It’s the rain.” She answered back, sipping at her tea while she cradled the cup with both hands. Kasamatsu held his cup while his arms remained locked in place around her waist. She wasn’t looking at him, which made it even easier for him to cuddle up to her without his face threatening to melt right off his skeleton. 

“You keep saying that, but I don’t know what it means.” 

“Do you really care? It’s all about atmosphere, Yukio.” She reasoned as she turned her head upwards to look up at him with a cheeky smile. “Things like this don’t always need a reason, right?” Kasamatsu’s brow relaxed as he leaned down to press his lips to her forehead. His lips were extra warm thanks to the tea. 

“I guess you’re right about that.” He agreed, rubbing his nose against hers with a rare little smile. It made her heart skip a beat, and now they both had a healthy flushing of pink on their cheeks. 

“Not fair…why are you smiling like that?” Kasamatsu hummed thoughtfully before he shrugged. “You can’t catch me off guard.” 

“I don’t want to hear that from you. Not everything needs a reason, right?” He handed her words right back to him, which made her raise an eyebrow. Setting down her tea, she turned so that she could face him properly. With only the soft pattering of the rain their only soundtrack, Kasamatsu met her halfway in a gentle kiss. 

I just hope that it rains every night from now on. 


It had been such a long day.

They had traveled all the way out into the country side, where (Name) spent her summers, to visit a series of historical sites,  Then, they visited some local shrines and an old park. After that, They were supposed to eat dinner out at  her favorite childhood restaurant, but since it was the weekend there weren’t any openings. They didn’t get far before the rain started.. There were no buses, they had forgotten an umbrella, and it had been a 45 minute walk back.

Fleeing back to her grandparents’ under Tsukishima’s jacket, (Name) sent her boyfriend into the bath first so that she could help her grandparents prepare for dinner. 

By the time he came out, hair still wet and his towel around his shoulders, Tsukishima found (Name)  sitting on the edge of the porch of her grandparents’ family home. Tsukishima didn’t think he would ever find himself utterly captivated by a someone, but he had no words for the way he felt when spotted her in the fading light, the cool rain soothing the summer air. 

“Petrichor.” Tsukishima blinked, as if he thought that he had imagined her speaking. But when she turned her head to look at him, she smiled gleefully. “It’s a new English word I learned.” 

Without an invitation, Tsukishima walked over to sit beside her on the porch, his long legs allowing him to touch the ground leading into the (Name’s) grandma’s garden.

“You gonna tell me what it means?” 

“So impatient. Can’t you let the mystery last a little?” He huffed at her. 

“I don’t like beating around the bush after a day like today.” (Name) grinned and and pinched his cheek, which made him grab her hand, pouting while he laced their fingers together. She scooted closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. 

“It’s the smell of rain on concrete. I can smell it from here.” 

“What a nerd.” He teased. 

“A nerd doesn’t have the right to say that to me. Who just spent the whole day staring at old buildings with me?” Tsukishima grabbed her cheeks in his large hand, moving in so close their noses were almost touching. 

“Whose cheeky mouth said something so rude to their loving boyfriend?” 

“Mphpmh!!” Tsukshima smirked, leaning in and placing a chaste kiss on her puckered lips before letting go. 

“You should take a bath.” (Name) stuck her tongue out at him, nuzzling the crook of his neck with a sigh. 

“Five more minutes.” But she found her eyelids growing heavy with the sound of the falling rain, and the warmth of Tsukishima’s warm hand as he ran his slender fingers through her hair. 

“(Name)? Tsukishima-kun? Dinner’s ready, and…oh, my…” (Name)’s grandmother smiled fondly as she spotted Tsukishima’s back,  hunched shoulders slowly rising and falling, his hand still resting on top of the slumbering (Name)’s head. She sighed. 

“Wake up, you two! You’ll get a cold out here!” 

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