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#kasumi yoshizawa

Kasumi had been walking home with her father, each of them carrying a bucket of fried chicken–one just for her so her parents could get a piece, her father joked–when a drop of rain splashed on her nose.  The redhead looked up to the sky, blinking as drops started to fall faster, a couple plopping on her face.

Her chest grew tight.

Christmas Eve was a time for white snow, if anything…what did red rain mean?

“What’s wrong?”

“D-don’t you see it, Dad?” Kasumi asked him, taking one hand away from her cargo to point up to the sky.  “I didn’t even know rain could be red…”

“See what?” Her father looked up, then back at her, his face the picture of confusion behind his red glasses.  “Skies look normal to me.”

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  • favorite thing about them

she is the sweetest person! literally everything she does is adorable. i loved when she got ren to dance, it was so cute. 🥺also she has the best fashion sense.

  • least favorite thing about them

if ren rejects her when she confesses, she’s just like “well darn.” like, this girl had the fattest crush on him, and she was so nervous during her confession. it makes no sense for her to react like “oh well, it was worth a shot.”

  • favorite line

“you seem like a real glasses buff, so i wanted to get your advice.” because he wears glasses he must be a glasses enthusiast! i don’t know if it was just an excuse to hangout with her crush, but this quote made me laugh haha again, she’s adorable.

  • brOTP

sumire and ryuji friendship!! we didn’t see a lot of it in royal, but it would be so cute. i mean they’re both energetic sweetie pies, and they could talk about sports/athletics.

  • OTP


  • nOTP

i don’t dislike this ship at all (and the fan art is so cute!), but i can’t see ren and sumire dating.

  • random headcanon

twins run in families, and i think it would be really cute if she had twins.

  • unpopular opinion

i don’t see sumire, ren, and akechi as a trio. yes, they worked together during maruki’s palace, but they weren’t really buddy buddy. sumire barely knew akechi.

  • song i associate with them

the show by lenka. it just gives me sumire vibes.

  • favorite picture of them

look at her!! she’s actually the cutest.

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Okay I recently finished playing P5R a couple of days ago (I know it took me that long 😩). What I learned as I finish the game, is that the characters who have their confidant maxed out will give you a Farewell Gift (a Key item) on 3/19. It was my first time beating a P5 game btw don’t judge me lol. 

But in P5R, the only Confidants who don’t give you a Farewell Gift are Akechi, Sumire, and Maruki. I have maxed out their confidants but I didn’t get any Farewell Gift from them on 3/19.

WELL… the dataminers have done it again! It turns out that Akechi, Sumire, and Maruki were initially supposed to give you a Farewell gift if you maxed out their confidant. But that idea was scrapped!

There are 3 unused Farewell Gifts that the dataminers have found in this list. Judging by the names of those 3 unused gifts, I have corresponded them to which makes the most sense between Akechi, Sumire, and Maruki.


“Leather Gloves” is an unused Key item. Remember how Akechi gave Joker one glove during his Rank 8? Well, according to this unused data, it seems that Akechi would give Joker his other glove, making it a pair of Leather Gloves as a Farewell Gift. (Is that the reason why Goro’s glove isn’t listed as a key item in P5R? Because it’s incomplete or something?)

I think Akechi most likely wouldn’t directly give it to Joker, but he would indirectly give it to him. For instance, Muhen, the Jazz club owner, would probably give that item to Joker and say that it’s from Akechi.

I find this a bit funny though because dataminers also found an unused Akechi 3rd Tier Awakening scene where he said “I won’t give you another glove”. Wow what a tsun 😂


I’m just saying all this cuz I have ShuAke brainrot lol 😭

I understand Akechi and Maruki not giving a Farewell Gift, but I’m confused as to why the devs decided to not make Sumire give Joker a Farewell Gift? It doesn’t make sense to me. 🤨

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