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youronlydrpepper · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Nutcracker Month 2020, Day 2: Auran
My favorite lavender baby! @inkabelledesigns
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darknesslioness · a year ago
Tumblr media
Auran’s Journey
A late birthday present for my good friend, @inkabelledesigns​, with an animalized version of her character, Auran!
Thank you for all the encouragement and support you’ve given me over the years!
Tumblr media
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angelofthepage · 13 days ago
Let the Show Begin~
A strange set of circumstances brought us together, but I’ve always been one to embrace the unknown. Much like the last victim to fall into the studio, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. But worry not, my little errand runner. All will be answered in due time. You’re in the domain of the angel now, MY domain, a place where no demons dare step. Come, have a seat, stay a while. Your angel could use some entertainment.
(Welcome one and all to my Twisted Alice Angel Ask Blog! I’m your host and moderator, Kat Alyst from @inkabelledesigns. I’ve been voice acting for a number of years now, and after being a roleplayer for even longer, I thought it might be fun to combine the two in a blog to share with all of you. So sit back, relax, and join me on this experimental journey at the studio! Before we go any further, let’s lay down some ground rules.)
Characters for Vocal Interactions:
Twisted Alice Angel/Susie Campbell (Primary)
Toon Alice
Allison Angel/Allison Pendle
Poet (Lost One OC)
Please specify who your question is directed towards!
This is primarily a voice-related blog, and unfortunately, a majority of the in-game characters are not within my vocal range. If you’d like other members of the studio cast to show up, leave a suggestion. I have a few VA friends I can try to ask about coming on as guests, or in the case of an ask event, we can always try a more feminine-presenting version of the characters you love. 
Rules of the Theatre:
No NSFW content. There are plenty of other places for you to engage in those topics, but my blog is not one of them.
No God-modding. This blog is a collaborative experience, but ultimately, it’s my story to tell. I won’t tolerate people forcing their actions onto me (if need be, I’ll doll a dice to see how effective your actions are when interacting, just to keep it a bit more fair).
Be respectful to other people interacting with this blog. I don’t care how “cringe” any of these asks end up, that’s no reason for you to be mean or rude.
Keep the profanities reasonable. I’m fine flinging around stuff like “hell” or “dammit,” but I should never log on and find an ask that’s got an f bomb dropped every other word. Please keep it tasteful.
Do not spoil any Bendy media in my ask box until a month after it’s released (unless I say otherwise). Not everyone has access to all the games and books, and I don’t want to deprive anyone of experiencing them firsthand. I will introduce that content as I see fit, with appropriate spoiler tags. 
I’m not your therapist, nor should I be treated as such. I fully recognize that like any fictional character, Alice might be a comfort character to you (she certainly is for me), and that’s your business. But I am not licensed to handle your mental/emotional trauma. I encourage you to see out a professional’s help should you need to talk things out. 
I decide which theories and headcanons this blog operates on. There are lots of great Bendy theories and fan interpretations in this community, and all of them should be celebrated. Just understand, this is my blog, I get to choose how I conduct it, and I may not operate under the same world rules you do. Please do not push me to include specific lore. You can ask nicely, and I’m allowed to say yes or no. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to interact with me. 
Have fun! Ultimately, this blog is a space for me to express myself artistically, and create some fun scenarios with you guys. Let’s make it a good time for all of us!
With all that being said and done, it’s time to raise the stage curtain and snap on those spotlights! I hope you’ll join me for an enchanting time in the angel’s lair. 
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thealphareporter · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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desmoinesnewsdesk · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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ussharemarkets · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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unspoilednews · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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thesunshinereporter · 5 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 31: Thank You
A short poem from Alice and Poet, but a longer recording because I have my own two cents to add in as just me. I want to give a huge HUGE thank you to @halfusek for hosting Ink Demonth for the second year in a row. Thank you for all that you do to make the Bendy community as great as it is, you’re an absolute delight, your art is amazing, and you’re super sweet to all of us in the audience! This is the first month-long creative challenge of any kind that I’ve managed to see through to completion, and I’m happy with the result. I’ve learned a lot from it that I’m gonna continue to use for a long time. 
I also need to give another thank you to AJ and Steve ( @ahjones94 and ) for all of their help with these audio pieces. You guys are awesome, and I’m proud to not only work with you, but call you my friends. <3 It wouldn’t be the same without you!
And now you get the full audio transcript below, not just the poem! Plus some project links to my friends, as promised.~
Steve (HyperVoiceActing): 
Rouge's Denial: 
 AJ (BigBlue VA): 
Break Time:
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0): 
A Fond Farewell
By: Kat Alyst
Poet: Well dear listeners, 
It seems our time together has come to an end. 
I won’t pretend 
I didn’t enjoy it.
Because truly, I did.
You’ve been a delight to have around
Even though you’re not in our underground.
And it’s been a pleasure entertaining you
For the long month that it’s been. 
Twisted Alice: Really and truly, 
It’s been nice having you here. And seeing all your lovely compliments has made this angel feel heaven-sent. We may be stuck in this dingy old studio, but our stories will always live on out there, with you. 
Poet: Quite right dear angel! 
It’s really a shame, 
I wish I weren’t running out of tapes. 
I know, there are steaks, 
but it’d be nice to entertain again, you know? 
It’s been so long since our show. 
Surely we’re due for a comeback, yes?
Twisted Alice: Quite. Though it’d be a bit of a “dark revival,” all things considered. -chuckles- Either way, it’s been nice having an audience that doesn’t hate my guts. Thank you all for listening in.
Poet: Indeed. Dear viewers,
I hope you’ll consider looking back 
at all the lovely stories we shared together. 
And if you keep the tether, 
Consider listening again during stormy weather.
A good story is the best medicine 
When you’re having a cloudy day.
Until I can find more tapes to record on,
Here’s wishing you well out there.
Come back again soon! 
Your Poet is always ready with their monsoon of verses for you!
Kat: Wait, wait, don’t cut the tape just yet! 
Greetings everyone, my name is Kat Alyst, and I am the writer and voice behind the Poet, and all of these Ink Demonth poems. 
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so so much for all of your support throughout this month. This has been such a fun challenge for me, to test out my skills as a writer, a voice actor, and as an audio editor, and it feels so good to be in all of those things. 
I think the thing that surprised me the most is just the amount of people that stuck around to listen to all of these. 
Like I get it, poetry is not the first thing you think of when you hear “Bendy and the Ink Machine,” but it’s like, I’ve gotten to do so many fun things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen “fandom poetry” as a big thing that anybody’s explored, but there’s a lot of potential for it in a series like this.
I don’t know if I’ll ever do any Bendy poems again, but this was a really fun experiment, and I’m glad that I went through with it.
 Before I let you go, I feel it’s important that I give a huge, HUGE thank you to Steve and AJ for all the help that they’ve given me throughout this month. Like oh my god, you guys are superstars,  and I love you. Steve (HyperVoiceActing) was our voice actor for Joey Drew, Bendy, Boris, and Generic Toon #47. Yes, I’m sticking with that name and you can’t stop me. 
He’s also been my primary ‘sound board,’ just the person that I’ve been talking to the most with making sure that I’m doing a good job of all of this. ‘Cause I’m still very amateur when it comes to audio editing, and sometimes it really helps to have a second pair of ears. So Steve, thank you so much for everything you’ve done, you are phenomenal. 
AJ (BigBlue VA) was our voice of Henry in that one skit (27: Fight, he was also the Butcher Gang). AJ and I have been working together for a long time, and he is hysterical. So I was really looking forward to that as well. Just both of these guys have had some amazing performances throughout this whole thing, and I couldn’t do it without them. So thank you again.
I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with these two before, be it on projects with our other friends or projects that they’ve been doing, so if you’d like to hear some work we’ve done together, I’m gonna link a little bit in the description. HyperVoiceActing is the channel for Steve and BigBlue VA is the channel for AJ. So go show them some love, they’re amazing at what they do, and it would really mean a lot to me. 
So with all that said and done, thank you so much for tuning into the Ink Demonth. And comment down below, what was your favorite poem of the bunch? Well, technically most of them were poems, a few of them were audio skits, but I wanna know what you think. I wanna know what you think I could be doing in the future too, because I am totally open to doing more crazy projects, it’s always a great time to just go in there and have some fun. So thank you again so much for tuning in, and I hope you all have a great rest of the day. Don’t let the Ink Demon bite! Ta-ta! 
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 30: Hope
This one has a bit of a double meaning. Allison is the character most associated with hope in this series (save for maybe Henry), so I wanted her to be the reader for it, but I also wanted to bring forth a message of hope during the difficult time we’re having here in reality. Between the global pandemic and everything else happening in the world, right now the world needs hope, more than ever. I have faith that things will get better, for both the studio cast and for us. Though it’ll take more than belief alone to get us there.
Allison: The most powerful thing any of us hold is hope.
Hope is many things. 
It’s a defense against darkness that tries to swallow us.
It’s a weapon against the poisonous dread that’s kept us held down here.
But most importantly, 
It’s our fuel to keep going forward. 
We live in dark times. 
Bad things are happening everywhere.
We’re all struggling to survive, 
Day to day,
Moment to moment. 
Sometimes you wonder if we’ll ever be okay,
If we’ll ever get out. 
But I know deep down in my heart
That we CAN do this. 
This won’t be our prison forever.
We’ll find a way to set things right.
We won’t stay lost or broken. 
One day I’ll find who I’m meant to be,
We all will.
And when that day comes, I’m taking my chance to live every moment the fullest. 
Just you and me Tom.
We’ll be there someday.
Never give up hope.
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 29: Despair
A very simple poem this time around, but a meaningful one none the less. I really like the message in this one, it’s certainly something I need to look back on now and again.
A Message to the Lost
By: Kat Alyst
We’ve all been caught in the pits of despair for a long time. 
But that’s why I continue to rhyme. 
When life gives you lemons,
You can either make lemonade
Or throw the lemons back at life and scream
“Suck on these bad boys Joey!” 
But seriously, sometimes the best thing you can do
When you’re feeling blue
And like the world is never going to change,
Is try to rearrange
The way you think about things. 
You have to look on the bright side
You have to give yourself something to look forward to.
Maybe the larger goal is freedom,
But sometimes we have to live for small things.
Like not getting crushed by the ink demon
Or not getting ripped apart by the angel.
Or not getting destroyed by literally any monster in here. 
Okay, okay, that’s a bit morbid.
Let’s try again, shall we?
What about looking forward to finding something new?
A room you never saw before,
A paper with a funny joke,
An immature writing on the bathroom wall,
Hearing tapes and laughing at the antics we once had together.
We may not be who we once were,
But we still muddle on through any weather. 
I think that’s what I like about us.
Even when the going got tough, 
We always pulled through.
No need to feel such despair my friends.
We can pull through again.
And Henry will too.
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 28: Hollow
So fun fact, this story is actually based on a real event. The concept of Wally’s head making a hollow sound when bumped comes from this kid I knew in the fourth grade. He was new to our district, and whenever he tapped his skull, it sounded hollow. I don’t remember much about him other than that, but he made a big deal out of it at recess, and it was just the kind of goofy thing I can imagine happening with a group that makes cartoons. 
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
By: Kat Alyst
I was just thinking back on a little story 
From a very long time ago.
Where the rest of the studio held a bet,
To see if Wally’s head was hollow?
What? I can see you looking at me like that,
Don’t judge us! 
He was a buffoon,
How were we supposed to know there was a brain in there?
But really, it all started one day at the office,
When he showed us a little trick.
When he knocked his knuckles on his femur,
There was an echo that then clicked! 
He had some kind of wood under his trousers,
But he claimed those were his bones.
So ever since that fateful day,
Everyone else chose
To try and take a whack 
At the one bone you shouldn’t crack.
His skull!
For if his head was hollow, 
We could confirm the truth,
That he was either a moron or an alien meant to suck our brains.
I know, that sounds crazy, 
Truly hairbrained. 
But you have to understand, 
We were a bunch of animation nerds.
Sometimes we’re brilliant,
But most of the time we’re just weird.
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 27: Fight
Warning: this audio contains some foul language in the bloopers at the end, viewer discretion is advised. 
A bit thank you to my pal @ahjones94 for voicing Henry and most of the Butcher Gang in this scene! I As usual my dude, you are fantastic, and it’s always a pleasure to have you on board. Given comedy seemed to be the thing people really enjoyed from my poems, I wanted to make sure there was at least one more that had something to laugh about. The timing and performance here is just such a treat to listen to. XD
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
Alice: Hey, Poet, have you seen my syringe anywhere?
Poet: I’m afraid I haven’t, miss angel. Where did it last reside? This room is small enough, we shouldn’t have to search too far and wide.
-sound of Butcher Gang clones moaning and garbling-
-intermittent swinging of a weapon-
Henry: Oh are you kidding me? Back you savages, back! You are not touching me, OR Boris! 
-sounds of Butcher Gang clones dying-
Henry: Take that you monsters! 
Alice: ...Found it. Geez, is that what's taking him so long? He’s supposed to be grabbing that thick ink for me. 
Poet: Well you know the butchers, they’re a hardy crew. But don’t look so blue, I’m sure he’s a shoe-in for the job.
-Butcher Gang noises-
Henry: Ah, my leg! It’s got my leg!
Alice: I’m beginning to have serious doubts about that. 
Henry: Boris! Boris help! It’s got my leg!
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 26: Crying
This one got dark in ways I didn’t expect it to, and I kind of love it for that.
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
The Saddest Forms in Ink
By: Kat Alyst
The saddest form of crying
Is the kind that bears no tears.
We have no means of dying
Or shedding water for our fears.
Only ink that drips
And forms dark puddles,
Frankly those are the least of our troubles.
For if the demon smites you with either hand,
You’ll go right back where you began.
Just a blot forgotten on the page
With horrible screeching filled with rage
And the echoes won’t stop,
They don’t ever stop.
It’s hundreds of voices
Calling out for help
But no one ever answers.
We hear the past
The present
And the future.
They’re all the same at this point. 
We keep going around in circles.
When will it ever end? 
Can we just pretend this isn’t real?
Can we please pretend that we don’t feel?
Because that’s what he does.
Every time he puts in that reel
And forces us back to the beginning.
He wishes we didn’t feel.
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 25: Sunshine
A bit of a sappy poem this time.
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
What is the Sun?
By: Kat Alyst
You know, I’m not supposed to speak
On delicate matters,
And it’s quite possible
I’ll be splattered for this.
But I have to ask you something. 
What does the sun look like?
I know that I was human once,
I know I’ve seen it for myself,
But I am like a doll on a shelf,
Merchandise left to collect dust.
Has the sun changed since we ended up here? 
Does it still rise and set?
Does it never forget its cycle? 
Is it still warm in the summer
And far away in the frost?
Is it still dangerous to skin,
Is it shiny or glossed?
What does it look like? 
Can yellow even be a friendly color anymore? 
Does sunshine still mean warmth?
Or is it the heavens’ form of hellfire?
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 24: Heart
Warning: This gets a little graphic at the very beginning, so if you don’t like talk of body parts strewn about, viewer discretion is advised. 
Welcome to the one poem about the Projectionist!
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
By: Kat Alyst 
You know what I never understood? 
Why does the Projectionist guard hearts?
He’s got the whole thing down to an art. 
Pile them up,
Make a pyramid so high,
And if someone tries to steal them,
You rip off their thighs! 
For such delicate organs
Aren’t for prying eyes,
There’s no way to take them,
Not even in disguise.
But it begs a harsh question, 
Don’t you agree, 
What exactly do you think
Is the need? 
What does he need hearts for?
Does he not have one of his own? 
Or are they for the angel on her hoity toity throne?
I do not know.
But I wish I did. 
What do you think they hide within?
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 23: Lost
Once again, not a poem so much as it is a monologue. Go and hydrate yourself every time I say the word lost, my goodness it comes up a lot. XD
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
You’re probably wondering, why are we called the Lost Ones? Well, I suppose I’ve never really stopped to consider it before. Today I have less of a poem for you, it’s really more of prose. Just thoughts, musings. Now, where were we? 
Oh yes, Lost Ones. I’m not sure who really coined that term. I’ve heard one of the angels use it to describe us, but where she got it from, I just don’t know. What makes us “lost” exactly? Is it that we don’t know our names? Is it that we’re physically lost? I mean the studio is a maze, it’s easy to get lost in here. Or is it that we lost our bodies? We’re lost souls, quite literally. Our lives were lost to the machine. But you weren’t expecting me to know that, were you?
Let’s face it, you know what I’m talking about dear audience. You think I can’t see you there, listening to me through these cassettes, but I can. I know you’re there. I know you’ve seen the manuscript that speaks of all we’ve been through. I know you’ve read Buddy’s little narrative. I know you’ve seen us through Henry’s eyes. And yet we’re the ones labelled as “lost.” No, my dear sheep, it’s you who’s lost, puzzled and confused, constantly theorizing about how things got so bad. Wanting to know what really happened, putting the puzzle together. Well I’ll give you some hope, the puzzle can be figured out. But you’re going to have to look past the surface to find your answers. 
So, are you up for the challenge?
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 22: Voice
Voice is an odd poem. It’s more of a mix of a monologue mixed with a bit of singing, but hey, it was fun to bring Allison into the mix once again. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of her either.
Voices in the Darkness
By: Kat Alyst
-Allison humming all alone- 
Allison: At times it seemed
If I just dreamed,
I’d not be by myself…
Poet: What a lovely song you sing my dear,
A voice that all are blessed to hear.
A shame you had to fall to hell,
Otherwise, you’d be quite well.
On the surface, where patrons
Could hear your song
A voice for thousands 
To join along with,
A true angel to keep them entertained.
One who fell in Joey’s quest for fame. 
-Allison humming again-
-She sighs-
Allison: I don’t know what to do anymore. We’ve had him held captive here for days now. I don’t know what he is, or where he came from, but he’s not like us. He never was. 
But he must be here for a reason. He’s got to be here to help. I don’t know why, but I feel it in my gut. He gives me hope. I don’t know who I was before, but Tom...Tom knows something about what happened before all of this. I need to get us out, so he can go back home. He deserves to be happy. They all do. I just want this suffering to end…
Poet: Oh pretty little angel,
Your wishes don’t fall on deaf ears. 
Be careful what you write on the wall,
You never know who hears
Your voice. 
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 21: Money
Here we are, back on track with a poem about Grant and poking fun at Joey. 
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0): 
By: Kat Alyst
Three coins in the fountain,
Or a half a penny for fat geese,
Currency is a fickle thing,
Unless of course, you’re deceased. 
Perhaps Grant should count himself lucky
That he isn’t counting anymore.
Though being stuck within this prison
Is the worst punishment, forevermore.
But at least here, Joey can’t tell him to lie.
No, he has to write his own lies now,
While the rest of us just die. 
He must think he’s a clever gent,
To have use trapped in this decay.
But he hasn’t a clue what we can do, 
To bring him to dismay.
Grant, oh you were taken for granted,
Which would be funny if it weren’t so true. 
A shame it all went so south,
For your skills were of such value.
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inkabelledesigns · 7 months ago
Poem 20: Paralyzed
Henry may not hear Poet throughout his adventure, but that doesn’t mean they don’t taunt him relentlessly. 
Sound Effects (Creative Commons 0):
What’s Haunting You, Henry? By: Kat Alyst
Oh Henry, 
Have you ever wondered what that vision was? 
When you fell into our slice of hell
You saw something, didn’t you? 
You think about it sometimes, of that much I am sure
Don’t fall into old habits, 
Try not to look demure.
You know what you saw back there,
So why seem so unsure?
The machine and the demon make perfect sense.
But there’s one thing that still terrifies you.
I can see it in your hesitance. 
The wheelchair. 
You know who it belongs to, don’t you? 
You’ve seen it somewhere before.
Was it the beginning, or the end of your journey?
I ask that you implore
The machinations of your mind
And the deepest, darkest fears.
I can see that look in your eyes.
I know exactly what you fear. 
How they’ve turned to nightmares,
A sentiment I’m sure isn’t lost on you.
Tell me Henry, why did you come back?
Did you know what he was up to? 
No, you couldn’t have. 
Otherwise you wouldn’t be so paralyzed with fear. 
You still don’t know what happened.
Otherwise, you’d be free from here.
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